Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on June 22, 1974 · Page 2
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 2

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 22, 1974
Page 2
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Pag* U NEWS-HERALD, Panama City, Flu., Saturday, June 22,1914 CAP Conference In Full Swing 0 INJURIES — Truck driver Bennie Mike Claxton of Wrightsville, Ga. escaped frijury when his tractor-trailer rig collided with a Bay County Road Department trader shortly before noon Friday on U.S. 231 North of Hiland Park. Grader $|)ierator Larry T. Faircloth of Panama City was not injured in the crash either. total damage to both vehicles was estimated at $20,000. (Staff Photo) Beef Price Cuts Likely United Press International The cost of living may be going up again, but for a change meat may be a supermarket bargain, a survey Indicated Friday. Across the country, grocery chains have been cutting meat prices, particularly on beef, in order to clear out an oversupply which is not only forcing them to shave prices but also keeping livestock costs below farmers' production costs. ^Clarence G. Adamy, president of the National Association of Food Chains, told the House Agriculture Committee this week that supermarkets would "break our backs to embark on an all out program" of expanded special cutrate sales on selected meat cuts. A spot check by United Press International indicated the meat sales are on. But consumers have no great cause to rejoice. The Bureau of Labor Statistics confirmed Friday that meat, poultry and fish prices were up 19 per cent in May and the overall cost of living last month rose 1.1 per cent, the bureau said. Police Beat THIRD TIME : 'A metal drop-in box located outside the Salvation Army office, Seventh Street at Jenks Avenue apparently was deliberately set afire Thursday night officials said. Panama City fire department answered the call at 10:53 p.m. and used 150 gallons of water to extinguish the flames. The department sent two trucks to the fire call. Salvation Army spokesmen said Friday that this was the third time persons have deliberately set the pick-up containers afire. Friday, workers were going through the burned materials to see if anything could be salvaged. Firemen were on the scene Thursday until 11:28 p.m. GAS LEAK At 9:04 a.m. Friday, the fire department answered a call to stand by for a gas leak at Buena Vista Trailer Park while the gas company repaired a ruptured line. Area Fire Reported A fire believed to be the result of lightening burned an area of forest on state road 167 near Camp Flowers Road, the Bayou George Volunteer Fire Department reported Friday. Two trucks from the Bayou George unit and two trucks from, the County Forestry Service responded to the call. The Forestry units constructed a break to contain the fire and the Bayou George units are standing by to make sure it doesn't relgnite. At 12:07 p.m. the department And in San Francisco, the executive director of the Bay Area Grocers Association said the special sales and a new government program to help cattlemen means meat prices will be going up again by the end of this month. Stan Johnson said, "We expect a wholesale price increase of at least three cents a pound," because the government's purchase of $100 million worth of beef and the meat counter sales are tactics which invariable increase retailers' costs and lead to consumer price increases later. In the meantime, supermarkets were urging customers to buy now while the prices are low. Ames Watson, president of Panama City is a great con ventlon site and I have discovered that the beaches here are truly the most beautiful In the world." These sentiments were expressed by Brig. Gen. William Patterson, CA, National Chairman of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) at a conference of the Southeast Region being held through Sunday at the Sheraton Motor Inn on Thomas Drive. Registration and arrivals were scheduled for Thursday but convehtioners were still arriving Friday. , Lt. Col. Luther Smith, Southeast Region Chaplain, led the invocation at the general assembly of the convention. Regional Commander Col. Oscar K. Jolley, CAP, Gen. Peterson, and Col. Charles Messerll, chief of staff, spoke to the general assembly. Awards were also presented to squadron officers. Although there is a good deal of socializing done at the convention its purpose is much more important. The southeast region is comprised of five states: Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee, as well as the territory of Puerto Rico.' Each of the six wings were represented by their squadron commanders. Lt. Burl Hay, Information officer for the Panama City squadron, emphasled the purpose of the CAP in relation to the conventions function. "The mission of the, CAP," said Hay, "Is to "provide emergency search and rescue services, aerospace education, and cadet programs." "Through the convention we hope to get an overall picture of what is going on in the CAP today." said Hay. "The seminars which began Friday and will continue today will keep* us informed on aerospace developments as well as letting us get a look at the other squadrons and view their programs," he added. The convention seminars center on topics of operations, emergency services, safety, training, cadet programs and activities, communications, logistsitics, information, personnel and administration, aerospace education and chaplains duties. The cadet advisory council will also convene during the convention. The conference is not hosted by a specific unit but Is the responsibility of the local squadron to provide communication, transportation and Information facilities. Lt. Paul Jenkins, commander of the Panama City squadron, mans a table covered with radio transmitters and receivers in a room that has been designated the Command Post. Continued From Page One Aide extinguished a grass fire at a the National Tea Co. supermar- utility pole at Fourth Street and ket chain, said, "In our ads this Magnolia Avenue. The cause of the fire was listed as possible carelessness. REGISTER TAKEN A cash register valued at $50 was reported stolen from McCrory's variety store, Panama City police reports showed Friday. James Allen Wager, who is in the process of closing down the store, told police the cash register was taken sometime in the past few days. Drug Raid Nets Two State Attorney Leo Jones' office announced late Friday night the arrest of two persons in the beaches area with a large quantity of marijuana estimated at wholesale street value to be worth $9,000. Arrested were Robert Dennis Buchanan, 27, and Stephanie Lynn Grissett, 19, both of Austin, Tex. Also seized in the investigation was a 1972 sedan and $3,000 in cash from the suspects. The arrest reportedly took place at about 7 p.m. Jones stated that this "was an extensive investigation into drug trafficking in the area." Investigating officer from Jones' office was Scott Parker. He was assisted by the Ft. Walton branch of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. week, we're going to offer special freezer bundles and urge our customers to load up on beef while the prices are low." Iowa supermarkets advertised "red hot meat specials." In Pittsburgh, where chuck roast was going for $1.19 a pound a year ago, it was 69 cents a pound—with other meat prices cut comparedly. Spokesmen for Los Angeles food chains said market conditions have allowed price cuts of 5 to 10 cents a pound on economy grades of meat. Bill Newby, a spokesman for the Jewel Food Stores in Chicago, said center cut pork chops which sold for $1.69 a pound in February could be had for 88 cents a pound. leaked to reporters the secret Pentagon Papers on the origin of the Vietnam War, Colson said both Nixon and Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger feared it would encourage others to do the same.' "As to the specific offense charged," Colson, "the President on numerous occasions urged me to disseminate damaging information about Daniel Ellsberg, including information about Ellsberg's attorney and others with whom Ellsberg had been in close contact. "The President, I am convinced, believed he was acting in the national interest, I know I did. "I had one rule —to get done that which the President wanted done ... I never really questioned whether what he wanted done was right or proper." Colson, who had a reputation as a political hatchet man, conceded that "my popular image is that of an arrogant and self-assured man who reveled In the ruthless exercise of power." * "That is not an accurate characterization..," he said. "Actually, I was often frightened...! lost my perspective to a point where I instinctively reacted to any criticism of inter­ ference with what I Was doing or what the President was doing as unfair and as something to be retaliated against." At the White House, spokesman Gerald L. Warren said: "I really don't have any comment." Colson told reporters that he "now realizes how easy it is for even strong and well-disciplined men to lose their perspective under pressure." He said that "sensitivity gave Way to expediency" during his White House days. "I've committed my life to Jesus Christ," Colson added. "I can work for the Lord in prison and out of prison. That's how I want to spend my life. What happened today is the Lord's will and the court's will, and I, of course, accept that fully." IRS Local Citizens Oppose Project Deaths And Funerals MR. WILLIAM ROBERT RABON, JR. Mr. William Robert Rabon Jr., 37, Merritt Island, died in an airplane crash Wednesday afternoon near Cocoa Beach. He is survived by his wife Mrs. Edie. Rabon; two sons David Mrs. Earl McClain, Apalachicola, Mrs. Alice Rhodes, Miami, Mrs. Pete Lowe, Memphis, Term, and Mrs. Harry Lewis, Highland View, Fla.; and a grandmother Mrs. Anna B. Wells, Panama City. Funeral Services will be Rabon and Chris Rabon; four held Sunday 3:30 p.m. (EDT) at daughters Sara Rabon, Linda the Assembly of God Church, Rabon, Jody Rabon, and Allison Rabon; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Robert Rabon Sr., Highland View, Fla.; three brothers, James Rabon, Panama City, David Rabon, Tallahassee and Billy Rabon, Cherry Point, N.C.; four sisters Highland View, Fla., conducted by the Rev. J.W. Hunt assisted by the Rev. Alvie Gore. Internment will be in the family plot of Holly Hill Cemetery of Port St. Joe. Comforter Funeral Home Port St. Jtfe 227-3511 Plum Correction i The Robe Advertised \ In Friday's News-Herald Was Priced In Error The Correct Price is $7.00 Concerned citizens of Springfield, Cedar Grove and Panama City gathered Friday night behind the Cedar Grove School to voice their opposition to a federally funded HUD low-income housing project currently being readied at the corner of 11th Street and Everitt Ave. within the Panama City city limits. Paul Cooley took charge of the meeting at which the area • residents took steps to organize. The group voted on a motion to hire Herbert Sapp, Jr. as attorney. Cooley reported that Sapp is already seeking a temporary injunction against the project and that he feels the group has a 50-50 chance of winning. The group circulated a written objection to the project stating: "We the residents of this area object to the low-income apartment dwelling going to be built at 11th Street and Everitt Avenue. "We feel there is no need for more low-income housing for these reasons: 1. It will devalue the property. 2. We already have 330 low-rent units on the east side of town and with the addition of the two HUD developments with 153 units proposed; the total number of. units will be 483 within a radius, of approximately one mile." These figures were "compared to 110 units on the west side with another 47 units proposed making a total of 157. "This also puts a greater influx of children in our already over loaded schools in the area. "It would also cause undue traffic in our housing area." Miss Jerry Thompson noted, that the group had received these figures from the Panama City and Springfield Housing Authorities. The group selected a chairman, a secretary and a treasurer and eight citizens volunteered to form an acting committee. "It is one thing to build a project like this in an area where other types of houses do not already exist," said Christians Fenot, "but it is not fair to us to build the project there." The proposed project at 11th Street and Everitt Avenue as well as another project on 3rd and Everitt were the bones of contention at the meeting. "We don't want it to seem as though we are throwing this thing on Panama City," said George Thomas. "We just think SUNDAY SPECIAL FABULOUS ORANGE SHAKE uso . . . VANIUA • . . CHOCOLATE • • • STRAWBERRY ONLY YOUR KIND OF PUCE... REGULAR 35' VALUE 25 In Panama City Only TWO LOCATIONS' W. HV^Y. 98 * MICHIGAN AVE. ST. ANDREWS nalcfs ond • ' 717 HARRISON AVE. •® DOWNTOWN From his post Jenkins and his staff of cadets, Including Cadet Commander Lt. Ruby Lee, try to make things easier for convention guests and moniter incoming flights of conven- tioners who arrive at county airport. Jenkins reaffirmed the training role of the CAP, saying, "the education that youths receive as members of the CAP; Is useful and helpful not only to themselves but also to the community." A banquet Is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. tonight. Glover Loenlng, an aviation pioneer, will be the featured speaker for the event. Chaplain; services are scheduled for Sunday morning with departures set,for later in the day..,. SIGNING IN — Cadet TSgURonald Plenge of Panama City signs in at the registration desk for the annual Southeast Region Conference of the Civil Air Patrol. Seated at the desk left to right are Lt. Col. Sandy Owen and Lt. Julie Klien. Standing behind them is Capt. Betty Cole, Plans and Program Project Officer for the Southeast Region. See story above. (Staff Photo.) Shevin Says Ervin Must Retire Early is not subject to indictment. Special Watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski made the same argument successfully when the«Watergate grand jury sought to indict Nixon. Instead, it named him an unlndicted co-conspirator. Chairman Peter W. Rodino Jr., D-N.J., was among the Democrats who questioned whether Nixon had received special treatment. He said the question of "whether the President was treated like any other taxpayer can't be dismissed lightly." Said Rep. William "L. Hungate, D-Mo.-, "If the taxpayer's name were Hungate and he didn't live in the White House, he'd be in considerable difficulty (over his taxes)." Said Rep. Ed Mezvinsky, D- Iowa, "I'm not personally satisfied with the IRS investigation. I'm not satisfied with the way they conducted the audits." Rep. Robert Drinan, D-Mass., said the decision not to seek a fraud prosecution against Nixon was personally made by IRS Commissioner Donald Alexander, a Nixon appointee. "The question is, if he were some Joe from Peoria, would they decide the same way," Drinan said. Friday's closed-door presen- TALLAHASSEE, (UPI) Attorney General Robert Shevin said Friday that State Supreme Court Justice Richard Ervin cannot retire In January if he wants his successor chosen by voters in the November election. Shevin advised Gov. Reubin Askew that Ervin must step down before September in order to have a new high court judge elected by the people. Because of Shevln's decision, Ervin said he will wait until Jan. 26, when he reaches the mandatory retirement age of 70. Ervin had asked to retire Jan. 6,1975, the day before the winners of the November supreme court election officially take office. In his letter of resignation, Ervin asked that the new justice be elected at the polls in November. Shevin said no legal precedent exists for Ervin's request. According to state law, a special nominating commission submits a list of possible judicial candidates following a resignation. The governor makes a final appointment after reviewing recommendations from the nominating board. Ervin believes his Jan. 6 retirement date is constitutional, "Since the law says I have to retire at 70 and there is an election year, the people should have a crack at it," said Ervin, who joined the Supreme Court in 1964. "It's like a judge deciding when his term ends not to run again. The people have taken another setback." Shevin said that some of the attorney general's staff felt Ervin's request was justified. "This is not a clear-cut question since this is the first time'we've reviewed a question like this," said Shevin. "But after talking to prominent people in the Florida Bar Association and lawyers who helped write the revised judicial selection process laws in the late 1960's, we believe that Justice Ervin has to resign before September if he wants his successor to take part in a judicial election to take place." If Ervin retires before the qualifying deadline for Supreme Court candidates, Shevin said the governor and nomination commission would still have to pick a successor to fill the remainder of the. justice's term. /NOW OPEN "The Affair 50% - 76% OFF Factory OutUt far Noma Brand Lingerie and Loungawaar. Sporttwaar far Mistat, Junior** Children Swimwaar — Baggiai, 4927 W. Thomas Dr. JOY FABRICS KMT Fll TOPS 1 00 each Swim Wear Fabric $3.98 per yd. Open Mon. - Sat. 10:00 A.M. • 5:30 P.M. Cloud Sundays Tranimitttr Rd. and Hwy. 231. Zenith Color Special! that projects like these should tatlon completed six Weeks of be more spread out." examination of potential im"This is definitely not a peachment evidence racial Issue," said Miss Thomp- accumulated by the panel's son. staff since January. Save now during our r £NITH SpetfacuW sftifc tfuAApf WHILE THEY LAST I 1974 MODEL CLOSE OUT ALL STEREOS AND TV'S MUST GO AT GREAT SAVINGS TO YOU! I fprti/i/tl TV SHOP Y 1101 OHIO AVE LYNN HAVEN (BY THE WATER TANK) 265 2 /7 1 FINANCING AVAILABLE 265 277 1

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