Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 10, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 10, 1933
Page 5
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lOLA, KANSAS New York, Jan. 10; (AP)—A 2-cent .rise in wheat^ fired bullish enthus-i lasm in the stock market today, andj many prominent shares.were bid up 1 to 4 points: ^ The closing tone was •strong. - Transfers approximated 1,100,000 shares. The list backed and filled uncertainly during much of the day, but came up strongly in the last hour. Leadership switched from the rails to the industrials, with steels, toi- baccos, farm implements, chemicals, and specialties forging: ahead. Final pi-ices were near the best. . Advances of aroUnd 4 points were registered by. J. I. Caae and U. S. Soeei preferred. Steel conunon advanced more than 2, as did Allied Cheihical, i American Can, Air Reduction, American TobaCco B, Liggett & Myers B, Santa Fe, and Union Pacific. Issues up about 1 to 2 included New York Central, American ; Telephone, Southern Pacific, Nash, Westinghouse, International Harvester, Dupont. Anaconda, United Ali-craft and Montgomery Ward. High Low Close . 3 . 21 Ti . 61V.. . lOS 'N , 63','. CitlcB Serv . SO of Ind .. Amn Can .. Amn T&T .. Amn Tob B , Anaconda .. i Atchison ... i Aubuj-n ..... Beth Steel . J 'I ... Chrysler .... • Con Ga-s ... Con Oil' .... . Drug Inc ,... .DuPont Gen Elec ... Gen Molors Int Harv ... Mont Ward Packard Penney J C Phillips Pctr Radio ...... Sears Eoe .. Socony Vac Std Brands SO of NJ .. Tex Corp ... U S Steel .. Westingh E . 45 . 54'i . le-'s .49 . 16';, . 62 ^2 . . 36% . 40 H . 16 . 14 VI . 25",; . 2^; . 26", . 5'. . 5-s .•22 . 7^; . 15 . 31 is . 14 < .31 • . 31'i: 2% 21% 57% m% eon 42^; 51% 14 ai 44 •. 60-k • 5'i 35.% 38% 15'4 12% 23 13fe 2k 25 U 5-r, 5-; 20V. 7V, 15's 301.', 13^, 28V> 29'i- 3 2Hi 61 V4 108% 63 8% 45 S 53% 16Vi 4a% 16Ti 62'i Vi 36% 40 16 14Vi 25 14% 23, 26V'< ^ 5-i 5% 22 V-i 15 31 14 31 31% LOCAL PRODUCE- Egg.s. fir:<l.s. i 25c Eg-g.s., .sr-cond.s ...; ,... 22c Eggs, thirds ... ;.. .17c Egp.s„.uiiai-odect .22c Heiw.'Nn. 1 [..-.:...... A 8c Hen.s.- No. 2 .....5c No. I.Springs. I'i lbs., up 6c No. 2 Springs , 4c Ca;:icn.'^ over 9 Il^s ...lie Capons, over f- lbs. 9c Capons, over 7 lbs 7c Ca'^ons. under 7 lbs 6c Slips : 4? • lb- ....... ^ .19c- BcaKs, lb. 4c Cocks Sc Geese,' lb Sc Guineiis. each ..10c Wliite Ducks,.lb.i .4C Colored Ducks, lb .... ......Sc Hides, pc- lb Ic Mixed Co-n. bu. .... , 15c ynllov.- Cf^rn, bu. .. 16c Wheat, bii i ,...28c Kaiir Com Wc 6-10. Kansas City Produce. Kinsi-s biiy,. jnn, 10. (AP)—Hens Otliler produce unchanged. Kansas City Hay. Kansas City,' Jan. 10. (AP)—No hay. irccd lipts too light. higher. RansasI City Grain.|:City,iMo., Jan. 10 (AP)'. Wheat: 57 cars.i \ic -lower to %c TOE -mmmmSS tl «»in»ii Pop) THE. lOM^DAHi^ BEGISTO, T^^^ EVENING.; JANUARY AO, 1933. JiNCHEO BBCftUSE THE iropsE "Tlwr "tUECWP'SA.tO /'WLY tr-~—-\ USTENTO " - E5 «C0S?, AND THEN ieU3 CHlck TO •lELL lTT:oTHe DUMMY. EH A KICKBACK! By Cowan SILENCE IM tWE COURTi! V0UNGt4AN, 1 VDO nvE Di?tt,KRS AMD COSTS- AND,A,S FOR Nt)U. OmCEP, FOR SPEAKlNCr OP THIS COfJRT WITH CO^^TCMPT.^ SENTENGE 'YOtf^ TO PAX HIS riNE! CLAI9IS ALLOWED 9y the Bo«^ ot Comity CominJs- sionen at the Jumexf, ms, Sieetliw. William A. Hess, salBry and mUeage .....f 98.10 [joe McKinley, same 04.20 pohn' T. Tyler, same 101.60 pud Hurley, same 197.55 Bud Hurley, Jail board ..... 98.40 Mary C, Eemsberg, salary and I car rental ^ 57.20 jMeivin Pronk, salary, vouchers c«ished. exp 156.49 jDr. A. B. Chambers, salary Tand expense 64.32 Hanna J. Wlgner, same ..... 137.09 ^avls Morse, same ...: 136.23 jW. D. Clark, same 18334 Otis Lanibeth, same 109.30 boUie V. Adams, same 132.09 L. G. Smith, same ; 75i5 Prank W. Taylor, same 14151 Gladys P. Marmoht, salary.. 121.07 A. W. .Young, same 160.00 P. A. Wilson, same lOO.OO o, 2 dark hard 4S %r, Nb- 3 noni. 43|-52'-jc;, No. 2 hard 43-47^0. No. 2 red 43'-.:-4!6c. ltd.' 3 nom,'41%- 48c. Closer-May 44%c; July 44c; Sept. 45cL : Corn: .18 cars. Unchanged to Vic lower. No. 2 white nom. 22V=-23c; No. 3 IniJiri. 21V 22y,c; No. 3 22c No. 3 nom. 21'i 24%c; July 25% : Oats I car. t| white; 18 VJC ; No Marvelle Chehaske, sanve Mora Steele, same Minnie Morse, same — C. W. Nelson, same Mattie Pister, same Anna_Marmont, same .. Lutie Adams, same Charles H. Klauman, clerical work ....T Roberta Pronk, same Chas. Shebanek, labor — Vernon Ard, bounty Marvin Dickj sapie Vernie Diehl, same W. A. Heaton. same Elvin Huskey, sajne Loraine Lambeth, same .... Floyd McKaig. same W. W. McGie. same Raymond Middendorf, same H. 'W. Murrow, same .. Robert Manbeck. same Elmer Nordt. same Marshall Olipbant, same ... VemiPhOlips, same W. k. Rourk, same Billy Roush, same Ivan iStrickler, same Gale! Stnink, same Wm.|ShJgley, same Ralph Stewart, sanie Jimmie Strong, same Hugh Stutevllle, same ..... "Wm. Sampson, same Ora Smith, same ; Prank Tremaln, same Russell Wright, same H. C. Weber, same ; Tom Zimmerman, ^me ... Wade M. Adams, Juror..... A. V. Alexander, same George Olemans, same .... J. H. Corn, same A. T. Oimdy, same Pred L. Denton, same .... H. A. Hedcler,- same C. E. :Enos. same H. C. Peeback. same — Alex Or^, same Wm. Qwlllim, Jr., same ... P. X. Hal*, same Wm. Helman. same W. N. Ir^ffto, same Les Jewell, same 10:50 ^22c>i jlo; 2 yellow No. 4 mixed 22*4 c; -219:ij6. Close—May hchariged. No. 2 3' noin. 15Vi-17c. Milo maize nom. 50-56c.. Kafir 45-46c. Rye ndm. 32-32»i:C. Barley nom. 21'--240. K. C. Livestock Close. Cattle: Choice! • 1076 lb. steers ?6.4n; choice 1339 lb. weights $5.50. : ; Sheep: Lambs generally 25 lower; .sheep steady to 25 higher; one load choice 87 lb. fed lambs to shippers $5.75; other fed lots to packers and shippers largely $5.35-50; top ewes $2,25; Iambs, good and choice. 90 lbs. down. $5,25-75; ewes, good and dhoice. 00-150 lbs.. Sl.50-2.25.' Hogs: Unchanged. : Estimated livestock ; receipts for tomorrow: Cattle 4.0O0; hogs 3,500;_' • s-heep 7.000. • Kansas City Livestock. Kansas City, Jan. lo; (AP)—U. S. D. A.—Hogs 3.500 : 280 direct;, fairly active, steady to 5c higher = than Monday's average: top $2.90 on choice 160-220 lbs.; good arid choice 140-350 lbs.. $2.40-$2.90; packing sows $1.75-S2.25; stock pigs, > good and choice S2.50-$2.75. .Cattle 5,000; calves i500; killing classes steady to fl5c Higher; stockers and feeders fully ^steady; good to choice 1045 lb. steers $6.30; steers, good and efioice, 500-1500 lbs., $4.00$6.75.; common and medium $2.75$5.00; heifers, gooil and choice $4.25$<3.00; cows, good $2.60-;$3.00; vealers milk fed, medium to /choice $2.50- S6.00r stockcr and feeder steers, good and choice S3.75-$5.75. Sheep 12,000; slow.; very little dor.e; early bids on lambs around 2.'>c lower; lambs, good;and choice x 00 lbs. down $5.25-$5.65; good and choice X 90-98 lbs.. $5.00-$550; ewes good and choice $1.25-$2.10. ' i Quot.ations based on ewes and wethers. • • • • THE J. F. GpiNNAN PRODUCE ca C. O. (COGHILL, "Manager- POULTRY AND EGGS , Egg Cases and Supplies Old and Beliable-^Established IBll ' ' Corner Monroe ai^dm (Just West of the VfAter Tower) 100.^ 'tS.OO 50.00 75.00 50.00 50.00 41.67 52.50 50.00 2.40 .30 .60 2.00 .60 2.00 .90 2.00 .40 1.30 .70 4.90 .60 4.70 .70 .50 .30 .20 2.00 1.10 4.40 2.10 .10 5.70 4.00 .40 2.00 .30 1.20 13.60 13.70 11.80 10.00 10.90 9.00 12.00 13'.60 1030 9.00 13.00 IO J OO 14.00 11:40 14.20 10.50 12.00 9.00 11.50 14.80 12.50 9.00 15.30 11.40 12.60 i4.20 10.60 9.60 2.00 2.00 21.00 J. P. Jonfes, same J. D. McQuh:*, same W. C. Jones, same .... Paul KeHj same Vh^ Klvett, same W. S. Palmer, same Oren Michael, Bame Elmer Peik, sailie Earl "Moore, same W. C. Perkins, same D. R. Perry, same Harold Riemsberg, same .... Prank Stevenson, same Charles Tlce. same Harvey T. Upshaw, same ... C. L. Whitaker. drawing jury J. M. Lamer, same ee Veteto. bailiff G. M. Schooley, J. P., Costs: State vs. Mrs. Harry Rich.. 3.50 J. M. Lamer, J. P., Justiee of Peace Pees 142.00 J. M. Lamer, J. P., State vs. Wayne Bliss 3.90 C. L. Whitaker, J. P., State vs. Ray Proctor ...: 3.10 J. D. Bennett, Cons., same.. 2.50 J. M. Lamer, J. P.. State vs. Clarence Boyer & James H. Brown 3.40 J. M. Lamer. J. P., State vs. Geo. Tate^Bstel Whittaker 3.80 J. S. Lehman. J. P., State vs. Richard Williams ......... 3.15 D. P. Halbert, Cons., same... 4.45 J. S. Lehman. J. P., State vs. James A. Kilby 3.00 D. P. Halbert, Cons. same... 6.25 C. L.-Whitaker. J. P., State vs. J. R. Bhelton 4JJ0 Dr. O. L. Garlinghouse, lunacy inq.. J. R. Gardner ....... 5.00 C. C. McPherson, Cons. State vs. D. D. Pisher 3.15 E. S. Courter, wit. same 75 •\V. R. Courter, same .75 C. C. McPherson. same .75 J. M. Lamer. J. P.. same 9.05 J. M. Lamer, J. P. State vs. Cleo Myers ..:..- 8.85 C. C. McPherson, Cons: same 6.00 Ed ProdSham. wit. same ... .75 L. Spears, same .75 •W. "E. Culbertsob, same .... .75 Prank BtovjUe, Same .75 C. C. MCPherson, same .75 Ed J. Dunl*,.Same .... .75 Lena Siiears, samie .75 Panhie Aien, ^l. State vs. Callie Young . | 150 T. 1. tairisty, same ..: 1J$I) Clara DeLc^, same ..:... ISO Prank DeLapp, same 1.50 Lotta Uownlng, same i:50 Mrs. S. H. Handley, same 1.50 Nathan Leffler, same 150 Ada Shephar^, same . . 150 J. M. Lamer, 0. P., same 5.40 J. M. liBttrer, J. y., 'St ^te vs. Paul Sicks, at al ...i..... 11.15 J. M. Lamer, J. -P., State vs. "Lloyd E. Xairremore . 5.85 MaiSB>etIiatiiemore,vlt.^ame .75 G IRAIID COLLEGE In Philadelphia admits only poor orphans in abeyance to the will of the founder. RO AXD AMUNDSEN discovered; the iSOUTH POLE in 1911. The bird shown is a BLUB JAY. CLAIMS ALLOWED 7, 1 .50 1.50 1,50 :90 5,70 iCoo 3iJ20 J. M. Lamer. J. P., State vs. . James H. Brown 8.20 T. I. Christy, wit. same .... Carl G. Hes. wit. State vs. Ray Proctor Ole Olson, same J. M. Lamer, J. P., State Vs; Kenneth Poole:— 6; C. L. Whitaker. J. P.. State vs. Lloyd Turner, et al... J. D. Bennett, Cons. same..'. C. L. Whitaker, J.'P.. State vs. Stephen McBee . J. D. Bennett. Cons! same... J. M. Lamer. J. P., State vs. Martin Maley '— P. E. Drake. . wit. State vs. • Lloyd Turner — i. Wallace Drake, same ....... J. P. Frederickson, same — James Turner, same C. L. Whitaker. J. P.. same.. J. D. Bennett, Cons., same... A. P. Ohlfest, ins. premium.. Allen County Farm Bureau, Dec. appropriation 266.67 E. S. Reynolds, attend, clock 25 City of lola, gas, water, elec. 147 L. T.'Cannon, prem. on W. A. Hess bond 25| Southwestern Bell Tel. Co phone service ..; 76! Dr. E. J. Curran, services crippled children 3 P. W: Hanicke Mfg. Co., supplies crippled children ... J. D. Buchanan, transportation, crippled children — Mercy Hospital. Ft. Scott, care crippled children Bell Memorial Hospital, same Ellis Motor Co., service on sheriff's car • C. J. wamer, supplies Allen County News-Journal, supplies — Shannon & Shannon, sup...' Standard Oil Cb., sup Morah Herald, |sup Tola Daily Begi^r, sup Humboldt Union, sup Crane & Co., sup. American Servicje Co., sup. .. Ralph Ensminger, sup Jones. Elec. Wks., sup. Fryer Bros., supi. Cook's Drug Stojre, sup. P. G. Lawyer, sup Ralph Ensminger, sup. ..... Tola Junk & Cojal Co., sup... ,20 ,00 ,60 ,70 .00 35LOO ,00 ,00 ,60 ,00 50 |oo |00 Iqo 10 7150 54 15 *90| 151 A. H. Davis Etec's. Serv., sup... Brigham Hdw, Co., sup. .:.. Stephenson Oil Co., s \x^ Standard Oil Co.. sup L. E. Heathman, sup. Stephenson OH Co., sup Brlghaim Hdw. Co., sup. ..... Ralph I Ensminger, sup. ..... P. G. Lawyer, ^p Petr. Corp., 7.00 .50 5.40 10.00 33.03 8.86 9.31 61.<44 18.40 2:12 115 6.95 1J20 13.80 1.40 lio 11.34 16.33 10i95 ISifiS 14:45 7.73 9.68 50 CLAIMS ALLOI^ Mid-Continent supplies J 14,00 Flint Service 8t!&.. sup 1.80 Paul Klein, material ., 68.48 J. H. Osborn Lbr. Co., same.. 26,70 Paul Klein. sam!e 192.52 Northrup Lbr. Co., same 31.17 Northriip Lbr. Co., same 25.70 Q. E. Lacey, rock 2.24 Martin Ti-actor bo., equip. 266.55 Elm Township; bame 237.75 McCarthy Motor Co.,' repairs 3.46 Road Materials! Laboratory, testing matemls 20.25 J.. S. Vance, Est.l No. 7. Humboldt-Neosho River bridge. 98459 Marmaton Township, work on Co. road 9950 A. O. Hillbrant. labor 36.31 D. Gill Ruxton. same 16.00 C. C. McCarty & Son, same.. IJO Cottage Grove Ifwp., same... 20.00 Joseph hehaske. sal., in part 54.43 A. W. Young. p£y rolls 785.17 Wm. A. Hicks. s(ilary 125.00 Thehna Peck, 'work at Co; Farm 20.00 Marjorie Peck, same 10.00 B. C. Japuet. same 10.51 B. P. Fraser, hauling coal to Farm 6.75 G. C. Kams, same 021 M. & M. Gro., sup., Co. Farm 31.42 Virgil MegUl, same 555 Kent Greene, same 30.38 J. C. Penney Co., same 15.92 Self Service Oro., lola. same 355 Pryer Bros., same 50 Edwin Kelly, same 3.iB0 Litwin's Dept. Store, same.. 11.26 M. & M. Market; same. — ; 4.00 H. T. Upshaw, same ........ 858 Standard Oil Co.L same .— 16.83 Stephenson; Oil Co., same ... iOJ07 Ralph Ensmi^er, same — 18.00 Brigham Hidw. Cjo., same ... 4.69 Shannon & Shannon, same .. 92.00 Codk's Drug Store, same ... 1.83 Burt's Cash Peed ^ Produce, same i 13JO A. H. Davis Elec; Serv., ^me 50 lola Bakery, sarae 27.68 P. G. Lawyer, same 125 Hess Drug Co., same 11.^ Geo. H. TJppln, services of bull and pasture (Co. Wasm) l&OO LitwW 's ©Bjjt. Store, pauper • |; Mdse. ••• W.*7 A. L. Maloney, same ....... ,»!»: DeU Adams, aamc: M.W, Mont McWnney, same ..... 28.00 A. W. Anderson, same 8P«4 D. Lltwln. same ; -flS-flO Ideal Boot Shop, same 2.49 M: S. Lewis, same .......... $;«6 City Market, same .......... 2859 A. M. Tipple & Bon, same ... 17195 E. L. i Cook, same B;B8 Economy Shoe Store, same .. 3.47 L. E. Poster, same .......... 72.'«8 W. A. Porter, same ,... fliS© East Side Market, same :... 31.65 Humboldt Gro., same .:. 86.91 B. O. Kern, same .... 18.10 Auerbach's Gro., same —.. 19.68 Brown Gro., same 852; C. P. West, same 16.00 Mrs. D. Schomerus. same ... 2.M Safeway Stores, Inc., same.. 20.91 Self Service Gro., lola, same 7654 Geo. D. McDonald, same ... 5155 Bert Watson, same 5.00 D. E. Patterson, same —.. 12;00 I. A. Anderson, feitie 25.78 Kent Greene, same ,... 120.76 Hatch Meat Market, same . .• 850 James Handley, same 4.00 M. Si tJf.- Gro., same . 7715 E. J. Wright, same ) '.. 11.62 C. T. Harris, same 12.00 J. C. Pemiey Co.. same 5J8 John •W. Barley, same 8.00 Scarborough Bros,, same — 7.30 Fryer Bros.,, same 60.84 L. L. Thrall, same ...; 7.00 J. B. Knepp, same >.. 17.07 Gem Pharmacy, isame 3.00 Mrs. W. H. Zhnmerman, same 40.31 E. C. Dudley, same .......... 23,91 Taylor & Laughlin, same ... 2i;97 Self Service Gro., Humboldt, same I.. 61.06 G. M. Reynolds, same 34.03 Grange Supply Co.,'same .. 94.23 Hijmboldt Elev. MUl^, same.. 155 Brownie's, pauper, wood ...'.. 13.50 Hensley &iBrosius. paup. coal 7.25 American Service Co}, same.. 134.64 Everett Beckes, same .:..;... 219.75 Guy M. Tredway, sabe ..... 12.25 Tola Junk & Coal Col, same.. 389.45 LaHarpe Fuel Co., pauper gas 11.20 Allen County Sup. Co., pau-. per water ...1 255 City of lola, pauper gas, \7R- ter, electricity 100.84 City of Humboldt, pauper gas. arid water 3.75 M. C. Skinner, paup. hauling 34.50 L. Averill, same ...: 20.50 R. R. Nevitt, pauper practice 30.00 R. O. Christian, same 19.50 Dr. A. R. Chambers, same... 66.50 Dr. C. B. Stephens, same ... 2155 Tfc. O. L. Garlinghouse, same 20.75 Dr. O. C. Payne, aame L 11.60 Dr. P. Lenskl. same ,.;...... 6.00 Dr. J. E. Chastaln, same ... 50 Dr. J. L. Parkhurst, same .. 1.50 Dr. J. B. Nevitt. same ...... 18.00 Dr. G. W. Longenecker, same 45.00 Dr. A. B. Twadell. same .... 16.00 Effie Jenkins, pauper care.. 20.00 Louise E. Deater, same 1.00 Delia Gay, same 30.00 Geo. LeValley, same 20.00 BeU Memorial Hospital, same 136.30 State Sanatorium for T. B., same , J 93.00 St. John's Hospital, same.... 85.00 Margaret Canatsey, blind care 10.00 lola Cemeterjr Board, pauper graves 26.00 Dolly Brown, Agt., paup. rent 3.00 Henderson Realty Co., same. 3.00 Mrs. O. W.. Masden, same .. 3.00 C. 8. Forney, same 3.00 W. "A. 'Wheeler, Agt., same... 3.00 Mrs. ^ward Russell' same.. 3.00 J. O. Allen, same 5.00 G. W. Biirtnett, same 3:00 J. M. Jones, same 4.00 J. C. Thomas, Agt., same ... 3.00 C. L. Whitaker, same '...... 3.00 Jennie Goshom ^Estate,- same 350 Bedf leld & LelnienfltdU, Agts,, same C. W. Hume, same ..... P. E. Weston, same ..J Lois Ayling, same J. ;0. Thompson, same ...... Mts. M. A. Beard, same Mre. A. G. Paugfa, same M.^A. Schlick, Agt., same ... J. R. Flnley, same ... ... Kenneth H. Poust, same Willard Doolittle, same- P. E. Shiclaif, same E. M. Weatherman, same ... liuella Gramly, Agt., same.. Mary Crowder, same ......... Mrs. E. J. Bryant, same Modern Romantic Thrills in "Virtue,^' the lola's Attraction for Tomorrow; Carble.LoirtibV^r •*a4 ^"'^> Shirley Grey in "Virtue" FINANCIAL STATEMENT And Affidavit of Publication of the SECURITY BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Located at lola, in the County of Allen. State of icansas, at the close of business on the 31st day of D cember, 1932. Authorizfed capital, $2,000,000.00. . Resources. Loans to members oi;i real estate (hori-negotiable notes ...:.. $257,450.00 ;l *Bns on stock 1,525.00 All o'ther real estate owned 41,421.84 Due on real estate sold'on contract, or options .... 7,820,20 Judgments 6,832.38 Furniture, fixtures 1.00 Taxes and insurance advanced for borrowers;.. 1,645.19 Cash in office and banks.. -3.45055 Total .;......: $320,145.86 Liabilities. .Installprent stock, invest' ment . .T"....; $ 10,098.75 Installment stock, loan .. 73,071.55 Prepaid stocik ;... 2,727.00 Deposit stock 3,375.52 Pull-paid stock 195.075.00 Permanent stock , 9,000.00 Rural credit stock, full- paid 1,000.00 Contingent (or reserve fund . 1,633.30 Due borrowers , Reserve for Installment stock dividends : Reserve for full-paid stock dividends . ., Reserve for taxes | Other liabilities Undivided profits | Ruth Fisher, same Mrs. C. P. Schell, same U. H. Epperson, sime W. E. Van Camp, Agt., same J. T. Tredway, same Emla R. Best, samti J. A. Bbyer, same Mary Banks, Judgment Clerk of Dlst. Court, judgment. Case No. 17118, Banks vs. Remsberg, poor comm... FranV; W. Taylor, Co. Attorney} liquor fees —... — 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 7.00 7.70 3.00 2.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.(i0 3.00 8.00 3.60 3.00 3.(iO 3.00 3.00 3.00 5.00 20.60 79.50 988.48 TOTAL $12,06052 State of Kansas, County of Allen, ss. ~ Ij W. D. Clark, Cdimty Clerk In and for said coimty do iiisreby rer- tUytfie abbve and' a true and correct statement of all claims ^owed m the amounts aad for the purposes as above specified, by the Board of Count? Commis- donets at the January, tag. Witness my band and 9th day of January^ 1933. w. D; tSeal] Cojpity CSerk, AU BQ £k>UDty, Ktousas. Have youa house for rent? Or for sale? "Wbnt to tksy anything? Uae tto Classified -eolusnst Total 147.64 17,098.68 3,950.31 2.63 61.02 2,104.46 $320,145.86 The attove statement ik correct. A. R. SLEEPER, President. HORACE L.l MILLER, Secy, subscribed and sworn to before me this 9th day of January, 1933. JULIA McCLURE, ; Notary Public (My Com. expires August 20, 1933). Ciilcago—As Mrs. Gertrude J. Strassburger, 61, a widow, and Jewelry store owner, viewed it, her diity was to the law. , "1, trusted him," she said in fdony cou!^. "He worked in the store as a clerk', 1 began to mi^ things, prte day I passed a pawnshop and saw Ini the window one of the things he had stolen." Thejjudge held the defendant to the grand. Jury. ^ was John Strasspurger, her son. OFFICIAL STATEMENT Of the Financial Condition of the lOLA STATE BANK of lola., State of Kansas, at the close 'of business on the 31st day of December, 1932. 1 Resources. Loans and discounts ... ,$286,515.07 Loans on -real estate . 46,117.48 Overdrafts , 28.00 Other real estate owned.: 11,073.89 Bank bulg. $25,000.0( Furn. and 'fixtm-es 4,000.0( U. B. Bonds on hand:... Other bonds, v/arrants... 88,296.85 Cash items and clearing- I house items (Jash and sight exchange. I legal reserve ;, Real Estate sold under con- I tract s Other resources, judgments and chattels .. 29,000.00 4,624.86 98,458.74 15,017.07 1,100.00 Total : $580,231.96 Liabilities. Capital stock paid In $ 50,000.00 Surplus fund ; 43,000.00 Undivided profits, net..... 2,201.43 Derriand deposits 312,903.03 .Time deposits 118,308.00 Cashier's arid cert, checks 4,417.35 Banks' and bankers' dep'ts 48,431.69 Reserved for depreciation 970.46 Total- $580531.96 State of Kansas, Allen County, ss. I. F. O. Benson, Cashier of said bank, do solemnly swear that; the above statement is true; that said bank has no liabilities, and is not in- dprser on any note or obligation, other than shown on the above statement, to the best of my knowledge and behef. So help me God. F. O. BENSON,, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 9th day of January, 1923. J2SS C. BENSON, (Seal) Notary Public' Com. expu-es 17th day of Oct. 1936. Correct—^Attest: C. E. Sawyer. " L. E. HORVILLE. ' F. L. B. LEAVELL, PAUL KLEIN. Directors. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS (From the Office of The lola Abstract Co., 108 W. Jackson) Januai-y 9. 1933! Luther DeWltt to Eleanor A. Dc- Witt.. E. V- of NW. '., of 1-26-17, Allen county, Kansas. Sl.OO. NEWS OF MILDRED Mrs. John Haberbosch Hclpingr Care for: New Oranddaushter, Halite Joan, in lola. , MILDRED. Kas., Jan. 9.—Mr. and Mrs. Jack Blagg of Olathe, spent Thursday at Milliard Heaths. Corai Baldwin has" iieen having the flu! but Is better. Clinton Allison' left Simdny for Cincinnati, Ohio, after visiting home folks.. Mr. and Mrs. Ai-thm- Allison aJnd Mrs. J.. E. Allison spent Tuesday with an aunt in Sedan. • Mr. and Mrs. Earl Stout went to Lone Elm Friday evening and ,tbok din(ner at Leonard Stouts helping celebrate Marion's birthday. Mrs. John Haberbosch is at Tola helping care for her new granddaughter at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charley Haberbosch. The little lady has been named Hallie Joan. Mrs. Millard Heath is-better than she has been.for some time, which is good news to her many friends. The comhiittee for the P. T.' A. met at the high .school Tuesday night. A Kansas 'day program has been planned. We will give further announcements later. Miss lone Smith of LaHarpe, was a guest of Miss Betty Barley Thursday r^gl^t and Friday. -Ml-.-' and Mrs. Vess Atwater of Gamett called at R. M. Reynolds's Saturday. Vernon Phillips moved his household goods to Chanute Friday, where he has employment. Mr. and Mrs. John Barley and John Nick and Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Nevitt. Jr., were New Year's dinner guests of Mrs. WJ O. Knight of Garnett. Alt)ert Ii-win, went to Parker Thursday night to play basketball with the Kincaid town team. Miss Dollie Adams, county superintendent, visited high school here Friday. - Mts. E. M. Hosley entertained the Banner club Thursday afternoon. Pulling wool for a comfort was the work done for the hostess. Refreshments were served. Mrs. Theodore Hutton is tLUite ill at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Urless Nevitt. Mrs. Lottie Laury is at Selma-taking care of a family who are sick With the flu. Mrs. Mont Miller is on the sick list at present. • ' Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hackett spent Friday with her sister, Mrs. Grant Shockey and Mr..Shockey In lola. Little Alva out of school this week on account of illness.. Miss Lola Pugh is visiting her aunt in Chanute. E. M. Hosley and family attended a program at the church In Moran Saturday evening. . Some of the young folks enjoyed roller skating at the hall Thm-s- day night. Miss Arline Sinclair is spending her vacation here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene' Sinclair. ;Albei"t Irwin took; a bunch of grade and high school boys to Kincaid Friday .evening and played basketball with the Kincaid Midgets, which is, Kincaid's third high school team. The following boys went, Lloyd Sinclair, Robert Lewis, John Nick Barley, Corwin Siders, Marvin Shetler. Charles Brown, and John McCormack. Our boys won the score being 11 to 5, in favor of Mildred. • • Have you a house for rent? Or for sale? Want to buy anything* XJse the Classified columns f • RAGE, PIViE Chrysler 65 Sedan Chrysler 38 ^edan ' Chrysler 62 Sedan Ford '30 Coupe Ford '29 Roadster All Bargains if you need a' ' used car. • ROSS ARBUCKLE GARAGE CHRYSLER-PLYSiOUTH = Sales—Servlce-^Parts Payson, Utah—Dr. L: D. Pfoutz has scored another point for; his favorite sport^archery. After- his dogs had tracked a mountain .lion for an hour near here ^hey firially treed It and Dr. Pfouti with •'one well directed shot from his ^bow felled the animal, an arrow thrdugli its body; It measured nine feet. ANNOUNCEMENTS AnctlosB COMMUNITY SALE—Every Wednesday at J. C. Butc\ier's Sale Barn. Col. Smock, Auctioneer. PUBLIC SALE—Wednesday, :Jan. 11. 1 p. m.. Ifi miles; southeast Yates Center. -Cattle, horses, hogs, feed. Imp.lements, etc. Fred C. Miller ,jDwner. • , . - ^ Personals OLD MAGAZINES and books v^>ant; ed. When moving or cletmldg house give thepi to the! lola, Pub- Uc Library. Phone 1405 or 382 and wp will Ket them. '•• AUTOMOTiyE AntomoUles For Sale '26 DODGE 4-door; '27 Chevrolet coach; '25 Ford coach; used parts, lola Auto Wrecking. Phone 782. SALES ' SE^E Plymfith Dependable Used Cars and Trucks ELLIS-MOTOR Cd Phone 301 Cash—Trade—Terms HUDSON-ESSEX—Parts and Service. Bud White Motor Co.; m South street. Phone 60. PONTIAC - BUICK GOOD WILL USED CARS I SHELLY MOTOR CO. C Authorized Buick-Pontiao' 214 N. Jefferson—Pho. 80: Repairing—Garages BA'TTERY Recharging, 50c. iJeal Garage. " ' 1 iX—, 9 Business Service Offered: HARNESS OILED—75c per : set. Heigele's Harness and Auto Shop, 201 South street, lola.i EMPLOYMENT IB Sitnattons Wanted—Male ; MAN AND SISTER—Want woric on farm by the year. Reuben Ketch- jam,_Chanute._ Phone Chanute ^706. LIVE STOCK 21 Horses. Cattle, Tehldes POR BALE—Extra good pair Aiare niules, 6 years crtd, weigh 1{700, , well brerite. Ira Norton, Mildred Kansas. YOUNG SPOTTED Poland China male hog, $5.00; also six shoats. H.;.W. Chancy, Gas. . 22— * Pdnltry and Snpidles NEWTOWN INCUBATOR—1876. capacity, good hatcher, good shape. Cheap for quick sale, "reua-s. :Siu• be.ys, West-iGas. ; _ MERCgANDlSE 24 Articles For Sale! BATTERIES — Guaranteed, Ideal Garage. } MOTOR OIL—50c gal.; 5 gal., $2.19 Ideal Oahtge. Phone 174. i__ 26 Farm and" Dairy \ Products' ALFALFA HAY—$5 and $7 ,!ton baled; 1 male' hog, 300 lbs., Berkshire with papers, $110; parsii" 50c bu.; small potatoes, 25c A. L. Townsend. ; 27 Feed, Fuel. FertOisen WOOD—$1.50 per rank, green- or dry, deUvered any time. Phone 88. Brownie's. : 28 Honsehold Goods CLOSE-OUT PRICES—Circulators, wood and combhiation heaters. Trade In (Jld. Curtis', 10 N. Wash. ONE SLIGHTLY USED 3-pleoe parlor suite. Terms. We trflde. W. H. Wood Fine Furniture. USED STOVES and Furniture. Store packed. Henniriger's Purn. Store. 20 USED living room suites, $15 up. Hennlnger's Furniture Store; ; 29 Machlneir and yooli GANG PLOW—Horse dr4wn, used but In excellent condition, $35.00. Allen -County Implement Co. > ROOMS FOR RENT^ 34 Apartments and FIsia FURNISHED 3 rooms with pantry, closets, porches, modem, private entrance, close in. Phone 1234. Real Estate For Rent 36 Farms and Land Fot( Bent V 160-ACRE FARM-Inqiure at rear of 208 N. Washington Ave., or 419 _S. State street. R. Lawjtzka. ; 87 Houses For Bent FOR RENT— IJpuses. good locatftm. I See a E. Pees. S^ROOM MODERN, $5; 7 .r<wm modem, $8; 5-'room modem; ftir- nldied, $13.50; T-hwm modern, ^10. ¥^ O. Anaier & Co. Pteme m

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