Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on January 11, 1961 · Page 8
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 8

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 11, 1961
Page 8
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8 POSTVILLE (Iowa) HERALD Wednesday, January 11, 1961 Gunder News MRS. CORNELIUS REIERSON Correspondent LUTHERAN CHURCHES Marion Lutheran Church Rev. Henry J. Mathre Wednesday. January 11. 7:30 p. jn. — Marion Brotherhood officers meet at church. 8:00 p. m.—Mother's Circle at the church Thursday, January 12. 2:00 p. m.— Slarion Ladies' Aid. Mrs. Harold Opsand. Mrs. P. K. Peterson, hostesses; Mrs. K. Mork. Bible study. 7:30 p. m.—Junior choir practice. Friday. January 13, 8:00 p. m.— Senior choir practice. Saturday. January 14. 9:00 a. m.— Senior confirmation. Sunday. January 15, 11:00 a. m.— "Warship. IMS a. m.—Church School. Wednesday, January 18 — Brotherhood meeting. Film on "Parish Conservation." All men invited to attend. Other Gunder News. Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Klingman, Jr. were Sunday evening visitors in the James Helgerson home at tClermont. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Reierson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence An- iinson and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Krttger of West Union were Sunday -evening visitors in the Cornelius Heierson home, to help Mrs. Cornelius Reierson celebrate her birth- ttay. Mrs. Gilbert Loftsgard and Ruth Lroftsgard were visitors Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Julia Loftsgard and Josie Jensen. Mr. and Mrs. Myron Houg and family were Sunday afternoon call- ^*rs in the Silas Butikofer and the Werner Moore homes. Rev. Mathre was a caller in the Myron Houg home Friday. Mrs. Ruth Loftsgard and Sharon were last Monday visitors in the -Myron Houg home, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Opsand •were Sunday dinner guests in the L. A. Seim home in Decorah. A-ME-2. USN and Mrs. Gerald Larson and Teresa Lynn of Sanford. Florida were callers in the Selmer •Helm and the Will Bergen home on Ibursday. Mrs. Vebjon Landsgard and Ole •were callers Wednesday afternoon in the Selmer Holm home. Sirs. Arthur Amundson and chil- •Sren of Clermont were Sunday aft- 1IST PENNIES A BAT SAVE VOD B0LLARS! $5.00 A SERVICE WITH TBI-STATE. TRISTATE Check your Phone Directory For Tri-State Service. ernoon visitors in the Morris Amundson home. Emory Landsgard and Milo Gisleson spent Sunday afternoon with Millard Gisleson. Mr. and Mrs. Enock T. Mork of Postville were visitors in the Emory Landsgard home and with Mrs. Mollie" Mork there. Mr. and Mrs. Millard Mork of Elmagordo, New Mexico visited Tuesday in the Emory Landsgard i home. Mrs. Joseph Reierson and children visited Monday in the Robert Eberling home at Postville'. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kjosa were callers Sunday afternoon in the Ole Embretson home at Elkader. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kjosa were supper guests in the Clarence Anderson home Friday evening. Mrs. Kenneth Kjosa spent Friday afternoon in the Carroll Klingman, Jr. home. Mrs. Walde Embretson spent Saturday with Mrs. Mary Olson and Selma Groth. Irene Swanson and, Charles Christensen were callers in the Louis Kjosa home Sunday evening. Rev. Mathre was a caller at the Louis Kjosa home Friday forenoon. Mr. and Mrs. Will Bergen and Kendra Loftsgard were supper guests in the Louis Kjosa home on Tuesday evening, in honor of Sonja's birthday. Kendra was an overnight guest there. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kjosa, Bonnie and Sonja were last Monday dinner guests in the Millard Christensen home. Rev. Mathre, Mr. and Mrs. Marion Olson of Monona, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Schutte of Castalia, Donald Olson and Jeffery and Selma Groth were dinner guests on Tuesday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Olson, following the graveside services of the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Olson. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Kenyon and Dennis of Peoria, Illinois were Saturday night supper guests in the Henry T. Olson home. Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Olson were Friday night supper guests in the Gehard Halverson home. Mrs. Joseph Reierson and fami ly were Saturday afternoon callers at the Robert Friederich home. Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Olson spent Monday forenoon with Mrs. Mary Olson and Selma Groth. Mrs. Bertina Halverson and Mrs. Clara Helium were visitors in the P. K. Peterson home Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Edblad and girls of Niles, Illinois and Mrs. Harold Opsand were recent supper guests in the Christine Rypostol home. Belated holiday supper guests Friday in the Cornelius Reierson home were Mr. and Mrs. Mervin Reier son, the Joseph and Lloyd Reier son families and Clara Helium. Mr. and Mrs. Tilpher Bilden and Debra, and Mrs. Helga Bilden spent Tuesday forenoon in the Lloyd Loftsgard home. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Loftsgard and family were recent dinner guests in the Lloyd Loftsgard home. Kathleen Gisleson and Theodore and Sandra Kjosa returned to college, after spending the holidays in their homes. Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Olson visited Sunday afternoon in the home of Susie Carney in St. Olaf. Mr. and Mrs. Vernie Olson of Volga were Sunday night visitors in the Otto Gisleson home. Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig Anderson spent Tuesday In the Ole Loftsgard home. MORE pays to feed PURINA See Our Beautena at the • . . Beautena Royal Show and Sale SATURDAY, JANUARY 14, 1961 HAWKEYE DOWNS, CEDAR RAPIDS In case you haven't been in the store to see her lately, this is our entry in the Annual Beautena Royal show and Sale. She is being fitted by the Postville FFA Chapter. By show and sale date she will be 4 months old and weighing 275 pounds. WHO GETS THE PROCEEDS OF BEAUTENA ROYAL? Proceeds of all the animals in the sale, after deduction of expenses, will go to the sponsoring organization. It is our contribution to better more profitable dairying and the development of outstanding boys and girls in this community. THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY ... to buy big, well- developed HEIFERS with great potential for herd replacement. It is your opportunity to support the local farm youth groups who are learning by doing through participation in this Beautena Royal Show and Sale. REMEMBER THE DATE . . . Saturday, January 14, 1961, Hawkeye Downs, Cedar Rapids, Sale starts, at 1:00 p. m. FEED PURINA . . . YOU CAN DEPEND ON THE CHECKERBOARD FOR QUALITY . . . SERVICE McNeil Feed and Supply Dial 86 4-3231 Postville, Iowa ••KMiniltlHItltlllllllllMIMIIIIHtllHIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIItni BOARD PROCEEDINGS Allamakee County JOHN BAUMGARTNER, Chairman ALTON BULMAN MORRELL, YOHE UllllinilHIIIIMIIIMIIMIIIIMIIIIttlllllllllllltlHIIMIIMMMIII Published below are the official proceedings of the Allamakee County Board of Supervisors. The publication appears in the interest of all county residents, town and rural. MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS October 18, I960 Board met as preadjourned. Morrell Yohe and John Baumgartner present. Alton Bulman absent. Minutes of laat meeting read and approved. It was moved and seconded that the followlne levies be made on alt real estate and personal property in Allamakee County, and the County Auditor is hereby authorized to extend the same on the county tax liata for the year I960. It is further ordered that the County Auditor correct all erroneous' levies or errors which may have occurred in the figures and cut all excessive levies. Motion carried. Iowa State Tax Commission certifies that the following levies upon all taxable real and personal property in the State of Iowa for taxes collectable in 1961; For Interest and principal on Service Compensation Bonds; For retirement of Korean Service Compensation Bonds. Within Consolidated Corporation Levies Ceneral -$ 97,648 Court Expense 17,092 Poor 89.556 State Institution 69,978 Mental Health 5,000 County School 7,485 Soldiers Relief 8,485 Bovine T .B. 00 F. O. A .B.~ 7.485 I. P. E R. S. — 10.001 Bangs (Brucellosis) 15.001 Bounty 5,000 Fair 7,576 Soldiers Compensation Bond (State) 11,516 Korean Service Compensation (State) 4,242 Agricultural Extension ,_ 14,971 Allamakee County Assessment Expense Fund 21,729 Board of Education 36,640 C. Secondary Road 5/6 mill (on all county property) 16,850 Outside Corporation A. Secondary Road (2^£ mill- Twp. only) 49,980 B. Secondary Road (8 5/8 mill- Twp. only) 172,497 Road Clearing (3/4 mill- Twp. only) 9,996 Weed Eradication (Twp. only) 5,480 Monies and credits to be taxed at five (5) mills which shall be distributed pro-rate as per Chapter 196 5 1st C. A. Sec. II Chapter 61, Acts of the 56th General Assembly a district annual tax of one (I) mill upon the dollar of the assessed valuation of moneys and credits and other intangible personal property subject to taxation at other than the general property rate which is in addition to all other taxes levied upon such intangible personal property and which shall, together with the levy of the Tax heretofore stated, be spread upon the books of the County Treasurer of each County of the State of Iowa for the tax year I960 and collected and remitted during the year 1961, as prescribed by law. Corporations Harpers Ferry 4,253 Lansing 28,384 New Albin , 15,137 Postville 50,740 Waterville 4,021 Waukon 96,917 Township School Districts Allamakee Community 672,865 Capoli No. I 1,449 Decorah Community 515,174 Eastern Allamakee 267,975 Little Paint 00 Luana Consolidated 89,267 Monona-Farmersburg 234,320 Postville Community 327,526 Waterloo Ridge 5,977 Township Cemetery Levies Franklin 349 Jefferson 699 Lafayette 95 Lansing 179 Paint Creek 198 Post 398 Township Fire Levies Center 1,420 Fairview 406 Lafayette 999 Lansing 1,523 Paint Creek 2,899 Post 2.677 Motion carried. WEED NOTICE The Board of Supervisors of Allamakee County, Iowa, will meet the 18th day of November at 1:30 o'clock p. m at the Court House and taxpayers will be heard for or against the following Weed Control work of the year I960: Lot 6 NE SE Sec. 3 I -98-5; Inpt N. R.R. SW SW Sec. 32-98-5; In W. pt of NW SW Sec. 32-98-5. On motion board adjourned to meet October 25. I960 at 9 o'clock a. m. L. E .Rlcker, County Auditor John Baumgartner, Chairman MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS October 25. 1960 Board met as preadjourned. Members all present. Minutes of last meeting read and approved. RESOLUTION Concurring in Recommended Award of Contracts For FARM TO MARKET road PROJECT NOs. FM-524; Sn-1716: SN-2268; SN- 2537; SN-2860 Allamakee County. Iowa. WHEREAS the Board of Supervisors of Allamakee County, Iowa, has considered the bids received by the Iowa Stato Highway Commission on Oct. 18. I960 for construction work on Farm to Market Project Noa. FM-524; SN-1716; SN2268: SN-2537 and SN-2860 Allamakee County, NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the said Board of Supervisors of Allamakee County, Iowa, concurs in the Commission's recommendation that contracts for said work be awarded to the low bidders as follows: FM -5 2 4—Su rf scing—$6,130.5 6—R. J. Cooney, Waukon, Iowa. SN-1716—Surfacing—$4,068.70 — R. J. Cooney, Waukon, Iowa. •SN-2268—Surfacing—$3,821.68—R. J. Cooney, Waukon, Iowa. SN-2537—Surfacing—$5,3 19.20— R. J. Cooney, Waukon, Iowa. SN-2860 — Surfacing—$402.28 — R. J. Cooney, Waukon, Iowa. Passed and approved this 25 th day of October I960. BOARD OF SUPERVISORS ALLAMAKEE COUNTY Attest: L. E. Ricker County Auditor * By (s) John Baumgartner Chairman By (s) Marie Philips. Deputy Motion made and seconded to cancel the 1959 taxes payable in I960 on personal property assessed to Leonard Ceno in Lansing Township. Said can cellation is requested due to the fact that on March I, 1959 he moved to Wisconsin and that the same personal property was assessed as of May I. 1959 and the taxes thereon paid in I960 in that State. Motion carried. PETITION AND" CONSENT TO THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF ALLAMAKEE COUNTY The undersigned respectively petition that a Highway fifty (50) feet wide, commencing at Two rods north of the southeast corner of the West Half of the Northeast Quarter of Section 33. Township 99 North. Range 4 West of the 5th P. M., and running thence south* westerly across the southeast corner of the, West Half of the Northeast Quarter, thence southwesterly across that portion of the Northwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of said Section 33, and terminating at intersection with County road, a distance of about 35 rods from point of beginning. Road Notes. Following is the centerline notes for a road in the north half of SEhi of Section 33, and south half of NEVi of Section 33. Twp. 99N, R4W of the 5th P.M. Road to be 50.0 ft wide. 25 " Members all present. Minutes of last meeting read and approved. In compliance with Section 50.38 of the 1950 Code of Iowa the Board of Supervisors of Allamakee County, Iowa, organized as n Board of Canvassers at 12:00 noon and proceeded to canvass the vote cast at the General Election on November 8. I960, at shown by th» Poll Books from the sovernl precinc" filed In the County Auditor's Office. Broderick, Ashbacher, Clem Ludeklng, Niles ft each aide of the following described centerline. Beginning at a point 34.0 ft north of the 1 /8 post between the cen ter and east post of Section 33, twp 99N, R4W of the 5th P.M. thence S 73' W 561.0 ft Note witness tree to the 1/8 post is a walnut, 20" in diameter north 82.0 feet on fence line) to the north line of road number 300., be estab. lished and we hereby represent that we are the owners In fee simple of all the lands affected by said proposed High* way, and hereby severally grant and give to the public the right of way over and upon our respective lands as above described and, waiving notice, relinquish all claims for damages by reason of such establishment. Dated September 3, I960 APPROVED October 25, I960 (s) John Thorsten Sept. 3. 1960 (s) James Thorsten Sept. 3, 1960 (s) Paul D. Moore Sept. 3. I960 John Baumgartner Chairman, Board of Supervisors On motion board adjourned to meet November 3, I960 at 9:00 o'clock a. m. L. E .Rlcker, County Auditor Chairman of Board of Supervisors from the sovernl precincts ea in County Auditor's Office. Board declared the following parties elected, they have received the largest number of votes: L. E. Rlcker, County Auditor. Leon Henderson. County Treasurer. Lloyd Kolsrud, Clerk of Court. Keith E'. Blgelow. County Recorder. John W. Shafer. County Attorney. Theodore Rumph Jr., County Shorlll. John Baumgartner, Member of the Board of Supervisors—term beginning January 1961. . . _ , Morrell L. Yohe. Member of the Board of Supervisors—Term beginning January 1962. The following persons having received the largest number of votes for Justice of the Peace In their respective precincts were declared elected. Center Twp.—Clen Carlson, Edwin Gelo. Franklin Twp.—Martin " '"'" Wayne Chamborlfiin. French Creek Twp.—U. J Reuben Leppert, Iowa Township—A. Rudnlck, Gottlieb Bellon. Lansing Twp.—Joe Welpert Peters. Ludlow Twp.—Willis Kruger. Makee Twp.—Paul Huenemnn. Post Twp.—Lloyd Schroeder, Robert Burling. Union City Twp.—Clarence Meyer, Lowrence Gilson. Taylor Twp.—Ben Quillin, B. A. Hou- lihnn. Waterloo Twp.—Walter Kumpf, Art Ranzenberger. Waukon. Makee Twp.—Paul N. Hueneman, John Ford. Township Officers elected for 1961 and 1962 as returned by the Judges and Clerks of the election are as follows: CENTER Constable—Howard Kolsrud, Kenneth Kerndt. Trustee. 1961—Herbert Hartong. Trustee, 1962— Theo. Bakke. Clerk—C. R. Shogren. FAIRVIEW Trustee, 1961—R. L. Brown. Trustee. 1962—Harold Kinley. Clerk—M. J. Moody. FRANKLIN Constable—Curtis Webster, Rodney Smith. Trustee, 1962—Burton Schlein. Trustee — To fill vacancy. Burton Schlein. Clerk—Martin Broderick. FRENCH CREEK Constable—Lewis Ebner, Howard Leppert. Trustee, 1961—Mork Byrnes. Trustee. 1962—Francis Howes. Clerk—Wlllard Verthein. HANOVER Constable — Bernard Schulte, Eldon Molitor. Trustee, 1961—Lester Ellingson. Trustee, 1962—Clem Byrnes. Clerk—Bernice Iverson. IOWA Constable—Clcn Buege. Wilbur Marks. Trustee.^ 1961—Joe Burke. Clerk—Kathrvn Moore. JEFFERSON Trustee. 1961—John C. Larkin. Trustee, 1962—R. L. Frlnk. Trustee, I960—Roger Hansmeier. Trustee. 1959—John C. Larkin. LAFAYETTE Trustee, 1961—Carl Mullarkey Trustee, 1962—Ed Hawes. Clerk-—Ray Crowe. LANSING Constable—Joe Mauss, Robert Coodell. Trustee, 1961—Herb Teuerhelm Sr. Trustee. 1962—Herb Feuerhelm, Jr. Clerk—John Thompson. LINTON Trustee, 1961— Edw. J. Crady Trustee. 1962—Lawrence Krueger. Clerk—Wilbur Cahoon. >. LUDLOW Constable — Donald Flage, Clarence Winkle. Trustee, 1961—Elmer Holier. Trustee, 1962—Emmctt Winkle. Clerk—Ben Winkle. MAKEE Trustee, 1961—Peter Bleber. Trustee, 1962—Carl Brandsmeter. Clerk—Clarence Kerndt. PAINT CREEK Trustee, 1961—H. H. Swain. Trustee, 1962—Lester Busneas. Trustee (vacancy term 1959)—Lester Busness. Clerk—Lester Ness. POST Constable—Eugene Ellis, Cecil Livln. good. Trustee, 1961—Arbe Behren*,' Trustee, 1962—Eldo Sander. Clerk—Wlllard Schutte. TAYLOR Constable—John Hogan, Don Mouw. Trustee, 1961—Leo Llvlr Trustee, 1962—Wm. Schulte. Constable—Oi Smith, u£ Said Board then u«3 of State. District, and Fi to the Secretary ol SmJ? the vote on Governor -ui Governor to the tpnVtt ill of Representatives m ^Jl Board adjourned ai B-JJI sers and organized M - * • ervlsors. Motion mndo and »« cash allowance- ' of »8.00 per November ot On motion November 18. 1960 L. E .Rlcker, County Audllo Chairman ol BOMJJM r month .V* 1 LonaiBDic— ju.i,, . —, _ „ . Trustee, 1961—Leo Livingston. Trustee. 1962—Wm. Schulte. Clerk—D. P. Brazell. UNION CITY Constable—Art Deters, Robert Schroe der. Trustee, 1961—Albert Vonderohe. Trustee. 1962—Alvln Meyer. Clerk—Henry Vondorohe. UNION PRAIRIE Trustee, 1961—Elmer Herman. Trustee, 1962—Charley Farley. Clerk—Henry Schmidt. WATERLOO Constable—Henry Engan, Joe Schulte. Trustee, 1961—vlnce Schulte. Trustee. 1962—Carlton Teff. Clerk—Rov Tyribakken. WAUKON—FIRST WARD Constable—Pete Hendrlckson. WAUKON—SECOND WARD Constable — Ralph Sweeney. Donald Ryder. WAUKON -THIRD WARD NEW DISTRICT . COOPERATORS NAMnl According to chairman of the Allaisjl ty Soil Conservation M following five new cocpjl approved for conserva™ their regular DecenAtl Urban J. Ashbacher, i Brainard, Leland Wejsl aid Hitchins, Joseph x .i This brings the totilT district cooperators t»l hundred ninuty-eight oil complete conservation I veloped with the assist! U. S. Soil ConservijJ personnel. Herald Want Ads bid Public Sail Farm located 4Vz miles East of Mononij Monona-Marquette road, on T FRIDAY, JANUARY 13th 1 Sale to Begin at 12:30 p. m. Lunch Wagon Not Responsible for ACQ 31 HEAD HOLSTEIN CATTti 14 Cows, some springing and some in full prodg 10 Heifers, springing; 2 Heifer Calves; 4 Yi Heifers; 1 Holstein Yearling Bull; TB & Bangs I HAY, OATS, CORN, STRAVl 400 Bales Mixed Hay; 200 Bushels Oats; 500 tJ Corn; 200 Baies Straw; All more or less.| 300-gal. Dari-Kool Bulk Tan| FARM MACHINERY, ETC, Usual Line of Machinery found on a farm| BOB HUBACHER Dean & Eaton, Aucts. Union State BanfeJ MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS November 3. I960 Board met as preadjourned. Members all present. Minutes of last meeting read and ap proved. NOTICE TO VACATE Parts of Road No.s. 643 and 173 described as follows; Commencing at the east line of the NW NW of Section 9, Twp. 96N, R6W of the 5th P. M. near the SE Comer of said 40 acres parcel, thence north approximately to the northeast corner of said 40 acre parcel, thence west approximately 80 rods, thence north approximately 80 rods to the north line of SW SW of Section 4, Twp. 96N, R6W of the 5th P .M. and December 5, I960 at 2:00 o'clock P. M. in the Court House at Woukon, Iowa, be set as the time and place of hearing of said vacating. L. E. Ricker County Auditor Monthly report of Public Health Nursing Service by Beverly Shafer, R. N. was presented, read and approved. Report of Soldiers Relief Commission for quarter ending September 30, 1960 was presented, read and approved. Weed Commissioner's .Report Capitulation was presented, read and approved. On motion board adjourned. L. E .Ricker, County Auditor John Baumgartner, Chairman of Board of Supervisors MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS - November 14. 1960 Board met in regular November sea. •ion. % ^ 1 HEARD THE NEWS? DEKALB CHIX ARE ESTABLISHING NEW RECORDS FOR LIVABIL- I- - ITYAND PRODUCTION. ^TJBJB^^ayJ MEYER HATCHERY #NOTICE# No Street Parking During Hours 1:00 a. m. to 6:00 a. m. DECEMBER 1st THRU MARCH 31st ORDINANCE NO. 285 prohibits parking of a motor vehicle on any street in Postville during the hours of 1:00 a. m. to 6:00 a. m. from the first day of December to the first day of April. NOTICE is hereby given that failure to observe this ordinance will result in necessary corrective action. * it • NOTICE — No Sleds or Toboggans are permitted on or to cross the town's. Ice Skating Rink at the south edge of the school lot. • & • B. A. Davis MAYOR, TOWN OF POSTVILLE PHONE 86 4-3213 POSTVILLE, If you love luxuiy and hate gas pumps ES23S ... then you'll love the Buick Special 1 You get Buick comfort, ride and go-plus [gal gas savings to boot! The Buick Special i» 100% Buiefc—wilh every- "~ thing that meant. Like Buick go, for example. A new 155-h.p. aluminum V-8 gives you more Bizzle than many a big car. And, because aluminum turns deadweight into live action, the milea per gallon figures are moat delightful Then there's Buick comfort—big roomy fort for head» V"'"» — 1 1 ~ J** • ride, BuM 's Cton U*>\ **oii and Body by rwier -all p** * tf»n moat HKNU . of th.iow.pnca field! Cf p «*-te»t the Special at your Bulek deakrt' b ™ c °«» prepared to hie your heart! • *** UK« AUTHOR ^31^ POSTVILLE IS: FAIB MOTOR CO.

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