Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on January 18, 1961 · Page 5
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 5

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 18, 1961
Page 5
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lie U. B, Church Hon W. EUcrbeck •worsnip at 6:00 a. m. Jchool at 10:00 a. m. siow-release nitrogen •as been developed for Ins, says Turf Specialist terts of Iowa State Uni- IjR . . . i JUCKLOAD ! {PRICES I 0N I ered Grain f WD SAVE. | lll'iDilllllllllll 5 )STV|LLE ED MILL { r Ponsar, Prop. § B 4-7731 Postville I St. Paul's Lutheran Church C. E. Witt. Pastor Justin Silvlus. Assistant Pastor Wednesday, 3:45—Cherub Choir. 3:45—Children's Choir. Thursday, 8:00 —Senior Choir rehearsal. Saturday. 9:00 —Youth Choir rehearsal. Junior and senior confirmation classes. Sunday, 8:00 and 10:30 —Worship services. 9:15—Sunday Church School. Annual Congregational meeting. Potluck dinner beginning at noon; business session at 1:30. Tuesday — Evening Division of ULCW. Clermont Lutheran Parish John D. Kronlokken, Pastor Thursday, 7:30 p. m.—East Junior Choir and L. C. R.: refreshments: LaVerne Reisners, Norman Leirans, Gerald Schneiders. 7:30 p. m.—Parish Youth Choir at West Church. Saturday — Confirmation classes on regular schedule. Sunday, Third after Epiphany (white), January 22. 9:30 a. m — West Morning Service followed by Sunday School. 11:00 a. m.—East Morning Service. 10:00 Sunday School. 2:00 p. m. — at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. Decorah. Special meeting re. Aase Haugen Homes Inc. The two delegates elected at annual meeting, plus three more people (men or women) are to represent us. Please make WINTER LEARANCE SALE CONTINUES I0UGH SATURDAY, JAN. 21 Watch Our Bargain Counter For Daily Specials breen Style Shop Where Style and Budget Meet 86 4-3614 Postville, Iowa arrangments to attend. Dismiss 3:30 p. m. Coffee. Special Notes—We are in search of old records and papers. May I ask: if you have any old record books, anniversary programs, etc., please check with the pastor. Wednesday, February 1—Father- Sons banquet at East Church. Rev. Harlan Blockhus, speaker. Community Presbyterian Church Walter T. Martin. Pastor . — Morning worship -Sunday School. 10:00 a. : service. 11:00 a. m 7:15 p. m.—Tuxis Society. Cherub, Carol and Youth choirs will rehearse Thursday after school. Chancel choir Thursday at 8:00 p. m. The Women's Association will have a one o'clock luncheon Friday, January 20. The Program Department will present the theme, "In Him Was Life." St. Bridget's Church Rev. F. J. Vallaster, Pastor Week day Mass at 7:30 a. m. Sunday Masses — 8:00 and 10:00 a. m. Saturday—Mass at 8:30 a. m., followed by catechetical instruction at 9:00. Holy day Masses at 6:00 a. m. and 8:00 a. m. Confessions will be heard every Saturday from 3:00 to 5:30 and from 7:00 to 8:30 p. m. Luana News MRS. ARTHUR BERG Correspondem Remember When-? TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO Interesting Items From the Files of the Postville Herald of January 23, 193G St. John's Lutheran Church L. W. Renther, Pastor • !•!» •mniiDBunil enjoy ing your needs! Sunday, January 22, 9:30 a. m.— Divine service. 10:45 a. m. —Sunday school and Bible classes. Thursday. January 19, 7:15 p. m.— Junior choir rehearsal. 8:00 p. m.—Youth choir rehearsal. Monday. January 23, 8:00 p. m.— Brotherhood. Methodist Church E. Wayne Hilmer. Pastor 'he pleasure's not all yours when you enjoy i gpur prompt, heads-up service. We share in B It fully, knowing that pleasing our customers § |s the best way to build business. g CASTEN OIL COMPANY i IE 86 4-3414 POSTi/ILLE, IOWA i ^mmummmmmmmmmwmmmmmmmmmuMmmmmwumnm SEE US ON ANY OF THESE PROJECTS A prayer for our President, "O Lord, give him the courage not of his convictions but of Your commandments." Services the first and third Sundays of the month at 9:15 a. m. Other Luana News. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Wiedeman of Cedar Hapids spent the weekend with her mother, Mrs. Amanda Sander and also to attend the fun oral of Louis Miller, Friday after noon. Reid Schultz of Oxnard, Cali fornia arrived Saturday and Dean Schultz of Idaho Falls. Idaho came Monday to attend the funeral of their father, Levi E. Schultz, 74, who passed away at the Community hospital in Postville, Saturday morning, January 14, after several months of illness. Funeral services were held at the Schutte Funeral Home in Postville Tuesday afternoon, with burial in the Postville cemetery. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Berg visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Will Kuhse at Postville, Sunday afternoon. A group of ladies with well filled baskets surprised Mrs. Minnie Collins on her birthday. January 10, for a picnic dinner and spent the afternoon in playing cards. Those present were: Mrs. Rosena Krambeer, Mrs. Amanda Knuth. Mrs. Lena Fette, Mrs. Lena Schrader, Mrs. Edna Smith. Mrs. Linda Radach, Mrs. Walter Knuth, Mrs. John Lembkc. Mrs. Maude Baade, Mrs. William Bugenhagen and Craig and Rickie Collins. Mr. and Mrs. Don J. Ovei-beck of Monona were Sunday afternoon guests of their aunt, Miss Caroline Ovi 'rbeck. The Rev. L. W. Reuther baptized the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Duwe Sunday morning at the Lutheran church. She was given the name of Mary Louise and the sponsors were Mr. and Mrs. Albert Voelske. COYOTE Twelve year old Jimmy Allen of the LaGrange community recently trapped a 40 pound coyote in the eastern part of Lucas county. The 'outh has had one fax so far this in but reports the trap line been slow due to freezing The annual meeting of the Ludlow Telephone Company was held Thursday in Ludlow township. Ed Fiet was re-elected president; J. F. Kruger, vice president; Arthur Kruger, secretary-treasurer; and Arthur Stock was elected director to succeed John Baumgartner, who resigned. Wednesday morning the thermometers about town registered all the way from 30 to 38 degrees below zero, while the wind hurriedly whisked the loose snow into huge and hard drifts that blocked the highways quite effectually in all directions. The first meeting of the board of directors of the Postville Farmers Co-Operative Creamery Company held Monday, all past employees were rehired for the coming year. Gale Welzel starts his fifth year as bookkeeper; Edgar Riser was engaged as buttermaker for his ninth year; Christ Fischer is first helper and William Ewing, Jr., is second helper. William Ewing, Sr., was again engaged to make deliveries of butter from the creamery to the local business houses. Will Stockman and his crew of workmen started the ice harvest at the Carl G. Welzel pond east of town last Thursday. Th e ice is about 15 inches thick and of good quality and will be used to keep the beverages and eatables of Postville folks at just the right temperature during next summer's heat. With Mrs. Mabel Meyer acting as Worthy Matron, Mrs. R. F. Topliff as marshal, and Mrs. Harvey Douglass as organist on the installation staff, Postville Chapter, No. 238, Order of the Eastern Star, on Monday evening installed the following officers for the present year: Worthy Matron, Ella Hangartner; Worthy Patron, Lloyd Walter; Associate Matron, Glessner Webster; Associate Patron, R. C. Huebner; Secretary, Helen Behrens; and Treasurer, Bernice Walter. parcel shower was held for the bride at the home of Miss Louise Foels last Wednesday. A Local store keeper received a case of eggs, 30 dozen, Tuesday in which he found 10 dozen and five eggs which were rotten. He is wondering how hens are able to lay spoiled eggs at this season of the year, and expects to report the incident to the food inspector. The Postville Maennerchor's first masquerade was a social and financial success, 75 maskers and many spectators attending the function in , their new hall. J. B. Hart, Dr. j Cole and L. H. Schroeder acted as the judges and awarded the prizes to the following: Best masked man, "Walter Meier; best male comic, Fritz Meier; best masked lady, Eltha Thoma; best lady comic mask, Clara Wegner. According to the annual report of secretary J. W. Campbell, the Postville Creamery during 1910 received 1,678,758 pounds of cream from which 472,666 pounds of butter was made. The total receipts for this product amounted to 149,071. The price paid for butterfat was 32.46 cents a pound and the butter netted 29.18 cents per pound. The average test was 23.34 and the overrun 20.61. Wednesday, January 18, 1961 POSTVILLE (Iowa) HERALD 5 NORTHERN BIRDS INVADE IOWA January is the time to view some of the beneficial predator birds that migrate into our state for the winter. Naturalists of State Conservation Commission suggests a few to look for: Short-eared owls may be seen flying over slough and marsh areas in the late evening. Light and dark phases of the rough-legged hawk can be seen perched atop fence posts scanning pastures and corn fields for mice. Occasionally the huge snowy owl may find his way to your neighborhood, a thousand miles from breeding grounds in the arctic. The bald eagle, our national bird, concentrates below the lock and dams along the Mississippi River and in the areas along the Missouri River such as Forney Lake in Fremont' County. Glen Power, director of the State Conservation Commission, asks that hunters and plinkers be careful what they shoot and not indiscriminately kill these winter migrants and helpful predators. Have anything to sell? The Herald Want Ad section will do it Public Legal Notifications Iowa laws require that the residents of this area be notified of certain legal proceedings. Certain individuals, as well as groups, may have a personal interest in these notifications. Often the publication is the only public notice. To keep well informed, readers should check carefully the notices which appear in this section. LEGAL NOTICE Allamakee County Agricultural Extension Education Fund Receipt and expenditures for the period January 1, I960 to December 31, I960. Receipts: Balance January 1, 1960 5 6,994.1!) County Extension Fund 15,353.66 FIFTY YEARS AGO Interesting Items From the Filet of "The Volkshlatt" Published in January 27, 1911 REMODELING ( ring your remodeling ideas id plans to us. We'll show )u the best, most economi- il way to do your job. BUILDING We carry all the material you need to make your drcamed-of new home a lovely, lasting reality. MODERNIZING We have all the latest building and decorating literature to help you and will gladly give you a free estimate. I Building, remodeling, or modernizing.. • whatever y 0U r plans, we have the materials and experience you need. Every building is built better with durable, economical West Coast lumber. postville Lumber Co. H. J. MEYER, Mjn.fltr John Schroeder has purchased the John Witt farm for $93 per acre. Henry. Wilke has purchased the Charles Schneider home for $2200. The Luana creamery is having its ice house filled from the Postville pond, shiupping it by railroad. Willie Meier, living on the Christ Meier farm, marketed 75 pigs the past week which netted him $1,598.34. Robert Waters, Sr. aged 90 years, passed away at Frankville Tuesday and funeral services were held today. Assessor A. L. Meier, who at present is engaged in making a house to house call, reports that everyone is complaining of being poor. Buttermaker J. D. Hendershott has purchased the Martens home and George Kohlmann last week bought the Hanks residence in which Hale Burling and wife are living. Veterinarian Tiffany has sold his home to a man named Connell for $3000 and then purchased the Frank Eaton home for $2000. The Eatons expect to move to California. Richard Folsom and Mabel Harris were married yesterday by the Rev. C. A. Weaver of Castalia. A Total receipts 521,347.75 Disbursements: Salary : County Extension Director ...$ 2,700.00 County Extension Associate . . 2,349.96 Office help 2,393.10 Federal Social Security — Employer's Share 64.31 Iowa Public Employees' Retirement System—Employer's Share 90.77 Travel: County Extension Director ...$ 1,134.69 County Extension Home Economist 121.56 County Extension Associate .. 789.67 Other Extension staff members 31.62 Communications: PostaRe, Telephone, Telegraph.$ 390.51 Office Supplies 677.32 Equipment and Repairs 375.61 Project Activity Expense 1,321.19 Insurance, Leicul Notice and Bond 161.01 Miscellaneous expense, Allnmnkee County Treasurer 2,445.77 IHIIIIHIItlllllllliaillll||||ll|ll|t!lllllllllllll|l||l||tlll|IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIlllllltlllllt!llllllllll!lltlinil)ll!lll|[lf(fl[tlllftlI[| DELUXE Costs Nothing Extra That's the way it is with life insurance. The finest quality you can buy costs no more. In fact, it will often SAVE you money. My company has, for years, been the leader in QUALITY life insurance at low net cost. I would like to discuss with you this quality side of life insurance. There is, of course, no obligation. Boyd B. Turner The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co. 124 West Greene Phone 86 4-3121 lllll|!|IUII]IIIIMIUIII|ltll!llllil|ltl>l||||IIIIIIIIIIIIUII]|]lltllllllllllllll<llllllllllllllll|lll>!llllUI|i|l!|ltli]lltlllltll!lltiatlltll Total Disbursements Balance, December 31, $15,047.09 1960 .$ 6,300.66 STATE OF IOWA Allamakee County ) I, Lloyd Meehan Chairman, and I, Henry Rissman Treasurer, of the Allamakee County Agricultural Extension Council, being duly sworn on oath, state to the best of our knowledge and belief, that the items included in the foregoing Financial Report are a true and correct statement of the receipts and expenditures of the Allamakee County Agricultural Extension Education Fund. Signed—Lloyd E. Meehan, Chairman Signed—Henry Rissman, Treasurer Subscribed and sworn to before me this 2S day of December, I960. . Leoim Hanson, Notary Public Published in the Postville Herald, one week, January IS, 1961 Buying and handling feeder pigs profitably requires advance planning, says Animal Husbandman H. L. Self of Iowa State University. season has weather BULLET A 20 year old Algona farm youth, Arnold Braiin was injured recently when a riile bullet ricocheted from rock and struck him in the chin. He was hunting rabbits at the time of the accident. Strong feed flavors from feeding silage or heavy alfalfa detract from the pleasant flavor expected in milk, says Dairyman A. W. Rudick of Iowa State University. HIGH TEST AGRICULTURAL LIME ROCK FOR CONCRETE CHIP AND CRUSHED ROCK AVAILABLE NOW CHECK OUR PRICES—the most reasonable in the Postville Vicinity. Leave Orders With .... FRANK TEHEL, Postville Or Call Your Orders To ... . Dial 56 8-3515, 56 8-3532, 56 8-2456 Or Stop at the Quarry on Highway 51 R. J. Cooney Construction Co. WAUKON, IOWA 9©t BEST FARM LUBRICANTS MONEY CAN BUY We sell the complete line of DX farm products... DX Boron Lubricating Gasoline DX Lubricating Gasoline DX Boron Motor Oils Specialized DX Farm Lubricants Our DX Boron Motor Oils — the world's first! — and famous DX farm greases and lubricants are the finest products of modern petroleum science. They give you top protection against wear — best in their fields! They're sold on DX Sunray's written money-back guarantee. And you'll find our prices are really right Call for fast, friendly service. HOME OIL COMPANY PHONE 4-3724 POSTVILLE, IOWA son WATER SERVICE ?

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