Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 14, 1955 · Page 21
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 21

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, October 14, 1955
Page 21
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Dial PA-2-4600 for • WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD.i FRIDAY, OCTOBER 11, 1955 .. TWENTY-ONE with MAJOR HOOPUl By R. J. Williomt OUR BOARDING HOUSE NO, WEVE MADE SO \ MAMV DEMANDS PER SAFETY DEVICES 1 HE'S WWJDERM IF \ WE SOON WON'T BB ' DEMANPIM'HIMTO DO 9OM6THIW TO KEEP THEM KIWP . PROM 6ETTIW 1 RATTLE-BRAINEC; MY WORD.TVJI66S/ geCAUSE I, izw&*&~.<<&w*mtA ^ ANJ£M , T pAKADED AROUND It4 THAT AFTFC VJOfSKlMS A \\ PATCHED OVERALLS 7OTIH6 A ' THAT AFTER W0KKIN& A -& -^QQ\_ CHEST, SHALLOW OSSBRVeRS MAY MA^Je PRE- WONDGRIKJ' WHV TH KIP IS &EE-SAWIM' HIS HEAP BACK AfJf FORTH -tO FOLLOW WHAT TH 1 TOOL l& DOIN'-UKEAKIP TRyrM'TOSSE WHCTA6LWSAWIM 1 A LOG HAS SOT JATTOOEP OW HIS BUSY HAWP. WOULD DROVM OUT TM& COMfflMED CHOE05 OF ALL THE AMIMALS IN TUB -50MED I ABHORRED TOIL. AS PRIM A>JD QUIET AS A LIBRARY/ *~HAS THE OLD CHOKD Ditpl«V WHITACRE't 1 -VISIT LOANS rim* — llurt comi In lor; <»*.*» It KSOeimon, on , IvnMie, of CH, ilNANCI CO. uiEtit iitusi co line CUMIEIUND M.J-07JI Xipky ClntlfM NAVACO Door Hoods aiui Awnlnii in Slock $A| AE Fit. Dtllwy.- F»m CIlVW . . WINDOW ' HODUCTS CO. MO COIUMIIA AVi. P» 1.1011 JalousieSlormDoors Aluminum Storm Dotn A Window^ WeaOitr stripping PA2-4067 TRI-STATE ALUMINUM DOOK AND WINDOW SUPPLY LITTLE LIT A girl Is often faced with the problem of making up her mind to stay home or her foxe to get out. Display Classified *3O «•« Vour Old Washer. On A New Ut your old woihir mak*- lh« .down. paymtnt Up To 24 Months 10 tasitst Terms /a Tow* • WOLFFyrnilureCo. Bollimor. Si. rA-4-4040 fxcovoting — Trenching — Grading . We Are Equipped Jo Do Yout Job WM 200 Pieces ot fiiaipmmt Shovtli, Crenti, lack HMB. Tnnchinp Machin.i, Court, CtmpritMri and Drilll, lucktt loadtrt, Tr«cter-Tra!l«ri fat Hiavy Hauling; Trueki, *fc rOPSOIL FIU GROUND KOAD MATEDIAl Baughman Contracting, Inc. • SMVICI • you CHOOM.TMMS N«ed cash for nagonal house repairs ... tuition .'.. dothn ... fuel lupply? See Thrift Plan right away. Pay *fl •xpoiiie* in cub, repay in low monthly amount*. No red Up*, no co-ngnen. Apply today—jet caah tomorrow. THRIFT PLAN LOANS rTHRIFTV™ 1 "" PLAN "NANCI CORPORATION PLAN I OF CUMBERLAND .LOAJffl^. "" 108 Frederick St. 'Phone PA-4-0344 ""AIRCON f. ENGINEEIING I SUfflT CARRIED Use your 1st Wall. Charge Account |i9lh Cenliiry Scenes Piiinted On Awning SAGATUCK, Mich. WV-As a'con. tribulion to this Lake Michigan village's 125th anniversary, the Sagaluck-Douglas Art Club is painting 19lh Century scenes on a 10x40 foot awning that once was a sunshade on one of the older resort hotels. •. . The painted panorama will show the Sagatuck area as it was in the 1800's and will become a'perma- nent part of the lower room of the 74-ycar-oid Village Hall. All the 30 artists are amateurs from Saga- tuck and adjoining Douglas. Love Blocked HONG KpNG-dNS)—Falling in love, at least in the traditional, old-fashioned way, is frowned upon by the Communist leaders of Red China as a "stumbling block to socialist reconstruction." Romance without political significance, the Chinese Reds claim, is decadent and, even worse, "counter-revolutionary." As for holding hands under a harvest moon; that is a reflection of the "bourgeois class way of life." Bermuda's Speed Automobiles were not permitted in Bermuda prior to 1946. Now, a law prohibits a speed of more than 20 miles per hour anywhere on the island. . OUT OUR WAY Eleph ant Hunt NEW DELHr-(fl — Prime Mi ister Jawaharlal Nehru says h government hopes to capture 1 elephants this year in northea India. He told parliament the ta get figure for the annual elepha hunt is based oh the expected d mand for the animals. Display Classified [Display Classified GOOD OLD CUMBERLAND LINCOLN-MERCURY DOES IT AGAIN! 828 N. Mechanic St. Dial PA 4-0460 U S E D C A R S F O R E V •E R Y 1954 CHRYSLER N.Y. DIx, 4 Dr. Very Low Mileage and Very Clean. This car looks like New instead of Used for only $2195 1954 LINCOLN c °P ri c P e - A Beautiful 2-Tone Blue Finish. Equipped with Power Brakes, Radio, Heater, Nylon Interior and Whitewall Tires. This car is like new for only i . $3195 PONTIAC ^ " r -"'" D' X ' ' | " ni ' > '* ° ve '^ f ' ne cor - ^""^ C I U 'P" pcd and ii very outstanding. This will make a wonderful family car for only $1645 j^ • • IS 1953 PACKARD Clipper 4 Dr. Just the car you hoye been look- _ _ ing for. Radio, Heater and Overdrive. Stop and see this car ^J for only $1295 W 1953 LINCOLN Coupe. A wonderful car with lots of looks. Equipped with Radio, Heater, Whitewoll Tires for only . . . $2095 1953 MERCURY Custom 2 Dr. Radio, Heater and Automatic W Transmission. A very clean car. Can be purchased for C only $1395 |J 1953 PLYMOUTH 4 Dr> Unbelievably clean and very low mile- ^^ age. Be sure to see this car before you buy! ^J 1952 MERCURY 4 Dr - 27,000 miles. Very clean. Equipped with Radio, Heater and Automatic Transmission. You will Buy it if ^ you see it for only • $1195 ^* 1952 PACKARD 4 Dr - ln yer f 9° 0<i condition - < * 00<l Tire'- Radio AV and Heater - $945 D 1950 DODGE 4 Dr - A-l. Here is ° car like new- Onlv 16 - 000 ^ milet. You may talk to it's former owner if you wish. (It won't ** stay long). 1950 FORD '/ J Ton Poncl Truck - Go0(f condition $495 f 1 1950 FORD Custom 2 Dr. Runs and looks nice .... $445 .^^ 1950 HUDSON 4 Dr - Lookl Perfect. Runs good $295 R 1949 OLDS " 88 " 4 Dr ' A yery cleon eor> Completely Overhauled • ^ $495 C 1949 OLDS " 76 " 2 Dr - Runs 9 ° od - Lookt 9 ° od •• 1949 DODGE 2 Dr - Runs s o6d - Lookt 9 ° od • i> " ° Real $395 C 1948 PONTIAC 8 • ' and HI how nice it it for onl;- i. Coma in ' ^f I $195 * DODGE 4 ^ r> Runi 9 ° od - r ' e " nt ' < "' c< ' buf '*'" '*' a n ' ce J| 1941 PACKARD 4 Dr - Rodi0 ' Heattr - Ru "' f ertta - •••• uti '«i , ; Block point. Thit cor it b«H«r than o tot of lottr modtli for thi : _ ' '. ..;..; ...V. ./,.'.'..'.. .'. .V.'.iV. . . : . $100 C tomtpriet- WITH GOOD CREDIT ANY CAR UP TO $1000 CAN BE PURCHASED WITH NO DOWN PAYMENT H'c Feature ... A COMPLETE LINE OF WHISKEYS WINES, GINS, CORDIALS and BEERS at POPULAR PRICES VIRGINIA BOURBON §3.99 SCOTCH White Horte Vat 69 Fifth .. 'O' GUCKENHEIMER OLD THOMPSON PHILADELPHIA Fifth GENTLEMAN SK.97 Qt "99 COCA-COLA 4c Bottle 96c Case Beer $2,79 » Cold 2 f» 29c GIFT Complete line of Party Supplies, Napkins, Novelties — DISCOUNT ON CASE LOTS OF LIQUORS — CIGARETTES $1.66 CARTON Speedy Delivery — You Ring, We Bring! GROCER!^ KOSHER DELICATESSEN s^fe^SZ^^^^sssses^ Open 'til 12 P.M. — 700 N. Mechanic — PA 4-3740 •• IM Tr)E CLASSROOM WHERE MUM'S THE IROLE-THE BOYS /(SD 6ALS BABBLE OrJ AHD OH LIKE TENNYSON'S BROOK- _>UT AT THE PEP KAU.y IN THE SYM.WHERE YOU W4NT TO 6ET A V LITTLE MOISE OUT OF THEM-tOOKX/ W /tw-c^MoH Now.awe.'.' YA J/ (XTTTA GET BEHlrJD THE TE4M! H LET'S SHOW WE'RE ALL ROOTING \ FOR 'EM IN THE BI6 64ME \ TOMORROW/ LETS SIVE'EM Weather School LOS ANGELES-(INS)-A new class to study Hie possibilities of msh-button weather forecasting is launched by the UniyersilyUveather. of California at Los Angeles. The course, for. Air Force . Reserve AVealher Officers only, is a basic training program in the utilization of electronic brains in predicting Display Classified | Display Classified CONCRETE « POWER •) STEEL SEPTIC TANKS EXCAVATING STORAGE TANKS TRENCHING sw» ... PILE BROTHERS ••VWOTMM-M" H i •-*•••• i ••• • !•••-•••• ..." i IMcMulIco Hwy. More Information Call: PA-2-84&1 or 2-&JS5 jlce, Waler No Hazard jTo Bridge Substructure.,^, x ST. IGXACE, Mich. — (J) — The Straits of Mackinac Bridge's sub- _ structure is so strong that insiir- / ance companies underwriting the_ bridge don't consider ice and" • water pressure a serious hazard.. A \\Tien completed in November,"-'" 1957, the bridge will contjjiji,",: 1,000.000 tons of material, three-"" fourths of which is beneath tHe,',;;,' water. .m.j.i The two main piers are ffe'.jj" deepest suspension bridge piers in the world—one 210 feet down ahd' 1 the other 205 feet. - : -- ; YOU ALWAYS GET A FAIR SHAKE AT •i^^. GULICK'S NOTICE TO BIDDERS ,_„ Scaled hid^ will be roeclvrd by (& Mayor and City Council of Cumberland," Maryland, at (he office of the City ClpcK^j. City Hail, 10 o'clock- A. M. EST, on JTon- day. October 24th, 1?55 for Fifty-Five l$$) n n REEFEHS to be used in the Police DC* partment. Specifications may be obtained at-tk* office of the City Clerk. Bidders iball specify the earliest de^ livery date and iubmit detailed ipecifU - cations on Reefer on which his bid^f*. ', based and t>hall also euumU a tample of material at 12" x 12" front which the following testa will be made:' 1. Color. 7 s, 2. Abrasions. ' 3. Shdnkacc. WIUJAM V. KEEGA.V, Commissioner ot Police. Adv. N-T— Oct. 14 — ST-16. "Checked, Approved and Guaranteed 7 ' (60 more to choose from) NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Sealed bids will be received by lh« County Commissioners of Allrgany Coun- jty. by its Clerk, the undersigned, whose address is the Court House, Cumberland, (Maryland, until 10;30 A. -M., EST. on October 25th, 1955, for the sale ol the building and improvements known as the "Old Erkhart School Building" located on Reecher's Avenue, in Eckhart, Maryland. Successful bidder will ba required to raze, tear down and remove tho building, including the foundation of the same, within 90 days of notice of acceptance .of bid, to clean up all debris from said property to meet requirements of the Allegany County Health Department. Successful bidder will also be required to hold the County Commissioners harmless from any claim or damage whatsoever occasioned by his work in removing *;aid building. Additional information may be secured from J, B. DowlinR, County Health Department, Public Safety Ruildins, Cumberland. Md. County Commissioners of AUcgatiy County reserves the right to reject or to accept any or all bids. COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OT ALLECAXV COUNTY. By JAMES G. STEVENSON 1 , Clerk. Adv. N-T Oct. 7-14. 54 Ford Station Wagon. 4-Door Century Sedan, 0. D $1499 52 Olds "••", *-* . R. H. S8QQ 54 Ford V-8, 4-Door. One Owner. Extra Nice - .:.... $1099 51 Buick R Dyn. White Walls W. Riv. 4-Dr. R. ,H. ceqo 53 BUick 2-Dr. Special, R. H. White Walls, Sharp $1099 51 Dodge Club Cpe. R. H. Gyro. Very Nice $550 53 CH \ Owner r. 2-Tone. $899 52 Stude. Ch. 4-Dr. o. a 1 Owner, Like New $544 47 Kaiser $99 47 Slide. $99 466ry « - $149 39 Ghev, $49 Cor. S, Centra and Williams Sis, BANK RATES PA 2-386Q Law Office of EDWARD J. RYAN ORDER OF PUBLICATION Joy C. Snyder, Frostburg. Maryland, vs. Augusta L. Snyder. 748 Glenn Street," Pittsburgh 21, Pa. No. 21289 Equity, In the Circuit Court for'AHcgany County, Maryland. The object of this suit is to obtain a divorce A V1XCULO MATRIMONU . *f the Plaintiff from the Defendant. The bill states that-the parties hereto were married on June 3, 1930 in Allegany County. Maryland, and that one child. Richard Dale Snyder, age three, was born of said marriaRe: that although her conduct toward the dufendant was aK ways kind, affectlonaic and above -.reproach, yet the conduct of Ihe defendant was such that ihe was forced to leave u the premises where the parties had t>een residing in Pittsburgh. Pa., on or about May J, 1952, when she returned to the _ home of her parents: that the said dc-. fcndarit has been associating with an-.-. other woman while the parties were , living together in Pittsburgh and by reason of such conduct he deserted ana abandoned the complainant and that such desertion and abandonment na-i been continuous and uninterrupted, for mow than months prior to the »• fllinc of (his suit; that said defendant has been guilty of the crime of adullry and she has not lived nr cohabited with the defendant since she discovered bi« adulterous conduct] that the complainant Is nnrt has been k resident of the SUt« of Maryland (or more than two year* prior to the nifac of this suit and that' Ihe defendant Is a non resident residing nt 748 fllfnn Street, Pittsburgh 21, Pa. IT IS THEREUPON. This 30th day of Sept.. 1955. by the Circuit Court .for- AlIcRany County. Mil., In cnully; orddtW that tho plaintiff by causlnjf a copy nf this order to be published in.iom* n*w«- pAper once • In. cacli of . 4 wcce.t»lw weeks, before tho 3tit day of Oct 1955, slvlng notice to the absent anl of 'the objtct and purpoic o( nult and warning him to be am! ap In thti Court, In pemon or by lollcl on or holorc tlte, 161h tlay of November, llflS.1. lo ihow cstiw, » any ht h»*. jhsj a decree ihould not ho passed •• |pr*y«. onc^-^ ,_ Clerk of th« Circuit Court ' ., M Allf««y County, Aid. . . I 1 Adv. T-Oct, M4-21-3*, . . .-.: •;

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