Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 14, 1965 · Page 21
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 21

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 14, 1965
Page 21
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 14, 1965. IRONWOOD DAIIY GIOBE. IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN FIVE The WORRY CLINIC By DR. GEORGE W CRANE Mary is afflicted with the embarrassing ailment that drives more high schoolers to consult their health advisers than any other medical condition. So scrapbook this case or mail it to somebody who needs it. And send for the medical booklet below. CASE W-445: Mary T., aged 15, is a shy, unhappy girl. "Dr Crane," she began, "You can probably guess the reason. , "For you can see these pimples nil over my face! And they even extend down my back, so I don't dare wear a bath i n g suit. "One of the girls m my class at school even wondered if I had a venereal disease! "So 1 am afraid to mingle with people except where I am forced. to do so. . "What Is the use of livi n g when I look like this?" and she began to cry. ACNE PROBLEMS Mary's problem Is the most widespread complaint of high schoolers both boys and girls. It is called acne, and humiliates its victims for many reasons But it is NOT a venereal disease! Nor is it contagious, so banish those worries at once! To understand acne bett e r , you should know that the human skin has many tasks. It regulates temperat u r e ; protects us against invasion of outside germs, but also helps destroy inner toxins (poisons). When the glands of the body cannot handle overwhelming masses of germs and toxins, the skin is a "spare tire" to assist That's one reason why in measles or chickenpox, etc., your skin breaks out. Acne is usually linked with blackheads in the skin. The blackheads are specks of dust or dirt which have plugged the neck of the sebaceous glands. You have sweat glands hi your skin which secrete perspira- tion but you also have oil or grease glands, namely, the sebaceous glands. During the, teens, possibly because of too much rich foods, plus metabolism changes associated with puberty and outdoor athletics which encourage dust plugs, the sebaceous glands become inflamed. There are two methods of combating acne, namely, (1) Local, and (2) Systemic or General. Local treatment consists of keeping the skin free from oil and dust It is often helpful to steam your face every night,. as bar- Employ a non-irritating soap Now apply hot towels. Then dab your skin with an antiseptic solution such as rubbing alcohol and slap on cold water to shrink the pores. You can also buy a blackhead remover at the drug store, but don't pinch your pimples for this causes them to grow larger and more inflamed. Blackheads are also ca 11 e d comedrnes. Under "systemic" treatment, comes elimination of infecti on in tonsils, teeth, etc., as'well as anemia and any lowered resistance. Avoid rich foods and keep the bowels open daily. And then widen your social, perspective by joining the "Compliment Club" wherein you pay sin- 1 cere compliments to at least. 3 companions each day. Send for my booklet on -the "Psychology and Medicine of the Face," enclosing a long stamped, return envelope, plus 20 cents. Acne tends to clear up after marriage and doctors can often remove many of ttie^pimply scars by modern methods, so don't become unduly-'blue or depressed about pimply • skin in the teens. (Always write to Dr. Crane in care of this newspaper, en closing a long stamped, • addressed envelope and 20 cents to CLASSROOM COMPUTER—The computer has come to the classroom, at least in Altoona, Pa., where 1,000 high'school-stu- dents are learning to solve everyday math and science problems with one. The machine not only enables students to solve assigned problems, but helps them learn the principles and theories needed to get in on the ground floor of today's computerized society. Play Is Cancelled, Meeting Is Held ONTONAGON — The recent session of Lakies Twilight League play was cancelled due to rain but a short meeting was held In the clubhouse. At the meeting it was a n - nouncpd that the deadline date for the playoff between Hoerner Boxes and Cloverland Garage, which were tied at the close of the first half play, has been extended to July 21. Officials state that all matches must be played by that date. The women decided to cancel the rained out session and to play the same opponents July 15. On this date, Hoer n e r boxes will meet Gitche Gumme. Cloverland Garage will do battle with the First National Bank, and the Citizens State bank will be pitted against t h .e White Pine Copper Company. Ontonagon Briefs Recent guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hill were Mr. anci Mrs. Delbart K o p s i and family, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kopsi, Mr. and Mrs. William Lehtonen, Mrs. A r n e Piirto and Mrs. Robert Nousi- anen and children, Bruce Crossing. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Stripe have returned from a vacation trip to points in Washington and western Canada. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H i 1 i and Jean Hokkanen were recent visitors in Green Bay. They also visited Mr. and Mrs. Norman Ducaines at Crivitz. It has been announced that anyone who has not signed for the Women's invitational at the Ontonagon Golf Club, must do so by today. Burglar Uses Store's Tools to Open Safe ATLANTA, Ga. (AP) — Police are wondering whether a thief who robbed a downtown store of $3,000 in casi- and money orders forgot his own tools. Police said that tools from the store's hardware department were used to force open a safe. cover typing and printing costs when you send for one of his booklets.) Copyright by The Hopkins Syndicate, Inc.) Open House Held At Jail on Sunday ONTONAGON — Sheriff and Mrs. Donald R. Powelson were host'.to the public at an informal open house Sunday afternoon at the new Ontonagon County Jail. More than 200 persons were taken on the tour of the 20-prisoner unit and sheriff hous ing quarters. The tour conclud e d with refreshments served. by Mrs. Powelson and her assistants. The world's richest deposits of lead and zinc ore may be on the south side of Great S 1 a v.e Lake in the Northwest Territories. Lawmakers to Visit Guard GRAYLING (AP)—Thirty or more Michigan state legislators were scheduled to spend today as guests of the National Guard at Camp Grayling. Tours were arranged for the legislators a the camp in northwestern Lower Michigan. A group of Lansing business and civic leaders also was scheduled to inspect the guard facilities. The guard announced, that Gov. George Romney will arrive at the camp Sunday for breakfast and a meeting with a unit of guardsmen from Alma. Romney will have lunch the same 'day with a unit from Grand Haven, the guard said. USE DAILY GLOBE W/VJNT-ADS ' Revelation! Until you yourself get behind the wheel of a new Cadillac, you will never know why its owners are so enthusiastic. And there has never been a better time than now to go ahead ... go Cadillac! The loyalty of Cadillac owners is the envy of the industry. The reason why Cadillac has the highest repeat ownership of any car built in the land comes through sharp and clear after only a few minutes at the wheel. That's all it takes to discover that Cadillac owners enjoy a type of complete motoring pleasure no other car can supply. Cadillac's full-range performance provides such instant response, effortless handling and smooth, steady ride that every other car seems commonplace by comparison. The one place to discover all of Cadillac's wonders is at your authorized dealer's—your headquarters for new and used Cadillacs and for service by factory-trained craftsmen. Standard of the World . SEE YOUR AUTHORIZED CADILLAC DEALER'S'FINE'SELECTION OF NEW AND USED CADILLACS ' ' IAHTI ;ROLET-CADILIAC, INC. 111 S. LOWELL STREET IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN' PHONE 932.1101 NEW YORK WORLDS FAIR SEARS K'iKBUCK AND CO FINAL JULY Sale Ends Saturday at 5 p. m. REFRIGERATORS WAS NOW POWER TOOLS WAS NOW 1—12 Cu. Ft. Refrigerator 189.95 1—12 Cu. Ft. Refrigerator, Auto. Defrost 289.95 1—Used General Electric Refrigerator special 1 1—Used Coronado Refrigerator special 159.00 219.00 49.95 39.95 FREEZERS 2—15 Cp. Ft. Chest Freezers 139.95 1—15 Cu. Ft. Upright Freejer 199.95 1—13 Cu. Ft. Upright Freezer .. , 289.95 2—22 Cu. Ft. Chest Freezers 1—Used IHC 15 Ft. Freezer GAS AND ELECTRIC RANGES 2—20" Gas Ranges 2—30" Electric Ranges 249.95 1—30" Gas Range 154.95 1—Built in Oven 179.95 1—Used 39" Hotpoint Electric special ELEVISION-STEREOS AND ORGANS 1—Stereo Combination 329.95 1—Phonograph 94.95 2—19" Portable TV's 159.95 2—Console Color TV's 469.95 1—Used Silverlone Table Model TV special 1—Used RCA TV special EWING MACHINES AND VACUUM SWEEPERS 1—Used Vac I Used Electric Portable Sewing Machine I %- H.P. Vacuum Sweepers 1 Zig Zag Sewing Machine 139,00 169.00 179.00 197.00 99.00 199.00 139.00 120.00 39.95 299.00 74.00 129.00 344.00 20.00 25.00 5.00 20.00 21.00 49.00 UILDING MATERIAL 1—3' x 6'8" Comb. Door 29.95 1—Furniture Legs 4.89 t—Window Awning 42" ' 26.49 I—Door Awning 40" 21.95 1—Awning, Window 42" '. 13.95 20.00 .50 10.00 10.00, 5.00 10% OFF on ALL LIGHT FIXTURES !OATS-MOTOR$-BOAT EQUIPMENT WAS 1—16 H.P. Mercury 2—28 HP Electrci Start Outboard! .549.95 1—45 HP Elect. Start OB 649.95 1—15' Runabout 849.95 7—14' Aluminum Semi V 219.00 1—14' Jon Boat . 129.95 1—5 Gal. Cruiser Tanks 14.49 1—Boat Ski Bars 19.99 I—Water Skis 19.95 DAMPING EQUIPMENT S Hotisserie Roasting Rack 4.79 V—Rotisserie Grill Racks 2.59 Gas Lantern 14.99 '.—Sleeping Bag Liners 4.98 J—Lounge Chairs 4.49 <»—Gym Sets I'*??'. 26.95 J—Aluminum Tables 19.98 I—Rotisserie Steak Racks 3.79 I—Braziers, Electric 10.99 '—Tents 109.95 ^ORTING GOODS I—Girl's 26" Bike 40.98 1—Bows 25.99 2—Table Tennis Sets 3.49 6—Badminton Sets 5.99 1—Swing Set 8.99 \UTO ACCESSORIES 8—Fan Belts < 1.49 12—Spark Plug* • . .59 \3-Dash Trays 1.98 1—Bottle Warmer 1.49 1—Safety Chain ... . 2.99 7—Trim Protectors ....,,*.... A9 NOW 175.00 299.00 449.00 549.00 189.00 89.00 8.00 10.00 10.00 2.00 2.00 8.00 1.00 2.99 19.00 15.00 2.00 9.99 99.00 35.00 19.00 1.00 3.99 5.00 .20 ..10 .50 .75 1.50 .25 HOTOGRAPHY EQUIPMENT 1—Camera 2—rCameras I—Camera . 27.99 19.99 38.99 15.00 15.00 20.00 1—Electric Planer 29.99 1—Molding Set for Accra Arm Saw 23.99 1—1 HP Electric Motor—3450 RPM 37.95 1—Planer 12.99 1 Heavy Duty Sabre Saw 41.99 2—Power Tool Benches 13.99 1—Power Tool Stand 23.50 I Drill Press 159.95 1—Band Saw 62.00 1—Band Saw 169.95 1—Drill Press 112.95 1—Jig Saw , . 28.99 HARDWARE 4—Heavy Duty Pliers 3.49 4—Garden Tool Holder Kits 1.19 1—Garden Cultivator 9.99 1—Electric Edger 19-99 20.00 15.00 27.95 7.00 30.00 6.00 10.00 120.00 40.00 130.00 90.00 15.00 1.50 .10 1.00 10.00 FURNITURE 1—Living Room Chair 64.95 40.00 FLOOR COVERING 1—12' x 9' Nylon Green and Brown Carpet 136.68 80.00 1—12' x 13' Nylon Cocoa Carpet .170.00 120.00 1—15' x 9' Nylon Green Carpet 109.95 70.001 1—12' x 8' Acrilon Green Carpel 123.69 80.00 1—15' x 11' 3" Nylon Brown Carpet 170.00 120.00 1—15' x 12' Nylon Brown Carpet 199.80 140.00 1—15' x 9" Nylon, Green Carpet 154.65 120.00 1—15' x 13' Nylon. Gold Carpet 210.00 130.00 1—12' x 15' Nylon, Floral Carpet 140.00 100.00 9' x 12' Wide Linoleum Floor Covering 79c Sq. Yd. , .62 Asphalt Tile as low as 4c each 1296 Linoleum Tile. 9x7 10 .08 1749 Vinyl Asbestos Tile, 9x9 16 .13 6—Discontinued Carpet Samples—Values to 12.99 2.99 71' 6' Vinyl Inlaid , 3.32 2.00 ALL POWER MOWERS REDUCED Prices start at $28.00 PAINT & SUPPLIES WAS NOW 239 Galloons Turpolene •• 1.29 12 Gallons of Assorted Colors in Semi Gloss .. 8.29 Inside Latex and Satin Finish—Values to 8.29 .,*••• 24 Gallons of Concrete Epoxy Floor Enamel, ... 11.49 5 Gallons Inside Latex Per. Winkle Blue 6.49 319 Gallons of Our Best Inside Latex in Assorted Colors •...'.' 6.99 . 460 Gallons of Our Best Outside Latex 6.99 3—24' Aluminum Ladders special 860 Caulking Cartridges .39 KITCHEN CABINETS AND ACCESORIES 1—Garbage Disposal ^ 2—Lady Kenmore Garbage Disposals 79.95 15% Off on All Semi-Assembled Birch Cabinets 8—24" by 20" Cast Iron Sink 23.95 2—42" Steel Sinks 59.95 1—54" Steel Sink 89.95 1—66" Steel Sink 109.95 1—Dishwasher 139.95 1—72" Sink Top 39.00 4—33" x 22" Steel Sink 24.95 HEATING EQUIPMENT 1—600 Series 84.000 BTU Oil Furnace 359.95 1—600 Series 112,000 BTU Oil Furnace 389.95 2—Oil Conversion Guns 109.95 1—Furnace Humidifier 39.95 PLUMBING EQUIPMENT 4—'/a H.P. Jet Water System with 25 Gal. Tank 95.00 1—1 H.P. Submersible Water System 249.95 4—30 Gal. Gas Water Heaters 69.96 2—52 Gal. Electric Water Heaters ... .> .... 69.96 4—Economy Vanity Outfit 24" Complete with Faucet and Bowl 59.95' 2—Wash Down Toilets .....23.95 3—19" x 16''Lavatory 10.95 3—3 Piece Bath Sets ....' ' l-,22" x 18" Blue Lavatory 26.95 .59 2.00 -2.00 6.00 3.50 5.77 5.77 20.00 ,18 29.00 65.00 18.88 49.95 N 74.95 89.95 99.00 20.00 19.88 329.95 359.95 84.95 29.95 79.88 189.95 59.95 "5^95 39.99 15.00 NO MONEY DOWN on Sears Easy Payment Plan i-a&:..;y.

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