Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 6, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 6, 1927
Page 3
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1-i T':-.-^ r-.:,h\C: ^'•Prathof LIniljr T.pp Infmiiim. Linily. Lee. tlip four months old twin son of Mr. and Mrs. B. In- Braiinj. of 4ft2 Soiuh State street. Jessed away at 6 6'cJock last evening. The funeral senice was held this afternoon at ."?. o'crlcck at th»» home, the Rev. C. I Coldsmlth of- ficlatlnK. Bnrial was niade in HiRh- land cemej|ery. ' Ch^s. E. May, linotype operatoi at the ibia Daily Register, receiveil .rwonj of the death this morning at . a .o"(»lock of hiii grandmother.. Mr« Mary, C. Ualijfci.s. wf Kansas City Tin-; biiriEi will lake* jdare in the Fort) Scotp cemetery at 2 oV-lofk. Tilu j-sday a fternooh. --The enlne tiiemhership of Hen- dei'ii«)n Circle No. 117 is ujged-in . 5)c" pre.«ejil .uh nit-etiu:; AVc-diie.sdiiV alternooii.. 2:30. 1)«-.. 7. Menidria; Hall for eI«>(iUoii. of officers. Shepherd utk-r. of Kansas City ^ Mr.<;. Ral))!) Uursuoli. of aldwiu came on the no<jn train today to IS siirndlng a. f'-w days with her visit his sister. .Mrs. A. Thompson parejits. All*, and .Mrs. ().;Q. Marsh and family, of iOS South Biu-key*-' —SDCc-iiil prlf-es on .Floor Lamp sti;eet. • ',.. ; Stands and Wire Frafiies. K. C. • i — 'Klettiie and Pliimhing. Co. f" f'hri«tiiia« f;rn<»tinK Curdji • ', - • ' , at-Cooks. 1 Mr. and Mrs. E. X. -VVillett, who wpaflitir." ChristmaSWfePtfnK Caids a( Cook's. TllE iOLA DAILY REGISTER. tUESDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 4, 192?. doL Dunn In Tairn. After an 4^^°'^^ °^ several months Cbl. J. P; Ounn—poet. pMloEOpher. astronomer, weather l -forecaBter. singer, dancer and niri's- ery man—is again calling on his tola .friends.^ Of the several roles he^^iays that of weather forecxster {i!'perhai!>8 the most'jinter^sting. for the reason thai> he looks a year ahead in.stead of but 24 or 4S hours, and: he calculates the weather, not l>.y earthly reports of wlhibs' atjd. temperatures, but by the message.^ that come from the. celestial bodies. Col. Dunn published an alm^uac last spring In which he forecast the weather for each montliof the >;ear. Here Is his forecast for December: "December 1 to 7. generally fair; S to lo snow In East and In the! western northern states. high | vtinus trom the Dakntas and over the plains of -Vebrsiska, Kan:<as. I Oklahoma. Texas and Missouri; H \ to 20 a lull over ttif central area of C. S. A.: 21 to 27 snow and sleet over the- northwest, north and central: 27 to 31 heavy show In east-i ern Atlantic state:i with very cold This Bus Stihick a Train . ^ — have been visiting their daughter Olivr NviMlams returned to his Mi i. C. I.- Coldsnilth and -family hmiif ill Parsons today :ift<'r ;i visit I 30S Elist Madison avenue, returned viitlr .\ti¥..'Mary F.Ross. " 'today to fheii' home in Kriv, Kaii- It tnight be interesting to cut that out and chiHk it up u< the days go'by. Number2 ' (Continued from Page One) PAGE •'THREH; Musical Revue To Be At KeHey,^Wednesd|iy .lack Daley's Kentucky sereri&d- isolated by any method of ana:y.i. j ^Z-ilL "^l ^^'o ^^t soluS'l^i^^Uar^^'"''-^""-^'--^^--- - '^^"-^ lieen named by of the aiphalict speaker tohr his audience fnihij^I, i.,^. g,,,, ^niertaia. his har- what source's these various vua-' tn ?ns were fects that re.nired when the body ; ^ .^.^„ • radio star blke.^- was ^leprived o any c.r.e or il.em. ^vas formcriv on the air .1 1 , I....... ing mals been made^One of the most; inter- | ^. p^, o-sting 9f these cKperinieiils was .j,,, f.n, dire.-v.r.'and others made.with a flock of cliicks which ,.^„,;^.*. ,.,„„^„ . f^,„. were placed an a house which was 1 ^ •. roofed wi'h niiat to nealtu--i!ave ^vednesdav night. December i 7. fs Douglas. 5lafLean's Ja >y the first live letters ouley-s company include.s his si |ig- edy. ."Soft Cushions." the ft—A. L.. t^. iJ. r.. 1110 j, orcheKtra of .seven men *ho featni:e pirture. it is f his audience from ^j, 3,,,, entertain, his hares these various .iia- composed of Roy \Vafer. der .vM und the il of- j ,5^.;..,,^,, and Rav Ho .k^rs. ladies a-nd seven gcittlemen who will be.on the stage of th° IvfVer., After the tlieater performance Thnrsday ni^t Daly's orcheatral^ will play a Special dance engag^ ment for the local De Molay Iwys; If tbereV one adjective in lue dictionary that adequaKjIy- doscrib- ; atest .com- the Kelley's v^ho i featni:e' pirture. it is| f''e word- "nev/. • There's a story that i.: iiigly "new." there's an entirely dit; ferent characterization by the star iliat isirtistinctly comedy is qrieWai in setting and characters -—something ehiirely;. "ncw" in motion picture maktng. "-Wiiiited: Soni'--oii.' t.i ."-hare 'downtown hiwiiii'ss iiiiibjiii^'. Ad-| ili/'Sf "L. " c-.iri- ReKisiP!. i ('hri>:t'ii))>i ilrcetliis <"a'"ds i. at Cook'.-i. Mrs.-,C. J. 'Riniiigcr and ;ind .>ii:.-.. E<l«iii Uiiisi and >on.: Krcd.rof. StiMliniE;. Kansas illalpli.of 424 West street. !-l)oiii yciJtviduy uiih Mr. niiil Mr.s j Chriiiiiti'- visitors Siinirlay. —Tf yon want to ,buy'or buildj, . , ;J._i-^^ ; city or suburban property, Thelohi i Building a Loan Association will ' make yoji a loan, low interest rate. •• no commission. See Ci. K, Pecs, s-ort i Secretary, at ohl Kogister building. corner of soiiarc. Two were killed in jibls busiiear Bagdad. Fla., wheii it rammed Into Uio side ot a swiftly moving passenger traiiu There v.ei-e four pa* EeDger8.ia the bus. at the time, and the driver was badly injured* J! K. \Va>;ii.M' ;.H <I .\lis. .Mary .Mason ..| 4'iS S 'l'.IIli \V :!ll!Ul .strei -l.^ - O. L. Cox. .M iCye. Ear, Nose and Throat. .\lr .I. .Anjiic Blood. \vho ha.- niany n. Specialist, j.frieiHls in \\!ieii county where slic , foniHTly livcil. n'niitting • (or re — ; i iie\val (>f the Register sends prcct- (iold Lrflerinir. I • ing:ami,Christmas wishes t-,i all of - The RegiKler does ail kin«U of i them. .Mrs. Blood now resides at gold lettering at moderate prices. ..In 'ljuying leather goods for Christ-! nia .i gifts, keep Its in mind. —Insist ».«ii Cream niaifi iin'd Iroze iii Cr<?ameiy Col. new Purity Ice liy, P.ennett J>I Ottawa (fur plant. Purity hi r.s. • Clias i£obinso:i. of 702 South Waliuilt str«'('t, who has been at .St. ./ohji 'sl hospital lov the past six weeks for an opi-ration and; trrainieiit. ,^^as retiirned to hei| iKinie vfs^cn iiv. ' ^ f .. - ]. • i.s.s. Tinsel Cord and I^iper at Co()k's. - - • , - • ; j • • .Mr.t. Krjin i liHviii. [of Chanute and in-r daiighteii. , jlr.s. Ernest. Cl:iik. of Cl^icago,i were guests (if .Mr. iindMrsj L(^i .Moure Suilduy. licttrr l'ain<r!iir ;ind Faxiering. -Seals., T; FaiH-y' 'I 'issii CI Mr. and V w.'st of Hull iiiiii AUDIC ROE. rf. Clifton! Dozier. of hiildt.' visited relatives 11 iola Sunda\. • ^ *' * ^^, r .* ^- * • Dillv .Sctrf : -can't k To hiivel •••<.-lld .'us liiulf • .Miss .Anna rHiin.' who was a sales lady at the Raiusay store for several months, left this afternoon for hiM- hoiiip in Kaifsas City. We know Bakery Products " i are good, , ! But ' • : Haye ' ' I You Tried Ours? VAN H9OZERS. .Mrs. Anna Kirkpatrick went to Huinboldt on the noon train totlay on business. - • —Dr. , T; T . RciJ. Surgery nni] X-ra.v. Phone 3i57.* —Dr. Lucy E. Poison, Chiropractor. Northrup IJIdg. Phone 326. Mrs. George, Grubbs, ol* /Humboldt, was ill 'Iola this morning paying her la.\es and looking after biisiness. . • —For JJeal Estate Loans see the jSeciirMy llldir. & Lonn AsMiclntion, lolii, Ks. Offitx- in First Natl. Bank. f..aH'(.nia. Oklahoma. Candy. Candy. Candy, at Cofok'.s Iiletity of light. . 'IIK - cMcks wurv fed in rtie usual way. :.vd, y<-i ilioy ; liid not grow. Mtr-y sO'jii iost iiur- i trol i >f their inns. If^s. MII ". cvca-.i tuclly died.. The ouly r« . ior; this behavior was ihKt the thicks wefe deprived.•)! \'itai:ii!i \). whi!:; is borne by the sun's rays ljut i.s ; j filtered out by ordinary v,!ii(h)wi ,'{KlaKs. The eTsperiment' v.-iis .strik-i 1'ing iiroof of the vital necessity i.ey.posnn! 10 sunlli;ht if healtli is ii> | !)(.' I maintained. Dr. Hughes d.-'j-- ."iared that fhe girls whc attend ih'/i- (loHege ,iiow nre undi'iiia!>'.y mor-' I Scientist np /.iarPKi'''"'^^^'^^^^^^ ! DllLIUISl , I .»eCiareS ! ,vere a generaiion ii;;o a!u!;li.. at-| • iliibutes ij. to .'ihf fa. i ih::! ihcy : .\>»v ;v <iik. !>(i-. 1;. i.M'i — The j :irc dressing nio:<' s.<iis:i!;. .^ CIK, ! ftiicli, ri -pir,'iMlly the most i ing more of iheii lri;(l> tc tl;.- :ii;i <.•.!• voliirililcniciiiixi: of tin- bird king-'ravs of the siiii. ':3 riinii lii) *i 11 ,1; sin;;. It talks. Dr. | 'ifhe pnini-; of ihv .;;ri.iit :'.(l\Vi!l!;iii, i';itU'is<iti. who is do-jdoi'rss caii lie no m'i >r.":tl'.:.:i liinted iim ri -.sciiifti tvirtk . .-It I'oliinibia , in this i!(;jess:irjly '.ni.-! iivit-w. Inivcrsity. told tlie .Vcw York ! It ! w::s on.' of tii is.- li.llis vvhti li j African Flinch Talks, I.ASTTriWES TODAY /.s- Ion too gnrtf a .s -airi/icr irJmi iJie (h.^thiii (if a nation hanfja in the balance? toChnstmasr; J •: hnimh;. of tin- '.Aiiiericciii Psycho-1 e.t. ' bmical • assoclat ion. sited ill the ni!i:(is <i! i.'!! uho Ihei ^rd it the wish that vvory tiian. 1 -TB * Tl!.- fincli has an iilph.-ibet of 21 ''vomau and child Mithe who!.;/ (.111-j - V . • - A a • ; ilctt.-rs-iititl svniliols. and a vocab-1 '"'.cht hav; '.MCU iiriitiit : iiit>irin:ili()ii :t :'.'av.' —Dr. Montgomerj-, Chironractor. '••'jgm, Iola Laundry Bldg. Phone i:'.S. Air.s. K. .1. Edmonds' left today for Tulsa to visit her daughter. .Mrs Phedfira Taylor. From lliero fUie will go to Oklahoma City to visit her parents. Mr. add-Mrs. W. H Williams. She expects to be gone] several weeks. ^Mul .iiy 1.1 iilioilt noil, words. Dr. Pat-j!"'"fi' liyth-- I jtersoi; ;vaiil. IIc assert I 'd his studv ; out. / X |P;!of ilic'l)iril :;h"wiil il -spoke • iii : I>r. Unfiles reniaiil!'d over i.> at- ^ ' • j pros,' "rd'iiiiarablc to .'^anscript..'toi::l the iiu'ctin.u of the'l-a: in Mii ! iCliinesi.. till- lanfiiiage of the HopP rean' \vhich w::s helil in tin :>ase-;ff !ndi:'iii and Knt;li,,h. ; "lent of tl;.- 11. K. Church iod:r ifj _ . and WHS the 'prtlU'ipai spk-akcr I J 1 the aft.'riKKin s^cssii/ii. Candy. .Candy, Candy, at Cook's. • ; Aggies Elect Fifteen. ^Forest Fire Damage ; \ High in California Bdnd Drug Store . , -Is Etestroyed by Fireij l .ijs An.i;ulDie. li. (AIM- With! To Engineering Group S l.iiUI v.. l/l -c. ,1. I .-VI'I^> IIM i. •• ,j lie fiv.- major fires e.\lin-' Creat Bend. Kas.. Dec t;. fAIM 3 aflcr having sw.-pt oven Fire in the C. E. Htdmos drug sT' j -.1 —"Van's Br(iad." good as ever. >ei3-';i I'ollari ''lean. snarkling linen yotir '~c..''irfs ainlj ers r.'Kular.y. ' .Miliisoii Cleaners Ifhoiie 10.". T il:ss Eth(d LillN' Uiiiing. <;a'=.'Hiiinliiy. - dlidinii 11 easK^ of the kiiinevs. hlaili |\"nir IToozer and Miss visited friends near n .'rtha aiul .•itiy'i'S near w.'v.'v-fi'.d. — Speii.-il 1 • iMfli " Cov .-aj!'-: M. A; fluHute. rb Tiiitir for all dls- hioniai'h, h:ond. ,liver. Icr, etc.: 2.^(' lioltlii. sii<'(-ial row. 2 for 2.''i(,. W. P. LoniJ. Mildi>'.i Hunt, of 40,7 .N'orlh Chestnlul street, visited rel- —We pay 011 Full Paid and I'L^taJlmenr" S njeiii; the b Skiirily Bid!! I (|lii, Kansas. - -\ir aiMl Mr lliisiniorhiii!;. sas City. afiioiiilt.iiiyiiiK (;li;inaii'p' 1110, ('h:i!;an of Mi] ,hi'<; .ijoiirney spending- scv lliiiij. 1 {uiiiboldt qver' the - * . ^ • liiotjon on all }Iats Kdwar,|s .diiliiiery. Hniton and grand.-wri ! with ri -IatsvVs in ishi'd ; . ; thDUsanil;^ 01 a.:res 6i brush and j . .Manhattan. Kas.. Ikt-. ti. (_\V)— f^„.^.^,^ i;,n<Isof Southern California |Fifi.".-n stiid.-nts at ilic Kansas and th..> fifth fairly well iindor con-! , —Dr A B Twadcll Osteonath Agricultural College tod.iy,j,oi. fpiituaus of losses io prop- 1 confined to the rerir of th.- store. \ew ciobfe Bide Phone 191 ': were selected as uu-nibers of Sig -lgvtv :nid Watrr .shcus. todav- SL-U ! furni-shings and ni w.-re ' • • • !ina Tau. an htmorary ineineering the mjal daniav 't-s 10 more than j damaged. The lass was covered here early today caused (iania;;; estimated at between Sl.nnil audi ?5.00(l. the tin- was S. & r. .4rt i'liib .Mwls, I society. Selection' was made by the fac-' .Mrs. M. U ^Newman was hostess i„ity on a basis of general worth $l',.">'llV»!lll' to'.the members of the S. and C Art.l'lub .Monday afternoon in her. home. .514-North Cotto'nwood slre(>t iTie meeting was presided over by f .the Ipresident, I '.Mr.s. .1; S. Bass, jr. i and plans \Vere made for thi,' Chcifttmas program : aiid bazaar Several beautiful tinished and engineering ability. Arizona Holds Three Men for Two States Maud Linder Goes to French Grandmother PariiJ. Doc. C. (API—Maude Lydi.' Liiidcr! th.iee*rear-Oid orphaned daiiKliter ol .Max Linder. Freiich niotioii piciiire star, will be taken Miami. .\riz., ])e<:. f, (.VP 1—Three l)i ((C .es[jn(.n,wer«' being held here today on were handed In-for the bazaar. The, Kansas and Oklahoma charges. I f"r,„ViVlie I 'li^todv of her American art instructor. Mrs. S. JL Hautlley.! arrested w(^re Lloyd Mo- 1 S;;,,;;;;^!.^^ MVS Malbn^ F^^^^^ en to grand- uodsr niov street to their; new lunne \orih, Cottonwood street. at --.lleinsiitching and Piloting. 200 East street. .Mrs. Frank Russell. ' .\ g.,. I .ui.,...i -v /i.. The following memb.-rs ; 1 ,imt; soii^'h.i as bank rolil.erv - ,and guests were present:, Mrs. .1 I pens ' .Mrs. A f ;..Ka '.;l.'son. of Ottawa. H. W. C()oper. !\fr .s. John Fox. .Mrs ; •. - v.ho lia .s b(en :< guest in the liome S. Bass, jr., .Mrs. S. H. Hundley. Mrs.; Ca,, 1 nlieniilosis b- .-iired in ; ,,f hen dalI^hler. :Mrs. ('has. Nl.sely J. C. Pulley. .Mrs. J., W. Gordon I Kiinsas'.' Sure! 7 IS Kan-ans died ; .i„d f ;imilv. (,f r.O.s South .lefferson F. I.. I!. !,EATEI,L, D. Special attention given Diseases of Cniou ilnd Rectum. ^leCtrp-Physlotherapy Office Iola State Bank Bldg. Phofies—147 and 70."> .Miss Elsie Jolijison; '• of (Miu.iute and the hostess. .Mrs. Newhiaii. TJii club adjourned after repealing »i>' i club motto. The next meeting will: Thf ppirit of the Christinas Sea be at the counti^' hoiiie of Mrs. j I will n^ver die so long as 1th of il last year bill many more sot i .-;ve :iMt'. 're'nine'l home this a'ter- well. iiomi. , C. PuUey. ^Club Reporter. '• t'hrisTniai- Spirit i itself lives. OiK'lspe-dcr was fined in police <-ourr today. • * » • 6 I'l Bi.n In,'til!' iiiail." ihi>.Kansas iipprovjil o alt i locatio yn'k f'laiismkssion line to run from Iliiniboldt. ^ .was. ' Docki] Thtr jabove ?ie(;n- a;ssi:;n(' lh(- Ccimmis; Hiiniboldt.. 1 Dei--einber l.'> ock. The l>est invest- -st. method to .save. , ^-F.oaii Assooiation, . .1. 1). Ihichanan left in I Heir <vr for Kau- .Mr. Buhei. 31 IS. T. W. ' Bi'i- loil. Wis., that far on lOiiie.' I Slie lia .s been 'i-al v.eeks hl-ie with \TIU> \tn H K, of the upplicatiiiii. of liilities Company for lilans. rpe:iiications 1 of a'i'roposjcd •'l.l.flOO 0 Yates Center. Kant No. 9.14 4. entitled matter has 1 , fill hearing before ion sir the Ciiy of :.iii!-as. on Tuesday, 'lie:: at 9:00 A. M. C. H. BENSON. Secretary Public Service Commiss'on. nNb. 11 , Qnestiok: How does errail- sHicd 'cod-liver oil. incrfiose Uie efiide acy of ihilk as a ^i ^tctctionj against rickets? /j^ iAiisiue/; Milk isjdefident in lidlcets-^ •reventing vitamin. A iitUe emulsafied ]c6d-pv^ oiladdedt SortakenWthmilk mak^ it c more perfect vita- Tnin4p6d. Give it as SCOTT^ EMULSION The Register had a very pleasanij call this morning from .Mr. .lohn C;. Hamni. of Los Angeles, who is paying a brief visit to his brothei;. •Mr. ,t. W. Hanini. of lluinboldi. and who. together with ' his hrbther. was on his way to Yates C'enier to. visit their'sisters who :live In tliat town. ."Mr. .1. C, Hanim was formerly a teiw-her and then for a short time pnljlished a newspaper in Iola in ,the .old'flays, later entering itlie profes-sion of law .which he iiracticed with success for' a number of years at Evanstoii. Wyo. Ipduthe death of his Wife, which occurred I.s years .ago. .tie removed t <i California to be near liis children. Jind has since, made :his home .in' l.,os .Angeles. He <'anie .east vsome time ago to look after business Interests in Texas and took advantage of the opportunity to t-oine'back to the old home for a brief visit with hif? brother and sisters. ' J . GIVE STATIONERY Fine linen Avriting paper is. always a very accept-, able Christmas gift.! Eatoa, trane & Pike Writinir papers ai;^ the^ last.word in style and the best quality to be ; ' found. Evans Store Matinees, Pictures Only 10c - 20c Ni{rlit.<, Serenadfer.-i and Picttires 10c - 40c WEDNESDAY and THURSD-4Y ON THE STAGE- JACK DALEY'S KENTUCKY •U_^_PEOPLE—11 WITH Cy Palmer . Singing Director Velva Nalley .i Blues Singer Kitty Brady ...... J Interpretative Dancer i The balev Harmony Trio ^'A Hot Shpt From Dixie" by insuranc.-. i. V ;'iri; e.-ill tljeni the screen's Inver.s alter, yon h.;ve 1:, .-T! Sii'rille.i by their unforgi-itable! a. ting in T !iis vLvcnX dra:!i .T. If bi--:i;i,'s into st;.riliug r>.iilitv the ii:«.=l rr .:nan'.ic :iird (^ojnifuj ihiiplf. of S ;i .,.i:sli Cal- iforn::!.;'iiisioiy* . . Addod—C'omedv and News .jrtck Daky's''Kentucky jiaders'' !1 j 'co"!" )IiisiraI Revu?- .S?n!r«-rs, i»3i;i-<-r>. Serenader-. <:n the .Screi'i^ J)';ufrlas iVIa«Ie^n in "Scfl fus^hions" AN<! Coini'dj lind Vivrlij Keel; I I I A Versatile Entertaining Band! SOME SHOW! ON THE SCREEN— Dashing comedy, refre;shing novelty, fizzling act i 0 li, gorgeous giris, colorful backgrounds. Perfect Entertainment — Soft Cushions! Amazing kitchen convenience Choice of 5 gay colors Special easy * payment plan Your wife or tnothtr v.ill welconie the leisure that l/ii>: \vonrl<?rfu! g^iil can bring. The famous^ Koo.sier I5t auty contain.s Hocsier's time-=j:Ting: and la- Hnr-saving feattire.s for the kitchen— eliminating 1,000 step.s a day by actual tefit. It '.t (luality and v.ork.iTianship. pe:-- fected through Hoo.-ier'.': quarter- centiiry of experience, hiave made; i- one of the mo.<t popular cifbinet.« evtr. de.signed^ Beauty to delight any wrjman'.s heart! Thi.'^ cabifiet come.'; in fin- i.sbe.s—grey enamel, wedgW'wd K 'retn enamel, wliile enamel, {roidisn oak and .silver oafc. ExquLsile insi^ie colbi -K-f— .«carlet, appje green, Tan^e, robiri*? -egg bl^e.. The very ! trend in hou.«e fufnishing. •' ,7 V.'e'll be glad to .S K 'AV • (>LI j«ur be.iuli-, • ful Christmas di .>-ni.^v of; Hoo.';:, Select a Beauty or any model that in-'^; you, ;Yoq can have it on th' mO-st Ifberal terrh.s. Just ai small .'^tm down—the remainder ment-s. in' easy-^pay- See Oiir Attractive Christmas Display Today. Prieek Range From $45.00 to $65:00 ' R .SLEEPER Furnittire Companyl

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