Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 6, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 6, 1927
Page 6
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If THE lOLA DAILY ^EGIS'r'"li /TUESDAY EVENING, DECEMBER. 6, 1927. Bonne lyaxmln^ at KUi Bnxton's . llf*!W Atan^dow—Rohert. Boul- . by» pnepot tie*. Traas' • tof Karoabiirfr. '' IXahk HcAdisms • haa..Just . com- i pitted a fine new five room buuga- ^lj>w for Gill-Ruxton's and ^ liey! • have mo red in. Friday, ntglu a . riuint>er >f their friends went in V j -and gave them a "house warming." :The surp;ise wa.s complete and the - guests Uok rVfroshments which were-served at a fate hour. Those rresenfwere; Mr. and Mr.s. George r" Ruxton and Florsnce. Mr. and Mrs. ; .Elmer . Bjbens. Kenneth an4 Wal- ttr. Mr. |ajid Mrs. Elmer Phillips • ana Vernon, Mr. 'and iMmT Will RQSS, vnilis and IJarrel. ftlr." an.1 Mrs. .V.^jf.'Curley. .Mr. and -Mrs. • liank M &Vdams and Uonnu Ix'e, Mr. arid Mhs; .Mont .Miller, Kngene ; and Pauliiie, .Mr. and .Mrsl Wlllard Uastin'g. jnollie Gene and fJordon - J)can. .Mn and .Mrs. Kngonc. HuKt- Ing of,Hdrtrofd. Mr. and .MrV Geo. [ Knumingor and Junior of I^Harpe. Mr. and Mrs. criireucv IJolze. Calvin and i.Marden' of Kansas' City. Miitses fcinma .KonslrU and .Mcri- betli .^tei). -.lolin Voungberg. Flo.vd evening they enjoyed a bridge party witn the following Additional guests: Mr. and Mrs. Ru^seU Warren and' Lois Winifred, ai^d Mr. and Mr^. ' Preston Patterson and IMina ,I..u«:ille. : kev. ;J.. C. I^ane preached an excellent 'sernifiu Sunday oyening. We are gla.i that the thurph attend- aaite is gradually infcreasing.-There will die no prayer meeting Wednesday evening, o^ acro(mt of the sen-' ioi play. • I'reacliing^Suiiday mcrrn- ing. ^ • ' .Mr. and ..Mrs. Clarence Bolze. Pauline .Miller. Mrs. King and Roberta Galloftp visited at the Ater homo Thursday evening and Mrs. Lewis, and .\nnis^ Wednesday evening visitors. 'I .Mrs. Boiing. who has been visiting hei-" sister, .Mrs. iM. J. Keeton, feturneti to her home at Emporia Wednesday. . - Mrs. Barley and .Mrs. Ro.lln Nev- itf .were loJa visitors .Monday aft- ernbon. .Mr. and Mrs. .\. \V. Burnett have moved to Bayard where he will work in John BarleyV ston. Carol. Dodds and Helen (lordon and Jack and Miss Lindelt' of Lawrence, spent Saturciuy at Gill Kux- ton's; .Mr. and .Mrs. BITI Cooper f^pent .Monilay cvt-ning ai Chris IlonsickV.! .Mr. and .\lrs. Cltas. Wray andi family and Sani Husley ol IJI- Harpo. GcorK" Hiisliy and 5(). Pet-: erson of Inia, .-IIHI Cnt-In George neilth, Gdorgp Carni-v. Brooks AVal- RuxUm worn ThiitiksgivluK. guesis luiie arid \\. W. Hi.sllut. All had at 1). G. KiiviohV. • a delightl';il liilie awl hope Mr. and j"<'z V.ilsoii was a dinner .Mrs. Rux on and the liuvs will en- at" i.ewi.- F:irniers .Snnday. jov their ht.'me many yeavs. I Ha-ris a:nl family are iuov- Carl Ur])wii, wlio is .altendinK Stale .Ayr culture (olleRe at Alan- ..hattan speiil Thanksgiving holi- da.vs at Jiome. • " _ Mr. and -Mn. Floyd Waiion. MIID recently 1n *i^'"'d to Fiedonia, were III -town Siind.'iy. * I.*o Jlifl went to Kansas City • f^uiiday Adhere he has worU. i W. H, Rogers. Mr. am] ^InT: Cha<=. •llill. Leo iand. Cyril spent Thanks- gilvipg w-ith .Mr. and .Mis. Frank JolHff. , Leo-'Heifler. • who is working at • Jiurkbiirnclt, Tex., spent 'givitig-wiih home folk.s. Jiank '.MJc.^danis and family spent Thursday at N. T. CurJey'.s. . ' The. RiHittkah lodge met tii the vai .M. .M. 1 guer^t ar 1 K. R: H: iiig into the hons Collins.- i Mrs. Perkins.and son Wilfred of | .Moraii and -Mrs.'^V. C. Wrisht 'iT Ciirthage. .Mo., called on Inez Wilson Sunr'ay jificr'KKni: : Joe Brown took .M. M. Collhis '.s; fifrultnre to' Tulsa. ML-is Knima Kont-iclc and father spent'Thii:st!ay afleri'oou at Link DorseyV. .. i .Miss .Mihlie.! Hii -'HJiis of lol .V lis- ited at Gill Kiixton 's Sunday. .Miss (Jraee West, who teaches at Thanks-;Turner. sp>;.t Tluiiik-givinjg vacation at Iioii/e. MODERN USTIQUETTE ) Br Roberta Lee. . Q. How soon shonld one return a f.r .S 't fall? A. It shoulid ne returned within a perioij of t\»|o weeks. . Q. W'hich courses at dinner are passed iwlce? 1 A. Vegetable ;COurse8. Q. \Vhal par of. the day does a bridai'shower take place? , In. fh^ eve ling. CARPENTER ; (Mrs. Maltel S. Sell.) Nov. ^0.—Yes! We have a prize pumpkin raiser in.Carpenter district. Wllma A. Sell is the "pumpkin girf;" She lyon third prize in the pumpkin contest at lala. The pumpkin was a big yellow fellow, weighing about fifty ppiinds. She planted > the see is in the garden among the tonia o vines.' and hoed it herself as faithfully as needed. Wli'en siie •iiotlci'd how this particular -.audacipu.s pumpl^in;: was forging ahfad cif its little brothers ani^Hlsters, siie cried In delight Oh.' .vpi|' old "b g bab.v." For it certainly surprised us the way It grew ^id grew -She hail great hopes kept right oh grow"-Ing. ant) had tie twenty-five 'all but speai. of <-oirse; like all the others. ; But there were i other puippkiits: it wasn't ;the j "only puinpkin" that g-ew and grl;w. .So ."ihe's alnio.-<! (|uiie happy anyWa.v. Tiidse.; taking \Y. Baker iionie W. Baklr. Mr. OF THE MY Dr. anil .Hrs; Holmes ri «me Kvan- feiplht'e '.Meetings and FreseHl PiiKsIon Play at Kalstiin I Theatre—PersonaN. here will attend a meeting of the society at the home of Mrs. Clair Kerr at LaHarpe Thursda>- after- noun. : Mr. and ..Mrs. Frank MdCoy are home after ah absence of s n-ei-al moii'.hs at .Madison, Kan., where Mr. McCoy has been know Mr.. BrQufllard continues to Improve aii<^ with^^ every hope tl^t he willsood'his usual healtlj. Mrs^ COTia ; B. Simpson who haJP ^been here the past few weeks witw her daughter-in-law. Mrs. ^L.' i. Simpson, • v^ill spend the winter h.'re'after a visit at Ch.ristmas (.Mrs. G. H. Ford! MORlAN, Dec. 5.—We are haviU: real w predict .Mrs. most employed in the oil fiehls. Their ilinie with other relatives, old friends are slad to welcome I .Mr. and Mrs. Harry Umphrey jihom home HKain. land children liave arrived home Georce Brouillard (,f Joifer .«on- |and are visiting among their liela- ville. ind.. wlio has been here att^'ves here, after their long" visit in Uhf h .dside of his fath.-r C. F.-fPrance. home of Mi-s. I'mphrey. nter temperature liuf we ! »'i ">"'''^'''i- ''-'^ ,''•^7 very ill !. ; , • -• ..o..........1 ... I.... ii.-jnie ih • last of —Wanted to Buy: Cleaa have so far escaped the snowfall j "-f'"J'l^ predicted for this section. "'" Odd - Fell! n' hall .Monday evening Hepre.-^:':r.;:li\-(' .\"i( ii;;la.- Ldi'rw-ciilh. of Oliio. i;^ shown as he took .Mrs. Lena Sinclair and "Mrs. Xel-i"l' <hf ;;avel to open!:.- .Sevi'iilii Hi Congres.s. ;is speaker ty" lie Sinclair look Airs. Tiillivar to ! tin-Mouse of i:ei>re.--<iiiauve:;. « Lone Klt)i Sali:r.l;.y. • — - . . ^ — • .Mi-s. Jill). Jiarley and Jnhii .Ni'ek, and'a larke; nunilier w-as present. It was th'ir first'meeting in (his liall. Tlu-l following officier^ were •;.electedj Sarah Deihni. noble grand; Jessie llard.v, vice grand. Josephine Dvan and^ .Mrs. , Lanry transferred their membership from' Kincaid. Mr and .Mrs. Bob Mnir .aud .Millie Hasting wore elected to mcmbershii). The lodge folks were vglad to hiiVe .Mrs. .MViir come back .into tlie .Uidge as ,slie was one of * its 'charter .nienil)([rs. ni^iking two of the charter iflrtnbers belting. ' .Mr. and Mrs. Francis Morion and Mrs. -Mildred Davis drove • down fxqni-Kan'.sas City Thirrsday morning and vi.sited at Ed Hite's unffl Saturday when .Mr. and Mrs. Mor- and Mr. and .Mrs. K. It. .\evitt. .|,-.. jJ-t'wis. .\ir.s. Gla took dinner at tlie Kelley hotel in • '.'""""''jt. .M lola Sundav. ^ A nuniher of the nieinliers of tlie Odd Fellow and Ui-bekali lodge expect to attend the lo-lpv social in rfnmboldt Thiii-^Iay jnening. A dialogue entitled "The Cute Family." will he given ijy .Mildred lodge. , - Mr. aqd Mr,s. Cedri<-: Wilson an-1 son. Dixon, of Mo .lywood. Calif- were calling on friends here Tiies- Who still I day. ;.Mr. Wilscp. fornierly worked in the" plant here and Mr.s. AVilson. hi.;;li school. . Their were ?lad to ^ee who; was •.Mi:;s .Myvle Stui ke.y, ]elerk at the depet. lia- h-r-n irmis- ferred to , S;«voiibii!-g .-.iid he ami .Mrs. Biiwlljy' liuvi- iiioveil il .ere. The first game <if the Hekaii , — .— , , ^ league was playod <in the .Mildred ton returned to lyinsas City audi Charley Brown Jif Fredotiia i^pent court Taesdav cvcnin.g. when '.'l:;i- jivr- lsa ;ie. .Mr-. Will-; T;iylor aiiil Hiiltoii, forwards; •s. Kei'.a Jlul^,^•aker.; llriiiig'itoi:. ceiiler: .Voiton :iiid |ciiar ;es Foster aiidllandd ilriir;.- Miinr'. gucrds. attt-nded the lodi;e social iii.l.:i- .lonaihan Hosley had the mls- Harpe Monday <'veiiin,i;. . , f„riune of being kicked by a horse .Mr., and .Mrs. KImvr llite ami idiiriiig the Thanksgiving vacation Bill'. -Mr. and .Mrs. Ini Norton. -Mr.: but was ihank-fiil to be able to re- and rdrs. Harrison I'attciso'u, Delr-itnrn to school with the aid of a line and Mildred were Thaiiks^iiv-j crutch. ing guests at I=rest«.a *'atler.son'^. I Mei .Trimble Is suffering from .Mr. and .Mrs. Floyd I'rather of | hionchitis. Chanut.-- visited at Frank lleider's; MJ ^S Liston' visited relatives at Sunday aud Mrs. Hcider wepi iionie • A,,.„„ont ,i„,.ing vacation. . .with them for a few dayH \isii. | .Mr. Robert Bowr.y. A ho lias i ;i-en I taiiglit in tlir many fiiends them. Oral Cline, l''rncst Claiborne and Mrs. Davis went to lola to visit .Mr. and .MrJ'.-.C. K. Locl;e. who 'jroiighi j her back Sunday evening. .Mrs. Leona Jefferi.s and lionnle . visited .MIssi .Merlbeth Ater Sunday ufiernoon aii(l Bonnie remained all night. .! ; - .Mr. and .Mr.". 'Hoysc >;pent S|iin- d :iy eveiiiugiat-;l*ri'sto;i l.'altersoJi' ^Mr iiiii! >li:s. Mlllaid llealli at- •tt-ll(f''(l an >i }'.mer Mi,7 |iei' at Ii!e|- Vie-w Ht 'Iiool 1 house' Friday night j ' Fraiik. aud..Meribeili Aier jat- Thiuiksgiving dinner iit .yont !MI1- ler'?. I • ' ; .\lr. and Mrs. ClarciK-e Bolze :in:l •dilldien. of.Ktinsils City spent the Thunksgivin; vacation with her parents, Mr.innd .Mrs. .\. T. Cnrley. and. his panints at Walnut. ,..Mr. alid" .Mrs. Corhett Tliomiisoii imdi Max and .Mr. and .Mrs. Joe ,\dijnis''of :I6la were Sunday viHi- tor$ at PretJtoii Pattcrsoii'/i. • '.jT Sunday evciijn)^ in .Mildred. Lester Casteels are moving into the Wilcox house lliaf was recently vacated by John AlcAdanis. .Mrs. Sani .Mii.Vilanis has returned frcni Topeka where she has been visiting hnr i^-iugliter,' .Mrs. Karl Ciihlis and ;'ainl!y. Sam I'tiithi'r and family are mov- jlng iijto .Mrs. .MiiliV. f.irin home, j .Mr. and .M^f. Doii Ray and children..and .Itm and Kllu Dickenson :!ie Tbiiaksglvliig dinner with .Mrs. F. C. DickeuRon. - Jerry Hackett Is (|uite sick and j Bed .^•e ^ltt•s "lie,; :ie' and .Mii*. Hackeit arc at the' basketlRill on the lionje of Grant Sliockey in lola, in order that he may he neat* medical Irea'tnient. Jap Brown and faniily altendeil the fiiiirral of .Mrs. Brown's father. nute played the .Mildn'd town team. The score was 47-1't in l.ivoi of Mildred, I .Mrs. lUvnolds, .Mrs. Siiilon and Bonnie Jefferis vi^lied ihe school .Monday aud ..Mts. ,i';iiil Biirkli.jid and Millie llaMlni:s visittd us Taer•d.-iy. We ;;l.';';.-- ;:•.•::! ii- wil come visitors. ' Don't flir'if I till- ii :!retil -ie:ii !iM. irtecthr.; Thfir>jil:iy i iphi o,' iie:^; week. Ftfer,\*!)oi!y -.vhn is inli-r'-st- eil In school is urr< d lo Mliiid. Olse ONeii's Tei :;(i!e Swules ;iiid Di vil>" idiiVe I Mildred loiir:- Tuesday < veiling nf laJ ^i v rri;. .\ huge < rowd' was present and ii was a grtod v;atnc. .\ iiuinber of the /Swedes .are <-il.-«'g( ;):isk<Mhall star'-' and lia /'j lovt few gi!n;e.-. .-iiiri A thank.sgiving chupel hour was held »" Wedn'e.silay.' Numbers of siieeial interest were the reading of the I'ersidcat's .proclamation by Uiiili Brown, a select reading by .\iiios Jefferis, a vocal duet by .Miss Liston and Robeidu Galloup. anil a SOUK by the senior class. All I'tijoy.-il ii songfest. .Mrs. Ixils ; .\< vitt served most acceptably as aei'oinpanist for the speidal songs and the general singing. ' There was no school Thursday a :id Friday anil tin- pupils enjoyed a ThaakHKlving VHCUIIOII. MIna Lucille Patterson Is on.the silk list and Is absent from school. Tlie pupils In .Miss Hackett's room have been having a contest for iniprovcuieni in writlag and Doris Ray.-Charles Helder, Charles Blown aiul Kninief Brown were awjirded fhe 'honor of making the iiKist improvement. I'"rancis Nevitt who has b-en vry ill. is much iH'tter but still ui^ilde to attend school. Wick Hpbart, in Kincaid .Tuesday, j the Mildrerl boys are to be highly.; Mrs. Gladys Is.-jac and children i lonipliim'n'ed tluii 'Hev iii.-i(l( ,t .-o land Harold Drnry wont tc Shawnee Idifflciilt for iho!)! t':^ wij -The Mlllarif Fleatb received word that ifor Thanksgiving <]ini!er with their j score was 2\-:'.'2 in favor of the ileatJi oTjliis sister. .Mrs. .lolin i.|>areiit«. ^ir. -ind Mrs. Isaac Diury. I Swedes. Fifty d-dlar -SALEM I-).- burns ehi' fcausdl in n a obttle of turpeii- opening while stand- to Kincaid S -:- The IJadie.s' Wortli. was received wlir • tin«.' she was ilig near a hpt stiive exploded. She'; liveJ fifteen: days after the trag- | ed .Vf. They saved the but a! iiumher of things was burned. j 'Mr. ^nd .Mrs. E Dixon. Velma j '•'^ .and .Froida ami .Mr. and Mrs. Qren, '• "Bosiiis lof Kincaid took dinner; at .•fJste! Dixon's^ Thanksgiving day. Md and .Mfs. M. J. Kelton wen- ijinday afternoon. .-Vid society will meet •»-lth .M'rs. F. ;C. Dieki'iison to (|iii.'| .T^iirsday. ; ! ;if. p.. Gartland, ngeut iit the M-K-T .depotj is taking n vacation •and visitiiug hisj ?bn in ]»ng Beiwdi, Calif. J R. Gruhiiiii of I'itl.slArH Jfi lookiiic after hisWorlv hi're wliile : lie is away. = : Mr. and .Mrs. .McColliini took dinner at Tlieodore Hutton's Sunday. • jMr and.Mrs. J.;^'. Wnole 'ry of Kincaid were: .TliaiiUsfiivin-.; 4iiesls ; .nt. Ki ;bel ^Sinclair's.' - , o'pai ileatii' spentThaliks- giyiti'g at lionie. lull renrrneil and taugi.l si liool'Friday.^ ; ; iMis« FJoieiiie Rax'.oii spt-nt Thanksgiving vacation at! home; "•Mrs. -Mary Hawkins and son Uif Olln'ton, '.Mo., are htrc visiting Her ftither-, E. M. Hosley.-Mr. and Mts. Chalnior HosJoy also^pent Tliank-s- g'iving day at. the Hosley licihie.-' ilMr. and Mr.".. Estcl Dixon drove to-Hanrboldt Sunday evening. .'Dean. Keeton is spending a few '•lays--with lils sister, Mrs. Carl Mc- Citdluin. 'Mrs. Tolivyr of'Pleasaiiton spent Ibt week-end with. .Mis.lLerta Sln- cliair • Mr. and Mt^s. J.'IL Hunsaker and ^ildren were Tlihuksgii-fng guests Of'.Mrs. Mary llimsaker. .-'Mrs. Hughs and. children : spent the week-end at Butler, Mo. i Miss Inez M'ilson is moving to . Kansas City where she will make '; Her home.. She was one of the Xirst to come to Mildred when the town was founded and was in.the • iKJBtofflce so many years that she Is known by all, and her friends re-^ gret that she has decided to leave' JUlldred. 5 • ' : .Mr. and Mrs.; Ed Hite entertained tliP following ! gussts at dinner Tbajiksglving d^y• .Wr. and Mrs. Jftaneis Mcrton of Kansas City. Dr. ijiti Mrs. R. R. Nevitt and Bdith. . 'JJr. and ^rs. Russell Nevitt, Mir. and Mfs. R. B. .Ml. aud .Mrs. Btsli Muir. .Mr. and I. TI . the iliior. The foilowiii;: is th Mrs. Fioyd AVil.soii. Mr. :ind Mrs. Frank Jolliff .Mrs, Lovina- Cline. liiieiip; j-'wedes ; Movtr and liters, forwards; Di:l;e. c-nter; Cai i wi iah; (--• 1. -George I{ii.<.-ell received | ,t!ie sad m-ws a( the death of his i , ".''':<,i!lv sister. -Mrs. .1. II. Vaugh. of; was lak.-!l IT: |,Ti,^ to .Mr linner at the W. .Siindar were: C. and -Mrs. B; M. i Baker,'.Mrs. Snyder and Carl Baker and .Mr=an(LMrs| C. H. Baker .Mr. and .Mrs. [Clarence Miirpiiy spent Tlianksglvjng at her aunt's Mr. and'; .Mrs. Charles Alexander, son'tli of; lola. Rajnno'nd Baker went to Pitts-burg a week ago Friday night lo attend tlje V. M. C. .\. meeting and retiirned^hoine Sunday evening/ .Air. and- .Mrs. Leslie Barnett drove to'. Keiribrpi Kaiisas, Sunday and spent the day with Mr Barnett's siiiter and iiusband, .Mr and i ^'psed then ill's. Ketschner ^nd children. 1 Mr. aiid .Mrs.' piarence Murphy entertained .Mr. Murphy's brothers and sistet-s and fitther and n|iother, last Sunday at their home."*^ Bayinnnd Bake- spent Th'—of'-night with his cousiq, Harold Baker, at Crescent Valley. Harold returned home with •Raymond and stayed until Sunday. Mr and Mrs. CHne visited at the Pre<l Rees home Suiiday afternoon. .Mrs. Clarence Murphy's mother, Mrs. Call of Oeneva. spent yesterday with her. Raymifnd and Harold Baker took dinne rat the Stickles home in Star Vailey. Sunday, Herbert Sell jpresented qur living r.ooi^, with a fine new rtov all hlff ;own handiwork, and its music and all Is. dandy. Don't be without .one if yon Irave a smart biy>- in the family! Report of Carpenter school. District C, i for third' mouth ending October :23, lJt27: Numl>er enrolled 25; boys^. girls 10; number of da>'s tr.ught 15. | We were quite proud oT our attendance for the month which was 100 per cent. Thbse-oh'the honor roll for this n^onth were: Ethel Juunlta Shapel, Margarej" Baker, j Vica Margaret Curtis, Karl Heinz. Frederick Cor- klnn. R^th Troittwine and -Nellie Half. -We were sorr. Turner from our gone to .Missouri home. •School was disini.ssed l-«tice daS' and T day for Tlianksg^ j We have a new j hall, iilay groun^ hall. • Shaw of Chanute gave a j ifileresting address at the i Presbylerian church Sunday morning under the direction e: t:. • missionary society of tiie church. •Mrs.. Shaw visited the Holy Lands within recent years and her talk was descrlpth-e of her experiences ! during her travels and was great- '• ly appreciated by her audience. Mrs. Prentice Donald of Erie • was here Saturday atiendiuK tlie' annual of the .M. E. Churcli ;. and visiting among her old' friends . who were t'lad to se'e her. Fred Ferguson of Wichita was here Friday night, the guest of his niece. .Mrs. Leslie Twadell. and i family. Before coniins here he bad | visited his sister. .Mrs. Fred .Mc- 1 iCormack. and family, near Eureka. | Dr. Koogler of Krinsns 'City v.a.s | here Sunda.y th.' guesi of .Mr. and .Mrs. B. .V. .MeCorniack. .Mrs. W. E- .North i.-; en joy ing a visit with her cousin. Mrs. .M. 1.. Sims, whose home is in California. Imt who has Ijcen visiting the p.-is: several weeks in I" nnsylvani .i with relatives and (dd friends. .MLss .Mary .AlcKittrick who is a teacher in the Humlioldt schools, sjient the week-enil at home. The ladies of the .M. K. Church enjoyed a most generous patronage at their annual ba'-iaar and dinner held Saturda.v. Dr. and Mrs. Holmes who have been conducting a series nf evangelistic services at the Christian Church for tlie last three weeks, clqsed their work Snnday night at and on .Monday night I at the Ralston Theatre will pre- i sent the Passion Play, advertised j to be quite superior -to the usual i movie film of this play. j In response to. an invitation froiii ! the missionary ladies of the I're.-,- ; byterian Church' at • Lallar .De. a| group of ladles from the clnn-ch.i A&TINC IMAKSS EAKiriC EASIER surest baking pow', der that can be prot^uced at any price. The greatest money saver that ever entered a kitchen- Prevents failures that waste inany dollars' worth of other baking ir.atcrials. Try it. Profit by the perfect, never - failing action of Calumet. ^mmmmET :SAl4i:S,,2>i :TIMES,rrHOSE OF ANY OTHER BRAND lo !o.«e Evelyn .school. She has to make her for .•Vrm- lursday and Fri- ying vacation, .soccer and volley ball, and foot- .Mrs. Sara-^Deihni. -Mrs. "Barbara .and J'erfei-t. miards. Bed Devils "OTHER MAN" IN REMUS CASE i Ann, 'Mr., and fi'evitt, Jr. -I 'nd Dell-i Mrs. W.-'D. Xevilt ^nd Mrs. Mildred Dayip. ..In tHSe !iiii !ii;y e.Meiid.-: sympathy Kll^^ei>aIld laniily. ' I .MNs .Mvr .'!i- -jlofflne arrived Fri- i i \;\y ;<)" ;iii exl 'iiiieii vib .ll '.vith her . ii:fc !e. we'irire .Mmkley. and family, jam! i 'lh:r relatives of this cdm- imi.!iity. • ^ .M;'.-.. L. K. I 'e .iriUiiii ewlerlained ! at 'i haiiksciviiig" diniirr. .Mr. and I Mrs.. KVei'c!! Pi -ariiJan* and family. | ' .dr. a;:t; Mrs. Edgar I'earnuiii and I-:us-e!l. .Mr. and .Mrs. tJeorge Pct- lii. ami -Mr. i.n.i -Mrs. <;. A Russel g -'-S^f "VIES - ice a . plenty- aiiii fsinily. .\ very enjoyaide time ^^^^V 'I a crackeil -water was had hy all pnseni- ^. jacket - a tied up Mr a;:.l Mrs- Lyi- Ha. k and | c . eostly dainase* to pay - aU be' (ili'.ily.. of ll {im'i .ddt vi.iifed Fri-i • . .- diy a: tlie pared.;! I'eitit home. .Mr. i.iid .Mrs- .Merle .Markley left Tluirsilyy for .Madison. Kansas, w'heri' .'ilr. .Markley has eniploy- iiunt. ...Mr, ni'd -Mrs. W. 1). Fronk called at till- Ceorge Markley lionie Sunday afternoon. -Mrs. L< o Swink of Leavenworth, is visiting her iraients. .Mr. aild Mrs. K.. E- Kalni. i Jii-js. Theresa Uiissfdl of Osawa- teinle. Kaus.. speiir Thanksgiving v.t.cation with her uncle, Geofge R'.issell. and family and.cousins. Mt. and .Mrs. H. E. Pearman. Miss Russell is stenographer for B. F. Weiiichel, in Osawatomie. '.Mary and Hazel Markley, Myrtle Hcf;ne and Kermit Holmquist mo- t'lrrd t:> .Madison Monday aud spent, the ilay with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wixson and .Mr. and .Mrs. ^Icrie'.Markley. cause there -waa no iVhii Anti-Freeze in the tadiator. Don't let ]^his happen ta you. Get UBliz .Ant^Freeze to.^y and be free from.the freeziag menace. This safe, dependable, econonueal pre* paration ia'guaiaoteed to prevent fieez> ing at temperatutes .as low as 30^ below zero, when-uaed^according'to the aimple directionB lomialied. It doea not clog, corrode or oxidize aiiy part of the' circulating •yatem. It has a' base of glycerine and alcohol and its ingredients aie bkoded scientifically. Spe{>d a little for genuine U^iz An^ Freeze noW and save a lot in repair* later. , ' SHANNON'S. Hardware Gas Station This picture of FranMinL. Dodge, jr.. was taken in the oflice of the prosecutor at Cincinnati where Dodge, former secret ser\-ice man, waited to testify ill the trial bfpeorse vRemus, former bootleg king.^ for the •murder of his wife. Remus has charged that .Mrs. Reniu.-; and bodge conspired to rob him while he was in Atlanta penitentiar>-, itl^ the fihst picture obtained of I^odge. .1 i Nash Gairage 214 North Jefferson OPEN ALL NIGHT 1 NIGHT MECHANIC— SERVlcfe ANY CAR PLENTY Oi; STPRAJJE PHONE 720 NASH MOTOR SALES CO. —if you make your Christmas Gift a subscriptioii to ihe Daily Register. lola Anyone who has ever been away from home for a considerable time and has had the "Old Home Papefr" come to him ev- eiy day, will testify that the happiest part Qf his da.v was the hour he spent in reading the paper. It wa$ like a. letter except that it had more news in which he; was interested than any letter ever did. — ^ Doubtless many of the home readers of the Register have relatives or friends who formerly lived here but are novv^ away. \Miy not send these friends or relgft:ive^ a eopy of the Reg'i.ster for three months or six*month3 or a year as a Christmas Gift? _ Could you send any othei- prift that wonld fe enjo.yed for a solid .. hour every day, as the Reg-i.ster will be? • ^ i -if ^M'• •:. For that matter, what would make a-better 5?ift foi' those who live in Allen county? For any who wish to act upon this suggestion the Re^ster has a nicely printed card to be sent to the recipient of the gift which reads as follows: , : ' THIS CERTIFIES, that a subscription to %e lOLA DAILY REGISTER-has been paid for in the namebf for the period of .. ... months by - . — . • • .—\——__ 1 .— who joins in Avishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. « ,. jf. t -if:

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