The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on April 13, 1894 · Page 9
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, April 13, 1894
Page 9
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DUNDY FELT SLIGHTED. AROUND .THE WORLD Will you go Costs too Much Not a bit •HBHM Read on and see A Grand Offer to the Readers of THE SENTINEL We propose to take all our readers around the world in the next few weeks. How can we do it? Simply enough. We have, at great pains and expense, been able to secure for the exclusive use of THE SENTINEL A most magnificent series of large photographs of the wonderful works of God and man in all lands under the sun. fe3?hese superb photographs have been gathered by one or tne greatest travelers and lecturers of. this country. They have been reproduced in plates, 10xl2i inches, at an outlay ot thousands and thousands of dollars. , a ! THIS GRAND ART COLLECTION OF! y MAGNIFICENT PALACES CELEBRATED CHURCHES RENOWNED RUINS IVY-CLAD ABBEYS NOTED INNS PICTURESQUE SCENES GLORIES OF ART MARVELS OF ARCHITECTURE 'Will be issued in parts, each part containing sixteen plates. Accompanying each photograph is a vivid and accur ate description of the scene or object depicted, prepared by one who has personally visited the places, and knows where of he speaks. Part one is now Ready AND ILLUSTRATES SUNNY ITALY CONTAINING f • &> f V k". PART I-ITALY. LEANING TOWER, CATHEDRAL, AND BAPTISTERY, PISA CATHEDRAL, SIENA STATUTE O* 1 COLUMBUS, GENOA LOGGIA IDE LANZI, FLORENCE VENICE-BRIDGE OF SIGHS GIANT STAIRCASE ST. MARK'S THE PIAZETTA GONDOLAS NAPLES-BAY AND MT. VESUVIUS SAN MARTINO, INTERIOR GALLERY OF BRONZES PANORAMA OF FLORENCE PONTE VECCHIO MILAN CATHEDRAL STATUTE OF LEONARDO DA VINCI TMow to SecurethlsUnprecedented Offer In each copy of this paper is printed a coupon. Bring or send one of these coupons, together with ten cents in coin or stumps to our office, and you will receive one ' oart of the series. Back numbers can be had on .the game terms. If it is to be sent by mail send two cents eX Be particular to state the number of tho part desired, give your full name and address, and Inclose the necessary coupons and ten cents. MO ONE SHOULD MISS THIS CHANCE T— SEE THE WORLD FROM YOUR EASY CHAIR WITHOUT LEAVING HOME WITHOUT EXPENSE KORTE, LAWYER, «r*t floor (leruutn bunk building. Iu bUto and federal oourU, utteutlou tflvau (v (owolonutoD uud (t>> w. sow , ATTORN EV A i LAW, on »o*. .L ' BBAOH A HOYT LAWYERS. I lmilue«i Uftur ' wloowtf. THE SECRET OF IT. THE WILD MAN OF BORNEO—How j» it the Two-Hended, Girl saema to get •lone without any trouble ? BEARDED LADY—Well, she doesn't mix with other freaks much. &>he prefer* to Miooikte with herself.—Fuck. • BERING FLEET ORDERS. Instructions to Commanders of the Ships Completed. EEED IOROED AN ADJOURNMENT. F. M, DAVENPORT, A TTOBNtl AT LAW. L f\ ttotediuboUtnUteitud 4*W 0 over Fir»t National Bank, Carrol Democrats Unable to Muster a Quorum. Hale and PelTer Spoke Against the TarlQ Bill—Time of Commencement of Bur' llngton Bridge Extended — Important Mineral Land Case From Montana. WASHINGTON, April 12.—The sailing orders and instructions of the commanders of the ships of the seal patrpl were completed by the navy department Wednesday, and submitted to the secre tary of state for his approval. So far they are kept secret, but the general tenor of the instructions, it is understood, require the naval officers to seize any vessel found engaged in sealing north of the 85th degree of latitude after May 1 and before Aug. 1. The presence on board of sealing apparatus will be regarded as sufficient proof of the character of the vessel to warrant her seizure. The seized vessels, if carrying United States flags, will be sent to the nearest United States port and delivered to the judicial officers there to await trial. If a British vessel, it will be turned over to the British naval officers, who will return her to Victoria. The sailing orders will also be kept secret so as not to defeat the purpose of so disposing of the vessels of the fleet as to make'it probable that no sailing craft can venture far into the sealing waters without a reasonable certainty of cap- tare. Some of the naval vessels will lie in wait in the neighborhood of San Point and at the mouth of the passes between the Aleutian islands through which seul- ers would pass from the Northern Pacific into Bering sea. A contingent of the fleet will cruise off the coast of British Columbia and Southern Alaska following the seal herds. The fact that a vessel, United States or British, has cleared from port before the promnl gation of the laws will uot suffice to save her from seizure. INVOLVES TITLE TO MINERAL LANDS Northern Paelflo'i lllKhl to Such Land* In Montana to lie Unaided In Court. WASHINGTON, April 12.—The full bench of the supreme court was engaged Wednesday in hearing the arguments in the cose of Burden vs. the Northern Pacific company, which comes to this court on an appeal from the circuit court for the district of Montana. The question is whether the lauds, ascertained to be mineral lands after the grunt to the rail road company, are the property of the company, congress having excluded mineral lands from the operations ot the grant. The railroad company insists that only mineral lands aro excluded as wore known to be mineral lands at tho time of tho grant, while counsel for Bardun assort*) tho mineral lands are excluded up to the tiiuo that patent wis is BUM!. The government is upholding tho cast) of Bardon, who is reprosuutud by Solicitor General Maxwell,and W. W. Dixon, James McNaught and J, J. Carter up- poured for tho railroad company. Tho principle laid down by tho court in iU decision of tho caw will luwo an import aut bearing on other mineral land con- tattta in Montana, and thu internals »t (take uro very large. Most of tho mm- erul lands along the Northern Piuriflo in Montana, Idaho and Washington will be ailuotcd by this ciwo. Rouil Voro«il •« Adjournment, WASHINGTON, April It),—Mr. Rood held tlit) houuo at bay for an hour and a halt Wednesday, on a motion to die- clwi'KO the warrant Uuuad to tho sor- giwut-ut-ann* during the fight over tho canteatod election vane* to arrest ab gontoea. Thu Republicans, under hU leadership, rofuxud to vote, and the Democrats being unable to muster a quorum, yielded to an adjournment. Tho Democrats four this move on tho part of Mr. Reed IB in puwmnoe of a carefully formulated plan to force the constant at tendance of a Democratic quorum hero after. The Kepublionns deny that any such plan hat) been agreotl upon, Tho business of the house IB well advanced, Uiul if imoh tv scheme wero curried into effout, the Democrats nay they will huvu •utplo time to transact their routine business before the somite dispoae* of tho tariff bill. TO Kuforoc UwlgrittUm Lawn. WASHINGTON, April 18,—Senator Declares He Was Ignored by Judge Catdwell, PROPOSES TO DEFEND HIS ORDER, Chandler presented in the senate an amendment to tho sundry civil appro priatiou bill, making an appropriation of |30,000 for- the enforcement of the emi- •gratioii ami alien contract labor laws. The amendment also proposes to change the title of the superintendent of emi gratioii to that of commissioner general of emigration, and he, in addition to his other duties, is to be charged with the execution of the alien contract labor laws. Hale and Pcffer Talk Tariff. WASHINGTON, April 12.—The agreement between Senators Harris and Aidrich went into effect Wednesday, a from 1 to 5 o'clock the tariff bill was under discussion, and Senators Hale (Me.) and Peffer (Kan.) spoke against it The time of tho senate from 12 to t and from 5 to 0 p. m., when it went into executive session, was taken up in consideration of the urgency deficiency bill, jut without reaching any conclusion in regard to it. Riiinooy Succeeds Admiral Benham. WASHINGTON, April 13.—By the retirement of Rear Admiral Benham, Commodore Ramsey became a rear admiral. He has been for tho past five years chief of the navigation bureau of theiiavy department. Iliircau of Interstate Bank*. WASHINGTON, April 12.—Representative Sherry (Conn.) introduced a bill to establish a bureau of interstate banks. The bill is a modification, in some important respects, of the national banking act, and is designed to meet the demand lor a local currency in the south and west by affording a more profitable and accessible basis for circulation than United States bonds. SATISr*IEp. Forth Ap- DEMAND FOR ORATORY Butternrorth'* ICffurt Called ptauae From Spectator!. WASHINGTON, April 12.—The local de- mnnd for oratory was largely satisfied Wednesday by the finish of Colonel Phil Thompson's speech in theJPollard-Breck' inridge trial and the beginning of a plea by Major Butterworth, Although Major Butterworth talked more than taalf of tho day, he progressed no further than tho first relations between his client and Madeline Pollard back in 1884. His whole argument was devoted to the point that the young woman had not beau the pure and unsophisticated girl of 17 when the silver-haired colonel met her that she represented herself to be. It was a strong display of oratory. There was on interesting incident daring the morning, when Judge Bradley carried into execution the threat he made •everal times of clearing the room of spectators. Mr Butterworth had been painting glowingly the virtues of his client, whose friendship ho had enjoyed for many years, and was declaring dramatically that no man to whom Ben Bntterworth had boon a friend in his prosperity would be deserted by him in adversity, when several men broke into appluuHti. The judge immediately ordered all who wore not members of the bur to leave the room, To Keep thu AlUiourl In IU Channel. WASHINGTON, April 13,—An amendment to the sundry civil appropriation bill WUH propostxl by Senator Muudorsoti, making an appropriation of 1^50,000 to protect tho chuunel of tho Missouri rivor adjacent to Oumlrn. llrldga »t IliirUiigtuu, WASHINGTON, April 18.—The house commerce committee has extended for two years tho time for tho commence- went and complutiou of the bridge at Burlington, la, Favorable Ituport Ordered. WASHINGTON, April la.—Thu McGor- rultuu claim has been ordorod favorably reported on by the houue committee ou land claims. OlutrgM Agnluit Oovvruur triowvr, AUIANY, April !•)).—The ooimto judiciary committee submitted u memorial from the civil aervtco reform league charging Governor Flower with a violation of the civil aorvico law*. Tho commlttoti also olforoU a resolution that the chuinmm of tho cominitteo, Senator O'Connor, und Senators Puxtou uud Mao- Million bo constituted u special commit- tue to invixitigtiUi tho charges. TtM»u<n««<> l'ti|iulUt Couvontlou. NAbiiYlLiUK, April I; 1 .—The suite convention of Uu< PouulittU mut here, Krunk P. Dickoy of Monroe county was elootod temporary chairman. The convention will likely nominate Professor A. L. Mlms of Duviduou county for governor. Oralpt the Flr«t Opportunity to Let the Public Know HI* Views ou Bights of Or- ganlced tabor In Court—Promlsot to Hand Down i Decision In the Case of (tie Salaried Men, OMAHA, April 12.—Wednesday afternoon's session of the American Railway union case before Judge Dundy was particularly interesting, in that the court gave vent to a personal feeling which baa existed since the calling of Judge Riner of Cheyenne by Judge Oaldwell to sit with the latter on the wage schedule case, Judge Dundy did not hesitate to say that he had felt grossly insulted by this action, particularly as Judge Riner had denied the original order of the court. Circumstances had hitherto prevented him from speaking his mind or giving publicity to any explanation he might wish to make qualifying the terms of that order; he had been abused, scoffed at, rebuked and maligned at every move made, and he was, therefore, compelled, much as he regretted it, to grasp the opportunity now that it had presented itself. ' . The court promised to examine thoroughly into the merits of the petition for a restoration of the wages on the Union Pacific system, and Judge Dundy thought he would be able to express an opinion in a day or two. In the Interest of Township Government. HASTINGS, Neb., April l!i.—The county board of supervisors has appointed a special committee of two members to meet with other committees from various counties in the state at Lincoln to consider and propose changes in the township organization act. liank Caahier Bound Over. NEBRASKA CITV, April 12.—Henry Renkin was bound over to the district court in the sum of $000 on the' charge of embezzlement. He was cashier of the defunct Farmers' bank of Talmage, and is accused of embezzling $15,000. Making llrlck for Omaha. BEATRICE, Neb., April 12.—The Beatrice paving and building brick works will resume operations Monday, giving employment to about 50 men. The company has just closed a large contract with Omaha parties for fire brick. County Clerk Said to Bo Short. DAVID CITY, April 12.—The committee appointed by the supervisors to check up the books of ex-County Clerk E. P. Mcr Cullom claim to have found a shortage of some $$,700, including $900 reported on hand, but not turned over. Mrs. Love Dead. FREMONT, Neb.. April 13.—Mrs. James W, Love is dead. She leaves two daughters, Para, aged 17, and Roma, 0 years old. Mr. Love died last December with a disease contracted while consul in San Salvador, faouth America, lllalr KeW»|ia|>er Transfer. BLAIR, Neb., April ifi.— Derma All- bory, who has been one of the partners in tho Blair Pilot for several years, sold his interest to Perry Seldeu, his toruier partner. BY CABLt. Ate From Solid Gold t»l»he». FLORENCE, April 12.— Queen Victoria and Prince and Princess Henry of Battenburg (Princess Beatrice) lunchea »• the Pitti palace Wednesday with King Humbert and Queen Margaret of Italy. The luncheon service used upon this occasion was of solid gold and was the workmanship of Benvenuto Collini, the famous Florentine artist in inetals. King Humbert and his family have returned to Rome. _fl — •-*••« j Flre« Attributed to IJrlcknmkeri. ANTWERP, April 12.—Five fires have recently occurred at Boom, about 10 miles from this city, the center of the brick and tile manufacturing business of Belgium. The fires are attributed tothe brickmakers, who are now on a strike there. As a result the streets are patrolled by police and military, and the assemblage of more than 10 persons it prohibited. _ i Karl Ilusscl Will Kestat. LONDON, April 12.— Enrl Russel, who was the respondent in the sensational and unsuccessful divorce suit brought against him in 1893, was served, while entering a train tit Pacldington station, with a petition for the restoration ol conjugal rights, ou behalf of the countess, formally Miss Mable Scott. Earl Russel intends }o resist the petition. International Bimetallic Conference. LONDON, April 12.—Mr. Balfour, Mr. Liclderdale, formerly governor of tha Bank of England, Sir. David Miller Barbour and a number of others of equal prominence have promised to attend an international bimetallic conference that is to be held on May 2 at the Mansion House, the official residence of the lord mayor of London. ' Big Failure at Vienna. LONDON, April la.—A dispatch from Vienna announces the failure of David Wiener & Sons, merchants, with liabilities amounting to $2,500,000. Pnderowakl Coming Again. LONDON, April la.—PaderewsW haa decided to make a third tour of the United States in Jatr.tary next. Princess Illsmtirck'* Itlrthday. BERLIN, April 12.—Princess Bismarck celebrated in a quiet manner the 70th anuiversarv of her birth. Cuyler Shultx Taken to the Pen, GRAND ISLAND, April 12.—Cnyler Shultz.'the twice convicted murderer of J. P. Burr, was taken to the penitentiary at Lincoln. NEWS FROM IOWA CITIES. To lie Paid for UU Injuries CEDAR RAPIDS, la., April 12.—In tho United States court the jury rendered a verdict of $3,417 damages in the personal injury case of A, J. Taylor, a St. Louis traveling man, against tho Chicago, Milwaukee and St, Paul railway. Taylor had two ribs fractured, and was otherwise injured in a wreck last October. Presbytery Oondouini Liquor L»w. DBS MOINES, April 12.—Des Moines presbytery completed its work and ad- jnurned to meet in Knoxville in June. Dr, Joseph Calhouu of Indiana was made superintendent ot missions and Dr. C. J. Scott of Knoxville financial agent. Resolutions were adopted condemning tha new liquor liny. Ilaldenou and Kldd Acquitted. CIIKSTON, Iu., April 13.—Ualderson aiul Kldd, tho men charged with the murder of old man Uoodale, were liberated. Tho jury returned a verdict of not guilty after being out five hours. Ulukenou Out ou Hall. ATLANTIC, la., April 13.—Albert Dickerson, cashier of the Cuss County bank, won released from jail, HU bail was reduced from $7,500 to {3,000, milking tho total bail ll'J.OOO. Church l>i'*l rtiyml by Lightning. CARSON, la., April 13,—Tho Cumberland Presbyterian church at Wheeler was struck by lightning and burned. Lovml UU Million* Mo.t. NKW YOKK, April 13.—The engagement between Minn Odette Tyler, the uo tread, und Howard Qould has been broken off, because of family opposition. By u ptKMiliiir provision in Jay Gould's will all of tlm children are prohibited from marrying without (he consent of the family, under pain of losing their lega- duo. Howard Uoulil recolveU 110,000,000 from his father. Diamond Thief Cuuglil. SAN FRANCISCO, April 19.—Slgimuul Jacobs, ul«o known iw Hurry Howard, who arrived here from the etut about IU moutlu) ago, is luukiil uo iu the city prUon, He is vvtmted iu New York, where it la alleged ho stole about f i.OOO worth of ilitmiu.,da. Will Ui'iiu llli'i'lilurMgu't NIIUIV. CHICAGO, April 13, Colonel U. P. litvc'kiiu'ldgc will bo tln>p[HHl from tho roll of honorary jAtniiUunhip iu the Union League club'of thU city after the vei'tliot U roiuloivd iu thu uuit now pond- ing iu Wtwhinylun. Demise of Marquis Tallyrand. LONDON, April 12.—Marquis de Tally* rand, formerly the Due de Dino, is dead. "DEMEMBER there A V. are hundreds of brands of White Lead (so called) on theX market that are not White Lead, composed largely of Barytes and other cheap materials. But the number of brands of genuine Strictly Pure . ( J White Lead is limited. The following brands are standard "OldDutch" process,' and just as good as they were when you or your father were boys: "Southern,""RedSeal," " Collier," "Shipman." FOR COLORS.—National Lead Co.'s Pure White Lead Tinting Colors, a one-pound can to a 35-pound keg of Lead and mix your own paints. Saves time and annoyance In matching shades, and Insures the best paint that It uv possible to put on wood. Send us a postal card and get our book on palnls and color-card, free; it will probably save you a good many dollars. NATIONAL LEAD CO. St. Louis Branch, Clark Avenue and Tenth Street, St. Louis. NEW HARNESS SHOP THEO. OSTEN, Prop. An entice now and complete ttock of .>-Harnese, Saddles, Whips,* Robes, Fly Nets Anaeverjtlilnu utmullj ouiitalnod Iu a lint clawi eatublUhmeui or tl\U kUd. All work wurranto<rto bo tint class In every particular. Honnlring Neatly and Clioijtly Doue; «ilVK UK A TH1AI.. Opposite Biirko's hotel. Carroll, Iowa. McNEILL & CO, DKALKHS IN MARBLE and GRANITE Tombstones ud ieidstous AND YAKUB, WKtiT BMP OV trOUUTU HTiiBHT. IOWA. A evil effeote of early. vUnt uui tho Wood, akin, livor, kUliwyx tt Vowettul rumwUiM. HuUuit r OR. MoQRIW TM« 8l»iOIAl.l»T. liu uu tHjual Ui U>« traatiuontutall PNIVATBOI»IA«»», UoiiorrUiBU.ttlooUiiUt* turu, »>iiUllta. Vttfloo. ool0i npiMrutatorrUoMg liuuuturul dijwhttw«*, ItMt uiauliootl or uofc aUuun ttWtt]Ti uU(M ,,• A.J,

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