Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 10, 1933 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 10, 1933
Page 2
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, TXTESDAY EVENING, JANUARY 10, 1S3S. lOLA, KANSAS NAMES. Names are such enchanting ithUigsl Ever do they bring to me i Beauty—vjision—Uft at wings— Seos^—and scent—and my^ry! Barnes that I have loved and known, Xtmes that lore me wide and far: ^oam... .jValenda—Carcassonne.. liondondehy... .^3halimar.. .|. Meoiphfemagoe—Saiita Fe Atheips.!.. LSingapore—Baku..., Buenos jAi^es —Saguenay.. • Fez... .iGodhaven Paotingfu.... Zamboanga....Taj Mahal .... (db, songs-r-and dreams—and lift of wings!) Denm... .Bagdad Senegal..;.. Names are such enchanting things! —CaOierlne Parmenter in the New York American. Cncrent Events Clab Keets : 'the Current Events club met yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs George Vosse with the ix^si- dent, Mrs. J. A. Herr, in charge. Mrs. C. B. Stephens read a paiier on '^Stories American Paintings": , At the nTiniia] election of ^officers, 4he followteg-were chpsen: Mrs. Leo Bener, president; Mrs. A. W. Young, irice-president; Mrs. C. B. a ^phens. secretary; Mrs. H. C. Bishoj), treas- iirer. ' The following were present: Mesdames R. IC. Bishop, €. A. Ellis, J. A. Herr, Lee Moore, P. S. Ray, Leo llener, H, C. Ridgway.iC. B. Stephens, W. T. Thayer, George Voei«, W. C. Wright, A. W. Young. : i • • 9eseareb Club Meets • The Research club met yesterd \y aftemooh in the home of Mrs. L.' V. Simmons.., Mrs., A. G. Speegle, the president, was in charge of the business sekslon and Mrs. John Brazee conducted the lesson on Japan. •Hie others whd took part in the l^on were: Mesdames O. L. Cul- liison, A. O. Speegle, L. R. "niomb- sdn, Uoyd icarter. G. W. Gates, ahd W. O. Lenhart. The following wdre present: Mesdames C. P. Smith, p. W. Gates, iJ. O. Major, Lloyd Carter, John Brazee, W. O. Lenhart, George J.= Trombold, A. G. Speegle, L. Thompson; ahd O. L. CuUison. Vuttyfivb Meeto ^- I ' • • The Unity club mejt yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. J. E. B. Miller with Mrs. A. B. Chambers assistant hostess. TbB program was featured by a review of "Folkways of lliomas Hardy," Ruth Anita Piror, by li^rs. j. F. Lemon, and a review of HfCrdy's "Fair Prom the Madding CrOwd." by Mrs. J. H. Soweitoy. Refreshments were served to Mesdaines J". G. Apt, J. H. Armel. J. C. Benson, L. V. Bowlus. C. A. Brooke, R. H. Carpenter, A. R. Chambers, F. L. Deiiton, E. D. X<and, J. F. Lemon, E. E. Lytm, J.: KB. Miller. P. E. Reed, Louis' Schlanger,. J. H. Sowei^,, ;G. T. Talbert; Miss Blizabetb A^pt, Miss Luella Vamer, a!nd Miss Gertrude Leitzbacb. terday with Mrs, Golden Link CIiil> Meets The Golden Link club met yes- J. W. Fife. The president, Mrs. Fred Mei^e, was in charge of a brief business sessipn at which the following ofBcers were elected for the cjsming year: Mrs. Fred Menzie,; president; Mrs. J. S. Reed, vice-president; Mrs. J. W. Fife, secretary; itos. M. H. Wilson, treasurer. [The program-ihcluded a talk on "jPottei?" by Mrs. Bruce Armacost, a book review on "Longfellow" by Hezeklah Buttefjwortti, given by Mrs. J. S. Reed, jand a paper by Mrs. W. M. Williams, "Abide With Me." A gift exchange -whidh had been postponed from the last meeting was held. Mrs. Mark Runer gave two Christinas poems, "The Night Beforo Christmas," and "The Night Afters Christmas." i Thie hostess was assisted by Mrs J Runer in serving a three-course iimcheon to the p following: Mesdames Bruce Armacost, J. W. FUe, M. S. Lewis, J. H. McMurray, C. C. McPherson, Fred Menzie, C. E. Morrell, J. S. Reed, Mark Runer, Wi M. WUliams. M. H. Wilson, and W. A. Woodruff. * •> • Sorosls Club Meets The Sorosls dub met yesterday^' afternoon at the home of Mrs. A. E. Garrison with Mrs. John Layle assisting. The business-meeting was conducted by th^: president, Mrs. F. IRS AT COOLIDGE FUNERAL President and Mrs. Hoover 4re shown in this'telepho^E^ they left Edw^rjs Congregational church IK Noridi- ampton, Mass., after the funra-al services for former President Calvin CooUdge. Crowds outside the church cheered President; Hoover asihe appeared, but he kept his head bowed; inakiifg no sign that he heard the cheers. The president and bis official party left Northampton immediately aft^r the senices while the Coolidge cortege moved to Plymouth, Vermont. SISTER MARY'S SALE 75 Silk Dresses $2.87 Formerly to $5.95. In black and birown, also some colors. Sizes 14 to 42. Women's and Misises* Dresses $7.87 Formerly S10.95 to ?16.75. Tailored [wools and afternoon and street dresses of silk crepjes. Fur Trimmed Coats One-Hali Price Black and brown. Lovely fabrics and fur sets. luxurious $1.00 Costume Jewelry 6^ Necklaces, earrings and bracelets in a large assortment of: colors and styles. Silk Chiffon Hosiery 59e Every pair full fashioned. Formerly to $1.35. Broken, sizes and colors. Large group to' qhoose from. i • Leather Bags 89c Brtiwn and black. All have been much higher • priced bags. • Infants* knd Tots* Apparel 59c W. Sherwood, and Mrs. W. H. Anderson had charge of the election! of officers for the oominj^ year which resulted as follows: Mrs. D. B. BJIc- Carty, president;! Mrs. L. xi Biju-t, vice-president; Mrs. Frank Taylor, secretary; Mrs.'; C. A. SWiggett, treasurer. The program Included a piano selection, "Love's; Delight," Fritz Krelsler, by MrsjJohn Layle,;and a review of Ruth Trey 's, "The Lady Of QodeyV .by Mrs. Guy Lamer.' The following were preseht: Mesdames J. O. Allen, W. H. Anderson, E. W. Haglund, B. M. Coutant, A.j E. Garrison. L. L. Burt, O. L. Garliijg- bouse, N. C. KBir. J. P. Kobler, B. P. John K. Layle, W. E. Lyons, D. McCafty, R. L. Thompson Jr., D. Nbrthrup, Guy Pees, W. E. Rundall, C. E. Russell, F. Vf. Sherwood, Italiph Stover, C. A. Sw^ggett, Frank Tay- I lor, B. K /niompson, Clyde Thomp- ' son, L. H. Wishard, Guy lamer,^ R. D. SnuHer, and ohe guest, Mrs. J. C. Wishard. IF YOB MISS CALL 157 OR S20 THE REGISTER BY SISTER MARY .NE.\ Service Writer rpOO ofteu, during, tlie wintei' moulbs, we conAne our serving of fruit to tlie breakfast menu. However, a few experiments will show the housewife that fresh fruit will be as welcome for luncheon or dinner as for breakfast. Any mesl is made more interesting and nutritious by the Judicious' use of fruit. As a cocktail the appetite is stimulated and the ao\y of digestive -juices increased. Fruit served as a salad with a plain French dressing provides contrast ,ln iiavors between the main course and the sweet course. As. a final ' course fruit is valuable since its tartness of gavor stimulates the flow of an alkaline saliva which aids in the preyehtlon of tooth decay. At first thought the varieties of fre^h fruits may appear limited. But with apples, bananas, cranberries; grapes and several vartetles of citrus fruits on the market, the housekeeper has a satisfactory choice. ! California's grapes, well washed and chilled, make & delightful dessert. The large bunches are divided- into single portions for serving. Halves of grapefruit thoroughly chilled and served with a maraschino cherry and some of the slriip In each half are &n excellent dessert to finish a heavy winter dinner. ' The combination .of grapefruit In salads is almost legion. A plain grapefruit and lettuce salad is always suitable for^a dinner salad and will be pfirtlcularly welcome to those who are dieting to reduce.. Grapefruit and avocado pear salad is most delicious. Grapefruit and Chinese cabbage is another inviting combiilation. All 'fruit cocktails gain zest if grapefruit is added to the mixture. Or grapefrijit alone is an acceptable aptietizer. Cranberriles also make delicious Tomjorrow's Menu BREAKFAST: Baked bananas w th lemon sauce, cereal, crei m, crisp bacosi, coffee cake, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON: Russian cabbage soup, cheese bread sticks, rice in tomato sauce, i whole Wheat raisin bread, Californi^ grapes, milk, tea. DINNER: Cranberry cock- tall, panfbroUed pork chops, . potatoes I au gratin, spinach with mushrooms, jellied grapefruit salad, Italian chestnut roll, milk, coffee. co<dctails. The juice is availably bottled on the market or you can make it yourself. Cranberry Cocktail One quarj; cranberries,' 1 quart boiling watei-, 1 lemon, 1 cup sugar, few grains salt. , ~ Cook berries in water until they pop open. Strain through a jelly bag or a ; piece of cheesecloth placed over!a colander. Mash the fruit before! putting into the Jelly , bag but do \ not squeeze or press while straining, as that tends to make the ' juice cloudy. Add strained lemon juice, sugar and salt to juice and heat to the boiling pojnt. CMll pnd serve in cocktail glasses garnished with orange slices. Qiiestioitis on India ^.ompers, dresses,, sleeeprs, pajamas, cribidank- ets 'Sweaters, caps, etc. Formerly np to S2.95. Formerly to $2.95 i sortment of styles. Kid LeatHier Gloves $1.69 Black and brown. Large as- Turkish Towels lOc ' ' • ! • ' I Good qu«lity; double thread towels with colored i)6rders. ! 5 Toilet Soap 12 Bar^ 39c : Palm or Gardina French milled soap. lAn unusual value. ; 81x9^ Sheets 50c ' Good quality hand torn sheets. Extra liarge size. i Ghildrenfs ^oats One-Half Price I Assorted colors, many with fur collairs. |i Service^le fabrics. | Siilk lingerie 59c | 5 Formerly to $1.S0. Munsing alid JRaysetj's bloom- ets andall silk panties in pasted shades. HORIZONTAIt ITo tmpeL SOq>ital of Indian Bmpirii 10 Paper mulberry UPdii of a laddei- 15 Genus of •lags. 1< Burden. 17 Poisonous ptmnainc. 19 Who controb India? 21 Silkworm. 82 English Gohi. 28 female host 27 Little oak trees 31 Calamities. 32 Hidden treasure. 34 Coin silt 36 Bom. 3<i Cover. 87 Unit. 3«Tb eat sparingly > 40 Grows weary. ttGalter. 43 Not paved. 45 Brooka 47 Male. .Answer to Pr«vioos Puale 48 Pastry 49Set of -.^^ drawers. S3 To conciliate. 57 Last word of a prayer 58 Name of a ' book. 60 A real. 61 To value 62 Craftier. 63 Slender. VERTICAL 1 Pitcher. 2 To regret exceedingly 3 African ante- 15 lope. 1 Various herohs. 5 language of 'the Danes. 6 Before. 7 Chinese measure. ,8 Quoit target. 9 Invasion. 10 Sums. 11 Blackbird of the cuckoo family. 12 iVIatter from a sore. ISTree having tough ,wood. 18 Wrath. 30 To annoy. 23 What people are the nia- jorlty In India? 24 Liquid t)art of fat. 25 To slumber 26 Compact. 27 Public quiet. 28 To run away. 29 Pertaining to tone. 30Ut .8 U stand. 33 Atmc^here. ."IS Worsted cloth, 40J^ogmas. 41 Evening meat 42 Scoffs. 44 Hover's, truck. 46 Frost bite. 49 Vehicle. 50 Eucharist vessel. 51 Wager. 52 Sesame. 53 Beer! 54 To be 111. 55 Capuchin moi(< key. 56 Tree, genus Ulmus. 59 Seventh note. iMany L&ts and Discdtftilitied tmnil^ feat- iti^jn every d^artiii^t at dtte-lliird telOne-Half 0|f and Less. [ ^ 9vm Persia's American Treasnrers. In 1911, at the request the Persian govexijment. President Taft recommended iWllliam Morgan Shuster, of New Hampshire, as a fimihcial adviser for that Country. Shuster was made treasurer-general with'almost unlimited power. Until January 10, 1912, he performed a ren^tkable service in handling the complicated affairs of Persia, when, on demand of Russia, he was compelled to resign. For several years after the World war another American, A. C. Millspaugh, rendered a service to Persia similar to that of Shuster. — rYOD GET OP NIGHTS Physic ihe Bladder With Juniper Oil Drive out the impurities aind excess acids that cause irritation, burh^ Ing and frequent desire. Juniper oil is pleasant to take in the form of BUKETS, the bladder physic, also containing buchu leaves, etc. Works on the bladder similar to castor oil on the bowels. Get a 25c box from £uiy drug store. After four days if not telieved of "getting up nights" go back and get your money. If you are bothered with backaidie or leg pains caused from bladder disorders you ate bound to feel better after this cleansing and you get your regular sleep. Sold by Brown's Drug Store, Palace Drug Store. UQCm—TABlETS—SAIiVE Checks CoUls fint daty, SeaUehcs or Neor^sla In 80 mb^to, Msdaite in 3 4asnh 666 SALYE lor Head Ciflds Most Speedy Bemedies Known NEWS OF MORAN George IVIcA4am ^bnorpd by Party -Attended ta F^r^mab'Class of : iKigh «obool on TB3m Birth'Say. (Mrs. G. H. Ford.) MORAN, Jan. 9.^George Thomas McAdani was honor guest in his home Friday evening when the freshman class of the, high school was invited to spend the evening with hlin In honor of his seventeenth birthday. The party was planned as a. surprise and w^ carried out most successfully, '< especially to the pleasure of the guests. Games furnished amusemeht throughout the evening until refreshnaents including a fine birthday cake were served. The following" group of younjr folks enjoyed the evening together: Karna Lee Braden, lone . Northway, Majdne Khlght, Miriam Peck, Marjorie Ford, Kenneth Weast, bale Brown, Dwight Barnes, Eldon SSayre, Almion Pratt, Biilly Trltes, Xbraine Lambeth, Scott ' Kimpp, Wayne Weast, Harold : And^rison, Gerald Doufehty,,TyEarvin Baker, and 4he honor guest. Mr. Harlan Isaac sponsor of the class and Mrs. Isaac, chaperoned and directed the games. Mrs. George Jackson, Selma, lias been here siiice Wednesday having dental work done, incljuding the extraction of a nundier of teeth in tlie hope of securing relief from an attack of tnflainatory rheumatism from which she has been suffering for some time. While here she was a guest of her daughter, Mrs. Kenneth Kennedy and Mri Kennedy. Mrs. Jadcsdn returned to her home Sunday. Mrs.,0. O. Sawtelle and son, Alpine, Tex., and her brothers, J. D., and Dreimie'Tolle, Humboldt, were Sunday afternoon, guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Duzan. The death of Mrs. T. M. Anderr soq at Long Beach, Calif., last Wednesday and^the interment here in the family lot in the Moran cenw- te^r Sunday ftftemoori. recalls the long residence of the famiiy at their farin home, south of town, and later their residence in Elsmore. The deceased made her home here until about ten years ago and until the death of her husband, when she went to make her. home in California with a daughter- Old friends extend sympafh./ to the family of children who now live in widely separated homes. . Mr. and Mrs. A; L. Anderson were Sunday guests of Mrs. .Anderson's parents, Mr. and Mrs., J. H. Burrell. In the afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Brown, Bonner Springs, were guests also. Mr. and Mrs. Brown had visited over night Satmday at the home of Mr. Brown's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Brown, east of town, and spent Sunday morning with Mrs. Brown's mother, \ Mrs. O. •• T Nolen. They returned to their, home Sunday evening. Mt. J. H. Seber Is now able to be out after a slow recovery from Influenza followed by an abscessed ear. ; Friends are. indeed sorry to know that Rev. Fred Gresham, pastoii of the CSirlstian, church remains quite ill with influenza and complications. Mr. Gresham iias been cOnflnedl to his room for the past two weeks. Mr. Charles Leechi Miami, okla., motored here Saturday afternoon for a -visit until Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Leech and her mother, Mrs; W- J- Rumbel, and with Mrs; Leech's sister, Mrs. George Weath- erble and iamily, near .LaHarpe. Mrs Leech who had been here sincfe Christmas, Returned iicime with hei- husband., \ ' \ \ Mr. and Mrs.' Albert Manning ind daughters! Misses Ruth and Betty, had as their dinner guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. E. \ H . Bartlgtt and sdns-Russell and Wkrren, and Mrs' Bartlett's mother, Tiilrs. Wilson. Dennis Duzan who conducted a meat market here several years, do^ ihg his own butchering, was called to Uniontown Tuesday to assist in the slaughter of an 800 pound hog. Knowing how, was neKsessaiy ln>the accoxriplishment of such a task/ - ,.. fngredlenta of Vicks VapoRub in Candy form ^MEOrCATHO COUGHDRO^, ililliillLJf Our llrit to clean up our Buy One At the Regulaf Price, Take Another one iFor— ^ ENTIRE STOCK INCLUDED $1.00ipresses, 2 for ...... $1.0lj $3.95 Dresses, 2 for .:. $3.96: $4.98 Dresses, 2 for ....... ^ $4.99 j $6.75 Dresses, 2 for ........... $6.76 $10J5 Presses, 2 for .. .$10.76; Here's a i-eal opportunity if you can find your size., Come in, look them over, extra help to wait on you. [ SOUTH 3Ii>E SQiOABE WITH THf AM^IIEY If i^yif im NEW AOITATOR WASHER Use the new improved THOR for ALL Ojf your laundry. Your dodies will be Washed spotlessly deaia — quickly and safeLy. Yjou wiU marvc^ at its ease of cperation. Anid the money it saves- c very week will more than pay its cost ia a few short months. Let us show ypu this new THC®. tg- c lay. .Come in and see its many features: iiicluding the THJOR free-rolling wringer-a yast ioaproyement over old tt^es. There is no obligation. ^ke off the wringer—slip tO§j^-irotur and ydu are ready to cimfjett tbf»aii^:^ifh»n^ rifiie wark'fn on^fourth the^^mi»^ mOHl tOK. FHflilTRrAl. m FADA RADIOS—THOR WASHERS— SPARTAN RA©! COI^PLJETE RAPIO SERVICE ; PHONE 33 ' 109 W:

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