The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on September 18, 1939 · Page 5
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 5

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Monday, September 18, 1939
Page 5
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MONDAY, SEPT. 18, 1939. THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. PAGE FIV$ Want Ads Take The Guesswork And Footwork Out Of House-Hunting 'i PHONE 21 FOR AN AD-TAKER LUDINGTON DAILY NEWS Dally rate per line for consecutive Insertions: Charge Cash Three days, 3 lines $ .81 f .72 One day, 3 lines 36 .30 Advertising ordered for Irregular Insertions takes the one time Insertion rate; no ad taken for less than basis of three lines. Count six average words to the line. Charge ads will be received by telephone, and if paid at The Dally News Office within six days from the first Insertion cash rate will be ailowed. Ads ordered for three or six days and stopped before expiration will be charged only for the number of times the ad appeared and the adjustment made at the rate earned. Publishers reserve the right to edit nr reject any Classified advertising copy. Hate per line for white space la the same as a line of copy. Announcements Cards or TTianKs JUST RECEIVED A new assortment of YARNS SHETLAND FLOSS, ItlC a ball PENNYMAID, 25c49c POPEYE U. 8. Patent Office Trademark Registered Don't Forget the Birdseed, Popeye! Vi oz. balls PENNEY'S IIACSTROM—Our recent sad loss leaves us willi uratrfiil hearts toward neiKh- liors anil friends. Their riiinfurliiii; expressions of sympathy and thoiiulitrnlness will always be re- tiic inhered. Mil. and MKS. I'l.KCY LARREK. Mil. and MKS. LKEWART HOYNTON. Mil. and MRS. KAHI. IIAKSTROM. Mil. and MHS. FOKF.ST HAfJSTHOM. MISS ANNAIH'.I.L IIACSTROM. Mowers ar.d Mourning Goods 4 CI'T Fl.nWKIlS—And funeral work. Tel. 672. Frank Sordine, 810 K. Ludington Ave. Personals 1 I DID YOU KNOW—That you can get a I new DEXTER WASHER for as low as i $3!).5U? Let us explain their fine fea- 1 tures. W. E. READER & CO., in j CUSTER. | I.ARCiK SI/E—Ward's and Kalamazoo I coal heaters. Your offrr. I LARGE new oil heaters in crates, j $59.50; 100 sal. oil free. Wallace Ktiras, 210 W. LudiliRton Ave. Tel. 604. ! — ! NO MORE COLD FLOORS—When you have a Duo-Thrrm oil heater. Forced circulation eliminates this common fault. II. Smedbfrg & Son, Custer. DNTHE DISTANT COUMTRV OF NEUTOPIA WHERE EVERV- THINJ6 IS PERFECT A STRANGE BIRD CONTROLS THE WEATHER - MR.NICHOLS, A VERY 31CH MAN,HAS GIVEN POPEYE A MILLION DOLLARS TO FINANCE A VOYAGE TO WE UTOPIA IT IS FOR «THE SAKE OF SUFFERING HOM/XWHN DOCTOR BUGGE, A WEATHER FORECASTER, WILL ACCOMPAMV POPEYE WILL. CAPTORE THE STRANGE OLIVE IS ANGRY. SHE HOPED POPEVE WOULD MARRY HER AND SETTLE DONMNi ASHORE DO MOT SP\LL EMKiV MOS1EX VJtMPV, WE NEED EVERY, ~ PENNY WJ^Wl Copr. 19)9. Klnl Pcuucci Syndicate, Int.. World ngliu ceKtvcd SCOECHY SMITH Trademark Registered u. a. Paten, uitice No Fun in Fond Farewells SUPKRFLAAIE Oil, IIKATKRS — $34.50 and up. CJrolcmat's WIFE SAVING STATION. NOTICi:—I will not be responsible for drills contracted by anyone other than myself. Signed. WILLIAM M1L- II It. lie, K. Dowland St. Strayed, i*wv Found 10 Farm Equipment 61 Take_ 5o The . _ . WKmB PUMPS-WATER SYSTEMS-HAY TOOLS-DOOR HANGERS H. SMKDBERG & SON- CUSTER. HKDOINC!—Lost roll of bedding marked It. I'. I", between l.mlinston and Hart. Call ("has. Peterson Tel. 680 or 110. I (1ST—Hill fold containing car title. Please phone 909 for reward. Automotive t*i^+^*J*^**S**ir*^*S*~r*^-*J++r*>S* Automobiles for Salt FOll SALE—Good used MeCormlck- DcrrlnR corn bind'-r in excellent condition. Lawrence Matl'x, Scottvillc. Wanted—To Buy 66 CUCU.MIIKR I'ICKLKS and POTATOES. Inc|. Northern Knilt Co. Tel. !M2. 11 Real Estate for Rent Apartments and Flats 74 FURNISHED TIIKEE-nOOM — Apartment for rent. Inq. 605 S. Washington Ave. HAIir;,tlN liSKI> CARS—1934 V-8. 1932 Moihl-li Ford, 1930 Model-A Ford, 19'!S Kurd- also cars for S25 and up. Urody llruv. !2!i K. Dowland St. FOL'RrROO.M,. UNFURNISHED—Apartment. In<|. at swan Tent & Awning Co., 117 \V. Lndinston Ave. MUICK SI'OKT ROADSTER—Kcason- nfole; also rook stoye In good eoncll- tion. lni|. at 208 \V. Filer St. FURNISHED—1-room. apartment for rent. I.udinRton Aye. downstairs Inq. at 509 E. F(W SAI.K — model-A Fords, Chcvrolcts, JMymoullis. Used cars, $20.00 up. Barton's, East Ludlngton avenue. Houses for Rent Business Service — Service Stations 16 MODERN HOUSE—For rent at 206 North Franklin street. Olmstead & Ncwbcrg. I'honv 22 or 792 evenings. MODERN iiOUKK—For rent; five rooms, furnace heat,-Karaite. Inq; at'406'N. Delia St. AND SCOOP, HAVING BID FAREWELL TO DR.SERKI ANS> ANGELA WHO ARE GOING TO THEIR RUINED DESERT ESTATE, SPEND A LAST FEW /VXDMENTS TOGETHER BEFORE SCOOP'S PLANE LEAVES Bldgs. For Rent 77A ACKTVI.I-'.NF. WEI.DINC;—Th:it's always richl and «e charge no fancy prlcr. Belka (;.irne<-, 1102 S. Madison St. ___ _ __ _ i year: Second, Richard Schober TWO-CAR {;A"RA<;E— 20x2"k for rent", j and John Tyndall. Cow, 4 years old or over: Second, Richard Schober and John Tyndall; old^and under 4: First, Richard Schober and Donald NO IDE/V5CQOP—DR.SERKI WANTS /ME TO JOIN HIM AFTER THE BR/SSAC INVESTIGATION, BUT— BUT WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO NOW, SCORCH/2 TOUGH ON ANGELA) TOO-WISH 1 COULD STAV TO HELP 'EM—BUT "ORDERS is ORDERS/* POOR DOC/TEN YEARS' WORK WIPED OUT BY BRISSAC/ I HATE TO HAVE TO SAV 6OODSVE, SCORCH/— Two Down, One to Go Trademark Registered U. 8. Patei»- Office DICKIE DARE ir mo A TRAP! f\. , *S & UP A6AIH&T IT, AHD £OJV.' PARE" PlCK&P UP AH DM GO W/TW f-l/jg RIGHT OFF rue COA6T OF INDIA ••• WNER IN DIFFICULTY WfTW A NATIVES CREW TO THE om&z, PAN WENT ON BOARD ALOH&, BUT- Reasonable. ln<|. 605 S. Washington Ave. Real Estate fOr Sale Brokers In Real Estate or over: First, Maurice»Pen of 3 barrows, under 8 months Kistler and Isadore Greiner Cow, 3 years old and under 4: First, Maurice Kistler. Cow, 2 of age: First, V. Greiner and Sons; second, Isadore Greiner. Sow with litter at side: First, Ad- AL DUMAS RADIO SERVICE—RCA Victor Radio. Expert service on any radio. 225 h. James St.. and Srottvillo | ,_,. ...- | FARMKRK ATTENTION—Dead stock re- j Business Property for Sale 82 ri ^ r , n 'J* ot i'J rl , N ; s 7 cIl ! 1 H '"»'"» »• **" " ank Tyndall- second, Richard Scho- j 1 year old and under 2: First, ber, W. A. Rawson and W. A. Richard Mann; second, Frank Rawson. Cow, 2 years old and Anderson, Ray Anderson, Maur- under 3- Second, Max Rahn, I ice Kistler, Maurice Kistler, and Max Rahn, Richard Schober, i Isadore Greiner. Heifer calf, years old and under 3:' Second, | rian Theevwes; second Isadore Isadore Greiner, Isadore Greiner! Greiner; third Kiefer Brothers, and Maurice Kistler. Heifer,) moval. Phone rolled. Prompt service. MI'KKKCON RKNOEKING CO. Tel. ! RKSTAUKANT— For s;Ue. IJolnir ex- Srottvlllc, 129-F-ll. I cellent business. Owner must sacri-| year Ola and Under tier. Address C. S., Ilox 71, c. o News. Sugar Grove Boy Is Killed on Bicycle ......... -- - - ,,- i (Continued from Page 1) John Tyndall and W. A. Rawson; 4 months to 1 year: Second,| until the services. Burial will be NEIGHBORLY NEIGHBORS Trademark Registered U. S. Patent. Offlcr -NOW HERE'S AN ALARM CLOCK WITH A RUBBER BELL FOR PEOPLE WHO DON'T LIKE TO GET UP —AND THIS'N 'S A COMBINATION PENCIL SHARPENER AN' EGG BEATER-AN' CAN BE USED FOR WINDING BALLS O' YARN I third W. A. Rawson. Heifer, 11 Neil Anderson, Maurice Kistler 2: Second IMFROVK YOl'R VISION—By wearing cl.issps properly fitted and correctly adjusted, nunnery, Scottville. Houses tor Sale 81 Richard Schober, Richard Scho- and Isadore Greiner Champion, Female: Ribbon, Maurice Kist- DrewtmaJcing and Millinery 21 \von.l) I.IKK SKWINC!—Of any kind, inihidliiR alterlni; and dress repair- liiK. Mrs. SI. Clair Jury. R13 N. Howe. Tel. 787-W. Employment ^- l ^VX% 1 />^»^ > V^-''^^i-"N.^^VX\^-^ Sela> V7anted—Female 32 /IMF.KICA'S—Finest Christmas cards. :>(} name imprinted cards $1.00. Re- llKimis cards, in exclusive box assortments. Relail $1.00. Profit 5(>c. Kx- pericnee iinneecssary. <Jet samples. I.MI'IRF. CARD. Klinira. N. V. ber and John Tyndall; third,| ler. Champion bull: W. A. Rawson and W. A. Rawson. Maurice Kistler. Gel-of-sire: First, at South Victory cemetery. (By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS) A. T. Benson, Nat'l Bank for Sale 85 208 N. JAMES ST.—suitable for rooming I Heifer calf, 4 months to 1 year: I Second, Max Rahn, Donald Tyn- ! clall, John • Tyndall and John Tyndall. Champion female; Ribbon. Donald Tyndall. Champion bull; Ribbon, Richard jll.DING LOTS—90x150 ft., $35 each. {j.. hnhf>1 , R , 11 , V p~ rv n lri fir i-a-sh; one block from Lon B Lake, Wai- SchObCl. BllH, 3 ySHlS Ola Or over: First, Richard Schober; second. W. A. Rawson. Get-of-j "First, Richard Schober; HI II. ca halla. Mrs. C. I'helan. Ribbon, At least 14 persons met violent death in Michigan over the Maurice Kistler; .second, Isadore Greiner. Produce of dam; First, Maurice Kistler; second, Isadore Greiner. Sheep, Shropshire: Ram, 2 years old or over: Fiust, A. P. Hackert. Ram, 1 year old: First, A. P. Hackert. Ram lamb: First, John week-end. Traffic accidents accounted for six fatalities, two persons drowned, one man was struck by a train and another electrocuted while at work. SAULT STE. MARIE—Merlin Jackson, 16, of Raco, was killed GIRL OR WOMAN WANTED—For Rener:il housework. Phone 007-R or In- (liiire at 105 W. Court St. fid* Wantcu—Wale 33 Shift. In- WANTED—Chef for Nlfiht •Hiire 310 S. James St. STEADY WORK—COOD PAY—RELI- AHI.E MAN WANTED—call on farmers No experience or capital re- nnlred. Malte up to $12 a dav. Write MR. RAHV, Box 1!>2, Bay City, Mich. SWAP COLUMN Ads accepted for this column will be published two times for Z. r > cents. Each ad must bear name :ind address of advertiser. They must be accompanied by cash or stamps. Ads must be brought or mailed to The News, none taken by telephone. H ads Involve exchange of labor for commodities, or vice versa, they will be placed in a special Labor Exchange department and run tree of charge. rtm ' ' ' Hackert. Ewe, 1 year old: First, A. P. Hackert. Ewe lamb: First, Flock: First, Merchandise Articles tor Sale 51 FOR SALE—Dry Hard Wood $2.75 a cord, two cords $5.00. Also kindling wood. Delivered. .Telephone 670-M. AUTO RADIO Stewart Warner; will swap for pork or beef, live or dressed, or anything I can use. G. Brodrick. 823 E. Mrlendy St. Tel. 558. THIRD CUTTING ALFALFA HAY— Will swap 'or young raltle. Ernest Anthony, R. 3, Ludington, 1 ml. E of Nickerson school. YOU'LL LIKE—Our new numbers ih Elgin watches for men and women. Hamilton's, 225 S. James St. Form and Dairy Products 55 PREMIUM WINNERS (Continued from Page 1) & PROLIFIC PEACHES—For sale, 50c per bu. Bring containers Fred Peterson, It. 3, Ludington. •<M-I<'-11. Tel 2 years under 3 . rent SAI.K—Good tomatoes, 35c bu. eabbugc, !'/• Ibs., sweet corn, 35c bu, peppers, lOc do/..; also other vegetables. Ilelgts Johnson, '-£ mi. S., 1st house E. of Amber Station corners. Fuel, Feed, Fertilizers 36 BACCO PLANT FOOD—For better lawn* and gardens. DETUKE FEED BARN. I'honp 185-W. ,.^__^, Good Things to Eat 57 sire: second, W. A. Rawson; third, John Tyndall. Produce of dam: First, Richard Schober; second, W - A, R £ wson: , t | llr( i' i 011 ? 1 !^ p'. Hackert. IrlTmpshire— Tyndall. Breeders herd: First, Ram> 2 ycars old O1 . over . F j rst) John Conrad; second, V. Greiner and Sons. Ewe, 2 years old or ever: First, V. Greiner and Sons; second, V. Greiner and Sons. Ewe, 1 year old; First, V. Greiner and Sons. Ewe lamb: First, V. Greiner and Sons; second, V Greiner and Sons. Flock: First, V. Greiner and Sons. Lincoln Ram, 2 years old or over: First, Isadore Greiner. Ewe comb: First, Isadore Greiner. Fat and Grade Sheep: Fat ewe or wether lamb: First, John Tyndall; second, V. Greiner and Sons; third, Isadore Greiner. Pen of three ewe or wether .ambs: First, Isadore Greiner; second, V. Greiner and Sons; third, John Tyndall. Grade ewe, 2 years old or over: First, Isadore Greiner; second, John Tyndall; third, V. Greiner and Sons. Swine, Chester White—Aged boar; First, William Buffenbarger. Yearling boar: First, Isadore Greiner; second. William Buffenbarger; third. Kiefer Brothers. Boar pig: First. Kief- : ^ond A I 'Hacker I Saturday night when a truck ' concrete abutment on Four other hi t o rev ver First I a Richard Schober; second, W. A. Rawson. Dairy herd: First, W. A. Rawson. Ilolstcins Holsteins—Bull, 2 years: Third, Adrian Theevwes; Bull, 1 year: Third, Adrian Theevwes. Bull calf, 4 months to 1 year: Second, Adrian Theevwes, V. Greiner and Sons, Adrian Theevwes and V. Greiner and Sons. Cow 4 years old or over; First, Adrian Theevwes and V. Greiner and Sons; second, Adrian Theevwes, and V. Greiner and Sons. Cows, 3 years old and under 4: First, Adrian Theevwes, Adrian Thee- vwes, V. Greiner and Sons and V. Greiner and Sons. Cow, 2 years old and under 4: First, V. Greiner and Sons; second, Adrian Theevwes, Adrian Thee- vwes and V. Greiner and Sons. Heifer, 1 year old and under 2: second Carl Chilbetg. Cow, second, Adrian Theevwes, Adri. Adrian Theevwes, M JWMJ.^ w*v* •*»..« «*.«~- ~. , j^n int-uvwco, riuiicvii J. nccv Wed, Second: Earl Pleiness and i Percy Greiner, V. Greiner and Carl Chilberg. Heifer, 1 year old' - ' and under 2: First; A. J. Langfeldt; second and third, Carl _ > Chilberg. Heifer calf, 4 months i second,"v.' Greiner and" Sons', to 1 year; First, Harlan Plei-] Adrian Theevwes, Adrian Thee- Sons and V. Greiner and Sons. Heifer calf, 4 months to 1 year: First, V. Greiner and Sons; NKW HONEY NOW READY — Save money; bring own container. John M, A. llunsen, V* ml. N. of Stiles corner. Household Goods OAUGAIN PRICES—On good used gasoline engine washing machines, cream separators, range stoves, electric ranges, gasoline stoves. Store, L. Mattlx CIRCULATING OIL HEATER—For sale, used 1 winter. Can be seen at £05 First St. Tel. 887-R. ness; second, Carl Chilberg; third, Edward Thurow and A, J. Langfeldt. Champion female: Ribbon, Carl Chilberg. Champion bull: Ribbon, Carl Chilberg; th,ii'd, Edward Thurow and A. J. Langfeldt. Champion female: Ribbon, Carl Chilberg. Champion bull: Ribbon, Carl Chilberg. First Winner Bull, 3 years old or over; First, Carl Chilberg; second, Carl Chilberg. Get-of-sire: First, Carl Chilberg. Produce of dam: First and second, Carl Chilberg. Brelder's herd: First, Carl Chilberg. Dairy herd: First, vwes and Percy Greiner. Champion female: Ribbon, V. Greiner and Sons. Champion, bull: Ribbon, V. Greiner and Sons. Bull, 3 years old or over: First, V. Greiner and Sons. Get-ofSire: First, Adrian Theevwes; second, V. Greiner and Sons. Produce of dam: First, Adrian Theevwes; second, V. Greiner and Sons; third, Percy Greiner. Breeder's herd: First, V. Greiner and Sons.. Dairy herd: First, V. Greiner and Sons. Brown Swiss Brown Swiss—Bull, 2 years: First, Isadore Greiner. Bull, calf, 4 .months to 1 yeai-: youths were injured. ITHACA—Byron Reeves, 60, of Emerson township, was killed in an automobile collision east of here Sunday night. Three other persons were injured. JACKSON — While crossing US-12, about 2 miles east Jackson, Sunday night, George Peterson, 65, of this city, was instantly killed when struck by an automobile driven by John Gun.jlac, 47, of Detroit. ' FLINT—Raymond Joseph, 5, was killed Saturday when he ran into the side of a truck. DETROIT — Three persons were killed in traffic accidents in the Detroit area over the week-end. They were Charles Straub, 26, of Detroit, John Green, of Waltz, Mich., and Mrs. Fay Abrahamson, 39, of Athens, Ohio. MT. CLEMENS—Dowell Morgan, 18, of Pontiac, was killed Sunday when his automobile hit a bridge railing as he was returning home from a dance at Armada. MUSKEGON—Francis Henry Boutell, 22, drowned in Muskegon lake Sunda_y when he fell from a fishing boat. UNWITTINGrLY THE LJTTLE FELLOW HAS STRUCK A RESPONSIVE CHORP PEEP DOWN INSIDE OF PETERS.-SOON HORSEFEATHET?S 1NVITEP CARPV . GIBBONS UP TOTHE ATTIC T& APPRAISE SOME OF HI5 OWN EA«LY INVENTIONS/ er Brothers; second, Kiefer j GRAND RAPIDS — Thomas Brothers; third, Isadore Greiner. Champion boar: First, Isadore Greiner. Aged sow: First, Isadore Greiner; third, Isadore Greiner.. Sow pig: First, Kiefer Brothers; second, Kiefer Brothers; third, Isadore Greiner. Champion sow: First, William Buffenbarger. Exhibitor's herd: First, Isadore Greiner. Duroc Jersey—Boar pig: First, Adrian Theevwes; seeond, Adrian Theevwes. Champion boar: First, Adrian Theevwes. Yearling sow: First, Adrian Theev- wes. Sow pig: First and second, Adrian Theevwes. Champion sow: First, Adrian Theevwes. Fat class—Fat barrow, under 8 months of age: First, Isadore Mallett, 44, drowned in Grand river Sunday when he tried to recover a fishing rod jerked from his hand by a huge" carp. ANN ARBOR—Joseph Fisch- THE OPEN FORUM Readers are Invited to use this column to express their Ideas upon public qiiestio.-.r and topics of general Interest. Letters printed under this heading will be understood to represent the opinion of the individual writer ratuer than that of The News. Letters involving racial or religious ( or n-Ts<mal attacks will not be accepted. All communication! SHOULD NOT EXCEED 200 WORDS and must be signed by the nam. am address of the writer. DAIRY IMPROVEMENT EDITOR, THE NEWS: My attention has been called i to an editorial recently carried i Greinerji-second, Isadore Grein-led across the tracks, of the er, 50, was electrocuted Satur- j in your newspaper entitled, day while working on a, 24,000 , "Dairy Improvement Associa- vpjt power line at the Argo plant, of the Detroit Edison comoany. BURNIPS—Denzil Suitt Miller, 31, of Muskegon, was electrocuted Saturdav when a Dine he was using in drilling a miniature oil well near here came in contact with a high tension wire. DETROIT — A freight train struck and killed Joseph Fe- daro, 46, Saturday as he walk- Carl Chilberg. Jerseys—Bull, Isadore Greiner. Cow, 4 years er; third, V. Greiner and Sons. Wabash railroad. tion." I was pleased to read this editorial and note the boost that you are giving your local people for carrying on such a splendid piece of work. This type of self- help among dairymen has been generously supported thffough- out Michigan bv our dairy herd owners.' There are at present 85 D. H. I. A.'s operating, organized similarly to the MasoxvOceana D. H. I. A. Not many of ,,them have as good a record of continuous performance as the Mason-Oceana association. The purpose in every case with these organizations operated by dairymen farmers themselves in co-operation with the Michigan State college and the county ag- 1*1CU1 bUl*£il ElScHt IS DO CICVG1OJJ greater efficiency in the conduct of t^ 0 Ha in; enterprise on the farm and in sequring more economical production of dairy products. A. C. BALTZER, In Charge Dairy Extension, Michigan State College. East Lansing. 27 ENROLLED IN GRAMMAR ROOM CUSTER. — Mrs. Johnson was pleasingly greeted by pupils in She grammar room returning to Custer for her second year after closing a very successful term last fall. This room has 27 on the roll. There are no Sixth graders in the room this year and the enrollment includes Fifth, Seventh and Eighth grades. Three new pupils'are found in this room, Eairlene Leavitt. who- entered the Eighth grade from the Elm Flats district; Betty Cunningham" frqm Millerton",'"who will be a merh'oer of the Seventh grade, and Dolores Littell in the Fifth ^rade, who moved to Custej: with' her parents this spring. , This room is proud of their new reading table which; built by the janitor, Mr. Woodhead. They are also happy to have a fine lirje of new Horary books added to their reading and reference/material. In Timbuktu a goat may used as legal tender. ' *" ',*!

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