Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 17, 1955 · Page 5
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 5

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, October 17, 1955
Page 5
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Dial l'A-2-4600 for a WANT AD Inker, EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., MONDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1055 FIVE Noel Coward Still Eyjoys Popularity By CIIAKLES MEKCEH NEW YORK .«J-"1 like an un ; sophisticated aiidicncci" says Noel Coward, "because it wants I* be entertained. But a sophisticated audience doesn't like anything. It •merely turns out to see what's n a l March, who doesn' wrong with 'you." , Accompanied by Mary Martin, ^Coward is going to bring an hour ^•--aml a half program, of musical surprises to the TV audience— botli sophisticated and unsophisticated—next Saturday evening on "Ford Star Jubilee" (CBS-TV). Coward has . done just about everything in the world of entertainment except to play Hamlet and appear on television. Looking fii and not at all fiftyish after rehearsals with Miss'Martin at his Jamaica, West Indies, home, he looks forward to Saturday' and the ' mass audience of television. Reminded of liis recent successful appearance as an entertainer at Las Vegas, he said: "That wasn't exactly a mass au dience, you know. It was rather a crosssection—and not what the Duchess of Windsor calls Nescafe society." What's Ills Secret What's the secret of Coward's continued—and even growing- popularity when so many others have their day and fade? It's a lough question to ask a man at any hour; let alone a moderately early, morning before the tea is cool. Yet he rose nobly to the question of Coward on Coward. Like Caesar's Gaul, you can say he's divided into three parts: playwright, composer, and entertainer —if he must be divided at all. "As far as music goes, we come down to that thing called gift." says Coward. "And who knows what that is? I'm not a technically expert musician. But I have an impeccable ear. I can play the piano fairly effectively. I compost tunes in places like Texas and airplanes. But if I sat down at that piano over there I might not." Good .Dialogue WrHcr_. As far as his a playwright is concerned— "I have a facility for writing dialogue. I never was avant garde, you know. Ail I did was to write shorter lines. Although I write for myself. 1 work for the public. I envisage what I'm doing in terms of what I like. When it's finished, and if it's a dead failure. I look al it from the viewpoint of the people who didn't like it." Coward has written everything except a ppblished novel. And now he has 40,000 words of one completed. Or. as he puts it. he's "fiddled along with 40.000 words. Actually I've written two. Wrote 'cm when I was very young and «F^ every publisher showed the good '*"' taste not to publish them. "Hut I had them bound and whenever I get to feeling a bit Uppity these days 1 lake them out and look at them." MARQUEE Lit e Of a Substitute Is Plenty Hay For Hayes By DICK KLEINER NEW YORK-A few fast facts: be typed as the MC of "The $C4,000 Question," is working with Jim Fritzell lone of Ihe writers of the late "Mr. Peepers") on a comedy show for himself . . . Steve . Allen has postponed his move to California for al least six months . . . Yvonne De Carlo confides that she's got her eye on a man she wants to marry, .but she won't say who. Yvonne says she's 'the lasl of Hollywood's bachelor girls—me and Margaret O'Brien." . . Marion Marlowe, on the Ed Sullivan Show come Oct. 30, will sing a song she discovered in her grandmother's trunk in St. Louis, It's called "Close To Home'" . Arthur Miller's "A View From a nr. valuable papers had bee The .Bridge," two grim playlets S t 0 i' en f rom th c ladies rest room a the station. Tlie two girls, one 15 and th other 17, surrendered al Polic leadquarters later in the day afte laving been informed that the were being sought for questioning. Detective Joseph 1!. Stitcher re covered $12 partially covered wit Jirt in an alley just off North Lib erty Street and a short distanc ;rom headquarters. The wallet wa Tound later in a sewer on Sout Liberty -Street. The girls, who gave conflictin stories about thc theft, were lodg ed overnight at ihe juvenile deten lion headquarters at the Counl nfirmary. SPECIAL! Cleaning & Pressing (all deluxe cleaning) 3 Pants or ff()0 »1 3 Shirts .. 3 Pants " 3 Skirts <p> Free Call & Delivery 2-Hour Cleaning Valid Anytime up to 2:30 Open Monday Night UNTIL 9 P. M. GEORGE ST. CLEANERS, Inc. Cor. George & Union Sts. Dial.... PA 2-5440 Hayes and Television has brought aboul many changes in Ihe world of entertainment — it's created thc honey-voiced'pitchman, the lady appliance demonstrator and the permanent substitule. And, oh. for the life of a permanent substitute. Peter Lind Hayes is one. He is Arthur Godfrey's stand-by, stand- in and slond-for. This year. Peter's working more lhan usual—Godfrey wants to lake one week off every five or six—but even so. it' isn't over-taxing. Peler gels paid regular, even though he works irregular. _ And Peter also has Mary Hcaly, his beautiful wife, which makes (he life of Peler Lind Hayes even more enticing. Besides hanging 'around just in case Godfrey gets sick or tired or otherwise takes a week off. Peter and Mary generally have a few irons in thc box-office. Twice a year, for four weaks each time, they go out to Las Vegas and entertain the nouvcau broke. They also make records, which arc generally pleasant. But you can hardly call them overworked. They play golf, they EO out on their boat. Peter fiddles with his hi-fi equipment. Mary brings up (he kids. In-between times, they work on thc Las Vegas act—or Peter docs—because they both feel they should use a new act each lime. And that, in ilsclf, is different—many acts use the same material for years. • ~ Creating isn't easy for Peter. Or. rather, it isn't sudden. "I'll get an idea." he says, "and mull it over for weeks. When J finally have it figured out in my mind. I'll write it out in longhand on a yellow pad." "He tries them out on me," Mary says, "and often at the most inconvenient times." "I once woke her up at four in Ihe morning to sing a parody I'd just written." Peter says. "Nearly wrecked my marriage." Mostly, the Hayes-IIealy team pick on human foibles for their; highly entertaining material. And there are plenty of foibles around- Everybody has some. Even Aesop. beautifully performed and • acted, but highly tragic. Van Heflin and J. Carroll Naish arc magnificent and both plays arc well-written. Sorrow prevails. "The Young And The Beautiful," a play by Sally Benson from short stories of F. Scoll Fitzgerald. This serves to introduce a talented actress named Lois Smith as an adolescent. Some light moments, some tragic moments. Doom prevails. "Tiger At The Gales," a stunning production, adapled'by Christopher Fry from a French play. This retells Ihe story of Helen of Troy, and adds a dire message. I'he acting by all hands is superb. Gloom prevails. "Island Of Goats" is the first full-fledged flop of the year. An immensely boring bit of pretentious nonsense which cannot be salvaged by a fine acting job by Ula Hagen. Tragedy prevails. "The Diary Of Anne Frank" is Ihe first full-fledged hit of thc year. The bcauliful adaptation of the stirring diary of a girl; living in hiding in Amsterdam during Hie years of the Nazis, makes a magnificenl play.. Susan Slrasberg is a bright new performer. Nevertheless, sadness prevails. of psychic shock. In five days, we've been exposed to: Girls Admit Wallet Theft Two teenage local girls su •cndcrod at Police Hcadquartoi yesterday after stealing a wallc iclonglng to Mrs. Vernctta Sam crs, 329 Central Avenue, Mrs. Sanders, who works at th Jueen City Station, reporte^ lha lier wallet containing $19 in cas Dick's Quickie: A disc jockey, Kermit Schafer says, is a jukebox with a family. Knights Templar Unit Will Be Inspected Here An official visitation and inspection in Antioch Commandery 6, Knights Templar, >vill b« made tomorrow night by Harry B. Shaw, right eminent grand commander and Charles N. J. Gvvinn. eminent grand inspector general of the Irand Commandery of the Knights Templar of Maryland. Following the inspection, the Order of -the Temple will be conferred by Commander Ralph G. Shipley. He will be assislcd by Generalissimo Joseph Davis. Thc committee in charge consists of Past Commander Roy V, Ringler and Sir Knight Lcroy E. Kimes and Robert M. Shuck. 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Educator Experiment Aims To Reduce Delinquency 100 in, lly IIILLEI, I!LACK PHILADELPHIA Wt- "Cops are crooks," the youth lold his teacher and classmates. "What's more, hey push you up against the wall and beat you." The .youngster was among students, all 'is to JG, who parlici- rated in an experiment educators lope will help cut down, juvenile delinquency in one of Philadel- jhia's most crime-ridden areas. Atany of the youths had known Shad only a life-long hate of police, earned in the streets, in ionics and from friends. The .hree-week experiment tried .each them to look on the man on .he beat as a friend, rather than j foe.. The experiment was conducted he by N. Lewis Shaten, head of the Snglish department at FitzSimons a Junior High School in North Philadelphia. Shaten began by giving his students an attitude test on police. The cops won a 15 per cent per- 'ormance rating out of a possible too. their tin Taking the same test three weeks later, Ihe youngsters increased the rating to 55 per cent. Shaien began . by having the youngsters discover for themselves just what made up a policeman's job. Some went down to police headquarters al City Hull, others visited precinct headquarters or talked witli the cop on the beat. With that knowledge as a basis, .en opened 'his .classes to a full and searching discussion. And ic charges' came flying. "Cops take bribes." several said. Shaten began questioning, attempting to pin down sources of information. Did you bribe a cop yourself?" asked. No, none of the youngsters had ever given a policeman bribe. "But I saw a cop take money," another youngster protested. "Are you sure it 'was a bribe?" Sbaten asked. The youngsler couldn't tell. He saw money changing hands. Other charges arose, especially complaints • of boatings by police. Again Shateii raised the. same minds: questions. Had this happened to disliu any members of the class, had There .hey seen such heatings or were whicli they lold about them by others. Again the same answers. Some youngsters .1 students had heard about beatings they jut nobody had been handled roughly or had seen a beating by a, policeman. As the sessions continued, Shaten sensed that a seed of doubt had turedly to youngster! been planted In his students' But many still showed a .rust of the man. on the beat, were some accusations 1) Shateii couldn't answer. A few days later when Ihe .entered the classroom, found themselves facing Patrolman Morris O'Leary. Shaten ;ain opened the session to questions with no holds barred. O'Leary answered all questions good na- and without hedging. • Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Finds Healing Substance That Docs Both— Relieves Pain—Shrinks Hemorrhoids N«i» York. ,N. Y. (SptcUIl - For the first time science has found a new healing substance with the astonishing ability to shrink hemorrhoids and to rrlievR pain-without surgery. In case after case, while gently relieving pain, actual reduction (shrinkage) took place. Most amazing of all-results were •o thorough that sufferers made astonishing statements like "Piles have ceased to be a problem!" The secret is a new healing substance (Bio-Dyne*) -discovery of-* world-famous research institute. This substance is now available In suppository or ointment /orw under the name Preparation H.* At your druggist. Money back guaraiitee. Advertisement Wh en someone s counting on you... you can count on life insurance The look of trust in your youngster's face .., the way your \die's eyes mirror her faith in you ... these mean big responsibilities. Your life insurance helps you meet these responsibilities. From the day you get a policy, your family is protected for the full amount of the contract. This is a unique feature of life insurance. Every year, about S35 millions are paid to American families as death benefits on policies less than a year old. This is one of the reasons why you can count on life insurance ... and why it is America's most widely used form of thrift. A life insurance program can guarantee thru money will be ready when the family needs it most... in case of the father's death ... when the children go to college ... to meet emergencies ... for retirement. Using your life insurance wisely calls For experienced help. The best person to see, of course, is your own ngent. You'll also find many helpful suggestions in the new booklet, Vour Life Insurance—and Hoia to Uic It. Vour free copy will be mailed promptly; simply send your name and address on a postcard to Dcpt. A. Yours Institute of Life Insurance Source of information about Life Insurance 488 MADISON AVENUE, NEW VORK 33, N. Y.

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