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ESTABLISHED 1868 EVERETT, PA.V FRIDAY MORNING, JUNE 14, 1929 VOL LXI, NO. 24 Mr. Perdev, underwent a nose. DEATH'S HARVEST COUNTY CAPITAL NEWS ITEMS new bis koites DSiflFI PhltMlnAL operation at tne "no TWO HCNDRKl) ATTEND riNKR.L OF J. FRANK CORNELU'S ON THURSDAY Seniees Held At Pompton Iakes.

N. On Thursday Of Last Week. Wht hospital at Huntingdon on 1 ralay morning. IN OPERATION Nvhere Your Friends and Neighbors The Pennsylvania Railroad ompany Tfaey Hav(J ul Tea Happenings of Bedford tl of Thowi During the Week fjuon Onituaries Have Died Past Mr. and Mrs.

Cecil Bltchey of Phila Vicinity During the Fast Week Where They Are Going delphia are visiting at the home ot tne former's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Eli Ritchey. LOCAL AND PERSONAL NEW! EVENTS OF A LOCAL NATURE Brief Mention of Happening to Everett and Vicinity During the Past Week KEMfl FROM TOWN AND COCKTS interesting Bits of News Telling tbe Events of the Week, In a Condensed Form The following tribute to J.

Frank-Cornelius, a son of Mrs. A. E. Cornelius of Everett, appeared In The Bulletin of Pompton Lakes on June 7. "Over two hundred friends, relatives and borough officials paid their last r-speets yesterday to .1.

Frank Corael- Items of Interest tSrieny Toid by 0 Regular Correspondent Basraew Transactions, Accidents aad Other Happenings WITH VISITORS AM) VISITED Brief Mentiun of Persons You Slay Know as They Pass From Place to Place Miss Nellie Mclntyre was a visitor in Everett this week. beffan operating on an union. service between Pittsburgh ud I'hUu-dalpbia on Monday. Eire trips are being made daily in both directions, three over the Lincoln Highway and two over the William Pemi Highway. For the purpose of rendei-ing the new service a contract has been entered into with the Greyhound Lines.

in which the Pennsylvania Railroad has acquired an Interest. The Greyhound lines now operate an extensive system of buses rendering long distance service, and linking Chicago. St. Louis. Captain Calvin Richards, with his wife and sou.

of Winchester. Kpent I several days this week in Everett and Rev. and Mr-. Crump and children of Ford Chy were guests se-' PASS FROM TIME TO ETERNITY Record of PersoM well Known Oar Readers Who Have Joined tbe Great -Majority JOHN PRICE GlX'HENOt'R John Price Goeheuour died at the home of his daughter. Mrs.

Sherman Grimes, in Snake Spring Township. Bedford County. Pa. His death resulted from Injuries sustained in a fall. He was a well known and honored resident of Snake Spring Valley and was a faithful member of tiie Church of the nineteen years oorougn cictk Shades at M.

J. your Window JHausfs adv. Webwl'S to t-00 sale Read about on Pane Five. veral days this week at the home ot Miss Mary Hunks. Francis A.

of ute 3. Everett and William A. Meilott of Breeze-, wooil were pleasant callers at The Pros office on Thursday. Mr. and Mrs.

(Vis W'igtie and Detroit, Cleveland, and other cities ot the central west with Pittsburgh. PhUa- delphia, Washington. Baltimore. New MARRIAGE LICENSES Frederick William Slsley of Fayette City ami Harriet Watk'ms Lilmatt of Cnioittown. Clemens H.

Johnson and Dorothy C. Arnold of Bedford. Charles Ray Shindei and Rachel Eger Decker of Washington, t). 0. Wm.

L. Reighard of MorretlviUe and Dora Mae Miller of Napier Township. John Fiddler Crawley and Ahna Sara Harris of Bedford. Samuel Fisher and Dura Viola Ferguson of Nupier Sro-isl Wale of Wall Paper Saturday one or tne most re-speciea eiL.Aeii.-s vi Pompton Lakes who suddenly passed away Sunday. The funeral was one of the largest that has ever beeu held iu the tri-eounfy communities and many hearts were sad as alt that was mortal of tbe well known official was laid to rest.

"Death removed Mr. Corae'uus List Sunday afternoon. He died at the -in-el of his ear immediately after he started out for a ride. A fatal attack seized him after he had traveled less than a block on Bartholf ave .,1 ye Brethren. He was VI.

J. adv. Mr. VZ. Mary Miss Pauline I'epple is attemlini school in Elizabeth, l'a.

Donald Stiffier is attending camp at Camp Kanesatake. Spruce Creek. Mr. and Mrs. T.

H. Keeder of Riddles-jlmrg were vi-itors in Everett Sunday. Mr. Simon Snyder of Route 1. was a welcome caller at our office on Saturday.

I Mr. Me. Perriu of Chaneysville was a pleasant i-al'er at our office on Mon- iday. I Mrs. Samuel Fink has returned home was -rn on ii mi-iI was a s.m of Havi.1 York and other eastern paints.

The Greyhound Lines. Willi hereafter operate as an affiliated en-j itev. Four will preach at. Stevens Chapel on Will at 11 a. ro.

WANTED! Burrow $15110 or jchildren spent the week -end with the 1 former's brother. Orvis Wigdeld jand family at Alms Hank. nr. lie i.erine Baker His wife died on ti in marriage wi Atiril It lsU4. terprtse of the Peiisylvaina Kailroau i svstcm.

In performing the new serv Pa. Address ii'JX llX). Mr. and Mrs. George Talminn and adv.

were visitors at I Mrs. O. F. Clap- sen of Kuna. Ida llie home of Mr.

per on Tiiurday nue. His car in which lie stumped over the steering wheel was found stalled iast wtvii March 2S. The following survive: David M. and Jacob B. GoeSe-nour.

Moiitesiino, Washington: Mrs. Mary Grimes. Snake Spring Valley; B. Gi.ehenour. starkweather.

Nor'u Dakota: Mrs. llanna Deal, lluekama. Michigan: Henry Om-henonr Children's services will be held al -Ml ciiurell un Sunday, June J3. is invited. WIU'LAM'E SERVICE anywhere oeut several DEEDS Iioy Hinish et IE to WiiliatnT.

Weist et al. Par.vl ill East I'rov. twp SniTO. Jacob Cook or ux to Ida Holler. Par-eel in Manns Choice hero: sLui).

Wi pile near Wauaque avenue by William H. Mrs. Jay ion. Mr. Marion M.

Sp 'in; revti Star. Chapter, i ird is attetidiug lis in Pitt-imr tsoied tiie door life summoned Mr. 11 iv or Xisiht. Call Phono signs who i .,1 tilol Vr is renovating reet by paint- William Craw! esidem-e on Wat- No. 5-lT-7t.

hi- Ida Holier et vir to Ma: no eiand dead. ice, will act as the agent of the Pennsylvania General Transit company, a subsidiary of the Pennsylvania Railroad, system, which has already obtained certificates public convenience and necessity in the state of Pennsylvania covering both the Lincoln highway and the William Petm hi.shway r.m;e.-. Th" service will also continue west of Pittsburgh to the hio state boundary, through connecting buses of the Greyhound lines. The Greyhound lines parallel the Pennsylvania railroad main s'oins from the seaboard to Chicago and St. U.

S. Gump Sn. Spring of the P.edfo of the East. Grand Chap this week. Miss Ibdel nation exerc Academy ai was last call.

grad- Naval Witt, o-'i -1hi Pa in Mantis i.oro: fl.00. Pharos N. Kisser as to Clemens II. Johtison. 2 lots in Bedford twji; fl.

Wilson no, ux to J. II. Frank Kauii'iHaii et al. in East St. Clair twp S1.n.

diii A. Either ux er al Henry E. -wry. inn- in Juniata twp: S21S). WINDOW SHADES made to order mm' or color.

Get our prices tlrst. D. S. (iamp "j-lT-Tt. 'hi'-Nvii's wrviitM will be held ir.

Mi l.uTh-i-i:i church at P.roox.ewooil on Sim-lay. in. at 7 p. m. Valley: Mrs.

Ida Mini. Oregon: Howard Washin gr. iir and Samuel ey. i.lalei: Ko-s or. j.ialio Albert h- Valley.

of Romeo. urvlves. Pomp; -Mi was crow! si le pleas i week. y. t'reiii 'h 1 ployed.

uy Lead: artieid win- is retul'i l.e had em-! MeKilil.ei!. I la rado. Vozak of Six Hun ana I Miss Ilelet John May and daugh-1 Willianpoft Joe i "Floral filb-d room in i Mr. ami Mrs eager, a ut nary arrive.1, lu re on id the summer vaca- ots. Mr.

and Mrs. A. Louis, and in states other than Feuu-aVlvnula these lines operate on an inter-vale basis. The Greyhound lines do not operate west of the Mississippi Dudley were sranicd a in Huutiniidon this week. Wednesday to Kont-I riiie State College on Mineral services will be held in the ake Spring Valley Church of the ethren.

Rev. D. I'epple will offi- I which the casket had been placed, Rarely has a funeral beeu held in jl'ouipron Lakes that ti'-wcrs were in abundance. A vacant, chair, the i' ai itii her Ic. river.

Cora Richards of Philadelphia est at the home of Mr. Frank S. J. Leap et ux to .1. Nagler at ux.

lot in Bedford boro John W. O'Roke et ux to Flora Grace-May. 1' I in Hyndman boro: Flora Grace May to John W. O'Roke et nw lot in Ilyudinan boro: May M'inters ef vir to J. Howard Crle et ux.

tract in I'nioii twm George W. Johnson by Guardian to Mary. Jane Williams, tract in Broad Top twp: KOI MEN HOLD I Mr. Silas Feltou of Route o. Everett tor to our office ou Mrs.

J. II. Eviiis Went to Pittsburgh on Wednesday. She was accompanied from that place by Mr. and Mrs.

Don-aid Beers and daughter on a trip to Detroit, Michigan. Mr. and Mrs. Earle Robinette and Mrs. II.

Roi iuette are spending ciate and will be assisted by Rev. D. A. Slayer. Inleniieut will be made in the Ritchey cemetery.

ELI AS E. IHEHL Elias Emanuel Dii hi. son of Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Diehl (ill-eased) was orn in Friends Cove.

July 8. and June (. aged 71. years. Ill iniontlis and is days.

He was coiiiine.l on November 17. Is71 and was a life-Uong niemher of Cove church, serving us Two of the four men who held up was a welcome visit the Central City bank on Thursday es-1 Saturday, enped with The others were in- bwMi. by shots and captured by bank hom of ylv Mr employees and bystanders. is isiting at the Gerald Gump at New Voss Vanity Washer Cmc in and see this finest and fastest washer. guaranteed.

D. S. Gump son. 5-31-5t. The animal Weimer reunion will be held at Lnkomont Park, near Altoona, ui Wednes-tay.

June Everybody welcome. me in and see the wonderful F.ay-a Wail Paper senilis at 7 eents a tUnjiv Mil Saturday only at M. J. Waust's. adv.

VOSS WASHERS Will wash cleaner and faster. Prices from $711,411. Sold on payments os low as $5.00 per month. 13. S.

Gump Sun. are m-CTK-s were on lloral trilmte of the Exempt Firemen's Association, was the outstanding set "Public officials of the biro turned out one hundred per cent for the funeral. Seventeen men. members of the borough council and other officials with whom Mr. Cornelius had been intimately associated as well as of the fraternal organizations to which he be'onged.

ailed as honorary pall bearers. "Interment was made in tiie pomptoii Reformed cemetery. "On Wednesday evening Pomplon Lodge No. gtlt. F.

and A. M. of which I Mr. Cornelius v.a.- a IMELLOTT BRADLEY Mi-s liertlia Bradley, a daughter of Mr. ami Mrs.

James Bradley of Altoona When the was opened the throe of the bandits walked I tlvia of Roanoke, Va. Mrs James is v. siting ner parents, jir. aau iting her this week in Philadelphia. Mrs.

H. B. Kobinetto underwent an operation for the removal of tonsils. Miss Edna Sweet a at Miss lllmaii's Sehoo- in arrived in last week to spend the summer with her parents. Mr.

ami Mi's. Sweet. Sweet. .1. A.

an elder for a number of years. On; November it. he was united in; marriage to Mary Diehl. a dan-Ighter of Mr. and Mrs.

Josinh Diehl. to I which onion, the following children vivlWjjJvr K. Stanley and Mrs. Sir. I Hoy of Everett Star Route was a visitor at The Press office on Wednesday.

became the bride of Paul Meilott. a ma of Mr. anil Mrs. Louis W. of Hopewell at 11 o'clock Monday morning in tin' l-'airvieiv Mel hodist oiiurcQ of Ai: the Rev.

George E. Johnson olTi'-ia! lug. Tiii' couple was bv Miss Ira Meilott and William F.diih iTT-wiin--Ims U-en teuci-j a.iU" I ill' Camden. N. .1.

is expected chool from the director's room and ordered the enip'oyes and customers ro lie on tie- Hour. A clerk was iu a vault when he heard the command. He kicked a burglar alarm and the sound of the gong fright' med tile robber, two of wl i hail" scooped "up more than car thousand dollars. The bandits rushed for the door to join a companion in an automobile out---Ide. At tiie same time J.

M. Miller, easiiler. seized redo and tired. the robbers fell. The automobile sped away and the remaining baii-ilis tied afoot.

M. E. Snell. former Waltinan of Clearlield were visitors at the home of and Mrs. W.

Ii. Shear- Tli'irsday'ot' li-t week for i ransi'U'tiii2: jiitoxicatitii; rapier. The men lire rosi-decs et' Cumberland, Mil. me Ji'oUu home. R.

Ad.ert Shoope. Diehl. Altoona Mrs. Walter if Eel-oil. He is survives! also "day.

and Mrs. days last Tiiey also l-i-itcd in Clearville. on Sunday es ami frie (fnl niaster tiro tem officio ted. Prior time im'tnber of the Fed'-ral Gump spent in Lancaster one brother. Mr.

i. both lit' nick zmnj'i is Calvin I Morris Iby his ii I widow ehl. The Ai'imim 1 Hi' brid. I'ouncil. o.

I'. A. ai: ic Ex--1 Mr. pay Services will be Memorial. at HI 11...

June at 2 ..10 p. in. at p. m. Miss Willi; ihe I'eunesyH'ania held a.

in. Ml. 'nioii i ha- reside Mr. spent a few days Maryland ho-. jiiiiif Kt'i wiu) is i- 1 1 I'l'i' tin i lull i iht' Mr.

an1 Mrs. K. I'o afterln Jones. a. The bride des H--nc-k It.

It. her 'of her on l.y lost empr I-'irellK-n's Ass r. ruf-iiii-' to "All during ii wt tiie nitiiiicipal building house were placed service t'-r Mr. i ol. A tin.

I held i the peace who lives near tne -o his itev was made ing tiie eliurcli. lone of its lll'JS saying ihr least Memorial churches will no heard the shoot ing. obtained a shotgun I ami, ails, "i Ben- Friends Col respected ci the school half i a II. It. emplovi'd hi IL uroeery store.

Following tiie cerenn parry was tendered a hnme of Hie bride's pari attended hy the innnedi the home of the late Calvin ags lid tire nisi by Jacobs. I I Iuvey. a stmlriii nt IVrkiu the bridal nt Hi; wliieh was te relatives of of Mayor Siopln Salurday. June ctric Cleaners will at 1. i I'l'mishiiru- KltU'lni 1 the regn Ille council and tired from a window of his home Windber we're visiting relatives in shot was believed to have wound-el el'eti on Wednesday.

one of the Heeling men. 1 Leila driest started this Due of the men was captured lief IiOS Ca lil'oraia, where sh. he gained the woods and was tm, siinuner. lirt in less time Life rer'ove ui re lOiivoy. uh" i atu-ntliu si-hnol iu lialriiimiv.

art' spending tin um-nior vara (inn with their rent 1 ian.l Mrs. JI. L. Dnvrv. MRS.

EVA I.ASHLEV I'ERRIX ilas Eva I.a-hley Perriu died at her the home in Artemas. on June s. re' death lnung caused by stroke. She Vour old cleaner taken S. Gump Son.

5-17-71 evening a resolution was read by mayor extending sympathy the ives of Mr. Cornelius, who like the ugh have sustained a great loss. Time Servo in trade D. Ev- next TIUUVUIIV, Hit of Everett Route a visit to taken from him. He was slightly wounded.

The other captured robber was seriously injured. panics, along with Mrs. K. A. Sinif us Mini Miss Clare Sruthall, of Hopewell, a Miss Janet Houck of Altoona.

The Xrft Tuesihiy evening hmi trip v'o Niagara Falls mid I'lilfalo. after which they will reide with the bride's parents. Mr. M. M.

Barton 4 returned Sunday fr tiles in Voungstowli. Free Library will be closed was born iu Artemas on November "dame 1 SSI, and was a daughter of Daniel K. Everett, and Mary E. Lashley. She was a mem-; He cam.

Frank Cornelius was born in on August lit. to Pompton Lakes about Ml Those attt-iuliii tin Snailay Sth-nl Chritian I'ndeavnr 'nnvi'iition at (irovc rhurcli tlrh niu 7th July and throughout JI1IK ENTERTAINS ON BIRTHDAY August. It will be open (o patrons on Tuesday. and Saturdays. Ar a hearing before Justice of the Ptore George W.

Richey on Friday i.v.i,it Clark ttnd Mrs. Myrtle from Hit' Christian chun hrs iX IHstrirt Hmt uf the Christian church. Her luw- years aim to take a pi'siihai in the nf-n, ti were II. Mearkle. Vei'imn jT.ami.

veu lVrrin. was killed a couple th-e of the K. I. Im 1'mit Oe Nennmrs Alearklc. I.

C. iioliinstai. Itoticu- years ux on the Rultimore IMko by an 'ampany under T. .1. Lynns wh was tiehl.

Harrison (cntiehl. Ceo. Lah- Three sons. Carl and Wal- superintenderft jft he rime. He made HhKSHEY NYC I'M Miss Jean Hershliorger entertained a number of her friends on Monday afternoon, it being 7th birthday.

The of her nice bail for parte was bold at the home Mr. Arthur Orr. a student at Perkio-men iicademy. Pennsburg. has returned heme for the summer vacation.

Mrs. Marshall Meilott and daughter of Altoona are visiting at the home of Dr. atd Mrs. J. Grant Hanks.

Miss Charlotte Kay left oil Tilesday for Morristowu. N. where will visit her brother. Mr. Ixnvis 1).

Kay. Air Herman of Coudersport. visited his parents. Mr. and Mrs.

v. nuns weie ley. (lien Calhoun. I4ennelt. Her-' ter of Mats, and K'tert.

at. lumip. (inany tru-nds tlirouirh his genial Mow, Vrank HersilK-rger. Mr survive with one hroiher. Kmler I).

nerisms and in lfH he was apin)inted and Mrs. Frank (t'Xeal. Misses ra 1 Lashley of Artemas one sister, clrrk to rlu Imu-oiiu'Ii of lVmptna L-iki's. I grandmother. Mrs.

John Busard ia at court as witnesses th- appearance iker iriai. in 'lie Shoema Jackson. liohena Williams. Lillian 7-cHa Bennett, of Artemas. a position he held tr nineteen yen in.

services of Everett 'ille inemorhil Black Valley. Games were played and a dainty luncheon was served. The guests were Louise Barker. Joan Smith. Doris Gienger.

Phillis Eh-helber-ger. Sara Jane Hershlierger. Elizabeth (). t). F.

win be ucio Lodge No. i-'O" I. LoiiNe Wall ers. Thenra Morse. Cracel Funer-il services were held Tuesday! He was completing his twenrieth year Mnrse.

Kha Sijies. Urv. and Mrs. V. T.

the Mt. Hope cliureh. Kev. Daniel in the service of the hnri'ich when Walters. W.

T.Walters, cmd (Men H-dlinshcad officiated and was assist- death tailed htm. Morse. led by Kev. John Bennett. Interment; "'Durinir the many years he spont as was nnide in t.

Hope cemetery. clerk Mr. Cornelius was absent a Sun.lay afternoon at the Lveveu cemetery. Theh members of the lodge requested to meet. at the lmlge room DeRue.

Jean Kaiser. Ruth Diehl. Grace y. II. Herman over llie week-end.

AnnouiH-eiuent has been made of the marriage of Mr. Harry Hershey of Philadelphia aud Miss Marjorie Nyeura if Everett, the ceremony having leen performed in Philadelphia on Saturday, May 11. V.t. Mr. and Mrs.

Hershey are residing in Philadelphia. Mr. Hershey is connected with a well known firm of lawyers and is a graduate of Harvard Law School. His bride is the only dan-liter of Dr. and Mrs.

ay. E. Nyeitni of this place. She graduated from the Everett High Sehool in the Class of mid received her degree from the Combs servatory of Mush- iu Philadelphia last, moil! h. and the services will ne Hers'hborgel'.

Gladys DeRue. Anna Mary Rineilollar. Franklin Hershlier I nrom only ttitrjeeu ciuincii mecrins. at 1 p. I'KANKMN (UMl III IIONORKU i Mrs.

J. R. Fulton was called 'Chincoteaglle. this week oil AT niKSTM HILL ACADKMV ger. Bettv Shatter.

Phyllis Four. Esther MRS. MA1ITHA IU iless tlian one a year. unfailina: Mrs. -lane Rnrket.

widow of rt-ula he was at his dek in'tore count of the illness of her mother. Ibt'se. I.a'avn 1 Ireuiiiug. Prisi-ill at '1 P. in.

'Lie children of the Lutheran Sunday 1iresented a program at the church Sunday morning. Recitations. P.arkman. Maxine Clappei. Richard, Mr.

and Mrs. Alvin Oil and chihlr Franklin (iiiniii HI of Kver was eouiu-il coiivein the ks iu'ii he nii year when he Henry liurket. died on Sunday eveniiii; he a her home in Altoona a ter several af days illness. She was horn nt ford. '2, lsfT.

Surviving are four thi and generally long was over. Several ied his firt nieeiing jonrueyed to Everett isiting friend-and Bedford. Ilershberger. Helen Hershlierger. Paul-jot llopwood.

are ino ltee.Ier. Jean Hershlierger. and relatives in Even soius, and exercises were participated in the youngsters. The auditorium in. Mr.

F. S. went to the I t. v- I e.

I FORMER OWNER OF wa- i Western Maryland Hospital at lilli- al was in charge of the service. l.ei'liind on Wednesday for treatment. TVNNERY VISITS EVERETT ph II. I.adew and wife ot Ellgle- a member of the graduating class a Chestnut Hill Arudeniy. the coniiuenee-ineut being held on Friday of hi si week.

He has had a high standing throughout his attendance at I lie academy and won scholast ic and awards. The young man a prominent par; in ihe comniencemeiit having been selected to do'iver lie Ivy oration. vimis and one Mrs. Anna visit his T'Ti ance of Heach. Kd-1 "Sever;) 1 ward liurket of Nebraska.

Mari-m I'ur- ffether with Uet of Heilford. Cuy liurket id: .1 unia la. iza ih'ii Jiiat and Irvin F.urki oi' AlMona. Nineteen Fin-men's "isi! his Firemen's ears ago Mr. Corneliiw.

ot hers formed he oris; known as Eei Jo KVKRKTT IIA1PANV MUKGI WITH TMK I'KNN CMNTKAL oiinsylvania is one of the ten slates l.e Cnion which produces more than W. C. Hanks of James Mr. a He in Kv lit II. ati'! eiu-hteea rea nd rhildreii and one brother.

Henry ftoilent has 1 the Evem en made I.i-alu. II, tho ami worth ol Honey ling to the State Department of Vulture. In 1 'he latest year figure are available for all tunc the Ag sir- of Ahr tiozalli M-: ia. a lirvi li'l'l mi Tucsilny lit ill ni.t iii-l Mr. Ccfi' Asserialio ardent worker for th his interest and the fur; hering llie work ie the mcjuhers 1o office of u-esidetit the pa -a two years.

'ernelius was (lie Saer Fn Anuolin fact that Tower eo tiie I'ciin Company, tintic as and the aloiiu- Ihe wood. N. were Everett visitors las Friday. It was their first visit to Everett in more than till years. Mr.

I.adew is a i-apilalist and was well known here a a member the linn -d Fayerwea I.adew. who oo-ncil 'recuaiseh tannery well as many other tanneries in different parts of the country. The product of the-'e tanneries leealile fain throughout the world being known as "Flintstone" leather. caurt He wa- aNo piv-einod with ihe lowing awards; -vholai ir award, celleijce iu i pi ize baiting Cup: athb-iir award, "lir Hill at Viiie Cup. tie stat in iliu npany has Central I.ialit Mr.

II. J. Dti the business will same policies merged itti ami ulap will i-tiji-f this be comlueteil hat have leen Pennsylvania ranked ilium honey compared to sixth ill period of maximum expau-bee industry in the Coin- on sous, Snyder Melvin pr tniinenl in was a ot' JAMES p. LITTLE I.nnes V. Linle died ai his hoau -iled Mrs.

fr; teriiiil circles. lie day and ma Mr. I.ero hi homo Ilile. Mr. W.

Cypher ant Mr. -ivli 1 1 iuh wci Mr. ro nihienee. lat aeeompanied llie t'ie "Wnti'-ig Worker's" class of the the Brethren will serve riKTHUAV IIIWEK HONOK OF MKS. TITTM Itast.

Ilieir ch.s-k's ntral l.i-ht observed in the Mr. cusioniers make lei- i to the Penn Ci ios Company. liar all jiayalile Power iowry he Mr. C. of of Washiii-tnii.

1). I A i Mr. La. lew noted many in the and will return for a more extended stay in the near future. Ill the' A.

M. as as Council Jr. ii. I'. A.

M. "A 1 he time of his deal ins was llie hea of Employment Service loca York city. "I Ie is survived by hU erly Miss lib-hard irllebi; diinn-r was given at the Elmer i'ittman on Friday and Saturday. June 14 LI in llie Brethren church base-o; the County Sunday School anontioii and for others who desire Ir meal away from home. Ou 1'ri- -( p.

m. Monday. para'y-iis. with whh-h lie was stricken Sun-' lay in 'ruing. He was a Ida; k- anitti and one of Loysburg's proiniueni itizeiis.

I-'or many years he had iii ihe nicmbership td the Mi li-s; Episcopal rhurch and was teacher of ihe Men's Dihle class. Surviving! rive s-'ns and two daughters: Harry Little. New York: William Little) of Pitt. -burgh Edgar I. it tie.

Waterside: 1 Mrs. Clara Overton. Pavonpnrt, Iowa: EUie Little, at Inane. honor of r. 1'it man.

i' Ulsr l)inhday. Those pro- a ud i iieing le W. Seoii Snyrler I.IOI1N XYCI'M GK VDI ATES I HOM I MVFRSITV and OW. foi'Ul- d-inuiiter. thev will serve a ham diune tiie homo of.

--eat we were mily vi! Mr. nml GIBBS MacCLOSKE The wedding of Miss Anna Kathryn ai CI. ske.v Mr. and Mrs. I'lair Elncrsen to Mr.

Xnu Horn at New man. i hiM Anna his mo; her. i's. I've i'a. wo br i chicken and no.Hlle goes to the church, gc wil be highly appre- The ri'ceutiy Mr.

and rs. Ehm-r Pitt-Mr. and Mr. Tims. AYhitfie! 1 and, en.

Elva. Lillian. El ni or. 1 rma. i and Tommy.

Mr. and Mrs. E-py an and children. Alberta. Altie.

ia and Lloyd. Mr. and Mrs. Meu- Xyeiim. E.

Xyi iliu of Mrs. dilate'' Ann Cornelius tie rs. Thomas Missouri, Moii.k Tiopo. s. Price Mr.

1 tile met! ii 1. C'O-nrlili, Kansas and William Cvnelius N. and one Richard Dibell Gil.l.s took place iu St. Tie mas' Episi-opa 1 ehnreh in Washington. O.

C. on Salurday. June 1 at sen-t 'ieuds Mrs. Ed. Williams ves ami am! Mrs.

"Walter ind Mrs. Jom ek-end w'n relal t)hin. Evere "Mmam Mrs. AIImti Pittman and 'ii. Yiola.

Myrl. Evelyn and May Mrs. no Layton. Mr. ami Mrs.

:1 Mr. Henry Giblnd and Mrs. Gibbel of Lititz. stopped of Hon. ami Mrs.

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