Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 6, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 6, 1927
Page 5
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THE lOLA UAILY REGISTER. TUEfeSi|Y EViSNINa DECEMBER^ 6,1927. The Utory 'Tlnif. Far. 'frije atory begins In ^0, the'/wtekcd- Httle cow. town CAKDWELU Kae.. vlose to' (be Indlarii^tbrritory border»> . . mw. HARRISON. 13-yeaxl-oUi son ot JEF-Jl HARRISON, a bundsdiao gdaibler, is orphunid -when ITO^^ UENTON. a> cutlUM tbicr. Khoo^ lii.s father in a poll­ er Ratne. The boy Is Tji^fricnded b*- G,Oit- DO.V W. LilLl^IE, then a rr>Hiaii- rant waiter' jiiid laliT to be l«nown as. I'ANVNEK nilJ .i by JOI3 CUAJG.. rorvn):iu of (lie Bar K rantli, who tatti-s Tony |it> i -tbeiBar K to llv&i and Ijy , (>OIX)NKL TITfS MOOKK, owner ot Ac, ranch.i I^illic thinkti Komi'What of joiu- injj DAVID PAVNE. who 1 H aKij- taiiUR for.thi openiiif? of the In-, diau Territory lands, but he gets an ' offer, of i a .school teaching post in Pawnee and ^accepts it. At the-Bar. K Tony UarrL'-on me'-'ls; RITIV - arooHK. .'Spirited lUlle d:MipbtFr of Tilu.i LMooio. and s!ie in.siKts oil malsiiiir' liijii accompany her on horsei;ack .rides.' . • . cii -M 'TEn vii: Riia liad cornel uiioii Tuny ;i!l • ^alono. ill,' litid jur ^t come linck from all arduous ride \vilU .(of ('raip. liTKiljecu hei])in'.; the latter cut out v^onic s-toclv }>rarii:(r tlu- I.K brand that liail drifleil i>iil'< Bari K ran ;:ot • .AJiiy Tony was tircl. He looked i decidedly uuroinforiable when Itila approal'herl iiivi besought a»;c<iinip:uiy li'-r: "."Vlr. Tony Ilun isoii.": she j-iiid Kwcedy, "tny jiaddy iidd me to tvU you to stoj) wkirkiii;; iiinl play wAli ine." (What her daddy hiiil tnlil liei, after coiisideiable^. was ' that Tony iniKht he ii:)proaehed oi! the subject,! ^''e inuKl not Jii- pisl. ( • : / "Yes, ina'ani." 'T )ny said resign- ediv. "Wital was it vou wanted to do?" ! . • 7 -7 cfdints and supervised the dressing ^f.- nunieron-i cuts.' The job done, h- -hools hia he::d I rather doubtfully.: "I'm a little [•(.ared^f (hflt leg." he .itouoiin.ed. I "but I gue.sH I.dill ail that any one- l.-iriniil . saw'iones co |ii (l do." He I turned. Ill hie daughier.. » hp hail : herII a budl>; ."cireff witnests of Ih-; proeeedins". "lUta. how did this ihappen' Somehow I've sot a no- jlloii. that y<ni were at the Uottoni iorit." ; •TitnHV bfx wife protested. "\Vliv do you mh thai7" : 'The colonel ignored • her. faJjout it. liitar* he srniled | ' Itjia lonlritely conftsbcd and! ;bui+.t into tea:-.\i thlh juncture j i TosU s; "!.e from the bed where ithej,- hud laid him.' L • She's not tei;in'^ (he truth. Col-• /•liicj .Moore. She tried'to ..^top mv, t , but' I was bnllheadcd and went! (ahead with it." : "Oh-hoh! By God. Kathorine, the ' bt 'V lies like a Virginia.'i." To Tony | he said, severely. "You mean to '• i <!j> my (laughter would lie to meVj 1 Tfjny's mouth set in a dogged jlinf. 'She's-just trying to take the blaiie from me. I didn't have to 1 iiide biiii." The t?n;oi;bing pain in • his lep'toreed his eyes shut. } The i-olonel looked at liim queerly. '•"No. yoc didn't' have to r!de liiiii.; that's true. But. you-you little game-cock, derned if yon didn't risk your own neck to keop Uita from breaking her own." Me blew his nose rather hard and strode to the door. There was a tell-tale bit of moisture in his eyes that he. did not Intend to be seen. •"Shoot me for a rattlesnakel" ho murmured softly. His wife stdred at Tony with a strange, hatfled expression, then moved over to the hedsid'e and -sr. PAGE PTVE^i THEY MUST SHOW CAUSE 1 ••Bnt yon-JO" imic unniecoek, derned if y<ni didn't rNh jolir o»wi nerk fo kcej» Hiln from breaklni; lier tuni.** NORTH OF EliSMORE: iMrs. Anna Price) J Nov. 28.—.Mrs. Garrie. Ard .of Ksmore and Mr. and 'Mrs. LlpytJ Cox, I.,eoi;atd and Louise Cox st)en„ Tl;ansgiri&g at the.Pinkston home^j Mr. and -Mrs. Web Price an<| Clarence and .Mrsj Sarah Bennett^ ilrov'e to Fulley, JIo,. Weduesda.v^ and ate Thanksgiving ilinner witli; the E. S.-Mooney family l4TTERg .T0 ' - j|j Santa Glaus Knows MTiat She'Waabi. lola. Kan.. Nov. a. 1927. Dear Santa Claus: I am a giH 10 years old anff I am going to-tell you what I want The Marrs sale was well attendtj for Xmas. I want a sweater., a cd Saturday and'everything sold i by -to doll, a pair of house slippers": splendidly. ? | ami a little printing press and that Mr. aiid .M(-s. Jake Anderson havt^jis ail I guess for this tinie. I .will ja very sick little daughter at -Jii-tMry to he a good girl. (Sood-byc ; time. ii PAULINE GUY. ; James Huss and Mother Huss oJJ{ lola vlslie<l ..r the Charles tluswj on the Bar K. U belonged to one' .S!ic piillV^d ]i;r,self of the riders. Lafe'/Whitney. No , lenipiin-uslv sh 'OHO else ever rode him, be<-ause the alr.-ii'l, I'm not. away. Coin- said, "If you're I'm ^loiiig to rill.; The tfrst step'to bring li< order, the coiUiised status lif i.he Fall-Sinclair Teapot Dome case aud •iubseiiueiit jury-tampering clrarges will _be iiiade by the government today, wlieii these Jive men appear before Jus: tice Siddons at Wasliingtun "to show causi- why they should not be cited for contempt of court " They are Harry F. Sinclair, millionaire oil iiiah^ William J. ihiriis. hea.lcof tlie Btiriis Dcteclive Agency, and his Stroked his forehead with her soflj-'""'- W Sjicrmaii Burns: H.-iiiy iia.^^on iiay. alleged "liaison. man'\bc- hand. Taking Rita hy the hand, itween Sinclair and d >|i -tiiv.s sliad'/wiug the Full-Sinclair jury, and .she left the room. 'shelikiiiClark. right-hand man of Sinclair. • ' It was u week and more before I _ Tony left the "bed, and then only lo sit rather helplessly in a comfortable chair, hi.s mending leg stuck sti:aightly out in front of him. Rita was tits alinoHt constant attendant. wtubbofn, "1 ihiu'l believe yiiti RlriM," Hhe-sai .il. ,".N 'o. ma'arn, ! don't,'" In liliinlly. |drew near the barti and she no- j vaulted lulo! the .'^aibre. a^ like little I ^^'''""<'.''' "as" nowhere .1/id .- J as'ji IIMI" Iiiinllier. I around, "f^ ride Oiiiljiw." eplied ' ••''"' 'i nioill'Mlt llH! boy w ;is Ino !:isloiilHlied to Hpeak. "Why. why. lith^ I.afe Whitney's horse.. Ill To!"'""' let atiyoiie elne ride liliii." •Oh!" Slie sli(.o\ her rerl curls'"'"('x angrily and her ev^s snapped. To j Tony's Inl.iinse relief, she :ippear<-d She lonsed li'T li'-i'ul Imperiou.'ily. to oil the jtoliii of leavinu liJrii. i"Are yoii afraid''" slie ilemaiMled. I'.ui sill- liliscereil irU--fxlveiy a Mn-' "Sii. I'm not afraid. He'd pnili- • and theji kin down on the ably thio 'Aine. but I'ni not sfared." ground. "Vou are." .-he contradicted. '"Vou "Why?" she asked. , iii-iultid me ailtlle"while at-o; you He made no an .'iwer, and she dl<l ^"ail^ you didn't lil<e ;inle ;:ivls. I notpress the iHiiiit. T(ui.V' was stud Ing eyes a hor'.-^e yards ..away fron side. "Titus Moon -for a barn. It j most temperamental saddle horse throw sirun>miiiK her guitar and Hinging proper ilttle songt: that she had Shi- called to him to slop, hut I i,.:,rned at school. It was during u<.rlitii;< ...iil.j haie- slipped him , >,js <:onvale«cence that fome of her 111.11. The .surprised Outlaw, feel-; ,„H ,„(ions tiioke through his retime th<- iina((iji .i<,)ii '-d llglifncin In , (.,,,„.(; ,„„| he told, her wmclliing lii-i .ailiile. i ;ared Indignantly andinf Uie lonely life hO and his father flieti sr( <.ii( |.;r the l ;arn. ' had led. ! It was <ivr ill half a miuule, and ' His father, ht admitted, had hecii •(•.ny u-:iji ijclm; dragged over the '- H gam'hicr us far back as he could (.'round, one loot caught in the stir- I re-ruU; but before his mother's rii). ills feg •rushed where'Outlaw dMth. Tony fold her. he had been I KH I sideswjp.d him against thoia lawyer. Since then, nothing ha-i h .irn. /-.-ife, U'hitne.v, hurrying In .seemed to matter ninch to Jeff Har- ^4)AVP TILT. C H I 2 I9TMA 7 .; guess .voii'thiuk girls »au't il^ vhatUmswi'r lo Kita's screams; fo'und the i ri.'<on; ho had abandoned'his prac- ilii^'. with admir-ilioys can do. I'll ride him myself, "j boy on (he ground, unconsciou.s. | tier for the gamtiling-.taWe. that stood not L'O ^ She took a determined step .toward j and bore liini'lo the ranch house, i There" were times.'>vheu Jeff Har- theiii. just out-'outlaw . ' j CoJonel Mooro. with his soldier's j risbn had been ro'.iing in ruoney;. He sprang forwanl. .-eizing her' kiiowledye of rough war surgery. | others when, moody and despond- caii't do that. Hc'd!.'-et the iiroken hone with the helpfcnt. he had spent almost his last You'd h'jrt j'yourself."' of Wlilliuv. encased the leg in •'s rongir excuse I wa.-; Outlaw, (he! "You you. A Well Laid Out Small House for a arrow Lot .lollar for a railroad ticket to some ( new place on the chance that a change in scenery would bring with it a change in (lie tide, of .fortune. "Bur he used to say." Tony told her. .:"that' he ; was cut out for a gamljler. because he was so nn- lucky with the things that really counted in life. I don't know what he meant exactly." OSAGE VALLEY (Mrs. Edward Sis.soii .j- ' • ' .Mr. and .Mrs. J. L. I'tley. .Mr. 4iiid .Mrs. .Merle filey and family. .Mr. •ami .Mils. Edward Sissoii and Di -n- Z '-l \Va,Vne Sissoii were visitors ; Kvcielti I'lley's Sunday, it being > ih> :r ir .tii weitdiiig aiiuivers.«ry. . i I ;iiihn|Kus .4iII .Mrfford spcn» Sal; niil.iy ii!ghi ami Sunday witii .(o« • ' Ciliiiaii'l's. .Mr. iiiid .Mrs. I ,i 'slr>r| iCillaspie and .Mark CillliaiiL wero! ,;\\i< vi^iJor.-; at ilie-.lie- (;iilliam' Iioiin*. i • j • Wiird was r'-ceiv.-d troni Okla< )i<ini;t Oiai Cr.indiiia .Sii<inlirook I i wa^; not ex!i(ct >d t 'l live, which is • ;-ad.nevvu !•> lier iiiiiiy friends. SJie [ : !i;:-^ been 'n Very pour health forj stvi-ral year-^, j l !i -r'.. U'ordi-ii .-p. Ill Suiiiin.N'' Willi I ,J. I'. Cillhain's. Herl.-y .Mefford 1 was an! at'lernoon visitor. | ^ OK-n ami tva Huffman spent! • .Sunday evening at .1. I', (^illham's. I ^ola Brown and Ma (lillbam jsrieiii Kriday aiieriioon af Frank i Brown's. .Mrs. U <»ebri!<ik and finiiiy spent i Sunday' ufteriioon at Frank ; ~ • .- j Brown'.-i. you moVo during .vour convales-j .Air. and .Mrs. Kirk siironl Sunday cence tlian revolver practice. I'v..^^: evehini; at Frank Brown's, told He(?k Sherman to build you a- Mr,~. Joe Cillhain visited at Ed- target. This giiii is yours. It's ward" Sissou's Wediicsciay aftor- one I've: had 'for year-; ami it was noon. made .speci.-il. It's a small <:alibre ,' Wonl wa.-^ rci eiyeii of lie ulial relief when yn are sure "• That not a ^I'J's been misseA krA yod can rest the list few dayx, ' With' cleaned up shopping list I home Sunday. O. Boler, Floyd aud Cladys spenC Sunday at the home of S." Boler .o&j Bronson. • i. -^^i Mrs: It. M. IJeamah was ^ very;: iieat'.v^ siurpri.-ied Suiulay when, av' crowd of relatives and friends came^f in about noon anil spread a table;!. with good things to eat, reminding her of the fact tJiat'she had reached, another "inilestone in life's journeyji' and wa.s fifty-seven years old. TheJ 'occasion was enjoyed by the fol-J /towing: Mr. and -Mrs. R. .M. Bea -J man, Mr. add Mrs. Philip. Beaman.* M IS . Ddra Beaman and children.^ Loretta, Fern and Billy Beaman,? Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kirkpatrick. ? of near Kansas City. Mr. Klrkpnt- j ;i rick'and Miss KIrkpatrick of I'n-j; iontowu. .Mr. and Mrs. Orval Hole-? man. Mr. Ira Bacon and;'children, £j -Vterlc and Virginia Lee. .Mr. and j -Mrs. C^ W. Price. .Mr. and iMrs. Ben i:| Ludlum. Mrs. Daisy Ashby, Miss i; Caroline Ashby, .Miss Fet n Page. ^ * Haskell Howell and Wilbur Boe•ken. " . . ~ If .lack ^.Bhinkenship returned Sun-j|, day from Kearney CouiUy. Kan.s-.. i|; whire he spen( the • summer work- I r ing-with his uncle, George Price, jj. Vivian Wood is spending sometime with his parents, .Mr. and Airs. '| J. H. Wood. ~S\r. and -Mrs. Anton" l«jr.son on- joyed a visit over' Thanksgiving holidays from their daughter. Dorothy and hu.>^band. Professor and Mr.s. Qninsley of (Jreat Bend, Kans. In China the death' of a public ot'l'iciiil is made known uy the an- noiiiicement-"Hc is.drawing no salary." -.' 1 —Wanted \ to Buy: CJean light colored rags at the Rt -Wister. I Vitamin E Is essential for health. .In no ftiod is it foiind in • greater! profusion,' than in liveri We sugKe«t that .Tjou edt liver at week. least nee a If provides "pep"—cures pernicious aenenjia. M.&M. MARKET Meat That You Can Eat rOURtaseiifliJtfS ii no different from othen^ and if ettei have obuaied absolata relief by arios PAZO OINTMENT, ao can you; { Evcnr dnwziit icIU PAZO omTHENT Kd^ a KairantM to can Iteiiinc, Blind. BJ—dlagqr IVDemdimt Piln. In tnbea with oil* pJM.iQr. or in Ua box, Ste. W» not tnr ST ( ; Seals, Tairs, ']fissucs. Etc. death and I've-; got a ton of aiiimunitioii i <il'Aunt-CbarUitle Steinbrook at the. Tony told her, in aiiswer to her i for yoii.'' 'home of her daughter. .Mrs. Ella j (piestion concerning his schooling,' JTo Tony the revolver was th>'; liody. in oktalioma. The body will.; that Jeff Harrison had been hisrinbst heuiitiful thing he had ^"ver! In- liroiigiit back for burial in the only teacher. isecn. He hesitated about accept-j .North Fairview c-eiiu-tery. near "We were never in any one place lug it. ••Coionel. I can't take this. ' .Mildred, Kansas. I long enough for me to go to school. 1 might break it or somciliiiig." |" but my father WHS a smart man l Titus '.Moore look^-d iiidi'4naiif. [ iJIxJ,-._,-^ i.^.-.]i^..i,.^.m^,n^..^S^.n... n .T, -.'r.n.., ..r,.- ~^ and he taught tne a lot" ! "There you ngain. When ^^^^^^'^^^^^^^ He _ surprised her with his j vou learn not fj> ar^Mie when ' ''•i ••'-*-••• * • - • Beautiful DeVilbiss Perfume Atomizers. Everyone; guaranteed and,at]a witle range oi prices. Beautifully boxed and packe^ to make an e.xct^llent gift. a. knowledge of books. "That's about you orders'." jail I used to do^read and study. Two or three nights a week my father would sit up late with me and ask me questions, and he always ' graded me. Just like a teacher." Colonel Jfoore came upon them one afternoon wl^ilc Rita vfaa playing her guitar. He torought wilh liim a rude pair of crutches. | "1 reckon you're getting tired of sitting in one <place, Tony. Here's a temporary pair of legs. They'll get you around- imtll you'ro able to use the damaged one." Heck Sherman, he explained, had I made Uiein.' "Heck's a bright boy I giv< Want iiu- to lire' you What'll { do-with him. RiraT Something tt'rriide should be done, certainly. K'ita thoimhr. "If he docsti't waiji it. Daddy, .^ive it to me." • Her father re.^arjieil her.Mernly. "And have you potting my best steers, I- suppose. I'd rrcommend jmost earnestl.v that yim ienvp that gun alone. Here i-omes Joe Craig. He 's going to be ymr teacher, i K Tony. He can do more tricks wiih |22 a slx-shoofer any man I know.: although there another man T ' once knew that mi-jbt have stacked; up with him, Uui he had to go ami : 5? with tools. fWve him a hammer i lose his ;ir)ii." FIR^T FDOOB PllAA) and a^imll and he can do most any-, thing." He critically inspected the I broken leg. •Doing better than I thought It ] wtiiild. Be able to tell better when; we take (he. xplintH off and you try ! to use K. "It had been a rnmpouiid { ; fraclnre and a particularly nasty! Monc. "If you'd been a man Instead! of a growing boy I'm afraid It ! would have "(Iffoncd on you, .\s' Jt Is. I'm willing to bet yon'U be around good tis ever- In two or three week.s," He asslstetl Tony from the chair. J slipped the crutches beneath .hij' i arm pits and, carefully supporting I him at first, started liim off. The {boy hobbled around for ten minutes jor so and then Titus .Moore ordcreil' I him back in his chkir. ; From his belt the colonel drew .i , ! beautiful slender^barrelled • revol- • Iver. "'Joe Craig was telling me he • 1 didn't think! anything would amuse ! (TO BE ('O.VTlNLEI)i Cralt;: encoiinlorx n I 'liniiliiir fni'f In rnldni -ll ft llie uvKt cliiipler and deimihds <-\]diMm. lion*. ; .\i-corf{lng lo ^ir Ern<'-t KiiMi'-r- ford. tin* eilllni'lil srlclili!'t. . there has been great'r advyncis In jl;e knowledge nf lui -tals tliirlijg ilH' past tcn.'years than iii-any preceding period since tin' lironz.- .\ge. That *; :Bros.. tains-the ice tiltx and sUiirway to ered with shingles seined a dark hii.i.i.x; rn;s KV V K V UHKUK .M<>»( jJreaded of .\ll IMvea-es. - I'roveii Treatnii'iit. -KKUKK.II. 7o>( K V TH.VTKS- -XAUGHT CAN COMPARE WITH GIFTS TO WEAR". Baby You've <ell;jr aud provides .«oace fo8 many brown ; hou^hold. articles Vliich one thies ( - I By H. .C. Hunter Archts. N'uw 'York.-I. A small house that "i>'.weH dt^-1 . . .i , ... ,. , r , , ,, , '• "i'^ iVant; alioiit the kitclien. sifened is not always suitable tot o„ second floor in jiarrow Jot. in fact (lie narrow , bed-roonis and plenty of ^closet!-. Jot: requiri^* a house thai is ts- There is a good air space over th* peifially sult«d, to the lot. Tlie saish arid window; frames are painted to> match the, siding. The shutters- and rear: Longed For Mrs. Burton Adviget Women On IMoth- erbood and Companionship. - are three door are painted Wwder blue. The i ^.^^^^'ofl^^^J^^"^^^ chimney is t»f red brick. , Ma run ret Burton of'Kansas City. "I ; secoml -floor rooms which is well . . .i .. ' .Vf niilaied in ki-" t'lv !iiu-(» verv ;'niis littl^ hou «e provides com-. i„ ^l. . ^ii t'ls " ^ fbi -table Mving accommodations j The laundry.' < <•.! i .'.-.i. . t... are for the aveWge size fi^milv. There located in the Cellar porch all! The exterior of the, iiou.-e is ver .v.j the other .':ide. This house has a frontage of "^l «erribl>- nervous abd .<tubject to y „A •'r.r^„\i 1 „ i P^Tlodx of terrlMfi suffprlnR and mel- twenty-seven feet and 'could be built on a plot forty-five feet wide. . . ow... *,,*^ «ailU nncbnlia. Xoyv- I am the proud mother of a t><>autlfiil little-' daughter and a are slx-rodnig and su very convTiniently and compaedy arranged. - The breakfast alcpyW off the kitchen aJways fprms an aurachv© fefllture for the busy 'This would proviie ample space i •""*<'"'"'"«"'""'»"'' '"""'"('"n "">' 'Vnr -1 driv .>n-iv i<,A -i ,iio , hl'sand I t'elieve hundreds of other , for a druenay and a gowl di8 -.^.„n,p„ ,..,,,1^ to know tlie secret tame (ron*. the property line on;of mj-«. and I -will gUdly veal It to any-imarried woman who will write me." Mrs.. Burton offers her. ad! vit-e entirely Without charse. She has altracttve:,the roof lines Iwfng par--; ('omplete working plans and rlcularly inte»-esting. Tht^ sldelj specifications of this houise may be j nothln 'iTo'»elT.'''J^tUr ™i^ould° HT- walln. are-covered with claixlioardsj obtained for a nominal sum from (dressed to 'Mrs. Margaret Burton. 22S3 ,which are pajnted a very light j the Building Editor Refer to " "" "~ ht<^w)fe, Tlie rear entry con-ieream color. The roofs a r** eov-' H .i !i«.- Sdi.oHarhuwtti'. Kansax Clt ! r«-«ivindertr<' wl|I Jw strintl'y eonflden- >lo. Cor- I'revents and corrects Hog Flu .Vecro. _ .'^i'.xed Inlet tion. Shipping .'jig; ! Fever.' pneumonia. Sohl direct ami through dealers. Ueconmiend- ied by largest and most successful ijjj; jhog raLs^rs in the fniied States jOur veterinarian was with theijlSf Animal Husbandry department at i ^ Washinglton. D. C for 18>4 years IS Onr service m.en are ready to helpiJ you. Why experiment or listen tc'"* clever salesmen vfhen a tested and a reasonable by addressing a GIFT Exajninc tlivui noir—thiynyHtfully—leisurely. Ci >ii<idcr- how one willafftct appearance how "he" will feci in it—how it will enable "him" to minyle wiiU men and fed confident, well dresaed. ~ y Short IKme As a Christmas Gift to YoiJL i An Extra Pair o£ Trouscirs Free! Withilyery ;^|»ffeedle-Mold^|" ; Suit or Coat and Troiis^rs The Globe Tailoring CoMipany of Cincinnati, Autliorize Us to Make This Off er An e.\tra pair of Irousers costs you nothing and doubles the life and service of the suiti. A Liberal Discount on All Overcoats DuJ*ing This Sale PRdMi?T tried treatment, sji price, can be had DELIVERY FEDERAL CHE.MICAL CO. S.'ii; O Sireet, Soulh Umiiha. .>ebr. .See Frt-d Wllhlle, lola. i«r tnr. I her imiilculaH. He always lia» oiir mf^'^lw on -bnnil and ran sap. id.r J OH 'nt oave.

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