Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 14, 1965 · Page 22
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 22

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 14, 1965
Page 22
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SIX IRONWOOD DAIIY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN WEDNESDAY, JULY 14, 1965. Short Wedding Trip Said Best By JOB DILL CHICAGO (APi — Tlie Honeymoon is much sweeter when short, says a wedding consultant, and short honeymoons are better for a marriage too "The most surprising thing is . lhat many times a couple gets bored with each other on a long honeymoon." consultant Louis Seno said in an interview. "The shorter the honeymoon, the better. Two weeks is the most I'd advise," he said Seno. a wedding consultant 20 years, said the anxiety and excitement leading to the wedding puts a couple on their best behavior. • "Then suddenly they're married. They think they know each other, but then they start spend- '• ing 24 hours a day together and discover they don't. "In a strange resort, sur-. rounded by strangers, the discovery that Prince Char .rung scores or has a few minor faults' can be devastating. "The newly married couple obligates each other to constant entertainment. They see little or nothing connected' with their liome life." Seno, 41 and father of four, said a short honeymoon gives the couple a chance to be alone, and that the return home means /•» I the real beginning of happiness. ^ ODOOSG "At home, even though it's a, brand new apartment, a bride A ^ LINEN KNITS ARE SUMMER HITS — There's an exciting summer fashion story in new linen knits. These handsome knits are being made by many of America's leading knitwear manufacturers in pure linen or linen combined with silk, wool, Amel or rayon. Appliqued flowers bloom on the fresh, young two-piece knit (leftK Irish linen, Amel and wool were used in a closely textured stitch. Background is white; flowers In soft pastels. In one-piece sheath < right i the same linen, mixed with silk, gives the effect of tussah. The random stripes are in beige and black. Ford to Market TV Set for Cars DETROIT (API — Ford Motor Co announced Tuesday it would market a nine-Inch portable television sei which could be used in an auto or a home. The unit, developed by Ford's subsidiary, Philco Corp., Is all transistorized and has a 12-volt DC cord which can be plugged into either the car cigarette lighter or a portable battery pack in the auto. It has a 110-j The Doctor Says By V9. G. BRANDSTADT, M.D. Q—What causes hiatus hernia? How can I adjust to t h i s condition? Why Is surgery not recommended? What Is the prognosis? A — The opening In the dia- Theater Group Opens Season CALUMET — The Keweenaw Playhouse in Calumet h as to launched its seven-week season improve fringe area reception: of Broadway productions se- and a bracket for attaching the lected solely for pure theatrical volt AC cord for home use. A separate car antenna set to the back of the front seat are available as options. entertainment. "Come Blow Your Horn," the The suggested retail price for j hilarious long-run comedy h i t the UHF-VHF portable set is j by Nell Simon, Is being pre- 5169.95. The antenna and seatjsented as the first play. It will bracket are available at $19.95 i run through Sunday night, with and $12.95 respectively, while! all performances, except the 7 the portable battery pack has a suggested list price of $29.95 at Ford and Lincoln-Mercury dealers. It will be on sale in a few weeks. p.m. Sunday show starting at 8:30 p.m. The box office is open daily, except Monday, from l to 9 p.m. for this and all subsequent shows. Trout Creek Personals i Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rajala LIBERTYTOWN, Md. (AP> — ?"l_?! 1 i ld . r 5"^. P °" t L a J::_ ar r,..^?- C I ? uth ancl p " aul - Mr ancl Mrs ' was a guest at the Lutheran distracted' Church Choir practice, where] . '_ she showed and explained many 1 beautiful slides of Hawaii. Mr. and Mrs. R^ino Heikkala, Two states—Rhode Island and! xhe entire company is rep- Kentucky—ban use of television I resented fn the production, onsets in autos, according to • .stage, behind the scenes, and in figures compiled by the Auto- front of the house to make the mobile Manufacturers Assn. • season's beginning a memor- ! Some 31 states stipulate that the ! able and pleasing one. set must be placed in such a Marshall Strader is the p r o! way that the driver can not j ducer and director. ! see the screen and thus be USE DAILY GLOBb WANT-ADS with Rfistritla and duodenal u 1- cer? Would the diets usually prescribed for these two 111- nesses clash? A — Uelusll contains m a g - nestum trislllcate and aluminum hydroxide. These are not absorbed into the blood and can safely be tnken in large amounts. The only unwanted, results of taking nn excessive dosage might be a slight constipation or an interference with the ab- sorptnn of phosphorus from the digestiv^ tract. The diets usually prescribed for gastritis and for peptic ulcer are bland (low in roughage and irritating spices) and would not Q _ My father, 19, dreams every right —not nightmares, just dreams. He doesn't eat before he goes to bed so what could cause this? A — Studies on sleep show that everyone has dreams that last 5 to 10 minutes several times ;i night. If they do not wake up during the dream they will not remember the dream at all but. if they are awakened during the dream, the details will be vividly remembered. This is normal and does not depend on overeating at b e d time. phragm that allows the esophagus to pass from the thorax into the abdomen Is a point o f nchin.1 weakness — so much so that over 50 per cent of all persons over 60 years oi age have some degree of hernlatlon here. The percentage increases with age and with a tendency to obesity. You might adjust to it by reducing if you are overw eight and by sleeping in a semireclin- ing position. In this position gravity allows the portion of your stomach that has escap e d through the hiatus into your chest to drop back Into 1 1 s formal place. Operation is the treatment of choice because it will correct the cause of your discomfort. If you have some condition that would make an operation an unwarranted hazard your doctor would advise against it. This type of hernia is an annoyance rather than a t h r e at to life except in rare instances in which the stomach does not slide back into place when you stand up. As a result of this: piease send your questions strangulation, gangrene of the, and comments to incarcerated portion may oc- BrandsUidt. M.D., Wayne G. in care o f cur and an emergency operation i thi s paper. While Dr. Brand- would be necessary. ; sta clt cannot answer individual Q — Can taking Gelusil f re-! letters he will answer letters of quently over a long period have j general interest in future col- any bad effects on a person i umns. can take things in stride," Seno said. "The man gets up and ^-^.v^.^,,^, „,„. ,„* . — .. . . ., . .. ... „ goes to work, and the wife has a Twenty-five miles from the at " omn S at the Arthur Pulkas urho Heikkala, Jean and Renee, chance to relax, do her daily nearest railroad tracks, a Balti- ' home for one week - i spent a day in Marquette a t chores and dismiss the little more-Ohio Railroad caboose Louis Pulkas, Ontonagon. was! tending a family reunion of the frailties of her husband." stands in a backyard of this tiny a recent caller here. j Heikkala family. Seno said the most susceptible Western Maryland community.' Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Walls! Bruce Knivila, Detroit, is persons to a soured honeymoon The 50-year-old car serves as and children, Milwaukee. M r . are women who have lived with a playhouse for Marine Sgt. Wil-iand Mrs. David Walls and cliilcl- their parents and have made liam M. Bill's children. few trips. ren, Cedar Spring, are vacation- Last year. Bill found a ca- ; ing at the home of their p a r "The more the homebody, the boose in the B&o yards at Brun-! ents. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert more they look forward to a trip swick, Md., ready for the scrap ' Walls and Mr. and Mrs. arthur -*- and stretch it too long," he heap. He persuaded railroad 'Pittsley. said. "Many women end up get- officials to sell it to him for 3350. '< Miss Jea11 Anderson Is vacating homesick. As a result im- then he spent another S480 hav- tioning in Milwaukee with r e- patience and misunderstanding ing it moved the 25 miles to his' latives for several weeks. spending his vacation with hisi parents, Mr. and Mrs Charles i Knivila. Mrs. Knivila returned; home after several weeks in! Ypsilanti with her son and! daughter in law. Mr. and Mrs. I Douglas Knivila. Elma Fisher and grand- Kimberly Kay. Super-' vacationing- here for< develop." backyard. Personalities in the News Leslie Davidson, weekend with his spent t h ei several days. wile and Saxon Personals . ,. „ „ . _, ,, . , Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Fafford, > j? f Highwood, 111., spent a weekend <™™, |\, with relatives in this area. i daughter at the home of M r s . : Josephine Moreno, i Mrs. Louise McLauchlin. Marquette, spent a weekend at the Mr. and Mrs. \bner Seppanen spent a weekend camping a t' Perch Lake. Miss Sharon Hautamaki, who: is employed in Illinois, is spend-' daughter Mrs in S some time with her p a r • aau E Mei - Mrs • er f ts , M r. and Mrs. Walter Hau- and Mrs. Tovio Karainin i and Mildred and Mr and Mrs. tamaki. Callers in Ewen recently were oSSr^T H ™' ^^MTsrP^cVaTane; to:^!J ^*? JrS?^>l»\I*«K MacLauchlln. Mrs. Hazel Gamble Benedict and her new ny to Sacramanto Calif where T. . tnre e WPBK vaca- „„ .,,__ husband, state police investiga- thev will be euests at the home n tou ^ ing •• — 6 mey W1J1 De Ruebrs ai ine nome :and Mexico. Mr. • -,' mi» \-ii\*j r»i.Ji»j^t-jHV,ut'ijt*i,UJj\_ iiv/J tor Thomas F. Gallagher jr.. of M r. and Mrs. Jack Laitala. Honeymooned in Bermuda in- M r and Mrs Edward , * • parts of Anzona Harold Sal- Mrs : Floyd Mclntyre, Mrs Sliger, Mrs. Alice Thomps o n , Mrs. Maxine Thompson and "I hope there were a lot of : homes •press agents waiting at the Dub- Mr. 'ana Mrs. Charles ; JESS SHE Si'X Sr a ' dlh °S. suaan naronco. Minnea NEW VOHiT^P, _ R8to o. S nan Gandhi, 29, grandson of Mrs. George Baker. Mahatma Gandhi, says he hasj Mrs. Lily Gardner, Burbank, invited 100 young Americans to; Calif., is visiting at the Goldle tour Asia to display "a more | Anderson home. exciting revolution" to their Marvin Ansami, Kenosha, vis-! counterparts in the nonaligned ' ited at the home of his parents ] Elvie Olgren. "f J" ° « Mu • ™ ° world. recently. Gandhi, editor of an English-! Kay Swartz, Ashland, spent a language news magaazine in! weekend at her home. Bombay, said Tuesday in an in-, Paulette Hannula and Char- terview he hopes to sponsor such' lotte Powell, Madison, visited! a tour for the members of a tneir Parents for a weekend. nen. Settle and Jeanette Lelvis spent a weekend with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lelvis. Mr. and Mrs. Leroy White were recent callers at the Floyd Mclntyre home. Mrs. Bruce Warren and Mrs. Thomas Grooms were recent callers in Watersmeet. John Besonen and child- Mr. and Mrs. Ben Manning. Mr. and Mrs. Urho Heikkala j and daughters were recent call-^ ers in Iron River. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin A h o and children, Beechwood, spent j a day at the Fred Sliger and Mary Staff homes. 'Body' Found To Be Dummy \ HAMDEN, Conn. (AP) — AJ party of state and local police and the resident park ranger climbed down a rock face at Sleeping Giant State Park to investigate reports of a body. They found a stuffed dummy, made of wood and excelsior. State police said Francis Peters, 17, Meriden reported! on Mackinac Island, Mich. Gandhi came to the United' States to attend the demonstration sponsored by Moral Re-! armament, an international or- i ganization. Gandhi heads Moral: Re-armament in India LOS ANGELES (AP)—Anna Kashfi cried Tuesday on the witness stand as she told how actor Marlon Brando, her ex- husband, took custody of their ; child, Christian Devi, last Dec 7. Miss Kashfi is charged with; assault. A policeman who accompanied Brando said Miss i Kashfi slapped the movie star- during a wild argument over possession of the boy, now 7. Brando testified that several medical authorities told him Miss Kashfi was psychoneurotlc. son Jr., 48, former governor of Kansas, has been appointed as executive director of the newly Waukegan, 111., visited -relatives here for a weekend. Guests at the Ann Ducharme home for a weekend were Jim, Bob and Paul Ducharme, Milwaukee, and Mrs. Russell Saari and family of Radisson, Wis. Clarence Payette, D u 1 u t h , was a recent visitor at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Simon. Mr. and Mrs. Lindy S u n i e, Robinson. Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Ted • The appointment was an- visited relatives here for a week. Mrs. Lillian Roatch has returned from Milwaukee where she visited for two weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Tolvo Lahti and at weekend. .. Kroll and family. Marenisco, sp e n t the weekend at the Sullivan and Mike Kroll homes Allan Norman, Appleton, a weekend at the home parents, Mr. and Mrs. Norman. Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Marshal -Mrs. Kenneth Johnson and Kendra, California, are vacationing with her parents, M r . and Mrs. Reino Heikkala. Mr. and Mrs, Fred Sliger and sons, Hancock, visited at t h e Fred Sliger and Mary Staff homes recently. Edward Cameron, Milwaukee, I spent a day with his parents,: Mrs. Duncan Cameron. Dental. Grand Ra- recently visited at the John Besonen home. Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Soumonen ; and children of Illinois are vacationing with his mother. Mr. and Mrs. John Ollila spent the Fourth of July i n Green Bay. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Thompson and' children spent a weekend in Sidnaw at the • William Davis home. First Lt. Marian Walls has] returned to Hawaii after spend-] ing her vacation here with heri parents. Mr. and Mrs Wilbert Walls. Lt. Walls, a member of Church, 'Beatle' Gets DOQ License LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP)— "If n ^ C ^' yOU 3 dog li- The license, issued Monday by the Fayette County dog warden, lists the breed as "American Beatle," and the markings as "boy with bangs.' Measure Favors Items For All Congressmen WASHINGTON (AP) —If the ' House has its way, all members) of Congress will be furnished! with automatic letter-openers i and letter-sealing machines. The House passed a bill to do, this Monday and sent it to the the ^ ?. U1 ?, 1 1 C image of and build support for them over an initial five-year period. , . • r When you want to use those s m a 1 1 quantities of lefto v e r cooked vegetables in a nutritious cream soup for your fain- ily, count on adding a cup of the 'fcup-up vegetables to a couple ,qf cups of thin white sauce. ! Terry Bourdages, . who attends Wisconsin State University, Superior, spent a weekend at ! the Edward Fafford home. . Archie Bourdages, Detroit visited relatives and friends here over the weekend Mrs. Jeanne Crego, Wausau and Mrs. Ida Melchert Antigo, are visiting at the Goldie Anderson home. SPAGHETTI & SAUCE YOU'LL LOVE IT ... " " It's simply "Magnifico" Yes, ou* Original Old Style Tomato Sauce it typically Italian ... a deli, cious combination of the best spices and tomatoes, prepared only the way the ch.ef at the "V" can. Rich 'n red—heavy with seity flavor. Don't take our word for it ... ask our customers! Pasties every Thursday. -Cafe Phone 561-4713 Silver St. Hurley, Wisconsin By Popular Demand The BIG WHEEL Returns to FRIDAY NIGHT SMORGASBORD Featuring: Seafood Dishes,'Meat Dishes.'A'Variety [.' of Colorful Salads, Vegetable Dfsfaes and a most complete'selection of' appetizers and greens. •.•-.. * DANCING * EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT Chef Charlie Bobbins "Plan now to meet your friends at Big Wheel" OPEN at 11 a.m. Dally The BIG WHEEL Located off Higways U.§. 2 & M-28 on the Sbortfi of Beautiful Sunday Lake DRASTIC PRICE REDUCTION ON SHOES FOR EVERY MEMBER OF THE FAMILY! COME AND GET 'EM! WOMEN'S SHOES Entire Stock Summer PUMPS-FLATS 300 fo 700 reg. 3.99 reg. 9.99 • Medium-high heels • Whites, bone • Pastels • Good sizes • AA, B widths "Charge It" GIRL'S SHOES SHOES REDUCED! 2°° to 4 00 "Charge It" reg. 2.99 reg, 5.99 • Entire summer stock • Few dark styels for back to school • Sizes from BVi to 2 in summer styles • Sizes 12Vz to 3 in Fall styles • Limited quantities • Odd lots MEN'S SHOES Discontinued Styles in Men's SHOES REDUCED! 6°° to 8°° reg. 8.99 reg. 10.99 • Few summer styles • Side ties,^oxfords • Sizes in white bucks • Limited quantities • Broken sizes "Charge It" BOY'S SHOES Summer Fabric Shoes 2 " "Charge It" • High cut basketbal shoes • Low cut styles • Odd sizes in low cut basketball style • Boys moccasins In sizes 3 to 5'/2 ...FOR MEN... WHITE CANVAS OXFORDS ...FOR WOMEN... SUMMER SANDALS . . $1 m $3 Rrnlfon ln»e limlterJ etnrU • ^^ Broken lots, limited stock HEAVY CANVAS OXFORDS 499 HOUSE SUPPERS 100 Brown, Charcoal, Broken Sizes. ^" V im/l urmpr* nil *!?« ' • STURDY MOCCASINS ... 799 Rrnkem d?A< limitArJ *tr»rU ^^ uppers, all sizes Broken sizes, limited stock SUMMER SANDALS All sizes, brown, black ...FOR GIRLS... SUMMER SANDALS .. Brown, white .broken sizes BLACK MINE BOOTS Q00 SUMMER CANVAS SHOES *« P , r ' 9n J y ,T, S , 9f io 9P O Bldck,.whl^ehlno, jeans. $,'*f«M9/H> 12. _ , ^ siMiflM.toa: 1 O ^F 99 8" WORK BOOTS 6" WORK SHOES .... .

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