Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 18, 1955 · Page 1
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 1

Cumberland, Maryland
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Tuesday, October 18, 1955
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Ctoudj/, cool, showers -likely ••; ' tonight, \ tomorrow. Low to•, ..-•••/night- 'M-«i;'.'•.•;••..'•• -.."''' '-••• '.'." " High;: 55; -low,'-,45; noon,'54. '.. ',.••-'•.'. Rqin/olI--Troce, Rtuer—3,21 ••:"-.'.: /eeti'Humidz'tB—65 per cent. . VOL. LXXXVI.—NO. 287 CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 18, 1955 > S*nk*, 22 6 CENTS na Flood Areas TackleHuge Cleanup Job .Toll Set At 42 Iii Wake Of Rampaging Northeast Streams •'•'•. By The Associated Preli With flobdwaters draining back into river beds alter. a weekend rampage..stricken sections of six Northeastern states today tackled a backbreaking cleanup job. For some areas it was the-second such task in less than two months. •".-.. '-. The floods, which left a dead and missing toll of 42. hit hardest at Connecticut. .The same slate took the brunt of .'the Aug. 19 floods that rode the tail or. Hurricane Diane. ... Rains that fed the latest floods stopped or. changed to light show- 'ers yesterday throughout the flood belt, which stretched through sec- lions of Massachusetts; Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, .New Jersey and Pennsylvania. • Today New England had fair weather, with no rain forecast for the battered states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. The Boston Weather Bureau, revising an earlier prediction.. of showers, said' the fair weather would continue throughout the day. The receding waters left behind piles of slimy debris, wrecked homes and businesses, washed-out highways and railroads, broken bridges and snarled power lines. The federal government provided a variety of aids for'the stricken areas. The governors of Connecticut, New York and New Jersey were advised by .Sherman Adams, assistant to the President, that the "major disaster" declaration of two months ago had been extended to cover the new floods. This enabled the Small business Administration and the Housing and Home Finance Agency in Washington to take, steps' tb"'help flood victims. Peterson Inspects,Area Val Peterson, Federal director of civil defense, Inspected the area so he could take a first-hand report to President Eisenhower. From his Three Perish In Plane Plunge -pledged all aid possible to the disaster area. The Red Cross estimated 6,900 families were homeless or went back to damaged dwellings. Still, the destruction of last weekend came nowhere near the severity of the Aug. 19 floods. In Connecticut alone that disaster took 74 lives and caused more than 215 million dollars in damage, compared to 16 dead and missing in the second round of floods. Walda Winchell To Seek Divorce From Hotel Man HOLLYWOOD tffl — The honeymoon is over for Walda Winchell and.hotclman Hyatt R, von Dehn. The separation began yesterday. Walter Winchell's daughter anc Von Dehn were married July 29 in Beverly Hills and just recently returned from their honeymoon. Ally. Jerry Giesler said he hac been retained by Miss Winchell. II was the second marriage, for Miss Winchell, 28, and the third for Von Dehn, 40. He formerly was wed to singer Ginny Simms. War Prisoners Arrive In Reich CAMP FR1EDLAND, Germany (ft—A freight train with 599 more German war prisoners freed from • a Siberian prison camp reachei the West German border near here tarty today. The new arrivals brought: to more than 5,000 the German pris oners freed since Oct. 6. Sovie Pfemier-Bulganin told Chancellor 11 that the Soviet Union would release 9 t 626 German nals" this month. RichPlayboy 's Plane ''•',.' ' ". •/ •/ Crashes In Filmland This is the two-story apartment house into which a light plane crashed in North Hollywood, Cal., killing three" persons, including Joel Thorne, wealthy playboy owner of the craft. The front apartments caught fire and were burned out. Nine persons were injured, some critically. (AP PhotofoO Youth Admits Brutal Killing Of Mother, 50 Boy, 19, Attempts To End Life After Body Of Woman Is Found PASADENA. Calif. «v-The wife f a wealthy advertising executive las been brutally boaten to death ,nd police say her 19-year-old son admits killing her.' • The youth, John P. Hawley, itammcrcd, "I did it—1 killed my mother,-'-alter regaining consciousness last night in a San Bernardino hospital, Detective jeonard Alter said. Hawley threw 1 himself under the I'hecls of a truck in a suicide try, HAMBURG,' Germany W—Seven lousand outraged hot jazz fans ioted at a Louis Armstrong con- erl here last night because they ouldn't hear. They caused $2,500 ! amage before police could subdue hem. The trouble began when the am- lifying system in Ernest Merck Jail went dead. Screaming "we vant our money back," they began ireaking up the furnishings. Mass Test Set sick bed in Denver, the President police said, a few hours after the >ody of Mrs. Iris Hawley, 50, was ound in her, blood-spattered bed- •oom. Her husband William, a West Coast executive of Foster Kleiser, was in San Francisco at ho time o! the attack but flew lack. Alter and Pasadena officers said :hc boy, a strapping six-fooler, had a history as a mental patient. Poice said a note was found near .he mother's body and quoted a phrase: "There's more to this than just gum-popping." Alter quoted the youth as saying ic killed his- mother eariy Sunday. Asked why, the detective said the youth replied: "Thej wouldn't tell me about my eyes. There's no light in them," Alter said Hawley also complained that his parents never let him have bubble-gum. Capital Is Only Evacuation Area In Raid Warning WASHINGTON Hi - Washington, alone among the naUon's cities, is :o be evacuated at the first civil defense "probable warning" of any impending enemy • attack. NavyCmdr. Edward L. Beach told a civil defense planning conference yesterday other targel cities :may delay evacuation for more definite Word that enemy bombers may be headed in" their direction. But Washihgtonians musl leave ."automatically 1 after the first warning, he added Adenauer. Improving BONN, Germany «t— Chancellor Konrad Adenauer's. recovery, from ToeheckTB NEW YORK IB — The National 'uberculosis Assn. and the U. S. Public Health Service are planning mass test to find out .how ef- cctively the drug isoniazid pre- ents tuberculosis. The test plans 'were disclosed 'esterday at a news conference. Dr. Carroll E. Palmer of the Pubic Health Service said the test I be conducted in a way similar o the Salk polio vaccine tests, tarting within a year.' Half of the test group will get soniazid pills while the oilier half viil unknowingly get ordinary ugar pills. The difference in re- ults between the two groups will ihow the drug's effectiveness. Palmer said that if the drug iroves as effective in humans as it ias been in animals, entire popu- ations can be protected against the liseose at very little cost, since he drug is produced cheaply. Tuberculosis now kills about 10,000 Americans each -year, out of 00,000 cases, Palmer said. Konrad Adenauer in Moscow Sept. bronchial pneumonia continues, an ••-- -—'-•"-'-- " — official spokesman said today. He has been in bed at his home since Oct. 7. Federal Judge Knocks D Tennessee's Segregation Law ' MEMPHIS, Tcnn. .MV-A federal • judge has struck down Tennessee's school segregation laws and approved-the state's plan for gradually opening college's to Negroes. The ruling was handed down : yesterday by Dist. Judge M. S. : Boyd after hearing. a briskly conducted fringe stales where the issue is no quite so fiery. , Under the plan, Negro gradual students are now eligible for "ad mittancc • to any of the college, controlled by the State Board o Education. .Integration will step down one class a year. i Freshman classes will be open t Negroes, in .five, years. Althougl Negro forces, overthrow of, segregation laws was a victory. They is how in effect. considered'approval of the gradual integration plan a partial defeat. Negro lawyers asked for im- gallon, laws-bo,declared tmconst: mediate integration, They. feared tutlonal, nnd (lint Memphis Stat ttw Tennessee plan could set a College be 'enjoined from rejectin precedent for the touchy -problem tholr appllcalloni tolcly because p in the "moderate" South — .thc.irace. The decision cut two ways. For Negro lawyers said an appeal wii be filed,'Judge Boyd ruled the plan The suit'was filed by five Mem phis Negroes who asked that scgrc Hot Jazz Fans Riot In Reich Freight .Rate Hike Retained WASHINGTON Ifl.— The Interstate Commerce Commission today authorized an indefinite'con- inuation of the billion dollar-a-year 'reight rate increases which it granted the railroads in 1952. ' The increases, ranging from 32 0...15 per cent over 1952 levels, vere scheduled to expire 'at the end of-'this year. However,-the-ICC canceled the Dec. 31 expiratior date and - thus in effect retainec he higher rates oh a permanent basis, -as requested by the railroad hduslry. . • Confidential' Cleared . : WASHINGTON Wi - After ex •miining-contents :of advance'cop cs, the" Post Office Department las decided to allow the January ssue of Confidential, an "expose 1 nagazine published at Mount .Mor ris, 111., to.go through the mails Faui^Facing Crucial Test Over Policies Assembly To Vole On Algerian Issue After Debate Ends PARIS : W>—Last-minute political decisions and party switches leld the key today to Premier Edgar Faure's political fate as the National Assembly gathered for a crucial vote of confidence on the ;overnment's Algerian policy. 'HoursVpf. : debate were expected, with the'ba'llotirig probably, to come after'midnight. ' MostTparti'es and.'individual dep- ilies appeared to be viewing their votes! in the light of the general French political situation, with Algerian considerations carrying little weight. After the Assembly's long weekend recess, the outlook for Faure seemed a little brighter. Four days o! reflection had ma'de some deputies wary, of a ministerial crisis at this time. Others feared no more satisfactory government could be 'ormed. .. Differences among the non-Communist parties on a policy for Algeria—politically a part of metropolitan France where the French resent any outside interference— are .not so great they could not be reconciled. The question was whether Faure's government is strong enough to put his reform program into effect. His opponents claim the Premier no longer can exercise the full authority of his office. Celler To Study Solon Probe Data In Jury 'Bugging WASHINGTON "ifl "—Chairman Celler (D-NY) of the House Judiciary Committee said .today he would study a transcript of a "jury jugging" probe before deciding whether to press for further congressional action. The investigation involved the recording of jury deliberations by a "bug" or hidden microphone in five or six.civil cases in a Wichita, K'an., federal court in May 1954. The presiding judge, the chief judge of the 10th Judicial Circuit and attorneys in the cases involvec approved the action, in advance as part of a study of the jury system by University • of C h i c a g o re searchers.. '-...- ;. Dcwcy In Hong Kong ' HONG KONG — (INS) - Former New York Gov. Thomas E. Dewey arrived in Hong Kong from Bang kok today on his swing through the middle and far east 1 as a priy ate'citizen. •'. •'•••..-• •.-.. Three Perish As Small Ship Hits Building Heir Among Dead.In Fiery Plimge, Nine Persons Listed Hurt NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. 151 —Wealthy playboy Joel W.Thorne's ilane crashed into a two-story ipartment house last night bring- ng flaming death to the pilot and others — one a newly-christened baby. . Nine persons were injured, at east two of them critically. The plane, registered to the 40 'ear-old Thome in Las' Vegas, Nev. plummeted out' of the overcast .2 minutes after taking off from .ockheed Air Terminal in nearby Burbank. One eye - witness said ving dropped off before the .craft plunged' into the building. • Rescuers said the pilot was mrned beyond immediate identi- ication. Police Lt. Roy 0..Miller said 'papers, including a will, indicated it was Thorne. The pilot also gave that "name on takeoff. Infant Among Victims The other known dead were iden- ified as: ' Mrs. Betty Jean Wolf, 18. resi dent in the upstairs apartment where the plane crashed. Sheryll C a m i 11 e -Preston, 2 months, who had just been bap- jzed two hours earlier. The baby's parents, Mr. anc Mrs. Michael Preston, who lived n the downstairs apartment; Mr and Mrs. Frank Marchica of Loi Angeles; and Miss Anna Presin zano of Lyndhurst, N.J., 'were in iured or burned seriously. Critically injured were the Marchia's two children, John, 7, anc Patriciii 10. All remained at North Hollywood Receiving: Hospital. Treated.for:lesser burns and re leased were William'Bates, 31, and another neighbor, unidentified, who lelped pull the Preston party from :heir blazing apartment. Thorne, heir to a New York banking fortune, long had -been nown' as a. pilot of fast-planes cars and motorcycles. The Thorne engineering Special he built in 1946 was driven to victory in the Indianapolis Speedway classic bj George Robson. Twice Badly Injured Before moving to Las Vegas about seven years ago, Thorne was frequent headline-maker arounc Hollywood. He was twice injurcc severely .in motorcycle accidents and still walked with a cane. When his wife Johnsie divorcee him in 1946, he was also sentencec .0 a short jail sentence for failing .0 pay alimony. A superior judge at the time warned him to stop 'wasting your life and fooling around with race cars and night Celebrate United Nations Week Preston, 31, is manager of the Gay Nineties night club in Holly wood. His wife is a television singer known as Shirley Powell Mrs. Marchia and Miss Presinzario are sisters of Preston. Observers said Preston came running out of the apartment, his flesh in tatters, screaming, "Oh my baby! My Baby!" Only two apartments.of the six unit building were involved. Fif teen adults and three other chil dren escaped injury, although mos were at hpme at the time. The front of the wrecked Build ing on Magnolia Blvd. looked like a bomb had hit it; The first and second floor front apartments were burned out. Plane wreckage was burned in the debris. had'a-lO-by-12-foot hole in its por side. Envoy Made 'High Level' Session Bid Secretary Asserts . . .. Peiping Objects To Blockade On Trade WASHINGTON i,B - Secretary, of talc Dulles said today Communist a has formally raised the ques- ion of a high level meeting with he United States to discuss out- tanding Far East problems. He., told a news conference that ied China's representative at Geleva brought up this question along with Red objections to the Western trade blockade. Dulles made it clear he opposes my such high level meeting until he present lower - level Geneva talks are exhausted.-He said the lossibilities at Geneva have not •et been so exhausted. Disciiss "Other Matters" Dulles • disclosed the Chinese Jommunist and' American special ambassadors, who have been dts- :ussing repatriation : of civilians fmce Aug. 1, have now turned, to 'other practical matters" on their agenda. '< • v '' : It is in discussion of this second iroader item,' he said, that Chilese Ambassador Wang Ping-nan, ias raised the question of a.higher evel -meeting, presumably the oreign ministers level and also at ieneva. - ' .' ' Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt and Actor Danny Kaye blow out candles on cake at dinner in. New York by the American Asso-, elation -for the United Nations which marked the opening of the tenth; United Nations Week. Kaye received an award for films advancing principles of U.N. . (AP Phototox). Ike Promises No Cut In Military Spending DENVER (fi— President Eisenhower took a 24-hour recess from Cabinet-level'after'approving new assurances there will;be no further.'.miiilatyScuts without.-..?. '.'radical; change". uV the worlS'situation:"''""•"'.'"' '"'•' '.""." l - ~ •. . The latest assurances, from Secretary of Defense Wilson"and.Adm Pickets Stop Westiughouse Non-Strikers PITTSBURGH (A-Pickets today jarred supervisory personnel and nonstriking office employes from entering the big East : Pittsburgh plant of Wcstinghouse Electric Torp. — one of 30 plants struck jy 44,000 CIO International 'Union ol Electrical Workers. "It is not a concerted action," union spokesman said. "It's all up to the individual locals."'The spokesman declined to elaborate. -A Westinghouse spokesman said some supervisory personnel did get into the plant, but the majority didn't. "If the union is conducting mass picketing," the spokesman said, "it is-illegal." Meanwhile, the negotiators for the company and the union were preparing to return to the bargaining table. Federal mediator John ,R. Mur•ay of Philadelphia arranged the meeting. The workers left .their jobs at 30 Arthur W.-Radford, chairman o he~ : Joint Chiefs''of Staff, followed similar forecasts from Secretary, o State Dulles and Secretary, of the Treasury Humphreys after their earlier talks with Eisenhower a! '"itzsimons Army Hospital. Dulles is flying here from Wash ngton tonight for a final confer ence with Eisenhower tomorrow jefore he and Wilson leave for the ioreign ministers' conference open ng at Geneva Oct. 27. "The president had a good'soum night's sleep of more than. eigh lours," a 7 'a. m. MST niedica mlletin said today. "He awoke feel ng .refreshed and in a..cheerfu mood. His condition continues to progress satisfactorily withou complications." The gradual return to active di rection of government is proving a good tonic for the President.. The big. problem of the doctors now is to keep him from oyerex crting himself. They think the con Terences he-is having are good fo lim but, for this week at least :hey are trying to space them care lully, with a day in between. Westinghouse plants across the nation at midnight'Sunday after negotiators failed to reach agreement on a new contract. At issue are wages, length of contract and time study of jobs. Newsprint Price Will Be Boosted NEW YORK Wi—St. Laurence Corp., Montreal, has increased the cashier, who is already serving Freighter, Navy Ship Collide Off Virginia NORFOLK, Va.-(INS)-A Greek freighter.and an-unidentified Navy ship collided off the Virginia coas today about -one mile northeast o Cape Henry lighthouse. No casual ties were reported. . . Norfolk'Coast Guard headquar-emanated from. Canadian cpm- tcrs said the Greek ship Michalakis panies. Usually when one Cana- price of newsprint $5 a ton, effective, Nov. 1, it was announced here today. In the past, general increases dian company announces a price change, others follow suit. Hi\ i«' Democrat* Seek Strong Man *•'.-*'''•'•-•*.••*• '\ •*"*"*' * ."*•"*•.* .*.'.-• * *•' * : .'* Texas Group Favors Conservative Southern Coalition By DON WUITEHEAD POINT CLEAR. Ala. Lfl-South- asked hot to be named said an effort is being made from Texas mi Democratic governors—without to organize.* .conservative Southa strong man -to lead them and cm coalition which would 'be able lacking a unifying.issue—are grop presidential ''campaign. to speak .with authority in. the.Dem- ocratic, National Convention, and thus have a strong voice in .the strong indications that Adlal Stcv- executives of 16 Southern and border states, One Democratic governor who home, states, Already it is clear thai the'politi- cal lineup of the .Dixie ^governors 'is taking .this form: '.".: ' l. One group —.by far the largest — will be ''loyal" to the Demo ; This political fact .became cjear selection 'of the nominee and draft- in ' background talk which' accom- Ing of a platform, panicd .the formal opening of the Anyone trying to form a coalition 21st, annual, Southern .Governors of Southern states will have a dlf- Conference attended by the chief flcult time.if.the temper of gov errors her* Is an 'accurate rcflcc- lion,of political thought la their supported President,Eisenhower in 1931'; : : is- the- advocate' of "an Eisenhower type" Democratic nominee. He has 'announced his per iawnill£ a uilujriiig .laflut—*"t> lin/p lu o|n;«"* .Trim auuiuinj in, tui>.vi;tii- uok — ITU, uu 'uju^ «* »••— «»...v . _ .,, Ing today for 5 direction-iii -the 1956 ocratic, National Convention, and cratic party and its nominees, with sonal • opposition to; Stevenson" as Oh the Republican side, Maryland's Gov. Theodore R. McKeldln cnson Is the front-running prospective candidate. '.'. . , 2. Gov. George Bell Tlmmerman Jr., of South Carolina, represents the thinking of » small number that a-third party, movement Is a 'strong possibility."3, Texas' Gov. Allah Shivers, who ln«(lon. Elsenhower — If he doesn't run — should Indicate whom lie wants to receive the GOP. presidential nom Ex-C6ugr.essmaii Goes To Prison SCRAN'TON, Pa. Ml — Forme Congressman James P. Scoblick o Pennsylvania's 10th District sur rendered with his brother Frank 34, to federal authorities yesterda .0 begin serving prison terms fo defrauding (he former Mayfiel State Bank of 5169,000. The 45-year-old former Republi can legislator was sentenced t five years in prison and his brothe to three years. They were involve in'a scheme involving the misus of checks with a former ban prison term. Slock Market Sluggish • NEW YORK WI -. The stoc the price of newsprint have market was .a sluggish affair to • • • - •• (jjy m early' dealings. Price moved fractionally either way an occasionally got to a point. Sees Agreement Closer WASHINGTON —(INS)—.Secre- ary of State John Foster "Dulles aid today he expects the Geneva conference next week to bring Rusia and the west closer to agreement on the unification of .Germany. Dulles emphasized at a news con- erence that he does not expect a settlement of the problem immediately. But he said he believes the Big Four foreign- ministers' alks will make progress toward reunification. The secretary said he.,shared Vice President Richard M. Nixon's view .that the Geneva meeting ofr 'ers more opportunity for practical steps, than ...other recent, confer- nee. He pointed out that the "summit" meeting of the Big Four chiefs of state last July was riot designed o take action but merely to create a conciliatory spirit. Dulles noted that President Eisenhower said after that meeting hat the foreign ministers' conference could provide the acid test of he "spirit of Geneva!" There was no bubbling optimism n the secretary's forecast and he said that neither he nor the President ever had shared the extreme lopes that were raised in some quarters by the summit meeting. ie said some of these hopes went icyond practical possibilities.. 'Continued on Page- 2, Col. 4) Red Journalists Arrive For Visit In United Slates NEW YORK (fl—Seven journa- ists from Soviet Russia have arrived here to have a look at "every- .hing worth seeing — the best of .hings." Boris Nikolaevich Kampov-Pole- voy, secretary of the governing board, of the Union of Soviet Writers, told reporters who met him aboard the liner He de France yesterday: "Of course it is not easy to see as big and great a country as America in a month, but we shall try not to sleep too much." Skies Clear Over East Flood Areas By The Associated Press Skies, were clear over most of the flood-stricken northeast 'section' today after several days .of rain. Only a few areas reported rain this morning. Light rain or drizzle frill in sections of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Florida and along the Oregon coast. . Cloudy weather prevailed over ide areas of the Great Lakes region and the middle Mississippi and Ohio valleys. ;' . Eden Calls Cabinet Meeting Over Goldfish Bowl Romance . LONDON. W-The British Cabinet and the royal family gathered outsider could-foretell. There was some hope, bill little expectation, that it would result in an immediate public statement of some kind to clear the. air. • •'.'"•• '•>:>. . Meanwhile, the 25-year-old'prin- for »n'audience with Queen'Eliza- beth II «t'Buckingham Palace. The Queen, arriving home.-from ... • . ,, . .. , • , J lie *r, u *"<- ll l alilyllig Mi/.t,*-..»t w,.' made his presence fell by declaring ncr , umm cr vacation in Scotland, was expected to have a family con- Ellubfthlnd Princess Margaret, What would come of all this no for separate' talks today on how to deal with'the rising uproar over the goldfish-bowl romance of Princess Margaret and Peter Town send. .,..-• • • . • '••• Prime Minister Eden called an artcrnoon meeting of the. Cabinet cess, caught in the middle of'» big at his official residence, No. -10 love vs. duty debate, appeared,, to Downing St., and tonight was due be suffering tronl.a'slight c»st of 'There were' spreading- whlspefi. that, under Increasing •pressure, she might decide alter all tp give „„.,„.,, „ up her Royal Air Force ? hero of fcrcncc Inter with licr-luisbnml the the Battle of Britain,'Who will b« Duke of Edinburgh, Queen Mother 41 next month, He Is the dlyorctd- father of two children, A

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