The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 5, 1933 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 5, 1933
Page 6
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-" r ' '- -ft V /- '* ; ': V'V r r.. I H^ ' ' ;' i, ' - I Ji '-, i* ' i - -* ;. F-- .f- • < . I. X 1. I*. t' 1**- J> .'J •4* G fc ** / ',1 f j' - ' _ n • ,-•-"• •- f n -^; - -1 •i - .' • :^T *. t I ' 3-" £-'t: :* r- '—- •%.tJwt. ' :T* BAKERSFIELD GROCERY CO. AND SHANNON'S MEAT MARKET Phone 435 Corner Nineteenth and L Streets FREE DELIVERY—OPEN SATURDAY EVENING For Everyday Cenelitent Prices—Trade Her* ^ Friday, Saturday and Monday Prices Special Alpine Milk Demonstration One Glass Oven Bake Dish $1.00 36 Tall Alpine Milk.. $2.16 Total $3.16 ALL FOR $1-80 Dishes Redeemed at the Store During $•!• Granulated I Suaar " Creamery Butter 25.Ib. sack Tiger Lily Flour 25-Ib. »aok Ideal or Sperry'e Flour 11*01. oan Corn, String Beans, Spaghetti, Kidney Bean* Fancy Pure Olive OH Imported J Sardlnet ^ cans Large No. 2'/ 2 can Mama'e Chicken Ravlolai fc for Tomato T Sauce • for No. 2 can Corn, Peae, String Beans, Hominy, I I Kraut. Tomatoes • • cans No. 2 tall oan Red Sour I Rfi Pitted Cherrlei •*** Large can Oval Sardine* w for Campbell's Pork and Beana Large pkg. Peet'i or Mtrmald Waehlng Powder Laundry I Soap •" ban Wheat Pop* or Rlc« Pop* ^ for 2-lb. pkg. M. J. B. Rice Jeilo pkg. No. 2 Can Del Monte Beets Maxwell Hou*e Coffee Ib. 3-lb. oan M. J. B. Coffee Pint bottle High Grade Catiup bottle 6-lb. oan of Snowdrift. Special—All 2-or. Spicet Kippered R Snack* v can* L Oyater* or Clam* can Round oan of ~ for Dried _ Prune* ™ Ibi. Dried Peaohe*.. ^ Ib*. Seediest . Ralaln* ^ Ibs, Blaok Fig* ^ Ib*. Apricot* lb». ^ ^ — ^ ^ — ^ — — — — ^ — — — M New Crop Pink Beans... New Crop- Navy Beant.. Blackeye Peas.i No. 2'/ z Heavy Syrup Peache* oan No. 2 oan Del Monte Corn oan No. 2 Del Monte Peas can Large pkg. Carnation Wheat Flake* Large pkg. Quaker 9 1 Oat*/../...; * White or Yellow Corn Meal '•** Ibs. Oatmeal IA MlMion'Beii < Toilet Soap v for Ibs. Ibs. Ibs, for Ibs. QUALITY MARKET Beef Pot Roatt, Young and Tender * * t Beef Riba f Nice and Lean Ib. ^^••— ^—.a^» H • Pig Pork Roast, Shoulder Cut Ib. ••••• • •— < Leg of Pig Pork, I Half or Whole Ib. • •^^^•- '• ' • "•' •" Leg of Young I Lamb *»b. • ^^^^^^^j^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^—^^^^^—^^^ ^^^^B^p^^^BI^^^^B^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Young Fat Colored Hens Lean^Pork Steak... ••IV^M^HW Pure Lard or Compound. Ibs. Ibs. Bacon, Half or I Whole Ib. I Armour's, Swift'a or Morrell'a Skinned Hams, I Half or Whole.. ...Ib. • Sirloin Steak Ibs. Freeh Ground Hamburger * * * Ibs. Rib Round I Steak Ib. • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^^^^^^^H^^^^^H^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^^^A^^^H^^^b^^^H^^b^H ^^•^^^^^••^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ VISIT OUR MARKET AND SAVE MONEY Phone 4166 Union Avenue and Kentucky Street Phone 3053 Corner Twentieth and L Streets SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY 1-lb. Can, Ib. Rice Free 3 Iba. Can 2 Iba. Rice Free M, J, B, Coffee White King Granulated Soap, small pkg, 5c Wheaties.... buy 1 for 12c, get 1 for 1 c Bisquick I - -I. V ~ v iPf «'*?-; A OPPOSE TAXES DIVERSION (Engliih Breakfait) Billow Sardines in Salad Oi Dish, Value $1.00, Free With 36 Cant • Snowdrift Orchid Jam, Berry or Fruit Crystal Wedding Oats , Challenge Salad Oil Challenge Vinegar , PKG, 29c Ib, pkg. 4 cans 17c can5c . 6-lh, can 69c large pkg, , A* A. to Combat Proposal of Governor Rolph (Associated Press Leased Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 5.—Percy , Towno, chairman of .the legislative . r committee of the California State Automobile Association, announced today his organization of 200,000 members would vigorously oppose Governor nolph's proposal "to divert $8,BOO,oqO of gasoline tax receipts from highway construction to the general fund to balance the state budget." "For the past year," said Towne, "those who seek an easy way out for balancing the state budget have been nursing the idea of raiding the gasoline tax orchard for the luscious fruit of the motorist's dollar. Now the Issue is out in the open as a two- mouths .- j 1'HE tiAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN, THURSDAY, JANUARYS, 1933 '''•'••••.." ' " LITTLE CURRENCY WITHDRAWN FROM BANKS DURING HOLIDAYS I ;' • . L . ^. -. I . — - -J_^L * ^^^•^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ L By CLAUDE A, JAOQER N EW 70UK, Jan. 6.—A striking l abnormally large Increase, reflecting financial phenomenon of the toll- the banking difficulties orthat i ime,, a .. season was the small amount ot.l situation since largely_ stabilized _ by | tfumUUre U»tf BOUavil Wtw» mo niMO.ii nuivunv w*-,l «.--«...«.. ~ - - - *t »^-.-..*.*,.«•. I **»% currency withdrawn from the banks, the operations of the Reconstruction In part, it presumably reflected. a Finance Corporation. Money failed to smaller volume of Christmas shopping, than in recent years, but lower come back as fast as it was being withdrawn after Christmas In 1931, Many Novelties, for Comfort •H* * * *B I *»* • •* • • ••» •W^f**»"W |T -w*-"^ —f — »-— - — ' ' -- | - - — -m , -~— . - - - _ prices also undoubtedly had much to currency circulation increftsnag do with It. 000 In the week ended December 80, circulation still somewhat above a year ago, and close to a billion dollars above two years ago, it appears that an abnormal amoOrit of cash is still being- "banked" In socks and tin cans, The federal reserve statements this year showed that money in circulation increased only $95,000,000 betwee'n November 28 and* Dtfcpmber 21. .Th* 8 was tho smallest in years. Immediately after' the Christmas holiday, money began pouring back into the banks, circulation decreasing $43,000,000 In the week ended December 28. (M * 8rab . T h o 8 e w^.-^. | ou '» 0 £° y ffss5ffl:?r«S. Another factor In the modest with- At i ca st, the action of the volume of drawal of cash may have been the money \ n circulation around Christ- use of currency which had been in ma8 ttme tn j a yoar( -whatever It may hoarding, to supplement the money indicate as to the volume of trade, taken from banks, With currency in Wtts viewed as decidedly gratifying In 000,000, or more than twice as much as this year. That, of course, was an water for part of the Is taxed from . every gasoline purchaser's dollar have doubled their demands on the overtaxed automobile. Not only Is it proposed to divert, . . - ^^^^ _,_ $8,500,000 from highway construction | Al 11166 tO LjCftVC Oil and maintenance for the 1933-35 bl- onnlum, but it Is also proposed that an Immediate raid be made on the gasoline tnx prior to June 30 this year to the tune of another $8,600,000." Towne argued that the defeat of Proposition No. 4 at the polls last No, vember, a measure designed to divert soline tnx funds In a similar man- contrast with last year, in showing the'return of banking; stability. Estimates as to the volume of this year's holiday trade vary somewhat. Standard -Statistics Company places the volume at about 10 per cent less than last year, with prices some 16 per cent lower. This indicates a dollar value of business more than 20 per cent under last year. This is borno ' ^^^A M A ^M V _ _ .^fe ^ ^l^L^B ^ ^K out by the New York report, which said reports from in* department stores in the New York City area Indicated business as 22 per cent under last year, expressed in terms of dollars, in the first 24 days of December. i4mK .*.^rv v ~*r ' -^ — — — • World Voyage Soon (VMted Press Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES, Jan. 6.—Mrs. Almee Scmple McPhcrson Hutton, evangelist, said today she would leave in f^cinv/jiit^ ^f«^*- »«••%*" »-• « »-.-,...»,. __„___ 1 - * j t fl ner. evidenced the opposition of the about three weeks on her projected * t _ -_ A I A people to the transfer of money from the highway building fund. TOO LATE CHICAGO, Jan. 5. (A. P.)—For months Wilfred Thompson, 56, looked for work. He didn't care what kind It was, Just as long as it was honest labor. Finally opportunity came, and he stood in line, with others, for his first relief job. Before his name could be called, however, ho fell to the floor he is and died. Doctors thought Infrequent I In keeping meals and exposure were contributing factors. trip around the world to recuperate from a long Illness. When she applied lor a passport, she told newspaper men she would be accompanied only by a nurse, leaving her husband, Dave, in charge of Angelus temple. POPI IT'S ECONOMY TOPEKA, Kan., Jan. B. (A, P.)— Even the salute which will be fired in honor of Kansas' 'new governor when with -economy desires of __ ^^^^ A Governor-elect Blfred M. London. It •will be fired from a smaller gun. Millionaire Facing Love-Piracy Suit (Associated Press Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES, Jan. 5.—Frederick C. Fairbanks, Pasadena millionaire, Was named defendant in a $200,000 love theft suit on file today. The com- plninant, H. M. McElveen, alleged Fairbanks caused his 26-year-old wife, Dorothy, to desert him after six years of married life. McElveen asks $100,000 for the desertion of his wife and another $100,000 for Fairbanks' alleged capture of her affections. Mrs. McElveen, a for- mer.Tacoma, Wash., athlete, Is the mother of two children. J. C. WIDMER DIES NEW YORK, Jan. 5. (A. P.)—Joseph C. ,Widmer,-.74, manager of the purchasing department of Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company, and a director of the same concern, died last night at his home here. ^ T Specials far Friday and Saturday DANISH BUTTER Quartered in 1-lb. Cartons Pound 26c LICED BACON Rind Off un 25c SPECIAL ALPINE MILK DEMONSTRATION 1 Glass Oven Bako Pish, value 11.00 36 Tall Alpine Milk or 72 Small $2.16 AT Average U 20c 2-lb. Avera Total AM for $3.16 $2.10 un COFFEE Monarch to 2-lb. Average 1-lb. cdn 30c GOLD MEDAL FLOUR So-Called 5-lb. sack 10-lb. sack u I u I 24c OPS un 20c 25-lb. sack 50-lb. sack . 69c $1.33 POT WHEATIES Package Pound 28c Package BISQUICK Free Cutter 29c 100% PURE SAUSAGE Ibs GOLD MEDAL SOFTASILK CAKE FLOUR Cooling Rack Free Package 25c BLUEBERRIES Newmark'a Special Extra No. 2 can 16c SMALL LEG OF PORK Pound NICE PIPPIN APPLES Box 79c RUSSET POTATOES U. S. No. 1 25-lb. cloth bag 34c SEEDED OR SEEDLESS RAISINS Bonner Brand 15-oz. Package ORANGES Medium Sisse Two dozen 26c PEAS Newmark's Telephone No. 2 can GRAPEFRUIT Arizona—Size 80 15c Dozen PEARS Newmnrk's Special No. 2J/2 can .... tra 19c LIMA BEANS Frcah Del-Ulchea Brand No. 2 can SUNBLEST TOMATOES Solid Pack Two No. 2J/2 cans . . . . 26c TRUPAK KIRBY CORN No. 2 can HOMINY Ncwmark's Special Extra No. 2 can 9c No. 2J/2 can 11c TROPIC STRING BEANS No. 1 can *c No. 2 can . ........ 9c ROYAL ANNE CHERRIES Blossom Time Brand No. 1 can 9c PEACHES •West. Best Brand—Yellow Cling No. 2J/2 can *• — — - n 13c SODA CRACKERS 1-lb. package 13c TROPIC APRICOTS No. 2|/ 2 can ASPARAGUS TIPS Sunblest No. 1 square can 23c In Pint Square Water Bottle In Pint Square Water Bottle TUNA Newmark's Special HJxtra White Meat 5/2* I b can • • GRAPE OR BLACKBERRY JELLY Beech Nut Brand 8-oz. jar ......... 13c TEA GARDEN SYRUP Pint Jug 17o Quart Jug : . . . 31c 18c Three Palmolive Soap With Two Giant Crystal White for Can OYSTERS Pride of Gulf Brand TOMATO JUICE Heinz Three No. 1 cant . . . Two No. 2 cans . . . . 25c 25c MEAT DEPARTMENT Can SHRIMP Gulf Coast Brand CATSUP Oallfornla Home Brand 18-oz. bottle 16c 10c Pot Roast i • Prime Beef Pork Roast IMIc SARDINES Treasure Brand Two 1'lb, cant . , . MARCO DOG FOOD Four cant 13c Picnic Cut, Ib. 9o I I I IUI Swift Premium Skinned Half or Whole Ib, 13c A. K. O. CRAB j/2'Ib. can PALMOLIVE SOAP Three bare 21o 19c Sugar-Cured l I Half or Whole WHITE EAGLE SOAP CHIPS 5-lb. package SUNBRITE CLEANSER Three cant . 11c 29 c CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP Ten bara 27c Pork Stoak Sauerkraut Ib, 13c Prime Rib Steak 16c Prets Leaned Wire) CHICAGO, Jan, B.—The American baby got Its share of attention in the new noveltiea at the winter show of the American Furniture Mart. For one thing, there's the baby solarium, that can be hung out of a window and where the pride-and-joy can be parked in the sunshine, or 25 stories up. , This solarium resembles a low boxed small bed that can be aecurely fitted into the lower half of a standard- sized window. About half of it protrudes out into space, This is covered with a hood of glass substance re-enforced with screening. The glass substance, opaque In appearance, permits the entrance of ultra-violet rays. As for baby carriages, the very newest varieties have hand brakes, rubber tires, auto visors, storm curtains with wind shields, bumpers, easy upholstering and almost all the comforts of a fine motor car save a cigarette lighter. One carriage with a floating front axle to smooth the bumps in a baby's life was shown. Nearly all the newer models have "klckout" for the comfort of extra long babies. Tn the newest of new models, the Infant passenger faces its mother or the nursemaid. In the older styles baby rode forward and looked out on the scenery. The 1938- baby perambulators are patterned after smart Paris and London models, but are more compact. SWAPPING SPEAKEASY INDIANAPOLIS, Jan. 6. (A. .P.)— Julius Albers Is accused of operating a "barter and swap" speakeasy. Housewives had wondered why their cupboards were bare, and how they husbands, without money, obtained liquor. Police looked- Intov the matter. They said a jar of preserves, a loaf of bread, or mayhap a chicken from the roost could be swapped for liquor at Albers' home. BELLA AUNT VOO ALL LLI TELLS OHT CAL DUMB ELL LL SORRY HEP YOO sow?/ You DUMB AUNT BE OUM Because they'd rather be SAFE than sorry—many, many folki com. to The Palms Drive-in Market for all their foode. The fresh, clean merchandise Is guaranteed to please and the prices are alwaye fair. You'll like this friendly home-town store. SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY I TTCR EGGS Danish Butter Ib. Casa Loma Eggs, Large Extras .doz. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^••^^^^^•••^^^^^^^H ^•^•^^^^^•^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Coffee, Hills Red 1-lb. tin 2 Ibs., 62c Schilling Drip Coffee Ib. 25o 35c 32o 33e Black Orange Pekoe Sugar, Cloth Bag IV Ibs. Cut String Beans Dixie Queen... 9 for Iris Solid Pack Tomatoes, No. 2/ 2 tin Jell-o for Vitarftont Dog Food 0 for Monarch Sweet Peas, Size 3 No. 2 tin Albera Flapjack Flour large pkg. Scot Tluue....'.'.... V for Ivory Soap, Large *i for Powow Vz , 62c Ib., 32c Peet's Granulated Soap large pkg. Green 1 Ib., 46c Ib., 24c 2-lb. Pkg. Vz Maxwell House Coffee Ib., 29c; 2-lb. can 56c S. & W. Baby Kernel Sweet Corn 2s, lie FLOUR—SPERRY'S DRIFTED SNOW OR Wheaties , 7tfe GOLD MEDAL 5-lb. Bag : 23c So-Called 10-11). Bag.. 39c So-Called 25-lb. bag.. 73c •va ALPINE MILK SALE—Special Alpine Demonstration 36 Tall Cans Alpine Milk Value $2.16 One Oven Glass Baking Dish Value $1.00 Total Value $3.16 ALL FOR. ; $2.16 Alpine Milk Coupon* Redeemed at This Store Durlnq Demonitratlon Wilbur AT Wyatt I I I Cloverbloom ^ r ^^f ^^ -^—- ^^r Ib, 2Sc - t -r Cabbage Ib. Ic Cauliflower... Celery bunch Pippin Apples 10 Ibs. 25c Rex Picnic Ham. 11 c arine. • Russet Potatoes 25-lb. sack 28c Yams or Sweet Potatoes 8 Ibs. 15c Silver Slice Bread, White or Whole Wheat.. .2 for 15c Raisin Nut Bread, Delicious ; 15c Cinnamon Rolls, Six in a Package lOc MRS. RAMBAUD'S FRENCH BAKE SHOP Phone 2020 for Food 1918 "Eye" Street Talk, Don't Walk—C««h »r Charge—Free Delivery Armour'a Star Hamt, Half or Whole Ib. Ham Endt ..Ib. Armour't Star . Bacon, !/ 2 -lb. Cello, pkg, Pure Hog Lard Ib. Leg of Pork Roatt Ib. Loin of Pork Roatt Ib; I3c I Oc lOc 7c I3c I4e Legs of Baby Lamb • • *lbi Boneleoa Veal Roast -Ib. Club Steaks, Steer Beef Ib. Bound or Lotn Steak, Steer Beef Ib. Prime Steer Beef Roast Ib. Link Sausage, •Pure Pork Ib. \/v ( \U W j i > f \ A r ; « ."C L,.. ,- .5 HAM with n x E o /^LAVOR r I'J b . I • Ham Part* ^ i r .-. 1' J "^ Lamb Shoulder I POC STU Pork Roast t Corned I BO Roast—Choice Fresh Ground Veal Loaf r HALF OR WHOLE . _ . Swift's Promium Bacon r i Ib. 20c Leidy's Special Pattios Genuine Pure Pork PaHios One Glass Oven ware Dish ¥ 1 Glass Dish, value 36 Cans Tall Alpine Milk $2.16 ALL FOR Value .$3.16 3 Ibs. M.J.B. Coffee and 2 Ibs. Rice for 93c Del Monte Peaches, 21$ Clarion Sugar Corn, 2s Strawberries—Hunt's, 2 - • • - * * **»Heinz Vinegar . . . Watt's Molasses Peanut Butter . . . Puritan Malt .... Scotch Tissue ... MoFee's Dog Food . Pine Nuts—Fresh . Mixed Nuts .... Longhorn Cheese . eaoh 3 for Wheaties IOc;Q&l9c . 2-lb. 8-oz. 34c • r 1 . . 2-lb. jar 2 . . . 3lb$. 39c j . . . 3for25e . . . 3 for I9o . . . 2lbs.39o . . . 2 Ibs. . . . . Ib. I7o n • • Cloverbloom, 25o > ' . Ige. pkg. 5-lb. Sflck 10-lb. Sack Drifted Snow Flour "Home-Perfected" 245/a-lb- * * • t Bisquick *•*•***• ••«*•» 49-lb. Sack $1.2) f- Ige. pkg. 29c vet.. . Swee ced otta horn • Cheeae Grapefru j t: aaa am ric OATMEA DAT COOK kery ON Birthday Cakes - Pattie Shells v . Fresh Sweet ^— - T • Dates . Oranges Shell Almonds Snowball Cauliflower Fresh Green Peas . Bunch Vegetables i Diego Celery . w# «i* i^v» i*-^n Potatoes ATH FA 26-lb. sloth K '. I- • *?r i . VI ^^^f^ m • . -I I- fl • ;, *-*•-; •s % *- v T"' -" " • _ v .v t: '• i ^' t -• v V/ -.

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