Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on May 13, 1965 · Page 12
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 12

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 13, 1965
Page 12
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TWELVE IRONWOOD DAIIY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN THURSDAY, MAY 13, IMft i i'f' Man Jailed for Sale of Secrets LONDON (AP) jpp.trr criminal — Britain's court sen- enced a 52-year-old engineer in ,he Aviation Ministry to 21 years in prison Monday for selling British guided-missile secret^ to the Russians. Frank C. Bossard pleaded guilty in the Old Bailey Court io five charges under the Official Secrets Act. He was liable to a maximum sentence of 70 years, 14 years on each count. Sir Frederick Elwyn Jones, The Doctor Says By W. G. BRANDSTADT, M D. It has been said that, although a man may be as old as his arteries, he acts as old as his feet. This will strike' you with added force if you try to see a fair or tour a city in one day. ' Here are some ways you can insure foot comfort. Socks or stockings that are cotton or at least have cotton soles are best Sidnow Personals Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Beau- for absorbing perspiration. This helps to prevent burning and itching. They should be well-fitted because socks that are either too small or too large will cause trouble. A hole in the heel or the toe can also add to your misery. When buying shoes you should fit your foot—not the prevailing style. Your shoes should have plenty of room for toes. Cramping your feet will cramp your style. Walking shoes should have low or medium heels. Women's stiletto heels may be fine weapons, but they're tiresome to walk in. the attornevgenera"saidI Bo£ P rev have returned home from Women who insist on wearing ard had signed a confession' Chicago where they visited, them would do well to carry a the Russians paid him j with the Bud Findley family. only $14,000 from 1961 until he i Recent L"Anse callers were arrested March 15 by spe-jMr. and Mrs. Marvin Stebbins Sr., daughter, Peggy Ann, sons, was cial intelligence agents in a London hotel. At the time of his arrest, Bossard was making $7,000 a year as an official in the Aviation Ministry's guided weapons division. Sir Frederick said Bossard. a former attache at the British' Embassy in Bonn, claimed he. was approached in a London 1 bar in 1961 by a man represent-j ing himself as a Soviet Embas-j sy official. The man suggested he could help Bossard financially in return for intelligence information and other meetings were arranged. "I was trying to get some translation work from German into English, my income having been considerably reduced since returning from Germany," Bos- sars told the police. "At that time, I was fairly heavily in the red." Bossard said his usual method was to select guided-weapons files at his office and then "take them to a hotel room and photograph suitable extracts during my lunch period." pair of comfortable well broken- in walking shoes with them. The World's Fair, for example, is too big to be seen in one day, so Douglas and Bernard, Mr. and don't try. You should alternate Mrs. William Barrows, daugh-' walking with periods of rest to ter, Merrilee, Mrs. Alma Bar-', get the most out of your excur- rows, Harry Mclntyre, Mr. and sion. If you are tired when you Mrs. Walter Bennett, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Beauprey, Mrs. Ida Provost, Mrs. Beulah Grooms, Mrs. Clifford Beauprey,. son, Peter, Mrs. Evelyn Longrie, son, Willard, Mrs. Marian Stebbins and daughter, Peggy Ann, Thomas Thompson, D o n a Id start out you should wait until a day when you feel like conquering the world. That's the on 1 y way you will be able to conquer even a small part of it. After a day of happy sightseeing, bathe your feet. Then, after drying theme, elevate them Budd, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore | on » stoo1 or c ° uch - If, in spite Rolloff, Mrs. Margurite Beck, of tnese precautions, a blister or _ ^ . fttti-i rlAtroinnc* rt/-»w*r rvr»on tnAVYl Bossard, an pert, said in a electronics statement: ex"I can only say I deeply regret my activities against the interests of the state and can only say they were virtually forced upon me by my desperate financial state on returning frr-m Germany." Practice of carving figureheads for ships grew out of the ancient practice of decorating bows to attract benevolent spirits. marvelous mixer! great straight f Mrs. William Beck, Mrs. Beatrice Wakeford and Joseph Provost. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Longrie, Covington, visited with relatives here. Roy Roxbury has return e d home from the Baraga County Memorial Hospital where he had been a patient. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Krummi, Champion, spent a week end here at their home. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Stebbins Jr. and children visited with her parents, the Charles Keskis at Michigamme. Mr. and Mrs. Joey Beauprey and baby, L'Anse, spent a weekend here with his parents, the Joseph Beaupreys. Mr. and Mrs, Ernest C u m - mings Sr. were recent Bergland callers. Mrs. Irene Prodell, Diorite, visited with relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Beck, Nestoria, were callers here. Harold Bennett, Thora Thompson and Floyd Mclntyre, Trout Creek, visited with relatives here. Einar Beck, George and Albert Marquette were rece n t Marquette callers. Mr. and Mrs. Orville Longrie were Houghton and Han cock callers. Mrs. St. Claire Pequet entertained the women of St. Fran- FRESH approach to refreshment Copyright 1965, The Squirt Company BAIMA BEVERAGE CO., INC. IRONWOOD 4 HURLEY two develops, don't open them with a pin or needle. The cover- of dead skin gives any infection the needle may have introduced just the protection it needs. Instead, clean the area with alcohol, remove the dead skin with a pair of sterile scissors nearly, but not fully, to the edge of the blister, apply an antiseptic such as thimerosal and cover with a plastic bandage or steril dressing. Q—My doctor is giving me Ar- lidin tablets to dilate my bloods vessels. Are their any bad side effects? A—Nylidrin (Arlidin) in too large a dose may cause mild nervous tension and palpitati o n of the heart. Day in History By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Today is Thursday, May 13, the 132nd day of 1965. There are 232 days left in the year. Today's highlight in history: On this date in 1607, the first permanent English settlement in America—Jamestown, Va.— was founded by Capt. Christopher Newport. On this date In 1788, the Tammany Society of New York, the grandfather of U.S. political organizations, held its first meeting. cis Catholic Guild at her home ! in 1846, Congress declared recently. Games were pi a y e d that war with Mexico already and prizes were awarded to the existed and voted $10 million to winners. Lunch was served by the hostess. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Leaf carry it on. In 1915, the United States protested the sinking of the Lusi- are the parents of a son born tania by a German submarine. May 2 at the Barage County Memorial Hospital, L'A n s e. Mrs. Leaf is the former Mary Ann Rolloff. Mr. and Mrs. William Davis, Mrs. Evelyn Longrie, son, Willard, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Thompson, Albert Cumming s , John Clairmont, Warren Flinchum, Danny Fesnick, Mr. and Mrs. Leland Hardes, Char 1 e s Findley, Mrs. Beatrice Wakeford, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Marnich, son, Thomas, and daughter, Theresa, were recent Iron River callers. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Townsend and family, Iron River, visited with relatives here. In 1940, Prime Minister Winston Churchill made his famous "blood, toil, tears and sweat" speech in Parliament. Ten years ago— The Soviet Union and Red satellite nations' leaders were meeting in Warsaw to prepare a mutual defense treaty. Five years ago— The prime ministers of the British Commonwealth nations ended a conference in London after postponing a showdown on South Africa's racial policies. One year ago— Cuban exiles were reported attacking the eastern Cuban port of Pilon and destroying a sugar mill. Jumbo Navel ORANGES Folger's COFFEE FINER FOODS OIAI 932-1270 Open 7 days a weed for your shopping convenience ,„. SI 49 2 6 Hunfs TOMATO SAUCE Pine cone TOMATOES 7 Orange Supreme can 8 oz. cans 1 59' $100 wrung* ^uprcrmv _ ^^ Orange Drink i..,49 C 16 oz. cans Hunts TOMATO ^ m§ JUICE 3 IT 87 Walter Meyer's BIG ^ ^ BOLOGNA "pi...' ,b.39 " Your Favortie Beer-Wine Mixes On Hand at All Times Aunt Jemima Pancake FLOUR 2 Carnation MILK 3 Bay Do Noc PEAS 3 Peter Pan PEANUT BUTTER ",„? Ib. pkg. 14V* ez. cans 16 o.z. cans 42° 47' 39' 49* Fresh, Phnp Plenty of Eat in the Meat They're only one quality—at advertised price. These are government Inspected top quality chickens. Take advantage of this special sale price-iand stock up your freezer for future eating enjoyment. Ciit-Up or Quartered .. .Lb. 33e Jane Parker Sliced White Bread Super-Right l«tt Pork Roast 39c Super-Rlght Whole Perk Tenderloins 79< Del Monte Soda Water Grape Juice Ice Cream Fruit Cocktail Y.C. Sliced Peaches 7 8 J /4-Ox. Con, Yukon Assorted Plus Deposit I-Pin 8-Ox. Bri. Am Pag. AfcP irond 3 Strawberry Save 20c 1-Pt., 8-Ch. Btk. Half Gal. •oo Swiss Cheese l~ Cherri Aid ^ •" c Tomato Soup *\ oo Ketchup _Q Salted Peanuts 5" c Charcoal MOQW M T ik WitcoiuiH Lb - 69c Ann Pag* Tomato •rlquet* Cliffchar There's nothing like a fresh strawberry dessert. Serve this favorite often with Jane Parker Dessert Shells — topped with whipped cream. Special! 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