Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 10, 1933 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 10, 1933
Page 6
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'PAGE SIX TOP CONDITION TOTAKE GOLD New Jersey Pro Walks Off /With the Pot in Galifor- ; nia Championship : Los Angeles, Jan. 10. (AP)—Craig Wood, si sturdy young easterner who ~ had heard that there was gold in California's .golling hills and vales, has struck his third lode. _ The 6|iond and beaining professional oi the \ Hollywood country : club. Deal, N. J., won the eighth annual Los Angeles open championship at the Wilshire country club late yesterday with a sub-par total .of 281 for 72 holes. Victory brought" him $1,525.50, which,'coupled with his triumphs In the San Francisco match play tour• ney and the Pasadena open recently, made:his earnings in less, than i.a month of divot digging exactly $3,232.39.; Cool as. a veteran uiirior the fire of the other-members of the field of 52 players, Wood came home with a final round of 71, even par, to'win ; by four strokes. : . He won the battle from a man in his own threesome, Leo Dlegel, Agua Caliente, ;Mex., professional, iwho fwice ha.s"'won the national P. G. A. title. La'ri-ui)ln' Leo trailed by four strokes at the end, with a 285 to tie for second place with methodical , Willie Hynter, Los Angeles. .They . collected • $932.25 each in prize -money. HunUTr; former amateur champion of Oront .Britain but now a driving rant?i! lost hta chance ,. for first jjlace on hLs third round. • He started with a 72 on the first ' day iitid .then added 68, the lowest ; round ofithc tourney on Sunday, but .sUpixid to 74 yesterday morning. — A steady; piir of 71 brought him back Into'the golden glow. Into foiirth place swept Harold Samp.son,:Burlingam(i, Calll., with a sparkling 168 for. his final round. This gave him a 287 total and $565. Charlie Guest, another of Deal, N. •. J.'s -professionals' after leading at I the half way marlc, finished with 288 to earn $395. . OUn Diitra. Santa Monica, Calif., National P. G. A. champion, finished witli 294, 13 strokes behind •the winner,: and received $34.50. MacDonald Smith, New York, three times winner of the tourney and defending; champion, was In a tie for Sixth place at 289 with Eddie Loos, Chicago, and Fred Morrison. Pasadena. Agiui Caliente champion. Each won $226.; CHECKER MEN TO WICHITA New, Kini; of Kansas Will be Named After Play This Week. ., Wichital Jin. 10. (AP)—Between thirty and forty of the state's crack checker players were here today for an assault on king rows or, if difficulty develops, to hie away to the safety of cross corners—safety if the troubled player has enough men to 'defend his position there. It's the; state tournament and champions from many, a barber shop, or wherever their supremacy rule.";, were on hand.toi lift the Kansas title from J. M. Stull of Wichita. • Business ip^essure has prevented Stull fromi defending his laurels. .. .; After the preliminaries today, the players will! be grouped Into A, B, ' and C classes, according to percentage of their Ivictories in first rounds. The best ten or tw'elve players later Will vie for ^he crown. Slain Chariutc Prowler Identified. Chanute, Kas., Jan.; 10. (AP>—A neero prowler shot and killed here several days ago by Lester D. Smith, ajtrapi>er, ^after he had robbed the Smith home, was Identified 'today through finger prints as Ebble Smith of Topeka.; ON THE ALLEYS Leacne Stan^ngs. W. L. Pet. Colts :•; 25 23 .521 Pla Mors 22 23 .488 Recreations 22 23 .488 Recreations. Clemans .212 209 182 603 Mittelbach 132 132 132 396 Sutton 162 157 148 467 Poust 157 117 145 424 Ayling 207 185 167 559 Totals :\... Humes . .|... Northrup \ Lambeth ,.. Dulinsky .. Matney ..— ...891 821 Colts. ...145 145 ...116 142 ...176 155 ,..144 144 ...142 179 796 2508 155 445 171 429 161 492 144 432 246 567 Totals 723 765 877 2366 KANSAS BRIEFS (By the Associated Press) Hutchinson—An order temporarily restraininfr the Kansas public sen-ice coiiamlssion from interfering with crude production in the Derby comoany Nickell pool in Southern McPherson county, was issued yesterday by District Judge J. G. Somers. The company has five wells in the area. A hearing on the order was set for Saturday. Topeka^The weekly review of the state and federal- agriculturjvl departments yesterday noted some deterioration of wheat in the west- em third of the state and a few south-central counties. Somie plowing for spring crops was reported In eastern counties. Topeka^Two emergency federal aid projects were authorized yesterday by the state highway commission. One project provides for grading of a 5-mlle section cast of Wellington on U. S. Highway No, 160, and the other calls for similar work on a one-mile stretch of the route near the Montgomery-Labette county line. Pittsburg—Edward J. . Hallam pleaded guilty to robbery charges yesterday and was sentenced by District Judge L. Ml Reslei- to serve from ten to 21 years in the state penitential'. Victims of recent robberies in this section failed to identify him as one'of two men who are believed to be responsible for a minor crime wave in and near Pittsburg. Hallam confessed to stealing a motor car and participating in the robbpry of a coal firm here. Topeka—Returning to the office from which he retired In 1929, Frank J. Ryan, secretary of state, retained only two employes of the previous admlnisbation. Tliey were P. C. RelUy, commission clierk, and P. M. Sessions, chief clerk. Secretary Ryian announced the employment of eight new clerks and stenographers. FIGHTING OVER FARM BILL Decided Differences of Opinion E.x- pr^sed in Lower House. ; Washington,. Jan. 10. (AP)—Savage differences over the farm relief price-fixing plan were unloosed in the house of representatives • today, while Its sponsors looked to forcing an early vote and predicted victorr. Representative Luce (R., Mass.) berated the bill as one proposing to take ."over a billion dollars from nine-tenths of the people and give it to one-tenth." Just as vigorously, Representative LaGuardia (R., N. Y.), extolled the allotment plan as "the first step in fundamental changes that must be brought about in our economic system." To Sir James Jeans "the universe begins to look more like a great thought than a great machine." Pot Up Your Rods, Lads, Uo Shooting Tonight J UST! listen to the boys; in the fight racket now! Jack Demp: Bey weaves and bobs into the picture by sJBning Max Schmelingvlo jneSt Max Baer and all hands start 'waving their bows and arrows. » Jimmy: (Wise Guy, Boy Bandit) : Jolvn.stoii.: Madison : Square Harden rnatchiUaker.. shouts that Sdimel'.n^ is afraid of Jack SUar- _ key, and; that ider Schlager-will .have to come to Sharkey because Sharkey Is the champion. • ' Dempsey declares^ that after Sfhmeling meets Baei-, Sharkey .will havei;to come to the winner beeauise tjiere will be no one else to nght. I The wise r.iiy thereupon avers that Sharkey's next opponent, will be I'rlnia Cnrnera in the merry -month of'May. Warn, and rumors of wars-^a.nd. blood-'upon- the ' nioon. lads! ' ' But put up your ro(U, geuts. There'll Ije no shopting tonight. 'iSmoke Screen | /TTHESE : smoke screens . have come jind gone before. Here is the picture behind the smoke: Dempsey yearns to promote. It ;is aji instinct with him. And here Is a perfect'natural, unsigned by the (iardV>n. The fact that the WL-se Ouy's suggestion that Baer affix himself to the Wise Guy's brother ns manager , went for " Sweeney 'is one chapter of that j5tory. Demp.sey da.shos to^New York, speeds but to the ship that is bearing' Joe Jacobs, Schmeling's "^nianager.-homei from iOermany.j Joe, )vlio doesn't want his man to take a very short end of the Jack pot''i,n a return meeting with Sharkey, cocks a wiH'ihg ear,to Dempsey's. propositioi). Joe has pn_excellent .memory of .a crpjyd. at Yankee Stadium for the first meeting of Schmeling and Shar- j key. aiid in his mind's eye can see jthe same sort of outpouring for 1 Schmeling and Baer. ' I And Joe believes fas I do) that Baer would not be. hard for Schmeling to beat. .So why not grab der kale when • it appears so promising? : . » * Looking Ahead I 'T'IIE good Dr. Kearns says Baer i will knock out Schmellflg. jOeorge Blake, who refereed I Schmeling's knockout of Double jYell StrlbUng, thinks the Butter- I fly Butcher Boy would "cpme Ipretty close to beating," j After watching Schmeling In four flghts, and seeing Baer beat|en by Johnny Ulsko on a night iwUen the Risk' wasn't feeling any •too pood. I cannot conceive the erratic Californian beating such a consistent battler as Schmeling. Not over 15 rounds, anyway, fltii it's almost a safe bet that the flght will be held In New York, where they can go for that distance. It seems to me Jacobs would be unwise to take a chance on the opinions of two judges and a referee In the outlying provinces where only 10 rounds are suffered. It takes a few rounds for Schmeling to warm up to hia chore-^ and that's just where New York comes in. The idea of the whole skit, as viewed from this corner, appears to bo: Sharkey will push Camera around in May. A month later Schmeling will nudge Ba«<r off the landscape. • Then Isn't the stage beautifully set for the third battle between Sharkey and Schmeling, with a nice smoke-up In hand and a few extra dimes i.n pocket? So put up your cannons, my friends, there's reallygoinj; to bo no ahootlngi THE lOrA DAILY REGISTER. TUESDAY EVENING. JANUARY 10. 19S3. CHACOMA-SMITH GO "^m" Melton ta Meet Orvel Cox In Thanday*^ Mat Card Mike Chacoma,|local terror of the nut, will out at least one-half the kick^ in the main evetit of the weekly wrestling card here this week, being jscheduled to clash with a gentleman by the name ol Curley^mith, Bartlesvllle. Joe Carl; with the aid of Chacoma, is promoting the second show to be staged in M. W. A. hall Thursday evening. The promoters stated they were well pleased with the location for the last card and believe the spectators will turn out in increased nimibers from now on. Chacoma's opponent is a newcomer here, but ^ battle is promised. Mike appeared before local fans for the firsti time last Thursday and lived up to all advance notices relative to the fact that \ he is a tough hombre when treading Ihe canvas. ' He states that he prefers to wrestle in the main event, for the raised ring may not be standing when he ^as disposed of his opponent. The jJlatform was supported by only th^ legs after Mike had defeated Burt Huggins in last week's card. | The Chacoma-Smith event will be for two falls out of three and no time limit. "Eggs" Melton, undefeated in two Dutches here, w|U go again this week, taking on prvel Cox, Predonia. Melton, a local man, gained one fall over Tonimy McRoberts on last week's card to gain a verdict. Cox wrestled to ja draw with Mc- Rjoberts in the first show held here this winter. He is one of the more popular grapplersjof this section. Two falls out of three In a 45- mlnute time limit j will decide the issue between Cox and Melton. Poll iSmith and Coley Kams, a pair of local asp rants' of the mat game,, will tussle for 30 minutes to begin the grappling. Three exhibition rounds of bo> Ing are advertised to start the show Ladles will be admitted free again with men paying 26 cents and children 10 cents. BRUSHINfiUPSPpS -'-ByUnfer FAMCOSMOVEHML- ASA OM WARCH K>/1909/ ViCBo^P AND LOST .A sni-PpOND Bwr "IB CP\CK ObiYJSoM..., BABY BOY MURDERED Police Have Few ^ines to Murderer Of New Totk Baby New York, Jan. handled stUetto, 10. (AP)—A black with a blade six inches long, was the only iilue today as detectives hunted a killer who murdered a babyjboy in his crib. Frank Michael Cammarano, 4 months bid, was sleeping in a darkened room in the;' Bronx last night. His father, Amanclo, 25, was at night .school, learning thej plumbing trade. Other fTelatives chatted in an adjoining room. . ' The killer crept onto a porch at the rear of th; Cammarano home. The baby slept quietly as a pair of window ciutains nearby parted and a hand thrust jinto the room. It grasped the stlletta. The long knife descended and inflicted a superficial wound, then another. A thirdj time it descended forcefully and plunged into the infant's breast, pinning the tiny form to the mattress. •Teresa Cammarano, 16-year-old aunt of the baby thought she heard a noise and stepped, into the room to I investigate. She saw the knife quivering in the child's body and screamed. Other relatives rah In— all except the mother, Josephine, who was'held back so that she might not see. Police, calling it the most inhuman crime in a long time, said it looked like an act of revenge or jealousy but they could find nothing to support; such a theory. The stiletto, the crib and the window sill were carefully dusted with finger print powder but it was not believed the police found any prints. The baby's parents were married about a year ago, and the child was their first-bom. RACERS TOO SLOW FOR JACK <,s V OA, 1 BE& THE Mmn^ tEAGUE -aoes Sfm> NEfrRLV $100/000 FROM HIS CONCrt .H .\WlUE. OJTiiE. ' TrtS FACE BV TBE VAhJCeR8iq [&FgyMAM, ••.lJ^\«s WAS i<cA>6ei> AND WAS Tfte j I BASKETBALL RESULTS I (By theAssoclatediPress) • \ College. George Washington 32, Duquesne 52. . Concord 24. Davis Elkins 45. Butler 31, Wabash Yl. Michigan .17, Illinois 22. Chicago U. 21, Indiana U. 34. Purdue 28, Northwestern 35. Notre Dame 3i5, Michigan State 19. - lava. U. 19, Wisconsin' 21. Washington U. 27, Grinnell 21. William Jewell 25, Warrensburg, Mo. Teachers 42. Culver-Stockton 21, Westminster 28. , Central 19, Northeast Moi, Teachers 38. College of Emporia 32, Washburn 35. Southwestern 54, Friends U. 32. Southwestern Okla., Teachers 35, Texas Tech 39. Colorado Aggies 44, Greeley Elks 36. Oregon State 32, Idaho U. 31. Meiji (Japan) 29,; Washington State 50. Wichita Henrj-s 34, i California U. 33. St. Marjs 18, Stanford 22. I WEEKLY OIL REPORT r i (B; the Associated Presi.) |. | * • '• • ——« Tulsa, Okla., Jan. 10. (AP)—An increase in crude oil production in Oklahoma, Texas, the Rocky Mountain a^a and the Gulf Coast 'area of Louisiana offset decreases in Kansas, the Rocky Moimtaln and other areas isufllciently to show a total increase of 326,602 barrels daily throughout ihe nation last week, the Oil & GasJotUTial reports. The Texas Increase was due to the fact the East Texais fields were shut down diu-ing the previous wejek. Total East Texas production for the week was 299,872 barrels, while the total Texas production was 803391 barrels as compared with 518i692 for the preceding week. : Oklahoma produced 399540 barrels daily last week as compared with 356,895 for the week ending December 31, an Increase of 42,645 barrels. Kansas' Dally production dropped 90fe barrels to a total of 88,935, whUe the Rock Mountata area an increase of 1,163, to a total of 66,311 barrels. Eastern, fields held steady at 116,000 barrels. The nation's total daily average rosci from 1.712,765 to 2^039,367 bar­ ret?.! HUMBOLDT NEWS Mis. Fred Scbmidt Catinc for Aunt, Mrs. Sarah Kem, Nearly SO, Who Is SMioosIy lU. HUMBOLDT. Jan. 9 --^ Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Wakefield and daughter, Mrs. Helen Archer of Osage street, entertained Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Clay and son, Clark Allan, as their dinner guests Simday. Mrs. Harvey Markle of Cherokee street, was prevented from taking cliarge of the Junior Endeavor society of the Presbyterian church Stmday afternoon due to Illness. The Rev. C. M. "Thomas, pastor of the Christian chiu^h, motored to Chanute after his evening service Sunday, to bring Mrs. Thomas home who had been staying with their son in the hospital. Jesse Van Nice of Ottawa Jimc- tion was a visitor at his home Sunday for a few hoiu^, retiu^ing to duty on the 4:35 p. m. train. "The Humboldt Ministerial union which should have met in regular session Monday morning was postponed to Tuesday morning, owing to the temporary indisposition' of the president. Dr. G. W. Horn. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Butler, near Humboldt khd Mr. Thomas Massey of Humboldt, were guests Sunday night at a birthday party at the home of Mrs. Ruth Robb, Chanute, given inJhonor of Mr. Clare CHark. Miss Leota Sloan, Chanute, formerly of Humboldt, entertained several of her friends at a bridge party Friday night. Mr. and Mrs. Kaskell Little, who reside southeast of Humboldt, accompanied Mrs. William Rbseberry to herliome in Gamett Sunday, following a week's visit at their home since the death of her husband. Mrs. Sylvia Brashears of near Humboldt, also went with them cin the trip. . Miss Ethel Ltbby of near Savon- bum, accompanied Mr. and Mrs. B. V. Richardson and Miss Pern Rus- .sell of Leanna to Hiimboldt Sunday evening, where they attended the service of the Presbyterian church. Funeral services for Willis EUner Roseberry of Gamett, were held Monday afternoon at the Leanna church, southeast of Himllwldt, with Bev. Ernest Ham, pastor of the Chanute Christian chiuxsh in charge. Following the services which were largely attended by neighbors and friends of the vicinity, Interment took place Ih the Leanna cemetery. Miss Velma Dickersbn who has been staj-ing the past two weeks at the William Ronsick honle, has returned to (Jhanute to make her home with hep sister, Mrs. Arthiu* Krone. Miss Dickerson.has obtained employment at the Drake bakery, which recently moved to Chanute. Mrs. C. W. Hume and son Richard have returned to Eureka, Kas., following a week's visit with her parents, Mr. arid Mrs. H. B. Wright and sister, Mrs^ Leo Schmidt, Himtj- boldt. Mrs.. J. T. Hannah has gone to Independence, Mo., where she will spend the remainder of the winter with her daughter, Mrs. P. AHcter, and Mr. Victer. Arbutus Slarkey, the 7-year-old daughter of Mr. and tSK. E. E. Starkey, Humboldt, Is slowly recovering from an ear infection. Mrs. Roberds of Chanute has returned home after a several days visit here consequent on the death of her sister, Mrs. F. Ostrander.i. The M. B. S. club which was postponed last: week due to the death of Mrs. Frank Ostrander will be held Thursday afternoon of this YOUNG GOLFING SENSATION California Rabbit Ontmm Driver j Doln«r 65 MUet^ an Hour. San Diego, Calif., Jan. 10. (AP)— A jackrabblt—^when he pins back his ears and puts his mind to It^ certainly can travel, and you can take the word of Earl Manselle. a redfaced, and embarrassed automobile racing driver for It. A full grown jack rabbit, of the type which westerners refer to as •half a size smaller than a mule" loped onto the track at the head of the straightaway while 10 racing cars were thimdering down the back stretijh. The leading car whizzed around the turn and came up behind the rabbit that apparently did not know until then that it had entered a race, "irhe driver stepped on the gas. The rabbit laid back its ears and had a leiad pif several car lengths pacing the grandstand. Then it veered off into the infield and sat down to rest. Manselle claimed he was going more than 65 miles an hour. LIBBY REYNOLDS TO HOSPITAL Widow of Tobacco Heir Enters Maternity Ward for Observation. Philadelphia, Jan. 10. (AP)—Mrs. Libby Holman Reynolds, widow of Smith Reynolds, [was in the maternity department of the Pennsylvania hospital for observation today. Mrs, Reynolds; former Broadway singer, capie to the hospital last night frohi her 1 temporary home liear Wihnlngton, Del. At the hospital today it was stated she was well and was there merely for examination. She expected to remain only a short time. Mrs. Reynolds, after she was freed in North Carolina following the death of her husband who was found dead from a pistol wound, took a house eight miles west of Wllmhigton. WOODRING; LEAVES FOR TALK. Former Governor Off to New York To See iBoosevelt. Topeka, Jan., 10. (AP)—Former Gov. Harry H. Woodring departed today for Hyde Park, N. Y!, where he will confer with President-elect Franklin D. Roosevelt. He checked out of a Toprita hotel where he spent the night, early this morning. He pla^ined to return to Kansas after a briel visit in the east. WINTER PLOTS THE VrCTIMS.- ThoseK^oton Usins Ordinary Qiii that Drains/^vyay from Heated Working Surfaces. ' THE TIMEVJThose Cold Starting Minutes While Pi;eciou$ Motor Parts Must Run Dry at Warming Speed Until Oil is Pumped frob Below. Six hundred and fifty. dollars worth of pleasure is in that smile" of Johnny Revolta, 2i-year-old : golf professional from Menominee, Mich., and the golfing sensa- of the winter season. The check he holds is the $660 first prize he won for turning in a 272-stroke score for the 72-hole-Miami Open Golf championship. He was four strokes ahead of Denny Shute. week at the home of Mrs. Oran Ad- nm.s, west 'Of Humboldt. Mrs. Sarah- Kern, Humboldt, who Is almost 90 years :0ld, is reported to be [.seriously ill" at her home. She is being cared for by her-niece, Mrs. Fred Schmidt of near lola. • Mrs. JTjShields of Mulberry street, who hasjbeen quite,, ill for over a month is able to be out again.- Mr. and Mrs. C!harley Humble have moved into the Miller property In the Wakefield addition, and Mr. and Mrs.'iHenry Nordt Sr., have purchased the Wm.i Sears property on East Ehn street. Miss Bertha Beeman who has been seriously 111 with an attack of pneumonia, is reported to be slowly improving. DUNCAN RENALDO FACES PEN Former Leading- Man of Movies Convicted by Federal Jury Los Angeles, Jan. 10. (AP)—Dun-i can Renaldo, once a leading man of the screen, today was under sentence by the federal district court to a term of two years In prison and to pay a $2,000 fine. Renaldo^ recently was convicted of making false statements in applving for a passport to Africa to film the jungle picture, "Trader Honr," In which he played a leading role. Renaldo, however, may escape the prison sentence and payment of the fine as steps to deport him were begun by immigration'authorities. His prison sentence, is for two-concurrent terms of two years. "THiEATRE OF THE STARS" The Olie Oil that Gives You Germ Ptoccss . (exclusive Conoco patent) impato to; this ouxoc oil that peculiar abiUty to: ptoeirate and combine:with metal sur' faces, or the first : filliog about ooe quart will "hide" 2 itself up. ia your mbtpt's precious wotliiag parts. This hidden quart n-e-ve-r Uraiqs a w a y. It be- ccmn a part of the motor itself; wotth its; weight ia gold. Ct Protection for Winter's Worst Days Ahead Drip! trickledrip! through long night hours, ordinary oil drains away. When the pump quit^, ordinary oil quits, leaving the motor's parts high and dry. You touch the starter. The motor roars.. The pump strains at tKe sluggish oil. It is' only a few minutes till circulation is completed. But, in the meantime, working surfaces only partly lubricated are in contact, while the motor makes three to five thousand revolutions. This causes 50% of all motor wear. Prevent this loss. Choose 'not merely a quick oil,i.but an oil that never leaves. Choose die oil with the ''^hidden quart that penetrates and <^mbines with the metal surfaces of the motor itself. In the emergency of ah empty crankcftse, users have driven many miles, without damage,on this ^hiddenlquart alone. This proves that your motor neednefer suffer while waiting upon the pump. Don't remain in doubt. Drain and refill with the *hidden quart oil today. CONOCO TRAVEL BUREAU, DENVER... WRITE FOR FREE PASSPORT, MAPS ft TRIP PLANNING SERVICE Epic of the Silver Empire ''SILVER DOLLAR'' with EDWARD G. ROBINSON Bebe Daniels—Aline McMahon Wednesday! Special Bargain Show ADMISSION •7:15 9:15 lOc TO ALL! Comie Early Can a Woman With a Past Find Happiness in Real Love? -SEE- CAROLE LOMBARD PAT O'BRIEN Looheytnne Comedy 'BOpKO THE DRAWBACK' ' Eddie Bnzzell "WOLF IN CHEAP CLOTHING" M-G-M Traveltalk •Moscow—Heart of Soviet Russia' IQKA. KANSAS LEGISLATURE IN AS JOB HUNTERS FILL GALLERIES (Continued From TiMre Onei had been elected by the RepubliCaas as majority floor leader. Representative John Blood AR.) Sedgwick county, was elected speaker pro tempore, also by strictly party vote of; 65 to 60. The entire Republican slatP of non-member house ofQcers Tva.s elected as follows: • W. T. "Bishop, Wainona. chief clerk: Harvey A. Jetmore. Lawrence, sergeant-at-arms; P. S. Munslrrger. Smith Center, chief doorkeeper; the Rev. M. M-:Horn, Oakland, chaplin. and Mrs. R. C. Nance, Lawrence, postmistress. I ; After completing election of'of­ ficers all of which were chosen unanimously, and the introduction of, routine resolutions, the senate recessed until 3 o'clock. Senators :Khapp, of CofXeiyville, and Warren, 6f Fort Scott, werel appointed by Lieutenant Governor Thompso;! lo inform the govertior the senate ^was organized and in session. Other ofHcers elected In the Senate were those named yesterday by the Republicans in their party pau- cus. ITiey are: ) Clarence = W. Miller, Arkansa.s City, secretary; Prank Mclvor, ol" Hoxie, sei-geant-at-arms; Mrs. Marie Gables, Lawrence, postmlstyess, and the Roy. J. W. Clardy, Topeka, Chaplin. •; K. C. FLY MARKET CLtlTT |n. Attorney Who Wants SIK InSecU For Experiment Gets Hundreds. Kansas Qity, Jan. 10. (APi- Hugh B. DowTiey Is .in atto^iey, but the law-rprofessors didn't tell him anything about the best a *eu- men'ts to use when, confronted Wth a horde of amateur fly catchers"; All day yesterday they tnxipod into his offlce with milk bottles, shoe boxes, compacts, screen cages and match boxes. They had l^ouse flies, green fllii.s, bottle flies, Trult , flies and horse flics, lean ones" fat ones and green onps. Telephone calls came from out-state points^and a .spepial delivery package trom Maryvllle, Mo., contained a whole family of flies. • Each caller; presented his best sale.s talk, which usually ended with;-the proposal: "Here's your half dozen flies,; pay me $5." Which was exactly what Laborer Downey had: intended to do when, he,told a newspaper reporter- he would pay that price for six heathy flies with which to make some;-^ Insecticide experiments. Some callers expressed regret at being unable to find files, bui instead brought Rios- quitoes and gnats. ^ ' As a result of the glutted market, Downey was able to purchase $100 files for $30. Fatigued, Downey'was « ready to call it a tough day «3ien ^ his chemist called and informed him that six flies already on hand 'had given birth to 75 new youngstfers during the day. * KELLEt MATINEE 10C-15C; NIGHT 10^-25c ENDStONIGHI^ { Beauteous . . Primitive . . 7mpetuous . . C I A R A CAU HIR 9AVA#B COMEDY-H::ARTOON—NEWS • ' ^ WEDNESDAY t AND THURSDAY lOC TO ALL in her heart-^wlth a wrong to risht-^aUd, ali about her— Coniuslonl 1^ ilor> br VINA Author of« "Bad Girl" JACK SHIILIY Citll LION WAYCorr AglrlwlAtpast. darttfaeidtejuturt COMEDY—CARTOON—NEWS

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