Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 17, 1955 · Page 3
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 3

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, October 17, 1955
Page 3
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Dial PA-2-4GOO for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND. MD., MONDAY, OCTOBER 17, »195P THREE Gollailay Returns n Exploration A. Dorr Gollaiiay, 401 Washing- toft Street, has returned from an, exploratory trip into the jungles ot British Guiana as representative of a firm interested in locating deposits of diamonds and minerals. Golladay, an. aeronautical engineer,-joined the group of young Marylandei-s two months ago. He said they found diamonds and evidence of other deposits. Enthusiastic about the findings, > Golladay said the group is planning a larger expedition which will involve raising capital, obtaining various pieces of equipment and the return trip lo begin mining. Priest To Address Communion Breakfast " Hev. Maurice' J. Wolfe, Baltimore, archdioccsian director of the Junior Holy Name Society, will speak at the Father and Son Communion breakfast of the Western Maryland Section of the Holy Name Society here October 30. The breakfast will follow the 9:30! a.m. mass at SS. Peter and Paul Catholic Church. NEW YORK (INS)—As the summer golfing season, draws to. a cloes and our friends the birdie he's an excellent golfer. "It means Pakistan has increased its food production 20 per cent since World War H but the population increase has been so great that food available per person is 10 per cent less than it was 15 years ago.* Assignment: America •- . ^^ . . • • . • . "Golf Widow" Seen On Way Gilt As Ladies Join Males On Links (R«S. U. i. Pol, CHI.) . By PHYLLIS IATTELLE : shooters head south, it is time to reflect quietly on that most tragic of figures—the golf widow^ She is,. according to a nationwide survey, going out. Now, "going out" could mean any number "of things, from going out with the butcher while her husband is off. with the.caddie, to going out and buying minks as a spouse-replacement. None of these meanings, however, is intended. What the Colt golf ball people'mean when they say golf widows are exiting is this: In 1940, there were some 200,000 of them, grumpy -and lonely and frustrated. Today, there are more than 1,000,000 married women golfers who "play 1 right along with their husbands. "And by the end of the year," states the survey cheerfully. "25,000 more ladies will join their husbands on the course." What does all this mean, besides more business for golf ball people who make surveys? "I'll tell you what it means," said a friend .of mine who admits that men are going down to the sea again 1 in ships!" Discounting this view as biasec (the man stands on street corners proclaiming how women should have their feet bound like the ancient Chinese, to prevent their trundling 18 holes), we look further: the survey concludes that the thousands more lady golfers indicates there is a hew trend towarc "family living." Husbands and wives arc- doing more things together, sharing mutual interests, perking up the olc institute of' marriage. Whereas once upon a' time, a wife was supposed to provide only comfort for her husband—now she realizes she must provide competition -as well "Mark my words," says chief! surveyor, "this trend SHORTHAND Uud In bulin.ii ana Civil S Sp.«dwrilin B School. 171 Bolliinor e Now-more fhahCTisfe' you need one;sure-7|iedication,:^ that does'ffi^Oiari work onjoKesl!.•: With infectious colds roeing, don't gamble with unknown, untried treatments. Use the famous medication that docs more than just work on the chest-Vicks VapoHub. VnpoRub also brings relief In the cold-lrrttatcd breathing passages-bccause it acts two ways at once: 1. VnpoRub relieves muscular soreness and tightness, stimulates ; chest surfaces. 2. At the same time, yT> •} VapoRub'sspecialmed- n^p/ katcd vapors also bring Oj\ rclielwithcvcrybrcath. j\ ( You coji't see these vapors, but you can tcel them as they travel deep into the nose throat and large bronchial tubes. Congestion starts breaking up. Coughing cases. Soon you enjoy wonderful, warming rcllef'that lasts for hours. - So when infectious colds strike, rub on relief ...breathe in relief with tried-and- proved Vlcks VapoRubl For most effective reUef from croupy coughs, that choted- up feeling...use Vicks Vapo- Rub In steam as directed In folder. You'll get such fast, direct relief I Vlckt and VapoRub are reffiiteicd trade marks Rul> on Re/ief...Breatfie in Relief WICKS WVAPORUB the wi! patch up many a shaky marriage. Golfers used lo lose & lot of balls, and a lot of wives. Now they onlj (praise be for the community and my company!) lose the balls." Among the well-known women who have recently .taken up golf in order to get out of the unfashionable "golf widowhood" categorj are Marguerite Piazza, the ex-met singer; Kathryn Murray, now- known as the "dancin' driver:" Mary Hayes, putt expert and wife of Bill "Davy Crockett" Hayes, and Jane Pickens, who found putting easier than puttering away Sunday afternoons. The direct cause for the 100 per cent increase in married-women- golfers cannot be tabulated, of course, in a cold and statistical survey. But the Colt people are inclined to credit the chic new golf shorts, the shiny new golf shorts, the shiny new lightweight clubs and their brand new golf ball wound with one continuous strand of rubber — "giving it extra distance and an even keel on the grpen." That's their version... 1 say it's because women got plumb tired of feeling sorry for :hemselves, and teeing off on their husbands. It was much more fun to be teeing off themselves and feeling sorry for their husbands! COSMETIC! Ill J.., H Ormond Spotlite Special! Miracle Fit Dress Sheer STRETCH Nylons 51-19 00. Value OOV Pr. 105 Baltiman SI. ess NoiDeterent ToElegance PARIS - (INS) - Paris . fashioi dpsigner Pierre Balmain holds tha women on the plumplsh side have nothing to 'fear but their own complexes. "Always remember that you can look' definitely elegant" is his admonition to the women who necessarily must c h o o s e • their clothes in the "large size" depart ment. Balmain should know. He has just been awarded the 1955 "Fash ion Oscar" in recognition of his talent for giving women with any figure and of any age that look of Parisian chic. "I have a higher percentage o not-so-slim women than the slender stringbean type among my clients," he remarked. Balmain has a set of rules much more pleasant, than a diet for women on the portly side to follow in, attaining elegance. He calls the rule his "ten commandments." They are: 1. "Don't have a complex. Always remember that;you car look definitely elegant. You .nus: adopt the new styles to your personality, rather than risk becoming dull looking by 'playing safe' in classic clothes. 2. "Your trump card this season is the new silhouette. The broadened shoulder-line will make you appear slimmer. Use it to diminish a large bust by a 'fool-the-eye' effect. Wear straight skirts in preference to.full ones. 3. "As for coats, choose a coat slightly tapering to the hem since it wHl look less bulky. Large collars can be of advantage. 4. "A coat-dress worn with a big stole is preferable to a suit. It is also. very fashionable this year. Pick it with .a straight skirt and wear the stole draped around the shoulders to accentuate top width. 5. "Your dress should be easily fitted. The skirt should fall straight :rom the hips, and an inverted jox-pleat at the back will lengthen your silhouette for a slimmer back- new. Use neck-to-hem Ironl but- .onings, they are slimming. But avoid double breasted suits and coats. 6. "Dress-details should 'include a deep, plunging V neck, a slightly onger skirt-hem for a stretching effect, loose three-quarter sleeves and a very narrow belt of the dress 'abric. Avoid boat-necks and shal- ow square necklines, tightly fitted sleeves and wide, contrasting belts. 7. "Choose very soft and supple r abrics. They should be mat and not bulky. Avoid hairy, high-pile md shiny materials lor your clothes. In tweeds prefer fine- grained textures to the rough and nubby ones. Avoid jersey, it risks .0 become baggy. 8. "In wearing black you'll ilways rate for perfect elegance. Near-black shades — green-black, Town - black or purplish - black— re new fashionable shades to nake you look smart. In the •veiling you can wear pale grey, nauve and white. Avoid beige, it s difficult for any woman to wear 9. "Take advantage of the new at fashions. A large bulky hat vill be wonderfully suitable )r you. Avoid tiny caps, they make you look bigger by contrast. 10. "Wear big jewelry, and plenty of it. Several chunky gold bracelets will be elegant even in day-time." Youngster Dies [n Rifle Mishap A nine-year-old boy was-acciden- .ally killed yesterday by his first cousin while visiting on his uncle's "arm in Bedford county,' Pa. Pennsylvania Slal9 Police at Jedford said Terry Homer Harcle r rode, son of Mr. and Mrs. Homer I: Harclerode Jr., RD 2, Mercersburg, was killed in the mishap. The Harclerodes left their Frankin county home for a Sunday visit with the family of Mr. and Mrs. larry Robert Harclerode, along Pennsylvania Ruule 36 about one mile south of the Bedford county community of Woodbury. The two Harclerodes are brothers. Terry and his cousin, Harry Robert Harclerode Jr., went into a vagon shed. to play while their parents talked. They found 'a .22- calibcr rifle there and began examining it. • While Harry was holding 'the rifle, it accidentally discharged, :he bullet striking Terry in the In San Francisco in 1849 food was scarce but money plentiful. A typical menu listed eggs at SI each, bread pudding at 75 cents and ale at $2. 'T GET CAUGHT IN THE FIRST-FREEZE JAM Avoid this! Drive in now...during DuPont Anti-freezeWeek! See your dealer this ueekartfget a DuPor>tAnti-t •for comp/ete protection ags/hsrf tfeeze-ups, rust andcorrosion/ Mxnr . OU1MIIIM WOU, Ml »1»1« H FM Wt WIWIHWHII W (Ml Mil (Mill MHU BRING YOUR FILM WORK to b« dtv*lop«d ° RAND'S 24 Hour S.rvlt. WE Sill FILM OF All KINDS lead. The youngster was pronounced dead upon arrival at^Nason lospital in Roaring Spring. • Vcrnon Geisol, Bedford county coroner, 'issued a .verdict of accidental death. Pfc. Newton C. Rob)ins -of the Pennsylvania State Po,ice investigated. . First'.woman cabinet -member was Frances Perkins, Secretary of Uibor during Franklin Roosevelt's lerms as President. Tin, .In the form of tin fluoride, Is. an important ingredicpt of a ew toothpaste. i Just Received ... Mexico's population IncrettMd ubout 30 per cent' between 19JQ , and 1050. - ... ->'i-i< SHOES! FOR BOYS AND GIRLS Exclusive with WEBB'S 57 Baltimore St. SHOPMON. NITE'TIL9 osenbaum's A DEPARTMENT STORE IN US K»lKY£AR '•-• Anniversary Savings - To show our appreciation for your patronage, FOOTERS offers you these low, low prices for a limited time only. PANTS SKIRTS- SWEATERS Cleaned and Smartly Finished JUain 34 Harry FOOTER & Co. -CLEANERS- These Special Prices effective at all our stores in Cumberland, LaVale, Frostburg, Keyser and Piedmont. .Fast, dry cleaning service on request ... No Extra Charge! Dress SHIRTS Laundered Hand Finished and Individually Cellophane Wrapped. 18.c Try us ... you will be as pleased as your neighbors Available for a 1 5limit«d4ime only!, LANY1N GIFT SET ARPEGE 5.50* MY SIN 5.00* Laiwin world famous fragrances in an attractive Lanvin gift box-suitable for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, weekend hostess remembrances — certainly something you can buy now and put aside for Christmas giving. , ^^ • COSMETICS— STREET FLOOR SAVE HER NAME IN STERLING It will constantly remind her of you! Beautifully wrought sterling letters (as many as 10) spell her name. She'll love this sterling charm bracelet . . . rhodium plated for longer wear . . . and she'll love you, too, for giving it to her. Also Available Yellow Gold Filled $4.40 Yellow. Gold Filled,' Cultured Pearls Between Letters $6.60 Prices Include 'Federal Tax Allow 10 Dai/s /or Delivery RAND'S where your Savings are Safe! SAVE where liberal dividends are added to your account twice each year! SAVE LOOK FOR A LETTER FROM It'll bring you your only chance this year to gat LIFE regularly at.n special moneysaving rate! COMING WEDNESDAY where it is made Convenient for You! We have a drive-in window where you may add to your account without leaving your car! Where you may Save-by-Mail if more convenient! We are OPEN EVERY MONDAY EVENING from 7 until 9 for those who cannot get in during the day. SAVE at Cumberland's Own First Federal Savings and Loan Assn. 141 Baltimore Street

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