Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 9, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 9, 1933
Page 5
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New York, Jan. 9. (AP)— Stocks were dragged dowii by the reaction- >,ary tendency of the wheat market today; Bulls atten^ted to revive last .week's advance by bidding up the otrricr issues fpt a time, but found- the rest of the list sluggish. The was heavy, with numerous losses of fraCtiprjs to; more than a point. The turnover was only about shares. The'market remained largely professional with much: of the trading originating on the fl^r. Armounce- ment that the national transportation committee would press the preparation of its report was evidently constriied builLshly. but professionals were unable to attract a following. Advances of fractions to a point in such Issues as Pennsylvaniia; New York Central, Southern Pacific, and Union Pacific, were lost or reduced, jind a: number of issues in-the Industrial and utility ^oups closed „with net losses of around 1 to m poirits... including ABlehcan Can, American Telephone; tT^ S.. Steel. Woolworth, Wcstinghoiise, Case, Allied Chenucal, and United Aircraft. Eastmsn was an exception to the trend, j-lfsing n couple, of points. High ' Low , Close .3 . 2r--i , 59'.. .108 . 62'-S Cities Sorv . SO of Ind .. •Amn Can .. Amn T&T .. Amn Tob B Anacpridii .. Atchi.soh ... •Aubuhf •Both; stfol . jCJa§e .Iji .,. • Con Giis .. Con OH . ... IJniR Ilic . .. DuPonC .... Oen Elbe ... Oon Mptoi-s Tilt Hai-v ... Mont V/iiicI Packard Penney' J C Phillip.'^ Pctr 8'., 44'..' , 15 "i 17'.: :ifl<:, IG 14 'i 24'; 14 -'k 2's 5 "s Radio .......... (i -Sr^ars ROP .. Soconyi V:ic Std Brand;; SO ol. N.I .1 U a Sthi'] ,, 21 'i 31-'; an 21H 58'i 106-'; 7"; 43 ..52': 1 .T 44'; 16";: 61 ' H ! ,5--s; ; 34', 3a-, • 15-v 13-; 23', 14 2'\ '• 2^5', 20-; 7':, 15'; 30'v 3 58'L- 106'!;. 61 - 7''s 43 52'; 15'; 44-% 16'i 61^; 5'^ 35'', 38"', IS-'.; 13^; 23'; 14 2'-', 25 f:- 151; 5'; 20-; 15'.',' 30'; 28'''. ^LpCAL PROnfcCB. K^^ti. IW-.slis . .2(!c Kgf.H, .siicoiida -SSc p:gg.s. Ihii-d.s 18c Egg.s, uiiKindcd . 22c Hon.s. No. 1 8c Hpn .<5. No. 2 5c No. i SprinKR. I'u lbs., up . •, -Sc No. 2 Spi'incs. : ..i4c Ciipoiis • ovfi- .n 11c Cnpons.lover F. ibs; So Cai)on.s .t (JVPr 7 lbs. • 7c Capons."under 7 lbs. 6c HUMBOLDT NEWS Humboldt • Unit of County Farm Bureau to Hold All-Day Meeting With Mrs. Hamm. L IBERTY BELL cracked v.-liUe tollliig the death of Chef -Justice John Mar.shall of ih V. S. suprenip court in 18:! The animal shown is a LYK The PILGRIMS landed ul P R O V I X C i: T O W X aiu! CL.VRK".'?. kSLAXD I )P(O:P landing on PLYMOUTH ROCK, 'i Klips Biii!crfal ih. Stag:,-, lb Cocks Qeese, lb. .... (iuineas, piicJi •-WTiite Ducks,' lb; .4c 19c 4c 30 ....3C ....lOc 4c Colored'Ducks, 11? So Hides, per lb? ... -Alixcc Corn.bu. . Yellow Corn, bu. .Wheat, bu Kafir Corn '.. .....Ic ....15c .... 16c ....28c ....140 >: Kansas City Hay. Kansas City. Mo., Jan. 9 (AP). Hay— 51" cars. ' Alfalfa—No. 1 extra leafy $U<a< 14; No. 2 $12-!/12.50; No. i $10'^r 11.50: No. 2 leafy SSfilO. Prairib—No. 1, $7..50; No. 2 $5.50'?r- 7 25. '• •• Timofcliy—No. I $9#10; No, 2 at i7.50fl'8:r)0. ; City Grain City, Mo,; JAiy-^ (AP). \V!ieut;i:157-ca'rs. Down'iic to I'^c. No.- 2 dark hiird 48c. No. 3 nbm-. 43-52'ic.' NO. 2 hard 43-i-45";c. No. 3 44'i-45^nc. No. 2 red 45'ic. No. 3 =nom. 42-48'ic. Close—May 42'^c: July 41-!ic; Sept. 42';sc. : Corn:' 57 car.s. Unchanged,to '\c down.! No, 2 white 23 ''4 -23'ic: No. a yellow; 23 ''i -23'i :C. No. 3 22r,-23c. No. 2 mixed nom. 22 '2 -23c. No. 3 iiom. 2Pl-22 ',iC. Close—May 24';c; 'July 25U .C. : Oats 2 cars. Unchanged, No. 2 whilp nom. n-lii'-.c. No. 3 nom. at :15 ';;-I7cr. . M'ilo-Hiaizp 55-5(if. Kafir nom. at :41-4fl'',c'. Hve noni. 32-32'{.c. Barley, 23':.c. • • k. C. Livestock Close . Kan .snii City. Ma, .Jan. 9 i'AP). Cattle; Fed Klpprs and ynarllng.s are .sipady to .25c hisher; Top 1,003 lb. yparlingislpcrs $6,25. Hogs, Junclianged. -Sheep': Killing generally .steady. Most fed i.-imbs to ijackcrs iind shippers $5.50';* 5.75-. Top to the .sliipper.s; $5.85. : Another large group of' members were on hand to witness the big bicycle races held in.front of the Ida theater at the last meeting. At the next! meeting it has been arranged toi have at least two big roller skate races, one for the boys and one for the girls. A prize will be given the. winner of each race. As the present officers Uiave served their length of office, nominations werei held to determine who would run for the various offices for the next session. Nominations were as follows: Chief Mickey Mouse—Mickey McGrath, Walter Cox, Gerald Anderson, and James Nelson. Chief Minnie Mouse—Evelyn Hopper, Mary Lou Jones, 'Wanda Jean Burgess, dad Margie'Wagner. Boys' Sergeant at Arms—Bobby Finley. H. E. Russell. Jack Armel. and Malin Wagner. Girls' Sergeant at Arms — Elsie Jones. Marjorie Parker, Marj' Taylor, and Marjory Stroup. Courier-;—George Slack, Gepe Ukena. Charles Menzie, Robert Badgely. Color Bearer—Billy Rundall, Joe Trine. Bob McKinney, Jerry Smith. Cheer Leader—Douglas Schomerus, Marvel Dulinsky, .Walter Cox, Bob McKinney. Garland May, Paul Brotherton, Tom Christy. Song Leader—Bernice Jones. Ev- KUMBOLDT", Kas., Jan. 8.— Rev. and ^Trs. C. M. Tliomais wereln Chanute Friday afternoon visiting their son Harold at the Johnson hospital and report him to be somewhat im- j proved. Mrs. O. C. Payne is reported to be "quite sick at this time with an attack ot, influenza. Mis. F. W. Shaffer is confined to her home witli an attack of the flu, though somewhat Improved at this time.- Mr. and Mj-s. Leonard Riley and son of Humboldt, were guests at the birthday luncheon given Wednesday for Mrs. C. C. Riley: fv-ejit of Clia- nute. J. Lynn Haines, farmer, west of Humboldt, is suffering from a severe attack of flu. McmTMi-s of the Humboldt Presbyterian choir gave, a party, at the close 01 choir in-aclice Thursday evening, honoring Mrs. Helen Archer, choir leader, who is leaving in a few days for Chicago! wliere ahe plans to resume her muslcaljstudies. Tlie meeting of the Cottage Grove Ladies'. Aid society, west of Humboldt, .scheduled for Thursday last, was indefinitely pOstiwnedi Dr. and Mrs. G. W. Horn of South Eighth street, were dinner guests Saturday evening of Mrs. Harmon and daughter, Mildred. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Cation, Humboldt. wei|e in Chanute Saturday afternoon ifor the transacting of biisiness. \ Mrs. Merle Stevens. Hiimboldt, was in Chanute Saturday afternoon: for a shopping trip. The Big Creek Ladies' Aid society meeting which was scheduled for Tuesday. January 10. has: been postponed for a week. .1. C. Wilbur. Independence, Kas., whose deatli occm'red a few days ago, was for many years a resident of Prairie View, southwest of Humboldt. Following funeral sei-vices for Mr. Wilbui- at Independence, his body was brought here and interred in Mt. Hope cemetery. Edwin Payne, son of Dr. and Mrs. O. C. P.iyne. has arrived from New York City for an indefinite visit elyn Hopper, Elzada Oliver, Mar-,, ...... j , . . jorie Reid, Eleanor Dugan. Mar>'! "^'e-e with his parents and friends Alice Badgely. i ^^'"S' ^"^^^ Braucher Election of officers will be held at next Saturday's meeting. And on tlie screen next Saturday we have Harry Carey in "Cavalier of the West" as the outstanding feature with Harey Carey as the captain of the U. S. Cavalry whose chief duty is to preserve peace between the pioneer whites and the Indians. Chapter 6 of Jungle Mystery. A Scrappy • Cartoon entitled "The Pet Shop," and another Sports Champion entitled "Blocks and Tackles." And now here is - the big news. Each week for a limited time we will print five numbers in this column. If these numbers correspond witli the one on your individual Mickey Mouse club membership card you will be admitted to the show free. Now here are the numbers selected at random for next Saturday's show—78, 497, 284. 817, and 614. If you haven't your new Mickey Mouse club membershij) card you had i better get yours before next weeki for yours might be one of the lucky ones. INDEPENDENCE Jan. 4—Mr, and Mrs.. Oscar Brown were hosts to a family gathering New Year's night at their home. A Christmas tree with Santa Claus in attendance was an attraction. Tlie of South Fifth street, is confined to her home \Vith pn attack of flu. i Mrs. HaiTey Markic of Cherokee street is reported to be .suffering from quite a seVere cold. Mis. W. B. Glover of North Eighth street, who has been ill for some two weeks with flu. is still confined to her home with the malady, and is suffering acutely from its effects. Mis .'i Evelyn "Thomas, daughter ot Mr. aiid Mi-s. John-Thomas, east of Humboldt, has returned to her duties at Kansas City, following a ten days' vacation spent with the home folks. Rev. E. A. Pauli. jiastor of the Humboldt Evangelical church and circuit, whose family have all been victims ol the flu, reports an almost complete recovery of each member afflicted. . The Humboldt unit of the county fai-m bureau, will - meet with Mrs. Robert Hamm, west of Humboldt, Tuesday, January 10. for an all day meeting. Mr. Braum will give' a meat cutting demonstration at this meeting in the morning, and the topic to be discussed at the afternoon .session will be, "Meat Canning." All members invited. REAL ESTATE TKANSFEBS (From the Office of»The lola Abstract Oo., 108 'W. Jackson) January 7, 1933. Bud Hurley, SheWff of Alien county, Kanssis, to Etta M. Keller, lot 1, block 3, of Stewart & Dickinson's Addition to the City of Humboldt, $568.20. Eli Geyer, husband of TantWa Geyer, to Tanthia Geyer, wife of Ell Geyer, E. of SE. and SW. '.'4 of SE. Vi 7-24-21 and the N. '-J of NE. i '.4 36-23^20 and thej SW. ', of 34-24-21, and ah undivided '.Interest! in the E. '/j of SW. y, of 33-23-21J $1.00. , Sylvia Ramey^ and Oscar Ramey, wife and husband to E. H. Corbln, E. 'i of SW. Vt of 24 and all that part lying west of A. T. & S. P. in SE. U of said section, all in Twp. 23, Range 18, containing 87 acres, more or less, $1.00. Chicago authorities believe they areneaiing a .solution in ihl mysterious murdfev of Captain Edwin Schildhaurr. school bandmaster. Mrs. Frances Schildhauer, his iwidow. shown above widi her,'-mother. Mis. Louise Bu-k- hishaw, fainted eight times during questioning by detectives, j Carl Brad- berrj- former deputy .sheriff, lower right volunteered to tell all he knew of the,domestic relationis of the Schildliauers. It was learned l:ad found hLs p'ajama clad wife in Bradberry's apartment. Paul Walton. lower left, Clllcago attorne5\ also is .'-ought for questioning by were told he had been friendly with Mrs. Schildlinuer. The was kidnaped and shot to death December 10, Schildhauer police, who bandmaster spent Friday afternoon at the Sti'oh | burg. Kas., Friday, Mr. Dice being home. . I called there by the llhie-ss of his Mrs. C. F. Stroh spent Thursday at the Ben Brown home. Mrs. Leslie Womack spent Monday afternoon with Mrs. Fred Dice and Joah. Kansas City Livestock Kansas City, Mo.; Jan. 9 (AP). .U. S. :-Dept. Agri.) — Hogs 6.000: 1,600 direct. Steady to 10c lower !han Fi-iday's average. Top $2.90 on choice 150 -210 lbs. Good and choice -MO-350 lbs.. $2.4aw-3.90. Packing '.".-ows 275-550 lbs.. $l.t5<a2:25. Stock liigs. good and choice 70-130 lbs. at $2.50«2.75. Cattle.- 11 .000. C&lv^ 1.000., Most killing classes fully steady. Stqckers :md feeders, in more iberal supply .steady .to strong. Best yearling .steers held around $6.25. Steers, HOOd and choice 550-1500 lbs. $3.85'?? 6.75. Common and niedium 550 lbs. up $2.75*14.75. Heifers, good and choice 5.50-900 lbs. $4.25«6.00. Cows good $2.35if/3,0O. Vealers (milk fed- medium; to choice $2.50«(;6.00. Feed- iTs and:stockers'good^nd choice at $3.7505.75. I •! Sheep; 9,000.- 3.000 through. Early sales killing classes steady to strong. Top fedUambs to shippers at $5.85. Lanibs good and choice 90 lbs. down S3.40f{5.85. Ewes good and choice 90-150 lbs. $1.25'5:2.10. THE J, F. GRENNAN PRODUCE CO. CO: COGHILL, Manager rOpLTRY:AND EGGS Egjr Cases and Supplies Old and Reliable—Established 1911 Corner Moriroe and Elm (just West of the Water Tower) NORTH LOGAN (Christina Dice) Jan. 2—Mrs. I. O. Barnard, (Sras- ison and Louella spent from Tuesday gu(i.sts were: Mr. and Mrs. Herbert imorning lintil Thursday evening Brown and children, Herbert Jr., i with tlie following relatives: Mr. arid Victor and Clara Jeanne; .Mr. and 'Mrs. Walter Colley and fainily. Car- Mrs. Fred Muer and son Gary, all of lola: Mr. and -Mrs. M. A. Pulse of LaHarpe, Mr. and Mrs. Foster Funk. At noon Monday, j;anuary 2. the community gathered kt the school house for a basket dinner in honor of the New Year. A good time with plenty to eat. was enjoyed by everyone present. Ih the afternoon the men?and boys played ball. Mr. and Mrs, Clyde Birkes and two children from ArUngton, S. D.. visited at the home of Mrs. Birkes' aunt. Mrs. George Bonar, and her family on New.Yeai's day. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Larson entertained Mrs. Larson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed McVey for dinner on New Year's dayi Mr. and Mrs: L. A. Ayers and Lillian were Sunday afternoon callers at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Funk in lola. Christmas dinner Quests at the home of Mr and Mr.<i. Leslie Larson were Mr. and Mrs.,Ed McVey. Mrs. Evans. Miss Eva Hurd and Bert Tool of Bronson. | . Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morris and their children. ScOtt, Everett, Elsie and Rosalie, Mr. and Mrs. Riley Low. Leanna, all spent Christmas day in Humboldt at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Tinsley. ' . 'Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Ayers and Lillian spent Monday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Muer in lola; Miss Lillian left on the ten o'clock ^ train for Hutchinson where she is an iristructoi" ih high school. MissJ Lela Bromageh is assisting Mrs.-Womack of lola with her work. Miss Bbuloh Bromagcn returned to her work in Moran after a siege with the flu. Lhage, Mo.. Mr. and Mi-s. Arch Underhill. Mr. and Mi-s. Charley Johnson, and Mrs. Fred Kabell and Paul in Miller, Mo. Misses Fi-ances Chicken and Mildred Wood, lola. spent Sunday at the Lee Chicken home, Mrs. C. C. Mehler and Mrfe. Mary Zike and daughter Grace of lola spent Thursday at the Rioy. Lane home. Bruce and Ruby, Jones and Jess Heynes of Pittsburg, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Moore and Fred Norton, Humboldt spent Christmas day with Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Bale and Louise. Joetta Adams spent Friday afternoon witli Virginia and Christena Dice. Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Barnard and mis Jeweli; Wright spent Christmas day at the I. O. Barnard home. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lane and family spent Christmas day with Mr. and Mrs. J.jV. Hart in lola. Wlho- na and Nealine Lane remained until Wednesday. I Miss Frances Chicken spent from Christmas day until Tuesday morning at the home of her parents, Mi-J and Mrs. Lee Chicken and family. Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Wlnterscheid of Yates Center took supper Sunday evening at the Stroh home. Freddie Bijuenger spent Thursday afteinoon with Freddie Dice "and Erma Bruenger spent the afternoon with Mrs. Dice and girls. Mr. and Mrs. caiarles Stroh and children .spent Sunday afternoon at the Stroh!home. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cnmirlne and family spent Sunday afternoon at the Will Anderson home. Mrs. Will Anderson and Marjorie lather. Mrs. Wlnterscheid accom panied them. They returned home Sunday evening. Mrs. Will Anderson and Marjorie spent Monday afternoon with Mrs, Mrs. C. F. Stroll and Mrs. George. I ^•'I'cd Crumrine and Neva. Stroh and family spent Wednp.stiay • Milo Hprstein called at the Lee at tlie Charles Stroh home. [Chicken home Saturday afternoon. Misses Blanche Womack and Mai -! Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lane and fam- guerite Thornton, City, spent i'lv «Pent Sunday with Mrs. Mary Saturday night and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Womack. . Dorothy and Donald Chicken spent Cliristmas vacation with their grandmother. Airs, Grace Rass, In Humboldt. Mr. Irvin Wlnterscheid of Yates Center, took Fred Dice to Greens- Zlke and Grace in lola. Mr. and Mrs, Earl Martin and family called at the Frank Stotler home Sunday evening. • Have you a house for rent? Or for, sale? Want, to buy anything' Use the Classified columns! GLENDALE Jan. 3.—V. iL. Morrow and family who have been visiting the V. W. and Loj-d Heath families returned to tholr home In Independence, Mo., Thursday. Mrs. Mai-y Hawkins and Junior of Pleasant Green, Mo,^visited her parents,! Mr. and Mr. E. M. Hosley andj family i'etumlng to her home Thursday evening.. • A crowd of men will go to the timber on the J. ,M. Davis farm Thursday, January to work up wood for Wesley Tucker. Ralph; Vandeveer, Moran, visited from Thursday until Saturday at the E. M. Hosley home. They took him to Moran Saturday evening arid attended a program and oyster sup- iK;r at the church. Jamesj Hosley is visiting at home a few. days. W. P. Van Pelt arid family and Grandpa Van ^ Pelt and Loyd Heath and faniily took dinner at V. W. Heaths New Year's day. V. W. Heath and Loyd Heath went to lola 1 on business Monday and took dinner at Fred Reece's, west of lola. Mr. and Mi's. Jess Ross and Fi-ank Ross went to lola Monday on business and called on their aunt. Mrs. Lizzie Bixler at the home of Marion Preston. W. P. Van Pelt and his father made a business trip to lola Saturday. - 1 I4BISB; Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Hosley attended a meeting, of the members of tiie farni ; bureau board and their husbands and wives at the Memorial hall Friday night. A lecture |.with slide pictures werc given and later, the guests were taken to the coffee shop at the Portland hotel for refreshments. Annual Report of Township Treasurer of lOLA TOWNSHIP to. the Township Auditing Board of Allen County, Kansas, for the year 1932. I Receipts. Bal. onjhand Jan. 1, 1932. .$ 667.94 County'Treasurer ......... 11.513.14 lola State Bank 500.00 Gasoline Tax 1.788.49 Interest 51.51 Poll Titx .28.00 Chrysler 65 Sedan Chrysler 58 Sedan Chrysler 63 Sedan Ford '30 Conpe Ford "29 Roadster All Bargains If you need a used car. ROSS ARBUGKE GARAGE CHR V SLER-PLYMOUTH Sales—Service—Parts' . ANNOUNCEMENTS Aoctioiu PUBLIC SALE—Wednesday, Jan. 11, 1. p. m., IVi miles southeast Yates Center. Cattle, horses, Jlbgs, feed, iriiplements, etc. Fre«l C Miller. Qwner. Personals Total receipts for 1932.. .$14,549.08 Disbursements. Supplies^ [,.$ 878,77 New roads Repair on roads .. Blacksmith work . Road equipmerit . Overseeing' Maintenance Team labor Bridge material .. ML-Jcellancjous — WarranLs payable Salaries and official duties i Total expenses for yifar 1932 as per Vouchers allowed and filed with t|he county clerk Receipts for 19,32 ' Dl.sburscments for 1932. 5,694.22 1,889.40 iOO.36 75,00 844.50 1,281.69 618.16 373,37 242.28 801,58 457.Cp .,$13,105.99 . ,$14,549,08 ., 13,165.99 Balancp on hand Decein- • bcr 31, 1932 ,!..$ 1,383.09 E. H. B{lOWN, Township Treasurer. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 9th day of January,. 1933. W. D. CLARK, [SealI County Clerk. NOTICE OF FIRST CREDITORS' MEETING AND SALE In Bankruptcy No. 2792. In the District Court' of the United States for the District of Kansas Third Division. In Re: Ira M. Fuller, dib as Mercantile Company an^ Shoe CJompany, bankruri The Royal The Royal -t. that on the 1932, the Mrs. E. M. Hosley (;ntertained club Thursday afternoon. On account of so much flu only three members were pr(2sent. The progi'am was omitted. Pulling woo! for coriiforts was the work- done. Mrs. Mary Hawkins and Junior and Ruth Hosley were guests. Refreshments were .served. The T. T. Kaster farm has been sol(3 again and the present owner will (xicupy it after the first, of March. Loyd Heath Is looking for a farm to move to. • The oyster supper at the BUI Mm'row- home was postponed on account of so much flu. New YJsrk—Two little pigs, presented to an encampment of the unemployed last November, have become big pigs now, and what a problem they are. "What are we going to do?" asked John B. Clark, camp commander. "They're eatUig what's left of our food. But they've become our pets; if we killed them the boys couldn't eat them. If we sell them some one will eat them. I ask you." Notice is hereby given 27th day. of Decemljer, above named party was duly adjudicated bankrupt and ths t the first mecthig of creditors will the Federal Building in Kansas, on Tuesday the January, 1933 at ten o'(|lock a. m.. at which time the credit(}>i-s may attend, prove their claims trustee, examine the bankrupt and transact'such other busiijess as tnay properly come ! before sa Notice is further given that the assets of the e'ptate, corislsting of shoes and merchandise.! approximately as follo-w Stock J$447;71 Fixtures .; ' 191.50 OLD MAGAZIKE8 told books Varit- ed. When moving or cleaning house give them to the Tola Pub-, lie Librai7. Phone 1405 or 382 and , we will get them ' - j. ' "TUTCKTIVE" " AntomoMlea For Sale . THE CHEVROIJET DEALER HAS THE BEST USED CARS IN TOWN ; 1930 Chevrolet Coach 1931 Chevrol(>t dual wheel truck, short wheel base 1931 Chevrolet Truck, long wheel base ' 1928 Chevrolet .Truck 1929 Chevroleit lOOWpi- 1927 Chiysler Roadster 10'29 Dodge Sedan 1929 Essex Coupe 1929 Ford Truck 1929 Hud.son Sedan : 1928 Poiitlac Coach 1930 Pontlac Coach 1931 Powtlac Sedan 1928 Hup 8 Coupe > Plenty of Other B &rgalna . BUD WHITE MOTOE CO. '26 DODGE 4-door; "27 Chewolet coach; '25 Ford coach;, used parts, lola Autp Wrecking. Phone 783. D()dge SALES AND SERVICE Plymouth be held at Fort Scott. |l7th day of OUT OUR WAY By Williams RiCHAWD iKj -ro Ti -\e. PAftUOR v<JlTv-\OoT" . •fG\.\l\KlCj M£ , AKl" "r >-\t.M CAsAe UPSrAlR<=. AMD GOT \KiTo A B\Cr AR&OMEM-r,\M\TH RiCHARO SlTTiKiOi -rUE .R€. USTfeMiKiGr to ME: SQoAVJW (\»vl <Gr UV<G. -THAT . THAT ;uTn.E SMIP DID IT OM PURPOSE.'. MO,l DIOM'! vj\-\eM T vjEKiT up To Tt\-v_ vAeR \Nf\^ H£Re., SvACTHoT X WAS> GoiKj' Fe.R TH" 8ATt4 ROOM,AN"sue OA-svAes \M T4EPe AM' Goes, "MVAIA-»4A\4 HA\-\v.HE.m-i-\E.»-\' AT ME. ^ GOSH. X GOT OTHER -rWiKlQc, To OO 'SIDCS SHOW IM' HER BEAOS SHE'S A HOT-/ HEAD, ^HEMTHEV TH\»J« SHE'S 5>WEeT AMD L/\OVL\KG. |$639.21 • together with all lea.scs, contracts, etc., txjlonging to the estjaie, will be sold at public auction to the highest bidder for cash In hind at the storeroom formerly occupied by the bankrupt in lola. Kaiists, on the next day, to-wit: Wedre.sday the 18th day of January, 1933 rit eleven o'clock in the forenoon; the said sale to be in parcels or. in b ilk at the discretion of the triistee. ' If .sold for. three-fourth of the appraised viilue, the sale shall be absolute, otherwise subject to the approval of the court. For inspection or Infonnallon, the rccelvorj Luther Ingo of Independence, Kansa."!; Fort Scott, Kansas, Janualiy 0, 1933. PAYNE H. R A TNER. Referee in Bankruptcy. WISE Jan. 6—'Mr. and Mrs. Ray Snider and Evelyn were visitors of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Wood and family Wednesday evening. Elmer Strickler went to Wichita Tuesday evening and returned Thur.sday evening. J Mrs. Dan Johnson and family visited Mr. and Mrs. John Slpultz and family near Piqua New Year's day. Mr. and Mrs. Will Beets spent the day Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Tice,* Mr. and Mrs. Avery Wilmoth and .son Gene spent the Christbias holidays visiting her relative^ in Nebraska. _^ Mrs. Will'-Grieve entertained the Willing Workers Sunday school class with a dinner New Yesjr's day! Those present were: Misses Nora Jones; .Alma Jones, Mabel Jone^, Helen'Beal, Ethel Sliiimer, Alice aHrris, -lone Gardner and Messrs. Elvin Spencer^ Clarence Ablie, OUn Gardner and Clifford Garciner. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford jAmes and Mr. and Mrs. Leo Scully we-e Thursday ' evening visitors at the Lantz home. Phyllis Heigley has been absent from school this week on account of sickness. i Mrs.'John Lantz spent Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. R^y Gardner. _ The program and Christmas tree at the Wise school Wednesday afternoon, December 21, was well attended . Mrs, Haglimd; our music instructor, was !with us and the children sang^everal^ngs. Dependable Used Cars and Trucks ELLI^ MOTOR CO.; Phone 301 Cash—Trade—Terms PONTIAC - BUICK GOOD WILL USED CARS SHELLY MOTOR CO. Authorized Buick-Pontlac 214 N; Jefferson—Pho. 80 Repairing—Garagea BATTERY Recharging. 50c. • Ideal _Oarage. , LIVESTOCK t 21 Hones, Cattle, Vebldei FOR SALE—Extra good pair mire mules, 6 years old, weigh 2700, well broke. Ira Norton. Mildred, Kansas. : YOUNG jSPOTTED Poland ChJna male hog, $5.00; also six shonts. l ?i_Wj _Chaney,_aas._ 22 Poultry and Supplies FOR SALE—Jersey I White Giant Juliets and roosters] May and Sept. hatch. Mi-s. H. Peet, LaHnrpe.: NEWTOWN INCJUBATOR— 1875 Capacity, good hatcher, good sha^. Cheap for quick sale. Terms. T:hj- _beys^West Gas. r 24 MERCHANDISE Articles For Sale BATTERIES — Guaranteed. •4 .9& Ideal Oarage. OAS RANGE — Cabinet, dresser, .sideboard, chairs, bed, rugs, eliic- trlc iron, Daisy chum. Bargains. 315 S, Chestnut. ; MOTOR OIL-60C gab; 5 gaL, $2.19 Ideal Oarage. Phone 174. 27 Feed, Fuel, FertUiMn W(X)D—$1,60 per rank, green 'or dry, delivetedf any time. Phone S8. I Brownie's.' • 28 HoosehoU Goods ANNOUNCEME^JFTS: Auctions COMMUNITY SALE—Eve; y Wednesday at J. C. Butcher's Sale Bam. Col. Smock.'Auctionper.. PUBLIC SALE—Jalnuary 17^. Horses purtbred Holsteln^ cattlb, hogs, iarm Implements, etc. See bllUj later. Ostrom and Searcy. GOOD REBUILT DEXTER double tub washer, less than % price .of new. Shannon Hdw. Phone 29, ONE SLIGHTLY USED 3-piIece r^rlnr Buitc. Termi. We trtide. W. H. Wood Fine Furniture. ' USED STOVES and Furniture. Store • packed, qenninger's Fum. Store. 3 GOOD COBINATIONS—Gas. cdal ' and wood ranges. Dirt cheap. Curtis'. 10 N. Washington. t 29 : Machinery and Tools GANG PLOW— Horse drawn, used but hi ex^llent condition. $35.60. AUen County Daplement Co. :• ROOMS FOR RENT 34. Apartments and Flats 4-ROOM FURNISHED Apartment., everything • furnished. Inquhre fet Texaco Station on East Street and Sycamore. Real Estate For Rent 36 Farms and Land For Bent 160-ACRE PARM—Inquire at reir of 208 N. Washington Ave., or 419 S. State street. R. Lawititka 37 Honses For Bent FOR RENT^Houses, good locatlMi. SeeO. E. Pees. 5 -ROpM MODERN, $5; 7-nxto modem, |$; 6 -room modem. fuF- ?,'2*^^'J*^2J50: modern, $10. tv. c. Areber & Co. Phone 304.

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