The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 15, 1948 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 15, 1948
Page 14
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(AWEJ OWRIXH NEWS Atomk Program Fund Cut Rapped Chairman of AEC Wmmt of AdV«rs« EM«!H of Reduction WASRINQTON, JFur* 16. CUM — Chunoan Dtvld K. UlfenUial o! the Atomic cnerg; Commission today v«m*d Con*r«M that Hous«-»p- prond outi in funds tor the Atomic jvocrun "could CIUM a catastrophe «f th« gr*T«t eoas«iu«x:ej," LUienUial appealed personal!; to l S*n«t« Appropriations subcom- rnitt** to restore Hit 148,000,000 cut from th« ^80,000,000 requested by ttu ooaunisiloa lor lh« fecal year •Urtinc July 1. Pointing out tt»t Hi« House recj ooimtnded the exit h« Applied to noil-military typu of research, Lili«ilhal said thu would lead :o "jr*r« dangers" and "may threaten t-h« very foundationi upon which world iMkderahlp by thU country in atomic energy depends." H» Mid thti would lead (a curtailment erf fundamental research in Uw physical icl^nces and oilier b&«i* developmental work, nod addto: "Itfnoranca about /untfnmental physical phenomena due to our failure to prese forward in fundamental research vould came a catastrophe of the gravest conse- TUESDAY, JUNK 15, 1949 Vet's Family Face Deportation Ijilienthal had made a similar, but futile, plea before the House appropriation* committee, He said il i* "meaningless to say of a basic research enterprise that j it Sc military ot non-military." No one knows when such research will Je»d to » ''new plateau of knowledge" or whether that knowledge will be of military value, he said. ' He said the House Appropriations Committee, as well as the commis- »ion and th« country, recognise "how clos« is atomic energy to th-i present balance of peace and to the security of the country." But he said he felt it his duly to advise Congre.w that the reduction. If applied a* recommended by the Houae,"wiil directly and inescapably affect these very military phases' the committee stated it wa.s it* purpose not to affect." He said that if the House recommendation were followed, for instance, it would mean a curtailment. ot research and development in [he field of nuclear reactors. He said this has "grave implications" lor the whole atomic program, including the military phases. The family of Corporal Theodore H. Hnrlnmn, Denver, Colorado, who sacrificed Ills life /or the counli-y which dews not regard him as a citizen, looks at the flag which draped his c-oflln In Denver. The family, from left lo richt, Includes Evelyn, Dorothy. Mrs. Aurora flartrnan. ami Johnny. They are in danger of deportation to the Philippine*, where the soldier was x Hainan tueviror. (NBA Tcleplioto.> Hudson Motor Car Co. 'Minor Seeks Judgment And Auto Workers Union In Suit Over Check Agree on 13-Cenf Raise Seven M«n Arrested On Gambfi'ng Charges Seven Blylheville men were docketed in Municipal Court this morn- DETROIT, June 15. (UP)—Hudson Motor Car company and the CIO United Auto Workers lodny reached u third-round wage'agrce- menl granting 17,000 Hudson employees a flat 13-cenl hourly pay boosi in a two-year contract. Announcement ol the agreement cnmc as tlie Ford Motor Company and the UAW opened negotiations to bring wage agreement lo the List of the "big three" automakers su:t to settle \vith the union Trial wa.s under way In Mississippi Corfu ly circuit Court here to- <iny In a civil action In which Paul W. Davis, a minor, is seeking judgment for $327.23 Involving a check Issued by E. C- nnrnett, used car dealer, and deposited In the First National Hank. The plaintiff alleges that pay! ment on the check was .stopped by ! Burnett after the check had been presented to the bank lor pynmenl and. Hie funds deposited lo Davis' account in the same bank. Oleo Tax Repeal Bill Topic of Hot- But Futile Battle WASHINTOOW, June IS. <UP) — Pulling «nd tugging over civil right legislation and the repeal of oleomargarine taxes kept the Senate In for an hour today. Nothing came of If. „*«,«. The two Issue* wwe thrust onto iSThe" Die Senate floor under procedure which made efforts to pass them little more than a gesture. .Southern Democrat* forced the olfo bill onto the floor for » brief debate after falling to get the House-approved bill passed by unanimous content. Sen. William .snjfer, R, N, D., retaliated by offering the Judiciary Committee's mitt-lynching bill as an. amendment. The oleo lax repealer It dear to the Southerners, but the anti- Ij'tichlng bill U not. After a great deal of complicated parliamentary maneuvering, the situation was that the two measures were up for debate until 1 p.m.. I EOT) when an appropriation bill and the tnrm program automatically became the pending Senate. business. It was 12:20 p.m., (EDTI at that point, so Sen. Alexander Wiley, R., Wls,, who opposes the oleo tax re- pealer, talked for 40 minutes and the scrarnbfe WHS over. The Senate got Into a hot wran- •tor«d wine HOUM euti, however, and the final figures will not be available until later, Kegan told the committee that tl»e Commerce Department now must grant export licenses for some 400 items before they can be shipped overseas. This list, he s»ld. probably will be increased to 650 because of possible scarcities at home. He cald the list may have to be expanded even further to pinch off goodi whlcn may be leaking through "It Is believed some of (he satellite countries may actually be trying to arrange to ship certain items which they want and which they are not getting by navlng them sent to overseis areas and then making some arrangement for their transshipment," he said. By putting such Items 'on the export control list, the department could crack down on countries letting shipments go to satellitn countries- by refusing to okay such shipments in the future. 13,000,000 lo Satellite* 1. Thomas C. Blalsdell, acting assistant secretary of commerce, b*«n dl»po»*<l of for «1«,747.000 In cash «nd IM«.057,000 In credltj. There .still it about 1284,000,000 worth of surplus abroad. Immigration Commissioner Watson Miller testified that very few Russians manage to sneak Into the U. S. When they do, he iald, they usually are members of a ship's crew who disappear while on shore leave here. , said shipments of U. S. goods to 'Iron Curtain" countries since March 1 have totalled »13,000,000. Although these countries are anxious to get machine tools, they actually got mostly consumer goods. • 2. Secretary of C o in m e r c r. Charles W. Sawyer snkl an embargo on exports to Russia might drive Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCK- YARD*, M., Jun« 11.— (UP)— LJ»«stock: Hogs J3.000; salable 11,000; active fully steady; spots 26c higher; advance on strong weights and sows. Weights under 170 Ibs unevenly weak to 50c lower; 180-230 Ibs 25.75-26; top 26; 240-270 Ibe 24.7525,75; 370-300 Ibs 23.25-2415; heavier kinds scarce. A few 325-3CO Ibs 22.23; 160-170 Ib* 24.60-25.50; 130150 Ibs 22.24.25; 100-20 1 bs 19-21.25; sow« 460 Ibs down I9.W-2O.25- heavle* 18.25-19.2S. Cattle 4,400; ulabl« 4,000; (wives 2,500 all Mlabi.. Mar*,,, to supply of heifer« and mixed jti- lings, these about steady. Fed. kind. In the minority in both steers .nd heifers. Majority falling !„ medtum grade. Couple loads of good and choice steers held above 3«; majority of steers of a gind to seel below 36; a few medium to good helfera and mixed yearlings 28-33; undertone easier on all grass fed». Cowa steady, but weakness prevailing Common and medium beef cowa, 19-23; cann«r» and eutton 18.50. Read Courier News Want Ads. gle when proponents of oleo tnx I the Soviets to rctallnte by cutting repeal made a last-minute effort j off u. S. Imports of critical chrome to j>ass the bill on the unanimous and manganese. He said the sclec- co/isent calendar. Republican ob- tive use of export controls in the jections, however, blocked that ma- best way to see that Russia does not get potential war materials. 3. Blalsdell dented published reports that Secretary of State George C. Marshall stopped Sawyer from making a list of export licenses granted for satellite na- j lions. The decision was arrived at ] by discussions, he said. 4. Maj. Gen. Philip Brown, nct- Ing chief of the Foreign Liquidation Commission, said $10,500,000,000 worth of U. S. surplus overseas had FUND BILL (Continued from P»ne 1.) i $34,002,597,551. The Senate has re- .V^** 1 *" ^ Svtfvfll Enjoy the whiskey ihof's <u ifc Thirt's pliosuit on deck —th« gltm is riiinj with OLD SUNNY IROOKI -^ Stand by for «njcym«r>ll M-m-ml A rich cargo of Kentucky Until It's \ smooth end mil low on th« ^( "Sunay >f«li"iid«t "\ \ SUNNY BROOK McKESSON & Kentucky Whiskey-A Blend S, Inc.-Excluslve)islrlbutor»-Llttle Rock ' 86 PROOf ' "* GRAI * ."udson.mcials and reprint*- „ Jf^ ™£™<$* ^^n.jj, comiJlalnt liurnetl a bar- lives of UAW Lxjcul 15-1 agreement after un all-night gaining session. The agreement provides extension of the contract, to Aug. 1, 1930, but allows one re-opening on the \vag<; issue by either viaity after June 15 of next year. The I3-ccm general increase is retiocictive to June 7, depending on rank-ancl-file ratification. ing on charges of gambling follow- Government May Enter ing a raid on a dice game by Cit. 1 ' r~-.-i T~If it I Police last night. , ' \ Coal '"'Ks If Lewis ant -.. light. . ' """• ""«v>- " ».BWI» and The raid Vas made by Olliceis \ Operators Still Deadlock Robert Weaver and Charles Ora- j ham. The men' docketed included Marsha! Taylor, Pred Faught. Howard Bevils. J. C. Frailer, Ouston Tnylor, J. D. f\irbus and W. O. Faion. Hearing date for the men i not been set. WASHINGTON. June 15. (OP) — Federal labor experts siitil today the! Kovcrnnient may stop into ll™ soft con! controversy by the cml of llin Nv(M 4 k if Jot-.n I,. Lewis rtnd tile op- erat<ji\s remain deadlocked. was amended to make co-defendant. 'Hie bank In a cross complaint has askoci Judgment against Burnett in the event the court holds'that the bank is liable In the case. A jurv yesterday returned a verdict awarding $-13.33 to G. H. Hardi» In a suit against Wylle E. and Clarence Gtlece Involving non-payment for repairs on an automoblie Circuit judge Charles W. Light today gave James Farley. Negro, n suspended sentence ol three years on n forgery charge. Farley en- tcretl a plea of guilty to a charge of forgery. The court agreed to suspend the sentence on condition that Farley make restitution for the amount of the check, and pay court costs. Rend Courier News Want Adi. This motoring miracle happens to you ! There's magic, Mercury magic, in liie longer, lower, wider lines . . . magic that provides more sitting room up front, more baggage room lieliind. You'll find tins big-family comfort in all body styles, including Mercury's all-new Si.v-.mssengcr Cou{>e and 5'iv-passenger Convertible. Take the wheel in your hands . . . f«cl < the surencss, the "sweetness" ol balanci that spell safety and confidence! Here's low-flung readability acliiallr feni/l in —no "over-steering" on uurve* or on straightaway. "g"'S 'I hose are new jsu/jcr-hrakes to your slightest pressure, I !)ig, beaiiti/ul car to a swiff vet faille, slop. Well! JNW they're saying "Mercury is \ioil \oiir dealer—sec for vourself! Snioolb power. Silem power—muted to a fine-car purr so soft you'll look at tbe switch to sec if it's on! Power that surges at a toe-touch to meet any cmergcncyl ,\ greal new 8-cyliiidcr, \ r -typc engine built and designed exclusively toe Mercury! vScfc (rode All-new suspension springs (along wilb sii|>cr-l)allo<m tires on wider, safer rims) will cnsliion your ride. AW, wide, "comfort-xoiie" scats will cnsliion JOK, very personally. Weather? Mercury pives you leakproof, fog-free "Finger- lip Weather Conlrol." That's what vm call solid coiilli>ri! nil. Not a "new model". fc CHARLES W. BAKER G*IWI«I A««nf 201 I v-^U n..:u:__ 201 Lynch Building Phon. 3182 SEI MIRCURY-THE CAR YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR-AT- Isf Still & Young Motor Company Lincoifi-Mtrcurv Dealer Phor Phontt 3479-4333-4334

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