Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 14, 1965 · Page 18
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 18

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 14, 1965
Page 18
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TWO IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN WEDNESDAY, JULY 14, 1965. Activity Reports Of Police, Fire Units Are Given BESSEMER — Activity reports of the city police and the fire department for the month of June, were received by the Bessemer City Council at a meeting on Thursday Police Chief Clayton R u n d reported June activities as follows: Men on duty, four, including the chief and three patrolmen; man days, 90 man hours, 720 including, 340, traffic patrol; 300, complaint investigat ion: 59. report writing: nine, Justice Courts, and 12. Probate Court. Patrol record—car on patrol, j 550 hours: traffic offense a r rests, 10: cars assisted, 5: cars investigated, 15; verbal warnings, 10. Complaint record—complaints received. 103; complaint arrests, none. ! Mileage record - total trav- ieled, 3.062: on traffic patrol, 1,050: on complaints, 2.012. Parking violations —nine for meter violations, of which six were paid and three dismissed. Meter collections (three 57 from NEDA fund; and $312.65, in lieu ol taxes. A balance of $70,092.65 on June 30, 1964, provided $405,398.20 for operation. The breakdown of expenditures in the sum of $327,528.85 included f -„ _| $203,105.50, instruction; $16,070.- dogs' and -six"'cais • "and" directed f- , administra tion; $2,595.78, traffic at funerals and at events! health , service: $6 497 16, trans- attendant upon graduation at | P° rtt f tlon , ^rvice; $39,868 43, op- the high school | eration of plant; $45,353.90, main- Fire Chief Clifford Anderson ltenance; $2,701.02, f iced charges; weeks period), $153.44. Drivers licenses issued, 66. Juvenile complaints, 10. ,In other activities the police checked doors' in the business section each night; checked street lights five times duri n g traffic FRANKIE i DWAYNE I DEBORAH ; YVONNE AVALON I HICKMAN j WALLEYI CRAIG ,. ROBERT Q. LEWIS \ JAMES BROWN • ARON KINCAID BOBBI SHAW PAITI CHANDLER MARY HUGHES JAMES H NICHOLSON SAMUFLZ ARKOFF AND THE FAMOUS FLAMES LESLEY GORE •ssGENE GORMAN "^ALAN RAFKIN-T.ROBERT.KAUFMAN O1965 Americin International Picture! TODAY! EVES. 7:00 & 9:00 REGULAR PRICES! RONWOO AIR CONDITIONED IRONWOOD OPEN 8:00 • STARTS 9:00 TONIGHT! 2 BIG HITS! BROUGHT BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! TheTown- The People- Everyone's Talking About! IT BEGINS WHERE TEYTON PLACE" LEFT OFF!, ~ * /-v RETURN TO PEYTON PLACE now m when the SKI'NICKS meet the SKI'CHICKS it's called SNOW-A-GO-GO with BIKINIS.yet! THE BEST WAY TO KEEP WARM AT 20' BELOW! -> PATHECOLOR ..MNAVISION 9 reported, fire department activities during June, as follows: reported fire department activi- Firie calls answered, two. June 23 —2:15 p.m , fire at the Tilden dump south of Os- mose Wood Preserving plant . Found that fire was burn i n s wood and rubbish started b y $4,239, capital outlay; $2,910.89. community service; and $4,186.74, supplemental disbursements for extra curricular services. The receipts of $405,398.20 minus disbursements of $327,528.85 left a balance of $77,869.35 on operation A balance of $223.30 street department. Fire a 1-1 in the revolving fund, increased lowed to burn under cont r o 1 ,' the balance on June 30, 1965 to volunteers in attendance, 9; reg- $78,092.65. ulars, 2. In other actions the board ap- June 24 —fire on north Clay- : proved renewal of the treasurer's berg Street, started from over-'bond: received a communica- heated stove pipe in children's! tion from Miss Amparo Navarro, camp. Camp was allowed to j Spanish consultant from Valen- burn, under control of firemen. \ cia, Spain, commending the Water was used to put out i Spanish teaching in the high grass fires around the camp. ; Volunteers in attendance 11; | regulars, two. City scales activity —total ; vehicles weighed, 101, including school. Discussed the need for reinforcement of the grand stand roof at Massie field. Received the financial statement of extra curricular activi- 16 coal trucks; 14, lumber trucks: 64, miscellaneous classi-'ties and the attendance fications. • for JU-IF Other activities —took part in! a Civil Defense practice alert on June 25 at 5:05 p m Held a practice meeting of i volunteers are regulars on June j 25 with 24 in attendance. Firemen practiced handling of all ladders in the department and studies a motion picture e n titled "Train We Must " In other actions the Council fi)ri accepted the offer of policemen i and firemen to work out vaca-j tion within their respective de- report Boys Might Not Go to U. P. Fair WAKEFIELD — Patrol Boys jto the Escanaba State Fair this ear because of an inci- The Wake- not i until a meeting could be held, vertising which he believed was with the young men interested wrong in such a project. The VFW reported by letter that they had no objection to these facilities. The VFW also reported on speed limits on road in that area Letters from Congressman Ray He again brought up the matter of deceptive advertising in regard to the gas franchise and asked the opinion of City attorney Robert R. Burns. Burns rold him if he wanted to contest this matter, he would have to con- mond Clevenger in regard to the! tact the attorney general. Unuck holes on Lakeshore Drive were reported by Joe Cloon and a re- Economic Opportunity Act and other matters were also filed. City Manager Henry Carr re- \ port of water used from the Pscap ed injury ported he had received word home of Mrs. Joanne Malmbergj p 0 n c e said from Carl E. Kleimola regard- lor the Junior Miss softball ing the furnishing and provid- teams on Forte Field near her ing of coal. The city purchases' home to settle the dust. Truck Chassis Is Purchased at Council Meeting WAKEPIELD — The Wakefield city council, at its meeting Monday night purchased a chassis for the garbage truck from the Century Auto Sales, the only | bidder, for $3,540. The original cost was $4,389.50 but with trade-in of $849.50 deducted the net cost was $3,540. Another bid had been submitted by the Cloon Motor Company and before opening bids, the clerk reported that the bid was submitted 12 minutes after the deadline. Although the council and Thomas Lahti of Century Chevrolet were in agreement that the Cloon bid be allowed, Cloon withdrew his bid when Councilman Emil Movrich said he believed that the deadline for bids should be observed. Cloon said he and Lahti had compared bids and he knew that j Lahti WOUld receive it as his bidjjuw mat oiunasmsK.!, wuu a laigu, .•, i £• I j n • f was the lowest, but that he family, should be considered. He Waketield brietS Wakefield Driver Unhurt in Accident WAKEFIELD — A car driven by Loren Jakkola, 17, Wakefield, hit and killed a deer at 10:30 p.m. Monday one mile east of Wakefield on M-28, said Michigan state police, who investigated the mishap. Extensive damage resulted to the front of the car. The driver their coal with the Board of Education. Kleimola reported they had placed a purchase order for 620 tons of stoker coal at $13.60 a ton and 100 ton of lump coal at $17.50 a ton from the Lindberg Company, the low of Foreign Wars Post Frid a y bidder. The bids of Skolasinski from 9 a.m. until 12 noon. The were identical, except that Lind- proceeds of the sale will be used berg offered a ten per cent cash to help provide funds to send Rummage Sale to Be Held Friday at VFW WAKEFIELD — A rummage sale will be held at the Veteran Jakkola was meeting another car arid had lights dimmed, and did not notice the deer standing in the road. The animal was disposed of by the conservation department officers, who were notified of the accident. Firemen Extinguish Blaze at Empty House WAKEFIELD — Members of partments. The action was taken after receiving the report of Mayor J. I. Neault on investigation of the possibility of assigning street and sidewalk d e - partment employes to fill i n vacations of police and firemen. Mayor Neault said he found only two employes qualified to serve in the police and or fire department. He said the street department . force is limited and the street commissioner's work would be hampered i f either one were reassigned. He said he is reluctant to assigning an untrained person to either of dent which occured at the city council meeting Monday night. For several years, the 1 o c al police have been untiring in their efforts to obtain and sell scrap iron to get sufficient funds to take the boys to Escanaba for a full day of pleasure at t h e fair. All their expenses were paid, the boys were given spending money for rides, and p r o- vided with meals for the day. City trucks and many other truck owners volunteered to haul the scrap iron and donors contributed their iron t o the police rather than sell it themselves in order to provide dealer, and received his equipment through Ironwood and it was up to the council if they wished to purchase equipment from out of the city Lahti then told tne council that Cloon had submitted bids on International trucks without being a franchised dealer and when the word exchange continued, Mayor Robert Linn pounded his gavel for order. Cloon said he had often been the lowest bidder and at one time was told his speci- Ications were not in line, but he had not been considered. In other business, the council voted to call for bids on 2,000 eet of six-inch water pipe for the water department; approved he re-appointment of Clare Haskins to the Civil Service Commission; approved the use of Tressel Park to the Peter son discount for 10 days, making his the Patrol Boys to the Michi- the Wakefield volunteer fire bid lower. The city accepted the gan Fair in Escanaba. R u m -| department were called out at communication and authorized mage articles may be brought: 5 a - m ' Tuesday to extinguish a the purchase at the price quoted, to the quarters on Thurs day! major blaze in the vacant home The city uses 70 tons of the pre- afternoon, or if the donor wishes! owned by the late Mr. and Mrs. pared stoker coal to be deliver- the articles to be picked up, onej James Bodoh on Smith Street, ed to the city hall. Movrich voted may call 229-5550 or 224-2661. The Tne entire upper floor was destroyed in the blaze. Flrem e n stated that they were unable to determine the cause of the fire but said it may have been started by lighting. Investigation is continuing. Estimated damage — *— •> —*=» — ••' • ' jvitoo j. at jJiciiLai mivi ivi i a D ' , .. . « . ii^i *i._ Checked out will be the con-1 p a t Sievert returned this week- ! was not available at tnls tlme - no on the purchase, stating he ; public Is Invited, believed that the margin was so; low that Skolasinski, with a large j wished to inform the council that | was informed that Lindberg was i Lahti was not a franchised local i also paying taxes in the city, i Miss Pat Brentar and Miss dition of a road near the Ben \ Halme home. Gus Seppa will check out the road lighting situation on a road in the Brotherton Location. A ditch near the John end from Crystal Falls, where _ they spent the past week at the 1 Would Abolish System Fortune Lake Bible Camp. j V VASHINGTON (API - The The Bethany Walter League is: postal savings system would be the police or fire department be- th worthwhile funds cause of endangering the public tnese woltnwmie - unas safety. A communication from Sen. P. MacNamara calling attention to the various federal aid pro- At the Monday night meeting, Councilman Oscar Ma c k i e brought up the matter asking why the money wasn't given grams noted in an enclosed catalogue, was referred to the planning committee for study and report. Claims against :he g e n e ral fund for the month of June, in the sum of $2,605, and for the labor payroll, $703.85 and em- ploye payroll, $3,551, for c h e last half of June, were approved for payment; and on recommendation of the board of public works, the council approved payment of June claims of $2,462.78 against the light utility, and $1,702.98 and a labor payroll of $112.50, against the water and sewer utility. Bind tn Ih. No,.1 by GRACE METAUOU3 CIM«MASCOPB • COI.OH * DE LUXf Annual Report Shows Balance BESSEMER — The annual report of the Bessemer Board of Education showed receipts of $334,398.90 and disbursements of $327,528.85 leaving a balance of $6,870.05, inst4ad of a shortage of about $12,000 to be supplied by the cash balance of $70,999.30 on hand June 30, 1964, as reflected in the budget. Based on estimated tax collection at $136,000 and estimated student membership and other estimated factors, the budget anticipated receipts of $324,449 and expenditures of $336,256. Current tax collection was actually about $6,000 more than anticipated; de- linquert taxes about $2,000 more and library fund and other unexpected revenue accounted for the additional $10,000 in receipts. Expenditures were about $8,700 less than budgeted due largely to a budget item of $6,500, salary for counselor which was not used The breakdown of receipts in the sum of $324,398.90 includes from local sources: current tax boys outright instead of sending them to the fair, as, he claimed, many would prefer the money. He was told that the fair trip was a fine gesture on the part of the police, antl that the city did provide some of the trucks to haul the scrap. Police Chief Dominic Valesano was then asked if the public is informed as to the receipts and expenditures of this drive and. he said no. Mackie said he thought they should receive a concise report. Valesano said they would drop the,.matter, as he believed the police had done a great favor in promoting this trip. Councilman Emil Movrich sided with Mackie stating that as long as city trucks are involved that such a report should be presented. Council man Walter Nun i maker asked such a large why there was 'hullabaloo" about something that had been going on for years. He asked: "Don 1 we trust anyone any more?' Gus Seppa also stated he be lieved that such a report should be made when city equipmen is involved. The police chief was offered trucks by volunteer! in the audience who commended the police for their fine untiring work. Valesano askec if the report should also con tain the number of hours on their own time, spent by the police in these collections fo the boys. He also stated tha city trucks are used only periodically for this use. Girl Has Accident While Water Skiing WAKEFIELD — Wakefield city police investigated amis hap involving two boats Sunday at 4:30 p.m. on Sunday Lake. A boat owned by Charles M e h 1 e r was towing a w a ter skier, Darlene Chiapuzio, 14 Ironwood, and coming into shore she lost control and struck a boat owned by Dominic Corullo, which was docked at the shore. Mine rom Employes 10 a.m. to for a 5 p.m. picnic Satur- home was in *?**. insponsoring a car wash at t h d abolished under a bill passed by nome was in neea ot „.,., _. thp Houge and sent t() the Senate Monday. day, July 24; approved the junk yard application of John B. Bugni upon recommendation by the officials, as orderly; deferred un,il an executive session after the regular meeting, of discussion and adoption of the revised electric rates; received and filed i request for representation at ;he Municipal Employes Retirement System meeting at Munising Thursday, July 15, at 2 p.m. A lengthy discussion followed the reading of a letter from the Michigan State Highway Department in regard to the proposed two-way system here which will be part of the state trunk line in 1967-68 and request for a resolution to be adopted in regard to this matter. On the vote for adoption of the resolution, Mov- rich voted no, stating the plans are indefinite, and Mackie also voted no. Nunimaker and Linn voted yes, and the motion was lost as there was a tie. On a motion by Movrich that the highway department be sent a letter asking them to present definite plans at once, all voted yes except Nunimaker, who said this matter had been aired on several occasions and he could see no reason for postponement. A letter was read from the State Health Department in regard to the sewage plant, and the matter was postponed to the executive session following the meeting. In regard to construction of a boat landing near the VFW, with liabilities and leases to be involved, the matter was tabled cleaning and draining, it was reported. Movrich commended the public works department for the construction of two barbecue stoves ' at the park which he said wasl a beneficial addition. He spoke j of trees that need to be pruned I as the branches are over the I sidewalks and may cause blind-! ness to pedestrians. He al s o' spoke on placing high fences with barbed wire tops to eliminate persons getting into the j park and making them use the entrances and aid the caretaker in the observation of people entering the park. • He said grass was growing between cracks in walks and should be cleaned up and asked the Wakefield Co-op store Saturday, July 17, from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. The leaguers wilj clean the car inside and out at a nominal charge. The public is i n - vited. legality of funds for college ad-i THANK YOU We wish to thank all those who participated in any way in our 50th wedding anniversary commemoration, especially those who assisted in the serving, those on the program and for the gifts, cards and monetary gifts received. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Hongislo, Wakefield TONIGHT THURS.. SAT. Tennessee Williams' "CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF" SUMMER THEATRE Indianhead Mln. Playhouse Just Off U.S.2, Wakefitld Mich. For Reservations call 224-1501 Giant SMORGASBORD INDIANHEAD MTN. LODGE Performance Evenings Theatre ticket free to dinner guests NURSES & WAITRESSES You Will Find a Large Selection of Uniforms Just Arrived at— Mae's Style Shoppe S. Sophie St. Bessemer Phone 667-3711 collection, $142,091.44 out of a! She suffered shock and was levy of $160,000; delinquent taxes of $7,531.77 plus interest of $551.72 and $842.19 from miscellaneous revenues. From intermediate sources, $444.36 library fund. From direct state revenue, $136,081.76 in state aid; $2,379.48, reimbursement for driver education; $7.396.89, hardship aid; $169.96, state library fund. Incoming transfers with i n state. $31,630.20, tuition for nonresident students. From federal sources, $4,975.- MUSIC THURSDAY NIGHT — by Jhe — GALAXIES WHITE BIRCH INN •' BESSEMER Pizza 8c Burgers Daily taken to the Divine Infant Hospital for treatment. Warns Narcotics Trade Growing Alarmingly MOSCOW (AP)—The newspaper Soviet Russia warned today that the narcotics trade in Siberia and parts of centrkl Asia is growing alarmingly. WAKEFIELD THEATRE Showing Tonight—Thursday and Friday—Twice Evenings at 6:45 & 9:00 ONE OF THEIR FAMOUS FUN HITS! NEVER YOUNG MID-SUMMER CLEARANCE! Coqts — Dresses —Hats Purses - Blouses - Summer Skirts ALL GOING AT ROCK-BOTTOM PRICES! Phone 224-6651 402 Sunday Lake Wakefield A checking account provides a safe, sure record of expenditures AND provides you with a legal receipt check! your cancelled Don't Miss Ironwood's Big HIAWATHA FESTIVAL FRIDAY and SATURDAY THIS WEEK! Parades, fireworks, fishing contests, races, a queen contest—the worksl Don't .miss a single event and do'n't -miss the- savings' offered by Ironwood merchants during this two day celebratiort. We'll see "you there,! National Bank IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN • Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Member and Booster if Ironwood Chamber of Commerce

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