The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on April 13, 1894 · Page 4
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 4

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, April 13, 1894
Page 4
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OP OARBOLIi, IOWA. Capital, $100,000.00, 1 Surplus, $6,OOO.OO. Opened- business Feb. 4, 1SSS. OmCKRSAND DIRECTORS: C. A. MAST, - President. O. W. WATTLES, - - Vice President. C. L. WATTLES, - - Cashier. J. E. Grimtli, V. Hinrlclvs, N. F. Sturges, Clms. Wultersclicld, Sumnet Wallace, Interest pitld on time deposits. Money to loan on good security. Drafts tor sale on all parts o the world. Steamship tickets to and from a! putts of Europe. Insurance written In the ues companies. CALIFORNIA And all Pacific Coast and Puget Sound points are reached comfortably find quickly via Palace Drawing Boom Sleeping Oars and Tourist Sleepers leave Chicago daily and run through to San Francisco without change. Personally Conc^urted Excursions In Tourist Sleeping Oars leave Chicago every Thursday. Bate for a completely equipped berth from Chicago to San Francisco, Loa Angeles or Portland only 84.00, Passengers from points west and northwest of Chicago can join these excursions en route. Variable route excursion tickets at greatly reduced rates. FOR DETAILED INFORMATION APPLY TO AGENTS CHICAGO & NORTH-WERTERN R'Y OR ADDRESS, W. A. Thrall, Gen'l Pass. & Ticket Ag CHICAGO. BLOSSO Is as safe and harmless as a flax seed poultice. It acts like a poultice, drawing out fever and pain, and curing all diseases peculiar to ladies. "Orange Blossom" is a pas- tile, easily used at any time; it is applied right to the parts. Every lady can treat herself with it. Mailed to any address upon re- ceiptof $i. Dr. J .A. McGill &Co. A Panorama Place, Chicago, 111. Sold by J. W. HATTON. CAN I OBTAIN A PATENT? For • Jroinpt answer und on lionoBt opinion, write to niJNN & CO., wlio have bad nearly Hfty yean' experience In tho patent Inulneu. Commuiilca* items etrlotly confidential. A Handbook of Information ooncorntuu rmcnm ana liow to ob« tain tbem ueiit free. Also a catalogue ol mecliau< leal and scientific books sent free. Patents taken through Munn ft Co. receive ipeclul notice In the Hclontlllc American, and efore the public with. This splendid paper, by far , tmis are brought widely before the public with tho Inventor. This splendid paper ly, elegantly Illustrated, has by far the largest circulation of any scientific work In the world orld. 83 a year. Specimen copies sent free. Building KUItlou, monthly, (2.60 a yeur. Single copies, !iS cents. ISvery number contains beautiful plates, lu colors, and photographs of new houses, with plans, enaullnglnilldcrs to show the latest designs and secure contracts. Address atest designs and secure contracts. MUNN & CO.. NEW YOUK, a«l LOST MANHOOD RESTORED, 'VIM • im Th " Q"i<*°»t i-rvliiu known. dlli u written li'u to L'uruull ii (lUi-atu'ti utu-U mu rroHtru- tip ii, Wukcifulnciu, Lobd uf Ilruln J'uwur, InipuU'iivy, l.uHt Hun,-„.. --- nood, Nightly Lusnt-u, lioforo taking. After taking, guluknvsi. Evil UIVUMIH, Lack of C'onlidi-ncc, J.iiasUudu und nil Drain* uiJ l.unfK of J'owt/r uf HID faicnitlvu orgunu In vlthur noi. vuumd br ovcruxiuiluii.vuuthrnU'iTui-ii.lhiii-xi'i-ji- rlvuukoot tubtti'cu, ujilumur ulliuulunU, wiilcli noun wad to Insanity ur cuiiMiiniptlon. I'ut up tu curry 111 tilt) vent jiucltut. tit.-nt by mull In iilutn putkuuu to kity u<*druHS furll, or uU for l&. wuglvu u wj-Jtu-u ffuuruntcl* tu IMII-U or irfund tlioinotu'y. (Mrruluru iruo. •Addrt-ut NATIONAL AIKOIOINIB «•()., 110 MailUou K;.. Chicago, III For sale In Carroll br J. W. Hatton. ^MJEN ONLY IProf. HARRIS Soluble Medicated TILLE IflO' A HUJHH HtTILLK .11 i<l iiunioruus ubioufu din' tiiso.butlllnu lUe tklllud pby. sloluns, rusull fioiu youthful JiKlltocrotloii, too Ii'uu luduJuunuu, or uvor bruin work. Avoid the Imposition uf urutuutlous runiU' dlos nnd luM tlio 0110 Hint bus CJ V II i: U tnuusuiids. l<'ounili)cl on scluuilUo iiiuillcul principles. IIy direct «i)|)Hc'uUcin tu Ibu sout or dlscuiu H> s|iL>clllo iniluonuo ID I ok \rlib- A 8U«K OU«IO FOR WEAK HEN uulduluy. 'J'uu nulu- nil I'uucllons ut Ilia huiuua urvuiiL'" i uiu rostured. TUuuulinut. Inu vluwouls ot lilu, liuvo buun •nd iniliuuu I'uulUly Biiln tolh ttrvnutli nnd suxual vlvur. AsavIUuiicu uf uur ftltli In Vruf. IIIU' I'AM'i'll'I.KS, »u •i.tdays'irlul Aiinoi.r'rn V _ ii'iinH. All iiiou, yuung ur n;<>. fioeduuiWutiuttuUliould >o»d forllstof yut»U i-' (o bu aunwurud, eu wu uuy knuw tUuIr cuudlliun uill pruiMiru uiudlvlnu tu uncet it i>ruiu|i|> curu. . «t» mottt'i trntaHt f 3, (we mcttlil K, tbrn B»Ui$' THI HABS&.KflSKOVCQ,, ttUSSDlfM^t TWO SCHOONERS LOST. Both Wrecked _ on he New Jersey Coast, CREWS FOUND WATERY GRAVES Ullndloqr Stornn atr.l Heavy Scis Made He* cue Impossible—MoU Severe Gale In fourteen Ycuri —New Jersey Southern Tr«ln» Abandoned—Smalt Vessels Drlftet High and Dry, Loxa BTUNCII, N. J., April 12.— Dining Wednesday the most severe north east gale, with heavy raid and snow, in 14 years prevailed along the coast, eaua ing much damage to the bulkheads am shipping. At Morgan, along the line oi the New York and Long Branch rail road, the tide was higher than has been known in 10 yeara. At Matawan anc Keyport, the tide backed up to such an extent that the meadows surrounding these places are inundated, and some ol the smaller vessels, which have been lying at their docks, have broken loose anc drifted out upon the meadows, so that when the storm abates and the tide falls they will be left lying high and dry. The New Jersey Southern trains running between Seabright and Highland beach have all been abandoned. Directly opposite the Highland beach station, the 3-masted schooner Kate Marko came ashore. It was at first reported that the entire crew weie lost, but later reports show that two of the men were saved. Steamer Albert Smith Wrecked. MANSQUAW, N. J,, April 12.— The furious gales and high tides which prevailed here Tuesday night and Wednesday have left their mark all along the Jersey coast. Along the Jersey Central railroad to Tom's river, the high tides have done enormous damage, and the sea has overflowed the shore and formed little lakes for a considerable distance. The beach far down the coast is strewn with wreckage. In the height and fury of the storm, the three-masted schooner Albert W. Smith was driven ashore at a point midway between Seabright and Mans- quan. In less than half an hour after the vessel struck she was pounded into kindling wood. Eight men, it is said, composed the crew of the Smith, not one of whom has been seen since their boat was wrecked, and it is unlikely that any man of the crew has survived. Peacli Crop Suflurml. SEABRIGHT, N. J., April 12,—The effect of the storm has been devastating :hroughout this state, Furious gales and monstrousjseas have wrought havoc and destruction along the Jersey coast. Buildings, trees, telegraph and telephone wires, railroad tracks, embankments, wharves and fences all yielded to the destructive fury of the elements. Incalculable damage was done to fruit crops. The peach crop suffered particularly and t is feared the entire crop will prove a failure.' Farmers throughout the state ivill be heavy sufferers. Jtock Island Robbers Caught, ENID, O, T., April 12.—Word has been received that two of the Rock Island rob- >ers who rode away on horses when the .hooting began, had been overtaken at lennessey. They will be taken to IVichita to avoid lynching, One of the captured robbers has made a full confes- ion. He says that the robber who was hot dead by the guard was named Bill Ihodes, alleging 'that he was an old nember of the James gang, and came 'roin Clay county, Missouri. Rhodes, alias Pitts, had a claim adjoining Cole ialton's, in Oklahoma. Will Join the Callfornlaltes. DENVER, April 12.—Captain W. L. Jrayson, who started out with Bert Hamilton's silver legion, and deserted in disgust, is organizing an army here to oin the California crowd. The captain, who served in the British army, is convinced that the Coxey movement, if mcked by honest workingmen, will be >roductive of good. He says a wealthy Populist has offered to give $10,000 to .he travelers as eoon as Kelly's army arrives from Utah. Klokapoov Itufuie to Select Land. OKLAHOMA CITY, O. T., April 13.— Dnly 13 more days remain in which the iickapoos can volantarily take their allotments. There are about 100 who refuse to select lands. The proposal of Secretary Hoko Smith to sell the lands remaining after all of allotments are nude is bitterly opposed by every resident of Oklahoma. Colorado Lund Company Insolvent. KANSAS CITY, April 12.—Judge Philips of the United States circuit court has up- jointed J. E. Wotklns receiver of the Wutk'ins Land and Mortgage company, Colorado torporution which owns valuably track) of land in Kansas, Missouri and Texas. oii Itupublliiuu* Nominate, Ore., April 12.— The Ro- wblicuu stato convention met hero for he purpose of nominating u full set of stut.o officers for tho election in Juno. W, ?, Lord of Marion county, a member of he supremo bunch, was nominated for governor. _____ _ I'roirruiislvu Kuvliru 1'luyurs Imllcltnl, BT. Josiii'ii, Mo., April la.— A great sensation was created at Platt City, Mo,, jy tho action of tho grand jury who brought in iiidiclniunU ugainst about 10 of the leading ludiwt mid guiitlowou of .hut place for indulging in progressive euchre. Will Jlolurn wl Old AKHON, O., April 12.— Nino hundred employes of thu Wumor company, who "uiivo boon on u ulriUo Kin«; Monday for :he restoration of u 10 pur cent cut, have lerlded to return to work. The i!00 m'Mmum and pressfc-i'di'i ;i will stay out 'or the old wages. <>l>vii CIIICAUU, April lx.— The die Htwodutlou is coinplutlng arrange* mmt* for it gouunil track and Held meet>i!,' to be open lu thu athletic gentlemen <>i' all culk-gw in thu wuit and to bo hold here June 8. THE GOULD-TYLER ENGAGEMENT. • ^rrr SC."™ 4 ^ ( ? eoi ^ e i Howard Gould is to marry an actress. Her stage name is Odette Tyler. She u a danehter of General W. W. Kirtland, of Nashville. Miss J. vlcr has been married, but Bhe secured a divorce. Howard Gould is the third son of Jay Gould and is 23 yean old. SHOOTING THROUGH STEEL. Tests Which Arc llclng Conducted by tho Cramps on tho Lewis Farm. The futility of piling steol armor plates on war vessels is being demonstrated at tho new testing ground of the Cramps. There at intervals of a few days conical steel shells are fired through four inches of solid steel armor plate with as apparent ease as though the plates wero tho flimsiest cardboard. Tho range is on tho Lewis farm, above Wheatsheaf lane, along the Delaware river. The shells, which are 8 inches in diameter and 10 inches long, are forged from the finest hardened steel and fitted by the Cramps for use in tho United States army and navy, and it is to test tho quality of the steel in different lots, that these experiments are being con- 1 ' ducted. A heavy abutment of railroad ties has been erected as a fender to hold a bank of earth, arid in front of that is placed a lieavy oak plank box 5 feet square and 10 feet long, which is filled with sand. Against another fender in front of this box is set up one of the armor plates, such as are used on the armored cruisers and battleships now being built.. One lundred feet distant from tho plate is ;he firing house, a plank building about JO feet long by 10 feet wide and double iiied to deaden sound. Two 8 inch rapid firing Drlggs-Schroe- der guns are used in the test. When everything is ready for firing, a lanyard is passed out of the back of the building md through on aperture in a pile of ieavy spruce joists, the gun having previously been sighted. I; When tho gun is fired, the wall ot steel is pierced by the projectile, leaving only a fringe around the hole where the shot passed out on the opposite side. It .s then sought for in the sand in the box and examined closely as to condiiton. Of course the shell is not charged, or ,t would explode and blow up the box and all around after going through the steel Not all the shells fired at the steel armor plate go through it, and this is considered sufficient cause for condemnation of that batch of .projectiles. Tho experiments are' all conducted by the Cramps' regular staff of ordnance officers.—Philadelphia Record, A SALINE SHOWER. Pocatello CitUeni Are Salted Down From the Cloudi, and There I> Much M»rvel!n|f. Friday was a balmy spring day. Late in the afternoon a drizzling rain blew up, carried on a wind directly from the Bontk It was of peculiar whiteness, and if tor it had passed every one who had happened to have been out in it and who wore a dark suit of clothes or a dark hat noticed that clothes and hat wero covered with thousands of tiny white specks. Later it was noticed that every window in town looking to the •outh was also covered with white spots, "It has been raining mud," said every one who noticed the phenomenon at Irst, but later some of the curious tried casting tho spots. They had a distinctly salty flavor, and analyses made later by druggists proved that they were salt Tho question now iw, Where did the salt oomo from? There can only bo one jnswer—from tho Grout Salt lake, near- y 800 inilcH south ill Utah. It must mve been a warm day over tho Great Dead sea when a strong south wind swept over it, catching up the salty va- :>or and sweeping it north to Idaho and Inally boHpattoriug tho clothes and windows of tho good people of Pocutello with tho sulty Bpray.—Pocatollo Tribune. Shy ot lAijmr Wlnu'ii Sloucy. Tlireo $30 bills and HOVOU $10 bills of Uncle Bum's good money lire cauulug Jity Treasurer MoCroary more anxiety him all the millions tliut roll into his itrong boxes iu the course of a year, i'hin $180 was tho property of thouufor- .uuute Japanese leper, Joint Clmrlos Wing, who died in the Municipal hospital last January. Tho money was tho (iftvings of years m cook. After his (tenth was subjected to high pressure steam disinfection, and as the Jap tooliuioully owed the city about fttOO for cure in the "iiospital it was turned into thu city irouwury. Mr, MoOroary is* a bit dubious ibout tho bills despite the disinfection, and ho doesn't know whether to deposit ho bllli in bunk for general circulation, ock them up iu the vuulU or soud Ihoui o Washington to bo douU'oyod uiul ro- )ltu!0d by uow ones.—Philadelphia lloo- ord. Alt Advvrtblutf BwluiUt). A ludv iu thin city reoputly imswwed one 01 the advertisements wiiicli promised $80 to $75 a week, the work to be done at home. She learned that the money was to be made by the sale of a certain polishing stuff, and she was to advertise for agents, to whom she would furnish the goods. She actually expended $30 for the first installment of stock and outfit, and some more money in advertising for agents. One woman caine, engaged herself ns agent, took away a quantity of tho stuff and never came back. The rest the Troy lady has on her hands, and it is absolutely worthless.— Troy (N. Y.) Times,' Beheaded. A huge advertising bill on canvas 10 feet high has been posted up all over France, in which President Carnot and a lady, apparently intended for Mme. Caruot, are represented as sipping with evident gusto a new Algerian brandy. They are seated at a table, and the tablecloth bears M. Camot's initials. The government has ordered a piece of colored canvas to be pasted over the two heads, the rest of the advertisement being left untouched.—London Tit-Bits. An Karl}- Closing Argument. An extraordinary scene was recently witnessed in County road, Liverpool. Handbills had been extensively circulated in the district asking for 5,000 rotten nggs to throw at shops found open after 5 o'clock on Thursdays, and on tho following Thursday a great crowd gathered at a draper's shop in County road and pelted it with eggs.—Liverpool Mer-* uury. No Division on Jenkins Investigation. MILWAUKEE, April 13.—The members of the Jenkins investigating committee left the city Wednesday. The stenographer has not written out the testimony yet, but it will be forwarded tc Chairman Boatner within two or three days and tho committee , will then review and make its report. From the expressions of the members it is not believed there will be two reports. Freight Train Wrecked. HARTFORD CITY, Ind., April 12.—In a freight tftiin wreck, A. Benthin, a brakeman, was instantly killed. Fiijpman J. W. Tucker had both legs broken, Al Philips, brakoman, was "injured so that he died, and two tramps were seriously hurt. Governor Oaborno Altiy Ifolil Over. CHEYENNE, April 12.—Democratic politicians are now claiming that tho term of Governor Osborne does not expire until January, 1897. If tins proves to bo the case, no gubernatorial election would be held in Wyoming this year. Kx-Cungreiiiiimu FurrU Dead. GLENS FALLS, N. Y., April 13.—Ex- Congressman Ferris died hero of apoplexy. Ho was born in 1814 and from 1807 to 1H71 represented the Sixteenth district of this state in congress, Arrested Fur Forgery, CINCINNATI, April 13.—Alexander J, Paris, a messenger, was brought back hero from California where ho was arrested for forgery. He had- forged a for $025 and cashed it. Ebon Plyinpton, who is seldom' heard of because he charges too much for his services, is tho star of a comedy corn puny iu \3? Work all the time for o horse to pull a poorly grca&cd wagon. It's hard ou the wagou, loo. In helpful to hortio und wngou ulikc. It does uwtiy willi the old-time troublm of you ever suw, Sold by nil Wadbam's Oil and Grease Co. AUMVAUKBU, Wig, What is * A CASTOR IA Castorla Is Dr. Samuel Pitcher's prescription for Infimti 'and Children. IS coiitotns neither Opium, Morphine no? other Narcotic substance. It is a harmless substitute for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing Syrups, and Castor Oil. It i3 Pleasant. Its guarantee Is thirty years' use by MUlions of Mothers. Castorla destroys "Worms and allays fevcrlshness. Castorla prevents vomiting Sour Curd, cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic. Castorla relieves teething troubles, cures constipation and flatulency, Castoria assimilates the food, regulates the stomach and bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. COM toria is the Children's Panacea—the Mother's Friend* r D Castoria. " OMtortn Is an excellent medicine for children. Mothers have repeatedly told me of Its good effect upon their children." DR. Q. 0. OSOOOD, Lowell, HOBS. " Castoria Is the bent remedy for children of which I am acquainted. I hope the day Is not far distant when mothers will consider the real Interest of their children, and use Castorla in- •tead of the voriouaquack nostrums which are destroying their loved ones, by forciiig opium, morphine, soothing syrup and other hurtful •grata down their throats, thereby sending them to premature graves." DR. J. F. KlKCBELOC, Oonway, Ark. Castoria. " Oanoria la so well adapted to children thai I recomniend It as superior toanyprescrlptloi known to mo." H. A. ARCHER, K.D., til So. Oxford St., Brooklyn, K. T "Our physlclausiia the children's) depart, ment have spoken highly of their eiper ence In their outside practice with Casto and although we only hare among j medical euppllos what Is known as products, yet we are free to confess merits of Castoria has won us to look wUb favor upon it." UNITED HOSPITAL AMD Diiramunr, Boston, HMt, ALLDI C. Sitrrn, Prct., The Centaur Company, 77 Murray Street, New York City. 'DIRT DEFIES THE KING." THEN. SAPOLIO IS GREATER THAN ROYALTY ITSELF. REMEMBER UB Is the cheapest place to bu your Oandies,Nuts, Fruits, O sters, etc. Orders for Ice Creav given special attention. Fin line of Domestic and Importe cigars. Remember the place. M. E. ROBBINS-Proo. C1 di ei fc Ic tl h t) •tx q o z i: ti b 8 t: C a d I i t South side 5th st., Richmann's old stand. A DOLLAR in flush times does not amount to much, goes about so far: A DOLLA goes at least this far: If you buy your goods at WESTBROOK'S DRUG STORE. OltbiFintus cumiDi ud Merchant Tailoring Boon, Carroll, lin. WE ARE READY TO TAKE YOUB MEASURE For a nobby Spring or Fine Dress Suit Trousers or Overcoat. Our Stock is Complete Our Prices Suit the Times Steam ship Whets to and from all parts of the world & lowest rates,

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