The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 4, 1933 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
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Wednesday, January 4, 1933
Page 8
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l ' -* •' *'~ ' '"-' THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 4,1933 Pretty Widow Faints Eight Tames: Friend of Family Ts Jailed (United Pratt Leased Wire) CHICAGO, Jaif. 4. — Pretty Mrs. Prances Schlldliuucr, an expectant mother, was near collapse today lifter lengthy questioning ooncernlner her private life lu pollen efforta to Holvo the month-old xlaylnR of her hand- eome bandmaster husband. The young woman fainted, olRht times during examltmtlon by Police Captain John Siege. Tlio questioning developed conflicting testimony concerning: the personal affalrw of the attractive young woman and her husband, Edwin, bandmaster of the Austin High School band. Friend Jelled Half a dozen other perwons were Interviewed - and one. Carl Bradberry, former deputy sheriff and friend of the Schlldhaucrs, wan held In Jail. Police today hunted Paul Walton, a former attorney, nnd a friend of the Schlldhauers. Schlldaucr was found slain an hour after his wife said she "saw Mm kid- naped by two men as he was leaving their home. First Indications were that he hod met death In a typical •gang ride. "I am convinced," Siege, a veteran of the police department, said, "thai Schlldauer was slain because of some romance." In an .effort to discover a motive they have Investigated the lives of Solilldauer and his wife. The • detention of Bradberry came after storlon he told concerning the location of Ms revolver on the night Schlldaucr was slain were denied by other witnesses. AVhcn told Bradberry had been placed In jail, Mrs. Schll- dauer fainted. She collapsed again •when Stege told of his theory of her husband's death. Laved Her Husband She denied she had ever been Involved In affairs with men. "Many men," she told Stege, "have told me,they thought I was beautiful, but that never meant anything to me. I loved my husband. I never went out •with.anyone except with his knowledge and consent." * » » Peckham Named to Hatfield Successor (Associated Frets Leased Wire) SAN FRANCTSCO, Jan. 4.—I. M. Peckham, assistant United States attorney here, was designated today by Presiding Federal Judge Frank IT. Kerrigan to bo acting district attorney. Peckham will fill the place of George H. Hatfield, district attorney, who resigned to. enter private law practice. Famous Inventor Is Summoned by Death (Attoclatcit Press Leased Wire) NEW YORK, Jan. 4.—Albert Schwarz, 60, an inventor who was credited wllh perfecting a bullet-proof vest, a miniature machine gun, a tear gas gun and various devices for Zeppelins, was found dead today In a furnished room. BANK CALL ISSUED "WASHINGTON, Jan. 4. (A. P.)— The controller of the currency Issued a call 'today for the condition of all national banks at the closo of business Saturday. December •31. Georgians Begin Drive for Probe of Penal System ( Prc»» Leaned ATLANTA, Qa., Jan. 4.—A group of prominent Georgians were united today In a drive for legislative Investigation of the state penal system, particularly socnlled "chain gangs," Their numbers included two bishops, a former Georgia governor, four college presidents, and. a number of welfare workers, pastors, and college professors. Their demands were an outgrowth of the recent refusal of Governor A, Harry Moore of New Jersey to allow the extradition of Robert E. Burns, escaped chain gang convict, E IS BURNED San Jose Society Matron Is Robbed by Mysterious Assailant (United Press Leaned Wire) SAJf JOSI3, Jun. 4.—Deputy sheriffs wore baffled today In their search for a mysterious assailant wlicT bound, gagged and robbed Mrs. St. John Whitney, San eJose society matron, and then set flreito her home. Mrs. Whitney, divorced wife of'a San Francisco salt manufacturer, was found lying unconscious on tho lawn of her spacious Saratoga foothill homo last midnight by two boys. They had been attracted to tho scene by tho fire which destroyed the home, an adjoining garage and Mrs. Whitney's expensive automobile. Mrs. Whitney told Sheriff William J. Emlg she was accosted by the bandit its sho was locking tho doopH to her garage after returning from a trip to San Francisco. Sho said ho took two diamond rlnga and a wrist watch studded with diamonds, then bound her legs nnd arms with window cord. She had been gagged with a handkerchief. The victim's purse was found nearby. Money was strewn on the ground. Officers were mystified over the assailant's action In sotting fire to tho house and garage. Merced' Mother of Six, Imprisoned MERCED, Jan. 4.— Mrs. Esthor Bailey, 35-year-old mother of B!X children, was to bo taken to San Quentln prison today to begin serving a senlenoe for automobile theft. Mrs. Bailey pleaded guilty In Superior Court some time ago to a charge of stealing an automobile and usked probation. She fulled to appear lu court later for a ruling on her request and was rearrested on a choree of taking a second automobile from "a local garage, Her children were turned over to their father, Herbert Bailey, Stockton welder, from whom Mrs. Bailey was separated. CATCHES SNAKE IN TRAP TULSA, Okla., Jan. 4. (A. P.)— Harve Qebhard set a trap for a coon, ,and caught a 7-foot rattlesnake. Today he claimed two^records — the first rattlesnake ever caught In a steel trap, and the earliest record of a ratller venturing forth during the winter. MINING STATE OIL FLOW DECREASE SMALL Decline of 1100 Barrels Is Registered Duripg Final Week of Last Year Production of crude oil In iCallfornla for tho week ended .December 3t averaged 472,800 barrels dally, .American Petroleum Institute's estimates repeated yesterday. This Is a drop of 1100 barrels dally from the dally av- rage of 473,700 recorded for the preceding week. Tho newest dally average compares with a dally average of 409,700 barrels for the corresponding week a year ago and 037,600 for the like 1931 week. Santa Fe Springs headed the list of declines white TTuntlngton Beach lopped the four fields showing tn- reases. Production for the Individual flush fields, as tabulated by the American Petroleum Institute, follows: Week end Field— Doc. 31 Long Beach ........... 71,200 Santn. Ko .............. 64,800 Huntlngton ........... 24,700 nilngUGZ ............ 18,500 Inglewood ............. 12,300 Ventura ................ 87,500 Seal Beach ............ 11,300 Midway ............... 47,600 Wlwood ............... 13,600 Kottleman ............ 69,000 Del Roy ............... 13,000 All others ............. 109,100 Decrease 300 1000 «1500 '600 100 500 • 400 »700 -*BOO 200 1300 Totals , .472,600 1100 •Increase.. TWO FIRMS REDUCING CRUDE OIL SCHEDULE (United Prett Lcatcd ~\Yire) WICHITA, Kan., Jim. 4.— Two oil companies today posted new and lower schedules for crude oil In the Kansas field. . Kitnotex Refining Company at Arkansas City set a top price of Ii2 cents a barrel, ranging down to 28 cents, and the Derby Refining Company of Wichita set 55 cents as Its top price. Other companies were expected to post similar reductions. SHELLEXPEC1H COMPLETE 10 Shell Oil Company IB expected to compete Its Vedder No. 6, section 9, 27-28 -at Mount Poso Creek, soon. The well was drilled to 1500 feet- Into oil sand. Tho 8%-Inch casing was cemented at 1468 feet' and the water shutoff proved effective. ,• Shell's other project In the field, the, Security No. 6 on section 18, 27-28, has rig, up and will bo spudded with completion of the Vedder No. 6. A location made by Moss-Richardson on section 82, 27-27 has not progressed beyond that stage. . . CALMERN MAKES TIME AT WELL California Western Oil. Company Is making, goqd tlmo at Its recent!^ spudded well on section 7, 28-29 at Coffee Canyon. The site was spudded on December 26 and the well has been drilled approximately 1000 feet. Company No. 3 1.1 being put Into shape for completion. The well has a depth of 1627 feet, the 8%-lnch at 1620, and 40 feet of 6%-tnch liner with 20 feet of perforated pipe, at bottom. •*«» . . HERE ON BUSINESS Standard Oil Company of California employes who arc In Kern county on company business from San Francisco Include W. G. Black, Otto Miller and C. C. Camp, all of whom are guests at Hotel Padre. NEW OIL AGREEMENTS FILED Standard Oil Company Engineers Oil Corripatiy^Notlee of cancelaMofl ' of purchase of oil as per notices 'dated'ln yearn 191ij 191Z, 1913, 191B, 1818 and 1918. Chnnslor-Canfleld Midway Oil Company to Oracla M. Oughton and Anne M. dans, Elizabeth M. Patterson and John McWllllnms, Jr.—Cancelatlon of leano covering west half of southeast quarter of section 22, 32-29. ' Walter Preiiton to Henry Iltu—As- signment of VA per cent participating royalty Interest In gross production from Hasson well No. 1, on lot 4 of Palrhaven!, subject to. Cascade OH Company's right to retain the assigned Interests .pro rata share of the actual cost of operating and maintaining said well. Walter Preston to Carol.Kennedy—2 1 per cent of same as above from same subject to same. . John C.. Hershey et ux to A. T. Jer- glns trustee—Oil lease, dated December 27, 1982, one-eighth,royalty, 2 part drilling clause, west half of southeast quarter of section 14, 30-29. Walter Preston to M. B. Washburn— Assignment of 1 per cent oil, gas,, etc, from lot 4, Falrhaven, and portion lot 21 of same. C. Ii. Taylor et al to Standard OH Company of California.—Agreement to extend drilling time on lots 1 to 11, and lot A, Fuller Acres, In southwest quarter section 19, 30-29, to January 16, 1936. Westland Petroleum Corporation to Roderick Burnham—One-third Interest In south half of southwest quarter and west half of southwest quarter of southeast quarter section 16, 30-30; subject to oil and gas lease held by Union Oil Company; subject to and reserving ', to party, 'of first .part . ilx twenty-fifths overriding royalty. S. A. Johnson, J. O. Arkley, JR. W. Stearns Arid -Vf, S. toay to Engineers Oil Company — Quitclaim to southeast quarter of northeast qu'aiter and east half of southwest quarter of northeast quarter section 14, 31-22. • , Tho Ohio Oil Company to Anna B. Rupp and George B. Rupp— Quitclaim to 'southeast quarter- of northeast quarter, south half 'of southwest, quarter of northeast quarter and south half of northeast quarter of southwest quarter of northeast quarter section 2C, 27-27;, to cancel oil lease. • Anna B. Rupp and George p. Rupp to Veddef' -.Petroleum Corporation, Limited— Same as aboVe. '• 'i PLAN NEW TEST FOR LILIMCH WELL . North Kcttleman Oil and Qas Company Is expected to give Its Llllls- Welch No. 1 on section 24, 21-16,.- another test. Plans are being made to run a formation tester. The well was drilled to 9933 feet, tested with little result, and suspended several weeks ago. It, Is the deepest of all .the wells drilled In the north, middle and south dome districts of Kettlenmn Hills. J. J. TEVIS HERE J. J. Tavls of the Pongrantz OH Company, Is making his headquarters at Hotel Padre while In Kern county Inspecting oil properties. He resides In Long Beach. • GOVERNMENT iESiMBINE (Associated Frets Leased Wire) - SANTIAdO, Chile, Jan, 4.—A government decree dissolving the' Cosach Nltrato Combine -wus made public .today, having been signed yesterday' by President Alessandrl. ' It was said the action was taken without the advice or consultation of private owners of class B Cosach stock, which means . without the knowledge of foreign Interests. The decree rescinds those of March and April, 1931, which' created the organization) and orders Immediate dissolution of the combine. » DAILYliftS INCIMf HALF NEW YORK, Jan. 4.—Dally average Kross crude oil production In the United States decreased 327,560 barrels In the week ended December 31, 1932, totaling 1,698,1 BO barrels, the American Petroleum Institute's -weekly summary Indicates. Dally -average production east of California do- creased ' 826,460 barrels to 1,225,550 barrels. -• Imports of crude" and refined oils at principal United States ports totaled 963,000 barrels against 642,000 barrels. The weekly refinery statistics, delayed by tho holiday, are expected to be available tomorrow. SANTA FE, ENDYE« ' (A»*ool*t«t Preti Lewd . SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 4.— Calffoif. nil), oil operators cut their year-ehd production to the lowest level In months, Tho California Oil World said today. The output for the flnal-1982 week averaged 486,180 barrels, (Sohi-, pared wjth 472,600 In the preceding . week. The 1031' week's output aVer,~y aged 497,460 barrels. ' "' ' Field reports Indicated the production rate had been out under 4«0,000 barrels daily in .the final days of the,. ' . The notable -reductions were 'at. Santa Fe Springs," where a, drop of, 2000 barrels dally brought the output down to 64,600 and at Belrldge where output was cut back to '8200 barrels from 11,260. I.:, « i*r me REACHES 4000 v Associated OH Company, has passe* • tho 4000-foot mark at Its Whepley No. 4. well on section SB, ' 21-17, at tho north dome of Kettleman Hills. Sand and 'shale • formation bottoms the project. • . . • • The "company's No. 1 and; No. 2,. on the- same section, are producing an . aggregate of' 2260 barrels of beaned crudo petroleum dally, with , about 14,000,000 cubic' feet of natural gas, and the Whepley- No. 8 Is liot-produc- ing. ., • -' -. • ' ... • •'• • .-'... WARD VISITING HERE Ray Ward, of Los Angeles and of the Standard Oil Company of California, Is a guest at Hotel Padre today. HERE FROM FRESNO S. 'P. McCormack, representative of the Standard Stations, Inc., from Fresno, Is a guest at. Hotel Padre. California Sets New Sugar-Beet Record (Associated Press Leased Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 4.— California set a record for sugar beet production In 1932, ' department of agriculture figures showed. 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