The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, April 21, 1931
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXVIII—NO. 29 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER. OP' NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Courier, BlytheYUle Dally Ness. BlythevllK Herald. . MlaUalppl Valley Leader. m.YTHKVlLUO, .ARKANSAS, TUKSDAY. AI'HIi; 21, 191)1 HOME EDITION SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS WEALTHY ST. LOUIS DOCTOR KIDNAPED Visited Poles with Byrd Dies in Boston Meeting Approves Plan to Maintain Hit^h School; .$2,000 Pledged. A group of about fifty residents of (lie Blythcville school district, in a meeting at the city hall last night, voteil to conduct a campaign to raise S10.000 or more to make |K>ssl- h!r> the continued operation of a full four-year high school as part of:the district's public school system 1 . Jesse Taylor, who was chosen chairman of the meeting, announced the appointment of the following committee to raise (he money: A. B. Fairfiehi. Mrs. B. A. Lvncli. T. J. Mnliau. J. L. Cherry. G. E Keck, E. B. Lvman. w. n. Oravette. and Dr. H. S. Davis. This committee will meet with the school bmvd at 4 o'clock tliLs afternoon to obtain detailed Information concerning t-hc financial situation of the' schools and to plan the campaign for the necessary money. • 'Pledge cards, circulated among ' these present nt last night's meeting, were signed by 24 persons, who subscribed a little more than $2.000 Tlie pledges made last night call for monthly payments starting nev September I and continuing for ten months. Most of those signing card< promised $10 per montl), or a tota' of $100. while there were some for $20 per month and a number for smaller amounts. Cecil Shane, president of the board opened last night's meeting with a brief statement of the sltuatio: which prompted the board to asV cooperation of the public in.provid ing money necessary for continue' operation of the school system on something. 1 ' a.n.nro7dmathip the pr'es cut standards^ He" poinUxl 'out tn'a after every conceivable econonv Including salary reductions so se vere as to threaten impairment o the efficiency of the teaching force, the board was still unable" to draft I a budget to fit the revenue In siuht j for next year, and that unless additional money was forthcoming the board would have no choice but to reduce the length of the school term or suspend all or part of the high school. Mr. Shane was followed by Crawford Greene, superintendent of scchools. who gave a detailed statement of the district's finances. • Members of the board and other citb.ens expressed their views, and when a motion was put it was voted unanimously to go ahead with a campaicn to raise sufficient money to'.permit continuance of the high school. BOSTON, Apr. 21 (UP)—Igloo, lie only dog that has visited both lie north and south poles, died today while his master, rear admiral Ucliard E. Byrd. was hurrying to Boston from the middle west. The Itlle fox terrier died of poisoning esultliiB from Indigestion at the lyrd home wliere three doctors tad lr!.?d in vain to save his life. Admiral Byrd. whose affection or his i>el is emuhaslzed by the act he cancelled three lecture engagements and star(ed easl when notified at Springfield. 111., of the log's Illness last nght. was due wre this evening. Igloo had been almost the constant companion of Admiral Byrd since lie was presented to the explorer by a Wash- ngtou admirer six years ago. Among the engagements canceled by^Admlral Byrd were one for a lecture Wednesday at Memphis, and anothr at Little Rock. A number of Blytheville people had ar- i ringed to attend the Memphis lecture. Inherit Riches Directors Fail to Agree on Plan Satisfactory to 'South End Districts. OSCEOLA, Ark., April 21.—The project of a consolidated High School for the districts of Osceola, Wilson. Shawnce, Whltton, Kelser and Burdette was abandoned after a meeting of directors here yesterday were unable to work out details which would make operation of.such a school financially' •a-tyan- ta?eo'us to the several districts. Jn5.t what arrangements will be effected by Its different districts for schools next year In view of the financial situation Is not known. ; It is understood that H. A. Little, state supervisor of elementary education, recommended establishment of the consolidated school in Osceola following a survey of schools in the districts included In the proposed consolidation, and stated that such a school could be operated at an annual cost of $17,r Bequeathed $100,000 by their moth er's rich uncle. Carlyn Krupp, I labove), and : Elinor, 11 (below), o El Paso, Tex., are to receive tin income thereon until they becom of age and then they will get th< principal. The uncle, Nathan Frank St. Louis capitalist, Irft $50,000 Ii trust with each of the parents, Mr and Mrs. Ell Kriipp. DRYLpPEIIL Voulcl Divert Billions from Channels of Legitimate Business Savs Carver./ It's a Mailer for Reflection Denounces Murder of Americans bv Nicaraguan Rebel Leader. NRW YOIiK. 1UI')—Thomas N. larvcr. professor of oolltirftl econ- mv at Harvard University'., docs irl believe I hat tin: reneal n(. prti- niWIlon will benefit business, ac- • online lo a comiminlcntlon which •n lias sent to tire Woman's Chris- Inn Temperance Union. Carver said that instead of l)tjp- IT buslnr-ss, he believed that -rental would set U!) n big cdnifMtUor hat would divert between biw and hree billion dollars' from existing n'lustrles. ' •" "Whatever the piv.sent situation may be," savs the Carver analysis, the question for men engaged in other Industries isi Shall we loOfffli uo our control of the liquor evil or shall we tighten up? If we • loosen up. other Industries will be subjected to more severe comiietitlon, for the consumer's dollar. If we up and enforce the prohibitory laws more and more, other industries will be relieved of one more Iroublf nmo competitor.".'. More Mnney. WASHINGTON, April 21 <U1>>- Proslflcnt Hoover today denounced 'the NIcaragiian insurgent General Auyu&to Sandino as -"having placed iilmself gutslde the civilized worjd by the cold-blooded murder of phl or nine American citizens" The chief executive added he was confident Sandino soon would be brought to Justice. A determined drive, ngalnst Sandino and his followers Is now -belnR made by the Nicaragua!) Guardla • Naclondalc, the president said. He ndtied more than 1.300 men are now operating against the Insurgent leader, a force several times as great as that of Sandino. The president said, "Our advices are that the Nicaraguan government has now placed In the field a tolal of more than 1.300 .men ni the Nicaragua!) national , guard Iv on effort to clean out the bandit find his followers," TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras. Apr 21 (UP)—The.government of Pres Even admitting the', calculations Ident Vlncente.Meglacollndrcs en of the Asioclaion Against the.Pro-1 forced drastic military measure, lilbition Amendment as to.trfl.ex- today In a'n..effort to suppress the Filipino Twins Have Two Heads on Single Body CKRU, P. I., Apr, 31 <UP) — A fro«k pair of (wins-with one body, ! two lieaits, two hearts, two pairs of hm^s, four arms, four feet, and llnee lees, was born to a Filipino couple. Mr. and Mrs. Venanclo nivus In Llanga eurlgao. It was learned today. The bocltos arc joined, not like most such twins, but mgrc Intimately, so Hint from tlie stomach downynrd there Is but one digestive system. Brcau.s< there aro vo lungs and two hearts physlcl- iis say the freak is remarkably rong und will survive. In the range association of tl'e bodies le sex of the twins has been ob- curcd but physicians are • Inclined o. believe the freak represents •lint normally would Imve bten a joy and n girl Tlie parents Imme- lately decided' to go Into Uw. show iiislness and plan visit to Manila ml the United States. • It's not easy to fool paddlewlng, sedate and sagacious pcnmiln of the Kew York aquarium, Ills tent of money spent for \iqudr Professor Carver .says that other Industries are getting at.least.$1,- icvolutlonary movement in northern Honduras. Martial law was declared throughout tile nation and keepers have succeeded in doing so. They've provided Paddlewlng with a mirror, and now he thinks he has a compalon. in. confinement. Here you see Paddlewing jiving I'addlewlng the oncc-ovir 300.COO,000 more than they would, military officials were 'ordered to have received hnrl the saloon re-'Ufld loyalist reenforceme'nts to the * line continued; and that they wpl, affected region, centering around lose this extra income if prohlbj-; the cities of Progresso, Ceiba, Tela tion Is repealed. Dry statistics | end Truxlllo. where a rerious sllu- show a 3,000.000.000 gain' for In- atioh prevailed.'. Will Renresent. Northeast Arkansas. Souiheas' Missouri .on Executive Body. Lf J7L'l U L L~U iJlr ill! UklllUdl k,WOli Ul »lijT _ ^. " ' 500 as compared with $48,000 which I MTTT,E ROCK—E. C- Patlon of It cost the schools of Reiser, Whit- ] Blvirvjvillc will continue to repre- dustrv under prohibition. "The liquor business' lias been driven under cover,- says.the Car- .ver statement, 'it no longer.occ'uj'^ pies the best corners and most public locations. When some re- taller, or some line of chain' stores will abandon the busy streets convenient corners and public • loca-" ttm, and seek back alleys and bar- Yeci doors'as a means of Increas- its sales, we may believe that bootleggers and speakeasies can sell more liquor than tte open saloons.' Back Alleys "If the liquor business Is reinstated, win' It stay" where it Is, lit back alleys arid behind barred doors, or will It a'galn seek the business corners an the best business ton, Shawiiee. Osceola and • Wilson to operate last year. Uijtle Tommy Kemn. 118, Modern Farming Disciple . P.OPLAR BLUFF. Mo. April 21. (UP)—The farmer who grows only one. or two croos is out of luck— take it from Thomas Kemp, more famlliarlv known in these parts as Uncle Tommy. And Uncle Tommy should kn whereof lie sneaks; he has been farming something more than a century. With the advent of warm spring weather. Uncle Tommv. who says he Is 118. set about getting his small plot of land five miles north of here in shane. Despite his age. Uncle Tommy is a disciple of the school of modem agriculture. He roads the newspapers, keeps posted on the lalfst methods of farming, and lends an attentive ear to any suggestion or Innovation which might keep his tac'ics up to date. Kemp came to this section over half n century ago. and Is now liv- IIKC with his daughter and son-In- s r nt northeast Arkansas on the executive committee-of the Arkansas Cotton Trade association, accord- ine to an announcement of association committees' for • 1931, ' made public yesterday by W. S. Turner, vice-president and secretary of the The frontiers were closed to prevent return of political exiles. The U. S-. 3., Memphis, a 7,050 ton cruiser, reached Cetba to . protect "'' In -the -region " ' proceeded to Truxlllo when Informed of the situation there. Baseball Election On May 5 An jexamlnatlon of the county _ i«atlo'n1i''at''it"'uscd''to"do?"''rru, court dockct todttv revealed that ' seeks the best ' business locations Zal B. Harrison yesterday what will be Its purpose, to enable - designated May 5th as the date for It to take In less money or to take! 'he special election In MIsslsslpp 1 In' more money?" • i countv on Sunday baseball. Play for Lions Club Judij° Keck Sustains Order of School Board Joining Perry and Dell Districts. Judge O. E. Keck has sustained the order of the county board of education for the consolidation of the Perry common school district and the Dell special school district. The order of the circuit court will end litigation over the consolidation unless an appeal is taken to the supreme court. The Perry district sought to prevent the consolidation of the t'.vo districts and employed Claude F. Cooper as counsel to represent the district in the litigation. W. Leon Smith is attorney for the Dell district. The proposed consolidation has been involved In the fight since the county board approved the plan In June, 1930. An injunction preventing the Perry district from Incurring expenses other than those already contracted for had been In force ! for some time before the case was ] heard by Judge Keck. | The Perry district may file a mo- Profefscr Carver- emphatically I The election was called by Judge denies that labor will be benefited Harrison upon the presentation of - . . by a general consumption of liquor.! a petition to the court signed by organization. | Drink, he says, decreases efficiency M qualified electors of the county N. W. Helm of CaruthersviUe has] nn( i therefore crowds the already Under the provisions of Act. 91 oi overcrowded stratum of lower the recent legislature, calling of the j election by the county court Is mandatory upon presentation of the petition. The act provided (ha counties of over 50,000 population might by vote of the electorate le- Canned Figs Valued at $25,000 Burn at Luxora LUXORA— A truck loaded with 10,000 pounds of canned fl?s burned Mrs. Rives Allen and Everett tlo!1 for a'new trial within thirty Just outside the city limits at 4. a. McDowell, Violinist, accompanied da >' s - Whether an appeal Is taken m. Monday. N. E. Wright of Hous- bv Miss Leone Calllcott, enter- °r not It Is anticipated that the ton, Texas, was owner and driver t.iined the Lions club at the organ- ' matter will be definitely settled be- of the truck. He was on his way to Nation's weekly luncheon at the ' for e the summer school terms of Chicago with his cargo and was • - - - - grades of labor. Dorothy Mackail Leaves Fiance Wailing at Church HONOLULU, P. I.. April 21. (UP) —A new picture In Hollywood oc- named the Missouri member of the exccutve committee. Other members are D. M. Burford of Llt- le Rock, president of the assoclfl- .ion, chairman. T. W. Kesee, Helena. C. CK navls Jr.. Tp\nrkana. W. A. Thompson, IJltlc Ro:k. W. L. Ford Jr.. Fort Smith, Will H. Ken- nedv. Pine Bluff The by-laws of the association provide an executive conunllt«e to , . _ ... ,, , ,, , „„. hand* matters of general import. ™P !cd ?° t0 ?' Ml ! ck , al '' w ;', ^ and for directors at concentration-, fiim actress today. bi,t her friends compress points to handle assocla- wcre m ° rc Interested m why her tlon matters at such points. 'sudden plans for a Hawaii wed- Northeast Arkansas members of dln e wcre suddenly terminated, the 1931 board of directors are: C-1 Both the prospective bridegroom, H. Hall. Blvthevlle; O. M. White-; Neil Albert Milter, sugar planter Ivad. Earlp; C. A. Manly, Forrest'and m'ember of a prominent Los City: Joe H. Murrey.'jonesboro; T. Angeles family, and the judge who P- Fisher, Leachvle: Angus Mahan, was to perform the ceremony, were Marlanna: F. D. Russell, Marked left waiting by Miss Mackail. Tree; Tom Hutson, Newport: E. K.I Judge Francis Brooks, whose In- Riddick. Walnut Rld<;e, and B. p. I tercess i on w nh Hawaiian officials Price, West Memphis. resulted in the Issuance of the II- Southeast Missouri members of Mnsc wns walUng to be called to the board are: H. W. Green, Car- tne we[ iding when Miller telephon- uthersvllle; J. D. McDermott, Hay- galize Sunday baseball. OED GIRL i sra IIFE rtav Question . Marine in Search'' for'-Slayer o Louise Teuber. tl; W. C. Moore. Maiden. ed him. •There's been Hotel Nob'.; today. The club also;the schools open, heard R»«cll Blair jr.. and Dor- ' Inne Coulter. Junior high school lr tn de-H parked on Highway 61 when his .truck caught fire. The fire Is of a hitch," Miller said. "The wedding must be postponed." Miss Mackall confirmed this statement. students who won honors tn clamation and oral composition In a recent district meet. Armv Flyer Victim of egroes Draw $25 Fines For Theft of Crossties Three negro men were fined 425 each and sentenced to a day In Jail Southern California Saunders Stores Bankrupt LOS ANGELES, Cal., April 21. (UP)—A voluntary petition In bankruptcy of the Clarence Saunders Stores of California, Ltd, was on Abraham's Store Looted By Thieves Last Night Abraham's general merchandise store at Ash and Broadway was entered by thieves last night and goods valued at more than $50 removed. City police, delving deeply Into the mystery surrounding the robbery, were keeping details to themselves today but employes of the store said that officers had a negro In Jail suspected of the robbery. Entrance was gained by breaking, out a glass in a side door and releasing two locks from the Inside after the thieves or thief had failed In an attempt to unlock the door by sawing put a small section of the door. A number of articles of clothing, a suitcase, wrist watch and fountain pen were stolen. The recent Hubbard robbery Is still among the unsolved mysteries at least officially. SAN DIEOO. Cal., April 21. (UP) —A hidden romance and marrlaee In the life of Louise Teuber. 1' was hinted today as authorise sought the slayer who last Sunday rianged the girl to an oak tree neai Black Mountain alter . strlpplni most of the clothing from her body As Sheriff. Ed Cooper starlet questioning some of the 20-or mor men and several girls whose name were found in a diary and in let ters belonging to the slain girl, h was Informed by a girl acquaint ante of the victim that Louise liai been secretly married to a Unltet States marine. It was said here that Sherlf Cooper has asked naval authorise to turn over to him a marine aboar the West Virginia In Los Angele harbor. The sheriff refused to den or affirm the report. Cooper declared the short life o Miss Teuber, a flve and ten cen store clerk, had been full of ro mance and affairs with men. Coop er's deputies, police detectives an experts from the state bureau Identification today went over th lonely scene nt the bnse of Blac Mountain In an cfTort to find a clu that might help Identify the girl slayer. $25,000. March Shows Increase [ing into bankruptcy the firm which i recently was placed under an equity receivership. directors authorlz- mm m Wife Declares Her Willingness to Make Huge Ransom Payment. '' 8T, LOUIS, April 21 IUP> — A : v willingness to pay "Almost any •:" ransom for the safe return of her: "^ husbalid Dr. Isanu D. Kelley, 44, ."•' eminent " and wealthy physician, ', ~, lured from Ills home apparently by .'-;; kidnapers during a thunderstorm .;.•: last night, was expressed today by 'f'i Mrs Kelly, heiress to a larpj oil .-.'-' fortune. < I • • '•',-; Wlitle she willed patiently at' the ?. beautiful Keily residence with". a- lawyer hirort to arrange possible . ' Arkansas Unit o( Farm Bureau Federation Launched at Little Rock. Exaroiner Takes Charge of" Closer] Waldron Bank LITTLE ROCK, April 21. (UP)— OllnT Wood, national bank examiner, today took charge of the First National Bank of Waldron, Ark., which suspended under the flve day provision of the state law. The bank was capltall/ed at $25.000 with May Ask Governor to Revoke Atkins Furlough HOPE, Ark., April 21. (UP)—That the Hope Star, dally newspaper here which conducted a bitter attack against Lieutenant Governor lAwrence E. Wilson, for granting an indefinite furlough to William R Atkins, convicted McCasklll banker, will request Governor Harvey Parnell to revoke the furlough appeared likely today. Although declining to make definite statements Alex H. Washburn. editor and publisher of the Star. Indicated such a move was bein:; considered. The SSar In its editor- la! columns charged that the Atkins furlough wss prearranged and that counsel for the former banker waited until Patnel! was out of the state and Wilson took over the chief executive's office before sending Atkins to Little Rock to begin serving his four year senlence. Atkins was granted a furlough the day following h-s arrival in Little Rc;k. Two MIsslsslpp.! county, farmers lave Important places In a newly Krfecttd organization of Arkansas armers seeking affiliation with the American Farm Bureau federation, probably the largest and stron*est >t national agricultural organiza- ions. - • J. F. Tompklns, manager of Burdette Plantation, ct Burdette. one the leaders In the movement for .he new organization, was elected the first president of the state group at a meeting .at Little Rock Saturday. C. O. Smith of BIythevllIe was elected to tlie board of directors Other officers and directors are W. H. Toland, Nashville, vlce-presl dent; Lee Kelly. Fort Smith, vice- president, and Howard Thomas, Al exancler, J. O. .Hardln, Qrady, and T. H. Brown. Scott, directors. The officers will serve .until, the annual meeting next November. . . An executive secretary was to be chosen today, to be followed by A campaign for the establlnhment of county • organizations throughout the state. C. J. Lowrance, Driver, was another Mississippi county farmer who attended the melting at Lltle Rock Saturday. • Mr. Toland, the vice-president. »'ho as a : member of the state legislature was one of the sponsors of the agricultural finance act wlUch bears his name, described the organization as a "move to support gains matte In the Interest of agriculture through recent laws, the development of large scale buying and selling organizations, and a state-wide.,organization constitutlt- Ing a voice for the dirt farmers of Arkansas." Mr. Smith said this morning that he hoped one of the major planks In the organization's program would be the setting up, under the Toland ]aw or otherwise, of an agricultural financing organization that would enable'farmers to obtain long erm credits sufficient lo permit hem to get .away from cotton production, the basis of most present 'arm financing arrangements, and urn to other forms of agriculture. . police searched a '100 . . i mile redlus [about tlv city .for •'-. race of the missing doctor Find III] Automobile Tlielr first clue came about 10 . o'clock tills morning. when tHa doc- . or's large black coupe In which he Irovc away 1ft answer to what he . iclleved an ' emergency call, was found abandoned on a roadside six miles south In the country. . .'* Kelley fnllsd to return home last light after he answered a sick Call to an outlyuj district. Both .pollcis ' ontl Mrs. keltey were convinced 'the . physician was' being held for ran r - som. i "'.'.•'. Call Belteved Hoi* •' Kelley received a telephone call ' at 9:30 last night calling him to. a ' filling station In an Isolated .dis- ; trlct In St. Louis county. When 'he .'•" failed to return Mrs. Kelley notified authorities early this morning. Police have been unable to d!s" cover whether Kelley arrived" at the '. filling station. They said a canvass" of the district where Dr., Kelley ' was directed failed to stow if lie '. arrived. .'••'',-' Dr. Kellev's wife, is tke sister-in- law' of William 'Orthwe'm Jr.. whose cousin, Adoluhiu' A. Orthweln, . grandson of the head, or Anlieuser Busch, Inc., was kidnaped laist New Year's evo. ... • Philippine Plane Crash ing on entering pieas of guilty to Un: . Spinning Activity ed the action, J. J. Walsh, score- j resources listed at more than $236,- t&ry, said, when the petition was 000. WASHINGTON, Apr. 21 (UP) — filed, and the Van Camp Products , charges of petit larceny. , iltcd States census bureau today corporation, which caused the re„,,„,,„,- - -, ^ .>. „ i rcported M ' nj . 41 8 cotton splnd'cs celvership, consented. Neither as- MANILA, P .!., Apr. 21 (UP)— I The negroes admitted the theft Were in place In this country sets nor liabilities of the concern Second Lieutenant Marvin Burn- of a number of railroad cross ties. March 31, 1931, of which 26,489832 were listed tn the petition A slml- Admiral Rodney Injersoll Dies in Indiana, Aged 83 ' LA PORTE, Ind., Apr. 21 (UP),Rear Admiral Rodney Ingersoll, 83, U. S. N, retired, died at. his home here today of uremlc poisoning. He had been til several weeks and unconscious since Thursday, -life being sustained only by the fight- Ing heart which carried hfm through three major wars of the United States. Car Slightly Damaged By Fire Late Yesterday Fire slightly damaged n car, the . property of Mtss Marshall, public school teacher, late yesterday afternoon. The fire Is believed to have started when the engine backfired. Firemen made a hurried trip to the scei;c of Uie fire, Seventh and Chlckasawba, nnd-extinguished the fire with handfuls of soil. Paragould Evangelist Ends Luxora Revival Former Ziegfeld Girl Plans to Divorce Negro Siamese Royal Train Greeted at Chicago CHICAGO, April 21. (OP)—The Royal Siamese train bearing Kin? Prajndhlpok and his.retinue eastward to New York and Washinjto-i arrived here at 8:30 a. m. today «"d was switched from the Soo Line to the New York Central preparatory to continuing the journey. A large crowd headed by William Nathan McChestney, Siamese consul, and representatives of Mayor Cermak was on hand In the yards to greet the king. -"--TPS. Alfonso Sails from Calais for England CALAIS, France, Apr. 21 (UP)— [Alfonso XIII sailed tor Dover aboard the Canterbury at 3:30 p. m. He was saluted by the Mayor of Calais. LUXORA, Ark.—A two weeks revival closed at the Methodist church hera Sunday morning. April 19. The revival was conducted by Rev. W. E. Hall of Paragould, as- ilsted by his son. Rev. C. O. Hall, pastor-^ot the church. There were several additions to the church as a result of this meeting. Mickey Walker and His N 7 ew Bride Are Separated NEW YORK, April 21. (UP)— Mickey Walker, former world's middleweight champion priztflshter, today was separated from his bride whom he married 28 «iys ago. Asked whether he would his marriage to Clare Kelmern, 21, annulled on the grounds that he was Illegally divorced from his firs', wife Walker said, "I can't discuss It." side, ert whe plane FRENCH OIL POSTERS DOWN PARIS. (UP)—Furthering the campaign to make the country attractive for tourists, the Shell Com- u ..u u.. ..--.- -— —"••; — " "»"••"•• x- ......~— -•—™ —......... „.. „., .„,,., „. ,,,,.111 *u,ios,!«* nere nsiea in ine petition, n sinu- tractive for tourists the Snel Com- negro Dhvscan wl . 29. Miiscntlne. Iowa, was kill- property of the Frisco railroad. \ were operated at some time dur- lar prllUon In bankruptcy by the, pany voluntary ordered the de- few day* Reuben near Fort Stotanberg today, They told the court they, stole the; in* the month against 25,163,408 In Calrence Saunders Stores of North- sTructlonof^ all Its sign boa rd^ over tone? mlI today ; " h ' S ht lg n n?r.=roun7 , ITI "2T* "*" "" '° ™ ' SET"* *"* ^^^ '" M * rth ' Mn Callfwnta W8S fltal '" San I ^™e Ma^W rf to^ peters °h!d married ^oDrNete ic crash*! to the ground. [for firewood. |1930. .Francisco last week. beauty SDO |, years, , WILD BOARS ATTACK AUTO HOLLYWOOD, April 21. (UP)— j MOURMELON (Marr.c). (UP)— Helen Lee Worthing, former Zlei-iFive wild boars atttackea an auto- feld follies girl, will file suit for dl- i mobile on the st&te highway near vorce from Dr. Eugne O. Nelson, i here and fought the five occupants, negro physician, within the next The chauffeur succeeded In riding WEATHER ' ARKANSAS.-Falr. colder, heavy frost temperature near freezing In north portion tonight; Wednesday fair, rising temperature. According to the official weather observer. Charles Philips Jr, the maximum temperature yesterday was 80 degrees and the minimum, degrees, cloudy ulth .80 Inches Llcker, her at- over the animals, klllin? one, but .-,..._ ., „ She had been was stopped when a second was | of rain. Today a year ago the »»x- son nearly four Jammed in the steering rods. ThsMmum was 15 degrees and the mini- other thrre (featx*!; i mum, *a iterrm; rl««r.

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