Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 17, 1955 · Page 12
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 12

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, October 17, 1955
Page 12
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TWELVE EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., MONDAY, OCTOBER 17, ! 1955 Dial PA-2-4600 for a WANT AP Senior Citizens Have Program . The Senior' Citizens Club, spoil- sored by (he Hccrcaliuji Depart' jvent, mcl recently, at the lilks Home. . .loo Bewick, a member of (lie club, introduced "Dusty" Slinvcr, who presented o program. Clifton Fuller, a-charier member, save the opening prayer and J!rs. Eva Hogan (onducted musical quiz. "America Sings." . Entertainment included the read' in'4 of poems by Hay Merrill and Jill's. Nannie M. Scnn. A new member. Mrs. Jmlcr, 92, was welcomed, qnd prc- Mnn Literally Scrubs Hi* Way Out Of Jail AKRON, Ohio ->ift— Here's one case that got cleaned up fast. When Gale Gumm couldn't raise, a 516.80 tino for an assault mid bat- 1 tery conviction, the judge gave him the choice of serving out the fine in jail or cleaning out the prosecutor's office. Gumm literally scrubbed his way :' of jail. iiuwvrtk's Counsel By Mall scntec. with a handkerchief in 1 recognition of her birthday. Also honored were Mrs. Jennie Mowry and J. C. Catlelt, having birthdays in October. LOOK FOR A LETTER FROM It'll bring you your only cKance this year to get LIFE regularly at a special moneysaving rate! COMING WEDNESDAY Elinor's Note: Widow, 68, [eels unwanted In households of married daughters! How hcnl tensions? DEAK MARY HAWOBTli: Early n 1950 father died in an accident and one of my sisters urged mother to come live with her and her 'amily. Although mother was hesitant at first about leaving her small house, she gave in. They clashed almost- from the beginning, primarily because moth- always has felt it her duty to right whatever she feels wrong, wherever she is. Also she thought she was getting insuffi cient attention from her children recently. Last year she had a slight stroke, so she doesn't want, ,o live away from us. Her life aside from her family is practical- y nil, and she hasn't taken weir ,o the idea of associating with hen contemporaries, or doing any ac- .ivity outside the home. From habit, 1 suppose, 'we've knuckled under loo long; but do you suppose it is possible to maintain peace with mother, assuring her of a welcome without letting her take over?—G.C. Bossy Oldsters I'osc. A Problem DEAR G. C.: Proverbs give the during her period of grief. Living with the grandchildrei was a trial loo as she <iisapproves — ~..-. ~. — --- *•- of our me hod of child-rearing, her gist of human wisdom regarding o vn be ngslr icter. She always differenl facets of human experi 1 she coM I be sure that her ence. And there is one proverb ren disturbed no one, but which says, in effect, that you can t .,.,„ was often heard mentioning tench new adaptations lo an agin;, how spiritless.they were at.galher- consciousness (or nervous system ings. \Molher Leads Ingroicn Life Ishe w and with me also; and at first all goes well. But any lengthy visit cads to the same tension normally experienced In Sally's home. We lave to watch carefully to avoid ier wrath, and this gets very wearing since so many things bother her. It is time we took a stand, and atcly we're tried to, but mother, while still pressing forward, feels she is unwanted and that we are taking advantage of her years—<iS She stays ' another sislei A STATEMENT OF OUR POLICY GIVE ... to YOUR COMMUNITY CHEST ( If your contribution.hgi not * been picked up, .call j PA 2-3900 and a worker will call. or emotional constitution). Occasionally, it is true, we do see older-age persons still psychologically flexible and growing, in response to changing circumstances But in such case, the exceptional performance is born in the person who is expressing (as always) his characteristic inner nature, ii maintaining high level harmony with associates, in social conditions not of his choosing, ft isn't a suddenly learned altitude develop ed by eleventh-hour pressure. Thus, when an elderly parent domiciled with responsibly mind etl married children, hasn't the accumulated wisdom, or self-con ;rol, to let those children handle the reins of policy in shaping their family life, distressing clashes are inevitable. That is, if the children are sturdy, competent, properly maturing individuals. Although the bossy parent's sin\ cere purpose is to "help" the situation by trying to enforce his views, the net result of such assertiveness is mostly negative. Persons involved lend to become .intagonistic, involuntarily. Nerves are strained, affections frayed arid pattern of struggle and deadlock s fashioned. The exercise of good udgment," by rightful authority, be- omcs almost impossible in that et-up — for who can think clearly vhcn fussing with loved ones? Treat Offender As Doicayer Queen Your only chance of rising above ihc problem is by treating your mother as dowager queen, figura- lively speaking. Her reign is over comparatively. You and your sisters are ruling queens, nowadays In your respective households. When your mother forgets her revised status and tries to dictate you should simply overlook the lapse. Don't argue and don't straii to oblige. If she sulks, don't ca jole: let her stew- until she repents tic kindly, courteous and casual in blandly refusing to knuckle under When you aren't afraid to be truly adult, you'll find it easy enough to be always cordial, without letting her take over.—M.H. Mary Haworth counsels through her column, not by mail or"personal interview. Write to her in care of The Kvcnins 'rimes. -•' (Copyright. 1855. The Washington Post) {Distributed by King Features Syndicate) Bishop Will Attend Meet lit'.' Rev. ilarry Leo Doll, D. p., lew suffragan bishop of the Diocese of Maryland, will make his i'rst visit here since his consecra- ion when'ho participates in the annual fall meeting.of the Convocation of Cumberland tomorrow at My Cross Episcopal Church, Virginia Avenue. • The. Convocation of Cumberland embraces all of 'the Episcopal churches in Western Maryland from Ml. Airy to Oakland. Clergy and lay delegates are expected to represent each parish and mission Tomorrow's meeting also will mark the first lime for Holy Cross Church to serve as hosl to (tie con vocation. . The program will begin at 11 a nv with a celebration ot the Holy Communion by Rt. Rev. Noble C Powell, D. D., bishop of Maryland He will be assisted by Bishop Doll Rev. Charles I. Kratr Jr., dean of the convocation and rector of St John's Church ( Frostburg, and St Peter's Church in Lonaconing, ant Rev! David C. Street, 2nd, vicar of St. Philip's Church and Holy Cros; Church here. Rev. James C. Fenhagen 2nd rector of St. Mark's parish, Fred- crick and Washington counties, will preach the sermon. Rev. G. Stan- Fined For Overload Herbert P. Dickie. Jit. Savage, was fined 567.75 and costs' in Trial Magistrate Court on a charge overloading the second axle of the truck he was driving on Route last Friday. Nearly 8,000 Americans now live in Lebanon, according to figures released by the Surete-General in Beirut. ' More Comfort Wearing FALSE TEETH Here is a pleasant way to overcome loose plate discomfort. PASTEETII, an Improved powder, sprinkled on upper nnd lower plates holds them firmer so that they feel mare comfortable. No gummy, gooey, pasty taste or feeling. It's alkaline (non- hdd>. Does not sour. Checks "plate odor" (denture breath}. Get PAS Rheumatism'Arthritis NEURITIS—SCIATICA Relief from those torturing pains or no charge. An absolhte proven of remedy. Only one trip required. Disabled persons may send a 135 friend, 45 South ML Vernon Ave, 500 ft. off Route 40. Uniontown. Pa. Office hours: Daily 10-6. Sundas 10-4. Permanently located — Advertisement.. TEETH today it any drug counter. Advertisement Store Headquarters for Over 50 Years Gas-Coal-Oil Furniture Store REINHART'S 17 Baltimore Street Recognized Leading House Furnishers in Western Md. Borrow Sensibly Folding Aluminum LEAF TABLES Folds Flat for Storing or Carrying in The Car. Has Handy Plastic Handles on Side $12,95 VALUE » 24-lnches Wide ' 60-lnches Long « 28'/2 Inches High Attractive, Plastic STYLE Asserted Chocolates P'us FREE Trial Size Floral Design ?9c VALUE STORES* Monday & Tuesday 74 BALTIMORE ST fn, end cath for Fall tx* iiir'iervici Ii prompt, ndly and private Loans up to $300 Note — Furniture — and Auto Loans INDUSTRIAL LOAN. SOCIETY, INC. No. 301 Liberty Trust Bldg. PHONE PA 4-3100 FUNERAL FLOWERS i-y *e nn fun " ai Our WlUII Boikrl BOPP'S FLOWERS 19 N. Liberty SI. Ph. PA-2-4330 • For Dinner Tonite .. filefmignon $4 .45 J VEGETABLES ROLLS and BUTTER . 1 SEAFOOD . • DRAFT BEER • • LIQUORS • THE DOLPHIN BAR 107 N. CENTRE ST. PHONE PA 4-9822 Mary'i Cleaneri is now Equipped lo handle ail your Cleaning Ntedit Wt'vt imtalUd ntw Equipment to 'White Clothes Ask About Our SCHOOL SPECIAL CASH ond CARRY Custom Cleaning and Hand Finishing SPECIAL HOUR,, Dry Cleaning SERVJCE TOPS In QUALITY Imperial ICE CREAM Call For and Deliver At NO EXTRA Co«» Mary's Cleaners 157 N. Mechanic St. PHONE PA 2-2040 CLOSED for the Season W. tak. iril§ opportunity lo thank you for your palrgnog. during th« past »tason and look forward lo teeing you oil again in the tpring. y Schwlnd; rector of St. George's [,( TJ IC Act •' liurch, Mt. Savage, and chairman [ the Commission on Church Muc, will play special music, for tlio luclwrist, . . Luiichcon'will be served In-the arlsh Hall' at 1 p. m. The' Worn- ii's Guild of Holy Cross, under the Ircctlon of Mrs. Ilarry McNnbb, 'ill prepare and serve the meal. After .lunch Bishop Doll, who also > president of the Council of hurdles and Christian Education f Maryland-Delaware, Inc., will oport on the recent general Con- cntlon of the Episcopal Church in Honolulu. HOUSTON, Tex. «l" —; Wallace- Davis, a retired advertising man,,-, is building 'a 'Series of dams' for'^ fresh water'lakes on" ills' placed,, Ho had one stipulation .for firms- wanting the job; they had to givp : him a job of'driving one- of the ; tractors. .- . ' ; Unless eggs are kept in a tight detainer they are apt to absorb rong flavors of other foods near CRYSTAL DRIVE IN?. ~ TONITE THE FAR Lait Times Tonite *Se» ,OH. L"' C/"(»VOFt WAYNE TURNER oo/.V«j \*m LAST TIMES TONITE CO-FEATURE "THE THING" PLUS CARTOON AND COMEDY DOORS OPEN 6:45 P. M. Pearl of''the South Pagfic HSSsSgar .WriWi MAYO -Drab MORGAN >«.«» (tin mm IN t '"" !l GMBH- NORTH -CUMMINCS CMtsCOBURN-UKHtNOOlUN . srai. w. mmu.i xwiso* CINEMASCOPE* •0) 0 CLARK. JANE .ROBERT GABLE RUSSELL RYAN 'ith —. -. COIOI br N miCHEtl CINEMASCOPE ouuxi CAMERON THE TAIL MEN TODAY BP* $ c£c/u4tc *74*&/te 4_ Walt Disney vi -/ He V Ga "S • • Schools Out Thursday! C€fS GO TO TH£ AVZV/ES _ 10 CARTOONS • 2 COMEDIES! Thursday Morning—9:30 A. M.—All Scats 35c I'd ask you to sit down, Miss Hotchkiss, but my creases are still pretty sharp ... this suit ' i i • . just came back from being Sta-Nu cleaned at the Crystal. PASSION NO PERIL COULD fitCMI ,\ Feature Times 12:00-2:00-4:00 6:00-8:00-10:00 M-G-M Bring* tbe BoM Best-Seller to the Screen! THE STORY OF A TEEN-A6E MURDER I m " GLENN TRIAL IN JUST 2 MORE DAYS YOU ARE GOING TO ***** IICKMO «W • turf •" SHE'S COMING WEDNESDAY ^ MARYLAND Theatre

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