The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on April 13, 1894 · Page 7
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, April 13, 1894
Page 7
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PAItT ASP WEEKLT. HOME PRINT. THE SKNTINBL IB the only newspaper in cat- toll county that Is printed all at borne and It con- Bind more local nnd count; news than an; other two papers ID tills county. Powiins & COLOLO, Props. FRIDAY, APRIL 13, 1894. MUSIC HALL YOU'VE HEARD OF ME. I'M COMING. Tuesday, April 17. THE GBEAT COMEDY 8UOOE88 Many Imitators but no Successors. FAKMER J. C. LEWIS. Supported by the Brlllant Little Actresa #JEANETTE LEWIS # And a select company of ( , ^— Talented Comedians — 20 ' In tbe Laughable Yankee Comedy, j^"8I PLUNKARD" The Only Yankee Show Traveling. EverythingNew.'tfresh and Original. Making the Funniest Parade. Carry the Finest Orchestra on the Road. SEE! The Great R. R. Scene. The threshing machine sc The Country Fair Scene. LOOK O'JT For "81" and his Country Band fara3eat2:30 p.m. 49-The Funniest Street Parade ever seen. Reserved seats on sale at the usual place. PEOPLE AND EVENTS. Slippers at Moore's, Fine shoes repaired at Moore's. Best shoe blacking at Moore's. The best fl.OO work shoes at Moore's. Store room to rent. Inquire of Wm. Trowbridge. Call at Martin & Olovia' tor Qlidden birbed wire. Stoves stored for the season. Call at Martin &Clovis'. . M. W. Beach returned last night from his western trip. Some good baled hay for sale. Inquire at this office. Do not buy Oxfords this ipring until you see Moore's line. Those desiring old newspapers can be supplied at this oflice. Wi'son Bros.' fine underwear just opened at Mosas SIMON'S. Jas. Grase, of Qlidden, was doing business in our city today. W. L. Culberlson will leave for a business trip to Minneapolis this evening. Hatton is now ready for business with a. Una spring stack of curtains aud fixtures. Take a "Trip Round tho World" via the now coupon route furnished by this paper. Good house and lot on south side, near ihoe factory, for rent. Inquire of Frank Yonker. * Call at Martin & Olovis' and examine tbe Credenda safety bicycle with Palmer tires. Best in tho world. ' 'In those times it ia a good plan to in- ture In companies that you know are reliable, F. E. Weaton. 4-25 West Virginia Splint Is the best coal. Trv it and you will use no other, Wo keep it in stock. U. Joyce. Mrs. W. H. Muuson returned ycsler day from an uxtondod visit with her lister, Mre. Beck, in Chicago. Hood'sBarsaimrllltt Is absolutely unequalled ox • blood purlner and etrouuthcnluK medldue. It U the Ideal iprliiu ineaioluu. Try It. A Insurance companies that huvo stood Wto itstof flro anil experience for 100 years are pretty safe to biiuk on. 4,35 V. K, WILTON. Now you aro about to gut ready for tbo spring cloanlni? call and neo nation's •took ofwal I paper, curtains, tUuiros, etc. Do not spoil your shoos with inferior dressings, bui if YOU wmiUI llko ouiu- tUlPK-ROod and nice, you will tind U at Moore'i. |Irs. U. A. Powers, of 0-noa, OMo, wltu her two clillilrun, )s Iu Iho city for Ik visit With (he family of her brother. J. fc. Power*. ' To iootlte mid BtnuiBtlum the vocal OrdtniiAyer'uOhurry I'ootoni! has lunu been tbefAvurlte preparation with public •makers. D. Ptuler. of Glldduu, was n pleusant Clkllor today at this olllco. For so mo time Mr. Pablor has been laid up with M»e grippe. Mil* N. M. Cump Is now prupurud to do all k|uds of flowing at her huroe, two Wookliouthof tut) college. Okildreu'i clothe* « specialty. r the «prlui! trade with the of curtwini, fixtures, decor- pap#r> ««>•> over IUOWU lu J. W. Uatloo. A iMflfl »<nouut u ' tbe early leudiuK deoe is this locality has to be done over again as the grain sowed during tbe fine weather we had in March was killed by the severe cold which followed. The King's Daughters will meet tomorrow afternoon at the home of Miss Mntie Wetherill. J. J. Richerdson, of Davenport, was in the city today but instead of being out rustling politics he was looking after Jersy cattle. Hev. Mr. Hendrickson, of Carroll, preached morning and evening last Sunday at the Baptist church to a good audience, and a very appreciable sermon.— Denison Bulletin, Wm. LowGiithal has opened up a tailor shop on Main street in tho basement of the First National Bank building, and is prepared to do all kinds of tailoring, cleaning and repairing at reasonable prices. First class work guur- ai teed. E. M. Fuuk has disposed of his properly in our city and today shipped his household goods to Manning. During the four years Mr. Funk and family have resided in this city they have made many friends who are sorry to see them leave. Goalee Bro.'s formerly of Carroll, have located hern in the stock having business. They are men of means and will make a good addition to our town. Our farmers can find them at all times ready to buy their stock at top prices.— Coon Rapids Reporter. "Six days shall thou labor," says tbe great lawgiver. To do good work, man must be at bis best. This condition is attained by the use of Ayer's Sarsaparilla. It overcomes that tired feeling, quickens tbe appetite, improves digestion, and makes the weak strong. The Cnurch of God on north Main street, having torn down their old Bethel for the purpose of building anew, will hold their meetings in the grand jury room at the court house. Services Sunday morning at 11 o'clock, Sabbath school 12:16 p. m. Evening services 7:30. REV. J. K. NELSON. The supper given by the ladies of the Church of God last evening was well patronized and the tables were filled with a hungry crowd from early in the evening until a late hour. The ladies reuped a n °at little sum of money to be used in purchasing a carpet for their new church. The evolution of medicinal agents is gradually relegating the old-time herbs, pills, draughts and vegetable extracts to the rear and bringing into general use the pleasant and effective liquid laxative, Syrup of Figs. To get the true remedy see that it is manufactured by tbo California Klg Syrup Co. ouly. For sale by all leading druggists. Tbeo. Osten has now a full and complete stock of harness and eaddlery reodf foi the inspection of the public at his place opposite Burke's hotel. His stock IB entirely new Bad he guarantees all bia work to be first class in every particular. Read bis advertisement elsewhere in this paper aud give him a trial. The man who insulted several of tho respectable ladies of our city is known to tho citv officials a,nd should ho return bo will probably be called on to interview the mayor, who will make it rather embarrassing for the fellow, for ho will not let such offenses go without boine severely punished, if tho unfortunate wretch falls into his hands. It will be an agreeable surprise to persons subject to attacks of bilious colic to learn that prompt relief may bo had by taking Chamberlain's colic, cliolei* and diarrhoea remedy. In many instances tho attack may be prevented by taking this remedy as soon as tbe llrst symptoms of the disease appear. £5 *nd 60 cent bottles forsnlo by J. W. llatton, druggist. SPKCIAL NOTICE. In order to meet any and all so called clothing peddlers who aro canvasing this town and vicinity, 1 have made special arrangements aud am now ready to show to tbo public a lino of samples from which I can make stilts from 118.00 and upward, and pants from |4.86 to order. I will gurunteo a perfect tit. Cull and sou our samples and prices. Moans SIMON of tho famous. After Buuday thu fnst mall train from tho oast will be run i-I'Mir through from Chicago to Omaha insit ml of stopping at Ames. This will bii»K ilin Chicago morniim papers hero at 12:!iO, lining still an hour nnd a half sooner tlittu wo gut them now. Tho southwestern train will also arrive in tho city considerably earl'lur than U dots now, both at noon and Iu the ovonin(, r .ThU will bo a groat u>lvanl%'o to our tradesmen, for it will itllow thoso from the south amplo timo id (lu tliulr tra<)iiig 111 our city uud roturu tbo BUIUU day. I'liono who novor road tho advertise iin'iiiK In tlivlr newspapers mlxmiiorothtui ilii'y piTHimiu. Jonathan KtmUiAi, of llnliiu, ll'oitb county, Iowa, who bad butui iiuuijloil wllh rhtiumatUm In his baok, UIIIIH ami blioulilurs road uu Ittmi lu bU papur about bow a promlmmt (lermnii eltlzeu of Ft. A/iulImm bad bt'uu uurcd. Uo procured HID tmmn uu'dloliu>, and to uso bit) own \toriU: "It curt'd mo right IIP." llti also hiiys: "A luilKbbor aud Ills •i n'c WHO boih Hluk In bed with rbeuiiia :|sm. Tholrbuy was ovor to my hmiao tuid suld tltvy WITH 00 bad lie bud to do tbo «<m,<liiu. 1 told him of ClmmbvrlMln'b i<alti balm uud liow It Iinil wired mo, hi' «i.l u bottlo uud Ufuuul thum up Ui a won!;. 50 emit but ties f»r »»lo by J. W UuUini, and its aim is to secure e better clues ot urymen. It is the setae lav ns other states including New York. One ot the features of it IB that no one is excused on tbe nct'ount ot pressing work, be be ranker, termer, merchant or laborer, all mast serve if drawn. Tbe following are the leading features of the law: 1. The nseessor of ench township shnll every three years return a list to bhe nuditor of till qualified electors between 21 nnd GO years of nge. A time and place will then be published nt which those exempt from jury duty rnny appear nnd file affidavits showing cause of exemption. 2. The names of those subject to jury duty will then be put in n box which is sealed nnd kept by the clerk. The nnmes must be on paper of uniform size so folded ns to. conoenl the writing, nnd the box shall have only nperturo sufficient to ntlmit a man's hnnd. The box shall be thoroughly shaken in tho presence of the recorder, nuditor, nnd clerk nnd the senl broken. One of the three will then draw, without looking, the requisite jurors both grand nnd petit. The box is then sealed agnin. 3. If more jurors are needed during court the drawing is conducted ns before by tho clerk in the presence of the court, out of a second box in which the nnmes of half of those in tbe township where court is being held are put, nnd those drawn are summoned by the sberiff. 4. The names of those drnwn are put in another box. If nt nny time the nnmes in the first box are not sufficient this box is drawn from. The judge may order before or during the term the drawing of additional jurors. 5. The jury must be drawn at least 20 days before term. 6. The county nuditor is to furnish instructions to assessors. . Tuu Nicw Jvuv Juw. I vj n>(on8loual jurymeu will be out ot u job iu the future iu thie state tho enwe ue the profwpiaual election plugger was (hrowu out of tt job by th« Auvlraliiw system of votlug, the jury law is ou« of tbe best enacted by theltttt legislature Children Ory for Thisl We offer one hundred dollars reward (or any case ot catarrh that cannot be cured by Hall's catarrh care. K. J. CHENEY & Co., Props., Toledo, 0. , We, the undersigned, have known V. 3. Cheney for the past 15 years, and believe him perfectly honorable n all business transactions and financial!; able o corry out any obligation made by their firm. West ATruax, wholesale druggists, Toledo, O. WnklliiR, Klnnnn A Marvin, wholesale druggists, Toledo, 0. Hall's catarrh cure is taken Internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces ot the system. Price Ibi. per bottle. Sold by all urugglatg. Testimonials fiec. CHARIVARI. Thursday evening while tbe half moon was playing hide and seek among the fleecy clouds which flecked (he arched dome and all nature was being lulled to rest iu the dreamy and bewitching atmosphere of a lovely April night tbe familiar sounds from tbe festive cow bell,mingled with the discordant strains of a multitude of similar instruments, notified the people of our oity that the boys were going to solemnize the marriage of Thomas Harney iu accordance to tbe rules of the ancient aud honorable order ot bachelors. As the first sound was wiifted OH the nir tbe hurried sound of flying feet could be beard in all parts of the city speeding on their way to tbe scene of action. Mr. Barney had lived a baohelor too many years not to fully realise the full import of tbe ominous gathering of tbe young men and lost no time in ascertaining their desire, do adroitly and honestly was thia done that tbe charivari was nipped in its inoipienoy. Tbe groom was only too willing to comply with the demands of the advance detachment ot tbe pleasure eeekers Rod deprived them of tbe greater part of the fun they bad been anticipating. OhM), M. D. Oil! U.M.I). 1 lion wondrouB heulor, 'tis to thoo Our vows wo pray, our tributes bring; Of tlioo wo UI), of theo wo sing. Who UroHils dyspopala's dlro attack, With constipation at Us buck, Assured should bo: rulluf U nigh If but Ixi U. M. I). they lly. lly nurvoiianuBS BO soro oppressed With life a burden, robtuid of rosl. There thousand* aro who fiilu would know whoro thoy to get relief can go, We point to U, M. 1>. and Buy Ilo ourud, be happy, light nnd gay. Follow tbo path that Uiousaiiau trend, Uo cured In heart, bu curml In houd. Wlml oleu this mystic U. M. D,. Hut Uoldou Medical UUuovory, • Thut's lust It, Dr. Hurue'B Uolden Medical Ulsuovery. Hold everywhere. 81 PMJNKAIID. The original Yankee comedy, Farmer J. O. Lewie' Si Piuuknrd Go-, will appear iu this oity ou April 17 at Music hull. Thin ia the teveuth unmiul tour of this fumuue comedy. Thia seaaou tbe coiurdy, Hi I'luukard, bun been put for ward with nil pew featuree, introducing u full working threshing machine, a thrilling It. H. Boeue, introducing a locomotive, and H train ot oaru 150 feet i i leiigf'.p a i y loroefi the stage nt light niug bpwd, presenting nil thutmueutlouul effeotu of a train ot oure, the oouuty fair Home, a rrulietlo eovue at n oouuty fair, and many other oatohiug novelties, Ui 1'luukuid will bu presented by a oom pauy of uoroediuue whose epeoialtiea aud laughable situations will keep their audieuoe lu iiu uproar of liaiKhtur. Bu those wishing to enjoy uuevoniug of fun mirth uud uuiaio should not fail to Bee Hi Pluokard at tbe opera house ou Tuesday, April 17. Itosorved eeute now ou aule *t Uuttuii'e. _ A GOOD MKOOIIU. Uui Moluun UttfUUr. P. K. Weslou, postal olerk on the Sioux Oity & Council Bluff* It. 1». O., yesterday threw the state of Iowa by ottlpes, huudliug 1,8(10 cards iu !17J uiiu- uteu, u»»kiug tbe be«l reoord ou time which ie kuowu or recorded iu tbe eUtb dlvioiou ot the service. Tbe previous beet record ou time to tbi« one wui wude byF.lf. Hurvey, useiattint olerk uuder Pitcher's Oattorla. Women's Weapons. In "King Lear," Sliakespere speaks of tears as "women's weapons." Thero Is another wenpon Hint should bo In the hands of every woman throughout the land—a weapon wltn which to fight those diseases peculiar to the rentier BOX. Dr. i'lorcc's Favorite Prescrlp :lon Is the wonpon we mean. It will do more good, In routing Hint "drngging-down" feeling or those unaccountable but terrible pains, than a river of tears. Dr. B. V. I'IKRCB: Dear sir—Tour advice to tfrs. Saylerwns carefully followed, and five jottlcs of Dr. Plorco'B Favorite Prescrintion, I am hnpiiy to nay, has cured her ot uterine congestion. She Is feeling finely. I assure you r ipprcclntc your kindness, with many thanks, 1 am, Yours to command. JOS, SAYLEn, Bryson, Oal. DEATH FBOM DIPHTHERIA. Boone News. Little Louisa Nichols, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Nichols, aged four atd a halt years, died at 5:30 last evening at the home of her grandfather, B. J. Hamilton, on Storv street, between Ninth and Tenth. Tbe child's parents reside in Carroll and diphtheria appeared in the family tbere recently. This child, with another, cnme here to visit with their grand-parents until the danger should be over at home. But both children must have been exposed to tbe disease before coming aa they were taken down soon after arriving here. It was thought they were only suffering a light attack and tor a few days past both were thought to be out ot danger. The hope, however, proved false, and the little girl wee claimed by the grim reaper. The funeral services were held this morning at 7 o'clock and tbe remains were interred in Liowood. Vfr. McMasters, who is now postal clerk ott the Cm-roll & Moville tine. Mr. Westou nlso holds the best record on time in South Dakota, 682 cards in 11 minutes. CORRESPONDENCE. I Correspondents, to insure the publication of tuelr letters In tbe weekly, must mall them so they will reach our office Wednesday.] TFMPI/ETON ITEMS. Considerable plowing is being done. Some of oar farmers Bowed their oats over again. Jos. Bierl of this locality and Miss Katie Staugl of Roeelle were united in the holy bonds of matrimony last Tuesday, Rev. Frey officiating. The event was celebrated at tbe home ot the bride The Yollraor orchestra. We extend congratulations. The youngest child ot Mr. aud Mrs. Wiogert died Saturday and was buried the following Monday. Blessed are tbe children for theirs ia the kingdom of boavep. Aug. Heitboff, of Roselle, waahnntiug near here Sunday, but as it rained . The Indian shows are in progress and will remain with us until muut tbe 17th. The show ia the best of tbe kind ever given here. In August, 1891, Mrs. AnnaBieil and Mr. Joe. Fangman were united in tbe holy bonds of matrimony, Kav. Frey of Hilled|le, perforating tbe ceremony. Thiuge went wrong and in January ,1893, they secured a divorce, and on tbe 2d ot May, 1893, they were again married by • justice of tbe peace at Carroll. Now, ou the last day of March,1894, they were divorced. I am quite well ao- quaiutdd with both partiee and would not be B bit surprised it they get re- mar lied within six weeke; good show for it. Burglar alarms are being placed in the leading stores of our oity. At the ebow laet Saturday evening Mies Tbreeia Welte was awarded a h»ug ing basket tor heiug the best looking young lady and L. 8. was awarded a box ol medicine as being tbe most homely man. Thursday a burglar entered tbe borne of 11. Kaltermun and etole a gold and silver watch and $7 iu money and other stunll valuables. Tbe earns evening F. Soyller was aroused from bis sleep and bearing a noise went to aee what was wrong, He found oue of the windows open aud beard BO me miming from the huuee. Nothing was stolen, Mayor 'a home WHB also viiiiteil. An eu- was tried tu bu miilejtliruugli the cellar, but ua the ice box waa atauiiiug ou the dooi iueide the house tbe attempt was u failure. im.r.. licv. Nolnoii tinmclu'il at No. 8 Uut imnlnit. Mmuv>a art) mulling IHuu burden now. Mm. D. 8. (Inble U »ouie bailor Ittul} but U •Ull >iult« wank, Wu leiuii ihut H- rimltu, of i'arrcliiuu, will ojiiboi »rvum fur \V|U«y. Mint Muutilo Bintth l»«»u thu «|irlu» term of ni'huol itt No. H tUU w«ck. illtu Dolla Cluik returned Uut week from visit Inn with frluudt Iu Alluuile. Th« Wllley oreiunery Hurieu up laawouk. Tlie Miss Uubel Uullcr, ot Curruil, will twoh Uio •prlng tvnuutKo, ?. lino, mutih, of Ciu-roll, wan uilxliiu nlth ui lust wvuk on mituhluo builutBH. The Tumplurs In tuo old burg will vat nwi Kriuu/ vvonlng at tht> home of Win. Coy- The "l|ya«»ulor coiileiujil" >.•««» Iu Ownliu will uo ol lutuu'btiu jotKlllorm^ ilitrvoy Uur hat (routud liluitoif tan bran umv -. it tu uut to luuJ , only tu tu« to a van- The THIUI>IUI» will »<mU a vvutluit at duuiuioi'viiio *ut>u. U Work wns begun last; week on II. L. Squire's house. He Is having an addition built which when done will be commodlos. "Now Jim" we did not Intend to be Impertinent at all, but your copy Is very welcome to us and we thought you had got Inzy but we cannot get news ourselves some times nnd we will have a big roast with Templeton now he Is back. UNION TOWNSHIP. K. Tuel now hns his house fenced and ynrd traded and seeded, which Improves the looks of bis place very much. MissSchnver will tench the school at No. 2, commencing April 1C. She has had a good deal of experience nnd Is highly epoken of M a teacher. Mrs. John Kennedy is on the side list but Is some better at present writing. Miss Maggie Doran will teach the sprlne term at the Star. Miss Lovella Bamsey will teach at Lake View this spring. Thr farmerslhave finished sowing cats and are busy with other work. H. 0. Ruthra,ulT returned home lust Thursday. Ills father It Is thought was outer danger when he left. Bio FOUB. EAST 1/IBEBT^ AND BECK HDN. Seeding practically completed. A heavy thunder storm on the evening of the 8th. Gllley Cooper U working for Wm. Harrison. The spring term of the Buck Run school commenced on tbe Oth. Miss Graham teuuhcs. Fred Flgert, who has been teaching during the wl nterwlll work on the home farm ihla summer. We are all glad to know that Mrs. Charles Stoolman Is able to bs out again. She has been feeble all winter. We welcome John Dlnckley, of Jasper township, to our midst. Mr. Ulnckley has been for several years engaged In drilling wells. The grade approaches to tbe Bobb'a bridge were let on the 7th to parties In Luke City, for 7 cents per jarcl. We did not ascertain their names. Tbere are still several cases of me'bles. Five of James Brace's family have been sick with tbe disease and Mr. Bruce has had the misfortune t) dislocate Ills ankle and will bo disabled for Eonie time. ThecommuLlty was painfully surprised bun- day by the news that Miss Battle Calvin hud died during the night. She had been seriously 111 with measles for several days but on Saturday was rt ported as doing wel 1. Miss Calvin was not quite seventeen years of age, had titled horselt for teaching and a friend who hud secured a school for her came only to find that she had gone to the "Higher School." She was an active member ot the Epworth League. Funeral services were held at the M. E. church at 3 p. m. Monday, Rev. Carlson officiating. Interment In Haunt Hope cemetery. The sorrowing family iiuvc the sympathy of ttio community. April 10. JIM. Carroll Market Report WHEAT—Me to 47c COUN-25J OATS-25C UOGS-S4.50 POTATOES—W UUTTEK—15c. EGGS—7c CATTLE-82.00 to 2.50 THE MICROSCOPE. A careful microscopical examination arid chemical analysis ot tho urine, is a valuable rid In determining the of many chronic diseases, i urticularly those of the r.orvous systom, blood, liver, kidneys, and bladder. These aids make it possible to treat such diseases successfully at a distance, without personal examination of tho patient Thus Brigbt's Disease of the Kidneys, Inflammation of tho Bladder, Gravel, nr>d other Diseases of tho Urinary Organs are successfully treated; Nervous Debility, Exhaustion, Dropsy, Liver Disease, and many other Chronic Maladies aro cured without seeing tho patient. Write for question blanks, treatise, and other information, describing, and inclose 10 cents, ia stamps, to pay postage. Address, WORLD'S DISPENSARY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, No. UU3 Main Street, But Wo, N. Y. Ice season has now begun and tbe wagon is now out. Leare your orders at the office of A. U. Quint or M. Simon's slore. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort nnd improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to tbe needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs, Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fever? ana permanently cnring cbrmtipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met with the approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drag- ^Bts in 50c and $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well informed,-you will-not accept any substitute if offered. Pierrott No. 10517 (8041) SEASON OF 1894. PI E RROTT Is a dark gray Percheron stallion, seven rears old and weighs 1TCO pounds. He Is rogl Uereii In'.Vol. 5, F, 6. B. A. Was Import** by Slimmer & Lucas, Clarksvll'o, Iowa. PIERROT Twill make the season ct IHtl ss follows: Mondays at Maple River Junction Tuesdays at Mt. Cnrmel. Wednesdays at Barney WestMng'a, Wbeatland township. Tliursdiirs and Fridays at home. Saturdays at Arcadia. THUMB ASD CoNnirlTioNs.—Ten dollars to Insure a colt to stand up and suck. Persona selling, trading or removing Uielr mares from tho uountr »l)l be held for full In luranco and the money becomes duo at tbe time of doing as tbove mentioned. Care will b» taken to prevent accidents but will not be responsible should aur occur. Thanking the put )'o (or past patronage and hoping to receive a liberal share In the future, I remain Yours truly, J. Ii. BOLKK. C ARROLL DRY GOODS COMPANY V Notions Jillinery and Cloaks BTJTTMRICIC We uvo showing nn exceptionally nice lino of Ladies Spring Capes. AIt«>, a largo assorbneut of Ladies Skirt Waists. Big Stock of Fine Laces and Embriodery . An Excellent Stool- of Dress Trimmings Jn the Latest Styles. Extraordinary Preparations Have been made to meet the requirements of the Spring Trade in Millinery. \Vo have what will suit you, and judging by the amount of work we art.' turning out, tho prices are also suitable. WE WANT YOUR TRADE. You make uo mistake in making] your purchases hart. Everything is sold .with the complete understand lug that perfect satisfaction is guaranteed. are tlie Low Price Makers on our line of goods. Yours truly, CARROLL DRY QOOOS COMPANY.

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