Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on January 18, 1961 · Page 10
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 10

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 18, 1961
Page 10
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10 POSTVILLE (Iowa) HERALD Wednesday. January 18, 1961 ^HltllllltllllMMIIIMIflllltlllllllUIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIITtll^ 71 c 1 I I See It I I by I | C. W. D. | ^illltllllllMMIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIItltllltllllltlllllllllllllll^ Credit cards won't buy everything ... in fact the Internal Revenue Service will not even look at one. ***** Anyone who was at the high school gym last Friday evening can attest to the fact that basketball is a great crowd pleaser. We haven't heard so much yelling, ohing and ahing, for a long time. The lead in the game changed hands several times in the last quarter and the j gym rang with cheers from both| sides. If 3'ou haven't seen a basket-1 ball game for a while, you will have a good opportunity in the coming week. The Pirates will host league leading Maynard here on Friday and Waukon on Tuesday. photos we have been more than pleased with this fine new structure. We hope that as many people as possible take advantage of the open house at the hospital on January 28 and 29 and see how modern a structure they have provided with their contributions. It's a wonderful new addition to the Luana, Monona. Farmersburg, St. Olaf. Gunder, Clermont, Elgin, Castalia, Frankville, Postville area. • * * * * So far we know of four Postville residents %vho will be at the inauguration of President Kennedy on Friday. Mr. and Mrs. (Lloyd Schroeder will join their son, Wayne, who is stationed in Washington, D. C. and will attend the inaugural and ball. Wawne will be a member of the honor guard. David Kiesau. student at Coe college, will be at the inaugural as a member of Coe's marching 'band, which is participating. * • • • • Another sign of middle age: The phone rings on Saturday night and you hope it's not for you. • * * • As customary the dude ranch hand was nonchalantly displaying his dexterity rolling cigarettes one- handed. One duly impressed Easterner expressed his admiration for the skill involved. "Actually, rolling them don't take much," said the cow hand, "its getting the filter in that's the trick." * * • a • The Herald is preparing a special supplement for next week to give readers as much information and pictures as possible on the new Community Memorial Hospital. In our tour of the building for news and WORLD'S LARGEST AUTO IKSUUKCE COMPAKT Gary Houg Waukon, Iowa STATI FMM MUTUAL AUTOMOBILE MSMAKCEcoMPAirr Phone 56 8-3046 Allamakee county will be losing a dedicated officer this month. Leon Henderson, county treasurer for the past 16 years, is resigning to take a post as state examiner in the state auditor's office. Leon has conducted one of the best treasurer's offices in the state and his capabilities have been rewarded by a better job at a higher level. We are fortunate in Allamakee county to have a fine set of county officers. But, we wonder how long we will be able to keep them at the pay scales now offered. If we are to keep good men in office we must pay them a wage equal to what others in similar positions in the area receive. • * • • • Should you be concerned by where the younger generation is headed, it might be well to consider where it came from. RETIRES Mrs. Estella Ritchie now of Perry recently retired from writing coun try correspondence for the Bayard News and the Bagley Gazette. She had been a correspondent of Wichita happenings for 35 years. BIG-FOUR BOWLING ASSOCIATION Friday Night Ladies League ***** Won Lost Strikettes 52 24 Funk's Construction 50% 25% Meadow Gold 43 , 33 McGregor Electronics 42 - 30 Hi-Way Lanes .41 35 Watkins Pinettes :.40 36 Cook's Rollettes 36H 39% Ossian 36 40 Albright Oil Company 33 43 Sal's Gals 30 46 Hygrade 27 45 Baade's Grocery 21 55 Hygrade and McGregor Electronics, postponed. Funk's Construe, 4—Sal's Gals, 0 Baade's, 3—Hi-Way Lanes, 1 Ossian, 3—Albright Oil Co., 1 Pinettes, 4—Meadow Gold, 0 Rollettes, 3—Strikettes. 1. High line—Mrs. Bill Possehl, 227; Mrs. Eldon Lenth, Mrs. Burnell Sanders and Mrs. Eugene Suddendorf, 189; Mrs. Robert Schultz, 183. High series — Mrs. Bill Possehl, 560: Mrs. Richard Becker, 495; Mrs. LeRoy Thompson and Mrs. Evart Hughes, 485.' High team games — Funk's Construction, 803; Funk's Construction, 790; Cook's Rollettes, 783. High team series — Funk's Construction, 2313; Ossian, 2201; Baade's Grocery, 2189. —Mrs. Eugene Doerring, reporter. National League Hy-Line 63 Don's Jewelry 53 Kneeskern Mink Farm 42 Ossian 35 Range's Sports 34 Postville Lumber 33 Castalia 31 '49 Heidelberg 29 51 Don's Jewelry, 3—Hy-Line, 1 Heidelberg, 3—Lange's Sports, 1 Ossian, 2—Castalia, 2 Mink Farm, 2—Lumber Co., 2. High series — Dayton Goddard, 641; -Donald Mork, 628; LaVorn Johnson, 588; Richard Schlce. 586: Roger Fuelling, 580; Donald Olson. 576: Lyle Kneeskern, 575; Carlton Martins, 572. High lines—Dayton Goddard. 249: Carlton Martins, 227; Gene Doerring, 223; LaVern Johnson. 221; Donald Mork, 221, 220; Lyle Kneeskern, 215; Richard Schlee, 213; Rbger Fuelling, 211. —Leonard Thoma, secretary. Decorah Wrestlers ^iBeat Postville 31-12 38. 45 1 Decorah's wrestling team over- 46| powered Postville 31-12. The best the "Pirates" could do is to win two matches and wrestle to draws in two others. Mrs. Harriet Mcintosh of Floris recently celebrated her 100th birthday. She lives alone in her house and does all of her own cooking. She was one of 13 children. One Year Warranty We are pleased to announce the One Year Warranty as approved and sponsored by the Iowa Automobile Association and known as GW. Services of the plan are available in nearly every town in Iowa and some other states. Let us show ,you the details. 1959 1957 1959 Ford 4-dr. Fairlane $1795 500. With power. Yellow and White. Ford 2-dr. Retractable $1450 Completely guaranteed. Olds 4-dr. 98 Sedan Full power. Clean as New. $2395 1957 Buick 4-door Full power and Air Conditioned. $1395 1957 1959 1958 Buick 2-dr. Hardtop . $1095 Clean as a "Whistle". Chevrolet 4-dr. $1495 6 Cyl. Standard drive. Guaranteed. Chevrolet Wagon $1595 8 Cylinder. PowerGlide. 1954 Chev. 2-dr. Hardtop $450 Repainted. I Falb Motor Co. CHEVROLET — OLDSMOBILE — BUICK POSTVILLE, IOWA Monday Night Ladies League • • * • * Hoth-T-Birds 45 23 Tindell's Shoes 44 24 Tuck's 38 30 Groff Drug 33 35 Luana Savings Bank 32 36 Heidelberg Gardens 28 40 Home Oil Company 26 42 Darling's '..26 42 High individual game—Mrs. Ronnie Harris, 206; Mrs. Frank Groff, 197; Mrs. Ed'Looney, Jr., 192. High three games — Mrs. Frank Groff, 506; Mrs. Ed Schnuelle, 486; Mrs. Keith Brainard, 476. Tuck's, 4—Darling's, 0 Luana Bank. 4—Tindell's, 0 Heidelberg, 3—Home Oil Co., 1 Groff Drug, 3—Hoth-T-Birds, 1. —Mrs. Carl Schmidt, secretary 16 17 21 36 36 37 38 38 American League Anderson's Clothing 64 Drahn Implement 63 Meadow Gold 59 Olson's Diamonds 44 Ky's Clothing 44 Hi-Way Lanes 43 Groth Packing Company ..42 Marianna Propane 42 Citizens State Bank 38H 41 Walnut Grove 36 44 Hall Roberts' Son 35 45 Ft. E. A 32 48 Willman Real Estate 30 50 Frankville 28% 51 '.(• Hygrade Products 23 57 Postville Faculty 16 64 Meadow Gold, 4—Groth, 0 Hi-Way Lanes, 4—Olson's, 0 Frankville, 4—Willman R. E., 0 Drahn Imp., 4—Citizens Bank, 0 Hall Roberts', 4—Hygrade. 0 Anderson's. 3—Marianna, 1 R. E. A., 3—Faculty, 1 Walnut Grove, 3—JCy's, 1 High series — Clarence Tindell, 700; Donald Heins, 603; Gene Cahoon, 600; Merle Cook, 600; Wally Benson, 597; Charles Fishback, 596; Duane Thompson, 594; Melvin Radloff. 590. High lines — Charles Fishback, 272; Clarence Tindell, 237, 237, 226; Fred Martin, 227; Harley Radloff, Jr., 226; Donald Heins, 224, 221; DuWayne Snitker, 224: Leonard Thoma, 224; Gene Cahoon, 222; Keith Brainard, 216; Roger Fuelling, 215; Al Fenske, 214. —Leonard Thoma, secretary. Town and Country League Gunder D.-X 54 26 'Trojan Hy-Bred 50*4 29'i Wirkler Bros 47'i 32»i Ossian 45M Halvorson Insurance 43 H 36 M: Schave Garage 42Vi 37H New York Life 42 38 Postville State Bank 41H 38'4 Hi-Way Lanes 41% 38H G. & M Transfer 39 41 Luana Co-op 35 41 Riverside Garage 35 45 Taylor's Sinclair 32 48 Frank's Recreation 31 Vi 44>« Schroeders Clothing 26'.» 53'.i State Bank, 4—Riverside, 0 Trojan's, 3—Ossian, 1 Wirkler Bros., 4—Taylor's, 0 Halvorsons, 4—Farm Bureau, 0 Hi-Way Lanes. 3—New York, 1 G & M Transfer, 3—D.-X., 1 Schave, 2Vi— Schroeder's C 1 U>. High Series —Robert Smith, 629; Adolph Koopman, 609; William Kozelka, 592; Orval Mueller, 589. High Lines—Harley Radloff, Jr., 257; Red' Gisleson, 225; Robert Smith. 220; Dwaine Palas. 217: Ronald Meisner, 216, 211; Dick Einck, 216; Donald Overbeck, 215; Adolph Koopman, 215; Harley Thompson, 211. —Leonard Thoma, secretary. The Vikings started with pins in the first two weights. At 95 lbs., Helium was a first period victim of a cradle pin by his opponent. At 103 lbs., Bursell also was defeated by n pin. At 112 lbs.. Bob Bollman lost a 4-2 decision. Los Lenth then picked up Postville's first team points when he wrestled to a 4-4 draw with Davis Johnson. In a feature bout, John Wittenberger and Decorah's Ron Stoss- koff hooked up in a thriller with Stosskoff gaining the victory by the score of 4-2. In the next two weights Deeorah matmen picked up two victories by decision. Bruce Smith lost by a 6-2 count and Larry Snitker by a D-5 margin. At 145 lbs.. Dave Schmelzer got Postville's only pin of the night by pressing his opponents shoulders to the mat with a half notson and body press in the third period. In the 154 lbs., division. Dave Smith upset Denny Juve by a 9-5 score. Smith came from behind in the first period, then built up a 7-4 margin and coasted home. In the next to last bout of the evening Tom McNally tied his opponent 2-2. In the heavyweight class Paul Egge. 230 lbs., closed out Decorah's win with a second period fall over Vince Waters. Results. Ninety-five lbs,. Helium lost bv a fall: 103, Bursell lost by a fall; 112. Bollman lost by decision 4-2: 120, Lenth and Johnson drew 4-4; 127, Wittenbcrger lost by decision 4-2: 133, Bruce Smith lost bv decision 6-2: 138, Snitker lost by decision 9-5; 145, Schmelzer won by a fall; 154. Dave Smith won by decision 9-5: 165. McNally and Soldwish drew 2-2: Hwt„ Waters lost by a fall. Alvln Thoreson, Postville, has 32 completed production records averaging 15,012 pounds of milk and 544 pounds of butterfat. Lactation averages arc calculated on the commonly-employed tvvo- milkings n day, 305 day, mature equivalent basis. This provides a uniform basis for comparison and selection in registered Holstein breeding programs. Iowa Slate Univ«H vised the weighing n{l i production as part c| M I herd testing programs*!! al Holstein organization! You can save imt\ more economical soggd tein for your cattle ttjri mal Husbandman Getrcjl Iowa State University, Pirates Outscore Sumner, 59 to 56 The Postville Pirates and the Sumner Aces provided spectators plenty to cheer about last Friday night in a close basketball game played at Postville. The Pirates finally won in the closing minutes. 59 to 56. Two Home Games. The Pirates will play two home games within the next week. They will host Maynard here this Friday evening, January 20, in an Upper Iowa Conference tilt. The preliminary game will begin at 6:45 and the regular game at 8:00. Waukon will provide the competition on Tuesday night, January 24. in another conference tilt. The preliminary game is at 6:45: the regular game at 8:00. West Union Wins Conference Crown Church League « • • * • Monona E. U. B 58 22 Church Bowlers 48 32 Monona Lutheran 47 33 Farmersburg Lutheran 45 35 Postville Lutheran A 41% 38% Luana Lutheran B 41% 38% Castalia Lutheran 38 42 Farmersburg Bowlers 35 45 Luana Lutheran A 35 45 Clermont Lutheran 35 45 Gunder Lutheran 32 48 Postville Lutheran B 24 56 Castalia L., 4—Luana L. A., 0 E. U. B., 4—Church Bowlers, 0 Luana L., 3—Postville L. A., 1 Gunder L., 3—Farrnersburg B., 1 Monona L., 3—Clermont L., 1 Postville L., 3—Farmersburg L., 1. High series—Orville Zittergruen, 607; Harlan Hass, 603; Al Topel, 603; William Peters, 586; Gordon Kregel, 584; Eugene Schroeder, 575; Ralph Schultz, 574. High linese—William Peters, 250; Roger Thompson, 247; Rueben Hoth, 239; Harlan Hass, 236; Orville Zit­ tergruen, 224, 219; Al Topel, 223; Rev. Schlueter, 223; Gordon Kregel, 219; Robert Swenson, 214; Eugene Schroeder, 212; David Schlitter, 210. —Leonard Thoma, secretary. Sumner jumped to a 13 to 10 first quarter lead; the Pirates came back to take a 10 point halftime lead, 34 to 24; Sumner closed the gap m the third quarter with the score being 42 to 42; in the final frame Postville nursed a short lead to victory, 59 to 56. The Pirates were cold at the free throw line, making 13 and missing 15. Sumner, on the other hand made 18 free throws and missed only 8. Trudo led the Pirate scoring with 23 points; Schultz was high for Sumner with 22. Box Score. Postville FG FT F Hangartner 0 0 Heins 5 3 Engelhardt 5 Thoreson 1 Trudo 10 Miene 1 Kiesau 1 Falb 0 Larson 0 Wirkler 0 Totals 23 13 17 Sumner 19 18 18 The West Union Hawks used six individual champions to sweep to the 1960-61 Upper Iowa Conference wrestling championship. The final team scores were West Union 86. Postville 77. Elkadcr 4", and Waukon 44. West Union and Postville will collide head on in a dual meet on Saturday evening. This battle figures to be extremely close. Feature bouts should come at 95 pounds where Curt Helium fnces Tom Gill. Helium defeated Gill 2-1 in the first round of the conference tournament. John Wittenbcrger resumes his rivalry with Bob Troutman at 127 lbs. and at 154 pounds Dave Smith will face Don Parker West Unions 145 pound champion. Tournament Results. 95 lbs., first. Gayle Evans W rice Curt Helium P 3-0. 103 lbs., first, Chuck Heving W. U. threw Dirk Winkie W. 112 lbs., first. Larry Rechtfertis W. U. dec. Bob Bollman P. 5-2. 120 lbs., first, Bill Grimes W. U. threw Jerry Trudo P. 127 lbs., first, John Wittenbcrger P dec. Ron Trautman W. U. 5-1. 133 lbs., first. Bob Woodson W. U. dec Bruce Smith P 3-0. 138 lbs., first. Butch Roulson W.j U. dec Kent Rutdledge E. 9-4. 145 lbs., first. Don'Parker W. U. threw Nyal Clinton E. 154 lbs., first, Dave Smith P threw Ton Stahr W. U. 165 lbs., first, Gene Vigen E. threw Tom McNally P. Hwt. first. Otis Vigen E. threw Vince Waters P. New Holstein Lactation Averages The Holstein-Friesian Association of America has announced new lactation averages for the following registered Holstein herds in this --ea: K. J. Kerr & Sons. Postville, have completed production records averaging 13,256 pounds of milk and 518 pounds of butterfat, 49 e FARMERS In '61 Depend on BOLSON Feeds and Concentrates for more nutrition. Bol- sons does have the extra Vitamins your livestock and poultry need NOW. Buy Bolsons from Your Bolson Peed Dealer <#> Notice # Telephone Subscribers In order to improve the service between Postville and Luana an additional line has been installed Please mark your telephone directory to show the new number for this line as follows: LUANA 86 4-7429 You may now use either the number previously shown in the directory or this new number to call the Luana Operator. POSTVILLE FARMERS TELEPHONE COMPANY Bnurl H • " Phone 86 4-7617 Boyd B. Turner, Manager Postville, Iowa YOU WANT TO PLAY DRUMS; Beat the drums for our convenient Deposit-byJ envelopes. As easy as posting a letter — you^ your check to the Citizens State Bank for dew in vour Savings or Checking Account. Manyi positors specify "10% into Savings, 90% j* Checking". Try our deposit by mail service i| is inconvenient for you to come to the RjJ You'll like it. 1 TRY US FOR SERVICE *74* Bonk with the Cfodk ontkoA MEMBER F. D. I. C. POSTVILLE IC EVERYTHING For The Home Living Room Suites — Section [iifpl enports — Sofas — Hide-A-Bedi Chairs — Rockers — Loungers — ^ Beds — TV Chairs — Dual Purpc Suites -— Vibrator Relaxers — 04 and Ottomans — Bedroom Suites- Dressers — Chests — Beds — K$ ways — Mattresses — Boxsprings* Coil Springs — Bunk Beds — Cril-j Cedar Chests — Bookcases — Desl-j Bachelor Chests — Wardrobes — Di- room Suites — Dinette Sets — Drop M Tables — Diners — China Cabinet. Buffets — Rugs — Carpets — Linolcu — Lamps — Draperies — Refrigerau — Dryers — Washers — Gas Rangu Electric Ranges, Cleaners. Freezers — Vaci'i * & • SAVE ON • • . Famous Name Braft Murphy-Miller — Nemenschoff Thomasville — Sealy — Serta — Ji Chase Co. — Stratolounger - M«* — Volckmann — U. S. Bedding - 11 — Peterson — Ward-Garrison — ^ — Western Table — Springfield' Pullman — Lloyd — Howell - ^ — Samson — Durham — Cosco — ^ — Dixie — Speed Queen — Hoof*' Bissels — Hightstowit — Alexan Smith — Bigelow — Congoleunt^ 8 — Armstrong — Sandura. "limn mmimm mm.. IIMIIIIIIIHM" <»"'""'"* OPEN FRIDAY EVENINGS. OTHER EVENINGS BY APPODKj "iiM.u.m.m.m.umiiHM.mi. II„„„„, ••••• """"" Louis Schutte & Sol Largest Stock of Furniture in North**** *| POSTVILLE, IOWA I

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