The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 5, 1933 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 5, 1933
Page 4
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j*,,v THE fiAKERSflEp CAJLIFQRJSIAN, THURSDAY. JANUARY 5. 1933 ICCLY WIGGL and • V -*•'<''•:" ' OIL ««* MINING EW£Y STOKE T l\2 I f N LJ T I ( ) l^| T M <. > I SAFEWAY OFFERS GENUINE STALL-FED BABY BEEF The Prices Offered Below Arc Effective Friday and Saturday, January 6 and ? You will marvel ovtr the results after you have tried a piece *f Cudahy'a Puritan Skinned Hams; a nationally advertlltd product. Theie wonderful mild eaetern sugar-cured hams are scientifically prepared and every ham has the same distinctive flavor. Try a half ham at thla remarkable low prlee. Safeway'e stall-fed baby beef,has no equal—there Is none better. HAMS Fancy Eastern Puritan Skinned Hame—Nationally Known Featuring Full Halves Only Pound . . lOc LARD Pure Snow White—Freshly Kettle-Rendered Bulk Pack 4lbs. PORK CHOPS Small Loin and Rib Chops From Small Selected Loins ' Pound .... 13c BACON Swift's'Premium, Sliced No Rind—Now Ovenlsed , Pound . . . . 19c RIB BOIL Cuts From Genuine Baby Beef Rib and Brisket Pound 6c POT ROAST Featuring the Shoulder Rib Cuta From Safeway's Genuine Baby Beef Pound . . 9rc ROUND ROAST The Preferred Shoulder Round Bone Cuts From Safeway's Genuine Baby Beef Pound . .lie Grocery Department Prices in Effect Thursday Afternoon, All Day Friday and Saturday, January 6, 6 and 7 JELL-WELL Assorted Flavors Per Package 4 Birdseye, Carton of Six Boxes...each Wheaties . . . . 3pkgs.29c Del Monte Brand, 15-oz. Raisins ...... package 5 c Zee Brand Toilet Tissue roll 5 c Phillips Brand—Large Size Pancake Flour . . . . pkg.20c Algora, White King or'Mission Bell Toilet Soaps . . ... cake 5c EGGS dozen •s^al ^s^^fj ^^PJI ^klB^ . TT O w_i U. S. Extras Large. In Cartons 31 La Mode Napkins . 2pkgs.25c Coffee . . lb.,20c;3lbs.,59c Package of 12 Sanitary Napkins Airway Brand, Fresh Ground—A Good Quality Coffee MILK All Brands in Slock Tall Cans each 5 No. 2/2 Cans No. 1 Tins Del Monte Tomatoes. 2 cans 29 c Del Monte Tomatoes . 3for29c FLOUR Safeway's Family Blend 49-lb.sack. 89 c 24flb.sack,49c 14-oz. Bottles Heinz Vinegar..... each 9 c Edwards Dependable Vacuum Paoked Coffee ...... Ib.can27c White King—Small Size Washing Powder . 3pkgs.25c Schilling, 12-oz. Size Baking Powder . . . can 31 c Large Package Par Granulated Soap . each 29c No. 2 Cans Stokely Green Beans * 2for25c Safeway Union-Made, Oven-Baked—24-oz. Loaves Bread ....... . eachTc Mother's Brand \i -. Cocoa, 2-lb. carton . each 19c FRUITS and VEGETABLES CARROTS, GREEN ONIONS, MUSTARD 4 GREENS, TURNIPS bunch 1 C Fancy Table Fruit Oranges ...... Doz.25c Local Grown Potatoes .... lOlbs. lOc Local Grown MOJAVBJ, Jan, 5.—Burton brothers, laving completed Installation of a cyanide plant, sampler and settling artks, besides a complete overhauling of their 10 stamps, are now operating heir mill £4 hours dally on a three- ihlft basis. From no\v on there will bo .no long waits oh the output of the many local leasers, or on gold ores rom other mining districts, Prior to the; Burtons taking, a lease on the Standard group, three years ago, there was but -little leasing on he Standard and Elephant Hills, A. discovery made on the surface of the North Exposed Treasure of the Standard group by T. L. Brlte, a Nevada irospector-lessor, that .profited him some $7000, -created a rush •for lessors, Another Nevada • prospector- essor, George Holmes, liking the old workings of the Elephant group, found rich results In both the old workings and on the surface that Induced thers to follow. With the Increased output of the essors 1 ores, the Burtons sublet their ease on the Standard to others, gly- ng their attention to the milling end. The mill shift wat Increased to 12 tours daly, then to a two-shift' basts, after which It was changed to tho present tfiree 8-hour runs. During the lesser-hour run of the mill operations, the ICmrlok lease had L run of 100 tons and could have furnished as many more, but In fair play o all of the lessees In the district, no other large tonnage was contracted 'or, Abandoned Projects Includes Kings Job Seven state abandonments for the week ended December 31 were: George F. Getty, Inc., L. B. No. 17, section 30, 14-12, and the Dabney- Johnston Oil Corporation No. 39, on section 13, 4-13, and the Oil Well Abandoning Company No. 3, on sec- Lion 24, 4-13, and the Davis Investment Company No. 4 on section 30, 4-12, all Long Beach; the Gllmore Oil Com- jany, Ltd., No. C5, section 20, 1-14, at Salt Lake, and the Eagle Oil and Gas Company No. 1", on section IB, 28-20, at Kings county. » i • • Ten Union Men Hold Conference in Kern Nine representatives of the Union 311 Company from Fresno, and one from San Luis Oblspo, were In Bak- ersfleld last night for a conference and were guests at Hotel Padre. They were: J. S. Swanson, R. "W. Huffman, S. A. Fahay, H. A. Williams, S. O. Deerlng, O. Woolflrldge, E. J. Luly, J. F. Goodale and J. A. Seelye, al of Fresno, and Harold Yackey, of San Luis. Oblspo. Cat "Tomasette" on Rampage in Gotham (United Prett Leaied Wire) NEW YORK, Jan, 6.—"I know It's silly to call you about a cat," Charles Betts, Brooklyn householder, told police on the telephone, "but watt until you see Tomasettc." By the time two radio cars of police had arrived, Tomasette had bitten Betts, his wife, and two guests. The police chased the cat through the Belts r.partment and finally called for the trained agents of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The police and the agents chased the cat for a half hour more before finally she was captured. Tomasette, Betts explained, resented the action of one guest who sat down on the bed where she was sleeping. Kern Receives for State Lone Well in Last Week Fruitvale Leads State With 1932 Drilling Number Fruitvale, Jn Kern county, ended the year with the most drilled jobs of any field In -California.. That district was credited with 34 of the 287 wells drilled In 1932. • Kettleman Hills was next with 20, Long Beach was third with 19, ButtonWlllow had 13 arid the Midway-Sunset district Nad 11, Major companies drilled 47 of the wells, compared with their total* of 54 In 1931 and 172 In 1930, Standard Oil Company, drilled 15 wells, the greatest number for any one concern, and was followed by Union Oil Company with 11, Associated OH Company with nine, Shell Oil Company with seven, General Petroleum Corporation with four, and The Texas Company with one. During 1931 there were 361 wells drilled In the state and In 1930 there were 631 well* drilled In California, O ril/ST one new 1 well was started In California during the week ehiled December 81, State Oil txnd Gas Supervisor II. D. Bush lias reported, - and the project wan credited to Kern county. '•• '... It was the California western Oil Company's No. 11, on section 7, 2820, nt Round Mountain, a Well which was spudded In -the closing days of, 1032. "Water ahutoff tests during the week Included one for the Fruit- v»le Oil Company nt Its L«ne No, 1, on se6tlon IB, 21-87, lit Fruitvale, and the Flow-Baler No, .1 on the same section operated by the Powell-Stockton Investment Company, , Kern witnessed no new rearming or deepening jobs and did hot receive an abandonment during.the week. Last week's lono well for the state was a decline of four under' the previous week and brougnt the year's total for 1932 to 2SG, far under the 861 In 1031 and 031 in 1030. Tests of water shutoffs In the state last week numbered seven, against four during the previous weok. Deepening or re-drilling Jobs for.the week total seven compared with 19 during the previous week. Abandonments for the week were seven against throe for tho week previous. MOJAVJD, Jan. 6.—For the past two years Ed Wolff, Louis Meehl, Herbert Lank and Bert WegBmnn have been steady shippers to tho Burton mill. They ship ore extracted from five shallow Shafts on the Hopson hold- Ings. Tho last three shipments extracted from three of the holes were one of 30 tons, which milled $40 per ton, the second, 30 tons.v at $34 the ton, and the last one of 18 tons returned $18 a ton. ; —i « » » Oil Agreements <$>_ - . - <$> A. Bruce Frame et ux to Charles W. Goodwin — Undivided one-half per cent oil, gas, etc., from southeast quarter of northwest quarter, section 28, 2628; does not Include gas, oil, etc., from Dominion well No. 2. Bonded Royalty Syndicate No. 2 to same — Same as above. DUTHIE IN TOWN Captain J. M. Duthte, of Umpire J. R. Pemberton's office, Is a guest at Hotel Padre today. He Is accompanied by his son. SILVER BUYING PLAN MEE1GJTH FAVOR (United Prett ttaied Wire) DENVER, Jan. 5.—Western silver Interests wore elated today with the results of a "buy an ounce of silver" campaign Inaugurated by a Denver brokerage firm. The firm, Pedley, Ryan & Company, devised a plan whereby round discs, each containing an ounce of silver were sold throe for SI. The first shipment of discs was received Wednesday and sold before the demand could bo met. The discs, each with its silver content stamped on Its face, were sold approximately at the exchange rate for Mexican pesos. In event the price of stiver is set by the government at the 16 to 1 ratio urged by blmetallsts, the discs would "be worth St each. Members of the firm believed the "buy an ounce" plan would spread throughout the silver-producing sections of the west and old In lifting the price of the white metal. • « » HERE ON BUSINESS H. S. Vachsteln, of the Standard Oil Company of California main office at San Francisco, arrived In Bakersfleld last night on company business, and Is headquartered at Hotel Padre. mm OFF 700 BARRELS' ern Seeks Job for Wife to Escape Alimony (United Prett Leased Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. B.—Senator Wagner, Democrat, New York, has received a letter from a constituent seeking a job for his divorced wife. "The alimony Is piling up," said the letter In effect, "and she has agreed to let mo off if I find her a Job." Technocracy Explained By SIDNEY (C>»yrl|ht. I (S3, N EW YORK, Jan. B.—In advancing their theories that civilization Is verging toward a breakdown because of the unlimited productive capacity of mankind, due to the machine age— and because the "price system" is Incapable of coping with this situation —the technocrats have presented figures, charts, graphs and formulae. The "facts" arc impressive—If they aro facts. It Is worthy of note that tho very figures presented by some technocrats have been challenged as Inaccurate to the point of absurdity, by some of the Industrialists whose businesses have been analyzed by the Columbia group. The technocrats say (they have studied 3000 leading commodities, ranging 'from wheat and cotton to steel and power; that several hundred charts have been completed, tracing the energy used In the production of each commodity. These charts reveal, they say, the decline in man power needed to produce a unit of each commodity, from year to year. They embrace tho total amount of installed horsepower 'for each unit, and the total horsepower for the entire Industry. The conclusions reached by these charts are these: Lettuce 2for5c Spanish Onions, Local, 8 Ibs. lOc Juice Oranges . . 3 doz. 14c I • ' .:. .T:".'.-. • . , .#$'.;•-,\. t .. . I No. 1—Corner of Twenty-first and Chester Avenue t No. 2—Corner of Nineteenth Street and N No. 3—Two Doors East of Nile Theater Prices Effective Friday and Saturday, January 6 and 7 BACON Nicely Streaked Half or Whole Slab Pork Roast Shoulder Picnic Cuts Ib. 6' STEAKS Sirloin, T-Bone Round and Rib Tender, Juicy 2 IDS. 25c Hamburger Sprlngdale's 3 ihs • 25c B. WHIPPLE by UnIM Prin) The United States today has an Installed horsepower of 1,000,000,000 In inglnes for doing work. Operated at capacity, these machines can produce 60 times tho amount of products that could bo made by the entire population of the world, by human labor alone. With these machines, we could produce sufficient for the consumption of our population if every adult from 2C to 45 years "old should work 1C liours a week. I Other theorists, basing their conclusions on a lesser pretense to thorough analysis, arrived at the same conclusion. The late Thorsten Vebleri, In 1819, enunciated the same principles. Kred Henderson, another reputable economist, has agreed to similar conclusions. But having accepted these conclusions, and forgetting the margin of error in the, facts upon which they are based, most Inquirers ask the natural question, "So what?" What does technocracy offer as a solution to the problem? Its present theory Is destructive only. It would destroy the price system," the dollar system, and the haphazard system of uncharted production and labor. But with what would it • replace these agencies? At this point, technocrats KO suddenly silent. Or they say: "But that enters into another Held In which we have no concern." Pot Roast Lean, Tender Chuck Cuts ib. 8c SAUSAGE Sprlngdale's Pure Perk 100% 3 Ibt. 25c i Belridge WclJ BoosM^| and San Joaquin F»||fif| as Others Declii$f| LOS ANOELES, Jan. 6 leaders of: the conservation s L renewed! their efforts yesterdifftto reduce production of crude In the state* in order to avoid a possible In oil prices, Umptre.,J;.;I issued the new.i January, ^'$1 dally potential ..-..-_. barrels, a drop of 700 barrels from the December figure. The dally allotment remains tit 440,000 barrels-daily. Valley O«ts ' Under the new schedule ' the Bant Joaquin Valley fields' total is ( i 818,850 barrels dally against 514,606 potential for the previous month, The chief Increase IB for the Belrldgo field'with a new potential of 27,230 barrels as' against 20,076 barrels,'due to. recent completions. The total potential for tho coastal area Is 129,400 as" against a previous 180,350 barrels. ',•.£4';. . I>6s Angeles basin potential;Is now 36?,7BO barrels while It wail 'formerly 871,860 barrels. Long Beach has been dropped to 91,750 as against 98,665. SnTita Fe Springs has been cut to 80,050 as against 82,600 barrels dally. Playa Del Rey has been reduced to 15,360 as against 15,880 barrels. Expect Reduction While, production ' for the week ended December 31 was. estimated by the American Petroleum Institute at • • an average of 472,600 barrels dally, field reports yesterday tended to Indicate that substantial reductions In production lias been obtained since the start'of the week In several of the flush fields. •••"/' Efforts to..-persuade Kettleman to conform to the 54,000 barrel a day allotment wefo given an even chance of success. . Signed pledges to abide by curtailment measures for -BO days were being obtained from Long Beach operators by a group of the conservation '.eiders yesterday. , * D ASADENA MAN HELD,- ILLEGAypJIONS (United Prett Leaied Wire) PASADENA, Jan. 6.—Karl J. We>erg, former city fireman, -was held n jail here today while Investigators scanned a list of names of more than 700 women upon whom Weberg was accused of performing Illegal operations. Weberg was'booked on • suspicion of murder, following the death of Miss Florence Phelan, 20. The Los Angeles county coroner's office ascribed, death as resulting from an Illegal operation. Weberg was held without mil. The complaint was signed by Mrs. Beatrice Campbell, a sister of the dead girl. .- '' Investigators said the reputed iseudo-physician had a daybook containing the names of more than 700 women. They said It revealed he ha4 treated an average of more than«two a day in the last year. Some of the women will be questioned in tho * state's attempt to build up a case against the accused malpractltloner. .Weberg when questioned at the Inquest denied treating Miss Phelan. Missing Long Beach Child Safe at Home (United Prett Leated Wire) LONG BEACH, Jan. 5;— Shirley Shanks, 4, whose disappearance aroused fears she had been kidnaped, was back home safe today after being taken to San Diego by a former aulfor of the child's mother, Mrs. Furel Sites. The girl was returned home by a girl friend of the ex-suitor, who said she thought Shirley was the daughter of her mal« companion. Mrs.. Sites indicated she would . not prosecute him. Stork Leaves Twins but on Different Day > ' ' Ml • l' I ' < (Associated Press LaascS Wire), HAMPTON, V«., Jin. 5.—Per. haps the stork does not reallie what a perplexing problem he brought along with the twin daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Nat Harrell. Bfoaui*, although the girls are twins, "birthday*" are In different years. The flrtt child WAI born *t 11:40 p. m., December 31, 1932, • and her twin sitter at 12iOS a. m., January 1, 1933, So, Ju*t to keep the reoords straight, when the young ladles grow up to where It matters, probably they'll reach * compro- mlse on when to celebrate. .But Just now, until their name* art chosen, they art Ml»s«» '92 and .33. SUGAR PRICES REDUCED SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. B. (A, P.)— All western sugar' companies with lend offices here nnnouriced reductions today In sugar prices, bringing stand-- ard quality sugar down, 16 cents per 100 pounds to $4.00 and, beet a like recession to $3.90, Best Remedy for Cough Is Easily Mixedjat Home ••yea 12. Qo Easy I No Cs»Unf! You'll never know how quickly a stubborn cough can oe conquered, until you try this famous recipe. It is used in more bomeqvtban any other cough remedy, because It gives more prompt, positive relief. It's no trouble at all to mix and costs but a trifle. Into a pint bottle; pout 2Va ounce* of Finex; then, add granulated , syrup to make a full- pint. Syrup is essily made with a cups of* sugar and one cup of water, stirred a few nw- ments until dissolved. ' No cooking needed. This stves two-thirds of the * money usually spent for cough medicine, and gives you ,a purer, tetter remedy. It never spoils,' and tastes fine. Instantly you feel its penetrating effect, -It loosens the germ-laden phlegm, clears the sir passages, and soothes . and heals the inflamed membranes. This three-fold action explains why it bring* such quick relief in severe coughs. Pinex is a highly concentrated compound of Norway Pine, used for generations for its healing effect on- throat membranes. It is guaranteed to give prompt relief or money refunded. DR. VAN METER . CAREFUL DENTIST N<w lew SfliM M |UUi in* ..... M»4« In MT mi likmtwy . 1421 Nineteenth Street AwtM fnm Wtlll'i Pht** in Prichard Automobile Service 8301 Chester Avenue SAVE MONEY HERE m*i«r MM**, Nit i. . , tlmlM ui« (•m»r«Hl*ii • ttm- ElHtrletl Mrvln, itntrtl repilri, b««V rinkl »»< ttw terrlt*.

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