The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 5, 1933 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 5, 1933
Page 7
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kftf'r^ -*'-7^- v- *• ;.,\, ^yv"-?••>'•'•• "-,: • ". ^- , t ^ • , THE BAkERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN, THURSDAY, JANUARY 5,1933 FOODS" ":'F6r your family's health and happiness; insist on the high standard of quality you always find at our I. 0. A. 1 'stores. At our low L G, A. prices they cost no more than ordinary foods .., . enjoy better foods for less .money. Shop at our I. G. A. stores today. Sale Week January 0 to 12 Inclusive , - i ^ti > »i k- CREAM OF WHEAT -••' L '. Baby specialists recommend-' thin ,tallk and cereal mixture A4_ as a highly nutritious food that Can be used In babies' £1C - diet 'as early as the ffturth month. large pkg. VEGETABLE SOUP Same high quality that has made Hclrmel products x • Instant successes In all markets. Has a rather unusual home-made flavor. No. 2 tall eana 2 29c SALMON Palace brand—Alaska pink from the cold waters J) of the Bering sea. ^for An unusual buy No. 1 tall cane CLOROX This modern bleach, stain-remover, deodorant and disinfectant all In one, li a "whole cleaning crew" in itself! .quart bottle 13c I. G. A. TISSUE Physicians tell us too much stress cannot be lalfl upon the lasting ill effects of rough, coarse papers—especially •with children. I. G. A. IB a specially milled product. Pull count -1000-Bheet rolls 3 20c I. G. A. Pineapple The pick of the Hawaiian* pack. Delicious in salads or to add to compotes. Fancy sliced or crushed....No. 1 flat tin Fancy Sliced No. 2{/« Can, 18o Sweet Potatoes THUPAK SUPER QUALITY Ready to serve with fish, game or roast meats. You may f J|« serve them plain or candled No. 2 flat can • IB UPTON'S YELLOW LABEL TEA The way to figure the cost of tea is by the cup. The cost of all teas is about the same when you consider It on a dally basis, so why not use the best—Lipton's Yellow Label Tea 14 Ib. tin Trupak Rice Extra fancj' long grain quality southern head rice at the lowest price in 30 I •!_ .years .2-lb. pkg. I Vv IXLTamales Real chicken tamales—makes for a good luncheon or late supper. The old reliable IXL tamales. Not IA^ « boneless tin IUv I. G. A. Cocoa 2 - |b Can.., Can. Mission Bell Sean A hard milled toilet soap that you. will find "an aid to your complexion and nice to have around. B . . W Cakes for Household Cleanser IGA For all cleaning from kitchen utensils and floors to bathroom fixtures, I.G.A. Cleanser Is unequalled for efficiency, , speed and economy. Does not mar the < hari'ds can Bird Seed IGA A balanced ration for your pets that will keep them in health, happy and I ft. good song pkg. Illw Macaroni- Spaghetti IGA Makes a highly nutritious, tasteful, Inexpensive entree. Many housewives top their pans with grated cheese, which after cooking, gives a delicious crust........ BELL'S GROCERY MO L Street. Phone 1M3 MARTY'S GROCERY .1517 F Street. Phone 803 COOPER'S GROCERY 2430 Nineteenth St. Phone 2955 UNION MARKET and GROCERY Eighteenth and K St. Phone 272 AMERICAN 806 Baker St. GROCERY Phone 619 LIBBY'S GROCERY 1000 Pacific St. Phone 1760 MARKET Marlcopa E. C. DALE Ford City FINSTER GROCERY Fellows INDEPENDENT GROCERS ALLIANCE OF AMERICA (United fret* Ltattd Vfirt) SAN BHRNAKDINO, Jan. C.— Charles T. Schradef, elderly farmer, awaited a sanity hearing today on complaint of authorities who accused him of firing his house and holding firemen at bay for more than 80 minutes with a gun and a vial of acid. .Schrader becnmo enraged .In a quarrel .with his wife and ordered her to remain In the kitchen while he set the house on fire, officers said. After clipping* the telephone wire and smashing a water main, he stood guard while the flumes spread through the structure. Mrs. Schrader escaped from the burning house without his notice and ran to a neighbor for help. When sheriff's deputies and firemen arrived, they were ordered back by the enraged farmer. They rushed him but before he. could be overpowered he dashed the acid In tt deputy's face, Inflicting minor burns. The fire was checked after doing considerable damage,. ' Despondent Man Out of Work, Kills Self (UnHea Pre»» Lta»tA 'Wire) SACRAMENTO, Jan. C.—Despondent beonfase of 111 health and unemployment, William C. Barnes, 36, shot himself to death last night as he sped In his automobile along the river road a half mile west of the Yolo by pass. The wrecked car plunged over a 40 foot embankment on the side of the highway, and was discovered by a rancher, . ' MRS. BGGLESTON DEAD , MADISON, Ind., Jftn. 6. (A. P.)— Mrs.-Frances Eggleston, 86, widow of Edward Eggleston, Hoosler author, died of pneumonia today at her home here. v It TPTASHlNQTONr, Jan. 8.—Senators ™ and other officials In Wnshlng- ton have plqked tip their telephones recently and heard from the other end of the wire, "This Is the klngflsh calling." It was Senator Htley Long'a way of Impressing upon the Capitol his fondness for his favorite nickname. ' . / Long would lltce to be known as "the klngflsh" wherever he goes. He has made considerable progress nnd is seeing his efforts blossom Into success as Senate colleagues greet him by the title he has chosen above all others, Chairman Franklin Fort o^ the home loan bank system la one Republican appointee who has not given up hope of confirmation by the Senate. Asked regarding his plans for the future, he said his house lease expires February 27 but that he could make other arrangements if the new administration wanted him to stay on in his present capacity. " Representative Green, Democrat, Texas, thinks that of all the thankless jobs In Congress, he has the one that's least appreciated. He Is chklr- (Vfiitei Pr«»i Ltated Vfirt) ADMITS f 130,000 SHORTAGE WASHINGTON, Jan. 6. (U. P.)— Charles t>. Boyer. casliler of the Fed- oral American National Dank and former president of the -local chapter of the American Institute of Banking, has confessed to a shortage of $180,000 In his accounts, the bank announced today. PASTOR ESCAPES PRISON MADI8ONVIIjt.B}. Ky., Jan. 5. (A. P.) The Reverend Herbert J. Sheets, under Indictment on charges of attacking a young woman, escaped from Jail hero today. Ho and another prisoner sawed their way out of the cell they occupied. Walnuts ; Walnut time In a walnut country. Fancy budded Fran- quettes properly cured and most welcome at the end of any meal—although the big hotels serve them shelled with salt In paper cups I e- before meals Ib. I Uv I. G. A. Popcorn Every'kern el pops—large and as white as snow. Many add fruit flavored syrups and press in balls or form I ftw In molds 10-oz. tin IW NATIONAL MARKET Phone 4812 Corner Nineteenth and Baker SPECIAL FRIDAY AND SATURDAY SPECIAL ALPINE MILK SALE 36 Tall Alpine or 72 Small Alpine $2.16 1 Glass Oven Bake Dish, value 1.00 Total value ! *3.1« ALL FOR $2.10 Coupon. Redeemed at This Market. During the D.menstratlon Sale White King or Crystal White 10 bar. 25C Mermaid Washing Powder. ...large pkg. Better Butter Crackers.... 1-lb. alee Cigarettes, all brands, I pkgs. 1 ear- 25c Best Food Salad Dressing .1 qt. Hills Bros. Coffee, 1 Ib. 35c. Purex, one quart, 10c one pint 7c Macaroni, Spaghetti, Caperlne 6-lb. box Tomato Soup, Campbell's.. cane 25c Palace .Shrimp. 2 can.22C Silver Thistle Apricot OQ rt Jam.. 2 Ibs. 6 01. 4OI Van Camp's Pork and K*» Beana small can tIC Carnation Oats, no premium, .large pkg. Drifted Snow Flour 50 Ibs. $1.22 Bisquick '.• 1 pkg. 29c Wheaties .2 pkgs. 19c MEAT DEPARTMENT Lamb Stew Ib. Shouder Veal Stew. .Ib 7c Veal Shoulder Roast 1 Q/» Ib. J.OC Sparerlbs, Fresh Meaty Ib. n _ 1 L Picnic Shoulder Pork Roast ........ Ib. Freah Ground Hamburger O ' and Pork Sausage..Ib. Ol/ Colorado Creamery Butter .b 24c Empire Ham. ,auc Our Sugar Bacon Ib. 1 O*» J.4t< Dry Eaatern Salt Pork. .Ib .8c WASHINGTON MARKET 1917-1919 L Street PHONE 1083 FREE DELIVERY Friday and Saturday Specials LUCERNE. MILK 6 large OpT_ 12am. cans...^tJC cans... Tomato Sauce, Q -J A., all brands.... Ocans JlUl/ TOMATOES El Camlno O Brand, No. 2j/ 2 Ocane Ace High Brand Coffee .Ib. pkg 15c Maxola Oil... .qt. canOuC Place Brand Oysters; 1 A_ No. 1 can JLUC 5 -I i pound can... HONEY 36c 14-01. can... OVALTINK ••01., can... 72c 35c Pink Salmon. .can 9c Sirloin Steak. .Ib. 15c Pot Roast Beef.... .Ib. 9c Sugar Cured Bacon, half or whole Ib. Pork Chops Ib 13c Pork Roast Ib. lOc Oleomargarine O -1 n _ £t Iba. 11 C Butter, Clovtrbloom. .b26c Cabbage .ib. 1C Potatoes .ib. 1C Bunch Vegetable! .2 for 5C Lettuce 2 for 5C APPLES—Fancy Wlneiap, Delicious, Spltienburg and Rome Beauty...... .Ib. man of the committee on disposition of useless executive papers. "Whenever any executive • department wants to destroy some papers they send them on to us," Green said, "and We hftvo to look at every one. Most of them are no good, but If we should throw away . something valuable, then we're In trouble." Representative Wason, Republican, N. It., IB the other member of the committee. The committee has never been known to call a formal meeting. Stamps 812 Baker Street Quality Merchandise at Prices Mere Attractive Than Ever Free Delivery Service Dally Just Phone Your Order Phone 822 Pork Backbone, I5c Old-Fashloned Kind Lota of Meat Sauerkr't,2lbs.l6c Lean Pork Roast, Ib.l2io Steer Pol Roast. Ib. I2io Baby Beef Roast . . Ib. I4o 100% Pork Sausago, 2 Ibs. 25c Bacon . . Ib. ll|c Any Amount Pure Hog Lard . . . lb.6}c Sliced Bacon . . Ib. I6c Butter. , , lb.26c Rolled Oats, Quaker or IC^ Carnation, large alee IWl Schilling Coffee, •' Regular or Drlp.Jb. Milk, large cans Peas, Early I A* June No. 2 can IWV Tea Garden Preserves, Assorted Flavors.... 16-or. jar Black Figs 4-lb. pkg. White Eagle IA Soap bare Bluebird Borax Granu- I A* lated Soap.. large size • vv Weaaon Salad Oil pints Quarts, 39c J '/a Gallon, 73c Del Monte Catsup.. 14-01. bottle Tomato Sauce, ft 9R* Del Monte... V for ftW Armour's Peanut IlUk Butter Ib. UN* Hard Mixed A Candy a* Ibs. N. B. C. Graham and Soda Crackers.. .2-lb. pkg. Russet Potatoes, , S; 8 ; Hi ,„..«« Fancy ^ Yams Ibs. Washington Delicious E. Apples > Ib. Vv Fancy Cauliflower, I A* Medium Heads..each IwW Celery ! large Lettuce, •» I Ik- Large Heads V for IUB PIKE'S GROCERY Special Milk Sale 36 Tall Can* Alpine. ...$2.16 One Olaai Baking Dish,.11.00 $3.16 ALL FOR $2.10 Butter, Danish. whe *!" 2^1.0 Peaches, Fancy Heavy I A- Syrup larfle can • *» Clgarettet—Camela, Cheater- fields, Lueky £1 4R for ft* VV Strikes....carton Economy |T ft Conee.... Ib. • '•» Morton •! Salt * Underwood Sardine*.. Rice, Faney Head t Ibs. Olivee, ' 99fl Large quarts •»•»• Lux Toilet A Soap w for Peaches, Apricots, Dried Ib. Candy Jelly I Aft Beana Ib. IW We Feature Golden Crust and Butternut Bread FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY 302 ft Street L WIL-SAV-U 7 Chester Avenue Short Ribs 6c Beef Stew 6c Veal Stew 6c Pot Roast 7c Round Steak 12c Hamburger 3 Ibs. 25c Pork Sausage, 3 Ibs. 29c Pork Steak lOc Bacon, guaranteed.. .lie Tripe .' 7c Pigs Feet 5c Chase & Sanborn's Coffee Sic Coffee Shop Coffee.. 17c Sugar lOlbs. 39c Pink Beans... 10 Ibs. 37c White Beans.. 10 Ibs. 36c La Paloma Soap 10 bars 21c White King Soap 10 bars 25c Kokoheart 3, Ibs. 25c Strongheart Dog Food 6 cans 32c Potatoes, ...25-lb. cloth bag 29c Newtown Pippin Apples box 53c Carrots.. Beets Turnips. Mustard. Kentucky Drive-In Market LARGEST DRIVE-IN MARKET IN KERN COUNTV 430 KENTUCKY STREET We Specialize In Food Product* That Excel In Price and Quality. A Visit to, This Mammoth Drive-In Market Will Convince Youl Friday and Saturday Specials % Sugar, Cloth Bag 10 Ibs. 45c Milk 4 cans 19c Blue Ribbon Creamery Butter Ib. 23e Milo Maize, Average 130 Ibs sack 95c Shnfter Select Potatoes -... 100-lb. sack $1.20 Quail Tomatoes With Puree, No. 1 Tall... .4 cans 25c Pure Mountain Honey 5-lb. can 40c Black and White Salad Oil quart 28c Doyle's Supreme Dog Food t 4 cans 29c H. B. & Company's Hotel Blend Coffee lb. 20c Krlss Pakt Tynec Norwegian Sardines 3 cans 24c White Lily AsparagUs Tips can 20c Iris Fancy Sliced Hawaiian Pineapple (Extra Heavy Syjup) 2 cans 33c Iris Snow White Hominy, 21/2 can lOc 'Quail Sardines, 15-oz. Oval Cans. 3 for 23c Bishop's Cocoa .pkg. lOc Feet's Crystal White Granulated Soap, 2 Ige. pkgs. 35c VEGETABLE DEPARTMENT Fancy Black Twig Apples box 70c Bananas 6 Ibs. 25e Cabbage Ib. Ic Carrots, Turnips and Beets 4 bunches 5c Fancy Celery bunch 5c Fancy Local Walnuts .3 Ibs. 25c Yams or Sweet Potatoes 5 Ibs. lOc Onions 5 Ibs. lOc MEAT DEPARTMENT Wilson's Certified Skinned Hams, Half or Whole Ib. 12i/ 2 c Bacon, Sugar-Cured, Half or Whole..Ib. lie Sliced Bacon, Laurel Brand. Ib. 20c Pure Lard (Bring Your Container).. .4 Ibs. 25c Round .Steak Ib. 15c Rib Steaks lb. lOc Hamburger 3 Ibs. 25c Leg of Pork, Halt or. Whole Ib. lOc Pork Steak Ib. lOc Pork Chops 2 Ibs. 25e Beef Pot Roast Ib. 9c Pork Sausage Ib. lOc Ham, cured.. .4 slices 25c Salt Pork ...Ib. 8c B. F. STINSON MARKET 1709-11 Chester Avenue Phone 612 "S. & H." Green Stamps—All Departments • ••»*•* 1 LEMUCCHI GROCERY 725 East Nineteenth Streets-East Bakersfleld Phone 1869 Free Delivery Milk, All Brands. Sunshine Crackers. 2 .25o Flour, ..60 Ibs. 26 Ibs., 61o La Plna Flour ...... 100 Ibs. $2.06 Snowdrift .3-lb. tin 49o Butter, Danish. .Ib. 26e String Beans or •! Sweet Corn., weans 25c Sunbrlte Cleanser 4 can. I70 Tuna, Small Imported.. 3 ,o, 25o I Sugar, IA M-J- Pure Cane... IV Iba. 416 (Cloth Bags) Del Monte Peaohea, 2J/ 2 a at oana fcV* Crystal White Soap I0,,26e Super . Suds. boxes 25e Spaghetti or Macaroni, Semolina Q Style V Ibs. Pink Beans, Neyy Crop... 10 ,39c Tomato Paste, ItalPan Style. Be Quaker Oats. .large loo Sugar, Powdered. 2,. r l6o Potatoes, U.S. No. 1..86-lb. sack AjBOVE PRICES, f OR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY 26e 63e Butter, Bluebell Ib. Drifted Snow Flour 2-H/i Ibs. M. J. B., Jr., AB- Coffee Ib. ftW6 Mermaid Washing Powder large Snow Flakes A OR* .or Grahams... ft Ibs. ftWG 8. & W. Coffee 29c Ranch Eggs, Large dor. Pure Eaatern Buckwheat.... Sugar v IA IU Iba. Corn, Peas A or Beans at Potato Chips Peacock Jam .2J4-lb. Jar 32e cane tic I9c 29e PROGRESSIVE MEAT MARKET Frye Bros.—Real Service Steer Pot Roast lb. 12e Lean Leg Pork Roast lb. Sliced Bacon.... '.., .lb. 20c Pure Po& Link , Sausage......) ' ' ' Many Other Specials Not Listed—Free Delivery'* «, t ^"W FRUIT AND VEGETABLES Juice Oranges.. Cranberries 4 do>. 25c , b . I5c Dates, Bulk V Ibs. Extra Fancy Applea—Delicious, Spltzenburg, C Wlneaap W Pippins and A Belief leurs V Klamath Falls Potatoea.... Ibs. Ibs. ••] «•• 1st Iba. £UU Bananaa, Nice and Ripe.... Arizona Grapefruit... San Jose Oars , Green Peas Celery A Lettuce All Bunch Vegetables. GALLAHER'S Friday and Saturday Pink Beans... 10ib.39c Snowdrift Shortening.... .1-lb. can Flapjack Flour...... large Peaches .No. 2|4 can 17c lOc Apples, Mountain Red Beef Romst lb. 7c Boilinff Meat. .lb. 5c Spanish Sausage .Ib. lOc Catsup . 14-oz. bottle 10c Hams, Half or • Whole lb. 111(5 Cocoanut, 01 A Bulk lb. at 1C Lighthouse JC 1Qft Cleanser, v cans Ivw Grapefruit . 1A A doz. I9C 2 Doz., 35c Cheese, Flats lb. 17c Fancy Prime Rib Roast Boneless... .lb. Lamb Roast, Shoulder Cut, Boneless.... lb. Pork Roast.. ...... lb/ Hams, Center Cuts, any thickness, )b. .26e 5w2fe 3 b .IOc ....ib.lOo bunches 106 3,o r IOc ...2 for 60

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