Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 7, 1927 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 7, 1927
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CfRCULATiONi .'S the vnly Commoditii a Newspaper Ha^ioSeiUIts Adveriisera. a. VOLUIHE XXXI. No- 38 . I.ll.l .-^f.r I.. Till- h>\ii Ihllly Kejdslpr. The _•' l'«l inid'.lnln- IMtlly Ind »-x. lOLA. TCAN.. WEDNESDAY EVENI DOG TEAMS FORCE WAY ^' ACR0SS MOtJNTAINS TO BE OPERATED - save life of youth TKe REGISTER'S Circtda- tw% recor^ open to public inaction of any thne.^ . DECEMBER 7. 1927. •rjie Weekly Reisbiter. Establiiihed HW7. The Ii.U Daily Register. K-otaMLihed 1897. SIX PAGES V ; .ilcCall. Idaho. Dec. 7. (A P)—Showing endurance .seldom ! »fi^K^^^axym races iw which they were trained, two dogi' , - -—- • "'[teams have forced their way across 100 miles of treacherous Ordinance Creating:: New rniountain country to save the life of a, youth. • , Poard Is Passed by ' "^^^^ ^"'"'••'>- W:U.D<.—— €6ihndssioners:: IS.IN EFFECT S 6 GN Board Probabiy Will Be; SENATE SEAT FIGHTTdDAY 8LIZZARDIS 0N ITS WAY OVERSTATE HUGHES DECLARES HE WILL NOT ASK G. O. P. PRESIDENTIAL BACKING I KouBtou, 20, had b«'U siiicken wlilV influenza and iht-moirhagi -Ji Decisive I^ilajor^lties in theTemperiatures in Eastern \ Senior Body Prevent Kansas to Drop to His Takinjf Oath ' ^Five Below Named Within Next Two Weeks , in a <'at)in in tli«j..lsoIited Wcrden- -• hoff miiiinK camp in wostrrn Idalio. Iloy Stovir. exi/i-rt mui^lier vol- Uiuti-ored to tall.' Dr. .,IJ<)n .Vum- tiiai fcninii'tt ''•"'kij-s and .started .l)ii< battle ' tlirontfli .7."! niiit.'s of' new snow in ; I lie Tliniid«r .Mu'untain lotintj-y. With their feet l.a,l|ly At _and | yQJj,g jg rpQ ;J2! COLDER . OVER WEST , and ilohn HouHton. father of ; tir« yiiiillij fh ihi' cabin. Stover • iva.s Kliy 'HjhiK of the r;if- ) InK . dfKgs here,' lie selec-teJ six Tlie' rity feiiieteric.'«- will bp op (TatfMl iiiidiT the, lontrol of ;•; i IV,mnii .><Kionfr ,rs decided yUtcnlay |^ijlj\/|\y |^ KljinUU ill pMssink' ordinance creiiiiiiK the ceiiieteivy b<jard. Till- ordiijunce .will >nto elT «i-.t -III" ten (lays and tlie board":of dUi-ct- ••r^ •.irrolKibly .will be. ajipointed at ^,/!ie .>i" the liexll two ijieetinKs of the with iold addinK-to their -suffer InK.' tlie doKS continued to break; u , VT X Imt. ^ ci ..• r * t trail to Warren, whpre they arriv-' Case Is Referred Now to'That Section of state to ed late ..Muijday exhail.-ited. Dr. ' — Niinibers found the y<yuih too iU to move, but reported fiver lone distujiie telei>houe that he probably would recover. toniniis.sion. • llKH HALTS MURDER HEARINGTODAY DESIRE TO ROB ACTUATEDHART TO SLAY BRIDE Special Campaign Funds (irpup tiav^ Temperature of Ten Below 'wii .''r;;'";r!z:r*'po::^;''r:;^Drf^^ jiwu.nd and u-ia cuet-rie... The: up^j^ Killer" Is Made in Murder Tnal . .•,;,;!:,;":„'::.;::(':.p„o.. d :!:;;^r'^M •^^;:i^::r;ie::::;^';;^i Giving Testimony At Eureka Today / ^ M .,, a an,, ...^ V.'.i-:i:iij;lon. I).c"t. i.M'i I!y liee'.-ive niajuriliin xnui- !o-; , (ta> refii,«"d'i ytt n'.tUi- >•> . Kr.ijik I., ."^iiiiili. Ifiiiuii.-. ;iii(l i referre(l hi.- la .-e lor h*"arinK \lhe .spe<-ial canj|r.ii>;n funds c<iin- \niiitee. wliicli ahi-ady lia.-i eontluct-• Vd exit iisivf iiiiiniries iii\o lii^ ' : (\iinipaiK>> expi'nilitiire.s. 'The vote <-ame ait'.r .several hours of oratory by suiijiorier.s and , o|i|loli< of .tile niol to :lie - With j^atiofi for tlii-ir s,.rviees. liut will i i.p|)oinl a secretary iit a .salary, of not lo, e.xceed :$iiM( H y<-ai' lo <;ie all routine matters. JlHjiir til ApiKiiiit. The mayor, w ill' aiijioiiit tw<i di« •. r'>clors lor oiie >car. two tor iw<; >ears and thre« for three years •.Vlt.-r._ih)s year, the iiiayor will ai>- poiiil diivclor.'s tor three year terfiis.; 1'iie tn;'yor. with the ,con- seni of I he commission, can .r>- laovi' a director ;ior misconduct or ne4rle<.t ol (lul.v.. V 1 .'I he djltctor* Willi I'lect a pr<-si-/lent to hold ollice lor urn- y»ar. .\ . trrti.surer also will be elected bi- tile boanl for a two year tx-rm. He slia.l K'^'e hoinl. The ouiy .method of ijoinK away with tile ceiiH 'tery Imard is ll(rouKb GivinjBf Testimony Ciiicinnaii. Ohio. . Det. f. I Tl -ijMi of tJeorKe Keiniit. oi>ie ••kiiijr of hoot leasers" IMiiij: a .i 'nry < harited w'.tn the murder of liis wif.-, was ad- joiirnod. this afleriioon liy .ludije Shook until in o'clock tomorrow. Jtemu:;. who be- yanie hystijrh-al during monV- inp testimony, was in no <-on'- dftion to appear a^ain today. • three physician.s d«'c]ared after examination. ( Ileil itit; the Trii a" repular el-ction Th.- <ri 'ction j^- [incinnati. n <'c. 7. (.VIM—<;<'<irKo : iii.s (jii for liis life for ^lay- ; his wife, became hysterica! jn ; coiirtidon! today wht'ii il.irry esdale of Hamilton. Ohio, calm- Itestifiol how lie had Five lolans have been subpoenaed and are in Kiirekii to testify, for the .state in the Ivan Hart mui-'der'trial. ..Hart is chai>;.'d with first dcKree murder in ' cojiuection .with the slayin.u of his young bride. .Mrs. .Mabel Marmoht Mart, for- nit>r lola girl..; In addition to .Misses ISlanche and Gladys .Marinont. sisters of the slain fiirl. Kenneth Fousi. county attorney. Dr. C. B. Stephens, cotinty health officer, and Jimmie Kinser^ undertaker at Sleeper's rndertakinK I'arlors. are to testify ii^ Eureka. Kiiv.ika. Kas.. Dec. 7. (.\Hi- Ao .•atf'lVeil 'u'J'"'***"'f"''. not a desire to be ,Mls-c'iuri. iKire tin- brunt of the li:it. ;le of words. !Hve OfJlloir.ds io:n >'d witli 27 ' Uepiibii(;ans in votinK' Rive , Smitlj th'- oath, while 1" K'-puhli- • cans "and o)i> Karm-r-Lab >r .011- erlwUh ::7 I l)> 111 ». r .Hs i.i ij i; • ML; th>' o -.'th. ( Th-' s. iMt' j;i!r t li lioWcNe.-. to perm:' .^'ni '!i 1.1 li^- h^'a 'nl in his '0|Wn hvha!i' on th.- floor of the ;st>iiale afii -r IIIM special ccmiirtlec ' ha.i made ii.~ i«p!ir: propo-iiiK ih.i' ' IK be tl. Iiieil a stat. .\rter'• temiKirariiy di-i'iMii;/ tile Smith cas>-. tin- seiiii;.- n-i- --t d the thermometer down to iz tlje^rees at 7 o'clock this mornin c, the logal-weather bu- au^ i |f(licts much lowor teiii |jer ^tuies fpr the city to- niuht The state weather bureau s (vs the- thermometer wi.l dr ip to five below zero In this se tion of the state to-: niKbt. A henvy snow started fallinK here earjy this morning an i a liRlit''snow continued to fall ihi'o^Kh the fore- it..on. Ilecotils h.ere show the leiiiper itiire-at 7 o'clock this mornm ; was aJ dv'grees below y<-.s |)T,/ ly noon's maximum • 'I'hf thermometer readiii); w:is si L d>'trees at 11 o'clock this m iriiinR. bu: at noon it hail v'Uihxi up oiie degre<s *'l !:i niLhinium temperature of il Krei-.~ is the coldest r.-;niiiit this season here. Topek: Siroi;;; ^now a III the se;i,»l .'.as toda I iiinblin;: llorthwe^ close ID ' case V;ir.- I.I ken -•.•in be called upon presentation of jj,., ,„s forjdav, in an effort i,i kili /"'f f*"*^' /TT^hi . :. p «i.iK the siKnature> „i„ j,,, „ay,«5.nt of $1.UJ.M .. -d': V' M^'-^^M M H .r^^^ ot at least.-, per c-nt of the qual- WrU by .Mrs liemus. the woman J^f'^^.^""^- '^^''''^^l!" ,™ ' Pitied voters. SucJ, an electKm ,u. Us slel' Ort. ber 6 last. S^' ^"T"^,,:'''^^ J^^^^l could not be held «htil at hiist iwc, A„„,„,„ [,{,.„,„^. ,i,„„„ ....xt to ''-""S^', .™"kln.; his «« 'temei . .vea,-. after p:..-.saKe of the onli- father also becam- hysterical, '"f"-:'- I-,,. _i I ..I., \, to tiinl here tO 'l^'V. . . for three qiiarihers of an with an aereement ih;'t ih( of .<enai<'r-KI'•! WilliMii S of I'onii-y.viiii a tt.iniijlie up later Kill) (all. The roll call, ftdl.ows: For administeritif; tin- oaili: Republican.s.: Bingham. Uorah. Brookhart. Curtis. Deneen, Btlge. hour, sections. • New.York, Dec. 7. (AP)—Charles Evans Hughes, former} SiBcretary of State, issued^ .statement today saying he was not a candidate for the Republican nomination for president! of the United States. "I am not a candidate .in any^ sense/' said Mr.' Hughes. "I • am keenly disappointed by Mr. Coolidge's decision, bnt .so far a.s my own attitude toward the candidacy is concernefl. I stand "by the statement I made last May: J have nothing to add to It." "I do not wish my name to be Used in any contingency. I am At that time.i Mr; Hughes said he- believed President Coolidge would be re-nominated antl reelected. "There should be no doubt as to my attitude." he said; "I am for President Coolidge first, last and all the time." That'statement was provoked b>' reports that a Hughes boom would b(^-launched in the event President with- too old to run for president and I._ woiild neftrier s^ek nor accept the ; Coolidg^ should definitely nomination." I draw. MURDER CASE OF MRS. LILLIENDAHL IS NEARING JURY Prosecutor Urges First Degree Murder Verdict Kansas City Wins Out in •I Heated Battle in Washington T9day 20? BALLOTS TAKJSN I Kan.. Dec., 7. (AP)—| oril'iwest wiiid.s. bringing' I the coldest weather of| in. wliipped across Kan- j , s-ndiUK the mercury to sub-zero levels in the el n part of the' state and the zero mark in other lAiiil siill colder weather •for to- nit;b: is pr-'dieted by S. I). Flora, mei.'orol igist. who forecast W be- ;ow tor western and fi be|ow for eastern Kansas. f.'on'rtrooin. Mays Landing. .N". .1.. Dec. 7. (AP)—Defense Nummation's and the prosecutor's "intrtJductory summation" in the .LilUendahl murder trial were completed early this afternoon. A half-hour's recess wasj then taken, to be followed by the prosecutor's reply to defense; summations and the jiidge'i; charge before Jhe case could be gh-en to the jury. Court Itoom. .Mays Landing. N- .1.. Dec. 7. (AP.i—The testimony given in the Lilliendahl murder trial warrants a verdict of murder ill the fii-^it desree asainst the wld- FLOOD CONTROL CONFERENCES ON|AT TOPEKA Several i Plans Suggested At Meeting Cialled By Governor " Tope^ka. Kan.. Dec. 7.' (API- Several plans for flood control and water ^conservation were suggested todiy at the .state flood control and water conservation confer- ience. called by. Governor Paulen and the ^.division of water resources of tbb state board of agriculture. Reporting on the appearance of th^ Kansa"s delegation before the congressional' flood control committee In Washington last week. Governor Paulen teiterafed bis plan for joint "state and; federal San Francisco Puts Up a Stiff Fight, But Is Not Able to Win Snow jvas general but light overip^. ,|„. victim and her elderly the entile state, -said reports to the weafcer bureau, ranging from a trace to about halt an inch at admirer, I'ro.secutor Hinkle asserted in his summatioii to the jury mince yesterihiy. father, .ii^n, „f<-v4i*i,.n...-tv.«-*,.. , - i i Cojirt was rece.-ised a^nl Uoniola s sc^eaius echoed down the court-' Tlie prosecution's .stateineii Fess, r .illett, Goff. (kiuld, Greene, .o'clock this morning. In the today. No Action Is Taken on I l.oisc corridors. Mrs. Gahrlel Uy- "<:'<7ltH«< . \\ ater -.Yleier rrOpOSai ^^lioom among the . spev/lators.; will introduce evidence, Mr. C .Nil action wa> taken ye.steiilay l)v the -city cotiimissiouers on ja ' -u 1 r~ 111 (111 . i a II liii'- ri'a ny i3iiii iii ik- . sio 'ner .Mather (111 the water nieter '-•riicstion. .The comniisjionnrs two xc '^ks ago voted -I o t .ike over all I by in- eameti loiidlyand also. burst Into Isterjral'weeping. the state expecl .-i to htate Carper .iMerted,'showing that Mrs. Hart D'ine, !-.,•-. I Ifad, on the day the • murder oc- Ha!('. K.-ves. .McFyean. .Metcalf. .Mose.-. Pliiirii.-. I'ine. Kei-d of IViiiisyl- vsii'a. ..Sacki tr. .s'(-!iali. Sliorrri(lg<. ' Sin-n''.! 'S'"'"-' r \"'-:-:-i ii. :f..: w --Mie. It';!-. I!'-.IIS,, j -.i. t»v<'rm"ii. It-iiis.| .<nifr!i. of ! northwestern section , cleurinK. GooiliiUid report -d he sky .was Hinkle said he fully expected : .such a verdict with a penalty of a low mark;either death or life imprisonment. of i; <l. ».'i.;es below zero. At Dod»e: He then began reviewing the tes- fiiy and t'oiiicnlia the minimum i timony of state's witnesses, waj.^- aliove: at Topeka. 4 al Wichita h and Kansas City U!. :Jvijt...s 'lev; Jwr5 «l .!v ';~f>!"^' i" IcUWA W« "nnoiptm ^niB for perhi: handkerchii ^r anci sobs shook hi 1 big shoulder!". ' lie. peered tip from behind'the piece of linen and frmi his seat jerkily asked Judge! ' SoilM. I" •.rorij( "Tot (1 / .\aier nieter.s.-at presenl owii.-a by I (^ij, .ii^.r R. shook: '~'Vour hojior, i t'"*^ murder. - |):ri !-(}ns of tlie wat(-r coiiipany.. (-mu we Miave an pdjonrnment'.'" ! h^d houcht a (-orlain- house in I.'udcr .M.ith.r's .-ii^p-i-.-^lion. the '-fhe jure will be excused" as-. KiToka and would bo able to move , , city w.'iuld ke.;-!! th- iiieiers in re- ,,,.„j-prt .j„di;e Shook.; As the ten •'"'>' ^^^e very .day on "•>-'"""• ' -niiir. i.iil ih. patrons would still | „„.„ j„„i two wonieii ol the jury'r«'lii''h she. was Wiled eral succeeding days. The jttnte also intends to show that Hain. at 1 the time of the secret marriage at I'/""•"'"•' ""' KansfiM City, three weeks before !•'"''"•"" told his wife that he i''"'"•.".•.', and Wilii- Demoi r:i'-;- \g:iin' :i(!iii'ii|sririns ill- 'i L'l: K»'nillil.!<-'il-: F5;;i;i: •. Ci'iiiev. Y'-< i '•. -Howi'l.. W s'liliyi Ml. I/!- .\-'.-ir--'. r. :;'K..-y. Ilri't'-ll. i-rii -. Caraway, lii 'l. Kd.vards.. Ki-rri*. Fleichcr. C '-or^.-. Criass. I llMrris. aliove: I "If \Villis Beach did commit this murder." he said. "Margaret LU; liendatal.. wbp was there, knew It' !anU her story of the negroes- is false. Hone of'them is guilty the 'other Is guilty and w« believe the state has made Its case." Kansas t'iiy. •ST". Dec. 7. (AIM - , Suddenly Hinkle .stopped. .•^11 .1.,. 1 oi:i,iiuiiiu Willi blizzard in- "''That Is all," he said. i<-iisii.\ III I lie itocky .Moiintniiis. bi'o.iiglit iTiioili.-r I 'old wave Blizzard Sweeps Over Middle west Now ! Washington, Dec. 7. U AP). City was chosen to- daj; as the 1928 convention citi"- of the Republican party. jThe- result represented a hard-fought victory for William M. Butler, of Massachusetts, the national chairman. Several days ago he i openly declared his preference for Kaiisas City, and was accua- ed immediately by the parp tisans of other cities of haying broken a promise to ren main neutral. i - ' The aftermath of that exchai ge voloj-e^ today's balloting. The ! an~ Frahcisco supporters were par Ic- ulariy determined to defeat Jthie SOE ome- heat' of desires of the . chairman. • hl^ beyond ihe usual [rivalry agitated the successive roll as the chairmanV critics ur&- ed their colleagues not to submit contributions. Goviprnor Paulen also defended his efforts to seiiure ajctation ; ^. state legislation .or flood cont.oU 4.^J\^'^,„ .U.e { declaring his efforts were bandi- break up of a spectacular twenty capiied during the 19'J7 legislature j balJjit deadlock in the Republican- by the senate. ' j national committee. Clearing.of stream channel's dt j Iit^several hdur.s'pf balloting ihe- brush, undeirgrowth and other ob-advantage .swung between San ' Btructions was recommended byjl'ranc'-'^to City, with ovviv them. i)lh.-r memlurs of the ifll,.,l „„ii ^[„rm broke. , Th- evidenie will show further, i,--:^,,,; ii-.w..< H-.v.Ui, H .Yli.. (.Mnmissioii iioiiit.M out that, this! i^., jj,,,,,,,., „.as bvjng led from tiie county attorney .said, that liar. ""'^'^''""' ^> • "-TI"- wfiiil.I <lef(.it th.-i iiiieiiliiSm- <:f the ,|,^. courtroom, he x'xclaiined to' lairee hardware slor.-s iu other plan, bet anse i! woulii leave Shook: "Volir honor. I ajiol-j KureUa on the day of the >""rder, r.!''",'•"'''' , rf). /-iiy powM-less to siibMitiite i „j ,j3,,. •. i-ying to btiv a revolver, anil; thai I ^,' an.iUi.-r mei'-r wljile workiiiR on; nemus't: .voii-e ciescendoed as he t Mrs. Hart at the. time she was" "' Tile .lie owned by th,- patron, repeated h.vstericiilly: : "Your hon-^kilied, at least *t!.50ii in Kendriik. .McKellar. Mayfi^ld. Neely. f*lltman..lteti| or Mis-niiri. .Vrkansas; ."-•tetillens. ' or. I a])ologize." Ica;-h and about $.">i)(i more in jew- j Tliomns. Tr.-Miin"^'! Tyi' >••;.. son. WacMiT. W;ilsh of .M.i -s: Setts and Wli'-der :!•;. to the miiidl-we.-l and southwest. . The blizzard, starting in Canada .Monday, nioved across Wyoming tci enter iNebraska, Kansas and Colorado :last nii-'ht and to<iay while Slii-iipard. • I"'"''^ *'"' I'al"""^ also report- ed heavy snow ; He had been speakiuK less than five minutes. began his George S. Knapp, chief engineer of the division 4)t water resources. Conservation of water .on farms in'Western Kansas was given im- f^ortuice by-R; W. Tiirner of Mankato. who said the rapid drainage of water was in i large degree< re! sponsible for the great floods in the Mississippi Valley. Inadequate financial from the legislature was blamea Tv- i-liii- 'l>riiiperal-'ir«-s in lb*- iniddlewfst and l-soiillrwest dropped from the! Kdi.son Hedges then summation for Beach. Hedges asked what the motive could possibly have been for Beach ito have committed the crime with which he is charged. "The. oiily motives could have lieen money or love." he said. "And the state has established neither! several other citie.s trailing. • The party's titular leaders divided over the choice; f j It.; will be-.Kansas City's first' national , convention of a' major party siiice 190(5, when the Demor. cratji • met- f"fi>re and renominated Wlltiani Jt;nnliigs Bryan. ! The. vote 'on' the twentieth and final ballot stood; City,; a.S: San-Francisco. by J. C. Mohler. secretary of the 1 39: Detroit, i: Chicago, 1. - ^ state board of agriculture, for the! Th'" convention .will meet a{. U ? of'.state flood con-Tuesday. .June 12. handicapping trol work. .1 1 (• .\~ Dor.ey. s ..,-;-,.|;,,-y of the : t'hjtmher of Coin me rc.^. lusl night. : aililres .sed an a>rr:i iiIiiM-iil ami dairy iiieiL ^tinir atteiiiidi Ii..- iii;)i;oxitiiately 2i"f-[nrsoii .s ai. ror .'eViViU.-.' V: ilie rill, ll to lllilk rC. A. Dorsev Speaks at ^'lombla. following, seemed.about jelry. and boiids. and fhatihe ! p^^'^^j;;;. ("^I'lj^lj"'' ^jj'.'. AgncuiiUFdi i "ee"iig,,,,.,.„„„.,,,a,, V p ,,s^ ' r<i(im, where she screamed repeat- j "Vou. gentlemen of the jury, may : - ^_ _ Vwns Ffcn ed!y, at the t<?p of her voice. -1 ^,„}p,. wliethcr or not those clrciim- i I II H I |1H A K> TniRsdaU'slstory of his ''"gage-i_.„:,ni-cs constitute a motive fori V» VI V. IHJ/lliJ ment to .slay Remus and his efforts I n,„r,ipji." Mr. Carper declared. ': «w ww*»'««»i««»*«««,« - " • Repus alone to kill him j jj:,rt sat watching the jun'olo-s*"- l'l IIR iff|S< MRr -i .Mli 's lo the freeziuK poiijt short- i of thesei Iv i(f|.r miilnight. j "No money is involved and love TJursKiriii >trii(-k Colorado last', is a far fetched notion in this case, .iitghtl and'pained in fury as it trav (i.-ii souttiward. Several jiioliirisls COMIC OPEREHA TORE PRESENTED Second National Conventioit for K. C. •:1 to find Remus alone was hloo'tUcurdlimr. kill him j narrated i |y. the lo\ier part of his face <-ov- j were rescued by sheriff's deputies near Colorado Springs .where a 1 .sl.xty-mile wind filled cuts with ! snow. . > I Snow today extended Kciierally Over the northern, and central highways a liiriiu'i-. w, n ••ri.-aiii/.,-.!'. On his ^^^j,.^ r-Mirii l;rri.v 'Mr "noi^spv ,..,int.-d yi^^ Uenuis promi.sed him ?.-..0uO oiM iliai ho .^suii -4 -!' •liiry business ^j^:,, gaidthat another $r,.im would in ;.ny ..4 .mu'tv .11 -.oitb..:.-! Kans-.s forthcoming from Franklin I., wiuij.! aid Ml, bi -in ',.'iiiL' All.n coun- nodge. ,Ir.. of f.ansint:. Mich., forty 1!,:., ;t r ..:,l i !air.v .-..nter. • : nier"department of justice ageii>, t'l • t ' nil rk i» ' i ^^'•^^ Vibtai'ned the conviction which thicken Ihort Report, sent Uemns to a iMHeial penlteu- ReceiVed Here Todav atid~w-ho then, according to _ _ 1 • Reni'is 's pl-a. began an a«sociafion j j,j,aYnst Hurt whic ^ .Twe«ty 'W>a.;;h :.t :|pim ..:s ^;bl,:-!!^.^- ^.J.eCion .d^:Our>^ loi.iCinir to Mi>, l.i.Dti s. who •';•'-, ,p;,r,. j„ror carried in Ohio cases.) pj - iw^-^™ Jl^r ,ou ..v .mil ..s s .niil,, ,., SlnSM on h -v ff^om the court room there il 'ire DCStrOyS KOOt On K.-nt .R ky str .-ei ....:„1 w.-re. ;".-""'r ;„.as hardly a dry amongst thyfn.! ' HoHie of MrS. CrOWder from her h^ n ii.inse Mo.i,la.v .nigbk;' Anna- Rickins, T.S yearJ<.dd ! ^I'-ei^'^^da; -M"'-^ ^™"' >=haki .,gAilh; Fire of unknown origin destroy- g" '• •• • , .so1>s. j ed the roof (if a house belonging to SWEATHER and ROADS ;3v complete that he, had to be taken " - 4' 'to the jail lo reeaii. his conniosure. FOKKCA.ST Kt»K KA\S.\.S Gen.; Tni-sdale. :• Bigantic clean look•Tolly fair' fonliriil and ThiirMlaj; iing youth, calmly ijetailed the ••oldrt tiinlfrht In; extrfnip ea«»( por -j terms of the slayiiiK plot and the tio'ii: not M> coi 'd 'Fhur>ilay "Mller -.';irransemenls for him to do away noon. with the (lefendiint. For Idla alMl :Virlnllj Fair He syld that h'- linally told night. jinU'rhHi|*jlay: colder t(>.'Remus of the plan on the afteriilirhi: uairnter 'rfihrvday iii'trnuNin ,noon of October 5. last. The nexT Temperafuit! - liglt'est yesterday moi.nins Reniiis liin^liis wite down fit .it 12 noon: hJwest last nlKhi llilin I-Mf-n parlc hen .'and shot her :ii '7 .-i. ni.: noriial for today •.••xc .ss ye.sTPl-day I!: excess ilaunary Isl :i:!S legrees; this date Triiesdale testili'd that he first J »w mountain region, while John Wilson and Harry in western .New .Mexico also were Greathouse Are blocked , , , • . , . .. . . O—-! ' Collins. Colo., reported the heavfarmer: .1. D. r .oni;. .nl man: C. ll.|. ,. dpeakCrs snow fall with a three foot McMillan. farTher: M. C. Gillespie., i _ blanket covering that section, farmer: C. K." Kern, tarmer: K<l { A report-on the most recent ac- Sub-zero temjieratures accom- HarrJs. farmer: .loe Sowder. farm-;tivities of AHen Countv 4-11 club panied the blizzard in western er: I,. Tnlaild, oil man: Warren | members wa.^ Kiven to members of I .Nebraska. The storm was berald- Wn>nnirc. hanker; C Crawford, I the Chamber of Commerce at theied a.s the worst in rears at Alli- Beach is married. He has a family. ' All the menibers of this family have come to his support here. Does that indicate that Beach was planning to cast off bis wife for another woman?" Until Samuel Bark was ptit on the stands Hedges said, he could hot .see- how the state planned to connect his client with the crime at all. Bark said that Beach confessed the crime in his presence. fArmer: .\. W. Forcuin. farmer, and j regular noon luncheon today at the ance. with two feet last year-higheH of snow- block- Chester F. Miles, farmer. iKelley hotel. • inc streets. Thermometers drop- Ijjcal .feeling is running high | Two (mtstanding club mimfiers. ped to 1 above at Lincoln when b made the se-,'.f(ilin *\"ilson ami Harry d'reat- tin- storm reache<l-eastern .Nebras- difficult. . house, received complimentary ka last nisht. trips to national livestock events ' While no loss of life was report- recently and returned a short time ed in tin' nionntaiii recibn, several ago. These two yoiiUK men spoke ' persons iierished In' Alberta, at the luncheon about their trips Rain preceded the cold wave after heinK introduced . by' Roy i here arid at other southwest Gw'in, county apent.., points. The mercnrj- slumped .Mr; Wilson spoke first about bis i from ,=>» to :!S above within twenty trip to the National Dairy Exposi- minutes at Oklahoma City last tion at .Memphis which he won a.s might and today stood well below champion dairy club memlier ot fieezinK .ihroushout the state. Kansas, nil of his expenses being 1 paid. He tolu alwnt the interest! Tpn Rplnw which the trip heia for him just' ^'vyr because it was a trip into a section he had never visited before. ! and spoke also of the various! Garden City. Kan.. Dec. 7. (AP) 'MrF- Mary Crowder.kolored. at 317 .North-Ktate street c<iirl>- 'this morning. Wat.'r from fire fighting apparatus- dhniageft tlie i-ontents of file' Firem'en rereivp<l a call on the fire at about 2:30 o'clo(-k this mornint:. ' Failure to Pay, Poll Tax Very Expensive Pailtire to pay poll tax is be- comiiJg an e.\pensive proposition in lola. Tw'o men, J. W. Hamilton. 20.0 South'Chestnut, and Jess Fletcher, colored. Were .fined $S each in police court yesterday for failure to pay poll taix. Trank Bishop, out on $100 bond, will face trial in police court this afternoon on a similar charge. One more warrant already is otit and other.s will be issued. Chief of Police, Ira A. Anderson declared to- aay. ' Kansa.s City; Dec- 7. (API—Th« Republican' national convention here nexf year will he Kansas City's second national political, convention. • -The Democratic convention of 1900. which nominate<l W'illiam J. Brj-an for president, was held here. Convention hall, in which the W2.S G .0. p; convention will be held, was built especially for, the Democratic convention. ' Three months befor(? the coirv^ention •was to meet he'rei the old Convention" . hall, on tile .-iite of the present Ftructnre. Iiiirhed down. The Democrats already had chosen Kansas City as the meeting place and no, hall to , accoinmodate them re^i mained. " j " Willie the fire was stHu raging.! a subscription wiis started among:' spectators for the -erection of ^al ne-w hall immediately. It was buQt in ninet.v dav.<« and was ready whettr''!. the convention met. JIall Seats IS.(mi). : ;. The hall may be .irranged to .seat Eighty Members of Glee Clubs of School in Friday's Play "Prince Tobbytitm"; a comic operetta in two acts: Is to be presented Friday night in the senior high school auditoriums by a of 80 members pr the jboy.s'; and girls' glee clubs; This iprdbably w ill be the largest musical production of the high school this year. The two clubs 'have been working for aqme time on the operetta. It will start promptly at 8 o'clock Friday^evening. The operetta is in- an eighteenth century English viWage at the time of a large festival -which is being held'on the village green. People from tlie court Qf the king and peasants will both be present mik­ ing a; in costuming. In: IS-ffoo persons, .^.000 on the arena the cast;of SO there are ten speak- 1 G«'>i-. f octiupie.s a quarter-of a ing parts .and fife' other parts j^lnck on Thirteenth street at Cen- w^hich; are minor leads. The cither t"l avenue, near the heart of the 65 make up the large chorus. Vin- downtown, district. ' 1 ita Lorance as Sylvia and Keith, There n ill be no lack of accom- Neosho Water Pollution Up at Topeka Meeting At Garden City [to ilealh as she w:is eliinnte lo <li- sinc.e I vorce court. t.43: lowest ;;.=>, . Precipitation ftir " endiuK at 7 a. i<tr this >-var f|o since January ..l:-|l saw'Ilemiis at the Springdale dos Country Club Partv^ T« Tla W«1Ji'• "^-^^ which appeal<?d to him •—One ot the most intense Audden lO Oe neiU'r naay : "profe.ssionally"—the one exhibi-rold wave.s in y(fars brought suf- ;tion of livestock, nationally prom-! feihiK to this .section of Kansas Tiu» next'country c.luh party j inent dairy, aniniitls. speeches, i today.'' will iw iield Friday night at the ' meetings and everytliiiiK else that, Proni a mild CO degrees yester- ilnb bouse and members are ask- went jo make the occasion a val-jday ^fternoon. the temperature (•d to caljJtliij and report to Mr.s. uablc and interesting one for him. dropped 70 degrees to 10 below I^uis .S(hlaneer. chairman of the Ha^rry Greathtiii .se won a trip zero at midnieht Inst niKht. ilate. ."il.57: exce.s!--; r -t .S.i inches. ; Wni Keiative huiiiidjitj; at 12. noon yes-' ^ terday -16 perci'nt; 7.;i..'m. today, ."^S-per cent; barometer reduced t s<a level 2.<>.6(; lnoh.»s. Sun rises 7:25 a, m.; -Sets 5:02 p. Hi. : ' Head 'Conditions. Salina. snowiiig. roads open: .Manhattan, sno^jing. roads jnood: the 2-1 liours I ra( ing traik. where he Was ixiinted j liostesR committee, iu order Uiat j with; all of his expenses paid by | .-\. tliirty. mile an hour north '.she may 'know-how many expect ['he Santa Fe to Chicago where he'wind added to the suffering of the ^ .to attend. Bridge will he played, j altendeij the International Live-j people! and stock on Peiin—."^ cents—.-V C.(*oii Ciwar ! bi-cinninR at S o'clock, sharp.' iji. tod.iy..<'2; total lout by John Marcus; ^ "\ Citizens Will flave to Listen to : Trains Whistling for Crossings (S:;;^l"!:!r'1ns^.:^r"t^ the International Live-: people! and stock on open range, i stock Show and 4-H Club Con- The stjorni broke about 10 o'clock He. too. enjoyetl the trip | last n|ght and had all the marks ; greatly because of the fact that I of an old-time blizzard. Today 'he had never been in so large a 1 however; there remained only a ' (ity Iiefore and because of the The j-ity of lola will continue to j stop signs at all crossings discov red that the signs would cost ap-| credit for their acWeveihents grams which he attended while there. He returned just last week. Both yonnR men gave unstinted to trace of snow and the sky was clear, bnt the wind was still very istronK and there was no relief in temperature. Breekenrldge as Prince Tobbytum; carry the leads. i It was decided tliat there would be no ticket boai'd down town for the operetta but rather that the students in the .school should sell the tickets or else they' could be bought at the dortr Friday night. The price is 2.''>c for adults and 10c modations for delegates and visitors. a(?cordiijg to the chamber lot • commerce, a", committee of whick will handle feser.vation.s. Kansas City, a rjicent sur\>y of the -Na-' tlonal Hotel association showed, is the fifth in the United States in the number of commercial hotels. - Within a radius of five blocks of,. -._ Convention hall, there are 9.961 Mninrifv ftir Prnh*» ! hotel rooms available. 3..S00 of them • fliajomy lor rrope ^^^^^^ completed witwn the lasti anOWn m UKlanomalrwo years, according to a chamber 'of commerce survey, and w-itbln a 7.. (.\P»—! radius of ten lilocks. there arfl ' Mayor Harmon Hobart yesterday received a letter, from William A. Smith, attorney general of Kansas, {for children., requesting an lola representative; at a conference of oil men and municipal authorities at his office December 9. At that time it -is hoped to reach an agreem.ent which 1: will prevent pollution of the Neo-i oWlKhoraa City. ;pe<-. sho river by oil from the Florence Advocates of. a special iiive.stigating | IS.IfiO liofel rooms, field. If no agreement Is reached. <«>.ssion of the« Oklahoma legisla-> TTie chamber of commerce .Smith will fake legal action the ture. .showed a substantial inajority! perfs to hou^e all delegates letter said. ., today In the first. test vote con- j visitors .-it downtown hotels. ducted by the self^convened meet- > ^ mg. " ex-, and Wm. Penn—cents—A Good CiKar ! City Purchases 750 Feet of Fire Hose Roy Gwin Makes Great Shoz^ing in County Agents Contest in Kansas ers :ilso learned that passage an ordinance barring trains Dfi^ge Citv.' cidutli". roads cood:(,'plaints about the -noise made by j whistling, at crossings would br C^lffriyville' knowing, roads frozen; 1 engines blhwing for crossings in rough: Ottawa, cloudy, roads fro -r the city limits. faOO. The commls-jRoy Gwin. county agent. C. G: zen I Emporia, snow, roads open. : \Vm. Penn—"> centk—A Good Gigiir Several factors entered into thiv decision. The commission, which had been considering placing ot contrary to .sttite law. "W«-'re powerless.", one Ifes. vocational aKriculttfre instruc-' tor at the high school.- and to the ' Chamber of Commerce whose cooperation from time! to time has Dan Miller Is Awarded Contract for Graveling of thf been a ereat aid and encourage- commissioners remarked.' "Clti-imeni to them, zens will just have t^ make the- best of it." dan Miller, colored, of lola. yesterday was awarded a contract for graveling of North-Oak street from Uhf^oln to the Katy tracks. His hid was $1,030.22. The onlj; other bid was th^t of Frj- Brothers Con- 'Wm. Penn—5 cents—A Good digar' struction company. John W. Nicholson, representative of the Associated' Bee Hive Seed Growers of UUh. writes the Register to the effect that he entertained Roy K. Gwin. county agent, in Chicago last week as the winner of the county ageiit contest for Kansas in a state and inter- 1 reward for Gwins' activity in promoting the proper and increased use of alfalfa. In each state the winning, county agent was selected by the state extension department and w^as disinterested and based entirely on abHity and results. Gw in's showing emphasfifed by state contest conducted b>- the as-! the fact that among eight'states sociation. ' Kansas ranked third In the inter- S'icbolson writes that U wa? a!state contest. The city coriuni .'iBloners yester-; day purchased 750 feet of fire hose | from the Bio-Lateral Fire Hose , Manufacturing company, as atJdi- ttonal protection for the city against fire. The hose cost Jl,012.50. The hose wa.s purchased because much ot the present fire­ hose is in bad coritfifion.- It.,was feared that the present hose, might.- ' break during a fire., causing a-d«-: lay which 'might result in a loss ot several hundred diollars at a big. . fire. • Wm., Penn— 5 t :ents—A Good CtfU

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