The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 4, 1933 · Page 14
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 14

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 4, 1933
Page 14
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; l •% • 11 -4 1 - V A , - i w*:* *•>*• 3 fv m »' l*lr*^. f? &'**>-* . . M - >- '*- , **11 ffiH .' r L -, T ... i F- I .V. \1H?- ' -. L»' ».. ,\ V *. I -f- r - I f * • -• * I, ,"_-. *•- ' J - T * t*-.< -j V,* • ff f f; Jr; ;# ;. P f » •*- » i 1 i • gfe* ; ]-- ; ' a ;i ^ •M< WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 4 BDllWt L. . S7-V '•S ~ i! .^': •? IT"-* V ,'' ',+ i i '.'•j llr * i'l n * 1 ^ > .-' ' . i > ffi DESTRUCTIVE CRITICISM < born of Issued 13 very Evening Except Sunday In Bakersfleld, Kern County, California t .., . > . t '9 \ . __ ij _^ . . i ._ t/l ._ T __ f1 _ . L ._.. r1il Entered In post office at Bakerfifleld, California, as secotid eluKH mail matter under the Autdt CongresH Murch 3, 1879. _i_ ' ' ; MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Aswoolatcd Press I» exclusively entitled to the use for publication of all nejVB dispatches credited to it or|ii lri i |U«, lrt i»i :„ ,«;,,,! not otherwise credited in this-paper, and also the local| UIUI "lOUgUl *n ipllia. news published therein. ; " *' . CRITICISM has n value if it is constructive, but it will be agreed this is no time that read the report of President Hoover's "Research Committee on Social Trends" with *,.* -.-A-VJ SJK •.* -" t »-T 1 - rf ' !^ J i '- t^-'X 1 ' >^Vm^i*:4fe ^ ' ,NH I H V _ "»!' • ,. w- *-?•. VA .«• ,.J 4. 4 4^ > ^b r ^ 4 ^ l" *: 'V _O ?l - F *- '^ ; * i hi i ^ f , •* '•J. *:> - iM .'"**«.^ ! '^VWMp .'9.^-- ^'jfji »... ;n '!'* -i; W'/jf J. < K<& •.' ^ j i'. i- • VA V v<l fts* M -'' i. ' . A*i# ^^» V -"(* -"_^ "»'H* • . '. i \f*f $ f feX* \V I-'!' • v'-ifc K* v *.* '-••'M? *-_* Ir- •'*-' *t :-^3 a -ft • . '-I :\ '•',-- i- i •VH '> - F • ~l H I' •*•'_ ". •» L J" * f t|- '• ' -• .. *1- t.. .1 t i; r..- » i V; > •_' # SI - 1 'J h - « Mi^'i:<-*, i* ?f *:*-- . I' J - 1 '* V w T l,*i ^ ' .1 v,;; 't* f .1 * .. i ;. V ;.'< --I 4 *. .- ;ti 'i '.. <vM' •*<"' ' 1 «*-rt* •S • F * Vj' i > .- j h »<w T . i h i < UxWV'A*^ • i TL J3 Jj , j 1 * "I, v,-,,V * i i ' -• ^! * > .i > S,-.''•' •Hj. - 7 r- V _-?< Ji \ J i. " J ' V-,** l A ',-aV** . L l~ •. V* vv h" 1 |F " '- \ ^ M h r L- , '!-. t- >, n :• .flf-rf-.-v f -t * I'll 7*2 Vfi •,< "#• -•>' L r -- . j . cr t *-* ^ .^i^i »' L-**-; <*'M -, »v ., - * !-. -V 1 1 • i •J'V "1 * ,» >*" 1 •. ,t* ' V iTU-' V^ i •• • * ' -i ,. \- >-|F ' Jf :«*NI*I V r ..»* if • 'V ••-• ** f : *r^.ir T '^ < '.i J.s^lDV i-. ft t I • •ft,* ^•< i. ^ i- : tf i*^ fe -l u lA -F.- - -i h By FREDERIC J. HASKIN -i ** 7- v >f *'. t'*\ -- I •• •<-:- •• k - - ^ - \ 1 ' *... * "•' Wi*i? » ' T i *». ^ H] ' • I 1- - ' - , \ • .i \ s" u •A-'** * i far as the man Tix )B a 3° a c , llent *S f the Unl * cd . Prei ? s n , nd I obviously he cannot understand it all the United News and receives tho complete teased wlro ' ^ service of both. EASTERN REPRESENTATIVES Bryant, Griffith & t*run«on, Inc. New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta WASHINGTON <D. C.) BUREAU Frederic J. Haskln, Director, Washington, D. C. average intelligence can understand it—and the report oft'cut nothing new. The development which it pictures has been \yith us for a numbers of years. If there is aught that'society or government can do to remedy the ills which the report defines, the wonder is that no effort has been made to that end. t There is nothing helpful in the conclusion that we may be heading toward a dictator- ThousMdi of Borernracnt etperli ar* working con it amir for th« benefit of nil dtUeni of tho United BUtei. Tliay wilt work dlrtotty for you if you will uio our Wwhlngton Bureau. TJili new i paper employs Mr. Uiiklrt to act u on writ for Us rouleri. He will take jour mattef to the proper authority/ State your Inquiry bile-fly, write clearly, and,' enelne 8- cent itwnp for a perional letter In reply. Do not use poitcardfl. Add ran Tito Baktrifleld Calirornlan Irfarmatlon Bureau, KVederle J, Ifaskln, Director, WMhlnnlon, D. C. Llnti AMM tffcGIN HEHC TODAY A vi Ml I (Mlltvci htf «H«rly ««uiln, WM murtftrttf whtti he ftll ittry talMfiy tf tht Avtrllli' lilantf h»me IM»U» tf « ftw wtrtfi ht ktfwi.hli death. Ll«<» r«ih«i up- •Ulri. • S«MMM trtoi te »ti%niU htr Mi ih» Q. How is hurling played?—8; H. A. The hurting field is 140 yards TtK hurled by tho stick lands In a , . .1 i i » . «. . « i no ^ strung between tho goal poets, it Ship as the best means Of avoiding Violence I counts for three points; if hurled over JT IS accepted as a Certainty that the Cali-|in the future. At a time when all'of us are THE PRESSING PROBLEM (ship as the best means of avoiding violence|com crossbar It Is one point. The goal • .._.'.. / ..i i" i . I" ~'~ — — *^ v-"~ ""~" «" ~* -*» •»-•« i post crossbar Is 21 fcot wide, the up- ^tornia Legislature'will solve the question more or less confused over present condi-! r| K hts "-'feet-high, and the crossbar of balancing 'the budget by making a drastic tions and disturbed as to the future, no pos-|is made up of two so-minute halves. cut in the cost of government. If that is sible good pan come from spreading in the, Q- ^ moro French or Kngllsh clone, a far smaller revenue will suit ice to public prints the dark findings of the report, k lrls comQ fc o this country as brides meet the needs of the public service of the couched in phrases which go over tlie head Amerlcan soldlera aftor the state. But the troubles of the solons will not of the ordinary person. ' At Un to March 1Ct 1920 ' 229n end there. A good many millions of dollars, Thw» tr» fwr niesti In th» _.. •uiefft* »f lh» trim*. They vet Mr. SUt- Uneler. kuilniu uweltte ef Tern A will t CuUIn De Vei. hinrtieme BetfUm Mwvln Pr«lt, fermer tulttr of Lln^a'i; Mi LlaR StiaHihnemy, Irlih writer, ftlnee (hire le nt tvftUn** tn which te biM •" wml, LIMa Mi TMI. her huihine*, eet tfiemielvei te §•!»• tne erfae. They • ere ilfid when Deeter Beyle, m erf leal •xamlntr, ic*4i werel that «v«ryein mutt remain until M hae ejueitlened them* Beyle It tn a flihlni trltj an* can net return fer etveral heure. , Linda flnde the ttwel with whlih the attempt WM mad* tt etraflfle he r—Identlf Ud by n emtar tf eunburn elntnient. She leame that Reele, 1ht maid, hat laundered • thlrt ftr 9hauihn«iety and Ttm etarchtt fer tht ehlrt. Shauihntisey flnde thli tut. Tt tet mattere rllht Linda telle him the whelt itery and uke hfm tt help untahile tht myttery tf *htr ceueln'e 'death. • • ' • Pretty, Fletir Stener Invltti Oe Vee tt t dinner party nent <evenlni. Tern itlll hae hiiil* new tt dlMuit with 8tatland«r and It ll niretd all tht luntt shall etay tvtr . until Mtnday mernlni* Linda eutieett tt Statlandtr that hie rttm h* eh in it ri te th« nuriery which le eteter. Nt Mke If Instead ht can havt tht rttm Otveln Am« teeutUd. Tht rttm' hm bnn iMktd and Btatlander'ehewe irtat taperneu te fit Intt It. NOW GO OH WITH THK "And We heard:hlfti, proceed to do it | when Cousin the moment our baoks were turned!' 1 and then admit*he; heard <? WelI» In the .nlifltt—-that Is, what side the room w'as left after.we eathe back from later?", r . •" the club and before we started for the "SAys -he W atef--I Temember.; hearfng that door again, off flfirAlri. Just like thit creaking 1 couldn% quite place the] acts as;if he controlled It llko ttirJftlrtii ^ ^ t* _•' ' ^ '•!.• -.1 ll, T VKAR6 AdO #•• ! r I - - -\-l'-Mr. fr«m ' noyed me." ?• **"rc - fc rM'"»> £ MISS aenr,u«r^v i^^JSKfe A&4* for ttfS ^'dote ,,^,,r . » *.. -• * v * . ln » dob^theri he ^slept. Ho W6ko^| v Si^^^FS? 1 *?^ "Ohl^A light seemed',t6 break bn hear a «fep,5 a door latqh; and vthe; W^^^*^-^'Our door was c!os«d,but the'-a - -~i.»-,r'w*- ,-t.*- ^dk*> «ii*«i'-.^ -I Ainoyci uuniap L _ r B_n L " n & ?.T ^ ^ L Linda,* othera 5tn;i(fht not have";INii1fli.r It Was the (sort of-thlhg that drives & nervous i n thumb person frantic." - . ', J a » um » • "Would iyou call any. of these men nervous?"'^. .-. ; '...-,-., /' ^^A-..'"=.-•' •• • "Not exactl^! She pondered. "Mar vln * j . - nnd off to sleep again. A little later, Up springs Marvln t grabs dashes off to-yout 4 res- ''* ,~~.• •- i ~tj WS^w^ i •*i3 L ' •W*v ^' ^'--/j iB.bftftn^; * __Jlt • 1 *• -1- - , - I '* Zl't*' loadtnf /..•*>&*• ooni4 ;.bWi3i -' •< \ •-.. f. • • the underwear," said 6. Brlce, cafe, will entertain at a banquet _ tort you mightn't think It. "But,. To'm \ on : pants 'h • -L her mind flashed back to'the mbrning before. heard It too—and-^-walt a moment- She closed her eyes.' V-Yea, yea, now corr 0 does On pajamas—or perhaps shirt—on underwear, :for modesty, yet believe that IB the i tain ....... . „ _... to the Board •ound phoney," *•' French -* Three Allen. thinking aloud, "But''you said prank Hostv^of •_ __ J a ' _ ' _ •• " - _ >_.! ' - r ' » it comes back—,1 Tnisjls what hap- youraelf, Mar vln:^waa a quick mover."' purtment has returned frdm.lids An- J " ' W^_.. _*A _ •_'* fc Jft V tt 4 I -> IjIT «ltifi ' AM Jfl %4 A I* : ' "blfltV m*«l*M ' ! «PA«ft IF * r . n -• ' - - 4 \ ' '• i 'i' M .*,,'- S ' L • flf' , • ' poned. You went ahead. I was look- r, for my.cap. It was,so hot^ I Just sort of stopped to ff6t energy enough to gp bn. Our room door was ajar, t heard someone walkings-down the hall—very quietly. I heard a click- like turning a doorknob—and then that noise, Tom. Louder. You know— like this—" She seemed to Imitate, softly, the raucous croak of a crow on .IW.r • , , , V ', j*-, ,•, .i' . . Karl - Cooper ha* returned; on a gas range con- A. Up to March 1C, 1920, French brides and 1101 British brides The well disposed, lllC hopeful, the Opti-l^ad boon admitted to this bountry. in any event, must be raised by taxation inlmistic citizen will view the publication of the) <Q. HOW many cubic feet of one form or another, and obviously, in the report with regret. The Soviet propagandist, DUim3( _ i , levying of such taxes, consideration must be the soap box communist, will be the only I™ Approximately IBO cubic, feet of I nomSX'm'^AveHif given to relieving realty from some of the ones to appreciate tlie conclusions of the re-1 £ £ ££*• or 180 ° cublc feot of | T Sf^ ^*'^g™* ^±Jj I d^CanyUe^r^r night- burden it now bears. Certainly the sugges- search committee. The wonder is that it tion of an ad valorem tax will find no seri- could have emanated from a commission did and he^lB.. But, Blnks—you was very reluctant to talk about It* yesterday; Today, while ho | trip south, didn't bubble over,; he was ready enoiikh.-* with his .information. Strikes | ployed by Ardlzzl-Oldose me he's had time' to think about It i' •' Lowell & Bloom are'SdvertiBink any (he nitty be a quick mover, but aa you 1 8 ult In their store pointed out, he's a slow thinker), and At one point, Where ^thecoiint was sees he's got to talk frbout It, iHsr- | taken, 1728 piersons^baiised -over th« CHAPTER XXXIX "Marvin wants to go to church," an- a branch. "Rork-rork-rorkl Sort of have a good-clear story too.".. fectly openly and naturally—and to Kern oil fields road/lrt'^ne day. 1 ^ . ' ;- _J . « • , • , A* r '-* + A* • 1 ' . - --'^^ -• - , i-* • -f * „ " ' ,,','- L -i ,\ . Jerky—you couldn't count on it happening even distances apart. It's had wild in the daytime. It would "Well, how do you think he did It?" demanded Linda. "How's this for—what did Shaugh- ous support. made up, as is alleged, of 500 eminent Ameri- Are the birds ,atop the new post ;e building. *in Hartford, Conn., eagles or dragons?—H. P. S. A. They are eagles of a modernls- I should have asked the.others. You'll drive him down?" .. ... .. "Ho's started by now-wanted > to. ' ace ' ^ as Jt was walk. Statiander voted out, although in * had bo «« worse, he took pains to make me understand I ory steam «d him up. that he always went at home. DeVos nessey call -it—reconstruction?. Pratt president of w • . « - . 1 ._ __ —- . ^^ ; k THIpTY YEA«S AGO ; , (The-"C»lifoml4n. Ihtr diiU;'m3} Fred , Ounther him been Installed aa "A hot night." Tom, mopped his did not undress completely or go to ^^ ^B m m L _-•' ^ *l^ ^K **^ ^^& ^ ^ ^ ^ • _ A ^ ^ P. ; that morn- The vef y »•«»• here; A- 40-acre' .orange being Values h'ave Shrunk amazingly Within the can citizens. Not Constructive but destrUC- 110 design and to the casual observer and Shaughnessey both preferred to may resemble dragons. thought again. T-imw-m • 4 • « rlbR SIX years, American marines have their j eft Nicarugua . For that i englh of t j me Q. Are there people who really are fire-eaters, or do they resort to trickery?— H. E. Z. A. Houdlnl In his book, '^Miracle Mongers and Their Methods," Is of the opinion that fire-eaters accomplish rent magic by means of pUstlew years, and that is true no'.matter I live must be the verdict in considering the what tlie assessment rolls may disclose.)findings. Agricultural lands, because of the low price of their products, are quoted at a discourag-' AFTER SIX YEARS Jng figure, and banks the country over, are either holding foreclosed property whose value has greatly depreciated, or are hesitat-i this nation has been acting as po ii cem an to ing to foreclose because the land, as security, L foreign country , and that too against the no longer suffices to care for the indebted- wishes of lhe people there . We have ness for which it was pledged. It is plain vised lwo nat ional elections and otherwise do not conduct heat are mixed with that some relief must be given in the matter have me ddled with the affairs of a friendly fe^^eJ^^ 11 ^ of taxes on the farm lands of the stale. stale and at a time when w And what » true Jn the agricultural afeasL eople werc clirectly opposed to it^u J~*^ is equally true in the centers of population. and to its patent purpose Thousands of home owners find their equi-| facUon . The electors twice have taken issuel ttt . 0 '. '"•?• and , ties imperiled. Nonemployment, or reduced employment, has them to meet their payments. Patently they I seleclion conlrary to such view . cannot care for taxes levied on the basis of former values. And owners of business "Then—I I'd been stay here. Incidentally, Statiander did stopped paying attention, rise, as I thought he would, when I stamyng still, you see, and all these said that Valeska'd bo disappointed "ttle noises came perfectly clearly at that we hadn't been able to accomplish that time In the morning. I'm .sure More and he told mo you'd already I there wasn't any other sort of noise — ^— — — — ^ — g — — I —^ -^r ^v • • ^— ^^ -^r ^^^ ^^^ ^^r ^F^^r ^ • ^f—^r ^v -^^ ^^^r ^^r-^r ^^r-^ ^^f • . H ^^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ • ^ ^^-r • • -^ -^^ ^r m I ^— ^^ ^ ^^— ^^ ^^ • T ^ ^ ^ — ^ suggested that he stay. I gather ho or I'd have noticed it. Anyhow, then perhaps he thinks Cousin Amos Is agreed with fervor—and you remember I began moving. I did hear the case- asleep and he can simply pull the w ~ *— . -»*•—- »*• ** w^^v , C^C^&^VJ^ €&II\A 1*^3 ^<^»& O4«ll|/^ J >/V*m* - VJbBV 1 '""»-" go off again—rork—rorkinff— window to and tiptoe 'out. Probably mounls »; bed. He haa a hot Httlo room and a small one. Well, after we get back he sits up, hot and broody, door open I plannedvfor,Kern on;;the >«j|hts be—and hears that Infernal casement yond the cit^.'/;/ .*;;;,going 'rork-rork, 1 as you call It. He This la-the'-yiatfrof ith«\-thjrty-thlrd stands It Just so long. Then he goea Uunnlversary< of : th* : ; .^3rirriti;..iMethodl8t out more or less berserk and starts ' Church. out to stop tt or know the reason why. , ' 7- - , • •" ' '.'v ^ "Perhaps he knocks on the door*. , . , ... ,_ . , ^ ., ™. ..- „ _ Jo<ikey ' f Jay Sansch,; a^Bakersfleld ^i8 r :>ft$dlteVr wlth':K-I*0'- winning i ; The .Standard Oil ConiMny >wjll manufacture kerosene "\irdm- Kern my impression yesterday was that was decidedly unwilling to remain. I while I stood at Cousin Amos' door Whether that was because he didn't wondering whether to call him—when like to be upset twice on short notice]I thought you were with him. Oh, or whether he was anxious then to make a get-away and now has decided he's In no danger, of course, I don't know. But he's here and that's the . . J important thing. Now—are you ready wmcn i lo go Jnto the i oched roonif Linda? That's the next step." * • * Tom, I wish I had called—or gone In—" "There, honey. Don't think about ho doesn't think .anythlng v about It— Just 'goes. 1 Cousin Amos bobs up In bed and. gives him noil for forcible entry. Marvin explains his purpose. He's still angry at the old man and probably^ more than short with him, that r Be sure, now—is that absolutely- cousin Amos g«*ts madder; 'Marvin, ill you remember^" «nnvn that HA«I-—tnnnh ««»» J'Yes. in the hall was poustn Amos. . . . . course It -WAS whoever went In to A leisurely breakfast was over and,) murder, him." the morning newspapers liberally dls- A. Tho weather bureau uses the a given | following terms: light, gentle, moder- wlnds, gale, . * , . » , i whole gale, and hurricane. In aero- Wltll the View at Washington as to the party nautlcs, the Beaufort scale is used, made it impossible f or | lhat should be favored and have made their lwhlch numbera vlBds from 1 to 12 - . .. , _ it ^ -t , . Went In probably to raise h tributed over tho ground floor ana the about that casement. You say his room lawn. In the big wheelbarrow chntr, door was shut when we got back DeVos smoked and read. Linda from | f rom the dance?" the bedroom window could see Mr. Statiander Inspecting the work—if he would call It that—of the much-disapproved gardener. She wondered If he would count the rake marks, to be spare that door—touch not'—etcetera. I thought then that the step Marvin touches. Cousin Ambs v springs up, madder than ever. They N argue on tho threshold of the balcony and ^suddenly—It's done! That's the figure it out, anyhow." (Continued Tomorrow.) -. . . , , , ,tho United States at the time of its On the whole, we have spent a sizeable | discovery by coiumbus?—T. T. A. There could have been no have (their fortune in keeping a maximum of 5000, thentlc census pf Kenlals marines iu Nicaragua and it may be doubted A government* expert have drODDCd Sometimes fullv 50 npr rpnf -r i * -u i i AI_- n I.M n umbcr of Jndlans at that jmvc utuppcu aumcumcs luuy ou ptr ceni. jf we i lttvc contributed anything worth whileUUB.OOO. The assessed valuation has, in many cases, | to lhe wc li-being.of the people there. Nor sure It had been evenly applied. Q. How many Indians were there in | Shaughnessey was not in sight. "Do you think we can stay upstairs long enough to go through it together?" "That \s%,s my idea, Btnks, but If you think one of us should be one could co'In and not the other. at — — — — ^— I^ -^ — — w w»» -^ •• ^f if *««-^ ^f ^BB^^K • | ^_ ^_ 4 d . rm crazy to talk to you. Did you su ?* herol ° s get anything out of Marvin before L. "T. 1 } 00 the creak y door didn't bdther A _^._.__~_ . . I •* I Wh* O* • "Yes, but he probably heard us come in. I've felt all along that he may have gotten up later and opened the door, thinking no one would be passing. Remember the air was hotter and closer all the time." "Pratt says he left his door open. Claims he went right off to sleep but that he wakes easily too. Says he has trained himself to fall asleep in- instantly* and to wake at any noise. Talks about wild animals In camp and | tng news to the mailman whose back's still aching from the Christmas rush. ,strikes mei thatyefte all-in the same boat with Chrlsiophel- Columbus. jJe didn't know where\lhe-was going when he started. Wl«n he got there he didn't know .wherf he was. And when he got back he didn't know where he had been.—-0wen "Z>. Toung, Industrial leader and reparations expert. •___The clanking of chains on a human being is an incongruous and-ominous in a, country founded on prin- One steamship line receives, $87,820. - -- -- -- r - -- -- -\ *- -from Uncle Sam for carrying 133 olples of liberty.—Judge M. A. Musman no of Allegheny County Court, Plttsburg. pounds of mall and another gets $363,022 for carrying .133 pounds, says a congressman. That ought to be cheer- ^ «Vd •* I ^^ ^^ *--— - f ^« -+r i« ^^ «• -*r B« -mf -mr ~^ *- -*r w« •• ^f^ •+* v i«h i •^^' ^i • | \\J M fl r t (1 fl AN T fi F* rC rlHH *W 1 Tn CIO W 1H been cut, but even so, owners have difficulty <j oes j t men< j ma ti crs for our State Depart- the Rheima cathedral depict?-B. c. R. in meeting the taxes levied against their ment to say t i lat «< .•« _i i__i_ _.,.i I ^ The original Rose window dates property. All in all, realty is facing a meqac- sympathy and satisfaction upon the progress ing situation, and one that must be recog- which Nicaragua, through her own efforts, nized by the legislators and relieved by some Q. What, doe- the Rose Window in ?"S"S"k^, d J!L?2S hear hlftl 8t ° P at Cousin Amos' door? "Yes, to both. I didn't get any rea- ^ y church "He told me about It, so at least he noticed It, Claims, however, he can rise BUt, Despite all the R. P. C. can failures continue among the sock and tomato can banks. It would-be a great mistake to suppose that AHjierfcans are'npf'a warlike race. « Thft^Rt. > Rev. Lord William Gascoyne-Cectl, Bishop of Exeter, on return to England-from America. change m the method of raising revenue. inevitably achieve in the future. stories The Rose a seated figure of In the I Christ In glory surrounded by the - * i . i i i • it i . • archangels and prophets. Tho outer face of what has happened in the last six] circles are fined with haw-iengtn of them going in deliberately, at that hour, just to quarrel!" 'You remember when we were start- ii' In the hall, too—' Their eyes met. "Then ho says he heard the click of door latch and then the casement The suggestion has been made that the cross-eyed ^bandit who Is being hunted for a bank robbery In Oklahoma may have Intended only to rob the filling station across the street. . Npp will it be sufficient to simply finance years, that sounds like what Henry Ford 8 of Saints enolosed with _ Ing for the dance asking Cousin Amos creaking once or twice." the conduct of the state government with-| W ould call "bunk, out resort to a properly tax. The relief must run to local taxes which are too largely borne by the owners of real estate. Just how , T the tax burden is to be shifted, none will now of painted pattern. not to open balcony?" the window on the "How can he say he heard all that and not the. voices—or the scuffle Mayor Anton Cermak of Chicago says the hoodlums are being frozen out. A new process evidently. Police He who .Argues that .machines are because many men h.ave been by them might Just .as}well argue that rellg(on yi i^^p evil because many men have been, killed in religious wars. — Dr r Karl ^-Taylor Compton, president of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. ,-v-" ' It would be naive on my part to re*.*». usually are instructed to make It hot 32 est to be alone after my death/ Q. Please name two famous men of letters who did not excel as students In their school days. — C. D. L. — A. David Thoreau answers the re- F n ,'.i i . i *.i ,. .1 i quiremeuts; so also, James Barrle. Of ully entitled to rank with any ot the mar- iJ lra lt lH 8aM that -he was an indif- for them. RANDOM NOTES YOU ALT pretend to say, buhit i§ obvious that city and p " pll » «« ldom °P enIn f his ( ft t tho Dumfries Academy) except to velous developments of California so graphically and artistically depicted within its 1601 draw pictures In them." pages, the annual midwinter edition of The ^ ^^^ ^ • ^» ™ ^ B ^^»-» »» ^fr ^ ^ ^ • ^^ ^^ llOll. It IS not salutation?—A. P. 5 Angeles Times this previous effort of that pu only a veritable encyclopedia of state-wide achievement, but also an inspiring forecast of what men and women of traditional vision! vention"? Q. In writing a business letter to a Spanish, German and an Italian surpasses any.,, . . . . ,. T , «. . 1 * i firm, what phrase should I use In the j console themselves with the old saying DUU!™" Qeehrte r governments cannot continue to levy the same toll upon real estate that they have taken in tlie years gone by. To continue that system would be to invite chaos. And the people, themselves, must bear some responsibility if budget makers in fT±«"<r,»srL££nJH r^ "T p "" incd an<l hopc io ac - 1 — • ""-=:-«= " 4 - ... J ,., . comphsh during the m 8- • tV^h*^ W^lfeH V V4.A «^ ^1* I **i -^ *H« *J I & +-J By DR. FRANK McCOY QtMitftnt written by rtUert >f Tht Callfwntwi, U*MiU to Dr. Frank M«C«y, tt| tvuth Ardwwe avtnue, Us AnielM, will H M»wtr«d. IM)*M a Mlf.a4a>MN4 tUnpH •nyiUp*. •^^^•^•s EXERCISE FOR COLD FEET M ANY people suffer from cold-) The right way to start in Is to take hanriM nnrl fnAt nnrl aUVinnirli t*i«v I Hf»hf nalfuttiAnli Before crltlclitng Mrs. James J., . Walker, wife of the former New York « ons; mayor, for extravagance In buying' Italy ' $274 worth of shoes In one day, perhaps one should reflect that she had two pairs of mules relined for $12^ no* inconsiderable saving, since new mules cost 936 a pair. There cannot be peace 'around .the graves of leaders 'of; those great transformations .which are called -revolu- Premler Ben I to Mussolini' 1 of A THOUGHT hands and feet and although tiieyl light callHthenics, combined with short walks. Every few days another light exercise added and a few more added to the distance walked. Tho exercising and walking- will im- that "Cold hands mean a warm heart" they are eager to learn how to get the extremities to stay warm, as Is the Q. What was the "Annapolis con- young mother who wrote mo that her prove the circulation In every way and baby's feet aro so cold they feel like gradually the feet and hands will be- chynks of Ice. Cold fee,t at night come warm and comfortable. Bathing are especially troublesome during the | daily and finishing off with, a rub VIEWPOINT OF THE READERS K««p yourtfjlvti In the love of Qod, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal lift.— Judo 21. ' -. next few vears. winter. down with a brisk towel Improves the 1786, to consider the question of in- Sometimes numbness and tingling circulation of blood to the skin and tercolonlal commerce and discuss accompany the cold feeling or the massage also Improves body clrcula- changes in the Articles of Confedera- | parts nj ay turn a mo tUed blue or be tion temporarily. But the most sue- pale. Since only five states were 3 convention adjourned of cold feet un- cessful way to stir up the circulation to follow my prescription which is tutionnl Convention of 1787. tlie past, the average citizen very readily and very cheerfully gave his support to any! Those two outstanding features of New| tion" movement calling for the expenditure of ad- Year's activities in the Southland, the Rose laftflr rprommflndlnir fl O nnv«nti 0 n of,, . ,, . , . , <HH^ nn l f.i»,l« ««~~,,~ *i i i • i *i m- . A i^ j i *i * ,1 11 ,,^ recommendlne a convention of doubtedly a sign of poor circulation exercise—and more of it. Uitional funds, apparently laboring under the Tournament at Pasadena, and the footballl^the[states. This ie^to_the consti-| of tho b i bodt b * t the mOB t important impression that it was not a matter vital to classic at the Ro&e Bowl there, are expertly himself. But we must now face the realities presented in written and pictorial form in in this matter of public spending. What the the regular news section. In addition to that, miti-i,..,:*^*, ««««^««:«« r 11 « <irt i • i Lewlsburg, Pennsylvania,- was for- uutnonties appropriate lor one purpose and a color section of 32 pages comprehensively| many opened on November n, m* another they must secure by taxation. Tlie tells the story of California's constant prog- people can make it easier for them by declin- ress by counties, generous space having to join in movements calculated to in- been devoted to EDITOR'S NOTE: Th» Cillfornltn will print Ittteri from r eider i. Such IttUri must bo confined to 150 wordi, written legibly ind on one ilde of the paper. They muit be boni- fldely ilfned by the. writer with complete td- dre» Klven, which wilt b» publUhtd. No anonymous communication will be printed. Thli li emphatic. Tho CalifornUn reierrei the right to reject any or all manuscript* and' ll nut responsible for sentiments contained therein. . We.: do pray, for mercy i rand that same prayer doth teach us all to render the deeds of -mercy. — Shakespeare. thing to remember Is that cold hands ,. .. . _ ., ., , and feet are only danger signals Is the new federal penitentiary | pointing, to poor circulation all .over the body, Including every muscle and organ. . ' sluggishness of the Q. now in use?—G. M. A. The new federal penitentiary at QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS T Using Canned Milk for Baby QUESTION: Mrs. Muriel S.-asks: SIX-HOUR DAY AGAIN Editor The California)!, for Constant Reader: Pear Fellow Reader: Quite naturally one's viewpoint depends largely upon one's position. From where I sit. the _ _ I _ _ l_^ _..!_ «•_ (j • *A* * " • TRY IT SOME TIME Wife?—Hubby, darling, -could, you let me have'a-little-money for shopping? Things are so cheap, now; you know. Hubbr-r-Why' ydri,' jcjf course; Woul* you rather have aifrold.'five or a new ^' ' . **> , • S >* » h \' _.' * ' one? ' . .*:-i l ;.'-'^h-. • , Wlfer-A new. onf»V of courser Hubby—That's; good. Here's the new "one—Em four dollars to the good.^— Pathfinder. v * f "Is canned milk a good food? * Several six-hour work day looks like a'solu- m crease the cost of the public service. We|us the entire San Joaquin vdlley. might like to include this luxury or thul in u governmental program, but we have come to that point in the conduct of public busines rotogruvure nes - e . • . „ ,. which makes it imperative to apply the prin- ailla ? Mlg l >auor ^ mu of scenic marvels in Call- _ "^ & 1 -A ^ • -^^ ^^ * _•« -A K « _-S. ^^ ^ rfc -^- •*- *—*. H^ ^^ M. *-» f^. ^^ f-* M — ~- * m .db A -• ^ ^ « ^^ ^l^b M ^K ^b^^^ >^_B -K VB ^K soon oners by transfer from Atlanta, Georgia, a group of men originally i o u j rr ,. i committed from the northeastern sec- kersneld and Kern, as Well| tion of the country. Other prisoners will be transferred later, and the Institution will Boon begin to receive men committed directly from the courts. The capacity of the prison Is about 1500 persons although It Is planned to keep the number of Inmates down as nearly as possible to 3200. It brands on the market seem to be very exist in the extremt- ' ? ucc « ss '<" *s baby food and cost,much faulty postures, such lying In not allow a which movement of all the muscles. Me- Js this true? 11 ANSWTBR: Many mothers have Three other sections, done in warm-toned magazine form, unfold an chanlcal Interference with the'clrcula* .may come from such cau«e 8 . as , found ^ they ftre able to UBO un . If the' 8Weotened evaporated milk diluted to Is fornia, the march of constructive enterprise penitentiary. tight garters or Bhoea,, pressure of prolapsed organs, feet are cold most of tha time, it an indication that some pelvic disorder la interfering With the return of the veins. The principal Q. Do women receive aa much pay ciples thai obtain in private affairs. .... t . , It is a biff job that faces the authorities of m busmcss and industry, expansion ot transportation facilities, development of water re- asAme " fop *|" ?™ w< ? r * 7 - aA „ * . ... . I -A. According to Miss \Mury Ander- includin the conslBtenoy of fresh milk for babies quite successfully. It is necessary to add tomato or orange juice to the diet in order to supply vitamin wh^n \h. 7l«»tatten i iri^ °^* ?S* K^Ji «»!!? »« k : the slat , of the counties and of the cities, the citizens themsel ml « must co-operate if the sour through the feet and legs Is a sagging of the abdominal mubclea which cauHeu presHuro and crowding In the pelvis and blocks a free circulation. presHuro from • tumors likewise -.,... . , , What is the. origin of the ex- facihties for summer and winter recreation pression, bred in the bone?—j, w. P. wide demand for retrenchment is to be macle| Boulder Dttm ' dred « ln 8 of harbors and build-, work . effective by those who are authorized to |ing of breakwaters - the new Civic Center « spend public 'money and to levy taxes for the creation of revenue. Farmers are not paying taxes in many localities in Iowa, but when the day came for the sale of property by reason quencies, hundreds of farmers .. . airplane and Other views Of son, women receive one-third to one' 'half less pay than men for tho same ac l s lnulthe ,??"?? Wa: f* , ^ ^ 4 Trouble with the arteries, the heart, or anemia or low blood pressure may also produce circulatory disturbance. Those who have cold feet on retiring Otherwise, the food elements seem to be similar to pasteurized 'milk. It is true that the cream has been thoroughly blended through the milk In evaporated milk, but I do not believe that there is much difference In the digestibility. * • A • dm V • • V in the land of perpetual sunshine, and many X iv other similar features of the widest interesiL A. It It* a quotation from Fabl will find that the cauae Is lack of exercise during the evening And who lived Several centuries before . _ .. ... - . .Christ. His fables were written In And among the most interesting features Sanscrit, the first Engiii of delin-lof this year's edition, of course, should be |nppearln * In 1570t The Salt Water as Mouth Rinse QUESTION: Clarence H. writes: "Please tell me If a little salt utlrred In warm water Is good for washing cleaning the teeth?" A i;alt water solution Is '•- : • •:-.- ., gathered mentioned the magnificent building in which about the courthouse to note who would have The Times will have its future home. It the temerity to buy their lands at tax sale, promises to compare favorably with any ^Needless to say,- there were no purchasers, other newspaper building in the world. In do not want to see that sort of history its entirety, this midwinter issue is a valu- in California. Hie way to prevent able addition to California history and liter- to reduce the amount of taxes, and the uture, and The Bakersfield Californian is to reduce the amount of taxes is to re-pleased lo extend congratulations lo Mr. pe.-tlje cost of government. And to that Harry Chandler and his associates in every we must all lend ourselves. department. full Is "What Is bred in the bone will never come out of the flesh. 11 cause of poor circulation be- •_,«*,„ cause lack of exercise causes more I very healthful for Cashing out the elutfglshnoBs of circulation than any that the right "type "of'exeralBe will I Ufle , of *>roe K°od. tooth paste- pr tb "V,, Ifl n«.J 0hlk "" V6 3M 2FSS? ONE IS ENQUGH' ' T^eacher—What Is'.the plural of tip- to the problem of unemployment. I P°P° tan ^? .,. . You have apportioned the workers Boy—The plural of hippopotamus Is Into two classes, "the do-workers and h-l-p-p-o—oh, well, who'd want more the don't-workers." What I .want to than one, anyway?—Staley Journal. know is. where to classify the "can'V get-workers"? And what do you suggest doing with them? If you. belonged to the "Buddy, can you spare a dime?" class, perhaps you, too, might like the other fellow to move over and Quit, hogging the quilts. For three years now all that millions of wage earners have had to do Is "sit around the stove, spit, and watch it fls." That Is, if he has a stove on which to HP It, and tho wood to build tho fire to make it fizz. The real trouble was not the "crann" but the following short-sighted policy of the great corporation heads, for .cutting and retrenching before they were nadir hurt, not realizing: that every employe was a potential buyer. Tilings might have been different, but the> are not, BO we Just "sit and spit." Now the only way to get the monkey wrench out of the machinery seems to be to reapportlon tlie work day so that every wage earner will again have the. opportunity to provide the necessities of life for hte family, thereby recreating the momentum which long ago gave us the smaller luxuries. Aa. for Miss Perkins, the gal's an expert. When your benzine buggy gotH HOW TO MAKE ' BREADS AND-PASTRIES . ,* . * t *••-*'' m * Almost every cook can prepare white bread, but do you*know how to make graham-bread, gingerbread, rye bread, or. popovera? All' 1 of these are delicious and nutritious foods and lend a variety to the diet. Directions for making various kinds of bread and pastry—cakes and cookies and waffles tind rolls- are given in the booklet, Home Baking, issued by the Department of Agriculture. •••, . -, .., > •'Our Washington Inforpiatlon'Bu- reau will secure a copy for any reader who fills out and "malls the coupon below, enclosing four cents In coin for return postage and handling. Be sure to write your name and address clearly on the lines of the coupon. ^ bring more benefit than any other iP°wder *°r the teeth. Q. Who were the "Stralghtouts"? | method of treatment they can use. •K. F. 1C. eryone knows that any kind of A. They were a small faction of I exorcise Increases the general oircula- the Democratic party who refused to Won. ,To get the. best reauks in in- QUESTION; any Ingredients Tripe wM wnicn n link out of the timing chain. Years ago my dad was sorely grieved over the eight-hour day. Don't be a moss- back—'tis nearly 1933. CommunlHtio? Socialistic? Wasn't It Willie Shakespeare who said "a roe any name would smell as strong"? move over, Buddy, and share the party held a convention In Xx>utsvlUe, cises. Exercise is a wonderful help harmful ingredients In tripe. Its food J n _ ™ • * V I ^ K A A A ri support Horace Qreeley, when he was creasing th-a circulation, It Is neoes- H detrimental to the human system?" quilts, or else Herble's "snowball" nominated for the presidency. The sary to use carefully graduated exer- ANSWER; I do not know of any might.knock you for a row of nine-' ~ -----••- - - - • 'pins. Yours for a new deal, » HUTH M. CURTlSg. 606 Oregon street, City 1 ; MONTHLY REMINDERS Friend—You will soon forgot her and be happy again. JHted suitor—Oh, no, I shan't! I've bought too much for her on tho .in* /itailment plan.~^Anawent, . > . r t . • The Bakersfteld Californian Information Bureau, Frederic J. Haskln, Director, Washington, D. C. I enclose herewith 4 cents JnJ; coin (carefully wrapped) for a copy of the "Baking Booklet 0 ^ ~ * nT ~. - ,' - l-. * • • Name value Is similar to other forms of lean meat. Jt is formed from a portion of the stomach of ruminant Q. IB the plate In the floor of the I who han not exorcised in years to eud-1 animals, usually tho cow, ox or sheep, library of Congress containing tha denly start taking utrenuouB physical Kentcky, and nominated- Charles I and the one to be considered first Is O*Conor and John Q. Adams. | overcoming clammy hands and feet, but it must be wisely used. For one of the Kodlao made of gold? U G. A. This metal plate Is brass. movements wl(l only produce soro muscles and iu likely to do mpre hann than good. iHflfl* •( Tht C«llftr- t» Or, fmk MfCty, lulU«r» IM Anitl»». will tot M- Street t.*Ily •*••• D\fllO**t •*«*••*•*•******••*••**•. l r ri V ."> i -\l • T-'T -A r'i L n

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