The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on April 13, 1894 · Page 5
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, April 13, 1894
Page 5
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(TO, V' !i {^.^if(S;^;j^w^j^?i^il'fBiJ,-|??J^.;,TE'y-ij'fyrj- ; .'f.-.'.--^-.--: • i~ : .,• at 6( AFTER FILIBUSTERERS Democrats Have Decided to Take Heroic Measures, TIKE IMPOSED BY THE NEW EULS, toetnocrnt* Unable to Get a Qttorum to . II—Kaunas Senator Continues Ills Simrclt OU the TnrlfT— lie Will Offer a Subslll nl<. , For Pending 1)111— ntg Demand For Gold , to Export—New Appointments. WASHINGTON, April la.—The Democratic managers of the house Thursuii.-- decided the time had come when smv effective method should be adopted to force the Republicans to participate in legislation. Throughout the last and in the present congress, the Republicans bave on frequent, occasions deadlocked the house for days, refusing to answer •to their names, thus breaking the quorum, As there was no rule to compel them to vote, and as the speaker declined to adopt Mr. Reed's expedient of counting a quorum without the authorization of a rule, the house'was constantly at the mercy of the minority. For the last few days the Republicans havo blocked business and thorn was a widespread' belief on the Democratic side tbat it was in pursuance of a precon- certed arrangement with the Republi- ans at the senate end of tho Capitol to delay all business with a viow to postponing action on tho tariff bill. It was intimated that a quorum would hereafter be demanded, not only on partisan .ensures, but on the routine business o£ the house. jot Unanimously Approved by Democrats. • ''•Under such a stress of circumstances Speaker Crisp, Mr. Catchings and Mr. Outhwaite, comprising the Democratic end of the committee on rules, decided -that the time had come to net. A resolution embodying a new rule designed to fine members $10 for refusing to vote was prepared and presented. When the bouse met the Democrats were by no means unanimous in their approval of it. While tho general soutimeut of tbe houso favored some modification of the rule to accomplish the purpose desired, a wid-? difference of opiiwou existed as to what that modification should be. The Democrats were unable to muster a quorum to act on the new rule and finding themselves nnablo to proceed, a resolution was offered to revoke leaves of absence and compel the attendance of absentees. By a resort to every means known to parliamentary law the Republicans succeeded in preventing tbo adoption of this order for six houreand a Imlf.d It may be that tho Democratic opposition to the new rule as drawn will resul t in its modification or possibly a complete substitution of some other method to prevent filibustering, but there is n<doubt when the present struggle is ov<-r, the wings of the filibusters will lit' clipped and a new order of things will be in vogue in the house. PEPPER'S THIRD INSTALLMENT. Tke KBUBM Senator Continual* Ills Spwcli on tliu Tin 111' Question. . WASHINGTON, April 18.—Both sides of the chamber^ showed a very good attendance when 'the senate met Thursday. During the transaction of the routine morning business, Senator' Kyle (S. D.) introduced a joint resolution proposing a constitutional amendment relative to marriage and divorce, which was referred to tho committee on judiciary. Tbe urgency deficiency bill woe taken up and was about to bu put on its final passage, when tho hour of 1 o'clock arrived and the question wont over, while tho tariff bill was laid but'.ire tho senate. Mr. Peffer was r< cognized and delivered the third iiiBtnlliucnt of bin speech on tbo tariff bill. Uu announced his purpose of offering at the proper time a lubatituto for the pending bill, based on tbe principle of taxing tho articles used by tbe rich, while uxuuiptiug those articles of prime necessity used by tho poor, whether manufactured abroad or not. He would relieve the poor of «1) taxation and put the tax on articles used by tho rich, so the bunions of .tariff taxation would rest chiefly ou those who are best able to bear it. "I am now pleading with you inanu facturers," ho said, earnestly, turning to tbe Republican Bide, "to be fair with us, If you demand protection against goods which come into competition with yours give OB those protective duties which wu '-•fetor." Senator Qallingor inquired whether he (Potter) believed manufactures could continue on a free trade basis. "I uiu not looking after tho manufiic » faring interests," declared Mr. Poffer. "I am looking after the niwi of the wttit •ad south. Kansas can stand free trade better than the people you roprctiunt." Be went on to argue for n duty on wool and for free augur, whon Mr. Uulllnger awured him that thu puoplu of New England were with him on those two questions and be thought they were with biui ou all hiu reasonable demands. "And whenever we iuk anything which you do not want to give, you cull ua uu- reaaonable," replied Mr. 1'oller. . At ft o'clock Mr, Fetter had not tin' iibed wad, according to the agreement, tbe tariff bill wait laid aside and the ur< fejit deqoieuuy bill WHO again taken up, Big IHmttUd Vor Gold to Slilu, ' WASHINGTON, April lU.— The secretary o( tbe treasury hup received notice that about |9,OQO,000 iu gold coin would bo required for export Saturday, about half Of wblob would bo drawn from thu trewury and uu equal amount from tho New York hunku. H is tbo opinions ol tbe treasury otllulula this shipment id tho beginning of tbo utmul spring exportu *W ttout aj^d that they are likely to coutimu tot «ouw time. Thin foot, however, is not regarded iw a cmwe for alarm. Tlie wet gold iu tbe treuaury at tho oloso o buniuow TlmrmUy was |105,008,51n) Lw*t year at thU time tbe gold oxportu tionnwore abnormally heavy, reaching IHMiB.W during April and in iiay, In Juno they dropped to $'4,711 880, aud iu July to t!74i9id< Tbo ituuu ciat «nd business conditions in Europe, as well as in the United States, have materially changed for the better, and n consequence the prediction is confidently made that the exportations will reach only a fraction of what they were one year ago. Proaldctttlnl Nomination*. WASHINGTON, April 13.—Among the nominations sent to the senate by the ircsident are the following: M. A. Fraw- ey, surveyor of customs, Burlington, a.; John M. Lynch, marshal of the East- irn district of Missouri. Postmasters: lomer Reed. Kansas City, Mo.; .John Meyer. Hiawatha, Kan.; Hmiry C. Max- veil, Harper. Kan.; Charles H, Osbun, Fort Scott, KauC; H. H. Campbell, Pratt, Can.; A. H. Jacob, Lamed, Kan.; C. N. Van Pelt, Tarkio, Mo.; Albert S. Storey, 'awnee City, Neb. Aloy'sus Lynch, receiver of public money at Leadville, Colo. To Open Lands to Settlement. WASHINGTON, April 1H.—Senator Wol- :ott introduced a bill providing for the illotment in severally of lands in the Jncompahgre Indian reservation in Jtah and the opening of the remainder if the lands to settlement. lllxoii to Go to Cltlna. WASHINGTON, April 13.— The president las appointed William C. Hixxm of Texas marshal of the United States consular court at Fuchen, China. This appointment does not require confirmation by he senate. _ 111 mid llondy to Proceed. WASHINGTON, April 13.— It is thepres- int expectatio7i oE Chairman Bland to call a meeting of the hdusu committee on joinage for next Wednesday to consider ho free coinage bills pending, Crack Shot* to Jloot In May. CHICAGO, April la.— What promises o be one of the largest shooting tournaments ever held in the country has been arranged for by the Prairie Gun club of 'hicago: The tournament will be held lore on May 17, 18 and 19 at Garfield >ark race track. Cups and other valua- )lo prizes have been provided. The nincipal event will be the meeting of 10 w York cracks, captained by Julius Von Tengerke and 10 Illinois men headed by Captain M. Hoffman of the Prairie club. The shooting in this contest will be at livo birds aud for $1,000 a side. Considers UU Alfyctlous Vnlunblo. CHICAGO, April 18.— Mrs. Helen Hanua ias commenced a $50,000 damage suit lero against Mrs. Nannie A. Clark for alleged alienation of affections. The ilaintifi's husband was manager of the Savoy hotel on Michigan avenue for some time. In February last Mrs. Hanna says her husband ran away to Denver with the defendant, where her place of residence is said to bo. Cherokee Council Cullod to Meet. EUFAULA, I. T., April 13.— Chief Har•is of the Cherokees has issued a proc- amution calling a special session of tho mincil to convene at Tahlequah next Monday to decide whether the Strip money shall be paid out per capita or otherwise. To Rust from WiwIiluBtua Onyotluik BLOOMINCITOX, 111., April 13.— Mrs. Stevenson, wife of the Vice-President, icr daughter, Miss Julia, Miss Green of Danville, Ky., and Mrs. Matthew T. jcott, Mrs. Stevenson's sistes, arrived here Tom Washington. ludlunu A. F. A. In Suulon. INDIANAPOLIS, April W.— About 60 noinbors of the American Protective association are in tho city us delegates to lie state convention. They will elect state otncors and make a now platform and arrange to take part in state politics. iM Jttmoiulnuted Kill*. PORTLAND, April 13.— Republicans of tho Second congressional district reuom- uatud W. R. Kills for congress. DRIPPINGS FROM THE WIRES. Delia Lattmm, alias Carer, was killed with an ax by soiue unknown person at Anaconda, Man. Ifruuk Luach, 34 yuurs old aud uowly married, wia killed ut Nllus, Mich., by a rolling log. Clmrles JIlni'H awoke ut Sheridan, Ind., to llml hiti wife duud at his sldu, huttrt Failure liuing Uiu ciuiscj. DulugatuH (rum thu Michigan colored Muuoulu grand lodge have selt-otoil a Hltu nviir Mourau for n Masonic Uume. Miimlu Stroii|>, ngud 19, of Dun Moines, died from a criminal operation. A unil her mother uru under unvsi . The nig lit ot Ulllu UoburUs of S, Mo., u((ud 13, was ruined by tUw explosion ot u ulgaruttu loaded wltli putvdvr by another boy. TUe wool growers of wntnil uiuli at Cusper, Wy., uud ur Wool Growers' iissoclitlion, wuli l/'iih^r 0. Murrluou m-cbldiuil uud \V. l'\ Dunn Ignatius Donnelly tun! Waller Sims, thu A. I'. A. luuturi.'!', huld a julia ditijiiie ut Miiineuuullti. 'i'Ue primary convocation oi thu KpUiio- pul aruhdc'iiuoim of thu north and inid\vu>,l uiiiwmbled ut KumiaH City. Huvurn Tuuukle Wullin, \vlio win uuttvo In politics lu Maryland In uuiu-\var lim iu duud at thu uije ot 7B years. Thu uxumlnuUon of fc'runk and Patrick O'Nell (or thu murder of Timothy Uillun bus beow Qxeil at Muultowuu, WU., for May S3, Jehu Clurk, of tUe w«ll known thread wunufuuturliig tlrm ef I'uUluy, SuotUacl. iUitiil. Hu wan U7 yearn old. A olroulur ix out uuuaunultiK tliu tip pulntmeut of William Hogg us eummur- ciiil agent of thu MUyourl 1'uuillu ut I'ueblo, Colo. Tho Judtuiw gerrymander suit was tukuu under advUutueut by Judge lirowu of In- Thu Ruimbllcuu state vouvuntluu e( North Dnkotu has been uallud te muut iu Grand Forks July 11. Golouul Wuttersou lu Thu Courier-Jour uul uittkus ungi'y prutuut aguliibt thu speech of I'UU 'I'liomiisoH in tho lirecklu Invo Full PosfO^Ion of n Union Pacific freight Train—Plenty of t'rovlilom Doing Provided nt the Different Cltlei. Meeting Galled to Organise Unemployed At Denver—Coxer In Poutujrlvanln* DKNVER, April 13.—The industrial army. 1,858 strong, took possession of a rain of 26 empty box cars eastbound on he Union Pacific at Uintah at 2 a. in. iVednesday night and left Bvanston, 70 miles east of Ogden, at 8 a. m., with lags waving and bugles sounding. At- iompts to get the men off were unavail- ng and the railroad officials submitted /o the seizure rather than to resort to anything like force. The plan is to halt for provisions in he suburbs of larger places instead of at he depots, to prevent desertions. At iaramie the mayor has contracted for iOO loaves of bread and 1,200 pounds of wiled meat placed on the train. A restaurant proprietor will furnish coffee and a beer dealer several kegs of beer. Che militia will bo ou duty. Mayor Ra-smnssen of Rawlins and ftayor Stahl of Cheyenne have informed he railway officials that food will be contributed by their citizens if it is needed. The men had two and a half carloads of provisions on leaving Uintah, but 400 tdditional loaves of bread prepared by "Ivanston people were lost by insufficient lotiflcation of arrival and departure. The army passed through Rock Springs at 15 miles per hour, with banners flying and in good spirits. Provisions have >een sent on to Cheyenne from different larts of the state, so that while there is considerable suffering from ills incident o cold and fatigue, there is no immediate danger of starvation. Wyoming au- horities will not interfere wnilo the army behaves itself. It is not yet known whether the army will pass through Denver or go straight through Nebraska, >ut looks like the latter at this time. .. Bluiluiitsof tliu Nertliwusleru uulvei 1 - ulty, Kvuiistim, Ills,, hud u illHyruuefui *JuKgli»K match in whlcU several profuit sorH got hurt. TUe Kitiuus board ut cimimU*U>nur« lm» iuvlU'd nil trailht inumigt'rx of rallruadu ii that btutu to im-i't thu buut'd 1'ur a guufur wuuu on thw ItilU hut. HALT FOR PROVISIONS. Only Stops Made by the Indus* trial Army Is to Eat. COMING BAST WITH FLAGS PLYING, NEWS CROM FOREIGN LANDS. Bering Be» Question Dl§cu*«etl In the House of Conimons. LONDON, April 13.—In the house of lords the Earl of Kimberly, in moving the second reading of the Bering sea bill, reviewed the whole course of thearbitr»- tioti and expressed approval of the action of the Marquis of Salisbury in submitting the question to arbitration. The earl remarked that a precedent had been established which was of the greatest importance and expressed the belief that so soon as the legislation necessary to carry out the|provisions|of the award had been completed a convention would be entered into between the United States and Great Britain with the object of settling the claims arising out of the illegal seizure of British ships. In making the award lawful the government had fulfilled the obligations imposed upon it and the bill now before the house would terminate this controversy in a manner honorable to both nations. The Marquis of Salisbury expressed the desire that the bill should be passed as soon as possible. The Bering sea bill was then read for the second time. Sidney Buxton, replying to a question as to whether any condition was attached by Canada to the agreement in regard to compensation to Canadian sealers, said Canada had attached considerable importance to the compensation for illegal seizures made during past years, but as to that matter, the United States government had intimated BO soon as legislation fer the enforcement of the award was completed it will be prepared to enter into a convention with Great Britian providing for the assessment and settlement of the British claims. Sir William Vernon Harcourt said the government did not intend to introduce a bill giving Scotland-home rule. Groat Suffering For Vommonwcnl. 'ADDISON, Pa., April 13.—The tramp ! rom Chalk Hill to this place was one of ;reat suffering for the commonweal. While the storm had abated some, tho deep snow made walking hard and rests '• were taken frequently. There were, many mountaineers here to view the conimonwealers and there is an ugly ook abroad. Mountain dew has lowing like water and the men are in a proper state for conflict. The mountaineers are excited over the army and would crash it out if possible. Several clashes have been averted, but trouble is expected. The next camp will be General Grant and will be at Grautsville. Bt»li Milltiit Complimented. SALT LAKE, April 13.—The Utah National Guard returned from Ogden, inarched up from the depot and formed front of tl'io executive mnusion. Governor West appeared and thanked them for their efficient services and after complimenting them for their loyalty dismissed them. Gall Imtuod to Uuiiv«r'» Unemployed. DENVEU, April 18.—Captain W. L. Craysou has made a Cull for all unemployed men and wouieu to meet to organize tho Colorado industrials aud join the army from California. Sioux Fall** lllK Fourth. Sioux FALLS, 8. D., April IS.—The biggest and greatest political tournament since tho time of the famous Lincoln- Douglas tour will be held in this city July 3, 4 aud 5. Mrs. Leuso of Kansas Una been engaged to represent tho Populists, Congressman Bryan of Nebraska lias promised to speak for the Democrats aud Governor MoKinloy him boon written to, and every effort will bo made to secure aim to talk for tho Republicans. Sup))o«utl Trutu Wrecker* Caught. Los ANUEUW, Cal., April It).—United Status Marshal Gurd and posse urvivoO with John Couutook aud Walter Thornu. ranchers who live at the mouth of Little Tojunga canou and charged with having wruuked and robbed a Southern Pa- citiu express train at llosuoo, killing two trainmen, on Fob. 15 lost. guirocwUul by DIM. CHICAGO, April 18.<—The dead body of Emil Sohllchtmoyor was found lu his boarding house, he having accidentally Butfocuttxl by gas. He was a tJUrd dcjjn.-e Mtwou and onu of tho three highest inuu of thu Order of Franco, tie served iu tho French army iu Algiers uudjlu Mexico uudor Maximilian. Muriluror l'li«l|w WnuU • Nuw Trial. Sioux PALLS, H. D., April 18.—Prank Phulpa, convicted of tho murder of Mat Miituon in Lyinuii county and uontuncoil to Ufa Imprisonmunt, has beuu granted a stay by tho improiuo court until May 9. At that time a motion for a now trial will be urguod buforu tho supreme court, IHtath of a I'romliitmt I'ouullit. LOB ANUKUCS, Cal., April IU.—M. W. Qutuhullor, ouo of tho founders of tho Populist party in this ntutu aud who is uuiil to huvo directed tho inovomunU of several Industrial urinlus which havo loft this stitto for Washington, diod horo of pnuomonlu, agod tttt. AUImui* Minor* Will Strike. HiUMiNuiiAM, Ala., April ia.—Tlio gunurul council of tho United Miuo- workers of Alabama, whiuh embraces 8,000 miuoitii ordurwl a gouurul striko, tittectlvo Saturday, against, tho nrouosml reduction iu wagus. Coui|>lt>lt>d tliv 1'luliul. Poim<ANi>, Or., April HI.—Tho Uopub* llc'iiu atute voiivoiitiou uomplotud thu »tatu ticket by nominating W. 11. Luods uf Asliluiul foi'atrtto priiitucon tlio fourth, ballot. Ueuvrill blouiim Out of iiuugur. NKVV YOUK, April J!).— UtmoniL 11. W. tilocuui, \vUo hug buuu ill with wiou. uioulu for tbo pout worik, i» out of danger. "Willie" Wilde Married Again. LONDON, April 13.—"Willie" Wilde, formerly the husband of Mrs. Frank Leslie, was married a few days ago to Miss Sohia Lees by a special license in this city. The bride is the granddaughter of Mr. Thomas Orde Lees of Merrion, near Dublin. Mr. Wilde claims that prior to his marriage he consulted high legal authority in America in regard to his right to again marry and finally he obtained the authority of the chief registrar of Somerset house regarding his position. Ordered a Reduction. TORONTO, April 13.—A dispatch from Montreal says a, cable has been received by Sir Henry Tyler ordering a reduction in wages of all Grand Trunk employes which has caused consternation in their ranks here. If the order is enforced it is unlikely the great strike of 1870 will be repeated. The grievance committeo is now in session discussing the situation. Crisis Impending In Bulgaria. LONDON, April 13.—A dispatch from' Vienna reports that a crisis is impending in Bulgaria. The trouble arises from a challenge sent by the minister of war to M. Stambuloff to fight a duel. Prince Ferdinand will decide whether a duel between the two statesmen shall be fought wheu ho returns to Sofia. Beady to Take Uganda. LONDON, April 18.—It was stated in tho house of commons the government is about to declare Uganda under British protection and that a regular administration will shortly be established there. Ciutolar Not a Secodor. MA.DIUD, April 13.—Tho statement that Seupr Emilio Castelar, the veteran Republican loader, had seceded from tho Republican party and bad become a monarchist is erroneous. Pelxoto Iteuuntured Parang-nay. BUENOS AYKES, April 13.—Advices have reached here showing that the forces of President Poixoto have recaptured Paranaguay from the insurgents. Revolted Agalunt I'olroto. BUENOS AVUES, April 13,—A report has reached hura that Buhia and Parnam- buco have revolted against the prweut government, Uruguay Commercial Treaty, BERLIN, April 13,—In theroichstagtho commercial troaty with Uruguay was read for the third time without debate, Civil Mitrrlugu UIU ratted. BUDA. PESTH, April 13.—The civil mar riugo bill was passed in the, diet for the first time by a majority of 105 votes. LATEST MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. Chicago Grain and Provision), CfttcAoo, Aprilc 12.—There was a heavy lay's buslnoas done In wheat and much weakness, resulting In a decline of l^o early Ih the esslon. That was succeeded by a return of mying confidence, and at the close the price or May wrta only HO lower than on yesterday, and for Jltly only ^c lower. The reports ol rop damages were very numerous from the rost, bitten districts and almost startling roin the drouth smitten areas of California and western Kansas, and this caused the later irumess. Heavy selling was responsible for he decline. Corn was firm without, much hange after averaging weak throughout tho esslon. Armour got his arms around tho horts In the pork market and squeezed 600 ier barrel profit out of them. ' CLOSING t'HICKS. WHEAT-Flrm. Cash, 59V62>59!4o; May, 9J<i©OOc; July, Gl^c; September, GJ))ic. CO UN-Steady. Cash, 3%®37J<Sc!! May, 38% }38^c; July, 30%c: Septmbeer, 4U5<o. OATS-Steady. Cash, 81Hc; May, 32oj July, 8;M@28^c; September, 20<4e. PORK-Hlgher; May, 812.75; July, 113.85. LAKD-Higher. May, 97.37& July. 97.10. RIBS-Hlgher. May, £11.50; July, 80.374. Chicago Live Stock. CntCAdo, April IS.-CATTLE^Countryshlp- .jers have father overdone the thing this week, 'hey have sent In nearly 60,000 cattle, with he result that the larger part of the advance itablishcd during the preceding weeks had jeen wiped out. The market receded lOo to oc yesterday and a like amount taken off to- ay. Steers «old mainly at ?!) 50 to 81.110, aud he prevailing prices for cows, heifers and ulls were 82.25 to 83.25. HOGS—Buyers demanded lower prices and ley were allowed to have their way, the mar- et having flattened out 15c before the closing lour. The best sorts fell to 85.20, and common grades from J4.85 to 81.90. SHEEP—Prices eased off another lOc today, .hey have declined 30c to 40o since Monday nd are very weak at that. Tho range of quo- atlons at the' close of today's market was 3.DO to go.10 for oommoa to choice grades. he lauib market has not suffered less. It has alien to |3.50@5.65, the latter figure buying holce quality today. Sales of sheep were enerally at prices ranging downward from 5.00, and from $5.00 to (5.50 bought the bulk f the lambs. Receipts-Cattle, 19,000 head; calves, 500; ions, 31,000; sheep. 15,000. South Oiunha Live Stook. SOOTH OMAHA, April 12. —CATTLE—Re- elpts, 8,200 head; 1300 to 1500 Ibs.. S3.655J4.10; 100 to 1300 Ibs., $3.25®3 85; 900 to 1100Ibs., 18.15 $.30; choice cows, S<.50®3.25; common cowt, 1.50@i.20; goocl feeders, $3.10@3.75; common eeders, (2.753)3.00. Market steady to ,10o ower. HOGS-Receipts, 10,000 head; light, 84.71® 0-JV6; mixed, 84.80St.85; heavy, $4.80@l.92}4 Inrki't 15c lower. SIIBEP-Uucoiiits, 4110 head; muttons, »3.50 il.7i; iambs, J3.75iJ5.-c'. Market stronger. Buoklen'a Armoa Salve The best naive in the world for Cuts, Bruises, oroB, Ulcere, Sail Rheum, Favor Sora§, Totter, happed Hands, Chilblains,Corns and al> 9kln JCruptlons, and positively cnrea Piles or no ay required. It Is gnarantcd to give perfect atlefaetlon or money refunded. Price n c»o«t arbox. For sale b J. W. Uatton. Crolghtuu Webb PAUIS, April !«.— Crelghtou Webb, first secretary of tho United States legation at St. Petersburg, has resigned, Federation Uelegatu* EUiotud. COLUMHUS, O., April 18.— Thw following delegates and alternates woro elected to the national convention of tho American Fedoration of Labor to bo hold In Denver in Utfi'omlwr: John MuBrido ol Ohio, Patrick MoBridu of Pennsylvania P, M, Poau of Indiana ami John Niigenl of Ohio. Altoruatoir Miko Rulphford of Ohio. \V. O. Ponrco of Ohio, Clmdtw Cull of Ohio and William HuwolU of Colorado. Tho convention completed its work and adjourned nine dio. Mlu Juliet Morgan Marrlwl. NBW Youii, April ID.— Society gather* oil In form within tho walU of 8t Gem-go' a church Thursday uftornoot when tho woildlug of Mi*n Juliet Morgan, daughter of Unukur J. Piorpolnt Morgan, to Mr. W. Piotwu Hamilton was I'vlubnttixl. Tho ooromoiiy was pur formed by Hev, William S. Kulnafortl assisted I)) 1 Uivhop Whlpploof Minnesota William'* UruntUun SoUluil Up UituuiTON, April 13.— The tmukruntay lirucoedings against thu lion. William (ieorge Fitxclaronco, a nun of tho liurl o" Muintor and a natural gruut gramUon o William IV, wuro«oUUil. 1Kb llubilitiu woro £7U1 aiul his assotb cuusUtoil out) uf a gold ring, but ho agn<od to pay hi cri'dUur* 7s (Kl on tho puiuul out of at uuuuul £WU alluwnl him by his t'athof Si'iH, Intl., April til •!» iho tiixtl ilistrii-t Hi'pul'licai) I'ljim'numi, (,'pn i;i'e.s-inum 11, 11. John-<uu ot Kichmom VM ivaouilau (ul. Mi. Juliiiion wtw luuUo u u. J.N. Ulauseu, Republican deputy col- ector of customs at Wash burn, \Vi-s., h:i ! ; jeen requested to resign. The position vUl gq t£ A._Beuusoliel, a Democrat. "Orange Blossoms" Is a painless care for all (BOSSCB peculiar to women. Sold fresh by . W. Hattou. Rubinstein bos black hair at 64 and :p youthful in feeling. He is a grandfather, ind his wife's hair is snowy. She sings loo. Karl's Clover Root will purity your blood, clear our complexion, regulate your bowels and make our head clear as a bell, 25c., BOc. and $1.00. Sold b} C. H. Weitbrook.'i The suit for $30,000 damages against tho World-Herald of Omaha, brought by ilrs. Nathalie Pollard, was begun at Council Bluffs, Iu. Captain Sweeney, U. S. A., San Diego, Cal. nya: "Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy Is the first medicine I have ever round tbat would do me anr good." Price We, Sold by C, H. Weetbrook. Wheat in Missouri is reported damaged 25 per ceut by tho recent freeze—other grains and fruit in larger proportion,. Snlloh'B Cure, tlio great Oough and Croup Cure s In great demand. Pocket size contains twen- f-dve doseg only 25o, Children love It. Soldbjr ,11. Westbrook. '1'fie' ileaii body o\ Mrs. sawyer was touud on tlio prairie noiir Chamburlnln, S. D. It is supposed 8he bocume lost in the r££H<i£ n.torju, ai\il i)ied of uxhuustloQ. . ^ Children Cry for Pitcher*! Castorla. "Hie vult-ruu Union boiuiers eu route u. Shlloh buttlulluld huil a ^niiul cumpllix-ut old fort llenry. [i agreeable Laxative and Nnrvi Toittd. 1 *«> Druggist* or §ent by mall. 880., Mo. 0 per package. Samples free. VA V A .The Favorite TOOTS WWBli HV H W for the Teeth and Bieath.880. Captain Sweeney, TJ.S. A., San DteffO.Oi]u gays:J'Shiloh's Catarrh Bemody Is the flr« nexllome I have ever found that would do ma ••rffoooV* Price 60 ctg. Bold by Pruggirti. SHILOH'S CURE; TBM CHEAT OOBOH CTJM promptly «»• WhereaUptbersfall. ForCoaiumntlonitfiU 10 rival; ha^Gured^thouiandt, and will r ___ ** -,. ._». _ "^'iBBctfc, 600* Ton.lilakenlnUme. Sold by,;o. H. Wostbrook. Specimen Oases. 8. II. UllHord.Muw Uiuael, WU,,was troubled with uouralglu and rliouiumUui, liia utoumoli \vna UUordcruil, hla liver \vua ulluoluj to an Murmlng dogico, Appetite full awny, And ha WRS totrlbly reduced In ilcah aud etrongth, Throe bottles of tloolrlo Iititar» cured him, Kdwurd SliopwrO, llnrrltburg, 111., hail a running sore on Ills log of eight years' ataudlng. UuiHllhroo bottle! of KlectrtoUitluni uudaoven tioxua o< IJuoklou's Hniica »«lvo, aud hi* K'tf I* louud and well. John Speaker,Catuwba, O., li*d live lArge fuvur norci on hit log, dooioro •aid he UTAH Inoyrsblo.' Cue bottle Klootrlo Ult tor* and unabox lluoklon'i urnlcn «nlvo eurod him entirely. Hold ill J. W. llalton 1 * drug itoto. Solomon Bpt-fd, Sliunty Hamilton ntut Frank WlUiamu sawed llirougli a bar aud oncnpud from the county jail at nort. lud. A Household Treaaure, D. W. Fuller, of Cju»Jolmilo, N. Y., «a|i that hoalWHy» keep* Dr. King's New Ultoovory lu the bonne uud lil» fttuiliy bus illwiiyn tguuJ Uie very bo»t reiulU follow 1W imo; Uiat lie would nut bo without U, If procurable, (i, i. llykenwa, drug glti.OuUklll, N. Y.,»»y» tUat Dr. King'a New (lUoovvryUuudouliiiKlly ttto boil oough Uiut lie hu« u»ed In hU family for eight yearn miU U ha* nuvof fulled to do all llml U olaliuad furlt. Why not try u reuioily no long ulod aiv lt>«ied. Trial bottl*» free ut J. W. U:iltou'« Urug •tore. |mular«Ue 60oaiulfl.Ua 'viiv'uiiV dill fniHiKsiifii a rciiiii •Itliiu ou llio guvoriuii 1 of KUirlilit tor\V B. Juwull, wttiitml «t IrtnvUion (ur forgur lyul iiiidvi' iin'i's' nt Ohcuohi, Flu. Wb*l> B»l»y •M uiok, «• K*'« her Ctntorla. \Vb«u »h« «M » Child, «lie vrl«U for C«*lorU. WbMi tiM tw««Uif UlM, it>« oluu« to CMWri*. a, «b* ••»» Uwut OMlnrll ITY MEAT WARKETJ NIC B«ITKB, Proprietor. 'be ohoioeit Meats, such «s Beef Pork' and Veal Steaks, Roaeta Stewi 1 •to., can be had. Poultry Oame and FUb Bonth side Fifth-it, Carroll, iowa I DR, DOWNING CARROLL, IOWA, Saturday, May 5 Burke's Hotel )ne day only every month. Consultation fiM. DR. DOWNING 4ultior ot "Nervous Doblltty." "Uonentlv* Ei»U8tlon, In Ctmau and Ours," oto. TuU Skillful and Kollnbla SPECIALIST IVoll and favorHbly known throughout) th* northwest (or tlio many wonderful ouroH ot ail (oru» of CHRONIC DISEASES hloh lio hue otfeoled Dial Imit baillud the tkll of other i>by<lulau» and apuolalUlt, lie CurtiM Wlicu Others Full; u of Kyoa uud Kar«, Uruuulatod Lid*. Untarnol, Oroaj Kyua <Hral«))t0nad wltlioat jttlu or dilugor, DUoliamluu B»r*, Uoutuoa*, )to., l)l»un*ci of Nona and throat, Cttarrb, llroniihUln. Anlliiiiti. olo. l)l«u»aoa of aiouutoll and LtTor, Uyiiiioutla, luvllgontlou, Heartburn, Utlllou«iiuiii,Jaunilio«, ato. Kidney auil Illa4- Jor Troul)lo», Illcvoil aud akin l)l«u««o«, Sorof • uln, flmuloii, lUutohoa, Kiuomn, Uloort, ato, Si>ivou«l)l»oa«u«, lloaitachu, llyntorla, lutouk* nla, I.aok of Vitality, I.augor, NotvoutiMW. IthounmtUm, Nouralgla, oto. UUeMeg of Woiuon, I)uformttlo« Surgical oporalloin ot all kluda »uccoii»(ully uurforuiod. nutl Mlildlo AgoA Alou •uflotliiKtroui U>»t Uanhona, Norvoua or Fay- ilanl DoRllllv, Suuiluiil Wvakuou, Lotl Vigor, |)oollaoo| Manly I'oworH, Oralut. l)Uoharg«» or lxj*eo», Vartooculti, nuil all thu Iratu ot evua r«wulllug from h'xoo.«u», Krrorn lu Voulh, olo. uroiluoliig Home of tho following otfvou, M Ncrvou»uoM. KIUU.-.IOD*. I'lmplei, IllotohM, Ikiblllty, l)Uiliif««.l)o/eollvoiliU)lory, Abnuuow of Wllli'owtir, Oodtutlouof liloai, Avoriloulo ttouloty, boxual Knhauntlou, l'»lu Ut Uiu U»ok, oto., bllglkllng Uiu iuo<( radiant liou<w, iflutlor- deilug uiarrlago unhappy aui) builue** a fall- mil ; •woviilng tltouitaiuU to all uulliuuly vrav« .<o manor who li»« full*!, commit thu IJootof, Ho l\a* curml ihouiaudt who havo glvuii up m detualr. A i»)rfootio.totallou. OouiullatlOM ooutlUwulUI. I Watt aro itaugMOW, '' .«.ro.ww -- •— -jUjk'ittaf' [(TwKJ'irirrWaro vf i>h>Ylc»l'deltjow wt kuuiit which would rouJor iu»rrl»go » dt*. •mioiuliutml would da wull to o*ll ou u*. FREE ti*»mlu»tlon ol ihii Urluo, ohowlc«l and uuorutooutoftl lu »11 o*«o» of KUuoj Dl»- lonliovtt. llrlng niiuoUiion. RCnAARKABLe^uro* p«t(o«wd m old «Mt* wulofi IIHVU licou uugl«olud or uiuiklltuUy Uontoil. Nu iixpurluionu or l»lluru. l*4rllai »to»ti)il by uikll or o»pw««; but wbuio vo«*|bl% u«r*oii«l oontuluUou iituiorioti, OM«< Wd oorrfKiiuuuouoo ilrlulljr toottft ll»l *uA|iuiodtalno »oi\\ to.»ui_)>»il Ol IUIM«1

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