Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 6, 1927 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 6, 1927
Page 8
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4i MSEBALLIIS SETS RECbRji) fOftlEETING Cdmplete Hai^n^ Rules Ak Tkne of Qpening Se^ion Nieare CJLIJBS MUST S^AY Oklahoma City anid Tulsa Must Remain Playing , In Western . Dallas. Tex.. Decl 6. (AP)—With complete harmony again preraillng In the Western league after yesterday's unsiK -cessful ;'attenipt of Tttisa and Oklahoma Chy to leave the Western In favor of the .Texas " ;Xeague, thfif-^Bklds were greasedfor. theoi>enlng aneefIng of the national asRoclatlbn of-priifessional baseball leagues here this afternoon. MeeYlng iu harmony after three' - days of disputes the Western l^a- ] giie club owners last night in a j -meeting lasting several liours smoothed out their difficulties, the: csyH-icious attitude of the Okla-! hopna clubs was- forgotten, and j}l ms were laid for the "best year Inlthe league 's hi.-tory." bale "Uear of Topeka. president . "of the league, was returned to of• fi<e. and aCter the meeting .a'n- noiinced that every club would he r^jrganized. new managers were ' app6ipted nearly all the way ariund. and shakeups in the player} Ijin.eup of every club were im- pelnding.- ' , I A spUt! season of 168 games, opening Airril 12. closing September 23, •wiljh'a five game post-reason • playgffljieries was arranged. • The schedule wHI be draxyn and probably approved tomorrow. ! The ;ue\l- managers announced wpre:^ Howard Gregory. jAiccee<ling lied Luderus Ht Oklahoma City; jack.i Knight .sncceeding. Joe Berger at Denver: Dick Breen managing his hwn club at Lincoln suc- i^edfng -lohn van; Sled, Allen, succf^ding JoeiKelly at Ainarlllo. Oils. "Doc" ("randall will manage the Wichita'club agaiii. It was aiif nouticed a hat now managprs at Oniahrf. Tulsa . arid Des Moines likely v.ijl be named later. Following the refusal.of the N'a TPg lOtiA DAILY REGISTER.! TUES^A^ EVENING, DE< 1. Sophomores ancj Freshies Fall in First Gaines Of Tournament OTHER GAMES TODAY Faculty BaskeibdllT^m to Make . Its Debut in Tou^Tt^fnent Tmi^ht • The faculty basketball team bad its lait in-actlce last night for 'its , , „, ^ .^4 ^ ^, .' . , . . „.iRay Koenig will- probably bandle game against the vlass champion,- ,he%eflter PO»'t'<"» as he has done of the high school tournament tonight at the senior hfgh sichool gymnasiupi. The faculty team will havQ^ev- Sinithiwill probably.start witA A. K. Qarrison -as reserve / forward. in previous years. The two guards will b^. chosen from the foIlowInK: Van Camp, Dreher. Bollinger and {•neinlng. cral new players on the squad this I The "prcUtAlnary will be between Keren HroWn'of Michi^ian Slate College. iveiKliing only \\h pounds. Is. the fiutstandinu harrier in the middle west. Jl<> has lead his team to victory over .Marquett,'. '.\t>tre . "hauii" and University of .MicblKaii. .\gain.'-;l .Mlcliijran he .sot a new- mark;of 2.1 minutes 111, seconds for five mile As Seen By C. A. CLIFT • Oklahoma City and ^ulsu |ia'«* wHslcU jtlent) of eneruy iu afteni]itlnir to get out of the IVesfern league—und desp^le It all, bo'firclibs ure .lusl' where ibey Nfarlrd. For IHO jcars -theOklaliima nines June Icrn atlenipUng Ut pull anuy icuni the league. That . they lia»e fulled Is another 'exunipic oi the poner of the National A>- siiViutJon of I'riifes^lanal B.IM- hiil. Leagues. Pfnal BattJ^ Tonight to Find Faculty Five In Action. aophijmore^ -siiid Iresh- mi'n lalinj; liy the wayside the ior iiigli school i:iterclass louriia- imi-nt si;irted off ye.stenlay. Toda>| will CIHI the loiirnainent. / This alternooii tiu- fr <'.sliiiien and i ::oiili<>miires xviil have their battle; ^ wliirli pniiia'ily" will t :o to the 1 ; heshiiicii it-^inth leahis play as they. J ; (lid ycsl'.^rday. The junior.s and j I.»-i 'niiirs wjll mix in the other after-, • iiiion Haltic. i Th> • final f;anu.s >vii: lie totiinlii . instiadriif U'cilne^day nigiil a .s ;ire,- viously annciiiiiced The winner rfC itlu; junior-.senior battle will ]day tlie laculty team. The Itain that .hi.>:es in tiie ujnier ilas.« game''and! the t<;iiii tliai wins in ;lie soi)ho-: ] ' ui 'Te -tieslinian g:;:!i" \v:ll jilay i!ie ' irclinni.aiy mniKhi. " In the uauie yc -^tiTday ih-* •.se ;iio;-,s ran a score :!2 to the. IVinal 1'. points for the sophs. ; Tlu- si iiiOrs not off lo Hin early •lead. .\.-:the luuf ended ihe'si-ore iv -tiioil l:! to ti ill-favor of the sen- liois . li 'ran fli'- year. It has several present or past coaches playing on It in various ijositions which should insure a R >od team. . The stttrt'n'4 lineup has not Iteen dr-finlteiy decided as yet for to- nlgh's game lii all iwsitloiis. K<ir forward* f inches Stockebrand and the winner of the soiThomor^-fresh- man gime an4 the loser'o| the seii- ior-Junlor game. ;Ton{ght'!j game s-hould draw a large crowd as' the fir.sit school gams in ba'skeiball this season tliat has in Interest for the general pkibMc.;;* . the final Iialf the seniors r .viori- u'l lo :!2 points 1 while- till' sophiinuirt-^. scored - 11. i III il:e last fi'« n:iniiles of play 'wlieii liie /eiiior ivserves were in llie s6n!iiinior('s l>ioii!;lit llielr .score' 1 to 1. points j Young American Singer ! Thi. final game yesterday after-i MakeS Operatlc Debf^ SavonburgFive Will Entertain Local Quintet The IOIJ city basketball team will go .to f^avonburg" tonight for it.s lyefoild game this season In the Sekan league. The Itda team had bad liitk last ivevk when il vva .s clefeatiMl l>y till' iUiniboldt team on the total court. The same .-qiiad will make thti ir p ton'irlii tlia; s;iiieil up lor lust K.-iday iilghi 's game. The same starting lineup probably will be used. This will be Lee and lieudersoii at forwards. Symnes nt center, aiill Knnk. and Slaytoii at gii;lnl .s. with Cutworth and Baiter as reserves. The team Is hoping lo start a victorioits drive with a win In tonight's battle. . Thn' Ii «-al squad will probably piay tliree games this tvc<'k. <;eneva is to meet the • lola team on • the local court • Thursday night; . Winfield Again Will Have Team Of Gridironers 1 Winfield. Kiius.. Dec. 6. (AIM JFoo'ball. barred rt the WJn- I field-h'gh school !u 1924 after Ithe ^Pa 'h ""f Kdison Ogrosky. Sfinthwestern college .-viar and pr'-vlouslv a star .of the Winfield^ h'gh'school team, was reiu.stated itt a imeeting of the board of education Ia.s4 nighL Although the 'Arkaiisas Valley league, of which j Winfield is a lUfmber. ha!s completed its 192.S .schedule, a fevr games mav'be playe<l nexti season, athletic authorities at|the high school said today. i :ii)"n. vliifh \v;is liciwcen iln- juii- iiiT. and fi .•simian teams, was by i Ogrosky died celved In a game -with Bethany andj "the game the i high sctaoo later; of injuries re- {Wa.s barred., tit a few weeks ^ochrSmith Act May Be Repealed, Report Chhmgo. Dec. 6 (AP)-Warning farmers that an attempt prob- ifar 111.- n,.,... U.....|y contesied and ' . ^ """•.T' ' " ! -4 ^.nii... The Ireshnu-n' i "rT-.T • 'Tu'i ionu -iaved 11, • in, iois in tlie first B^''"'' 'half. v.i,i,h - - — ally will be mad^ In congress to repeal till' lloch-Smith resolution. dijrectJng the IntV-rstate Commerce C<ifiiiniftsion to change the freight rates to permit movement of agrl- tliat|c ,in „r:fi products er lilac- with better resiill.s the youth of .America. f..r •In the.lulen-ln «-s tiiurnii^iient ai the senior hluh sehnol, the st'ninrs look like the c .as.s of the (ouniey. llowetHr. Ihe r"c. nit) Is, pinnning to npspt tlie tourney n.'nner lomorr.nv. To hear itiemliers of th «J fin-uify tell U, "the students iiaven't a eluince of -«vlnning (he game. (ieiie •Tiinney is iifl'eriiig ni:'i!a;s for boxing contests to lie at Siaii .fori| university ni'Xl .s ;ir :iig. ,Jt seenis thai (iene's medals .\iiurif .tlonal Board of arbitration to al-. ,i„ more good if tliey were ortes ^d low Tulsa und OklaKotna City loMjo younser boys. Tuiim-y i.ii)i!ii boH the league, the two leagues • i,;,ve ofteruM he medals sonic (.'•:are \^indpr .«to <)(l to have dropped all thought of liuyiirg out', and resolved to 'gei l>ack at once into the pood graces of the league with a harmony program. : .lohn Holland, p'resideiil orf the Oklahoma City diib lold the AS-M>; elated Press that his club, having failed ' to realizi' its aaibitloii to inin the Texas league, was determined to make the best of the sltu- . ation and would do everything within Us power .to make the season a success. . , ' The Western league-dispute was the last major problem left, before the arbitration meeting, which es- pects only a Jittle-routine bus!-, ness lo develori today. . , American Association commitee- ••-men finished drawing up the 192.S •; schedule; last night and will submit the .arrangement to the asso- ; ciatibn club otvners this mdrnlng. 1 "Sot in' recent years, old^ titne. _ baseball riien today said, had so fewf deals developed as at the present meeting. But a few deals have been announced. neV managers mostlj; ijeihg'involvpd. Dealing for players is eipect «d to. be accelerated today wirh arrival of more base- jball men. and the real business of the meeting at hand. Only routine , business was ex' peeled |to come before the opening meeting of the National Association wnien it convenes at 1 o'cloclc this afternoon. ' -Toronto. Chattanooga and Baden, In <]ianB. have en'erbd the lists for next year's meeting, JT. H. Sexton, national president today announced, saying -he expected ln>ilatIonp from a dozen or more other tovus I'adiii^' •! n.lvd uilh the freshies •)'*«"""•/.'I'enil'B Per:. The score at the end i ^'"•'"'"ice of the Utish.ngton grand | hie rates, was John. iK. Benton. ksocjqtlon of Railway and UtlU- of liie tliivM iiiiiirit r stooil S to S. ; opera season. Dorothy Kpeare,: (jljs cbmmlssioners... In Ml- final ;.,ri..,l : he juniors twice i .^'''''''B -\me.uan .soprano, will be a molt the lea.l only to have th >'i"]lonishl s piesi niation of fiesfinien' advaii.-' •.•Mil tie the <'i<'T"en. ; .sidle. T (i \v;i" Is ll'.'- li.-;| fc-,v mill- <e iil "s of. ;ilav the juniors stored an- ':ll;er g-ial, ' , j i / jtox Scores. J s<.|i!(.rs . KC KT. !•• TP ' 1 Tro'iilioli! rf . •; "I 1 'ij.B The Geneva liaskeiball ieam seems to have a tanvy for taking oir 'local aggregalloiis. Thursday night. Geneva joorneys to lola to play the lola city team, wliile; next Tuesday the Geneva nquail will entertain the llegistor Devils on [their home court. loach Floyd Sni>'th is lioping to Iwok a ganie or two during the Christmas vacation for his hnsketball »gK''C!ntii"D* Snilth believes the. .sqnHd needs gam&S/then to keei» in slui|»e for n game with Fars'ons high school there jnst utter Ihe Christmas lucatfon ends. '•"tirti--. rf Hall. If .M.-ri.-'v. If llli-i'.'.ley. • Hiihlutpl. ;WaK!iir. It; i 'S'-Vfi :i>. 1^ . I 'J'oials .. .Sophs. _ ; Griffin, rf IJeldiiii:. rf Her .sbey. If Itdliorts. (• White, ru . . Ileiidriiks. r^ Troutwitie. rg Dri^gs. li;' II • 1 1 I nt lowest possi- isjiued today by of the National GIVE MEDALS FORTOURNEY Stanford Students Will f'ight for Trophies . Given by Champ ^ITS AT PROFESSION Sportsmanship Is Gone in Professional Gaipe, He Says San Francisco. Dec.;. 6. (AP)—! Seven medals bave been hung up by Oefie TiAney. iheavyweight, champion of the world, to the win-: ners of boxing contests to be held I In the spring of J928; by students of Stanford University. In a !lettcr'to Harry Maloncy, J under whose, aus^pices- the contests | are to be conducted "Tunney 8a>-a: } " "You and I kiiow' tbere is no j sport in the world, properly iudulg- 1 ed in. that can develop with the ease bo;ciug does; manliness, self reliance, courage, cliaracter, and sportsmanship. We also realize the terrible heritage professional iKixing has fallen heir to. but ^'^ have the discrimination to distinguish between fine, clean, health- • ful boxing as conducted in a university and the sordidnes.s which sometimes accompanies professional boxing. •"College boxinl: and professional boxing are entirely two different things, it is true they are related, but one of the relatives has, rnifor- tiinately, degenerated. This degen -4- eration has followed the elimination of sportsroanship. The public at large is responsible for this condition for evidently the public adn^ires more the killer instinct, than real, clean .'sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is the thing that will make boxing in your liuiversr ity successful." NiVSOXING SCHEMEFOR > NiYJILLEpf Leo P. Flynh and Jimmy Johnston Plan the Fight Card f NO FIsSc ^TAR^ Will i Be Content With Three Good Bouts For Program Harry Kipke, famdus Michigan .crid star of a few years ago.* ? who has been an assistant ;' coach at his alma mater sincir I graduation, will next year have charge' of football a.t .Michigan ? State College. . He lias signed .. a three-year contract. . ' Policies of Oil Men- Defended by President Utah Farmers .\ Off to Battle; | HawaiiElevem Logan, Utah, Dec. ti. (AP) — Thirty-live members of -the I'tah .Agricultural College fool- 'ball team entrain today for San "FJ-anci'sto where they will embark for Honolulu to piay the TVnjj -ersity of Hawaii. December 17.' ' ^• . CoaMi Lipweir Itomney says fce '^^wHl give-bis team a daily workout aboard ship. New jV 'ork. Dee. 6. (AP)—Le^. i>. Flynn and • .limmy JohmUon have' entered' iiito iiii afrangenipnt wliereby they -will guarantee ^,20.- nm to Tex Rickard if he willf allow t helm tb exp'etimenl wiih a heav.vweight show at Madison Square Garden on .Januaryi 2'). Flyii'n and Johnston desire to prove that a (iard minus'fistic stars will yield handsome profits. Hickafti said he was •willing to go throiigh with the proposi ion but wouliL fake his guarantee ju advaiiceJ That feature has yet to be complivif with. Rickard's top n,>tch !)6xpr=. .lack Dempsey.'.J ick Sharkey. Paulino. .'Jora Heel e.v, .lohiiny'Risko and ;faek Delaiey. cannot be iiseil in the compeiition, it is stipulated. Flynn •The ITniversity of.I'tah de- eated liie Hawaii team Clirisi- feated inas a year ago. and Johu-ston put forth* a^ lentatiye card of .tiirfH- ten-rpund-^-. ers as follows: ivimte.'Hansen vs. Jack Renaultv Phil Scott vs,[ Jack |)orvaI;;and Benny Touchstone vs. Joe Sekyra. .As ih(^ !*tate atbletie commji rules prohibit a manager assocratfcl, with the producti] fight.-;. Rickard will agree tjo direct thelbouts on the recommendations of Flynn and John.ston. ssion being Ml of England-Russia 'Peace Is Hoped at Geneva;; Geneva. Dec. 6. (AL'i-Stalesnieii;! •Chicago. Dec. G. (APl-Policies i B""""''^'' Geneva for the ineet-; of the American Petroleum Insli -l'iR «he council of the league of? I lute and the oil Industry affecting ' •'••l'""*' council were still bopeful- I waste and-conservation were de-! ""'ay 'hat England and Ku.ssur —Wanted to Buy: Clean white rags at the Register. New location, 108 E. Madison, v First Door £bot of Brown's I Drug Store. Phone ITk , were —Ertra larg* bundles of clean f,.nded by K. W. Clark, its presi- newspapers. 10c, at Register office, i dent, at the-annual meeting today. would readjust their severed polit" ica! relations. , FC FT 0 -1 •1 11 :!2 F TP /I 'otals . . .-. i ,luniors !M alone, rf |.\1. rmik.. If i PhiKips. c . - McGiiire. e , lireckeiiridKo. M-Carty, is _ 8 1.-, FG FT F TP . 1 II 2 2 2 0 Chicago Cubs Enlarge Park To Hold Crowd rg Bifrs_. Little Rock. Ark.—.MHtoii Man-, guna, .V^w ; Orleans, outpointed Paul Sti>dTOau. St. I^ouls, (10). Canton. t).-Uk>orgp (;o(lfrey, Philadelphia, knocked oui .\ndre DeroHO, Italy; (2). JaneKA'llle, \VliS.- -(Jeorge .Mavis. CblCAgo. d «^e4tted Bottling Morris. Chicago. HO). l^rother• of Matt Kimes Gets 40 Years in Pen * Cliicagn. Dec. i). (LXP) Bii;- ger and better enrwds al tile Cubs park have iieies .iii:ite<! more doubledecking (if the stands. I 'Doubledecking begun last veasbn is now beingicoiniileied at a cost of $«(M),UOO. When this work l.s done. Wrigley Field will lepreHeii .ti'inelndlng' •V the groiind. an csiiniaieil in^ vestment of $2.2,i».ii ()u. Totals 7 0 1 It t Fri'slinirn Fi; yr F TP ;Sharpe. If 2 1 i; 'Thompson. If . u i 1 1 Trontbold. If - 1 II II •» Grant. If n 0 II* II Harbison. •• 1 I b :'. O. Dri^ti.s. rs •1 II I II Dice, r-.: . •. 0 ' II II II Hi.nrlel.. vj. 11 • II •1 .'^kiiiiier. 1;; • 1 - 0 I) •1 II Totals _ 4 4 .-! 12 Union Rail;Officials ^ Demand Wage Hearing Denver. Dee. li. tAP) Failure of a niedtatiiiii ,lioard to re.-ich f/n .igreetii'fnt here in a wase dispute between tilt; Hrollierliood of Ixico- inotivi l-'^ireiiien and. l-JnKinemen land ihore. than .111 western railroads, today brought' :i demniid from union officials tor further (APi - I consideration. Knid. OMh.. li^c. <!. Pleading guilty to a charge of robbing a bank al Covington. Okla.. | f^Jghtecn K. U. Girls last year. George'Kimes. lirother i . A•.rv "ni «*oIocc" of Alatthe.w Klmcs. notorious Okla-i . Are tO UO UatelCSS homa outlaw, was sentenced today | \ ; ' ' . to 50 years in the "state penilen-i Liiwrinee. .Kas.. ;Dec. fi. (API— 4iary. , '• . ' Kig'ht^een freshnvn pledges of the Kiniesiis noWi serving a sentence ! Gamitia" I'lii Beta soi '.rity tif the of 35 years fori murder, imposed in I'niversity of Kansas who "reyolt- Sequoyah county in connection^ ed" a. week-at:o Monday night, when .with the killing of Perry Chiicu-,ordeiecl to cleau the sorority house. Matinee lOc and 2()e; Niglil lOc arid 30c. Toda.v and .Tomorrow LONCHANEY —in— Mr. Wu' late. Indian deputy ijheriff. in. a gun fight as 1h.e Kime.s brothers were speeding : toward • Arkansas a/ter the robbery of- two h^nks at Covington. . ' . ' and-wlui ppeni the nisht at a IMW- remo hotel, must go "dateless' ioi the rit-mainder of ,lie semester. > rj ^maii Cr^de Oil Production - Goes Up During Week - Tulsa. Okla.., Dec. fi. (AP>— While the West Texas^pil areat'one , of the greatest oil pools In the world was Increasing Its daily aive- j rage production during the past _week by .16.512 barrels, the greater Seminole area., the othe^ world -famous ppol. slimiped J.7,X7ri bai'-' j-els. , But even the action^ of these two pools failed to prevent an iu- • crease in production • of crude, the Oil and Gas Journal says today. The Increase for the week ending December 3 as compared with the week; ending NbvemJier 2.6 was giv- 111 :i.i iro:;:: bariel.s. ; Ihecormr, HARDWARE & IMPLEMENTS lOLA-k^JAJ i with lleni* .Vdoree and Ixmise IHrsser Tjie law by which they live is the law by which they must diei His daughter had sinned in forbidden love. Thi> mercjU'ss laws of his iiii- •esiots I'.eiiiaiided thai he exact the •lenalty. . * Cpmed.v, ".Million DoliUr Der^ by—AcscpV Fables-T-TQpics oif (he Day \ Cnming Tliiirsduj and Krlday Bert i,jiell ami Uomtliy Uevore in : -The Klrsi Mght" It's worth while td, pick your paper5 j Good c\ga.tettt'Tpsiiftti ztci next in importance to' good to* haxco. You yiant to ff.vtt yotir to!>acco its best cbaaux^^j^ta»\t why you tbould }fuy OCB papers, fumoua pnduo: ot tfae Bollore rmUs in FvanaL Boy them at tfae store vi^ere you buy P.A.—Ax>ok of 150 leaves, /5c A litde tinng to /make e^cy- meut complete.' / / A As YOU open the package and get a wliitf of lliat rich Prince Albert fragrance, you kno\v you're ill for some great cigarette-sessions. The first one you make and smoke confirms your prediction. Smooth and mellpw. and nlild .«. just plumb-wonderful, Fellows! No matter what you're rolling 'em with now, try Prince Albert. This same tobacco makes a pipe perform, too. Try it both ways. 1927. R. J. RnntoU* TebiKca y. WimnoaSaltm, K. C --no other tobacco is like it! V

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