The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 16, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 16, 1948
Page 3
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WEDNKSDAY, JUNE 16, 1948 Utilities Group Elects Officers State Association End* Convention for Arkansas Operators HOT SPRINGS. Art., J, mc 1 6 . _ tUF)—Clmrlcs II. Thorpe of Little Rock was elected president of the Arkansas Uti.'itles Association ves- ferclny at the closing session of "the organization's two-day convention. He succeeded c. L. Leighton of DeQucen. Charles T. Evans of the Little Rock office of the Arkantus Power and Light Co., was elected secretary. Jle succeeded R. E. Ritchie, also of Litllc Rock, who had served for n years. Thorpe is assistant manager of the Little Hock District of the Arkansas-Louisiana Gas Co. A native of Philadelphia, he moved to Little Rock in ion lo W01 . k for the ol( , Little Hock Gas and Fuel Co. On July 6, 1011, he opened the valve which turned natural gas into Little Rock pines for the first time. In 1918 he \vas promoted from ~^ u lll> - '^^ i '-^ "* muit < micro[ foreman to gcn( , rl ,i I more people," he said, superintendent nf the Little i Se( ' s H' 1 """" 1 for Electricity Rock ga.i system, H position he held! A engineer pre- until his recent elevation to assist-1 ant manager of the Little Rock Dis-1 trict. COURIER NEWS Elected by AUA ^riv Charles H. Thorp* nothing." The speaker declared there is no example surplus on land left in tills country, and pleaded for a halt to the waste of land and water. "We must start rebuilding the productivity of land so it can and will meet the needs of more and Editor HJ.S election Is S[M?aker followed addresses by E. s. Pettyjohn, director of the Institute of Gas Technology of. - - „ Chicago. 111., and Edgar H. nixon, ito increase and expand its facilities president of the Electric Power and in the face of a downward trend In A dieted thai by 1957 power gcncrat- companies will have lo increase Iheir facilities by more than 80 per cent to fil their customers' needs. The speaker was Tomlinson Fort. 'The utility Industry," Port declared, 'will not tie able to continue One Killed, 3 Hurt, 1 Missing i In Train Wreck RIVES, Tenn, June 16. (UP) — One trainman wns dead, another missing and presumed dead, and three injured today after a fast Illinois Central freight train plowed into the rear ol a slow lo freight here yesterday. The «!ow freight ivru pulling off a siding on the main track when the fast train rounded a curve an.! smashed into the last car, a loaded gasoline tanker. The tnnkrr burst into flames and set fire to moat of 1!) derailed curs. The fire hindered rescue work and U wax believed the missing man was burned to death. Illinois Central officials said the known dead man wi« II. T. Douglass about 61, of Memphis, Tean., engineer of [ho last train. Missing and presumed dead was H. L. Newton of Fulton, Ky., head Imikcnmn of the slow freight. Most seriously injured was \Vii- lard Bard of Cairo. III., who was deadheading to Fulton. Ky. He suffered third-degree burns. The other injured were D. 13. SU'phenson of Fulton, uiakeman of the fast train, nnd W. C. Lenkc ol Memphis. Both were treated for burns and Leake .suffered a broken leg. Repair crews exacted lo have the Scuthlxjunrl main line clear of debris by this morning. The Northbound tracks wete expected to be blocked until later today. Seniors in Life Saving Swim Course j •' » .N. 'lucre were- 120 first class uoi'.iiiiK'r.-i, mi'Hiiig at 10 a.m., 43 .second cliua bcKlniieri at 10:30; 90 InlcrmMliate swimmers »t 11 and H Junior life saving sludenU, abw mcotliiR at 11. Visited bj K«l Cru.w Official A. K. Jackson, nekl rcpre.wnta- (>n. for Hie American Red Cro-,s Mld-Wrstcni ai-pii, ot St. Louis, was at the pool yesterday while classes were in x>-"!!ic,ss (i/ut voiced his approval nnd complimented local rlr 1 '-* MM i] u . daises and Ih? tnan- I" which they were being cou- Uictcd, ium-ii who were assisting with stration were Mis., ft L. 1)C(I- iiun and Mrs. J IH .J, Robinson; Mrs. iju-k \vlmi', Mrs. Dick I/OKUII, Mrs. J, W. Adams, Jr., Mrs. Alvin Huff- mnn, Jr. Mrs,. Albert Taylor, Mrs Hymn Moore, Mrs. Chnrle.s Rumbo, Miss Sue SlaiificJil, Miss Niincy Damon, Mlv> Mary Amen, Mlsj Jean Dcdman, Juno Slires, Cilllieit Uisher and Franklin Henson assisted In the water. Hjr (lie flist time .since the Siim- "ii'i bwimming programs were in- PAGE THRE1 th« claim will bt dueled on Saturday th» other day«, Mr». WhlUitt ed Uxlajr. Hou<ch«U Mint Place a piece of iwtheniv* Up* o* the end of a curtain rod to "•>- It easier to run the rod throt^h th* hem and prevent tearing ot tb» curtain. Light Corp. of New York. Clarence F. Byrns, Port Smith editor, told the delegates that the , measure of net income." Port predicted that average use of | electricity on farms would jump a, civilization is what | from 2.500 kilowatt hours last year to at least 4.000 in 1957, and that small business and small industries would increase their use of power from 38 billion kilowatt hours In 1047 to 58 billion ten years from now r . people do with their resources of soil, water and human personality. . "What people do with other pro• blems is important, often interesting and scrutinies vital to their immediate and future welfare." . Byrns said. -But what the do with these i Heavy industry, lie said, will go up' f gsgr^x^us;^ 1 %zx gar hours *»» "•• ! '• Republican Official Says GOP 'Smoke-Filled Room' Is Myth Loftin Would f ~* • ^ CUt 75 to 25 Five swimmers and two instructors are shown at Walker Park Poo], where (hey l"" course n senior ,,(e savin,. The course, cover,,,* „ ,„,„, of „,„,„. wtt IponloreU by „,„ tnct of the American Hcd Cross and the Chickusuw Athletic Glut,. Jr mw w, ra " Ct ' S S " C Ur ' :llU ' J0 "" U ' ucc Wlls0 "' M1 « Mllr >' ° r., , ,„, walker. Whor.on X. Hnwx.ns. „,« ,*,*,,« H. H,,rt. Mr. Kiltutt and Miss Vivien,,, Urucl™. ' "" d ™ n "7 1 " 1 1JV Mr ' W " S "" " ml M ' M AUCC S "' 11)a ' All ol those completinR the class will be eugaitcd In siimjiier activities whicli will utilize their life-savin,; training. Miss Bright will beacoun- cellor at a gins camp in Hardy, Ark., Miss Gray and Mr. Walker »y. wear MIloU Moore were In-' *«t,r safety ,,,- son ami Mr. Klliolt arc expected to continue their work us instructors In the slimmer prdnnm of swimming classes at the ptx>l. Don Wright partially completed the course, and will he [-ranted a PHILADELPHIA. June 10. (UP) —A Republican official said today that the coming GOP convention "will bury for all time the myth that Republican presidential nominations are decided in a 'smoke filled room.'" Walter s. Hallanan, chairman of the Republican National Convention Arrangements Committee, said 1 in a speech prepared for delivery at a committee meeting that *the ''smoke filled room" story was nothing more than a smear." the LITTLE; ROCK. .Jrune ie. (UP> n initiated act to reduce the num- | tl . -:;r of counties in Arkansas from 75 | - j to 25 was proposed today by gubernatorial candidate Bob Ed Loftin of ]-Y>rt Smith. Loftin promised lo sponsor an act which he said would let the people decide if they want to reduce tile cost of slate government. Ho estimated the move would cut governmental costs in half. "With Ihis havings we 'i V, ', " llll! «•"«'«'. ano win DC [•ranted a be We B ,,,i,-,is at the Air Base certificate, which entitles holder to Poo; Mr. Hawkins, life guard at enroll in an instructor's course w »" ! «!' Pnrlt, Mr. Burt will iiiaii.\°c when he finishes clnssw -.^ "-' «r. Wil- I After H,, senior llfe-savlng e,a., Sl , were completed, beginner, Intermediate nnd Junior life Having .swim- mini! courses were commenced, under the leiulwslilp of Airs. Hunh Whitsltt. water safely chairman for the chapter. Yesterday 3GQ children attended the swimming classes, lielns taught by Miss Moore, and Miss Anne Crook .assisted by 15 women and Pretty Divorcee Leorns-the Hard Way-Some Men Can't Be Trusted CHICAGO. June 10. (UPl—TheV pretty brunette divorcee told the Slo judge she met the handsome rail- to help liuild it', niil^lion he'st'oT - 0 ". 1 ' 1 !;,™!!.. ,. n . k . cin ?.'} llbo!ml n train. She ; ped writing, nnd w | lcll nc r ' nll |,,, will be a "free and o(>en" nffair in which the will of the rank-and- file Republicans will prevail. "There will be no blitzkriegs or i of thc'stato imneccssary'now' with steam rollers in this convention." (improvements 'in communications he said. Our convention will not and transportation." be any cut-and-dried affair." j Loflln also said he would propose Hallanan's committee met k> put' a reduction of taxes on a large the finishing touches on final plans ' number of commodities, for the convention. His group is:' "I feel that the other eight can"vicious political'" 1 chllr B c °' housing, tickets, seat- ' didatcs in the race will either be ing arrangements and the usual del- ' unable to fulfill their pledges lo i n't." make the needed reforms on the j didn't know he was married. ! to call iiic"wlu'ii he cnme to towri schools, roads, adequate old age us- j Miss Susan Stockdale, V.8. said ! I got suspicious." sistance...on less than the present i it was lust October, when she met i She said slip went to rCvaiisv lie revenue," he declared. i William L. Lloyd, si, aboard a I where she learned Hint Llovd has "1 believe the original subdivision ; Chicago and Eastern Illinois pas- been married for 13 years niiri IK scnser train. I the father of two boys, "I was colng to Tennessee to soe ! She came home nnd swore out my mother," she said. "I guess 1 a fugitive warrant clmrginR Lloyd was ^lonely. n c seemed awfully with operating a confidence gome "'"'" •, , In collrt t( "'»y. she told Judge She said she was "cautious." -.......— .. "I asked him i^ he was married," she said, "nnd he told me he was- IXMISCS for a four-day .stay. "He has n Rpnnlsli-soundlDi; name," Dotty said, but she wouldn't tell what It Is. "1 hear they like blondes In Solllh America. Muyuo I can make myself a deal." Meanwhile. In Duylonn Deacli, Danny Wicker was a forgotten man as far as Dotty w as concerned. He stayed behind his bar, mixing "Dorothy IjuvUir" cocktails tut the cus- lomers In his modest bistro. Business was still brisk. has I c sa'e-alternate badges. It has beer "We all know that smear MB;> i - - -• been invented, nourished and]"" th e job since last Fall spread by willful propagandists with ! He snirt that, for the first time New Deal axes to grind," he said.!"' history, a national 'It never had any foundation in : will be televised and ™rvivp nd |,Mrfp "/'i 1110 ^ ! "."1 VV '" " ot ' c| Pated that more than 5,000,000 Charles Dougherty: "Your honor. I don't want to see .and 7 'family? aU"'^ lch ^Tv Sl ' leS mi " dc <'. «» to 50, and when- 1 lesson." „ :1 into Chi-j The Jsid'cc offered to put I nc called her up and they < oil probation for two years If ho' • i r I convention! " : am nlso coming out with a I went out together, when he WHS- j would pay bnck the «BOO Lloyd said i' f ° r >V()m en selected. "it is anli- i definite program favoring veterans', n't in Chicago, he wrote her let-! he would, at $25 per month i Write, give phone to Suite .an 5,000,000 ^!:?ll i0 r;^^ he ,J?™^^^.lT.:! tC . r ^ _..,, ....... . i. 'Then you're 0,1 probation,- the \ 225, Kallimorc Bid*., " the people or will have to make a I A romance flowered. substantial increase in state taxes,"] ever Lloyd's train pullcc Refined Woman my!^' • inindcil, ;15 to 5u, KIKHI j character references, for pcr- ; Loftin declared am also coming cago. went !" mander of the Veterans of Foreign hro esery activityj>i O ur convention." scientific development." Woman Expecting 22nd Baby Builds House by Herself to Escape Eviction Birmingham Negroes Ask Folsom for Protection Against Klansmen, Police Birmingham, Ala,, June 16.— (UP) —A Negro organisation today called , m Qov. Jarnes E. Folsom to protect I Birmingham Negroes from the Ku I Klux Klnn and to investigate the! 1 deaths of six Negroes, allegedly . , 1Ill:11 vuu ,.,. pronauon" the "He said he was building a home Judge said. "Workini; on the mil .r n^ In T7i-ni>..i-iii n T.-JIJ -.*i__i i r _ , .. . for us In Evansville, Ind." Miss ' road, for a long time to come." Blond Hcjtcheck GirS Carries Search For WeH-Heeied Hubby to Dominica MIAMI. Pla., June 16. -_<UPl — Dorothy L'awlor gave up on the United States today in her hunt for cash on the barrelhead. phis, Tcnn. sojourn with tavern-' owner Danny Wicker in Daylona . ' -..-... ...- 11^1 jjtuiij j ii n,r>i.-i in l_IHVLUJUl husband with SID.OOH. The New i Beach, the New York divorcee was York hatehcck girl was ready to apparently tired of publicity. She. Republic. her quest to the Dominicr.i The 38-year-old mother looked [self with a pick and shovel and in happy. Tins next, baby—it's onlyj'he back yard Is a .ID-foot well two months away—can grow up in which she added as an after- fa good settled home without that thought. constant fear of having to move, | M". Pope told the doctor that £he -W'd. I the first of her mood of 17 boys Mrs. Pope is a matter-of-fact Rnfi four B lrls ^wiie when she •woman and her story might never Wlls J llst 13 years old. have come to light, "if she hadn't But she's looking forward to hav- visited n doctor to see about a ! il] S 'his 22nd baby. It will be the backache. The doctor got her to ' firsl ' of hcr family to have a real tell what she had done. Last August, she said, she decided the only thing to do was to spend her nest-egg on a lot nnd building materials and put up a house for the 13 children who remain of the 21 she has borne. When she found out that another was one the way, she only redoubled her efforts. The lot nnd materials took all the money. So she d;d all the work herself, except for laying the foun- home of its own. Dcpciid (in IVagrance White flowers have a stronger fragrance than colored onej;. Insects, which pollinate flutters, are attracted to colored blooms by their bright hues, but white [lowers must depend upon their Iracrance for their attraction. the hands of police, in the past 60 days. -The Negro Citizens Defense Committee addressed the petition io FoJsom and Attorney Gen. A. A. 5U ,, or thc , e She had The group cited a raid on a Negro girl scout camp by a band of white arlved here in a "disguise"—no makeup and her hair in two six- Dotty turned up here last night j inch pintails. For a while she i with mi airlines ticket to Cfmlnd! ivoiiMn't even admit that siie was Trujillo, D.R.. and indicated Hint! the gal who had advertised for a' she'd had an offer from n new I well-heeled hubby. Finally she broke down and said reservation on Pan' she was Dotty Ltiwlor, all right But American Airways' 1 a.m. ESTJ she wasn't talking about her latest ;„«, ^ j ---,.-.,.. _ „ >.- flight, but she was forced to cancel! prospect. She said she'd wait nrirl robed and hooded men last week | It and spend the night here when it! see what he's like andisairt Negro citizens are "gripped | turned out she did not have the! "He cabled me a ticket and said ' fCarS d .« t0 the no"*""? vta. he wanted I. see me.' she said ™U- apparent failure or inability of officers to render effective protection to Negro citizens of the comity." The petition listed as killed by police within the past two months Ike Mud/on. John Johnson, Marlon Frank?rn Noble, Lott Vergas, John Ward and Dave Wilson. OIIAKP m-r« ,-, IJoUy said she would get the travel papers today and take off on tonight's flight lo see if her Dominican suitor has the necessary $10.000, Eyangelist and Husband j Held for Beating Child, 6, ' Obtained from Baby Farm '. i COLUMBUS, Ga., June 16. (UP) ; today held a woman cvan- ; ing that ho was paying hcr T , = "• ; ........ — o e a woman cvan- ' rf ,1 o - (up >- An ; gclist and her husband accused of " "I'l"™* 1 "* »nd scalding a slx-vear-old 1 WUIe girl thcy ""taincd "ille l; ally" from o. ,e '...!. ... _ - ,1 , are* of Southwestern Japan at 8:45 p.m. last night local time, but ap . At Kirby's Three Stores Pause and refresh yourself while shopping in Air-Con- dit.oned comfort-All three Kirby Stores ore Air Conditioned, Father's Day-Next Sunday, June 20th Old Spice Shaving Sets to $6.00 After Shave Lotion $1.00 Hot Weather Cologne .... $1.00 Sheaffer Pen and Pencil Sets or Sheaffer Pens only. D.D.T.""Bombs for moths, flies and mosquitoes., High pressure bomb regular $2.98 value only $1.75 low pressure bombs only $1.50 Courtlcy Shaving Sets to $6.00 After Shave $1.00 to $5.00 Amity Bill Folds to Tobacco, Pouches, Pipes Tartan Sun Tan 59c Mexana for Heat ........ 29c Kiddie Heat Powder 25c I'rcscriplions arc our specially and (he most tloclor—then lirinpr your prescriptions to us —guaranteed freshest drujjs imporfant part of our business. Sec your to save with safety. Guaranteed best prices At Kirby f s Three Stores Mississippi baby farm. Juvenile authorities quoted the woman. Mrs. Hazel Smith, 30. and ' hcr husband. W- L. Smith, as say- I Ing the little girl was "unruly." | The girl was treated tor burns i at City Hospital and the Smiths, j were placed under S1.000 bonds on 1 charges of cruelly and assault and ' battery. The couple told authorities they • "adopted" the child from a woman in Cleveland. Miss., who "made a practice of collrctin:; miwantc:! children and giving them away." Authorities said such "adoption" Is Illegal in any .state. Mrs. Smith told authorities she was .1 pupil of the 1,-itc .A.'mee Scm- ple MePhcrson at the Four-Square Gospel Tabernacle In Los Angeles. They said she admitted the scald- Ing, beating with a leather belt and sealing the girl's lips with adhesive tape. ATLACIDE Kills i Johnson Grass j IE. C. Robinson; i Lumber Company \ 319 West Ash St. RCA VICTOR RECORDS It Began In Havana..F. Marlln Mcartowland.s. Tex Bencke Ultle Girl Larry Green Baby, Baby All the Time Tommy Dorsey The Man On the Plying Trapeze Splfce Jones I Gotta On! 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