The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 16, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 16, 1948
Page 2
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»A«B TWO British Officials More Worried Today About Relations with U.S. Than with the Soviet Republic (ARK.)' COUKIKR ,* MOTB: 7** author of the following dt»p»tch b now ehlM kmaUe correspondent In Burope. Unlll hk tr»n»I«r to tfck men*, he WM tnc «erer*l jr«n h«*d of U.P.'t Mate ocpvt- •r «. B. Skacfcfor* guff Juo* M. (U.P.)— British offlci.U appc.r to b*' worrying r«J»tion« with Amerlom these days than about th«lr with Ruaoa. «. -- . __ ___ Tb*r own reconciled to tlie fact that RUMU k rolni to be trou- blmrnit for a my )on» Umr But th« feet that hUrc »lso can be and art nrioui Arnlo-Amnfcin diffi- eultiM W probably the big diplomatic !»»•» o( the moment. During this • reporter's l»st visit to London— for the foreign minis- Defendants Win Directed Verdict In Check Dispute . - J " d «e Charles W. Light of Para- lers meeting last fall-all thoughts f^uld yesterday directed a Jury to and energies were focused on Rus- "turn a verdict for the defendants _:. -_.. _,... .. ,_ . L .... >.._ ..... in H sull ln MissjsS j ppj Cou;l[ „, ' cuit court, Chickasawba DUtrict involving , check on which oav^ sia, and what to do about her stubborn attitude on Germany. Ton find now th»t the die has been cast on that Jssue, and that the British are worrying more about thex 1. Palestine. ThU is the most Immediate and aerioui point at issue between the t/nited Stales and the United Kingdom. The shilling American policy on the Holy Laud Is responsible, it has caused genuine 111 will States. 2. Britain's nwnt had been stopped. The suit was brought by Paul W DsvJj, a minor, against the jrj, s t National Hank and the complaint inter was amended to make E o Burnett, used car dealer, a defen- Flood Adds New Housing Shortage ^^^"** V "1* tf< (J-X* T-»»-- t f S" " . ', ' V I ' V ,,'! >' ,<'''* • * *• » aL*. «..%_.«*••<?\ys4 .*;<. * < A .*- ''.^...^ DaVls SOU8llt for «, 1327.28 on a check Issued to him by Burnett and deposited to Davls'a here toward Ihe unitcl account In the bank. precarious financial position. The proud British people, once masters of a rich empire, are While listening hopefully to reports of Jailing Hood level, of the Columbia River above Portland Ore residents of the stricken Pacific Norlhwwt area also wondered today about finding new homes. Flood scene above shows hom« and apnrlmcin bouse* .smashed by the raging waters and Is typical or the'new housina thorUge created by the nation's latest disaster. (NBA TclephoUi.) A mistrial was declared today In a suit brought by Norman Bunch ' against Sanford Boone and other* ! involving an automobile accident to the town banker. '" e I Ml ' Or the «ef«ndant.. Clew* to French The defendants were represented >. Germany. The British are prob- ' b * Mr - and Mrl - J»me» R. Roy. and. ably cloaer to the French than lne Pl»lnllff by Percy A. Wright, to the American* on many irnpor-1 Court »"achM said today that It tant lwu«a retarding the future of! w » s tne first tlm * * h «t a woman thla e*-*n«my. But the British are had - repraeented a client In tne irretoe»bly linked with the Amer- icam in Germany, even It France Merer Jolni in creating a separate Weitern Germany. 4. Socialism. The government and •Yen the Tory opposition in some eajat reaents American criticism of the Labor Parly's program of soclaliiing industries. The trRrti- this the tlonal viewpoint here If that la Britain's own affair and United States should not attempt to Influence it. I "Taberitm." This is a lord coin- ad by the Brittih press since the American House of Representatives made cut* In the European recov- " expresses Britlsn courts he. e. Mrs. Roy Is the former Eliajane Trimble, daughter at Federal Judge Thomai C. Trimble and Mrs. Trimble of I/onoke. slie obtained her bachelor's degree In law at the University, at Arkansas in 1S3B and later practiced with the Little Rock law firm of Rose, Loughborough, Dobyns and House before taking a position as tax attorney in the State Revenue Department. She later was district price attorney [or Arkansas In the Olflce of price Administration. ... . Russia Seeks to Avert about how firmly the United C L J • 111.1 is commuted to the Marshall inOWOOW" "• UN On Price* hac cut drastically Into the aid th«y expected to get last fall. ("Taberiam 1 ' comes from the name of R«p. John Taber. R., N. Y., chairman of the Appropriations Committee.) K "Taberism 1 'prevails, they fear the oHtlook it rtry grim, and they mitM have to abandon some of their promSMa to work Jointly with other European* on recoTery." Thr«« American Planes Believed Lost in Atlantic IJPpOH, June 1«. (UP)—Lisbon •irport officials reported today that anarch planes had found wreckage afloat m the Atlantic which might b« th«t at three American Plying ^ortreatw misting since Monday. Two Portuguese warships were ordered to the ar;i where American airmen spotted the wreckage •ocordlng to airport officials. The misting fortresses left the Aaores iciands Monday morning for AJaecio, (Corsica. T«-enty-one crewmen were reported aboard, in groups <* tight, ieven and six (advices irom SenU Maria, the Azores, said. The last heard from the planes B> the Azores wns a distress call saying that an engine of one plane •wa* afire, and it wa» returning to Santa M»ri&. LAKE SUCCESS. N. Y.. June IS. —(UP)—Russia will make an apparently futile effort todny to avert « showdown In the United Nations Security Council on the deadlocked issue of world atomic control. Sovuit Delegate Andrei Oromyko said he would deliver a 15-page speech In reply to. America's proposal for approving the Western powers' atomic control plan and tossing the stalemate Into Hie Oen- ernl Assembly tor a 58-nnlion debate this foil. Oromyko was expected to announce he will veto the American plan Inr work! atomic control, but a veto in this instance could serve only ns a symbol of Russian opposition. It could not block the transfer of the atomic Issue to tile General Assembly at its Paris meeting. Grasshoppers Continue to Cause Damage Grasshoppers, which were reported the later part of last week to be invading; sections around Dell, Big Lake, Oosnell and through the low sections of North Mississippi County, have also done s ome damage in the South end of Mississippi County, it was learned today. The extent of damage In the South half of the county has not. i been determined. However, about i 30 or 15 farmers around Blythcville I have reported crop damage to lha t county agont's ollice. Reports In- j rticate that Clifford Councille in the I CkMncll community has suffered the 1 , largest loss with approximately 100! acres of cotton destroyed, fhan four pounds of the recommended, sodium fluorsihcate, | issued In the opinion of Paul Lloyd • of the Planters Flying Service, who } has checked the possibility of n»- ! ing planes to dust crops to control the pests, the farmers. If following the Instructions for me of the ball", could not have dusted more than Government Seeks Way To Avert Soft Coal Strike WASHINGTON, June 16.—(UP) —The government today sought a formula to henrl off a nationwide soft conl strike next month without an injunction. But' government officials sain their chnncts for obtaining a voluntary delay in the threatened work stoppage are slim. Contract talks between John L. Liwi.s find "•» the DUST operators broke off yesterday. Federal Mediation Director Cyras ! S. Clung called both sides to a! meeting at 10130 a.m. EOT, tomorrow 'to break the impasse." He said federal negotiators will do 'everything possible" to bring about a settlement. (Continued from Page 1.) city issued the permit, it was up to Hie administration to enforce ii according to I lie terms under which it was granted. The other complainants present however, decided tha.t since there was no apparent likelihood that they would incur any liability by doing so, they would verily" the complaint and become party plain- When Mayor Jackson a.sked for opinions from other complainants alter Mr. Lofieins withdrew Mr Henderson said thnt he wouUi s ig:i the complaint with the reservation that should tlic n]| CK eJ nui.siuice be abated he would withdraw his part of the legal action. Mr. Welch and Mr. McDanicI nlsj indicated they would s>sn the complaint. 50 acres with that amount. As a rule, the farmer's are merely baiting dilchKi and margins of fields and have not made direct application to the areas infested with the grasshoppers. Some \viia have used the bait have expressed the idea that it was difficult to ge; the insects to eat the bait when there still Is plenty of foliage lor them to feed upon unless it completely covered the area. It is bekeral llmi the rain will to some extent alleviate the problem of grasshoppers as well as aid in the control of the green plant lice, known as p.phids, which have been prevalent this year. If it docs not help, the farmers probably will have to use the bail in larger quant- ilies to combat Jie menace. Dr. Charles Lincoln, extension etomologist of Fnyetieville said that, in parts of the state fanners were dusting vvilh to.xnpbene, or using a toxaphene acid to spray the pesN, but expressed the idea thnt if use 1 in adequate amounts the poison bai'- would kill the grasshoppers. North Dakota leads all other states in barley production. Read Courier News Want Ads. City firemen Called To Manufacturing Firm The Blythevllle Fire Department answered a call at 10:30 last night to the Southern Manufacturing Company on South Broadway Vhen a tumbler ol alfalfa hay became ignited. Only slight damage resulted Fire Chief Roy Head stated that the hay, which wu placed In the tumbler to dry, became ignited when the electrical power went off during laat night'a rain storm, Striken, Sympathizer* In Encirclement Move CLERMONT, Ferrind, Prance June l«. (UP)—Upward of 16,000 striker* and jymp«thlz€re tonight threw a siege ring around army regulars and police who a few hours earlier had ousted them forcibly from the Bergougnan rubber factory. Trapped In the strikers' encirclement were some 300 troop* Inside the factory Itself arid about 2000 security guards, mobile guards and police around the outside of the i plant. | The 1,500 sltdown strikers who I were driven from the factory earlier today, together with thousands of sympathizers, barricaded all the streets around the factory. About 180 persons were Injured last night in clashes between the strikers and security forces. More clashes were feared tonight. M-U higher In actlva trade. Top 3«.7S for considerable .sprinkling of tight Iiog». Good and choice 1»»'OO lb« mainly one price, 36 50; 340- 2TO Jbs »5.»5-2«.50; 280-300 Ibrs 23 75-36; heavier kinds scarce Few 300-360 Jbs 22.SO-23.50; 1W-1TO Ibs 3S.60-36.25; 130-150 Ibs 33-JJ- 100130 ID.S SO-11; cow 1S-»l higher; top Cattle 4,200; salable 3,000- calves 1,300, all »a!ab!e. Light supply of good and choice steert and heifers 60c and more higher. One 11 h»ad lot high choice yearling iteer* M; new record top. Two load* choice Jteer« 37.SO-37.76; good and choice light weight ste«rs 36.40, also new top; good and choice heifers and mixed yearlingi, 32.50-36.90; new high; some held higher. Cowi fully steady and fairly active especially FEMALE COMPUINTS Are you troubled by dtitrcM of female lunetlonil p«rlcKllc disturb- *oc»«? Do«i this make you mrr*r from pain, feel &o nervous, Ur«d — »t »uch tim«ft? TheD DO try Lydl» B. Plnkham'i Vexetable Compound to relieve such symptomi. Plokhim'j hu ft grand swathing effect on one a/ woman'* mott important organsf , JUlfS 16, 194* food cowj. Ckxxl eon *-f?- mon .lid medium !».*; and cuttert 15~1». See E. H. FORD ••for* Yew DIE! Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL, STOCKYARDS, III., June 18. CUP>—(XISDA) —Livestock: 1 Hogs 10,000; salable «,300; market ' See the All-New, Fully Automatic / Told You To Lay Off Patching Tins With Bubble Gum/ Ne "h«W)k- K um biow-ouls" for yov when wt Ox tir*». 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