Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 7, 1927 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 7, 1927
Page 4
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v\r.t ^ )LA DA FOITR lOLA DAILY REGISTER . : cHASi.F. S COTT altered at the Iota Postofflce • Second Class, Ma^e*"' TT^v TOTA nATT Y fjf^niSi -'U. WKDyi 'ASPAY KVKNTNn. bEOEMBER 7, 1027. who I I .V THK OAV 'S >Kns, Dr. John! (irler Hibbeii. [voices a plea/or "nioral prfparwl-[ aajnt ^Hs wliU'li Will eiiahic uit to witli-! —, .-(tand' the test of material prosiici- -<S?S ^^ndhBJ^hii^-C^^ =' .Us.inK„isho.l scholar All>^^Dep«rtmenti<). I uMio fills the pifsideiicjjj of Prince- rniversity. in which iKi^ition WHY CQNFINE LICENSE PLATES TO AUTOS? SUBSCRIPTION RATES I t'<n By Carrierln Ida, iJus City. LaHarpe | i.,. t,,icci'e<leil Woodrow Wilson 'fif- 6ne Weelf .f.".'. ..15 Cent"?| u-eu year.s ago. I<r. HiblH'u is n -gj ||Mcmth Sfr is ! i'.ativ.- of llliiiois ami a' ura.lua^e J $7:80 BY MAIL.V Outside Allen County -One-Tear J5.00 Htx MonthiS ; J2.50 Three Months J1.6U = - . i In Allen County One rear J4.00 8lt Month!! U $2.00 Three Months .» :.. j..-..Jl.l'5 ;.On3 Month .... '. 50c Offlelal'.Paper City of lola. Official Paper' City of Basaett. • Official Paper- Allen county. National iEdltprUI Aaaoolatlon. Xansa* Pre«* Association, rhe Kansas Dally Leaqfie. Audit Bureau of Circulation. Press Conqress of the V^Torld. Inland [Dally Press Association. of the uniV(T .>(ity of, whfch he is now the h«'a«l. .As'a .ttmlent he 'Von many ficliolasiic, honors, and at Krailiiation lie,was ilie valedic-; loriah of ftis ckiss. -VlJer gradna- ; ijo .n liP studied'at Princeton Tlieo- Seiuitiary and ai the Unl-, v.Tsity of H;Tlin.- H» was ordaiii: ' id, to tliejPreshyteHa.n'iT'liilslry in j 1SS7 and lor several /e ira fiUod j I'astorales heiore reiianiiiK to'j Princeton as an instnicT.'. I»r. Hib ?»PU is well, known ;;>. an aiilb- ; nr. havlDK jiiihlislicil ni 'iiKi'oilM. viiliinies on loKie. |ihilo.<oiiliy ; .ind"' Ix -^es IctU 'fS. ; ;' '. IVl£MBiER ASSOCIATED PRESS. Tlif R<.(il«itcr carries tlih AflHoclatcd - Pufs ri-jiiiit, lij- spi-clal leasea wiru. The AK .siti'l.itpil lYc '.-i Is «-»'liiHlvcIy, entitled lOj th"? n.Mp f«r reptiblfoatlon <iti- ..— — oil news ill.^tiat''hr>» crMllli-il to It ort ' ' ' n'»t <iili<''rw)s .-;i .-r/^llli'd In; ilils iBipcr, j I'rtder Ilic heading.'', "liiiiri .Nci-d and ;iNo .iti.* lo<-nl IH^WM. tiuhlNlicd here-! t, .... , ., In, All ^iKlu- s.r r.-puMlcatlon of KIM.-- j a magazine known as 'Dp- «v"l./l'''I poituMlty." pulJlished at llaro > ...j City. Kaiisav,. by Frank 1.. StoWfjl, ' -^a.vs: "It i> no ivonilcr that |ioli- tlcians who arc tryint; lo 'ri.'scni-'' the lariiicr liavf. difftiiiKy in KC Ilin»; an aiidicnci- in western. Kau-' r^as lo lisl.'ti lo (IlfMI. 'I'lic c;is<' ol .left lla/.i-lloii. who livtjs eiplit niitcs .voiilliwesi \i( lii>:atls.'is lypi- rij. Kroui :i h.ilf section 'hat tie li liiulil I wo year?; at:o he has rais- - IHI J U Thoutjht for Today , . —^— ^ Tin- lines arc (.ilhii ,unlo nic in , fdpasant pjaccs; yea. I liav.- a xooilly heritage. I'sa. I 'i .i;. , I <MM.IIM;K KI.IMIN V I Ilaviiiu nivci- found < i'^.ic ( "nl- idMc dcalinc in ue .-iM -l ,. i ,d.- or palicritiK Willi Ihe Iriil.. .>!• im -an- iT--i aiiylhiiiK o<s tfiaii 1 • --.i .i. ; wlieai lo pay 'tor his !;iriii.'and it Ui'^ister lias always i .i,.. olorcd |''e i^ soic alioiii- .inylhinu it i.-' ihc l 'rcsiit "'iit i-lii)iii .;iiii! Tiiiii-I J'Tohalily Ii'Ciuise he did not liiiy for: I'i ^idelll more hind wliile ji was iliisiper." cd nioii- ihair eiiouuh^ cio-n and that .•it If lioip tin- r.ic" when on .4iii;ii.^t "J. lo' noiiioii the cfiiiiiliy that he did iiol ('.-i.e,. lo nin in l!'i>. 'I"liis pap >-i .:• .ilici Mu prised nor i^isappoiiUi-ii. il.icre- iore, now I'liai ilie Prc-i;. •.• 'lias :"iijiliti<(l 111 liriei ati.'i .ii.i ciueiit i.r last Ai!i;iisl iiilo] ,i i iiiclll whic.'i leaves no poisihle n)onr lor doiilii thai mid' will 111- lieconic >;oinc tllh^illl^ l-ow<j ' ever r no eir <;iiinslaiicirs a eaiiilidijie. ' afro .Mr ; Fraiik lien remarked thai "no iiiaii iiaii away'from the I'rcsjdei- ry." Thai .oliserviitioii was lii t aeciirali- even when it was iiiade,' for ('Mil. '\V. T. .'^Jiernian was vir- tiiiiUy -iifirred llie^ l 'residrn<-y in it with Ilie re- I > _1S72 ami refused \ niark ihal.lic woiililn't viin if iioni- »-inaieil aiiiU'woiildn't servi- if elcei- •ed. lie dfti not leave, any room whalevei- for dollhl as 10 his nieail- jnt;. .\iid now another inati has inn a«:i.v troiti Ihe I'reslijciu v. i'riiiialily iiolKidy _ in ; .America ' dii!il>rs Hiaf .Mr. Cotdid!;"' woiilil liiui' ti. 1-11 iiiimiiialed. probably hy iiccliiiiialSo'ii. Itiy llie in-xl Ue|iulili- ••;rt'n coiiveniion. it he had liol uliai- ivfai-il liiln^cM : :i«d prcdiahly there are f<'-w '|ieop!4. In .Anierii'a who' itotilil lluii li 'v would -iiavi- been eleei.ed i|. lioliliinalcd. ."so he li;i> prelly defiiiilelv inn away from J J I LC||'residency. ~i ilic ki-ip'ral verdin, wlu-ii I his friends have . recovered Ironi their disappoiniiiient. doiilillcss - will lie jihal' he has exeiciseij ~ sonnd aipl palrbilic jiidunieiii and discretion in the course lie has pnr- siii'd. He cer'laiiily has done llic i wise Ihi'llK l<'l' himself.: Tlie best j ' time in ihe world for a public man ' to (|iiii public life is when ilie ipiit- tin.;; is i;ood. when everybody • knows'lie is (iniiiin;; because he' does not "diiiosc" to contipne and ] liot because, he fears he will be ! defeated;- ('oolid;:e iiuits when his ' fame, popiilariiy., and imwer are at i their aponci-. Koui- years more - coiilil add nothiim lo l.Iie ijonor lhar already has In en paid him or _ to the himor lie aln-ady has achicveil. Why >boiild he run the ' risk, of sliiipiiii; in popiilar esteem, and wh.v ;;hould he iiieiir the liaz- ard of shalieriiiK his hi-alih by the too-lon.i; strain".' . ' 'Hill Ihi- Ke;:is |i;r lias 'tilways beiieved tliat the piitriotie motive h.ts been • siron.Kcr than'aii .v pi -r-' soiial eoiisideration in in<liicin« , tile I'resii'jeni to lake himself oyt of ihe.M!ii< race. .Mr. <'o<didse is . a - sirii-i reOiistriictiiinist. lie-- believes the .(.'onstitntioii shoiilil be - olwerved to Ihe letter and that a preccilent which has been uiibrok- ' eiT fi'ii- l.'iu years is entitled to take _ the jilace ot law. KonJitless he siii<-erclv ijiplieves no man should i<n-<:iipy the office (if President loiiBii- than eJKht years, and there-' jlore lie would rather content hill) , self .Willi seven years in the office - than violate; life own palrioticj Jirfncijiles by seeking, an election' which, if sitccessfiil. 'would nlve! lilKi len yciiiv. To other: newspiijiers whom it, intiy concern; tine da.v litis week the back offi<-e in the. Uenistcr;had on its turtles, .Moiies and the bit; press. t»-'eniy panics of advertisi-nt;, all fresh, live mailer. , The foie- 111.111 is .lust a little eiiritiils 'to, klliiw how many other shops there, lire in the' Kesisier's class that j could have haiidlid that anioiinl ,flf | stuff aud kept the nTtilar editions j of lite paper Koin;: out at the usual t-inie. Incidentally, there are now on the litiok .'I7.OIH) impressions for the KeKister's Dlipile.v in the WMV of iwci and four piise bills. i - , I Down in Cnha they are eatinA Kansas cuss. Four hundred cases Were re<-einly shipped there by one produce coiniiaiiy which has hran'chi's in several western Kansas towns. . Carload .shipments to t'ilba are mailo'at friMiiu-nt inter- Vills. Taking, note .if ilie .New York dame-^who wants :tii ear .-ind offers lo pay l'<ir it in real tnoney, KoUa Clymei' observes lliat propressjJji heiiii; made. .Murk .Atitlioiiy only ttskeil his coiiniryinen to lend him their etirs. NEWS NOTES OF GAS CITY ( ar l(iin> into }\r. (^iN. knorkin.: Iliiii l>o \>M . Kelieiirsals I?euin on ( hristfiiii'> Hnireanl. • .Mrs. .\: F. llolteni CAS flTY, Dec. l'.. .Mid-week .service will he held at the .\l. K. ' chnrcli TiMiisda.\ nishl - at 7:;;o. Kvei.vbodv is invii-d lo attend. We are sorry to n^porl our liar- iH-r. .Mr. I 'ldr:. liaviii". the mi>foi- t'ttiic of beiiii; iiiii into ami knockeu \ dowii.b.\.a car l-'iiday ni;:ht nhile ! iriiiiiiiii '4 til iiis iioine in lola. We :ire hojijii;; he •xiU .soon iccoic:- ] and 111- aide ii> be back in bis >l:l>ii. Mr. and \lr< llalpli P'erkiii- and little son Viitdi- Carl it lola Aer- Sunday vi ^itiMS at Ihe home nf the I'ortiivi-'^-' .iiother. Mi< l.ea "a I'ei- kins.. ' ; '• • All-, af .il .\ii's. .Iiihii iiiMJil .(It. I sons. Cecil and l.lovi:. arijivei! imme .-tlinda.v from' Kureka wlicn- lhe.\ • spent (he week-end »'iili .Nil Iho-'C wbii .Me III in the Chtislmtis pai :e :inl .(|lleslei| ,1.1 iiii -el at Ihe 'Wednesdav! iitKhl ii 7. ! ' ' , The lejliire .-iiiil food ilemoiisirui-^ lion .'I Ihe M. K. ihiu'fh .Minnlay tliS :ht V. as L ;reatl.i. eiunved b.v a large : iiitdieiicc.. The Ladies' .\iil wi.slieH to thaiikj all who < time •m: II lalive-. Mil re• liMii-h ' HOPPTl/Q [j]ii«t help yoursolf to pru-c ol inirul. And i>el voiit -lioppiti'.; tliiouijli. By iloirvy, it .ifii-.i J ol limf. Vou help the -ihop lolU, loo. , NEWS NOTES FROMCOLONY riiiit l -iirL 'e < oniniiiiiily ( hrisiinav l-liilertiiiiuiienl—Itrlck Work ,lo > (eiiiplrle liujik KHiJiliiitr ' /» itetriiii. (.Mrs. W. K. Paytoni < UI.O.VV. Dec. 7. C. C. Cla.xfon. ! siiperinleiideiit of Colony schools, ; is confined at home on aci-oiint o;' i >ickness this week. , ; I IJoy f I'hattcrion. who has been i ! uoi kitiK at Tiilsii, ok., is at hoiu-.-: ; initij after Chrislmus. i llrick.^work lo complete tlie iojc iof the new .National Ihiiik building I was bennn Tuesday. I Plans arc lindci- way to have an- 'other hi;: ; conininnity Christmas ; I aierfaininrni. similar to the one • which \ as siic-Cessl'iil list year, .'dr.;. .\l. A|. Mro'wn was ca:leil to I'aii'-a-' Cilv Suiidav on ai-coiiin id •h.r little Kr:"h'l''f'n. .lohn .\!e;vin';'•"^•'•'•'•«' '''•"o 'Fi.isnili. beinc very ill with iineii- iiioili.i. A Hitle later repo: i was i i.Mr.-^. Fhiyd AleCoimui k.i • j Nov. :;o. This weather calls for straw hats one day and fur lined ear nniffs the lii-xt/ All v.-*re .?lad ' ithat today's hliz'-fard was of short' i ilnration. Airs. Clarence Isaac ^pelll Tucs- j day'iwiih .Mrs. neiinis Isaac. ' .Mrs. S. ('.: Frame and sop. Lyle j were lola visitors Tuesday : of last. week. • - , Dori.s Kay of .Mildred spent several days,last week here with her ^ aunt and tin<-re, Alis.s Kllen and .1. ' w; Dickenson. .\lrs. Cainpbeil Kerry spent Tues- ; day afternoon with her mother in, ! nrnn«Qn. i ' Assisted by .M:s. Walk-r' Cill-; I ham and .Mrs. .MiCormack. Center | i Valley school had a little farewell' I liarty immediately after .school- i Wedne.s<Iay for Harold. Wilbur and Dorothy c.inbey. Allss .McPhersoii i ainl all the (Viiter Valley hoys and Kjrls are sorry.lo lose these pupils • fi *onv school. 'Thnrsiiay eveniii« thi '~ yoair.; • folks (if ;j:ayai-d had a )>aiiy I'nr ; AlarKarct'and Kiitliryii Cliibey and; • the- vynnccr ehildren. .Vlrs. Cill, ham anil .Mrs. l-.-aai- .-peni the eve. nine with Airs Ciiiibe.\. , I.. AI. ilinixy iiiid I'.iiiiily moved . back to iheir iionie at. l .ione Kim • ' Frida.v. They had liveil lere near/ I.v three years ,itid iheir friends ; \ v.ilt miss il:<in irom tin- stiire and j al. -ichord. ' , ! .Mr. and ' Mr-. ' U a!ti r I'.tiriieit hive moved ill le tioiii .Mildred iuil I he wiil work in (tarii-y's -Ture .Mr. j llarhy wi:! In- inre nmsl I'lf rlie j time, too., 1 Tile .<!<• l!iiMii ;;iiiiiiii- ;::el a ' faiiiil.v si'lhi i'ii':r .mil -iippi - .it . Clia.-. SiiilJiiiau's 'I'liiir.-'ray ivi II in;.'. .Mi>. Iiehiii- Isjiac. Ileriiiee and. .Melvin .-iieli: 'Jliank>i;ivinjr day wiKi her niiiihen .Mrs. Anna Hardy.: ' Alarioii WilliamMiii and f.iniily of Kansas Cii'y visited at Kmc-;! ; P.aker's from Friday until .-aiiday. ' i .\|(-Corni:icl;'s and Wi:l Frame j ] ..te Thaiiksciviiia; ditiiier "-jrh I., i !(.'.? CaldweU and wile. j ' Chaiiiiee Trimbli- and lamil.v' .-.peni rii;nik>siviiie day w'.i!i i-la- live,.; in Id!;! :iiid aiieiMJ. :i:e loia- j I'.iahiiie liintiial! came. i J. li. btinlap of lola caiiit Tliur.s- I da.v .to visit his son. tl. .1. Duniap land I'amil.v. .Mrs. .Vila liuiilap iiinl s(in. Fred Oiinlap «!iii w .i- iiome from s; Iniid at l)e~ .Moiue.-. i-amc I I 'roiii. loia- .Satiiril;i.v le -jiiud ihi; I day and llraiidpa DiiMlap r-tiiriie.d ' .'Mill • wiih I hem. tVaKC Farm I'.iin.-.yi iiiii: iie-; ! Frida.v with .Mrs. Caiiipiell Hcrr.v. ; Airs. Syveriid .irat^- the lessiui <ii) I Ciiri.--tma'^ .-Iin-i-^. Vb iiiNers • atteiiili'nj,- wer.-: .\Ir~. .l T Ki .ifrvs. Aliss Hes.sie IJocers. i.Alr.-. Dozler. .Mrs. Stinncti. .Mr-. Maker. -Air--. Chas. Abt'oy. .Mis. ("has. Spilimaii. .Mrs. Cillhiim. .Mrs i )eii;iis Isaac Airs. AlcCor.jiiack iilld lin' luwii s.-. .^Ir.-. IJerry l-H ^irls atteiidiiiK were; Lucile ami Pauliiie Ixizier. Ktrleta and FIftiine Isatic. Velmti and Vera flilliiam. Kileen Siiiilinau. Hernici- Isatii-. .Mildred •Duiilap. f -ois .McCorni.ick. Cnrlne i.leriv. A- linier was -'i -v-i'.l at one ii'i-Iock. I^ar! and Ahrle .Mc.Vdaui i aiie- from Iiidepcndeue.- in -pind iheir "UNWRITTEN LAW The "riiiu rllii II law".* will li-|i|e :,.|..d In ilel'eiis, ii[ .Mr-. II:, •/.••': iliiil llopi <>i^ l.ii- .\ii:;i !••-. Mill -liiii :i .iid killed ^Cri.riliin .1. \\'.-i !i -is. • ;r s.ili-:-niaM. liei aiise -li. l >.-ii "Aed Wa 'er - . !\;nl I"-. Uayed her 17 -y .ar o.ld ilaii :;li- ler. .Marie i helnifi i Airs. Hall shiil W,-1le|-s a-i I 'i .^.-lnod' lalk- iir^ wjrii irieiiil^ i -ii the lir .'^-i. .\Uer ^tie shoiiiiiiu' ii v.;is ;-i ve.ileiS^jha: Waters . a I'l;.: ried 'man. with a bride .i: mcuiiis. DEWITT ami -Xir-. 11 W l';f!>i;ey -pe;;. :.! AV.!;!. Ki-.-;; .N.ii. L",'. » Mr. Diliriar;- and .Mr- T!ianlis!:ivi:i.u day ' i-'.- ' . • AlIT^and .Mrs. 1..-,, Kr-.-.teri-.k vis- -ilcd Siiiidav anernnnn ivilii .\lr. Freib rii k ~ ni .oiler ic Humliohl;.. Harold Kiiie!;ei- .-piiii; S .iiii 'da.\ .-if ;eri;oi)ii wiih Flo.vd SiinMiii. .Mr. and .Mrs. .1. .\; C:s ss and falllil.^- and .Mr. iilid Mrs. V.'alie- llaki-r aiiij I i .".i-ii :!'..v Al.-ie: .-iie dinner Thaiiksyiv .iiiL' a' .1. AV. Ilj'.k:;".-. ia I.:iilaipe. , : '•• . .dr. at;d Mrs. Si;i'oh -l^'IrI i!;e ,\:!y Th.-iiiki-vivin.:-- a! £!;e i 'ii.:_ii -.|e.^ S-roli IllUlle ; ' . 'I'll- Ualii . li..y.4-!i.-,ve. lirilleil in w4ll • n t|.,- .1. A ,a!lii lii'- P.illy i .f l.a- Kake:S I. • Ihe vi-.Ilav I.KTTFKS Til Santa Claus This was^i^ season in Kansas when nearly uiiythlnK would grow iieai'-ly "anywhere. Out in Osborne county a farmer prodnced 116% •Tiiisheis of millet per acre, which firobahly is a world record|. The seed si)U\ for JI.iio -a bushel. !-to. help, them \>-iii the ^.i'- wbi.-ii was otf.-red by .the company. .MOPKIIN F.TIQIKTTK ! liv RiiiH-rtii Lee :-. lal.'. ;'s in tfie Ci'i,:nuie. hosjiiiti.' very ill with appci'dirltis. .\. Chrisiejihi rry wa* in lol.i I'ls' week to be with his'• who Dear Sania Cl.-iii'-: ; lias l,e« n at St. lehn's liospi'al (or I have two little bri'ithers audi'""' I""st month. Alr.<. ChriMO:!- ...^y was vei'y i;l. but i'^ • now oiiiewiial iniprov'il :ind Air. Chris- ii.leiry reinrnc.l home Sunday. iMMon Clarkl «whose li.mie 7 '?:''V" . "I;', '^i^e in Colorado.and who. has '•''on ''';';••'";' ^ irivliifr Perry W'illiams-s irucK this , '",>•"' -^ "' ''. "" '" "" ' ' • • > hall Tlinrsilay eyeiiinu with a num- Ihev want a pop ^I'li eai h and w\ sister w-anis a pe :ir of .-l :aies aMil I C want a pear of -kales. If you iviil,' pleasi liriilK nic a pi iir of .d,ate^ Cood Ov. HA:Ci-:i. SHttCKKV. her of memher-i! iiy.eseii;. The i-oii- liniied rejiorfs III'-' siealiilK in till parts of the conn!i'y lias aroiiseii the rcspoasihle i-iiizeiis I!. 1. DiinaliNiin aiid family tif I'rba'iia spent the weeK-ead al Hie liaVeiital-lioyer home.. I)sai;e tinvti-lii! I i.,i'.; ,ae, .<at- Vorn Wilmoth h.;.- re.en.l! p-ir- '"'l'^'.^- 'i'<- '^^'>-=",'' "> =''^"';- chusrd eighty aces of land. .t- '"-"^"'l' "••^•'>-'- ""' ,il I '.ai his father in Wise ide of s .Hid I The .students of Wichita Univer-| siiy are -putting on "Hamlet" in' the Hicli School aii'ditorinni there. .\lodest (hildren: . tj. .At di'liiier. lill which Ihe plate should !he kniv forlts he iilaied'.' A. Tlfe forks 1.11 the lefi aiiii the knives nil the riu!:: .ide i^i ihe plate'.' . Q. What Service musi a man mider a lady after a dain-i•'/ X He must tieliver In r to her partner.* 20.175,000' ^i- How. may a person isnore an i iiiylesiraide ' ari|iialiitaiii-e met in _ j a ptihlie piace'.* i .\.' Hy ayerliii;: the eyes. . . Kansas <H'ems to |iave produced ki record breaking crop of kafir. tnilo and feterita this year. A/pro-. (Iiiction of appioxiniately 4ii.Ono.nOO (mshela was indicated b>^ last re- 1 friends., or io her next ports, compared with bushels last ye;»r. I Christinas. Seals Hiave Kaiistis in tlie last few ilays. ,alm is III make a " swe ; lllberciilosis. , .-iWept Their •p" o! Tlie <tili|«ell KM^. {•••ai: .Santa Clans; Ki'nnetU Caldwell waiits a loot- ball. -leil. iriiek till' liliii k>. jack- in-till--bo.\. CrVsial Caldwell wants a. bii; (loll '.ilidiii ipehe< hiuii. a ibdl ,iiilKi;y and roller .-kale>.. . iM-xiii Keiin-'tb and Crystal Caid• wei'. |.,!a Kat.-: . li.iiaii Kimti- I. * : Tie -first diiU .ir bill for Cl'.rssi- '\:;:< Iseals received by the Kansas Tubi rciilos:'- .\ssociation this year • (•!!:e from ^aii .\:idrr-'in Coiiiiiv man. Frank Doits of Cariieii. The first tiv.- dollar check came from Dr. W. I! Ilariiard id H lleville. 1 orhifon. All'; and -Mrs. Hiibincite w.Te up fromi-Parsons and .spent the weekend al Ilie hojni' of her sifter. Airs. W. (). Wilson. .Mrs.' .lohn t/ai'-'er. living: iio'th- east of town, lii'd Sunday nisni -.nil titneral scMice;' were . -u'ul 'i if:-iiay affern'oif ..i the Al'-t .iod- i -i i-linrch wrib iiiiermeni in the ( .drny cenK -tfti; Airi?. K. B.. Keyn dds is ill 'hi? \.'.eck ani^ irit al-ii III b- ar 'lor.? V I I ;< at Brow.IS >toie. <ieor ;:e Seot! wi- over fi-o !;i • '!• asantoii Silii'iay for a *-!' • '-i- Willi liij! .MiS. A. V. .Sco--. .'iiss Alaiidf^ I 'lani -es mad- :i lii-ltiess rrip '.ii lo 1 'niesd.-iy ,ift- einiion. - . a •-i'oil Mr. and I SORE., JOSr H'EEP POOKlOlMCr » 1hAE «Srro\/E WlLLSTTRETtH-Tp OBLIGE. WOO. VOOR WOOD duTTlMGr \^ H W E : VOUR A^»^ CARR^iNGr^VOU LEA\/E THE WOOD LOM6r »T WO M 'T GrO l^4. AMO LEAvik T H IE ASHE'b <bO LOWCr ^HEW WONir COK/\E OPT- WAVERLY e; Whalev.u-' the been. tlieihtnK now with such >nbn can claim motive, may have.i is done, and done cmplia.sis that no' •to nilsifnderstand., The thins for the Ilepuldicaii par,:, - I.v-to do, thcriifore. is in the words' ; V «if';lli<'' President, to "set itsfifi' seriously to tiie task of selectiufij : !inc>(her candidate from amon*: thef numbers .of - distinguished men ! raysllable.". : ; i ! |Ieiiry .1. Allen visited the White House the other day and when he rami; away he remarked that the " President is .a good listener. .Nearly . anybody i.<? a Rood listener when nionrli. .\ misriike w.-. m.iiie by ihf re­ po; ler: la.^: \vt;ek . The iiltie airl eiile'rinjc se.oiid urade a; i'enter Valli -.f. last Alo'iil:iy was I.oraiiie Scotr. • Cenler X'alle.v school i;ad Iv.n days vacatiiiii for Tiiaaksariviai. .Miss I.eoiia AlcPhi Ison ?pe!i: ihe time al her Inuii-- in Jida. 'Mrs. Hor.i.t? I'aske FlmeiK (.' al:i| \\'i;;i;im P.tslti- of 'iVimnto. ivlio -iient th.-' wi'h lelaliv— >i| .VIoraii. Hriip'.iii! ;iiiil lola caiiid- ju'i Caldwell's ami AlcCnrmai k's .IT Jia'yard Saturday afieriinon. I. C. C;:lili-..i! and w -ife vi-ite .l at llati*^ aiid Dafisran's ..Mo- rati SittMay. The .Moraii-.Mildred slab will probably be laiii en lO .'ilildrid ;ii:week a- tiny .in; w»rki:i!: i>.\ ;iie I .nst half miie. , Krne<t .\l( (• irmai k and wii'.- -petit, Sunday a; tllr hum-- 'if ili- brother. F!'>yd AbCormiul; aird family. )' The funeral of ..Mrs. C'lariiitle S'ainbr.iok w'an lived t'lir many .vears mar Osage Vaile.v -»vill be held 'At Fniiview 'Thiirsda.\ ami hitriiv/ niade at FairvieW cemetery. 'I7 (ie .ph'ine -ervii-e ariiaui; hen- i- sellias -11 that only a lew i-aii of tills many the coiiimun- ile- tl'M -d Has I', 1 -s lariii. Mrs l.vti I'n-dcrii k- spei.i Tl.,-iiik>uivin!.- ai :al .\lii-'.::icl home. .Mr. and .Mr-. .1 VV l!;.k llarjie. .-vir. ami Mrs' U'ali ;ind .Mr. A W. Hak r r-l Ka- l.iiuis. II!.. .-pelll Silluiay .if Cres home. .Ml., and Air.-. ( barley >;iri>l ited .'-'::iid;.y ;ifl> riiaiiii al tiie home. .\. \V. IJakir 111 Ka.-i .^l. I.oui: Vi -ileil al rle.- I ri ss ard liakv." Iliil 'ie, this We -k. • Mr. .-iiid .Mis. K S;ip-on- and eiiildi-. II -penf Saaii-ila.v. eveiiitic • Il lile Stroll iiome. . -• Mrs, Cliailiy Si rob helped .Mrs. Cress pick veese Tiies.-Jay .Mi Stroll also sp-nt I he eveijiir-' ilier*-.- i I'aiil Sli "-"a sp. i;t'. .Sa- irrd.'y rve :iiii;,' will: the f r.-s bilys. • Don't Fuss WitE Mustard PlkktersJ Don't.niiri a mess of rcuM;i;-(!. fiot:.- and v.-attr yu'j .ran nihi-vc ri;!li-., sorenc,-s or stiltr.css witli a lirtle i ;!c 'ur„ white Mi;-tcro!e. •;' • | tartl and OI I UT Ivipfui :i,.c;rcflii,'iit?. takt-s tiie place of tr.Uitard pl;i^ft ri.. MuslCroL ii -:uaiIy .Kivc >.prfiTnn -L relief from sore 'luriiat. brv ~>:u -ir.i.s ,jti.i;i'-'.';ii;:5, croup, stitf le ci.'.asthni.'i. T.jtiraii^ia, ' headacl.e, co;;^:c!t;.i;;. pli iri-y, rbeti- matism. lami);:.;'j, pai":- ri ;.d ;^c!'.es of the b:;c"Kor ;->:;;s„spr;!- :-.air«>li'jsc!e3. briiiscs, chilhhins. i'lx li -n-Id j o!' the dies;', (it nv.iy pr'y::-.i pmiim-).-!; Jars & Taaes .N.iv. L"> Minnie .Mnrrisnii D slayinff homo from .school this w-f\!. Ill do i|ii- wori; and i.iKe cire of her molhtr, who is 111. Air. Darr Jiiul the misiortiine to !..-•- a hi;: sow Siimlny ninht. 'I'he neinhbor- liel)ied .\lr. tb-rd- sen shell corn Alonilay. ' Air, and Airs, Will Simpsiin and' . r.illy spent Spnilay at Ijie pnren-| !e- reaehed. liecaiiT tal .Simpson home near Cohuiy. ^'il.nis -of interest in Will Morrison anil .Mrs. Cob- mo- | i:y are probably misled each week, •d to Kannns City Sunday. Air. j I. Decker shipped lious AVeilnes- .Morrison will visit relatives a fejr •<la.i'. days hetore i-ptiirniuj:. Mrs. Cole'' , will vi-it with' a son and daiiL'hter indefinitely. ; Allies Templeman'wf'iit to Tiilsit. Okla.. .Moiida>-! on business. I Hot-' ihievei hav- been in this j ticlniiy of lati|. lint their attempts | have not beeiij-successful as they j were discovered before they coiild j tift away witlijany hoes. They VA- i-aped iM 'fore onyon'e could find nut who they Avi-re, It would pay i evei-y one to sleep these . lli;.'ht^ ^o^T I.neiiUoi). Ills K. .Hadix.ial'. First Iloor Ki<-«t: of BroiTii'.s Urnif Store. Pl^nhe l ',t ^•-•-^:r'>? vH .Mrs.'CaldweU, Airs.. Dnnlap, .Mr.s. Triieble and Airs. .McCorniack at- i-mierj W. C. T. \'. institute at I>a- Ilarpe Afonday. like a tat - with one eye open. We are ^ladl'lo rep<irt Mrs. ('has. ; Morrison is biVtcs. Mrs. .McK|iit(!hn and .Mrs. .Mile.'? Teniplcmnn ^attended ilub at the j j home of Mrs. J.,ipe Linehack! 1 Thursday afteitnoon. ] • Kansas ranked 3:: in the ,lfi:i*; liM I •,of Christmas Seals hy states. The I "Christmas Seaj dik^tor says , that • line more seal-^pet- capita wonid; i advance the sjate ten numbers. -TME OLD Ho.w'COME VvlE-STiu. LOvyE .Ti-wwes T HIAT CAOSEO US SO ^UCH M \6 ER V/ H EA&COLDS Rfttit in spoon; inhale vapors; apply f»«*y *P do^ls. When You Feel a Cold Coming On \Bromg Qulninei Mitts to work offilie Cold end to fortify .the Bystcm acainst Grip. InSuenza iind other «>ri<tas ilia. retniKing from a.cold: The Safe and Proven RoiM^y. Pri" 30c. The box bears this signatura \—Proven Merit since 188?—^ The ideal Giftsf Are Practical : .Nel -JiV .efir .1 Shirts Itafti Knlie .s So.-v .• I.iiiiiiiej- .lacl;s ("iv.ercoals Sweater Co.its \M II tilers Hi-Tiip IWois Stispelldi Traveling liiijr-f. Kic. THEHliB .Matinee 10c and 20c; • Nisht 10c and 30c. / l«isi Time.s Today -in- 'Mr. Wwf .\ ilrain,' m ,i iimHier's i-iniire'- - ler Mill" . \\;.-_ ,,!-. h, r daui\hler's lumei. Pal he Ncus \cxi>p'- Filblef aud Topicv ef the l >a> TliniSltAV A>l» KlillUjV Alalince lilc-:.'ltc: iN iiiht ltk-.i "ic; Hert l.jlell :ind l»iiiplli_» lie*ore in 20Gms ~-^<:-;^t -<r\ •rifF/'V:Vv ^^y. .^>. -,.'^'-r^-i Tla-v v.. j'.'.-.: icavvl-d tlieii I Hill (dieal :•>!•- •M -,iii;-'d liial liej)t !i;e I .PV-TS .Uiail -!;. di-eadi-il her till a..-r - H . I I ii. :• 1-; ;.::M li'- liafii ;rHt la- «a- aln-a;;> i;:ar;-jiii. , Coined* "Fur >;;lc Kiim^aliiw':* QUiOKBELiFF That 13 the joyful cry cf thousnntJa since Dr. Ed-.'-ards prod'-iced Olive ' •Tablet?, the s.ibslitute for calomel. Dr. h'd'.vards, a prc^jtii;':ns ph'/sician for 20 years and calcrri'."s old-time enemy. di;:co'.'crcd fonn-jb fcrO!ive Tablets v.'hile £r£,-itir..i: patiu-at^ for chronic cojist ipati-on ar.t-1 ot-pid livers.- Oiive Tablets do not contain caiomd, just a healinsr, soo'li'-n?; vjgitable la.x »r;_ r live mixed v.iih olive oil. No griping i3 the "l:e :.Tiotc" of these little sugar-coated, brA'c-cuIored tablets. They cr.use t!:e bowels and liver to act normally. Tltcy acvcr force them to unnatural actiffii. : If you have a "dark bro'.vn mouth"— bad breath— a dull,, tired leeliifg-rsick headache—torpid liver—Ci^nhtipation, j'Du'll find quid:, K -jre and pleasant re- ^ stilts fronvoae or two of Dr.Ed^vantf OHve Tablets at bcdtin.e. '.\ Thousands take tliem' eviry xtirfit to keep right. Try them.'15c, 30c ,-60c. for Cbi.chcii'f"ril Utwvoadi... Ilrood I'llldo ItcdiMl «Jala <€M iiirUIlic M<n. leuni Mlh BlueW/, Kibbon. T«b«n«*tkar. Uar V ^ '«f yonr PrrngglK. Atk tor \ _ cm - icn.BS-TKBB piAMOin* I T »»rc-t.3j<oi,RdiaM» HmrSawr it- av tmUGCISTS KVEaSfWHHf Checks iheBcwWs lh»Fe>«r p^ Tone, Stops the Cold \- '^§\W- TkCS things you must Jo to end a cold tiuickly. HILL 'S Cas- Cara -Bromide -Qutnbie does all fotir at one .time. Stops a cold in one rfay. Red box, 30 cents. Alltlruggi.sts. HAIU)WAR£ &. IMPLEM^TS lOLA-K^J-AX 1928 CHRISTMAS CLUBS BEGIN THIS WEEK lOLA STATE BANK •w-i- r A.

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