Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 14, 1965 · Page 14
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 14

Ironwood, Michigan
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Wednesday, July 14, 1965
Page 14
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FOURTEEN IRONWOOD DAILY GIOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN Mart Picks Up Obituaries Gigantic Parade Board Approves Will Highlight Attendance of Saturday Event Newman at Meet WEDNESDAY, JULY 14, 1965. Some Strength This Afternoon Wciolainen. 81. Wico Location, died this morning at her residence at 1107 Kuivincn St She was born Sept. 28. 1883. Tin Roof", prize winning drama ; by Tennessee Williams which : opened Tuesday night at the In^_ clianhead Mountain Play'iouse a , Teuva.~ Yaasan Laani. Finland! ,,-,', i fascinated a highly appreciative -toi-fe market Die cd nn some an d came to the United States . . A S'?;" 11 ' 0 , str ? ct paracie wil1 BESSEMER-The Board O f :audien ce of first nighters. from .MOCK mdlKCl plCKCCI UP SOllie . highlight SatlirrhlV « nr-Hvitinc r,~ f i ,»;„„ *.„.,,!.,.. , ,,__ thp nnonino tn thr. iMr><si>-irr cr-otir. strength early this afternoon -'. a .^ears ago settling in wake- clurini , (hc hi it triHino rrmnirinrl rlnll field. SllC had llVCCl llOl'e SlllCC. ,-, , • ^ , . , , , - ....~ ~~ «. -j...^.. .1 r. mi. v- i Stock? were n"xed at the She was married to Joseph Wet- ^ '™ ° bc held Fnchiy ancl Newman at the workshop meet- sHrta'nd endu'illv moved hi"h elainen in 1008 at Wakefield. Hc b %V lclaj ' . ... '"- for new superintendents of ^ al l 8 '^,!!^ Ual ^M!™i,, ,,lri. nrocpded her in death. Tho do- .™crnn } <\c vill got underway the state at Northern Michigan 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Big Success o* First Performance BESSEMER—"Cat On a Hot is stripped from each character, each in his own, way finds his 1 t r u :• self revealed. The audience is also impressed with the j skillful and delicate handling of' the profanity and suggested ob- senity which might otherw i s e be shocking. No Funds to Hire Hurley Council Local Youths for To Investigate Summer Projects!License Issue A feeling of disappoint m e n t ! At a regular meeting of the siart ana graauany moved nign- *••"•••<•-•• •» • ••••"• -^ ...,,^.1^. ti v. ,,,, r .,,.., f | 0 u-jn „.,, ,,„,-]„,.,, er on balance, although there preceded her in death. The de- , J ! C30 'g 1 '' ^'" » l ' 1CC n was no-bins much in the way «ased was a member of the w \, pj^ 1( ^. o £'" °°" ,;, of group leadership. Apostolic Lutheran Church o f ^o/'S^s' 1 district Pan Concern over the U.S. role in "rf^eiieia. Marshal this year is ~~ ' Viet, Nam caused considerable Surviving her are one son, son pl . C sideri of U ' 1C caution. But caution over Viet Nels of Milwaukee: two daugh- chamber of Commerci Nam ha.- continued for some tcrs. Mrs. Ellen Lepisto. Trav- be drcsscd in uinc time jnd there was nothing eisc city, and Mrs. Mario Bren- g;Uia from lac du Flambcau _ jvuujugHir jjiaue in H ocu-suimg room ana uons n:iu me situations which: wnen <;uy Manager Kenneth E •••;•"">-" ••"<" >••"- *j.v,v.iio<_ v./un and University. Marquette Aug. 1-3. i section of a gallery, in the plant- t h e s e emotions b e g e t. Hate' Long Miiiounced that he had re- mit t Ge make a study concerr LIU.- iron- supt. Newman will serve on i ation home of Big Daddy Pollitt : hypocrncy, envy, ancl g r e e d ceived word from Michigan Tech lng tne P° ssible surrender of a ,, , , ., . . •--• . Fai '<icle the panel of experts -jt the clinic : multi-millionaire owner of the; vie with love, truth, and indlf-: that there would be no available Certain number of unused tavern ftiaisnai mis year is Erin Carl- on school accounting This is one richest plantation in the Miss- ference funds to hire young persons for '' llcenses to the Wisconsin State Whor nf rmvm-,m. n Iro . mvo ?. c | of several clinic-;: others in-. issippi Delta. The time is one Earlrae Bates easily matches' summer projects that had been Be J era S c Tax Division, .ambei of Commcice. who will ck , de Superintendent - Board from early evening to midnight, the performance of Broadwav' Propoppd earlier this spring The question arose due to the re- Relationships: National Defense! The situation finds the Pollitt star Barbara Bel Geddes a n ri The fnncls, which were to bc . tnat many taverns in the — • '' • -- ,,-,„,„* .fon-in,^ fu/^ /-.i^irt,. ^ rt « /~<~««rt,, . . . . v*viv,o a ii u ,,_, ,_ _.. , , _ _ fMt.v nrp hruno- tm*t-i rlnmn nni>« 1 Education Act; New Mathemat-: family, the Wakcfield: nine grandchild- ,,^v. £ ,u. ^aucaiion ACI: New Mathemat-: lamuy. the elder son cooper, movie star Elizabeth Tavler in ; handled by Michigan Tech under " iy iuc ut -"' B LOIU aown - IM r thn ai rfn' ics: Health Educatio!1: Teacher,! his wife Mae and their f i v e. her interpretation of the role! «« Economic Opportunity Act,: L ' cc " se Committee was request- ne Eau Tenure; School Finance; Spec- children, the younger son. Brick,' O f "Maggie" childless wifp nf title 1-b Neighborhood Youth ccl to make such a stucly ancl and Bugle ial Education; Teacher Certifi-i and rus wife. Marearet. as-RHnt ,vi, n \ n *** „« „„„-_»..„,?.. : rm-ns nmnncni ,,,111 nn , >,« r«,.,i, report to the council at a future great-grandchildren, this Airlines recovered from loss- now has a but lias is- utilities taken to the church at 11 a.m. lib ren ' clj tj Friday. Funeral services will be the RHIP* In addition to f he workshop: Big Daddy's 65th birthday an-! skinner's death in if •snHtTiHftp c<mtr\ .-nl n n» A » n i ' .: ! "" v* \_«11 j lay the oe Postponed. — - • ».»-,..,. — ,. ^u ,,». -'*>ili\OllU^/, U IJ-, L/C! ',* the Belles of St. Mary's from clinic activities. s?vera' general! niversay. UUftv UUI It-CI - - — — — »»..%*.. .......w i.*f-r|^iiV*^V«i/llV Had the fluids been available, P* 3 ™ 10 " 1 °[ S1 ' 18 ,° to tlie Gordon .i.«u n f. ,.. - .,, . Allen Steel Tank Sprvir-f fnm- The Associated Press average conducted Friday at 3 p.m. with of GO stocks at noon was up .3 tne Rcn '- Natiwn nuonav ,,,, V, ;"T M' L T U " Sec0nd sessions" are'sche'duled followed^ "'B^Daddy is dving of cancer, j K rte? iC ma S t C e 0 rv ie o S f thTni^v"' youths "fronT needv"^^^^'in AIlen steel Tank Serv1 ^ Com": ni.onawa,., placc , BS( yca r: the^Iron R.ver by workshops on modem math-, but is under the Illusion that he'Ss !M?ta?up^^^ Sa " Anto » io ' Te»-- ^ : atina- her iist.pnprs xvith f i „ „ ! for emnlovrnpnt. rinvino- H-.P <=,„-,-,. ! the repairing of the Hurley wa- at 323.n with industrials up , 8 ; officiating. Burial wil, be in L^on^e/winner' oM^I "eVr" emat^ SK ™chS o r^rLS-i ^ ^ U " rtei ' ^ rails up 4 and utilities off .4. Lakeside Cemetery. third nlace aw™ tt Ironwood vocationa SSStloS"?^ hei listeners with f i n e \ J>r employment during the sum-! Jj JfPf ei^e ^"wn?™5 aV t F k D B~~~k 2U ' C ™*™ ^ ""' BUglG ^^'^ "^ ° f ^ ^^'^ rSefvcTfhS daV'S Blue Knight Druman Bule Coi-ps. which is 10 w 'compel Stock, to Martha Poler at Watersmeet" Parade include the marching unit cation and business and Indus-. face { ifft because he'is "distrust- ^' S Drother and wife - tneil ' chil- : ' * * * Mr. Brunk was emploved by and color guard of the Ironwood ' try. f ti f^ t JI hyMcrlcj-and f 716 n- ! dre "' and even his parent3 ' officiaK inform *f lc ^ an Tech 'sury the Thompson logging operations High School ROTC Unit, under The board of education ex-, §J clt y O f his Stow men" • re- ! JamPS Swanson. as Big Dad- j w?uid won be mStinS^.t, ^ Y iged. !and he(S liveci in watersm e e t tllp supervision of Sgt. Roger Pessed appreciation of a com-. fusing to C o-habitate with 'hlsi dy ' wil ° is Personally known to! direcforof the MichiEan rii t • ? — i^^^'^J^',^. ,„.... ^^ R c^c°^ n ^K m^r^ "™^./!?. e :' M the Neighborhood YouS n l' EdWBrt Ers " amer o,,,, ?, ag / . S o/ the Board of Public Works ^^l^Tnn, U , WaS stated tha the tank was n di "e '' *?. UVI 5,"° 9 nly ha f need of repair due to rust and *' nployi ient for necdy corrosion a "f. » "hance to earn "j, injunction with the water hbut * ould have ^'ven t k j° s T Mavor Santini issnPrt "^ somcthing a vote of thanks to thccHy of Ironwood fo r the "splendid co Long state that Michigan Tech operation" thit was rendeS while Hurle V's water was shut Stock Market KOON QUOTATIONB Eastman avera; AIU \% ci.^ uuin u LU v ij, ioyi. yi ---T-- & ~.^.v. ..w,^^, i.itnLj o —-• ^-..^.v^...,. .. , ^pi v.^v.i i(,ci- simanop nnfK his f?jmi!v at , ~—' ••--"' *.-«...v*u«v/»iv.v4 Union Carbide advanced 14 to Lac V ieux Desert 'near Waters- GoldcnaJres. Bessemer, and the tivcs of the departmnt of public Kre edv odds over the disMsltion' by the n yP° crac y of "'e. seeks; ia.4 on ?. block of 15.000 shares, meet, ancl attended the local Bessemer VFW Baton Corps. instruction and consultant ex- of the estate- his favorite son solacf> in alcono1 - irritated byL n :. An irregularly higher trend scri0 o!s. Hc was married in 1932 Other units participating in the Ports in various ilelds of edu-: Br ick an alchoholic refusine to i fh " VPrv nrD=0 "" 0 "' w - ""- Q0 ' prevailed on the American Stock, t o Martha Poler at Watersmeet. Parade include the marching unit cation and business and Indus- ;face { iftt because he'is "discust-' EXCuSngG. i\vfi- T3f.mii- if f r.r- ^.,-.-,»-.i«,.«^i t... nnri Pnlnr o-nnrr! nf Jhr> 7rnn\i:n(-\r? i tl'V. _ _, _ ..,_ ,, . ° i Corrorate and U.S. Treasury unchanged, i — „_..__ _ „ niip T f inn f rnm ]\/f' A itiomc, iu vu-nauiii<itc w 1111 nib' ~ ~ " * " ^ — * v " su,,,, illg , K ms »,,,: I o Ur= " f c,. gebi cR,, s cSSrSa.™ n or v«^ ssi^T: &."& *; 5 ^ as-. s,,r^,r ^ $Srl? -2EP s "ss^ssa ™s; t STTS s-r.n.i.s;: s^;^,£ ss^, ^ i s™ sr= ss; Brunk. Fort Leavenworth. Kans. the recont entrants in the Upper ^ '"J "^• ^J 1 ^' ^"1 c c ' ship existed between the t w o' assuming the reins after three as possible propObal as soon clerk was instructed to write a X^^S^ ="cSS S,, „ E^l^™™:"- .n«n, ,, M e r , les u- =' V- ^^Se^i J^««!r!K S"--" '° '" e '""^ NEW VOHK,^-™^ : s sScSs^'-g ^cS ™^™^. K ^ .•S^sr.r^^T". 1 S-SsS^^ SS : S a " a "' ree sreat "!"*""• SS,™5« ^= "TSL'^S-ltiSSS'-.'S %X^^^^££l%SSS& ^KS ^ =^*^ <S^ foreign language situation in oellowed. now spewed forth with ™ d of continuing the drive i made. If anything new develops S135 "- - x .. m-nfanp apppnt"; with nh^f-ono ! wmcn over 40 years has built HP staton ho ,,.m ;.,«„ ^.,r change from previous close. Allied Ch — Am Can Am Mot Am Tc' & Tel Armour Bait & Oh Beth Steel Calum H Ches Ji, Ohio Chrysler Cities Service Consur.iers Pw Cont Cm Copper Rng Dow Chem du Pont East Kod Ford Mot Gen Fcls Gen Motors Gerbei Gillette Goodyeai Inland Stl Inter Chem Int Bus Mch Int Nick Int Tel & Tel Johns Man Kimb Clk LOF Glass Ligg & My Mack Trk Mead Cp Mont Ward NY Central Penney, JC PA RR Reputa Stl Sears Roeb Std Brand Std Oil Ind Std Oil N J Stauff Ch Un Carbide US Steel Memorial Chapel. Wake field. 47',s D 3/4 Funeral arrangements are in- 47 78 ; complete HTs : _ 67 n s D 36 1 -! U 30'4 35" s D u U Funerals a Bessme, to war ted I to wrl P rofane accents Sa les wit t he Baibei- : bef() departure from 1 intentl -^ ^ the most dramatic ; Township Oile Ffowafe the Mich ^™ Department o f! f cene beteen Bi S Da ddy «nd ae o . . .. : • -* «-v "****& m.w ucvuiuuis years has built he stated he will inform City Thc Finance Committee report re. Through his force-. Manager Long. concerning the benefits that the ""' fearless language, A report on delinquent per- cit .v employes are receiving e-i Williams which the commission Ital ° down the law for i approved. the committee, stated that'"a son, Brick, in the > In the report Mrs. Will i a ms complete study was made of the f^, ">a critic, "this big encounter . ». een father and son turned, 11 ' 5 T)O , T . r,, , , „ n e Range Junior Chamber o Com- mcnt milization jj.i ueiween lamer ana son turned, " -«•".*..*. ^^, ^I^A, m tu e •. in me report Mrs. Williams compieie study was made of x . j by blurted out truths into a self- .stormy session in which they; stated that with the closing of issuc anci 'he next step in sh , recognition scene, has the pul- t) ° t1 , 1 lear ". to know eacn other, j the fiscal year. city, countv and investigation is to inciuire a; nV ° 0 T OP S Miss ogy Her students nave a n e x -- •4 MRS. ROBERT LUTHER ' 1 ; --- --- «•£-•«' «.u ij^jj l.ttL\- Hj>_ ClV^^CJJt - commercial. : of the teacher which so often . D -' a the St. Ambrose Catholic The audience was impressed vat> inipressea " -----= — -....«>,« lu u^m, ^cai iuiaj 10 »iui;,oau. luqut.M representatives to meet of the actors, hZ° ngs ' lovi ng her husband Durine the last quarter. Mrs with the council and explain .^..^""f^-SKi ?:^? y ^^ ^"f? 8 '™aniVstated, authorization their individual policies to the 37« 2 U >s Church, the Rt. Rev Joseph ine prizes for both groups are 70V2 Di-mipaw nfnri,-,r,no T^.,:,.. identicsl. S25, sio and S10. The j. ---- ' "* vl1 i.iiv,ov. LCl^JCO t u llictoLCi LIlC s west °" Aurora to Law ' native pronunciaMon. She has tamaki, Joseph Hornick James . rencc Sfree! ' left to McLeocl done a job which is not evident Avenue. and then to the Memor- , in schools where there is a - ial Building. 46 U q' 8 Chimento and Sars Fiori. 351's U Vs \ Chiomento and Sars Fiori. 51^8 D '/i ; Out of town persons attending 43 7 e the services included Mr. and ~~ ~~ 33 y s D Is Mrs. David Cole and daughter, A>4.i«J^,« f""*~,.~ 467k U 1W Michelle; Mr. and Mrs. Don- /Vll/rClGf L. OS€ 82 U 1/4 aid Pulver and son, Donald; 53% D \' a Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kurik and 56 1 L> U !s daughters, Mariene and Joanne, 50 all of Milwaukee: Mr. and Mrs. PONTIAC (API— A defendant o5' B U ^s Donald Luther ancl son. Donald alreadv convicted of man 33-ls .-_.... 34 _ 40 D \ s Colleen of Livonia: Mi Trial Begins -- a Spanish major plus extensive cy.periencs'i abroad. This is particularly significant since you have had your language laboratory such a short j period of time." i Brick and ie growing f further Bounty Hearing Set Thursday = lrillf™°£i«-"S^^SlrHZ"^^lE^S^r^s.5 S SS,.?/-r:»lS-°« KSSSSJ?**"* f n =S SfflS^SSJ^ « Sf.JfSSSSZ til$ , p ' v,'' is less t h a n year the city had no trouble f,,JJ>, !| the cash recei >'ecl last quarter. w 'th vandals but this year six :'- 8 rr ,. -?f ? hi " el ander: Mr. and Mrs. slaughter in the death of a'gi'rl extsts^nBSem^^^^ ^ evening "in "th» A j;-s : SepSnr r^^a in.'s-ssi.rss SHE5% is, L - as-S-SK- ^,« y -= *^ ST?R «—•« , 32', U U Mrs. Charles Luther of Milford, who attempted to solve his *$£*« ? V al?aWe to P.e sse, °er cllairman of the State Se ™^ brother,^ S turned 5 ' £? \£* collecti01 :1 Luther marital problems by strangling at any time in the fntmP semei • Conservation Committee, urges back on life, findine neace ontv 1 f?f.. 1961 taxes ' but als o the 1958 collect tne street. Sant.-ni, in complete acco r d with the council, stated that it Ewsn. in MeraphTs". Iose7'no Tpp^rVun- ^f™ ° ! °" e ° f the cit y' s busi-, the persons responsible for this O'Brien. Pontiac , ity to show disdain for hi s ^t TT"' Wl |' ch Would create a; Destruction should be brought to the State Senate's brother, who has turned h s hi ,o/r\ collection of not only ; trial. Conservation Committee, urges back on life, finding peace only* s ' but also tne 1958 ' Racine - Wis.. youths are all interested persons in the in the bottle. Mae loses no oo-i ™ S ' . suspectpr' in the vandalism and area to attend the hearing and portunity to gloat over her five i M « *• report went on to state i tne pohce department received tell the committee of their ex- children, with a sixth on the! r years ago there was a autnorit . v to proceed to Racine perience with the bounty system way, and taunt Maggie ^J ae nnquency in personal p r o - ancl apprehend the suspects and on coyotes. cause she is childless Mae who'fh «I axes wnicn was more bring them to Hurley for proper ^ o., ^s^srrr :™'S>™*-^ ««^ r^u-rr^^r- 39'' 8 U '., Chester; Mr. and Mrs. John H. The statement was made at ~ 40'.s U Is Peterson of Lansing; Mr. and the opening of the first degree Ironwood K of C to 68^8 Mrs. Dewey Bjork and son. murder trial jf Carl Foster, 29, Ma 0 »- nn TU,.•.<-,!„ 80 D Is Dewey jr., and daughters. Gret- who is accused of killing his (Vieer ° n ' "U^saay on coyotes. —_ _ 10 wtlliuicas mae wno . .. c „ ...,., -» - 4d' a chen and Beverlec of Aurora, wife on Feb. 28. 1964. Mrs. A meeting of the Ironwood The hearing has been called is a "snoop," declares she knows $50,000 and since that time Proceedings. ,,, r^ ,/ ^ irm ' : Mlss Na ncy Hedstrom of Foster's death was first ruled Council, Knights of Columbus, by O'Brien's committee, whi c h the reason why Maggie j s ! about $60,000 has gone delin- A request was made by Coun-iv,' 2 TT , Port Huron; Mr, ancl Mrs. a suicide but her body was wl11 be neld Thursday at t h e. is considering Bill S77 which childless. jquent More than $100,000 has cilman Felix Patritto for a ,n.i. TT i/, nnno-icn; pnio C,^H /•ir, 1 , r ,.kf n .. T ..„ .^.i, „,, . „,, ... _...— p 111 h pnnm c at i-vn o^^,^,.^i^« *_ u -^_, : _,. .,_.,_ . -,j- _x, _ . . i been collected, with the balance mercuiy light to be o'laceri in^IiiHfr,/v *^u« —ii,. . . *i , _,' .. ^ «v,cu Oil Wn Ur, Tel CHICAGO LIVESTOCK , . U 1/4 Douglas Cole and daughter. Lyn exhumed ancl an autopsy per- clubrooms, .Ann of Merrill, and Mr. and formed after Foster was sen- Gl ' a nd D 1/4 Mrs. Louis Favro of Gilbert, tenced to 10-15 years for man- After Minn. slaughter in the slain of his . local slaughter in the slaying of his nuTr.;^"^" 7*^ 7r7,~ ^ irl fi'iend last December. '"« ul tne montn win have only ol the Upper Peninsula "fe'el versatility HrSnT^m?*,,^ ~ ', , A1 ^ WALTER SILVESTRl Asst. Oakland County Prose- f shor , t business session, fol- about the bounty system before the middle aged Rev To'oker~a tax ' iales facl 'hat when the city occupied Hogs 4,000, butcheis slow to 2o Funeral services for Walter cutor Walter Schmier said !u ^ ed b . y . a Program ancl lunch.: making its decision on the bill suest at the birthday pa r t y 1 * * * tne building there was a light evidence indicates Mrs. ^o'^Piymg with the drive of: The Ewen hearing is the onlv " One wol ild not believe he is! Work on llfe sidewalk ancl affixed to the structure but i .. .. , . T.nPSill n I'Pmii i*/intT nil /i*^ *-»*•. •»<•* A i . .. - ^ *V>*-, ^.**. .. r*11r > Hi»-irr-i>^f..»»_*._*,. _,. ; TI»I^ «... »i • i -»KIL- i-,i^i ^ i n inrTnon ,C o E Vo r,-r,; -«,.».,„, ^v-iviv-c.-, iui waiiff LULUI \vaRL'r dcnmicr said --"-" --." j"" a ^,.^j c.j,u aLcjiv,u. jiiaKiiig us aecision SfvPrt'i V tan wn m b %^'™' Sl vestri ' 28 ' of 709 Lakc Street, medical evidence indicates Mrs. Complymg with the drive of: The Ewen hearing mixed 1-3 190-240 Ibs 24.7o-2o.50: : who cUerl yaturday. were hole! Fosi..,- ,1,0 n otivr of 'ln-ee lhe Su P rem e Council on porno- ; one scheduled to be «nfn 4 n°^K° lbS 024 ' 0 °- 24 - 75; i-S Tuesday morning at 9 at St. children, could not possibly g 1 ' a P nic literature, the members u. -P. 350-400 Ib sows 21.50-22.25; 400- Ambrose Church, the Rt R P v have ink-en hnr ,„,„-, iifo y wl11 be shown a sound film strin ncn x™ ,C „/, -~^uuuj J.jv/jjujjg a{ , y Hi ol . v,lUlUieil, COU1U 1101 P 350-400 Ib sows 21.50-22.25; 400- Ambrose Church, the Rt R e v have taken her own life 450 Ibs 20.75-21.50: 2-3 450-500 Msgr. Joseph Dunleavy of-' Ibs 19.75-20.75; 500-600 Ibs 19.00- liciating. Interment was at 19.75: boars 14.50-16.00. Riverside Cemetery Cattle 9,000; calves 25; slaugh- Pallbearers were Theod o r e ter steers steady to mostly 25 ; Mattson, Roy Hopkins R e i no To Entertain will be shown a sound film strip titled "Decency in Reading."] Distributed also will be car bumper stickers bearing the; slogan "Stamp Out Smut", which are being displayed nationally by the move than 1,400-i Kaano Kultalanti. .dramatist, oTcoTumb^ ° f ^ KnlBhtS ' son N. Spence Jr. of nearby SSo^lcV 5 °tri 13 1o 27 '^icr\^S ur"^ aSeSrrie^^E^ , F ?f aCti0 " at " le ^^ ^ BeihefpaTd-^ arid ^sts^f^ %™?-%™™ M ™« M«- Bruno Silvestri and ch?S pffi' ieS S uil^Zu^ ^,,,1 t0tP ' C °ll h l C °i" mbia " 5i« conviction of speeding Mon- *u isiiv, \JlliJ ,, -•—-.». i _ *l^„ JO held in the tlie same Person" were comments heard. Philip Heald, who arri v e d Thursday from Lansing, where he was completing his role in a MSU Summer Theater Circle production, gave a convinc i n g performance of Dr. Baught, who - ; had the task of imforming Big LAUREL, Del. (AP)— Nel-! Mama about the truth, of t h c Turn f\ \Jf) ITS. ssu-ss JK-jr-j-nrrs ™s si = =S Sni^'r r*- r -" -• high choice and Kenosha' A-lc and Mrs Ronald '• "t" ''t '- Ml - nf - «in^i\t uatnonc boys bet veen 14 and D( fhnir>p snn.i n=in .,,,,1 c. i.._ _.- ^._. .' ... ilom Finnish literature ancl plays atixiliarv. and renort nn t h & icnn- ancl :rature ana piays auxiliary and renort on the i^-ssar* ^^ sr:; E =a"s:-Tr^i = ^i~^^ srfes- 1 ^ at^^i." Delaware State Trooper J.P. a 1 a d i e s| Esham told Magistrate J. Alton --- - «•«»_».tiux ctUCl . »«.^,.* tw LJ(\^ oLtlH^lLIJt, U U L curbing in front of the Church! when the city moved its offices or the T r a n s f i g u ration and i the light was removed creat- around the Salem Luthera n; in B a dangerous situation Church was approved by the' Bensoni. in opposition to the commission after it was re-! suggestion, stated that such a ported that several winters ofi n 'ght would cost the city $750 snow removal and grading have i P er month or $90 per year caused considerable deteriora- " ^ ' tion. * * * The matter was referred to -••~***"vus_iwciDi cicri eci to Percy W. Treloar, senior war- i the Board of Public Works for den for the Episcopal Church j investigation ancl will be brought t>m commission t o < U P at a future meeting clinical report. n ana James English, Maryj»—»".«..^^ me tuimuission t o "^ ao " miure meeting carol Minkin, Susan DeRosier i consider replacing the sidewalk i The council then approved the ana ^joey Rokser, Cooper a n dl and curbing and the commission ! monthly police report and heard Mae s children . ver e excellent ^It that the sidewalk and curb-1 a report by Erspamer concern- r,f ,.^i^- _, . mo- should also be replaced j in g the request made by him T11 _, . . * ' - - "'""J" iiiij^udgt.. 1J U UUU1L 111., Mr. and Mrs. Charles will also have a wide selection year tppolite, Michael Martin, Jo- of costumes appropriate for each — seph Gheller and Mr. and Mrs. prcscnf.ition _ Tourist Booth on -••' »»-*^ ^-AUCHClll in the enactment of roles of a l group of spoiled children run- jning in ------ ° Und Salem Lutheran on behalf of the councU, CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO fAP) — Chicago ^ichard'^Ghelle'rof''^^^'^^ Then Esham was of the o- i -*k*v-jtMiw *_*JitJiCi Ul OCkJOC 111 C i ^-Mercantile Exchange - Butter; and Mr. and Mrs. John F i n co u rtcrt : f «i M , A steady; wholesale buying prices 1 of Wakefield Hospital Notes unchanged; 93 score AA 58 3 i; 92 A sm; 90 B 573,;_89 C 57; KE V. EARL C. FLEURY H - , .. ... *" »uvu in a zo-miie zone. ighWOy Vandalized Th e warrant was signed by GRAND VIK\V. A J m i t t ed Ironwood city police are invest-' Nelson . N - Spence Sr., a pasTuesday: Mrs. ju;irie Hall ,. igating a case of vandalism that' f5 nge . r in . hls son's car. He said AIH-II ujoiiciiij waia ail algllcCl ** — »*- •»••» "»-*wii \ji me gt before Knowles on a warrant bir thday anniversary i charging- that he drove 32 miles i Adding to the drama of the "" ''—- : " - " = - : production were the discordant musical in terim music, the sounds from the birthday b a n"""* table, the playing of cro- —•-*-•> iv*** --«.^.4» *-n-«viiv,iciil wllUJCil |—** -Ji-.ictn \ji liiu UUllI HJ11 shooting It was brought out that t h e i the Hurley School District over the Episcopal Church plans to have I head up a full summer - fh ^,-^._,.uv,« „..„„ to the nor( . h Q{ the i a]K | r p C1 -eation an hour in a 25-mile zone. ,......,.^ ,1,^,,. .-i u in i i i. cu "*"" ""wvj v-jij- jjuiiv c a: c Jjjvesi- . ,. ' , — ' ~ *"-" niiot toui« t-i- , J CEV. EARL C. FLEUKV Tuesday: Mrs. j\!:irie Hall • igating a case of vandalism that' senger m nis son s car - He sal d „,. l >.' the Paying of cro- EWEN —Funeral services Hurley, Mrs. Jerry Kcvan 340 occurred some timp Tuesday eve- tne v '° lR tion occured as Esham | ? ue °" tn , e ^rounds, the sing/ere held June 5 for the Rev E - Arch. John r Sand. 932,ning to the Tourist Information I" 1 tne s Pence car to the mag- i"» f"°,, sr "? uts ^ th e children, Tart r wioii,--,; -71 ,. Q ti,-o^ , Doimlas Bivri mi-riir-Hi Bontti infnt-Prt nn »-,» ,,-c.c.t „„,*, istratp' c office. tjie "reworks wmch climaxed church blacktopped so cars may I cil y- park there, alleviating somewhat the traffic congestion on E Aurora Street. In other matters the c o m - The Echool board will take the matter under consideration and will report its findings to t h e council representatives at a fu- Booth located on the west end irland Drive i ^—_ _——— Manager E Mickey 1 TUT? U7t? K TUCTa -- - -~ ,«.. -. .. v_ K ,, ^,.,,£.1.0, - - reported today that some- l n.J_i Wt/\ 1 rxtill City with the Rev. William Ra- Ira nwood: Diane Abolsun, H u r- o.n e, presumably " youngsters. - = ^ == __ - leigh officiating Final rites ley: Giac| . vs ''•• Penrose. Mcr- smeared the lavatory door Conferees Worlcino on were held June 6 - at the Fargo ^ er: Mrs - Kpl " 1p th Skowlund. handles with din ancl tried to v , ",. VVOrKing on |churcni with tne Rev Bert^ Oak Creek. Wis. tear the signs off the doors. VlGdlCOre Compromise McNally officiating, assisted by DIVINK INFANT Wakefield. WASHINGTON (AP^ — Sen- the Rev ' Robert Bryce and the Discharged Tuesday David .„:., ite and House conferees meet ? ev - Harold Parker. Burial was Ennis. Gary, Ind , Kathy Jacob which climaxed the celebration, the singing of mission approved a $150 dona-' ture meeting, tion to the Ironwood Volunteer The council then approved the Fire Department which will be granting of bartender licenses to representing Ironwood at the John w Carli, Adele Petri Mrs Upper Peninsula Firemen's ; Donna Priante and Kenneth TEMfRRATLKKR I.V (HOMVOOD Wednesday. July 1|, mo."; •or 2.) hr. period cnchnR ul 12 roon. itc aim jnuuoc v.ujiit.icco meet' •»«*«*« «. mivv^A. J_*VILICW \voo j-.*.ji4^j, v^t.i^, An\.t , ii-riLii^y jciuuu- today to start working out ai ir ' Spring Hill Cemetery near son, Mrs. Rockne Paris and nnmnrnnnflcn r\rt +Vic» Yv^arfirtr.^^ Fai'ETO. S(in RpKSPmpr* A/fvs Tyono Vlioo compromise on the medicare bill, and congressional leaders predict fast agreement The Senate added 513 amend- son, Bessemer; Mrs. Irene Bi the lavatories, Davis fi D - m 80 2 H - n "'- 63I1 ° *•">• n p.m 75 4 a.m. 60 Noon B.-iromctcr: 8 a.m. 29.90; Noon '• vandalism "*t>w. ^ owu, jjv-oov,iiiti , IVII.D. iiciitr .nice '• The Rev. Fleury had served Gile; Mrs. Inga Solberg Onton-i parishes at Ewen, Berg 1 a n d, agon, Mrs. Harvey Grays o n ,i rn , iwq , „,, c _ ,.„„"„ Kenton, Sidnaw, Painesdale. Tri- Wakefield. j COLRT OI- ST. JAMESES at tne flPlrl Vionrfr- *-u^ • f ~ "."I ** ~ •• * — *.**!* *-»*.^nidl3f — —••••!.• -»4tiajnj cilju JV C II Tl P T II ous shriek of the K« T^ Tournanient at I s h p e m i n g; j Backlund. Thc group also voted chlmlne nf /HP i i. l?',* nd ^^ireed to purchase coal f r o m' to grant a Class B Combination the time Ck ' tlCklng °" : Morgan Nelson Supply Company liquor tavern license toVictoX The aiiriionr-r • for S1? ' 68 a ton ' the lowest Upskl of Hurley. audience was impressed biddei. and ordered the tabula- - ' ana skillful cbrec- tion on bids received for salt D • fi M . ..... ... p? ay yinrd'o L w n n fffiJSr fuel oil - motor oil ' ^Briefly . 65 satlona'lKa Phropensit y . ( ° r sen ' T hc Cloverland Chorus „„, i. sationaJizing his own vision ofi. . _ _ . meet tonight at 7 at LittleiRiri". •'••" using restraint in the ac- Marine From DetrO t 'Point for a picnic Wives 0 Tthe .?^_ n - 8 .f. t , t ^ a y.. 8:5 .l; Sunnse to-|tion and emotional control at ADO- which, without would have gee today, rises tonight at 9:58 P-m. Saturn rises earlier each A i*^. t^v-iiuL^ «IJ»I CI«iiCiJU~ -»»-»*ww*i, tvAM^tu yv, i CUlJCDUaJC, 111--- i A T1 -iU j » i" -- —_. -.v> v .. ments to the House wrsion of mountain, Baltic, Stambaugh and •'..,,,, ors , lo Great Br 'tain night and is now in the constella- the bill, which provides health Iron River in the Upper Penin- churches in the- Lower oenin- court of st Tnm^fhn^ t0 ^ tiOI J: Aquarius - Thi s Planet has care for lhe oKlcrly and in- sula, and in Lexington. Bethel, Milti Hr rr-fhrrl in Vfi<> -,nd h id olc M Lr nf ^ S °, the ? clia '"eter c creases Social Security benefits., Ml. Pleasant and Rose c i t v iivpn nnar WP«I wmnr-h „,„- .. '^',_ '. . Jam °- s . 'one '« about 844, ~ t .. ^ *«• , 4 iv . -jvii. i ij c»nu in- • >».i*n, m ni ui ui,AJJ ifiiui i. ru UR i, .^ i UH llf i ft i leu l fl I'f'Vi 'UKl il'Kl oici D^irlff nf "^f T' creases Social Security benefits., Ml. Pleasant and Rose City, lived near West Branch. , was used'for royal reieptions!" 18 _ _, „ II >.* M * \A 11 £1 V C made the work mere theatrical- ism. ° f aCti ° n t0 Dies in S. Viet Nam WASHINGTON TAP)—Marine Pfc. Marshall D. Holman, son ° f Marwrel H ° lman ' , - was Skillfully so 1 Detroit, died of wounds infl.uterl doors, mirrors and stage setting., ment said Monday members are invited to attend. The Blue Knights rodeo com- will meet tonight at 8 at the Legion clubrooms. > Th<* ftluc Knights Depart- will practice Thnrsrlaj .,. fi i in the Legion clubrooms.

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