Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 18, 1955 · Page 5
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 5

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 18, 1955
Page 5
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DM PA-2-4600 for t WANT r'AD Taker EVENING TIMES; CUMBERLAND. MD. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 18, .,1955 FIVE CANVoNT IKNOWN VW) U» <S6T TTUT fece josrA»our ro »c West Baptist Association To, Convene In City Friday «f Maryland will hold its 85lh annual convention Thursday and Fri retary of : the' Maryland WMU, Baltimore. , . Other official speakers include _ _ _ _ r . Clifton C. Thomas, genera day evening with the call to order secretary of the Maryland State • - • — - • • Mission Board, Baltimore; Rev. L secretary, Stfnday Training! Unions o Maryland,, of Baltimore;.and Mrs Virgie Hoffa, executive secretary Baptist Children's Aid Society, also Kecfe will be Jesse H. Judy, vice.moderator for ic association.. Mrs: Harry P. Clause, state pros The-Western Baptist-Association Cumberland. First Baptist Church. The convention will be preceded meeting of the Woman's Missionary Union of the associa two-day conference' at 7:30 Thurs- day at the First Baptist Church in by llev. W. Randolph Knefe, moderator. The meeting will conclude J. Newton, with an all-day session Friday. Principal speaker, for the affair be Mrs. Leslie Watson, 'Who Y irgi . c . 1 of . f . a .' ill deliver the missionary address oh both days. Mrs. Watson is from Whippany, N. J., and has been a missionary in Japan for the past Women's Missionary Union re- deliver the 'pnncipa ports of the Western association address at the WMU meeting and will be given by Mrs. James Kirk- Miss Eileen Gaskin, secretary o Patrick, local superintendent,- and youth • for the state, will inslal of the state ' association. ; by Miss Josephine Norwood, executive sec- LETTER Natural Birch Kitchen Cabinets Manufactured of clear, ielid blonde .birch, tanded to satin smooth JT FflCTORY-TO-YOU PRICES! CUMBERLAND KITCHENS It'll bring you your only chance this year to get LIFE regularly at a special moneysaving rate. Ddploy Room ond Finn), EUEULIE, MD. Fhoni PA 3-5303 COMING TOMORROW U. S. Parents Not Educated For Big Job Dr. Spock Believes;, "•• ,Young People Taught Career Is Primary ' NEW YORK W-The hero of the American nursery, Dr. Benjamin Spbcfc, says the trouble with parents is they are not educated—to be parents, that is. "Academic education instills in young women (and men too) that a career is more important than a family," the widely known pediatrician says; "Young people graduate with an absorbing philosophy that all good is accomplished outside the home." • The author of the perennial best seller "Baby and Child Care" suggested in an interview: t "Why not connect nursery schools with high schools and col; leges, making students aware of thair 'primary role in life and getting them in the mood for it by everyday contact with children? As it is now the spirit of education tends to divorce them from' the idea." . Dr^ Spock, a visiting professor at Western Reserve .University, Cleveland, Ohio, has just started a -Sunday afternoon TV program for mothers. A tall, pleasant, bespectacled man, he says the joy of life should be in doing things— not.just reading about them. "All knowledge," he contends, 'gels in the way of easy doing, one reason why it is difficult for a nurse, pediatrician or psychologist to become an easy-going parent: "A medical student - friend of mine told me she could not visualize happiness in a home with a lot jf children. When I reminded her Jiat some psychologists make child development their everyday work, she said, 'Oh, but they're trying to accomplish something.'" ' '. That is modern woman's, philosophy, he says, an impact lett from ligher learning. Dr. Spock maintains there is no substitute for motherly love in the home. He says: "The working mother might find excuses for maintaining a career— more money, bigger house and car, private schools for the youngsters —all things her children can do without in exchange for her devotion at home. But these are not the real reasons she works anyway. They've been schooled to work and it is N emotionally essential to them." These well educated, working mothers may be tortured when away from home that their substitute speaks broken English or says "Arn't": but Dr. Spock says these are relatively unimportant considerations if the substitute has oilier requisites for the job—a comfortable personality and understanding of the child. Changes are not good for youngsters, so the right person should be hired in the first place, he says. "Easy does it" should be the rule of thumb in child rearing, says the doctor, "but Americans cannot accept child-raising traditions the way Europeans do. We see-saw our beliefs because there are so many theories, shifts and technical advances that we are thrown off balance. We rely on books, and when the books change we go along." It's always • lot easier to re- I member what you «ald whtn you ; tell the truth. • /About the only tlm« hard knocks hurl you Is when you're the one world Is found by people doing.the knocking. Most of - the happiness not too doggono particular. CITY AUDITOR'S REPORT RECEIPTS AND DISBURSEMENTS Quarter ended September 30, 1955 To the'Honorable Mayor and City Council, [Cumberland, Maryland.' . > • . In accordance with the requirements • of the City Charter, I .hereby submit a report o£ thf Receipts and Disbursements of the City for the quarter cndcd-'September 30, 1955: DISBURSEMENTS , City Operating Expenses $ 340,110.28 General Fund—Coupons ;..... 25,000,0" General Fund—Serial Bonds 30,000.00 Theatre Fund «-° 3 Flood Account : .' 225,738.90. SHIRT Laundered : -R-E-E IF WE RETURN ONE WITH A BUTTON MISSING SHIRTS 0S N Tl i L 18c (CASH & CARRY) I DIAL: PA 4-1400 ... what 'CO till! carpet are You Dreaming Of? 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Fast, courteous, one-visit seiv ice Is the rule at Aetna. No charge for counseling. Persons in nearby towns 'invited. See or^call Aetna Finance Co. 43 N.' Centre''Street Phono PA 4-MOO<'.,,,-. ;Vy (Loans over $300 rondo Under Md Induitrial Klr.ancs Act;) RECEIPTS 1052-53 Taxes .'.:.,.I..: $ 44.32 1953-54 Taxes 2,450.43 1954-55 Taxes ...;...:.: 11,130.20 1955-56 Taxes V.' 261,877.51 ' ' 955.67 1,867.40 3',491.05 1,246.20 8.755.81 531.50 . 3,105.00 1.113.09 1,09117 1,993.00 136.25 26,172.06 40,262,85 30,325.92 366.70 • . 990.95 7,630.00 5,060.00 Water Rents 121,264.57 Meters and Taps 5,957.50 1931 Sewer Bond Liens and Interest •• 4,204.82 1931 Sewer Bonds Permits 523.43 General Imp. Bond Liens and Merest . 897.84 Sewage Disposal Planl Bond Fund:—Securities Matured .... 500,000.00 '. Total Receipts ? 1,043,450.74 Cash Balance, July 1, 1955 966.787.86 $ 2,010,238.60 Adv. Oct. 18 N-T, Interest on.Taxes Bingp Tax General Licenses General and Special Income Parking Meters Permits — Police Fines Recreation Income Stale Admission Tax .... Slate Auto. License Fees . Slate Franchise Tax State Gas and Auto Tax .. State Income Tax State Racing Income Weights .-..'• Theatre Fund Allegany County Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable Playground Bond Fund . Water Operating Expense Water Operating Expense Interest Water Bonds of 1949 New Water Line-P.P.G. ... 1931 Sewer Bond Expense ... General Imp. Bond Expense Urban Development Bond Fund Sewage Disposal Plant Bond Fund Construction Bond Interest 784.89 6,373.60 • 36,859.52175.00 69,380.65 1,998.72 3,564.37. 540.00 ' 1,169.45 279,117.29 24,750.00 Securities Purchased 298,565:00 Total Disbursements $1,364,133.70 Cash Balances, September 30, 1955: General Fund 244,730.08 Water Operating Fund .... 79,716.76 Genera! Imp Bond Fund ..119,021.73 1931 Sewer Bond Fund .... 13,695.86 . ..; Sewage Disposal Plant ' ••Bond Fund 188,274.26 '..'. Paving Bond Fund 34.72 ; , .Flood Liens Fund 631.49 646,104.90 - ? 2,010,238.60 Respectfully submitted, ARTHUR B. GIBSON, City Auditor. We have it...and it's Terrific! FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY \jv_i ///// Makes Every Roast Perfect Time / ;. . and without opening th« oven door I Amazing, but troe—you watch Jhe cooking of your roast right on the control panel died ... know exactly when it is ready to serve the way you want. Without once opening the oven door to look, you cook every roast perfect, every time... in this sensational 1955 Philco Electric Range with miracle Roastmeter. . The Roastmeter works with any kind, size, or thape of roart. And it 'a jart one of the exclusive, yean-ahead featum on this new Philco. Come in for 1 * free demonstration—it'i abaofataly amazing! PHI tco 4« REGULAR PRICE ' YOU SAVE SPECIAL PRICE $4^95 $34995 Yours on Easy Weekly Terms BERNSTEIN FURNITURE CO. CUMBERLAND, MD.

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