Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on January 18, 1961 · Page 3
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 18, 1961
Page 3
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ggs>« iRLAK ,„_,, January 18, 11:07— eh community sing; asides kindergarten, third; Sjnors class; report cards Thursday, January 19, 7:00 p. m.— Junior-senior high faculty meeting. Friday, January 20 —Basketball, Maynard, here. Saturday, January 21—West Union, here, wrestling; Superintendent's meeting at Ames. Monday, January 23-27 — Parent conferences, grades-kindergarten. Tuesday, January 24—Basketball, Waukon, here; wrestle at Waukon. Wednesday, January 25 — Assembly grades, four to six; Young farmers class. Friday, January 27 —Basketball, West Union, there; Waukon seventh and eighth, here; Waukon freshmen, here; wrestling, Waukon seventh and eighth, here. Saturday, January 28 — Prelim- jctric Wiring Is Our Business ESTIMATES — POWER WIRING &E WIRING ... ELECTRIC HEATING . . . ELECTRIC. REPAIRS . . . INSTALL NEW SERVICES D & J ELECTRIC 24 Hour Service Day Call 86 4-3725 Night Call 86 4-7688 or 86 4-3979 inary speech contest at Postville. Monday, January 30 — Facultv parly. Tuesday, January 31—Wrestling, Elkader here. Wednesday, February 1—Young Farmers class. Thursday, February 2, 1:10—Senior high assembly. Friday, February 3 — Basketball, Fayette, there; seventh, eighth and ninth, at Monona; wrestling, Cresco, there. Saturday, February 4—Wrestling, junior high at Dubuque; supervised play in gym, afternoon; junior high party. February 6-11— Week of District Wrestling tourneys. Monday, February G—FFA meeting. Tuesday, February 7 — Valley, there, basketball. Wednesday, February 8 — Young Farmers class; County Educational council meet. Friday, February 10—Basketball, Elkader, here; freshmen at Ossian; seventh and eighth at Valley. Saturday, February 11 — Supervised play in new gym. Week of February 13-18—District Speech contests. Monday, February 13, 7:00 p. m.— Board of Education meeting; high school faculty meeting. Tuesday, February 14 — Basketball, Monona, there; junior high assembly 11:00. Wednesday, February 15—Conference athletic meeting at West Union: senior high sing, 2:10; Young Farmers class. I When Christopher Columbus began his probe ^ of an unknown ocean there were many who predicted | he would soon reach the edge of the world ... and fall | off into nothingness. ^ Today we are probing that nothingness. The edge | of the world is everywhere; and man eagerly reaches for whirling worlds that pioneers yet unborn may colonize. As we explore the vastness of God's creation we realize with greater awe His might and majesty. But greater, we know, is our need for understanding His Will, and His Love for man. For man can take to his new worlds tomorrow only the Truth and Faith and Life he discovers in this world today. Therefore, while a few gifted scientists are building highways from the edge of the earth, the Church is offering everyone ^ opportunity to probe the spiritual ^ depths which shall determine our destiny. 1 PROBE Cof>"'j*/ lift, Kriilit Air. Sm-irr, SlraiSnrj, Vl. THE CHURCH FOR ALL ALL FOR THE TT.e Church II (he grealwt !«clar on cailh for ihe building of chlMclrr and good citizrnthip. It ii a tlorrliouie of ipirilual valurt. Without a ilrorTR Church, neither democracy nor c\\i}m]ion cjn aurvive. There are four round reaion, why every perron ihoutd attend rttviccs regularly and support the Church. They are: (J) For hit own lalre. (2) For hi, children 'i lakr. (3) For the take of hi, community and nation, (fl for the rale of the Church tfielf, which need, hi, moral and material luppotl. Plan to go Day Book Sunday Monday Tuesday Fsalais Genesis Isaiah Wednesday Isaiah Thursday 1 Corinthians Friday MalliW Saturday Romans Chapter Venet IB 2-4 M 40 36 2 10-U 2 1-3 « m* 8 M lo church regularly and read daily. -LAMAKEE-CLAYTON | ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE, INC. VSTEN OIL CO. | Standard Oil Products >K'S SHELL SERVICE | Firestone Tires VLB MOTOR CO. [Chevrolet — Buick — Olds U.L ROBERTS' SON [Feed and Seed |0ME OIL CO. A complete D-X Service 'GRADE FOOD PRODUCTS CORPORATION 4TERSTATE POWER CO. Postville, Iowa [RAMER'S Mr. and Mrs. Harm Kramer MISON SINCLAIR SERVICE Goodyear Tires ^ LOUIS SCHUTTE & SONS Furniture — Funeral Service V AND J CAFE and Dining Room MEYER PLUMBING AND HEATING Plumbing — Heating — Wiring OVERLAND HATCHERY Hy-Line Chicks POSTVILLE EGG CO. Buyers of Eggs POSTVILLE FEED MILL Grinding and Mixing POSTVILLE IMPLEMENT Your I-H Dealer POSTVILLE LUMBER CO. Serving the Postville Community SCHUTTA SHOE STORE Shoes for the Entire Family TURNER INSURANCE Insurance that Insures— Service that Endures WILLMAN REAL ESTATE Lorenz Willman, Broker Thursday, February 16, 8:00 p. m. — Concert by Drake Band at Postville High school; classroom pictures taken in Darling school. Friday, February 17 — Decorah Junior high, here wrestling and basketball; State Wrestling meet. Saturday, February 18 — Afternoon supervised play in gym; State wrestling meet. Monday, February 20 — First round Boys Sectional Tourney at Postville. Tuesday, February 21 — Second round Sectional Tourney. Thursday, February 23—Semi-finals Sectional Tourney. Friday, February 24—Junior exploratory groups change. Saturday, February 25 — Finals Sectional Tourney. Monday, February 27, 7:30 p. m — First Round District Tourney at Postville; Cresco vs. Decorah. Tuesday, February 28 — Monona vs. winner of Postville sectional tourney at Postville. Wednesday, March 1 — Young Farmers class. Thursday, March 2—Semi-finals of district tourney at Postville; Dorian Instrumental Music Festival. Saturday, March 4—Finals—District Tourney at Postville. Monday, March 6—FFA meeting. Tuesday, March 7—Merit Scholar examination. Wednesday, March 8 — County Educational Council; Young Farmers class. Thursday, March 9—Athletic banquet in all purpose room. Friday, March 10—Junior High Operetta. Saturday March 11—Letterman's Hop. * • * * » First Grade. (Miss Targeson) The first graders have been 'bringing some of their Christmas toys to show to the class. They read a story about toys, then made some toys to put into their toy store. In science they have been talking about winter and what causes frost, snow and ice. They watched water evaporate into the air from an open jar. They are also finding out how some of the birds and animals live in winter. Tennis Foels and Randall Schlake returned their dental cards. First Grade. (Mrs. Cordes) We enjoyed the unit, "On the Farm", very much. Most of the children in our room live on farms so we had many good . discussions about the farmer and his work. We painted a large mural for the bulletin board and made a booklet about the farm. It was fun to play with the model farm and machinery. Thank you, first graders, for sharing your toys with us. Russ Thoma celebrated his birthday during the holidays and brought a treat for us on January 3. Thank you. Russ. Christine Kittleson returned her dental card this week. We are developing into good independent readers. So far Christine Kittleson, Steven Friederich, and Kathleen Martin have the longest "bookworms" to show how many books they have read. The inauguration of a new president for our country is of real interest to us. We are watching the newspapers for items and pictures of Mr. Kennedy and his official family. We are starling a new unit on the American Cowboy. We are learning that real cowboys are not all like those we see on television. Third Grade. (Miss Peterson) We have had a busy week this week doing a lot of work. We are through our 81 addition facts and our 81 subtraction facts. Some of us still need to learn our facts, so our leaders are helping us with flash cards. "Where We Get Our Clothes" is an interesting subject in social studies. Many peole have brought different kinds of cloths and we have made an interesting bulletin, board from these materials. They also saw a movie about ''Cotton", and we learned all the processes that cotton must go through. We are planning a "Pet" bulletin board since our topic in science class is "Pets'. They already have so many nice pictures that show us interesting pets, and the ways we care for them. "We made some cute little puppies for art, so we can say that we all have a pet, now. The "forest fire" is an interesting mural that we are making for one of our reading classes. Another reading group just finished a book so we're anxious to see what our new books will look like. Fourth Grade. (Miss Paulson) Harold Messier returned his dental card this week. Everyone seemed to have had an enjoyable Christmas although the flu bug caught some during vacation. In penmanship we have been writing with pens. Some of the boys and girls use ball points and others use the regular inkpens. Whichever are used, they seem to enjoy them. Social studies review has taken up most of our time for a little | more than a week. The semester test is corning soon and we find it necessary to review some of the facts we learned earlier. j Connie Peake received an autograph seal for Christmas. She 1 asked us to sign our names on it. ( We found it strange to be writing on cloth instead of paper. For our unit on weather, Timmy Hale and Peter Fichtel made an anemometer. Connie Peake and Judy Olson made a wind indicator. Paula Overland and Judy Looney did an experiment to show how a thermometer works. In reading class, our Weekly Readers told us many things about Mr. Kennedy and his family, the White House, the Capitol building, the Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial and Washington Memorial. • Fourth Grade. (Miss Camp) During this week we have been having semester tests in all of our subjects. Our new unit in science is, "Looking at the Stars." We have seen different constellations of stars and'learned a little about the moon. Paints were mixed this week. During our free time we can go to the easel and paint pictures. These are displayed on the bulletin boards. For P. E. last week we went ice skating. Everyone in the room got to try the skates on and see what it was like. In art class we made snow flakes. They ar? being displayed on our windows. Our January bulletin board has winter scenes and the calendar. The news this week was written by Leon Bachelder and Bradley Brainard. Fifth Grade. (Miss Mueller) We are very busy this week because we are having semester tests. In social studies we have learned all of the states and their capitals plus many interesting things about each state. Our room is doing very well in spelling. We passed our goal of 18 perfect papers today, 19 of us scored 100. In arithmetic we are still working with fractions. Now we are learning how to change an improper fraction to a mixed number. We will soon be writing business I letters in English. Seven-B. In Seven-B we have been taking semester tests. We have had two days for each test in a subject. In geography we had a vocabulary test and we are going to have a test over all 12 chapters studied so far. In mathematics and English we have been reviewing for semester tests, also. In music we had a test over seven popular composers. In science we have studied five chapters over which it is one part of our semester test. The other part was a vocabulary list of 50 words. We all hope to do well in these tests. Shari Moorhead, reporter. Seven -C. In art class, we are drawing pic tures of still life. When we get all through drawing the pictures we Wednesday, January 18, 19S1 POSTVILLE (Iowa) HERALD 9 mount them on colored paper. Our arithmetic class has been studying about per cents and decimals. In English class we have been working in the laboratory but now we are all through with it. We have studied the library already, so we had our semester tests. Next week" we are going to start chapter I in our English books. Our science class has been studying about how molecules act when they are heated and cooled. Next' week we are going to study about (Continued on Page Four) America's No. 2 Western Band ANDY DOLL AND HIS ORCHESTRA SATURDAY, I JAN. 21 -c —~ BRLLROOITI GUTTEMBERG, IOWA IMIIIItlllIlllllllllllIlltltllltlllllllllllllllllllMllflllllltlIIIIIIIItlll(f(lllttlllffItIlllfl(llflllllIltlfllllllIII>IIIIII>l»* COMING — DOUBLE ATTRACTION Bobby Lord plus Bobby Hankins SATURDAY, JANUARY 28 Admission — $1.20 plus tax CALL 5331 FOR TABLE RESERVATIONS i 2 I I I I I I I 2 I I I I I I » Basketball « Postville High School Gym 1ll1MIIIIIIIIIIII1lltiitMIIIII(lllllllllllilllllMHflffl|IItlllir<llltlftllHllllllllflfIlflllllllllllllllllJllllll|IIIIl)IIIIM Friday, January 20 MAYNARD vs. POSTVILLE ItllllllMllltlllMllllllllllllllllllllllllllltllllMlllllllllllltllllllllllllllltlllllllllllllHIIIlltllllllllltlllllllllllllllini Tuesday, Jan. 24 WAUKON vs. POSTVILLE llinillllMIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIItlltllllllllllllllllMlllllltllllllllllllMllllllllUIIIIHIIIIIttlllltllllllttlllilttlltKCIIIIIimil TWO GAMES EACH NIGHT FIRST AND SECOND TEAMS OPENING TIPOFF AT 6 :45 P. M. SUPPORT THE FIGHTING PIRATES •timiiiimmiiuitimiiHittiiiiuiiiiimiiim ADMISSION — Adults 60c Grade Students 15c — Junior-Senior High 30c ^MiffiumffimfiiMfififiiMififiifmiiiifmm FOUR BIG ADVANTAGES In financing your next car here \/ Low Cost >f Fast Service >f Fair Dealing y Friendly People and you do not need to be a customer Postville State Bank 1872 — 1961 WE OFFER A COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE Member of F. D. I. C. ^'•IIIIIIIMIIIIIII|IIIIIIIIIIHlllltllltMIIIIIHI1IIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIflIII(tlfIIIIIII(IIIII(llllllit(MItfUIIflitIfltlllll|MJIS >fiai] Philgas, the modern tractor fuel, gives you added power while cutting your operating costs —actually saves you dollars and cents two ways: Philgas costs less than other tractor I fuels. It gives you added power at less cost per gallon. Maintenance costs are less when you use Philgas. You need fewer oil •*§ changes. There are no unburned fuel <£i $ deposits to damage rings, plugs and valves. With Philgas your tractor runs for years before overhaul is needed. Thousands of farmers are saving money by using Philgas as a tractor fuel. We would appreciate the opportunity of showing you the convincing facts of how Philgas can save you money. MARIANNA PROPANE CO. Phone 86 4-7451 Postville, Iowa Two-Way Badio on tracks tor taster, more efficient service.

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