Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 7, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 7, 1927
Page 6
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'PAGE SIX DEFEATED BY THE JOLA DAILY REGISTER, WED Ihterciass Tournament Is Won by the Profs Last Night FINAL SCORE 27—20 Seniors Hold Lead in the Early Stages, but i Falter %VUh the lilowliiK of tho ' fliiul ^WhiHJje of tlK- lui^lty-senlor Kanic last "iBlit til'* inlerclasB. tourna- luwit was brought fo a clbse with the faculty the only iiiidefealetl . team. The seniors and juniors sfppd tied for sttinid place. IOKIU cm- Rame cavh. Tlie frenhmeH by winning; one ganif stoo<l fourtli wltli the sophomores holdihg tlie cellar position. • The I'aculty defeated the seniors in a 'thrilliuK same Avhif h, T »a.s closely contested until the final period. T)ie score was .2j7 to -'0. Tfhe senior." rallied and tied the score 6 all at the quarter.! In tho -Becpnd quarter both teams began to pcnetratje the other's : defense and score, iwitb the ^.fenidrB running their ^:cor<' to 15 while ;the, faculty wa.s heJd to Iti. I • : In the .««fjond halt" the faculty started out wjth a drive that' scored • S points beiitre the Fenior.s could do a Ihing -io .stop the track meet. At the ond ofitho quarter the profs were leading .20 to 17. In the final' period the .senior.'^ were entirely outplayed b.v the faculty team. In the iirfliir .inary game the junh iors defeated' the Ireshmen; ;{0 Jii. The gamv was closely contest ed during .the fir«l half but prqvec to; be a wall-; -.away during the las, lialf. At the end of the first quarter the score stood 4 all, but the Juniors opened up a fihong offens­ ive.with .Malono doing thfe majority of .th'; scoring thiit brought a 12 to 7 lead ;it .the Iialf. In the tllird quarter. the juniors added 8 points to "their: score while holding th<( freshmen to one field goal. In tht! final period boHi teams-rttn in a . great- many suhstiiules and the juniors added 10 points to their already good margin, .while Biiker of the freshie" added the lon^ point . KOored by his team. In th" iafterjioon games the sen- inr.s. deffrfted tho juniorf; .17 to '.'."v.; Young Griff0, Griat Fighter Of Past, Dies New York. Dec. 7. '{AP)—Alfred Griffith. known to fight fans of 25 years ago us Young Crjffo, died suddenly early today in-a basement room:'©!! the west side, where he had lived t^r several years. In the IS STILL BASIS FORREPORTS Latest Feature Probably Will Involve Series i,b«ence of i report by the medical \ Of Big TradeS examiner, acute indlgvstion was! .. s —- , believed the cause of his death. j DICKER OVER TERMS He camit t« thiH country froni I ^ ^ •- ; ; Australia and first fought as ii! AsSOCiation AlsO StudieS f^atiierw.-lKht. laijr moving up to i PropOSal Of Hdad th«» Ilghtwelghf. class. IIU niosi i Of I ^ajrili* noted ring erigiigeuicnts were 1 »-^oft"*- Oeorgeliixon; Jack .Mc-j Aiillffe and' Kid I^vlgne. -it- ' -J.. -It EIGHTEEN PitGHERS ON RESERVE ROSTER OE NEW YORK GIANTS N*|>\v York. Dec. 7. (AP)—Eighteen pitchers are included an the reserve list of the New York Giants made known to- aay, and incidentally, neither Ty Cobb nor.Tris Speaker, both of whom have l)eeri mentioned frequently as prospective Mc-? (»raw nien, are on the ro.ster. The 40 players are alPthe rules ailoxy. . y Tliif Claiils have wa :vc .l on (;obb<> : ~ ' aniV Si.':ik «r. .Maiias'-r .Viitlra* , ihe park to'pay them. Aud they lr<au-*<- lie iU )ubi> •..-.lue can't lift such fpood drawing cards us i|r.iwiiig < itriN or o:j .ii.; riil or Huch vnluttblo players because sill iiKih to his club. if Uiey were tho AthlclltH and \V.. il.iii'i iiti d ihtiii ii i 'ir.iH log ; SenSiors would not let them go. If they are not good enough, for the American Irague, they are not.'good . Ii!illa.«. Ti\.. I)e.-. l.M'l VlV /"»^i "rknown ~as"one of i'''"nils, d trades and action ^'^ t,;„.kward. cleverest defensive boxers in ihei'iP"." Important iccomnieii .larionK : world, lie' used to' w:iger that he , made by I'nsldciil \.. Sexton ;trils for the (;laiits ahva.vs draw iwil!.' \|.<;riw ^aili. ".V''!!•..•r Is i voim>,.- Tluy ar<- luit players who | enOUgh forme." , iik. ly lo b- tluiii ili.yj Speaker still belong*, to Wash- I «-..r.. ii' Mtivtiiii'.ir thfv ;iri> more' ington, and Cobb, to the Athletics, I I but it is uiider»tood .that their re- •Th.ii they would want large, sp<-ctlve xliibs are fact in a po- '.•salariis. We would have to draw , ."ition to pay them the fanc>- sal- could stand uiHjn a \iMii\Wi-u\\M loo.oi.o imore per.sons into' aries they seek. and no one could hit him In the <'l •''•'•f nii>« rest :.s deleuaies .n-, _^ ^. lace.; Another -wager he used to '••"•;''•"'•""•«""' 'jf the an-, win was to iK-t that no one could j'.>"'»' " as- knock a cigar out of his mouth. i«<«'J'"»" ino^wtonal leagues; . ,hi'r<' lodaj. I nHv Toam in Plash ' Seasnncd liascball men yredicted i ^ ^ ^ ' ^ i!'":" "-fu-rous .hauKcs in major, With Geneva ymntet |aa.i mfnor leasiw r .isterK would be .. • inade'here before AVednesda.v. llun- Toraorrow night the local cit .Vj dred^ of delegates and players, who j team will entertain Uie (Jeneva have <iowded local hotels during basketball stiuad on the local court.l the last few days indicated that in a game that will; be free to the I they were iirepared to announce 1 public. The game is a non-confer-i deals .«oi )n al'lur -^p '-'Uding two days ence tilt but should nevertheless in dickerinj;. : v prove to -be a good hard contest.; Whil.-,'fvs : lul olay.'rs w .-ro I'robably much tjie same I'neni) |ai;r.r.iiij; oMirtcrn:-.'< onimittws of; that has i-Uirted for lolaj in the last'the national a.s<'iti ;aiou were Inisv j two ganie*. will o:;on the game to- ,„„>;icr »'riii>4 Prj^sideut Sexton's rec- morrow night. There will be n.i |omin. iiiliiiior-; that she miiu .rs lake prcliminar.v. so th^- liiain game will :i,ti<,ii< v> avoid nijijor leaRiie doiii- start at eight o'clock in the -M«jr- j,,.,,;,,,, ,,f ,u.v(-loiin :cn! of bin! SCOUTING TO RETURN WITH GRID SEASON' of,! th«? dlsa(lvantage .H of a non- scoutin.g policy. ThLs ^.-ontest Is the classic of The .Missouri Valley conference. It w.ns understood that neither university would have any ofliclal scout.s. But it si-eims that an ex-Kansas official, on his own ilMiliatlve, scoute.I Alissouri in the Iowa State gam-'. His cbi-crvations found their way 'oa.';: ouite iiatur- TITLES WILL N. B. A. Title Holders jt» Meet New York . ' Champions FIRST BOUT SOON Alan J. Gould Believes ithe .Valley and East Will Use It Light Heavyweights Will Meet Monday in Bout in New York City New Ixindou, Conn.. Dec. (.\P( A probkblo solution to the dual boxing championship system was forecast today by Thomas E. Donohue, of Xew Ixindon, president of the national boxing association. He .«aid that for tho present he ^yould favor a chamflionsbip elimination contest wherAy the boldei: of th-.N.. B. A. title would meet the Xfew Yorkj athletic commission's champion for the world's title In the respective divisions. Doiiohue's suggestion will be given a try-out MoiKlay night at Madison Square Garden,-when .lim- my Slattery, of Buffalo, the \; B. A. light-heavyweight champion, will Seen By C. A. CLIFT BaUIini; lleiiioHK of Alchi•<»n, who hns fuught li number of.flifhts In till* ser^tltiii iif Kunsu><f ^eenisto be develop- : lug H|i6w-eriD.'punch. (lemons : has won se»eral «if liN recent . t'lulits the knockont ,route. Ijixt nitrhl he : rocked -ii .St. raiil, .Minn., lHi.\er to slepp in I'liur roiinds tit .Mu<ion :l Ity, lowu. V < SAVONBURGIS lOLA QUINTET Loc?Is Win 23 to 20 in Battle There Last Night fc NON - LEAGUE GAME ally to the Kansas coaching staff. Kansas, after :; »nediot:i.; sea'son, i meet tonimy "Loughrau." of Phila- rallied to wailon .Missour;. the con-jdelphia, recognized New York title- DON'T LIKE ference leader. There wer^ reverberations and explanations; Yale, an ardent Supporter of tho ! non-scouting .oolicy, effpcte*! agree- i nient with most of it.-? i!>27 oppon- R U L E I *" ''''^ principle. Bui there [was nothing to prevent rv'ial coach- freshmen got a good leiid the 1 .Mr. S;-xlon assorted that th. qnartor but in the secon llet them-; tiviiies of major leacue cjiibs jii (.\^s«Mated i'*re-«N SporK KdHor) the .selves • be. slipped up on t>y • the lyili^ promi.-^iim playei's from: Kansii^ Citv. Dec. 7. (.U'l-;- 1 Crii soph¥ and wore leadiiis «-'il.v by hf^;bscho.d.«. colleg, s and sand lots., All the-'hullVbaloo over football one iioint at the halt. In the third , was a st -rioim menace <o the mitior ; sc,)uling isn't confined to the New Knuland precincts, where ilarytird tice that it; doe.s not subscribe to non-scouting principle. The Crimson entered its agreement with Yale this year largely as a trii^l measure , ; •So ii seems lil:ely that the latch-i perioii- the .sophomores .idded an- ' leaiiiie:;.' -He lecoiiimeiideii' mem- other fi<ld goal and lead for tlia:;i .,f th- minor .as.Hsciation ' ;„id Yale are on'oiiposite .^-ide 's oiistrlns will be olit pretty generally quarter by the score-oi s to .. lii:vhoiil.l I... pr.diibil.-.! from takin:;:tlie fence. ' i n-xt fall fpr the visiting'scotitsj the last p <Tti.d. howev .T. llir .lun- ' any pl:.v<.:s ti<-iii iiinjor leacu-! • The Missouri Valley conference whether they are from -Missouri or ior high men waJUed olt with the r :.ii';s who lii,;-.- not ^crvul a fuil ' h,.,.s „i)rriiei| this v.-ar under a g^n- Harvard. r gani". sc.isoi. ill 111.' natioimi association . ,i,.,„;,„-s uoil-scoutinic agreeiiient This series of two-cain.ys for ih.;,..- ,„jnoi ranks. i ,,,„ ji probablv ca.H a'side sophomores and thrci- foi* each <ii' .\I ;iiiy clii.'is. Mr. Siv \toii said in .-u, other season with the schfits the other classes has .eh-eu Coiich.-s'his-v .-iM.!!. ui- lo .iii:; money be-• i,j„.k j,, tli".-ir op. n-nnd -abov e-board i Smith and VanCamp. I)otli..of whom 1 1: n?r- tl :e h:iKM<-. to. which they ndcs. t.. lodge from s.-ntnn.nt that! had teams involved, an , opporlilii- j beloni;. ;s ovnaied and is. cla.ssi- j coming fi-oni most of the .\:alley i ity to look over their prospects for • lf»il ;i!?nv<- th'• • • •- ' ' * ' ' • • ; holder, for the world's light- heavyweight title. . The winner of tlie Slaftery- Lpughran match is scheduled to jneet Lcb Lomski, of Aberdeen. Wash., whom both the B. A. and Xew Y'ork authorities reco'gnize as the logical light-heavyweight contender. \ The X. rB, A. also has a plan to clehn iip^ the flywieight champion- Ship tangle. Ertiic Jarvis. the Eiig- lish flyweight champion, has been matched to meet Krenchy Belaiiger. of Toronto, in a J2-round bout for X.-B. A.; wbrUrs^flyweight championship in Toronto on December IS. The winner of the ,larvi.«-Bif- lahger .scrap will meet Frankie Genaro of Xew York City. The eventual whinner of th.' .V.- B. A. flyweight tourney will be sent against ! the • winner of the C.orporal Izzy' I Synimes Counts Seven in Whether uv n^^th.. city .basket- 1 Battle for Local.. ball team ha.s improved sih.ct. its Aggregation defeat last week in a Sekan league ^ •— game here will be seen by local j„ a non-conference tilt the lola fans tomorrow night when thef.e-! (.jty team deteaterl the Sav-onbur neva independent team plays' here. I town teimi last nisht at Savonbur^ by 51 score of T.\ to 20. (Jnlytw lola men failed to score w'hjli-"onl two Savonbur.g men made an counters. }{ox .Score. Alter IHO days of dickerlnir. minor aiiil liinjor leaifiie man- atrers today are expected l«i liiinonnre' a nnnilter of .ir^des. It Is iicobable that many minor ^an'd major leasrue clnbs wtil lie rejuvenated I»ef«re the llfllliis baseball meeting comes "to a «-lo <ie this week. .- j lola . I .ee. I ; Henderson, f I Ft; I -T 0 ! Synimes. c — I -Slavfon. g -—••• ! Baker; ^ Colleges seem to have arrtyed at : p; Funk, g the conclusion'that the noni.s(oiit-i(_'"u(j,,\-or(|,' <. in.g rulft isn't so good, e.-^pecially j when school-s insist on viiSlating!' Total.< the rule.' As a matter of fact even I high .school coaches resort to; .Sivonbun: scouting'. There is no rea^)n in | .lohuson. f th" world '-Aj'liy' these -team.s j Smith, i shouldn't scout if they care .to -do so<;j—' , . . (I 1 I) I 0 II 0 0 1 ;» 0 f 0 :.' 1 0 - - The Xew Vork fiiants seem to Jiave a. manlii for tSvlrfers. It W!is reveaed today that efirhteen pitchers are onrthe re>er^e INt for the cluli. .He tiraw N smart. He realjzes that-one or more oi his re'^e'rve Fst may ! deielop Into first- class plt<'jli?i_ig talent before the iipason Is at^Its icrltlcal point. ICUiott. c Diinriam. g . Fiant. .tr b-C FT 4 1' Ii - " II •1 -2 • . 0 II . 0 II F TP 0 l(f I 0 "1 II ' 10 Totals _ 1 <o 20 fBy the Associated I'ress)|, .Mason City. la.—Battling JClehif- Scliwartz am! Xeft-sboy Brow'ii biit-: oiis. .Vtchisoii, Kansas, knocked oujt tie for the wirlirs flyweight crow!>. ] A/tie Scliere. St. Paul, .Minii.[ <•}).: The -Schwartz-Browir bout, is -leini; sponsored, by th(> Xew VorJj Vom- mi.s.sion and is also 'scheilul.'t} for nec.emb.r li*. at .Madison Siiua're Carden. Undianajiolis—Art "Wiegandt Buf falo. and Frankie Wine. Itotinduli, Mont. .ilT .-w ilOi. Micky D'Dowd. Muncie. Inii;. won from :Jiinmi Dalton. Indianapolis fS). the coming season. llo\ Scofe. and -the freshm'-n won oveV Kaeiilly tho:.Smith, U sophomores 15. to 12. In the first.l stoikebi and. rf game, tho.igh the juniorti took the Jead .early in the first quarter th", senlors slowly worked their way back and weic |ea<ling !) to 6 at the end of the p-riod. In.the secotid quarter with both t-eanis playing a "fast bard Rame the seniors still retained the lead though by the scant niai-gin of IT to l.'.. It was in the tWrd quarter that tlie seniors made the final decision of the game whe'ii they scored 15 points to their op- r^y -'R."*""-. -Tpnents' 6. In tin; final quarter the' seniors barely outscored the juniors, making r. to the junior."' 1. lii-the other afternoon game be: twe^en the soi>homores aud freshmen-, both of whom had bcf n de- feitcd the previous day. (the ITr^sh- nU-ii'tooic the lead and lo.^l i| onlv Keonic, <• Bollinger. Ig -. VanCamp. Drehcr. rg J. Totals Seniors Trombold, If Hall, irf Handley. c Hubbard, rg-f . Severns.. rg .McCIay. rf Total.; . . Referee • -Keinp. Ft: FT 4 1 ;• o . 2 0 1 tl (I II 12 :: I'l; FT . I 1 c 1 2 I "Hi r.iiik to wliii h its schools I i:!g|;.v ;;til.- poimlati, n :Mtjiatly en-,"' .\t u 'ast a cood shire; ^, "'.'".rol.vuiti- this he sug- ,.„..„.|„,>, :,Md other alhletii I- I I .1-'. •.•.<•.! ,h.- national associalh.n :,;.,.,..ii,„,,ls f,-l that th.i .-i .iMish a .-in .t iMipiiIation. rating • j,,,.,,, 1 ! fo:- li;as!l.'s. I"a.-"il «[.on the federal ; II 4 i-i'T's'i~. and ioivc ni'.'tiilier leagues t ()ii„.,-.s 2 s to conform to th'.' rlas.'^iticalioii a.s ! ,„.,,:^,",, of ;the oi'iiifial.s j abolish- ! f scoii!iii!; is :ill- liuli iiiit not so good; in lira. more blunt ;vboiit it. derm 2 soon as possible. lilting ;is "blink." Th .-y in! ice. on- i-idi'r it breeds hypocrisy i.nd Hus- oj Mr. .^.'Yim 111, i-wr expressed the ;j,i,.i„„ ,„ ,i„. ,|,.:,ii„;;. i,. tw.^.-n i gridiron rivals, ratli.'r than hel jt.on -h'.iild rroM.I.. a nn-fonn | .„ i,.,i,„i„..„. ,,„. ^...^'d old ling "oyer- F TP ,"•> eov. rn ail post-season ,,,„pi,..isis' in football. .-':i.''ies .-.n. .-^idlt s.a.son pla.v-ofts.; The inci.lont of the Kansa.s-Mis- ^l.wiih no <l„bs !.,'.::i: pennvied to,^„„ri j,;,,,,^ has H.un over but ob- (Y"^-';-;" r" •'••'•"•^' r"-''''^ ""- serv.-rs cite it an cxaiiple ' . dcr till' nibs lai:l 'II'.VM I.> tif ii.-i- . r_ . ._ i tional .ISM), iiitior. j I.•acne adopted a tonstitution land Kir ScMon 's ;:iiiiiuil I.e.I'-ni.n-! elected L.j.I. Wylie. president of •.oiii- i ihe Tlir<^<? I league, as hea.l of tlbeir iiib-' o'.vji circuit aniT also desiBnated ".dalii.iis were r: ten el to . n^Hei-'whi.'h will ..iiiKluit .-i I. .1. I c. 2.1 Burger, 1. J. C. li.i hearing and report tomorrov. 'him a-- treasurer. Harry Smith of \lembers of the Central lea;:ue' ('olnmbiis. Ohio, was iiaiiied ivici Other jto.'lay began looking for players' pre-ident. s.'ret.n y and statist! Till- le .iKUf b:'-; dubs in I'eiiirsylvania ami Iiidiai^.i. tournament referees—Wooleiy aru latter spei^ding almost 24 hours \in ician. I organization sessions. The new]Ohio. ii erne biAt wafch hojiv other smokei:^ are chanqinfj fo Cheilerfield! SUNDAY, DECEMBER 11th 9 A, M. to-MIDNIGHT ' MONDAY, DECEMBER 12th • 7 A. M. to 9:30 P. M. - . • \ , ;. . ^ , Beautiful New Low Body Lines Choice of Four Colors I ^ • • • • • • • ^ 55 to 65 Miles an Hour Remarkable Acceleration 40'Horsepower Engine • Four-wheel Brakes : Standard, Selective Gear Shift Hydraulic Shock Absoi^bei^ 20 to 30 Miles per Gallon of Gasoline Theft-proof Coincidental Lock typical Ford Eco^tomyand Reliability Lincoln ^X>T^€L Fordsoiv Y lOLA-KANS. vl

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