Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 6, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 6, 1927
Page 2
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1. - 1 • I V- ; f Dbddr's at the)golC club, ' Motiwr haa fer .face all , I^1lM^r«d ap wlUi clay; «ira«»tJp«i-"> at Uig, drug store ' Uliol«'» on a tear, • GrainAina'8 at ni« barhcr Slipptto ibo6 her hair. , dfe. A kid ia lonely ' L viiilf How-a-davs. \\^th jhiH folks A-ciiasiiig , Every foolislx tjaze— Hbuso'isWg and quiet, -Jli:; hilt iftiu't it stfll, Cttii »s .<vI'U duck my scliool AitdLsmoke another pill.. .; j 'I —C;rjff,CfaSyfor<l. Soroslh Vlah «nest Hay. The Idhnual guest day meeting of thi* S(j|rosis clnb was held yesterday uf J. D. 4he liome of Miis. Kirk .with Mrs. C. .B. Kuli- jjcH, MK >i. (i. K. Ppos and Mrs. A". Kirk a.s.^istliiK. The program was in tharge 4=k THE lOLA DAfljY REGI§TERl TUESDAY JE ^yENmo; pslCTiMBfiB 6? 1927. shore. Mrtf. Wi E. Lyonav Mrs; D. B. Mccarty. Mrai T; E. Nordjsren, Mm: D. P. Northrup, M*s. G. B. Pet8 Mrs. W. FJ RunAiU. Mra. P. W. Ehferjvood, Mf.s.E.' D, Shields.! Mrii; C. A. Swiggett.. iMrs. , C. C. Thomas. Mrs. Hi R.; Thompson. .Vlr«. 1'. Walle; MT.% L. Hi Wish- ar«l, Mr!!.' R. H. CarpenteK Mr.=. T. B Sltannon, Mfs.iS. alters, Mrs. R. ii. Tliompson. jr.. Mrs., A. M. Thoroman and Mrs. P. B. Waugh. Urlilge. Party at'C^ntry C'Infc The ii»xt regular bridge party wi;i I )e hold, Krlday night, at the Country cl'ib. willi ;Mr8T l .«ul8 Sililan!?ef :is ihairman of the hostess CDniniitiee. Hiidge j\ill be«in lii'on) itly at eight o'i-lork and iail '• 1 moinhci'.-' at" asked to tall Mrs. Sihlanger at Ctt'i. :ir( onipanisl. Mr.<. T. \V. Waile I '-.ivi' a i^'iiiliiic c'lilitlril, ••Hats iif Ent^rtafn Briiige I'iub -Mlsa ; Harel Bowiiis arid -llr.-*. J,Fred Denton enteriainecj tlie WCd- -inesday Afternoon Bri(lK<- rfiili y-.-- tefd^y • att^rnoon- in ilie I h ^nie of the lattier.rciT K^M .sin'ci., .Mrs. ,J. M : Pibjielland Miss Klizabi th »5R£jwere guests. . . iuid ••rreniol .i" I.v f.-oiisilialk. th. ,^The^^ltrb^nien.beis attending, i;„„., r.-q„.-st. w.-ro „lay,.d l,v t»-er«; Mrs. J. C. Stadler,'-Mrs. r. .s. I w,.^ ,, /.• ii-.,„.-ii iifUrfiell; Mrs. .J.M. Crifiiu luud, ^ i-i-"au./.. if^'l • • .y k..:. I serv.-d ill which 111.- Chrl.Mnias Idea i ^ifedw pi Basiern isjiir ' ' ' ' «="-iied ,<>.ir in • m"hU-.l S.jnta * Electe Ohlcn- .Norlhrup -TUd ;.Mrs. T. W. Walt I •'America the 'lit-antlful" was sun • ,Mr.s. iX P. yoithrup gave'-d wej-! Hostess At Ilrhig4> fcoiiie to the guests. She was as-!- ^liss Isabel Ashfordwas hostess , .-iisted by the little .Mi.sses |larbara ! to I I H' meiiiberH off her bridge «lub ; Scay and .Marsaret Ix) jcoutant hasi iijglii in ber home at 210 Solith J as bakers wUo out-and p^eselilevj ; ciic^stnut .st•^eet. ; I "wr-h-onie »;ake .s" as favorJt, .Mrs. j triyors 'were recielved by , K. W'.i Hngliiiid sang "Th! nk <;od • Ucleii ll^bliard for high .seore and 'for a Carden" l>y lielrieso ; mi "Ail ;..Mi ^.s lAnditli Ceeiy the eonsola- the World 's iii l ^uve" by W iii (iiiiaii.^ Iio>i. with Mr.^. U. I.. Tlionipson jr., "as»-. 'i'hu club ineiiib'ers pre.sent .were: i 65iter of Church-Styte Battle Ali.-s .Marvelli; Clark. ^Irs. Ori> Diiiicaii. .M IS . Hiiiaiu- Fianeis. .Mi.-s: Uther Davs." i>osetl l>y .Mrs. CiytVe! .Ma -.Kiivet K .iluMts, .Miss IJcatrie.e : Thoni >.son .Mts. <". .M. l.artu -r. .Mrs. .^h. Murray. .Miss I.yndilliCeery and, C. A. Swiggett. Mrs; W. IT. Ander- -Mi-'s IK 'leii lliilibard. . i xnt .Mrs. T. K. .\ordgien and .Mr.s. <' •> • I ('. I'. Tbomiis. .Moskowskis "Waltz"' \ Sunday l »inii«",r (Juesls r The church at\cL state are entangled la-N'aahyiUe. Tenii.. wiiU thesa three foUowprs of a cult the center of strife,In the courts.. Daniel Browu. a follower of the Israelite faith, refu'ges to permit the.iie two •ons to be vaccinated at school. County health officials iiavc kiuicted' him for failure to comply with stato laws aijd Mr. Brown declare* they violate the Constitution oC tl:o United Slates, which gives Irecdom of rciisious bclici'. To the left is Zipie, 9. and to '.be r:S'l^^> •a the seveu-ycar-old CalVin. 'J- •. I ... t -' ' ' . J 7-=-- .Mr. and .Mi-s. I,ee .Moore, of lHUi : South .'^tali- street, bad as tlieir i SHiida.\) liiiiiier j<lie.-l.>; .Mrs. ICrusi i (lark lif Chicago and .Mr. anil Mrs. i KiMiik Irwin <ir Chanute. ! Claus'i<et;J-pani. . - . Yhe guests •'iiicl'iideil: .Mrs. (1 V.Thfilollowingofncers were elect- Biilbe.' e.d for 1928 at a meeting of Salem .,a!eUriio . dwi^er^.Ko, 4 of theDrder of Baat- ; ^ ^y. j,;^ f:«m iStaP';Ia£t" night iu the 'rasoalc ;^.'.^^/jj .^^.^^.^.^1^ tenfljie:. T ,.; ' ^ ;: _ _. \ AIIS! *W G. Oil intermeduilp f^irisliaii Kudravor Society Molds ;Kiil Party .„ .„ Till' Jiie«il )ers of the Intermediate ,Mrs. K. It. Conk. -Mrs. Cliristiaii ICndiavor .society of the [on. <if Laflariie; .Mrs. I'resliyterian rliurcb Ii^Id a :e'. Mrs. I.loyd Brown.-l^id party, last nlglu, in the guild UMrk .;;A9na Herr. worti.y matron: | ;V.' V V; "S .^'rT''- ^'•'V. Stanley i'o..i„ of the ehurch. -They wore Mr. ItarilW Kirk, worthy patron: ! -^"[f ^^V" ? fi '• k.d .ostumes :,nd pla.ved kid games j aUsa.VidU : Daiganio, a.i.oeialc-^'f''''-'- -^''-^ Stodghill. .\(rs. : Kelresliments; were served, •worthy matrbii; telsi';wBcr6tary; Kirk ,ireafeurer;0 aaker; ( pLucllte! ductr«^ ^Hastens to Brldire I 'liih ''• K J 'bier. .Mrs Paul Klein. !/''i"liiii. J.eoiiard Sutherland. Don r .ii«^I^ Denton .was ho.,es* .« ' j."?- V.'"..; Dorse,.. Mrs. Alviu ; X™-'. SoMi, Tn....«'l«e, Harvey the membfers 6t the Wednesday i^'^-'"' >'1-V';";V ^N- It->y; Sutherland. I arris l-egely Roher^ Evening Bridge club and ,w„ ^];'>''!'•• ^\'''- A. II. Meeo.v. Mrs. .i. | Keiasberg ami T Walte. «ti««tR Infrt nl^ht in li.-i- Ii.iiiu. it ^- < "rilish.. .Mrs. T. <;. W;<tlers .-i!i. i *•' v Sf&!^«?St! Miss Ma!'ga,vl f: A. Fleming and Mih Aliee ; ••elel;a.le. IJirthdays ii.....irw.i-.; ijv :r i.Mis: iitiHsual coiueidcnee I several ye^rs ihi-y h'lvc iciil): together nil that da:-'. l >Mt ii;is v.. :•. bi'iause of tlie I'.ii ; il !:ii lii' iiui- lock faiiiilv ;iin;ii: In iiiiv.' I'ittsburir. • the faniilifs lamc t'eliirr i>ii .Soiiil.iy :i; liu- li .i'ni n; .Mr. and .Mrs. Uowarii v. i 'ti.- i]\,-y enjoyed a (jiiiet bill vii.v liaiilJ.v !!;:•- and long visit. tlu-tr fri- ini- will wi.s.h • till III I 'liaiiy I MIIIO n - lunis of the da.v. ' I.nlellaiiissil Dinner' .\rr.'. .1. _K. ('hililri-.<s enierlained ;il tliiiii-r ^.itiii-.l.iy ill her bmiie at .N'o'tii ;i!;:(kcye .sire:-!. .Mr. and y .r>. .N'. '1'. Sf.iikier. .Miss .N'oua ,s;;riikl.r ;jnil .Mrs. ..lake Stritkler 111' CoIojiyT- Frank Striekler, of Califiiriiia: '.Mr. alid .Mr--. Ctiarles .X.-iier ..; Vbo -ar. .and Mrs. .\glles ..'•'jiiii:. J • m CITIZENS Ladles of 'BaptiNf Thnrrh Hold Baxnnr and Bnk«.><l Food Sale —Plan? .Belni; .Vnde ior Hunt. ' to her home in I(ria.tbl9 after; a visit with' 'STrs; irnooa . Miirgaret Thompson over the .week-end.. .Mr. and Mrs. ^ Jack Mye ^s and Mrs. Jesse Haskins of Pltisburg spent^Sundav at the Myers home: here. / - ^ .Mr. and Mrs. Cer.e Smith ni(btored to Fort Scott^unday for a visit •Aitli .Mr. and .Vrs. IrwIni^Hoke, v.ho are, moving soon to =Edna, Kans.. - •. (Mrs. Opal Mitchell) L.-VHAHPE. Dec.^ .5.—The' ladies, the-Baptist church will hoW a bazaar and baked food sale at the Harris grocery Saturday. Plans are being made, for tbe.big hunt and those wishing to sign up will find the paper,at the-Waters anil Danforth drug store. K. W. Baker returned to - his home In St. L«uls today after a visit since Thanksgiving with her paicnLs. Mr. i-.nd .Mr.s. J. W. Baker. :W:iifon Rai'som was a fiarn^tt visitor Sunday. Mrs. Sarah Tli'ompson returned i ^ Oranilma Harrl.=i is reported quite ill a.gain. Her fi-icnds nop^ she may soon be recovered. '• Mr. and -Mrs. Arthur Robb have a new baby boy. iborn ^iinday morning. . 'i Dr. and .Mrs. H. L. Kacy and bahy son visited relatives in , Ogirnett Siinda.v. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pennington .of lola were Sunday dinner fj^uesta <)f "Vn-. and Airs. Ben ,P8nnhigtbn: (icorge McDonald is reported to have iiearty got to the stote on time this lUorning. T t.Mr. and -Mrs. Irwin Baptist and children i spent Sunday with ° tbft former's Bi^teii Mrs..J. H.' Oibbert^ son and family. •Mr. and Mifs.- "W. J. Hoke and son Walter of Ctmnute were'^eidts of .Mr. and Mi^.X;.rT. Harris SJinV day. In th^ attefnodh. they -all Went, to this Layman, home norths of to wit. Mr. Laymaii is bttme^ from tiio Woodman Tiospftal lii CoI6'rad|i> but will returnjtherc^odn to undergo an operation ori his rtbs uliteh will be lifted Iji the hO}*s-ot iHil^- fltlng the lung; condition. iMr.tlay- man'p friends: hope the bperatlon may prove very successful: - Formerly acorns were used - for human food, and at tlmeR of star<- eiiy are still'eaten by the li^as- antry .in Cont'fnental Europe. I'd One EJnglisIr town has a uhiqiie war memorial- in the form of "a football, to honor tht fOotbflll players w/io fell in the late war. -r I ^ue ^asL Bir^i. .M.SS ...... . I,,.„.|;J,.K-.S. "i l!v a niosi unusual coiueidcnee Smith J)layed high seore. and attei , .. T ,„| j,,,.,,,,,,.,.., „,..„.,„ re: .Mrs. i the birili.lay of- Mr. S. A. Howard. *^Irf^ l'"*^!?, \t • I W Hi Aiiderion. Mrs. 15. M. Cou-; <if •il'i .N'mth'Sjeamore street, coln- tinu .Ml.-. 1.. iLjiij p i.;i „r,.„,.,, o. ; cidos .with that of. bis gra; \i,i.-r,.,tli'- tiaViiiighouse. Mrs. A. M Carri-i I' r. Mrs. .lohn lluVloek. a: re. .ui.s. rnuih .^^^^ j_, if.,pj,|,„| -ijp, j^,„:^. i ^.real KranddauKhter, Mis p'"'•• ilnll. Mr.s. Ira 1). Kelle.v. iMrs. C. ; belle lluri .iek. each havl Mrs. 'W.rb. Jone« and Mrs. I,, w'. Slinmond >-ere guests' and t!j<- Utenibers present wer< 3fcCarthy. = Mrs. Paul L. N; Gl8iH .r Mrs. ,Mel Fronk. .Mrs. "Wallace Smith and Miss .M.i:Kaiet Smith. ; . ^ rjEntertaln at B|rt]iJ^ay Dinner 'Mr. and .-Mrs. Lyle S...AVarner en- |tei5tajh^ at dinner Sunday iu lion- ciriof the eighty-second hirt.'iday ofi ihfllr grandfather. .Mr. li. I|. .spic -' efVand the birthday of iluir motk- Mrs,, R. Bi Warner. il. I«i nier. '.Mrs. (). 1 (ides .with that of bis granddangb-j .lohn lluVloek, aurl of bis Mi.s* Cjara- Ing ibech .M1 -S. Kloreiup Uiiig- I born on the Iptb <^f Det'cipber.' For I.. /Wpp carefully, address /-plainly; and don't forget :/ 'Cfaistmas Seals. GI\^E YOURSELF fidir lovf/ aincr ijou ham had iiniir pictKn'faki'ii? Nothinf) lamld ))l(ax<' ijoiir f'annhj and /lipids more tljau your pVio- t/i/raph (w a Christmas gift. Drop iu right away—it loill •f(ij:t' onlij a few viinuten, and Hour Christnxta .shopping j.s- orcr. Cull for that appointment todaij. GIBSON'S •' * if • PHOTOGR.APHS'UVE FORFA'ER • COMPLETE SHOWING rkEW HOLIDAY , • • • SPECIALJi^ ^ ' . Men's Silk and Wool H..::i' .. " ---69c . L:id}ie.s' House Sliniu-rs" _ ._59c Spot Cash Shoe Store K. E. Harrison ^UtH SIDE .^(JpAKP: mng9 are: greateat IOL.\, KAiNSAS Tliest Af e the Days To Buy Frocksf Ev^ry Approved Style Is Represiented^-f \AndlOur Low Prices I ' Win Approval • Ydu must sec llicse drc^i^s witliottl delay! •^ej' are Tcprcscinatiyc of tlielatcst iiioods of ^slvio'n', iise soft., {graceful silks and are de- •cidedly difTerent—for wear right now! Fabrics and Colors of the Hour— ' !; i AJI Sizes^ Too . " J -Black satin contiiiues in a favored position ^;rof niaiij' occasions—new high shades tnake itiiejr appearance, fob to brighten the- winter /scenes yoii;cannot imagine these frocks at • the prices beio\'^l •'" -. ' - ^ i ; ; Women—Misses^ —JunioM n d • 'ill. See These Valued Before Buying Make This Her Merry She, too. Will Enjoy Christmas If Back in the Kitchen There Is a GARLAND ORTHO-T^RMAI. —the self attending GAS RANGE that hakes best when left alone •Its. Beauty adds 'atttiactiveness t.p her homfe. Its automatic Iierfprmance affords ; her morev : play time.' m See our complete line of Christ ma.s GARLANDS— beautifully finished and fully automatic—Prices as low Us S38.00. Terms to suit. Shannon Hardware €<h Telephone 29 lola for Over 30 Years 27 Years of Successful Merchandising in lola LINGERIE A Gift Thai: Appeals to feminine Hmn Bui^ them here this week at Special Pri<^ Coneessions — .of, beautiful quality crepe de chine in the daintiest Pa.stel colorings—rPeach, Orchid, Pink Nile. Tailored and lace trim and spe- ciplly priced this week at— $195-$2.50, $3.50 of Heavy Quality Crepe de Chine and Rayon Beautifully tailored,; haiul.'embroidered aiid appliqued models in pust the dainty shade she like.s. Priced at— ' , - i . $3 95 $4.95 ^ "" ™$10.50 ' • -ins at —of heavy Japanese; Pongee Silk, an exceptional value,,extraordinarily low priced in natural Pongee color only at this low price. . ' ' Have You Seen the New ; at Mi-I..ady's wardrobe cannot be complete this season without one. For streeti-for< afternoon or evening wear. Matjle of extra heavy Chinese Habutir in those riototis Coloring-s that .startle you at first glance, but alWays.please. TOYLANB Is md^ Open! • And Showing to the Biggest Crowd of Kiddils and Grown-ups in the History of This Store. Don't wait until the last week to boy toysu Btiy them now and have them hddfor.von. We'll d<rit witboirt extra jjHar^e. I'-

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