Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 7, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 7, 1927
Page 2
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\ -J n FACE 'TWO THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER. WT':pXE.SDAY RVEXINCi. DECEMBER 7. :t927. I 1 W Storj. Thn <i Far. ? • The story besiiis in issrt. in :-. - • th«>; wIckeU Iltth' cow tnWII of ; eAUDWHlll.. KiiH.. (lose to th«' • Indian t<-ri it'orv. Ixirdor. TO-VV ItAflJirSON- r '.-M-aroIil " »on,6f ..n:".!'! HAUir^' .'.V. ;i li:in«I- • TOM • l!liNT(>X.. a .alll.- llii.-f. ."hoots . libs fiUluT in ;i i«il»er game. - Tlie hny in Ijelrii-ndeil by GOli- DON W. LIFXIK. tliMi a lestaii- . rant waller and later to Ix- ' . known asiPAWNKK'BILL; by JOK CRAHi; foreman of the Bar K ranch, who tak«M Tony to the Bar Kto live, aud-by >. COLONEL •; TITUS' .MOOUK. owner of fl:<'<'ran<-h. >^ Lillie thinks sonicvvliat of joining DAVIU PAY.N-K. who is aRi- •" tating for the oiiening of tin' Indian territory lands, but pets an offer of a 'Hchool ti'acliiiiK post in Pawnee and actopi.s it. • At Uie Bar" K Tony Harri.sou meets RITA- AtOOBK. s|.irit.-d little dati^hter of Titus Moore, and she insists on makin;; him - aecompany her on h<ir»eli;iik ^ rides: She is the effuse of liis ^ ' seltins a broken leg in a fall : / from a In.irse. •..••'••!;••*.*' i rH ^AI'TKK VIM. Twenty-five yanls jiway ili"- target stood prnj)i)e^l aKaiiist thir broad trunk of a tree; It leiin- nentfrd a triumiib foi- Heik SlieV- maajs artistry. Constrncti'd of thick oak, plaii'Ml sniooih. it was jierhaps live feet siiiiare. (irie siib- was painted in ih<> i-oiivcMtlnnal design of a bnirs-ey.. tari;<M. in Wafk. and wliiie. Slttang straiBht-up in his rhair. r Tony'Harrifion levfli-d ilif rcvolvi-i- thatiCpIonel .Mii<ir<- t;iv<ii him .and jiinied at the linU's-cyi. 'riu-re ' wart a shar'p erack. nut VIM y loud, iind .loe. Craij;. s<|iiiniiiif; ai ijn- target', smiled. , - "•Sol so bad for your fiisi shot. Tony.* You're al)Mul ••ichi imln's 'xiit •^renter, to the h-ft. Iliiir ;i lii- Jle right this time. ' Th«t hoy; ifired aKiiin. "A lilil.- . liettei." Craig uror.ounci <l. .""Men-. BOW', yiip hold it li'.e this." ••\V3iy don't .vou simw Iiiin -nhni Toil can do, ,Ioe.'" s;iir'-'''si<il Tiiiis Moore. • . "Me? What f^r'.' .\in't iliis 'I'viii.i s party?'" . . • Tony.lookttd up.,-it liiin laj^.Tly. "ll'd like to see you simi.ti "Please. Joe." iir;;ed Kila. Crais smiled and pushed ;iiu K li^s •big hilt. "Well . . .' H. t. wea'pon from Tony andiiiKii<. ' • •. _ "Sure iis a jirotty piefe of i, .in' machiner.v, Colonel."' In- s:iid. ' admiringly. '^Maybe a- little liulii. fhough. for a man who's used i.i a forty-five." i He filled the einjity eliaiiihers. - eteppod baek.-and raising the te- volver; fired six times in rapid sue. ce.ssibu. MovinK forwaril a few Ipaces. ihe examined the result. •jOne of them was half an ir.ili oiit- aide,'' he pronounced. •'I'm not '.-x- :;|ctly used to the reioil of a liKIe S'ln l.fkf this." •! "Hiirdly any to it," the cobinvl told hini. "Try it. again." "Just oni-e more." Craig loadeil again, rai.sed the weajMin <-ari'le.ssly and emptied it at the targ<t. Rita, miming up; to look at th ! s-ti-;itc. what lie with his left hand. Ht had sent for a largi' Isiii-ply <)i aniniiinitioii. whfeli'he invited the' hoy to Use freely.' "There's inoref where thai eann' fiJdii. .Toiiv.' Ti> his wife. who. oeia.-ioliali.i r«^ionstrat'cd with hini that he was t'liioura'.;!)!.!; the hoy to waste his 'linir aud'plaeiiig dangerous toy •in his liiuids. he letdiod' lie was doiuir (In- siiitn' ihii:;; .;T<iiiv that be wuillcl lio with of his own. f ! ••.I;?sides. I want' i<r-biiinor hiiii. ; 1 figure 1 itwv hill! a- lot. I don't •like to-siieiiil.ile on whati might ! have happened to Hiia if slu-'d ridden (.tiiilaw." { Even after he had froin-) ||;,]),„.|, i,, i„. ,vith his ae.ident__Ti;iiy found time to ,•„ j, |)i)|;,.r .:;aint other could pr<!tesl. "when I Haw j you last >oM wei-e in fail eonipatiy. i i ualitlo know whi'te ii< nton Is and I wai:t tokiiow rlgbl bad. You know when I niern a Ihliig. •••n'; voti?" , The 111,111 a'linosi: rrinced bi-fo;-'- thi" liien:;ie in Ci;i:'-'':-. blm- I'.ver:. "How do I know where Betitoif is." h(- asKcii ill an injured lone, rilini • ;iiid 1 parted foni|'aiiy." ;i . , ••Mow Ion;; .:r«<r'^' jl •( ,' ••T'l" ne.Vt dav aft>-f." . : . ! _ ••('.-i.-hion. I-Iwliev.^ yiu'i.- a I'"r-' | •(•|„. ,' Tli>' ni:!M_ s!iniB:;ed. •'.\sk aiiV- ' ' i .dy ii! ('.•I'ldWell. .\s;;-lhv Lshai He tail t<-ll you that ,\ !'lo liiiM ly.o nioiilhs .-i-jo .-iild mid wilhihjiii I d'jiin^U want to in- .deniified boy ; ;,s :i fiifiid of 'roni Kciitoii's .-ifv I(ur .:ei. i-ii.'re i,iinies ih" niarshat now: wail and .-li^k bin;" Hi- .ieemer! to gatlier eoiinige as hf MlKt'd. "I iion't sei- why you l:iekl'' fi"- as if I was ;i iiiiifdeiI".' si.i.iitl ;iii|;. ! ean'i Iif'p it, can 1^ 'if ihi- i:-,an I shoot?- :.iiotber TIIK l ..\ST TlOSr. tirt-less rain wiih i •lillini: I ioiicli I The'jit-sel hilltop |ire-.-e-; wen' i CI,,, .trident wind .so SIHIU fnrisets l;s bios-oin-! line h'nnslon (°liii|iler llel|ihiiiii Me«-ts. , The Flllt.stoil eba!>t>T of (•:ir.-s. ( Th-.' .-wayiii;: ii-f<;s acalii-t rli, sky Have vnuffed lit'- starsiiiiic'v ini- iner .\iid spillid their sigiun;; >ii;u!ows till 4 Til.- \illagf lamp.-, grow diniiuer. the Del^ phiaii soeietv nut vestcnlav after-ii noiiii with 5li\s. C. H. Crick. :;i :5ii ^''s. ' t-;ast .Madison avenm-, with .Mrs. .I.iovd Carter in charge of tlie les- I >iin on "Two Kainoiis .Medieval ' S^tories: The Cid and At^i-.i^.-in and i Nicoletlc." Topics eo\i red wcrt as follows: ; ••('liaia! loistic I'ji^sai^c and- Ini eiiletit of ilic l.'dittils oi i ..lire." i Mr.>. . \l. \a.i.l. r. ' P.N Cid ' I'.i'wiis His C. :'!• T.-.' .".IJ--> .M:iry Mrs. J. W. Jlesser. and at ;'. o'clock at Library liall .Miss-.lessjc Piehe of Tojueka. a nurse from llie Kansas ptibiic health deijartnient. who came lie-re. unih-r the'-.aiispii e.s of the-sisterhood, gave a talk on geti: i-ral lieallh siilijccts to th" T \-onien of lola. The inenibei-s at ;.w,.re: Airs. F. H. jllazel Boxtlus. .Mrs. iJ.Mrs. H. .A. Brown .Miss Jessie Frv. .i.Mis. J. W. Hesser. Mrs. W. K. ylnuin. .Mrs. (!. L. Hovi. Alr.-^. Klein. .Mrs P. S. .Mitchell. 1). P. .Vorlhrup. Airs. J. AL Powell. .Mrs. J. T. Held. .Mrs. J. C. Stadier. .Mrs. Chas. F. Scott. .Mrs. K. B. Stodghill and Airs. .1". K. Xordgren. the luncheon- Arnold. .Miss F. S. IJeattie. t .\llin (enter Cin-le .Meet*. The .Alien (('enter Cirele I keep his hand in. His cptliusiasin •was boiiiidle.-s and lo< f'l.iig never ; sfo;ipc«l marveling 'at his Mirpris- ini; pi'o:.:ress^ The coiond hal ulv- 'eii him a belt and holster of hla<-k leather, which Tony I."*! pt pliabl',- ia!nd;soft, rulihing it reli'-iioiislv with ioil. • '. -And SO the da.vs i-asscil; .•iini 'ilie ! weeks. The le:lve^• in' the trees 'turned red :!ni! jioh: ami their' brown. The siiii no longer Ilea: : do-,\n fic'rccly of tin tilteriiooii. bu: • . as.JiinuMl a .IK'W benevidt iice. The i fall rn.indiip came and went and; Tony aceoDiiianieil Ctaig ;:inl his 1 ; men when ib'-y drove a hi'rd of; vjleers into. Cyjd well. " • | It was his first visit toCTliiwell j 'siiMc his' father's death and it evoked hitter ineinorie.s. My < op^; ! ; moil consent the r .iir K ineii avom-, ' eil the Ihtlfalo saloon and diil : ; most of their celeiiralin-.; iii; ' ! Woods! |)la(e. T'liiy's lips tigiil-\ eiieil as they rode ii:ist tin l!uf- . f:ilo, h?i| 111- s;ii<l nothing and h: ; iind loi'Ciai-.; li":'ded lor tlie . eiiie- (ery wlie 'ri- .lift H;'.n isiiu o .i en . hitrii i'.. ' ' S'lme. of till'' c;tlle that Titus • AIoi i"e'h;Mi n.'\*cs|e«! "^'oii.v's' molii;.' 'in bad been iiieludeil in the her<l jlhev'pi.-id l>ii-iii;i!l ,l>> .-rai lilt. These Joe Crair IIMI li';ihdb •! as a s<'(ia- ra 'i> 11 :!Ms:ii 1 ion. Tin- d .-i.\ they left t'abjwell C|;.ii; h:ili''eii tie Imy five hundred dollar.s. ."AIMHII a hui!- drol of t'ti-- I'd sii.v :is <iiotii. Tony.. .\ow. if you wiuil my ailvice. Id I eeorni:':id i<;il 'liDiiL-ly tlia; you caihe it in il;e bank.-" To:;ethe!' tl;e\ Wiiit iii I he SlocU Kxc'e li;ui!i. v>!i' le Ton.v oiH-ntd an airoilli! with .loe I'rii:; jis iriis- !• e :ii!d tua <!t the; :-i (jiiiiintaiiie .if .lolin \» . .'v'vi e. the ;iss:st;:iil cashier. "It's lip III yon ti. see that this litth- pile'•j ;ciw. t .i a million, siin. ' s;iiid .Vyce, v.]\i> ;'l't"iv..ird lo I'leelne l!!.iyMl- il! ;'jiii«.Il. ••'!'Iiat'.< vjiai I'tti l-'lliim hiiii." s.lid Ciai^. "'rve lieeii total lo.^s i;s liiy owi! iiiia::i iai adviser. «i\!e ciiieih to I lie f;'.-| that 1 v nn't listel- 111-iii.v-• If. lilJl I v'uv.- liope'iu !•;• nil''.-- it a MK.CSS ; Tony. Whenever I do rciiiniulate a. litlh; •roll I Kei'ei.-illv tjike ;a liver in: •stud poker am! Ihe results have been Tiiiforinly disastiiiiis.' "When capit.-l :. Iftile bigger." .Vyce adviseii "he iiiiulil do I worse ti:;.;i pick un :i livile feal lai" in Crsldwell .. Von c;iii buy < o;-, r .i -r jots cbi now."" "1'liai's wi rth Ihiiiliiii'.: over." I Craig replied. •'For the i-.r.sen;. jthe yoiiiiL;man is lyiij:; up his •UOtley III Clltll.' The Saiii.i Ke .exten^.ion from fT(l r.K CO .Vn .Vt'KDi Craig '/els nowher.' In IiN IQU'St III' JiOUliMI. hill he lorilis liev' »iispIH «iu^. ; .\ gra.v ghost steals ai-ross iiie : With trailing roiies a-fliiller. i .\lii| in the .Aiitumu's joyfit. way.s D.litiiinl lininchts niinier. i Thi shiiiiii:; season iiartiiiu try.-t j lla.-i kept in every byway. •. .\nil iKine fi-niain of ail its host; l!y wi-od or sinain or liiuliway. Alaurje lie Verse .Ve.vlt.U. 'III :.'k. t '• land , J{etii?;>eru'. ! Mrs C. l: • of IMe C!i!, ••1'lie Met as:iiii . r 11,;.." Alrv (» T. I* Jii'.'s (Ju.'Si." .Mrs. "Tile .\ihi iilir I - .i: -ers." .Mrs. .1. i; ! ' Tile lu :;i 1111^ ;:!!•. h' r 1;: ill. the lium . ii'li .Suiili I; . 1 oil 1 1 !•: i' t;ie (• •ni!. 1 wii' i MaH.His." c;i.-Mi::<-l. .le •- .loiir- "• \iicas- • • : iiiiiler. niei I Thursday with A!i.s..F. .M. fleer j One I'onifort was tacked for the •:e.--tess. .\t loon .a boUiilifii! din-" iii-r Was served whieli all eiijoyi'il ! Al :; •'clock the meeting wtis called to order by the President. Roll : call was answereil with "Time Sav- : : fng Alethod Csed About the House.'- 1 n. y. M. S. ( hrlsfnias Weeliiii: The I' mieiing the Wontans F.ireign Alissionary so- e'eij of, the First Alethodlsi Kpis- eiiii ;ir <-!inri II wa.- held in tlie choir room of the chiifi li 'I'liesda.x all- I rnoon. Airs. (). L. il.irliilgiioii- Alex;il>der, :• VI !iaV. W.; ~ I il Lov- I 11, rem- ! Otho- :'r;«toii I < Roll I dent. op, iieil the men jl.;;. r ill whii h she • invtiki Inn- sliirit aiiiniig the ••.loy to ii:e Woili!" il! , -1« fill ih.- 111 Mi w ;i s A )>er.soniil Irjtndr.r line for f'ver.v BienilMT of the f :iliiil,v is one of Ibe iiijirks of .-I Well ordered lioiisebidil anil when i.lie as altrucllve as this c^:iii' be iiiadij fur so lillie as leu : f»-lils there ,'is ii<» re«.-.'>ji I 'l .r nii( i bavin;: iheni.i. ' Tlie biigjlliisl rated costs alMiUt ^ tlisit. It- is-'iii.tde out of an einptjr lli .iir li .iv'. I">ii:;hl from aliiiosi nay I'.ikei- To reiiiiive the slampin;;. ci'»cr the iiiketl s|t<>is Willi lard or .si.ak tlieiii ill kcriiscne tivernight. 'J 'heti wa-h the li:ig out iu lilkewurm ' waiei-. .\ single .-ack. folded in half, is iar ;:e eiion;:li foi" I hi- ordinary • laniidry bag fur |>ers<imil .use. Two lircihjtlil.i xvill 11/ncoled if the bag is • for iiiHI.seliiilil use, such' as kheet.S iiiid table cluilis. This bag has several guild features. Tbi- top is SlitelMtl eloM -d. With K ll<>MfltUg Illicl 11 e ;ise f«ir riiiiiiiic ill a small nxl or • t prav 1 Chri. '•"'•^ siiiig. ••'Pill ClirisiiiMs M.iiliuiiia was the ileviilioiial topic. :;iven by t .Mrs. K. I.;ind. .Mts. Iiiiii [iillie j sang ••The .\e\v Horn Kini;' wiiii ' Airs. C. ,\. IJeid al•conl!^lllyi!ll:..,l^lli I till respolises were i ti 11 ! r~ I lllg items, from (he'missioimr.v tinigu- /.ilie. Ah-. (). 1. I'lllli-nll !..lVi' .1 financial npuri and Air-. I. II \Visli:iril talked mi Chris;m.i- , HS, totiis. The Clirisiiiias' ofti-rtiig used lo iletray the i-xpeiiscs of ciif-gojng mis-ion.uies. ami it will l;i. iii:i .•I sting to note tliat of tin- ^i:^ in;.-- siioiaiii- -ent mil tiem.;': I'^IHKI bn'itich. whicli inciiii;e- iv;ii! .\''braska. iikl.ihom.i. Ctilctr.oio. W.vomiiig. I'tnli and Te.\a ;ire fr.itii Kiin.-.i Mrs. C. I C-ilil-mitii . t.iie .IJihIhhi) SurprN:' Par;* Air. :i!:il .Ml-. l-;ii;':ir I!. S;u ill. of iL"' .Vnrlli -Irei't. give ; .-iirprise I i;:;riy l-i-^: nii;!!: in leini;- :,i the ikrthihiy'.of their Aliss i -iVmii' Smith. i Trill ivr niim W.I- spi MI ill games I ami mitsir. mui .Mrs. .'<m;.ii. assist-.I'd liy'Alis- .le^-^e Cias;. • rvi d ref. I shiiietit- Tile liiitiiir guest re!•• ivrd miiiiy hici L-ilts. The guests iiiciinled: Tlie'Aiisses l;:ivoii Fisher. I'^ilnii Aloiiignniery. , l.iiiiit-i- Taylur. . Thelliia Uolrrts. ' .les-le Class. Marie lij'ie. Mrs. And-| riy Crook Talley. Al - •-. - Alviu ! Peck. Frank Smith. I.yle Dale. Lloyd Smith. Messrs. anil Ales- dames Dewey Peck. Lee.Olivi-r :ind Haymoiid Hayes. call next time will be a Bible verse. The ne.xi meeting will be all day with Airs; R. W. Doidiltle of loia. neceniber J.'i. ThoAe attending were: ' Airs : ' Onike. Airs. Snillh. Airs. Hunter j Mrs. Roedel. .Mr. ami Airs. Keilly : Airs. .\fcKeever^ :ind Alr»r- Kalpli : i .Stephen-'^"". I iif '2i>7i', family of llie/] Ihn nri ar< till -s-ni. -illii> l biilii; l.i'.w .>; t!:. Ti: he." Tii. ).. was ciilsi .1 by .-iimili:: .Viirlit" and .i prayer ii:'re . Airs \\ (I. ILin'son The lioste-s "T^ommiiii 1- ii id I f Mrs. Holier; If. W:ini i I) W. Holmis. Mr-. J H. Mrs. V. II. Chillis, am: Al;-. .•ii:iii ••Tlie . --ram "Silent e i iiV ' '""^TM^SIV^IIII. :itiil Chri-Mniis narrow slat of ««HMI, >ueli Jl^ window blinds. vji ... .. , The sidleil arlules are put • "-ft^"'" "--f . tbriiifgli the sla.-li iu froHt iiiid taken out by uiiiloiiig th»- flap sit ibe bni torn. The word "I .~iundry" may l>e . . the per- "''' 'metnm <it !Me..liini ri n: Kveni- i lun 1:1 - .. • . .Mrs Huff, /.eiia lliilil Family Keuiiion Thi .1. v.. k fiimiiy. Ho;iih .Tiiiri! si: ••;. ivlil _ii n iu:ioii Sniii'.iy in hoiuir fifiy-eiuliili birthihiy aiiliivei'sary of .Mr. ()iiii'k Tiiii- sc III v,er' : Hr. and Mr-. Ciies-.r C.!-'-'!! of Itiiynson. Air ami Alr.s. I) P. tjiiick :iliil eliililri i;. Abirioti. C-ir.i .Lee. Liilii .M:iy. .lames. Francis and Aloiri.-. JiinI Mr. ami AI;s. .Albert (Jiiick ill li'iltiili! K:in-a.-: Air.. I.e!i.inl Ciiiiiiiiilics. Mr. Alh '-iV .Al-I by. .Mr. ;.iid Al-s. ('.r! Ali.ljiilcton. j :ini| Mrs. .J. K '/iiiik. Ali.-s • i'.'veiVn litlick j I -Mr. A!.i;-|^>!:e i.Uiiek. and Mr~. .1, II. I'.o, : Jniimr Ciirrenl Kienis li.nner itnd Sliid) llinir uork.-<l in cross-slitch or the |KT- ""•••:'i"" •<( ! iie. .Iiini .r / •iir-' sonal eh-i it can be j.mpliasiz.Hl by Kveni - . In!, wa.- bin iiisi • working in the owner'fr initials. The ''"' ""^'-^ Keii, y «ri!l . sid.-s of the bag. the "llup and the- ''eyinniii-.. wi!i. :i dinner at, iilashed ojiening-arc bnunil in colored o'clock. bias la |)e. j '-'e iii'iiin;; pn-iiieil ever .\noiher style laundry;bng hiis'the : i'y !!.•• iif -id. iii. Aliss Ci:ii;i llr.iwii usual o|>ening at thi- top'with a.iaiid the I.-s-mi stmly w;is liret • draw-string. Its iiniqite feature, how- ; Hart's •'•The Link' oi Ko;ir:i'i; ever, it an outside p<M-ket twelve orlf 'amii."' uiiVi ii by Miss l,i :.ii;i i;rav. 1: L. ,1 '|.k .l.. 1.. ' M-i. . . . , . .. ' ' Vh'.O I.iinelieitn :ind Health ItectiilT i Airs. R. W. Htirry anrl Airs. G. | B. Stodghill enterlaiiied the mem- '• hers of Ciuiplcr I',. PKO si..:terhood ';it a one o'l-riiek liinilnon yesterday nftcrinion iii r!:e hum; of the former. I'i'i K:ist .l;icks>ii avemti.-. There «:is ;i *aori bitsiu-'ss meeting jire.-iilei) over by the president, i., 'Kerchiefs The one fSift that never goes tvfry —individuully monogramm-cd Haivjker- chiefs of fiiie Irish linec. Come in and pick the monogram design you 'know he'll like best. As only a limited ' number of these Iran be m-ade in a given time ne suggest you order immediately. lOc to $1.00 THE GLOBE H ow hard it had been to keep the sect et! But: the day..Daddy's birthday . . had, finally atrived. Soon he woiild be honic.' .-\ dioughtftil wife knew even morie than Bobby how well his fadier would be pleased. How she had shopped, until she had fotind the very one. A woman's ability to choose the right thiiig... to compare before she bu'ys any article, l^ge or small, assiires satisfaction. So with CofFccs. Even before you taste Folger's its exquisite aroma delights you. And aS soon as the first drop touches your lips you realize its rich, marvelous flavor. Appetizing, refreshing . .. satisfying;. . . Folger's is the supreme of the •world's coftecs. Compare Folger's by making the famoiis Folger Coffee Test. The Fo%erCoffeeTest: Drink Folger's Coffee tomorrow mortiing; jthe-next morning drink . the coffee you have been using; the third morning drink Folger's again. You will decidedly favor one brand or the other. The Best Cotfee "Wins. That 's fair, isn't It.' ^he first thought in the morning proof of his inarks'niaiislftp. let'0111 ; v \-,.|iiii:;i,,n u.u\ lien . oiiipleieii-aii;! • atj ex.cite 1 sineal. The biiljets had all bune. • .i t<i.s'eth'1 a ilie extict renter. -" , . . "ThaCs shooting, .loe." declared Tifua Aloore. As for Ton.v. his ftice •was- wrculhed in. a .smile of admiration.' "Ohp more exhibition. .Inc." tin' -roIoiK^I comiiiaiided. "and then •Tony can sec >vh:it ;i tough job -he's cutout for jiinise-l! it he li-ipes •to he i'S f;:;od as Ij's ti-;ieli.-r. -liihi ; see .vhat you-i:;.. do mi ;i '«liiick dr;iw.'' . : "I'll see what |. c;in do," Craig Ihe town sw:irmcil with trail h"ii|- ers. some from Kat."s:ts. .-oiiie troni the ,*tri|i.^ olhef: from -Tcvas. Tlie salooiis :ini| g;-mbliiie, Iwills wcr" fillf.d with criwboys bent -111 si|ii!iii- derlng tbeir pay as only lliose who for months i" ;i li.ile :ire deprived of ,ll:e oppmiiiiiily !;iiii'.» how 10 s:i|ii;ind''r it. - TIte.v toiled tor 1.1 or Jt; "liolir- ;i il one o| the most e.\;ii-iini' iiir:p;itioiis in the wml'l, ami leei-iveil miii»li les.s i|i;iii the :iv'ei;iai! lainn-r worl;id only Irilf ;is' li:rid. .\ 1 icvbov ' biiil to liaie :• will King kiiowi'dge of black- rift eenlinehen deep. 'J'his Is stitehrd , ' The 1:11 .down the. inSdilie lo'tbe front of the Ali.-s Darl haglN'fore Jt is made.. forming two |liilili:iri|. pfH-kets. one for hanc^kerehlefs anil' .vn.. Cajii the other fur silk Iios.-. This saves erim- f;:iri n lot of sorting when wash day ,^1 iif,,,-,] c -oines iirotind. Like the other hag. it i«! made from n tlour .siielc, tKiand with bins iniM> and dei-«>rate<l >vlt.h Home simple cross-stlieh or ouiline pattern. These Imgs.vvlll wear rxepptionallyj ,. , , well and can bo fublMHi as fre„uentl .x ' ' • , •^" " •« the parmonts ihoy are mad-'tll ^r '"^'Y' l*^^, '"I"'""' V'"''"'"^- t .,.1.1 . . Airs. lierniie l):i kelson. Ali-s-(•|;ii;i -; • .'itrowii.'Aliss |'e;irl All Kiiriiin. ;:iiil iiiJiers ;ilt !'ni |;ii:.' wfre: •n - C.inalsey. Ali.-s Hcii a • Alis- Ahiru.iiet Iloberls. rill;' C;i;iiioii. Miss C.illi- t. Ali-s-LiK-ili, Call!. .Mrs ; Fllll.stoll. Alls- .le-^ic ILickiit. Aliss. Irrno timily. AII-s : liitlh Kiiniji. Aliss l•.^•;llyn llreckeli- , lidue. .Mi>- Ihizel .-^iiflron. M;-.-i Leoir.i Cray. Alis- Doruiliy Cum-' inillgs. .\l:-s lii;i Le:ivell. Aliss, .Miss Beatrice Ah- I 1 l:.\DIi1 Tie- Kel;4i T .S.-reiii,d,- ,e^r >• TlleSllity ^ night te.tii (I'diH-k \tI>.M--. .K:i,n.s:i» '"ily. f lOf - 20c lOci- 4Qi: ^ Matinee.>i, Pictures Only :. :.• Nijrht.s .Serenader.s and Pictures; ... TOI).\Y AND THURSIMY ON THK STACK- JACK DALEY'S KENTUCKY n«;feml tiulelly. 'Here.-Tmiy. take spil'liiim :iti.l.. c:ir|ienlry: he h;id to •hack yflUr jiistol. I'll my owii||„. ;ii,i,. 1,1 i:ire:i|. the iin;iiiesi biiwiic on tiii.s." He Piilte i the l.olsl. r ;it f,, ;i'r.-iiU|le and to rope tin- wildest Ills hip. / / I steer ami thiow hini and" brand ' Jle hetirclifd .iroiiniT on thf lijui. .All this and nineli. more Ife ground for soniethiii',; ; lid fiiully .';)(,j ;,„|| "i-hidly. for lie loved lieilt over and pii-ied up a ia'ige^H,,. worl,. piece of -litirk. This lie li;,iiiled lO And when p;iy r. TitiM! ;Moore. ••|f yon. lioirf iiiiii I. Colonel. I'd .lust lil;e you to j^tep :iwa.v a hil :iiiil flij,; this up in ilie nil. I'll try a movhi:; tar;;ct." The coliimd. nodding compre- Jleildiirily. sieppid oft a few piices' nm and halted "KeailyV" he <;illed. .' "IJeady." Criiig answered. His hands were' restiii;,^ liiili'tiv on his • liips- i • ' ^ ^ •: , ; The balk y ;iiin hitrli :iii l.lie air. t'raig'si right Ini.nd descended i |iiiek as liglitiiiiii; in ;> "fl :i» h s-- .restiire. flicked out the ;giiir:iiiir pulled tlie trigger. It' was all, dAiie so (piickly SIS to._ seem otic sjf.u],],. miivenif'tit. The h:irk.. i hcikedf siiddenl.v'''in its •downward movem<iiili fle.w; into ;i • lo/.eii jiieces. .. ^ ' "1 could l!evej^:slioiil like lh;it th" best d:i.\" I <*ver S:MV,'' s;,i^l Colonel Mo<ire^ Craig shrugged his shoulders. "It's just a 'trick." he de|>iecatcd. "Practice will do it for anybody that's reaspunhly fair with a gun.' "Craig, you're ' a Ifar. There!s men that car. do *t. but I've only met one besides .vou. 1 . wjis -in .Ahllone for a spcdl iu l.STl and I i got to know AVild Hill HicKok. It was ipiile a trick witfr^hini. but he ^ diu it mostly .with ;: rifle. Dr. C;ir- j v>'.t- call do It too. they say. but I . never saw hitiiT'' 1 , , "1'ony." siiiii Cmig. giiliiiiu!:. "you don't ; Want, to \}iiy too -lunch • ,;lMention to Avlnit "tSie; colonel sayy. | •jft-'s overrathi" me, Witli Ili;it left I Jlanil of his he rail drill the center' out of uii.v target •« ithiii re;isoii.; They sa.v thtjl^ heft re he lost bis, right arm he was th • eluimf: r ji's- ' tol sh<(r id the (Viife<leiai. ., • ,,y. J Of /<nits.e. this shoifitlng U\.: ••],'•' <lraw is sort of 'iiiifiiniiljar to but fiM; plain ac<-iiracy he^d a had.' lue licked and I kl'iow it.' ( 'The i-oloiie!, snorled,'but hwdted pleased.,, nevertheli'ss. He left 'Khortly ;tflerWiir(i.''!t;iking ; Kilti In | tow. ••' ' From that time 011 and until his! leg had entirely mend; d, Tony Jlar- ' .ri.siin >*jit-nl hoiir.s each day at tar-; get piaejice. From time to time l-iy 1 ;ime ;i!iiti;; Tft<': s;iliiiiiis ;.|HI (•;ii!'ildii:;: halls -^ot Jli-> money. .loe C!:i!-.'s eyes e;irifiil!\ sitiii- I tlie 1 riiwils :'s b" miiiv'led with ll'eiii ili 111" streets ;itli1 tlie >,!looUS. ihi' l:'ice he «;is iiiokiiiu fo:^ w;is niil -iheii. Then. ;:ii iioiir 1, r so liifme lie end bis boys due lo start hjK-k to the il'.ar K. lie eiime to an jibrupr iiall il: -the ;-li t :ird Toiiy s;iiw hii'i ri lel; ,o;;l wit ;i one hand and I l;iiii!i It! \ icleiilly mi tlic shot'ijdi r of :• I.l;:tl who W:'s |;;issili'j. jThe 111:11: iiimi'iil :;il 1 I'lriied a p:ii,'f of A Trne (iMiith Keined) Tni^t II. Fohv's lloue\'and Tar Conj- liiiiiiil loti.iriis ever.v one u lio ha.s il coiigti. ;i cold, an irritated ihrii.ii. or a brotichiiil affection. Fi-om the ctirefill chemical luocess that 101117 bines |)itre pine tar. fresh deiiiul- ceiit honey iiiid oilier Itigredit^nts of proven iiiedtcimil value. Iiiere re-iiit> :i preiiliar fjiiality for healing, cliafiicleristic of this trite cou;:ll ;ilid cold reiiieil.v. .\'o opitlleS. no cMoiiii'oriii. effeetive alike for 1 liiliinii'ami grmvn iiersoiis. - Insist lipoii. Fiile.v's HoUey and Tar Compound and aicept no siibsti- lule-. Hrown Drug ."store. I All- - Klllelvll LeilVill •• •:• •:• :• >leitinu »t Udells i;nlld Tile regular nieiiini; of tlie Fill lis i;ulid of the Firs: I'le^liyier i:in church was hvid last iii;;lit in the miild room. , The lesson wiis a .s<-ries of sior- ie>4 on why Cliristmiis is nbs rved b.v liifferetit groups of people in till I'Hiled States iiltd it- ile;ienil- etleies. .Ahiska. I'llilillpille isljiild: ;inil I'orto Itico. lerol hy ilifieien; nietiiliers. Miss- lior;i L;iiiirford cfiiiditcteij Ihe ilrvoiiotnil |ierioil. Aliss .Vellii. Waiters ami , .Mis'? Carrie Ihick wi're the hostesses. I biidlv fi:i-^lUeiied ry was one, of the t\\o heoti wftll l!i nioii .let! ILt'rrisoii. •Casliiiiti." Cl;:i thr.iii^-h •^rrittid ji etli on Crai': l(iien wlioj bad It' d:(y be : sho. lot :il, before him the For Double Action in your bakings use KG the 'colonel five him iusj ^liinHplr was jileased to ruttioji and to demon- BAKING POWDER is omwes for 2S^ ] Same Wice for hver 35 years MillioiM of pounds used by .our £ove»nent Peirf umes aiid HighGrade/ for Her Exqiii.'iite Koltlcs of Perfume. Toilet Water, ('om- pacts. Etc. . Beautiful and t'omplcle Combination Sets at a wide ranjre of price^^, ; . New and PracticalCbmpacts in Attractive Boxes, both sins^le and double. Price rantrc SI.00 lo $7.50. ^ i|Bath Salts. Body lW '«lers. Sachet Powders, Lavender Flowers. Rose I*etals. f'utex Sets. fete. A .Most Complete Line is Here for Your Inspection. Vou Will Find Beaunful Chri.striias Cards Here. Cv Palmer .. Velva Nalley Kitty Brady The D^ley Harmony Trio "A Hot Shot Frpni Dixie" .\ Versatile Entertaining Band 0.\ THE SCREE>'— Singing Director I . .1 Blues Singer • Interpi-e^atiye Dancer | Dashing comedy, refreshing novelty, sizzling action, gorgctiiis girl.'-', colorful backgrounds. .Perfect Ent«rtainment—Soft Cushions! J (Jcmip4xhu DRY OOODSi-WOMEN'S WEAR-NiLLINER *0UL~~ - - KANSAS IGLiV'S POPULAR STORE Givv Her the Kind She Buys "Onyx OPointex Always $1.95 a Pair ;! I*air $5..50 Three jiaiii-s of (jnyx Pure Silk C'hinoii Hosiery enclosed;! in a beautiful Chri?;t- nias box will prove to be an appreciated! gift. All are firll 'fa.>*hioned and havf re-inforced heels^and toe.s". In the new- colors. I / . HITMMING BIRD HOSIERY Pure Silk—Full Fashioned I $1.50 Pair ; :} Pairs for $1.00 BOBOLINK HOSIERY ; Pure Silk i $1.00 Per Pair Corduroy, blanket and . Silk R6bes at The new long .sleeve and Tuxedn collar are shown jn a splendid .se-.;?*<f lection of lovely light and darlc'*" shades. Warm. ctJmfortable Robes that'll carrj- >'our; wish to its rtsripient. i • SENEKER^^

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