Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 7, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 7, 1927
Page 3
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J. • ' THE lOLA PAILY REGISTER. WEDNESDAY KVENTNG, IjECEMBER 7, 1527. 1 PAGE THREE. TheHorrille unit of the Women's Farm Bureau U meeting this afternoon at the home ol Mrs, Lyd- la AuBtiti, north ofjpla,' Color and .design.Jja applied to tlrcBS accessories is being studied under the leadership of Miss Anna Peaiher^- 0. K. S. t —O. E. S. Clu f ub >reetlnK. ! will meet Krliiiiy jrfterhoon,* December 9, at the home of MrH. J ..rU. Klrj, Gift shower for chlldrcu at Masonic Home under' 1« years of age. —Mn Dlxou. cialiHt.' will be Hhor; Slom'Frid; suit him for .'lU ..Ira n.: Kelley was a business dsitor In Kansas City yesterday. * r * * • rJleclion of officers., ilicensed foot spe- at the Kconomy y this week. Con- foot allmeiits. Mr. aud Mr*. A Jl- Kirk wi-nl to Cliy ihiH inorfiln« on u business and plea.sur-e trip. They expect to return homo tomorrow night. .—For Real Ksiate Loans see the SeturJty Bide. ,4' lonn Assocfiiilon. lola, K H Office in First .Vatl. pnJt. ROUXD.OAK IIly.tTL-KS Cenuinc P. D. Bockwlth Heaters I'ricxd to Clo-se Out 16-lnch square base, 160.00 value W'.OO IS-inch, square ' base, mso value V»M J^rge size Peninsular circulating heater ..$7S.OO A. It. SiMper Fumlturf Co. Held as Slayers Ifini. Perin— 5 i;eat<^A Uond Clittir , -^"Vaii's Bread." good as ever. —Dr. .1.' T. Rcid, Surgery and .Sl-ray. Phone 357. Miss FHnnie I.,a\>fon. of Freilonia., Kans., drove to Ib'la yesterday <(> spend a few days wiih her sister. Mrs. O. \\: Holmes and Mr. Holmes, of 310 South Cottonwood street. ! I Gold leitetinif. - Tlie Register does all of gold: lettering at moderate prices. -rr-rnsiPt/oii tlic new I'lirity lee'ifi buying leather fjooUs for pirist- ; Cream made 1>y r.ejini'ti uf Ottawa j mas gifts, keep us! in mind. •; BW I froze in our plant. J'urlty • . . . rl^rreamery Co. 1 (jirj „i Thanks. ' , . ~ , . , ! — «> wisli to thank our, ire la• Mts.s Velnia Tunn-r. a saleslady - . .... rt at Krcsses. wlio has hoen ill .sinci" Kridiiy of last ucrk. was aWc to. l.-e back at (lie stoiv this- tiioriiiiig. liVf.-!. friends and neighboi-s for iht^ir kindness shown to us during the-•^•il:knoss and death of our hus- ii»anil and father: also fnr xhc beaii- - T 4 i. . i «owei-s.—.Mrs.. Fred Kfamer Vm.. Penn-.i cenls A <.o(id (l!:ari;,mi family. ] DEER CREEK ni>c. ^1.- Mr; 'Mrs. \Vi!s(.;i hay*' moved l«i tnmake th'j.r. home. li. I). \'IU,'.\ I Kas i.all.d her.-'^"^'^''fi''' 'J^''!- ''^'^ from .Califoniial on uifount of his | .Mi^ and .\iis. Ciarvn; c c^niitli wife's illness. He .-i>ends part <i!'<liildrei! callid on .\r. and 'Slv.-.'linn' with his sister. .Mrs. Stiri-; i-fin.Jcii Fridav .'V .'jiiii:.'. ^on. i I>v. and Mrs. ti. \V. Shachvitk .Mrs. Millard Crook ami Mr.-. !W»-re iiue^ts of .\lva ^"liadwiek's ifarl Keadel sp-ut Tuesilay \ • Tli:i;,k.-^giviiig. • evputnu with Mr. and Mrs. Santiand Friday^ on account of-iThanks-!l:eing good: ami that he ^^^ou!d visit ;Ta?ga'ri at.a i>:irt'. rive", at their'giving. . . • " ithem all at the .•n.-hool They h':s;e ^VihH- (i.iv .vi'riiiii;. Scllool has. be<in in session only) liopc he will bring them ji treat. • .Sli;,divi.k i.-^ Jie 'iiii .'i; -Mr. f'fieen days this month <.n account i 'Report^ of Deer Creek school tor of the .Vove.mber holidays. flrade- cards werv ;;ivfi! •u the month of .Vovj^mberi Enrol!- ! o!it iiitnt. glr}s-i. )»o.vsS. total 12; av- ^VednesdayaI:d.everyone was wtU.era.ce daily attendame; .11 T-lTi. i/.leasedl with his grades. i Those neither t.Trdy nor absen*. •; "\Vc are-maki:'.;!; .scrap books f()r|were: Clarsincc Smith, Huby Con- illusrrations in physiology and i well. Riil^ard ! AValkerr ' .Marion 'Wynn. Jeiuiie Coiiwell. .Jaiiios •"Walk, f....- f....;li„ t\'.^ii.^... t 'l , /-I .1 , I their motliir. .Mrs. \Ving!«r. ; Tile ijirJs" and boys'-l-ll i lulis of ialliM> it'arly!,' mi-t at the school lio'ii:;e to >-iiia dab songs. .lolin \Vilkei->oti lro(ii Weldu ati I .Mr. Wi'ke)son from Ccdnny visiitd with .\lr ami .Mrs. Siiii>oii t-iiuday afteriiDori. .Mr-'. Win^'b r'spent nui- day last ffty.k .will) ii«-r dairj^liter. •.Mrs.Carl Rea<l'-l. .Mr. aiid Mrs. ..Shadwii k and.^Riitli and .Miss Tai;garf .sj-i-nl a .idfJrsan'* •Mr. and M:s. K.' I. .Maili. ;• w.i-..' at Shadwirli'- Tliurs'lay. .M:--. Siluo'i <'ox sji 'Iil TUfslay Willi .Mrs Sli:isoM. Mr. ''ox bellied , Ml. S'ii.'^'oi Imli-he)-. <••'..ji- \Vv!iti I'titi i;i i lionie this • «••<!; ir-iMi tile M.iiit:i::'| ,!i;:rvest, . fields ' of. tlie fanner •. ar on the new ;:;avel n.a.d •'••.ni|--ivf Curlyle * from I or. Lucille Walker. Floyd CotuveU: ^a'"^^'"' »°'sive relief wheji wiirliin:; {;c-oKraphy classes. A number were absent s<V>ol Wednesday on act-oiint of i and Ora liivtnoii.—Opal; Tag^arf. the ivid weather. iTeacher. " • • Richard Walter was al)sent; Vina t'oiuvell. Loriis'Wialker and Thursday bocaiise of illness. i N'orman Kettle siopjieii ;i( the '.The teacher ar.d piipilS are plan-• sehool house Tii"sday cvrnin?. ijin^' a Christmas prcigraip and «'.\-i On Monday Jiio'rniugs sfor opeii- peetitm to have u 'connDHiiiiy •; im; oxereise.s we have Bible Verses: ; Christmas tree. !oii Weiisesday niornin.iss, funny : liiifliic''Shad'.vick meived a let-1 rbynie.". aivl on Frijlay^. cnrriiit tier from Santa .^tuiouncing that ho!events. .' • Sure Relief for Sore Throat ! , ({uicker thau GurgJng . . ' Wiiy suffer pain, soreness or dis- i.comfort while waiting for slow- Hot'r < r«'ek Seiidiil \<tlv>. liid I'a.. gotten as far as and that he hail S.hool .u .mis. 1 T!i.:rMh.yirm.;< boys and ;;irls on his list .lobnBtown, the : Ileer as • No visitors member tliat welC(>nie. ; a physician's prescription called Thoxine is guaraijtee'd to relieve in l.'i minute.^'.' It acts on a he^ i.heory. .(JniV swallow . taken internally- i;oes direct to die cause. Contains: iio chloroform, iron «r other harm-; fnl, drugs. Safo and pleasant for ih" wliole famil.v. Always ask for. Tho.xine—niuch better than gargles .1.: ..w .-.r 1 . ! and initent mediiincs. .15c, 60c, and tl IS momb.-biiL re-, .„„„^^ money-back Ms.tjrs arc alway.s , ^.uarantce-of nulck relief.—Sold by iho Evans Store. Roy 'Wenrlch (top) and his , year-old brother, Robert, of TVest- i Brownsville, .Pa., are held as the players of Louis O. Xnapp and Paul K. Fox, coal and Iron policemen, when the officers endeavored to arrest occupants -of two bootleg automobiles. ' Authorities charge the t^o men headed a sang that distributed liquor in. three states. ». I!(M."M> (lAK. IIK.VTKKS > iU-wpw i'. I). B P. kwilh lleat- CIS Priced to Close Out •' 16-inch stiii.are .basf. • $60.0\i A-alue l-M'M • IS-inch. square biwo. • , |«9..iO value." _.i?.'>S.OO *. .Large size IVnin.siilar circulating heater -_i?7T».0(> • - . • • A. fl. Sleeper Furniture Co. Miss Fay?'' Duly spi:nt Sunday . Hlth her parents. .Mr. and Mrs. J M- Imly, in Kihcaid.' She i.s u sales lady at the Kress store. ) — Mr, ilixon, lii-eiised foot spe- <'!alisi.. will'be at '-the Kconom.v Shoi' Store Friday this week. .Coii- Htilt him for <iir foot ailments. -'-Speei.'il rrdnction on all flats ;Mid Cori-;ases. ,l->l\vards Millinery. -O. L. Cox. .M. D. Specialist, ^ ; ICye. Ear. .\ose and Throat ^ Mrs. Fred Denton and son, Har- ^lOld. left this afternoon in their car 'for Paola to, join .Mr. Denton "for a few days visit. They expwi to fto to Kansas City before returning honici -Mrs.: Corrine Walls Davis and daughter,. Ljiietta .May. of hule pendence. Hgltei -I I'aintina and Papering. CLACDK ROfi. Wm. Penn—•» iTht»- A (ioodj Clgnr We know Bakery Products arc good, , But Have You Tried burs? VA.N iioozEirs. .Miss .losi'jili- . meeting will || |S-ek. Dei em- .i| aflerntion to .grandiiothcr K'lan.-as. I'ame yesterday visit Ui'eir mother and .Mr.*." .Maggie Wells. —Dr. t.;ucy K. Poison, Chiroprac- .Vorthrup illdg. Phone 326. -iHemstiteUinK and Picotinc. 2u;» Casl street. Mrs. Frank RuSsell.; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Reed, of 217 iSouth Oak street, left yesterday on a business trip to Pitt.sburg. Parsons and (Jirard. '• • —Mineral P'oed for hogs, caltle and chickens at H. C. .McKinney Feed Store. ! . Atfcnflon Elks. —All meniberSiOf lola Lodge Xo. 569 tueet' at! lodge rooms Thursday afteriioon. 2:30 p. m. sharp to at-| t^nd funeral^ of Brother Clias. Marsh. . Elks Service will be giv. n at the grave. • FRA.VK: M C C ARTHY, K. R. F. L. B. I.EAVEI.L, M. 1).: • Special attention given Dis- * . easi>< iif Colon and liectum. • Klertio-l'hyr-iotherapy • Offi<e lola state Bank BIdg. • Phones—117 and 7f)."> ' * • * * • --MV can till . every ii|-.-d in' —If you want to buy or build. Radios, six tube, om- dfal se:is. iv.*. city or suburban property. The lola K. C. Klectric and Plumbing Co. Huilding <t f.oan .Association will make you a loan, low rate. 'With, the purpose in view of advertising the VnJversity of Kansas "16 the various eouniy high sch<fols rejirescuted' on the campus, the first meeting in 1927 of the County Club organizations was held at K V. yesterdity morning. The clubs which wero. orgaiUzed elected a president, ivice-president. secre- taTy-lreasUrcr. in the folhnving or(ipv: Dorcas Millei-. Ksther C'oghill and Bob Clark.. • po commission. See O. E. Pees. Secretary, at old Register building, southwest corner of square. —Dr. Montgoipery, Chiropractor, lola Laundry BIdg. ' Phone.138. ENTERPRISE Dec. 2.—The G. E. C. met With | Mrs. Lager on Wednesday, -Vdveni- J b«^ SO. The day wa.s spent jiioc- ing riuilt blocks. Mrs. Charlea- jKidd became a member of the dub ' 'at this meetiixa:. Little . Charles Kidd. jr.. was >;iv.-ii'a showtr. The i members pre«eiii. 'ivero:. Mesdaines ! Ba^nhari. BiiKeriield. Smith, Cod- i sey. Sicka. Peck". ,Ruth Preston. ! May Preston. Kidd; and tlit hostess. Mr."!. Lager. Visitors wercr Leslie Biitterfield. Frances* May j and I>ee Preston. Charles and Rob- • ert Kidd, Doitlthy .lean an<l Buster, Baeten, .Mrs. Kclna Iliaeten and .•Hr.s. Jack SmiHt and Ine Lager. The next In.' with Mys C.raei- |S-ck. Deteni ! bet^ 11. at which there will he a! I Christmas grab'bag. Roll ea"ll will | i b(! responded to with a Christmas i jverije. .. ; I 1 .Mr. and .Mrs. itoy Hayes, .Mr. and .Mrs. Alto Ling and Kenneth ami ; .Miss Helen Ling ate Thanffsgiving ] I dinner »t the Butteriield home. In ilhe aftdrnoou' -Mrs. . H^iyesj .Mrs. Ling and Kenneth. Mrs.f Biitrei- ficld, .loscidyu, Leslie and Francis • Butlcrfield and Helen Ling called j at the.home o£ Mr. and Mrs.;Oscar| Stuckey. . . ; We extend our heartfelt symiia-' thy to Rev. aiul .Mis. .\. L. Vuzle j in their deep sorrow in the loss of: their only child. -Mrs. C. -M, Cort--; ner, wlio passeil away last Satur- ', day nighit. L- M SO to the Fred Kra- ! mer family in the loss of their bus- / band and lather. .Mr. Kramer has! lived in the Liberty neighlwrhood, just north: of our district, 'for a nutnber q( years, but at the time of his death was making his home i in iola. .Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Peck and family visited Sunday afternoon with .Mr. and Mrs. .\rza Hayes and family. J. W.Cloud's cousin. Mrs. Mary Port. of.CIex-elaiid. Ohio, lias been visiiing the lihst week with Mr. and Mr.-i. Cloud. [ . • Mr. and Mi-s. Bert Hayes and Blanche and Karl spent Thanksgiving with A. C. Hayes and his family. . .Mr. and Mrs. Jolin Cloud were Thanksgiving guests of .Mr. and .Mrs. Homer Teals and children. Mr. and Mrs. Alto Lin? and Kenneth called at the parentaC Hutter- field hom« Sunday. j Mm. Penii-,'! rt'iil* B. Conley and son. Conley. of lA 'avenworth, Kans., came toda.v to attend the funeral of Charley Marsh to be held tomor- 'I 'ow iiftcrnoon at I he First Presby• . iH-rian church at'.'t o'cloek. Mr. Con\ l.'ood CiKiir ley quiivt-nna^tit ol" the .Valioiiul ! Military Himie .-n l.e.avenworth. Rev. Nathaniel Thomas, an Kng- WiUler ; lish clergyman of prominence, has just published his first novel at the ago of M. CloMie> HiMiriince Ri 'guldr dry (leaning this winter will help your suit or oven-oat to live through the next. Phone ior>. t Ableson' Cleanm * ; .-Dr. A. M Twadell, 0.ste<Hiatli. * , New t;iob^- BIdg. Phone li»l. ,-r-We pay 6"' on FullPaid and •* lltiBtallment Stock. The best invcst- jment. the best method 'lo' save/ Jieenrity Bldif. i I-oan As !<nrlati «n, loin. KHn>iiis. Wni. Penn ,'» cent»^ A UonA Cigar —Telephone your Classified Adi to 18. i—4 room hoti? j|as. son.i-'ii IS'-: We-;t M.-.di-. • city water and Hawthonie. PJ»rM \TH»N NftlJI I., In the inattei or i,'"- ;i |'l'ii<':!'i '';i "i' the Kajisas .riiliii '>.-i Ciinii-;:av loi' approvii,! jot'.' piai:-! : peeiiit ati<iii.-< flii.I lociil on ol" a I'loposed :i:'..t.Mi(i volt trauRmission line to vini from Humboldtl to Yates -tpenter. Kansas. Dockft .Vo. a'A4. -.The above .entitled niatter has been assi.gtled foi hearing before the' Commission iii the City of Humboldt, ilvan.'-as, «ii Tuesday. December 115. 1P27. :u ?:Oft A. -M. C. H.!.BE.\sd .N. '-, [SoalJ Seqretary ' Public Scrviee Commission. ' - - • ! • > 4"""""" POPHAM'S f ASTHMA REMEDY I Prompt and PoiitWs Relief In E»ery k Sold by Drucsi«.«. PriratlM. , Tri*l Packasv br H«tl 10c. Mf;6.C0.,Prop. ClndaBd .0.f I?RO^'N'S DRI1G STORE THERE'S NONE BETTER Whole or Half , 24c Pound. M.&M. MARKET Meat That You Can Eat Neckt les ^Innutnerable stripes and flowered e£Fects in a va* riety of new colors and smart 'patterns make it as much a. pleasure to choose Neckties here as it is to receive two or three of them on Christinas morning. "' r 50c to $3.50 THE GLOBE THREE MORE DAYS OF FRENZIED SELLING AND MAMMOTH SALE WILL HAVE PASSED INTO HISTORY—THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN SAVINGS WILL HA VE GONE OUT TO THE PEOPLE. j NOW COME^THREED AYS OF TERI^IFIC SUBSTANTIAL P^ICE SLASHING. Tomorrow, Friday and Men's Dress Shirts One bijr lot of Men's antl Boys' I)ress Shirts, Neckband Style; values to $2.00 one to u customer at only 25c Friday Morning Special—Ladies $L00 Silk Hose .\T O.NLY lOo pair VVAl \\\m <v\ Your Mi.n Ikn for an Karly Rise and lA -avc the Breakfast Di.xhes in the Sink. Uidies. lie here at 9 sharp when the doors- open. First 25 ladies only—one pair to a cu.stomer. '} ' ' Bo3's* Hats, Values 50c, 75c, $L00 .\ jjreat value in Boy.s'Wool Felt Hatis-^)ne special lot of off .^tyle. .1(1 hats, sale price 10c Men's Handkerchiefs 15c value in plain white hem.stitched and fanc.v bordered hand kerchief. Sale price Men's Unionsuits -A yreat value in ecrn lol.- ored ctjnihed cotton iil<- bed Uniofi.suit.s. Special jlt only I.NTEUWOVE.N HOSK Pun: Thread Silk Hti.vr wdi-ldV miJl.s. at made by the Ki 'eatc .U hu.sicry Dark lolor.s only Men's;;' \. Neckwear : Men's ^1.00 = neAv (<.ur- in-hand tic^of neWljcau- Overalls - lil'ul silks. . E .xtTH cial at only iSpe- i)ur Wig Smith, e.xtra (juaiity Overalls and Jumj)ers. 2:20 blue den^ ini. color, triple, stitched. Sale price MEN'S FINE We hat'e ailrieady - done six 'months^business in Men's Fine Suits and why-not? The quality of materials is superb and the prices exceptionally reasonable. We extend our cordial invitation to every particular man to coime, see, and buy his suit.. The "Roberts-Wicks," Rico Rochester and Frat lin^s are represented. Values $22.50 to $40. Sale prices range from $17.95 to$31.95 We Are Still Sellin Men^ Men's and pToung is Suits At.-.^ $5.95 Men's and Youngr Men's Overcoats $6.95 Values up to $35.00 MEN'S FINE O'GOATS Our original : announc.ement brought thfe men in crowds to select their overcoat, and they are declaring this to be the best overcoat sale they ever attend^ed and it is because of the wonderful styles (rich materials and supieridr vvorkmanship). Gordon, Rico Rochester, RobeliTs- Wicks Overcoats, S22.50i to^ $40 value. Sale price— .95to$3L95 Co.

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