Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 17, 1955 · Page 8
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 8

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, October 17, 1955
Page 8
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•EIGHT EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD.. MONDAY,, OCTOBElt .17, ,1955; Dial, l»A-2-'l«00 for a WANT AD^ Taker DEW Line Dulls Yellowknife's Roughness Your By NBA Service ' YELLbWKNIFK, Mackenzie Dis trict of Canada-(NEA)-This onccj wicked cily has now grown imo a substantial town of 3,000 people Once a town gets water and sewage and more married couples, sin goes underground. 1 Yellowknife is confident .that « will emerge as the metropolis of the Mackenzie District and expats before too long to be the capital of (he yet-to-be-born province of Mackenzie. The Northern Transportation Co., which operates the great steel ' bargcs-the only means of getting heavy goods here—is hard pressed at the moment to carry all the tonnage to the city. Freight for the DEW line is providing the great pressure of the moment, with Hie ordinary freight for the country steadily increasing. • Civil leaders of the city all agree that the series of air fields across the Arctic, including those built to help the DEW line, cannot help providing .the facilities needed to open the mineral wealth of the far north. Nearby are great lead and zinc deposits. In addition, new gas wells 150 miles away will provide fuel for future smelting and the prospect of a chemical industry Also, Yellowknife is rejoicing in a new uranium find which is expected to broaden the city's outlook. On top of that promising lilhtuii claims have been recently slaked With its new prosperity this area has the highest income tax average in Canada. The winter shutdown of navigation is a factor in addec living costs up here. The one Yellowknife drugstore, for in stance, has a warehouse inventory of 560,000 when the final cargo of the season arrives. This druggist also boasts UK highest average sales in Canada The average sale by drug stores in the prairie provinces is-so cents The average sale at Yellowknifi Is S1.50. There is. now a liquor store hen replacing an unofficial system o recognizing the man who wa known to all as the honest boot legger. It is still said of him tha his price for the last bottle in camp was the same as for the first am that he never took the -last dollai from a miner. ' ' The Yellowknife. liquor store i. said to be the only place in Canada where rum 'can be purchased a' the original strength (lie Hudso Bay Company used in the days o the great portages. Mindful tha DEW IINE AIR LIFT- Radar antenna of ground controlled approach system is a landmark in the Arctic wilderness for this big plane winging in with supplies for (he DEW line warning system. Supplying (he DEW line bases lias turned Ycltowknifc into a promising new metropolis. ellowknife Mill alone produced nougli arsenic to poison all of anada. What to do with the ) tons of arsenic that comes out very day is quite a problem. So real holes arc scooped in the erma-frost and as they are filled 'illi arsenic • they are scaled with oncrete. If anyone ever finds a >c for arsenic in real quantities is waiting. (EDITOR'S NOTE: Yellowlinire is a small ciiy of northern Canada in the Mackeniie District and located on Great Slave Lake, 1000.. miles due north of Great falls, Montana and 1000 miles east of Anchorage, Alaska. It K a mo/or staging point lor materials liming northward ior the construction of the radar stations ol the distant early taming line which "ill protect the North American continent agaimt transpalar air attack. The lallowing report tells no* the Dew line construction is allecting this city, and many others like it in northern Canada.) prospectors still have to consider] weight in tiieir packs, the .Terri- ories Council provides rum at 32 per cent overproof. < Yellowknife is not too deeply enmeshed in mining or in helping o supply construction of the DEW ine to forget sport. It operates probably the only baseball league which plays its games at night without the benefit of lights, thanks to the long Arctic summer day. Yellowknife boasts a golf course and an annual tournament on June 21 which starts at midnight. The town has not yet found the answer for the strangest golfing hazzard in Canada. The local rules provide that when a raven flies away with your ball, under the impression that it has picked up a loose bird's egg. you lose your ball but not a stroke. The ravens stay all winter. They tease the'dogs and mimic everything that catches their fancy There is a raven flying around nearby Port Hadium giving Bob Behan's telephone ring—two longs and a short—and the miners keep asking Bob why he doesn't answei lis phone. * This busy North has oilier in erests loo. Mrs. Jake Woolgar las collected 55,000 for a museum The Heat's On n Yellowknife and among the other activities of this artist-wile ot a pilot-prospector is velopment of western carving. Besides .the uranium, gold other metals the area lias a pro duct if docs not advertise. Giant the Eskii WAYNESBURG, Pa. Ifl - They e" didn't have any trouble' taking ino Lawrence Mylan's temperature icre when he entered the hos rifal complaining ol abdomina lains. The pains were (raced lo a ther and Price Of Milk Takes Cent Increase Today The price of milk in the Cumberland area was increased a penny .' quart today, making the retaf price 23 cents, according to loca: dairy sources. A previous Increase had been made in the Pittsburgh, Bait more-Washington areas and dairie- Ihere have been paying local pro ducers a higher price and gettin; an increasing share of Cumberlan area raw milk. At tin's season c the year there is a drop in mill production. Cost of a half gallon of milk wil jump from 41 lo 43 cents. There will be no increase in th price of cream and milk by-pro ducts. nomeler that had been lodged ii lis small intestines for 33 years The Detroit Municipal Parking Authority reports ti'.at 14 millioi notorists used the city's municipa parking system last year for a ne ifit of S612.000. ! HAVE A POW-WOW WITH OLD PALS You don't have to stray from the reservation to keep in touch with good friends far away. Call them Long Distance and have a sitting bull session. Long Distance is easy, fast and fun. Why not surprise your pals and call them tonight? LONG DISTANCE RATES ARE LOW Here are some examples: From CUMBERLAND to:— Atlanta, Ga 1.00 Annapolis, Md .60 Baltimore, Md. ........ .60 Chicago, III.. , . .95 Cleveland, Ohio . .60 Thau 0t* SiattoMo-Statlon rtUt for tha fint thru mlnutei, afUr (.o'clock *viry night and ill day Sund*y. Pint l« , YOU SAVE TIME WHEN YOU CALl BY NUMBER The C & P Telephone Company of Baltimore City Look in the section In which your birth- lay comvs, and find what your outlook , according to the stars, Fur Tuesday, October In, IU33 MAKfil 21 lo APRIL 20 (Arles)-Cct details properly' settled before you slart 'our day's projiramor you may have to clraec your steps needlessly. Be suit 'ou arc not on* useless ventures, loo. Al'KIL 21 10 MAY 20 (Taurus)—You can have a betlcr day than you may sup- ipso by beginning with an active will and eonlinuint; wllh sturdy dctcrmlna- Ion. In all things, however, be sure that you are backing only what's honorable. Sat 'sensibly, MAY 21 to JUNE 21 (CcinlnU—Plan mar schedule thoughtfully and keep alert is you go along to eliminate possible obstacles in your path. Act'with surety and with contidence, but ne,ver smugness. JUNE 22 to JULY 23 (Cancer)-Uttlc lungs may seem lo thwart your efforts now, but these will be temporary IF you remain steadfast in your purpose and attend your duties and interests consist' JULY 21 to AUOUST 22 ( will not be easy to achieve In .til directions now, but there arc ma»y ways In which 'on could improve your methods, if you seek and go about it promptly, without misgivings. -AUBUST 23 to SEPTEMBER 23 tVlr- so)-Thif. can be an active, favorable joriod for you energetic, ambitious folks, iut don't go overboard in activity nor nvest unwisely. Theic is a tendency toward overconfidence. SEPTEMBER 21 lo OCTOBER 23 (Libra)—A good day to keep to sensible and to £0 forward confidently where ami!iar matters and domestic interest are concerned. You may also succeed in difficult tasks, new ventures, unusual 'OCTOBER 21 to NOVEMBER 22 (Sco. pio)—It is belter to allocate certain iutics and activities to certain days, and even 'certain hours. In ' this way you von't be tempted to "put off" or waste valuable lime. You can accomplish nuch: do! NOVEMBER 23 lo DECEMI (Sagitlariub)—Don't chase at problems and obstacles. Instead, pitch in to get Ilicm .straightened out and, rather than lecl sorry 1 for yourself, consider it a privilege to work, strive, and so'enjoy DECEMBER 23 lo JANUARY 21 (Capricorn)—Strive for lop attainment todaj md you should do well. Do not be care- tess wilh money, .investments, however. Ml honest, useful, activities tavored. JANUARY 22 (0 FEBRUARY" 20 .'Aciuarius)—It is easier to set, things done than lo worry about them- and wpr does not help anyway. Emphasize your innate courage, your genial, casj manner. FEBRUARY 21 to .MARCH 20 (Pisi —Pretending, usins devious methods making excuses may be this day's in •linations. Don't yield to them. Be icso .ute, stout in defending principles; aboul important work ardently. YOU BORN TODAY are a combination if strong and likeable characleristi, r"ou will defend the downtrodden and i ortunntc.. but may become too limited in normal dlscHsMoiis. WaKh this: cmiency lo stubbornness. You have aoo<| nsltflil Into- human needs; arc an ublc lomc-maker. You appreciate children; ire kind lo animals; van-reach success com » very humble bcfiiimlnft;. have dramatic ability; w'ould nuikc an excel- cut military soldier or leader. ' Rirlhdatc of: Thomas Love J'eacock; novelist-poet. (Kins Features,Syndicate, Inc;> Each microscopic infant barnacle carries a pair of horns, a single eye* and feathery legs for swim? Fire Causes •Damage To Ami Tavern Fire yesterday damaged the walls and ceiling of The Spot, a tavern located on'lhc Uhl Highway about threp miles west of 1'aw Navy itecniilcr Begins Duties in Cumberland Volunteer firemeii from' both Paw Paw and District IB at North Branch responded to the call, according to District 16 Fire Chief Harry White. • '• . Firemen stayed on the scene several hours and' kept the fire confined to the'walls, .and ceiling ' the tavern. Mark A. Schriver, v operates the .establishment, told 'Chief Eugene R. Morgan,• USN, a has returned to Cumberland as Navy recruiter In charge after scv. c'ral years of sea duly, lie served here from 1950 io 1952 prior >lo being assigned aboard ship. : ; A native of Wray, Colo., he came Chief here from Baltimore where lie was on duly. He is residing in Allcgahy Grove. . ., . of firemen that the damage of several "who hundred dollars is partially covrr- ed by insurance. ^^J§ SPOERL S GARAGE SALES . 205 N. Mechanic St. Cumberland, Md. SERVICE 28 N. George St. New'56 DODGE Everything about it says SUCCESS! Born of Success lo Challenge Ihe Fulure! The Dramatic New "55 Dodge. From Hie moment your finger presses the Magic Touch Control and yuu discover the thrill of push-button driving, you will know that this daring new '56 Dodge is the newest, the most exciting ear on the road! It is the car born of success, born for success Us revolutionary advances are your rewards in the great Dodge advance—a dividend of cflra value made possible by the greatest sales gain in the industry There is the look of success in the soaring Jet Fins that make this '56 Dodge the most distinctive car on the road. There is the ponvr of smtesi in the surging hrcali-aicau thrust of the new Dodge engines, V-8 and C. You command up to 2!Sl) h.p. There is the fed of sum-as in the effortless ease of push-button driving—the Magic Touch of Tomorrow, Come, see. the new '5fi Dodge . . cover the rewards of THE MAGIC TOUCH Ot TOMORROW News Fhshl New '56 Dodge lhallerj every American Mock car retard AAA calls it: "Mojl amazing demonitration in automotive history." GURLEY'S, Inc.—123 S. PA 2-0200 (Dodge-Plymouth Sales-Service) CUMBERLAND, MD.

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