Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 6, 1927 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 6, 1927
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•. s - 0RCvMTfON M VU only iCoiliiinodlttV Va' Newspaper aiu\S)$eU m Advertisers. 3: i^" VqfLUME XXXI-. No. 37 iff I .•• ^ Hon r^oj'dgiopc* ft?ijwi ™«,v inspection at any Hnlly^)^ lOLA. KAN.. TUESDAY EVENING. DECEMBER 6, 1927. The Weekly Resteter. Establlslwd 18CT: The lob Dnfly Regiater. JBatabiisbed 1897. it HELD HERE AI Capone Tells Press He Is Leaving Chicago; May Never Return Home Chicago; Dec. 6. (AP)—Al Capone is going .south, where it I crL lii 1 T^- Vir^i^ ' is hot "buf not too hot," and he don^t know when he'll get Charies Johnson Elected . , "if REPUBLICANS ARENEARINq ACTION TIME STORMCLOUD President for 1928; Ray Re-elected REPORT GIVEN ^dileyeineiitB of County .rlrtB 'ann Bureau Work ' AreOutUned ' Members of tlie, Allen' Coiinty V»rm Bureau lare haviiig a busy time today at thw ahiiiial meeting of the organization at tlie Meth- odiVt thur<;li. Tile meeting : will ^•loko l8tc this, af(«rnoOii. | My. wife and my "mother hear so much about what a terrible criminal I am, he told a Chicago Tribune rejibrler during an interview that newspaper published today; '^hat it's getting, too much for them. I'm .sick of it all myself." He talked from aa easy chair in^— \ ----• , ;*The oops woii't have to lay all the gang murders to mc. now. May))!! they'll find a hew hero for tW headlines." | * : Then, tlie Interviewer reported Ca'ione turned^ .scrious; j "today I ' got a letter from a I n-omuji in fCngland. Even over iliere I'm known at« a gorilla. She . hi.s-hotel headquariers, his "a^fflor- ; ed fortresB" as It has been called. "I'm leaving for St. Petersburg; Fla.. T^iesday," he said. "Let the worthy citlzensiof Chicago get their liquor the 'IM st way lliey can. , I don't know \\hoi\ III Iwck, if ever. Hut ji won't until- afier the holiifax-s. aiO'way. CAPITOL HILL €ity ConvenUoh Interest Wlith Idea , About Goolidge Holds Senate Uncovers Element For Political Fight Iri Its Ranks EAST FAVORS K. C. flOUSE VERY BUSY West'Urges Sari Francis- Tax BU| Is Presented by I've been tiiieniHng till- hi.-st years j offered t') pay my passage to Eng- oT my Ihc iis a pul>Iif li'-ut-factor.! land if I'd klil| some neighbors I Charles JohuPi 'bttig,:wa8 elect Jifhn Fuinieaux. j^'jis r.e%eletted )n of near sj; ' I've given i/eople the light pleas-: .'<he'd been having a quarrel: with, ures. shown them a good time. All ' "The i)a.pers Iiave made me out a d .president of the 1 . _' , , 7nilliouair .e. and hardly an hour organization toll-1928/ succeediuK I .^.^ the "folk I'm going away. I pa.-ses thiit'someltody doesn't wanti Beattie A., Ray | ^^^^^ murder will .stop. There 1 me lo invest it «i* s<ake .somwine iri ! secretary-treasurer; ^^^^ booze. You I Imsiness. ^ .of the organization Mis. T.. f-\.„n-, aljle to find a crap giime. i "Thai.--^ wliat rv.> got I., put up I'YanklinJ of .near Humbwldl. was ^^.p,, ^^^^ ^j^.^,. „ roulette wheel or 1 with, just l)e<-aiu;e I gave the pul)- co for 1928 Nomination Of'President -;\\'a.-;!iiiigton. Der. !>. - Hiesideiit Cooliilsjc- d»<-- st .-ind with his f .-iend Wi'.lia'ii Kutlor. chai ;tn :iiii llic ;^:e-- publican'naiionji i nii.mitii'e. iii endorsin'g Ivinsas Clt.'^ or un.v other 'partiriilar lily for ue\t year'* ilepuliliiaii naljonal con-' VMiiiiiii!. 1 L _ .... "WasliinBton.l He.-, ti. i.XI'i Kasl iand AVect .ir>pfi>ached a sl>i)WiIowri J eliected vlcfc-presldbnu I a Mro BJime. I guess .Mike Hughe* The meeting was opened at 111:(Chief of police) won't, need hiij o'cjock this morning ^wlih a Qjrlet I ;5,>o() extra cop.s, after all. reporii of the prtKident. F. 0.\ ~ — • -.-.'i- BJocha, district agent for <w«tera . ~- «, 4\«a8U9, was the piin'clp*! hlJcaker dOC^ DI f 77A.DI\ ut the mornlnc. J-'ollowlnA his '"d- 1 P IK ai.\LLAl\U drei*}(r.a doMon«tration on tlft- mali-V* ***** * *F Ing of. muffins was jjiven by Liiis | JJrelier, and - Freda Monfort of ,^he ' ^ Jftirvire 4-H .tlnb. j ; . BnslneN!! S«s«iun Held. A busiress ses-iinn was helil Just Jliefore a bMBket.<liniier a,t noon. Al llifli time officers wtre 'elected. —An .\dcqnale pK't." wa.>. T«-s,ff ,V Tc Parj)lv7pH <-ussed bjf Dr. .1. s; Hughes of .Man-, .1 Tdlllt ih raraiy^cu hattan, nutrition,eriwrf for Kaiisa.'*; iState Agricultural i-ollege, as ilie' opening addreas of Ihe afiernoon'.s progrJini. I ' \ • . ' . ' Harry oulstaudlns 1 4-H club spoke on •'\Iy. Trip to Chicago." | r„.u.e,i soutjiward from l^aliada io- lic what tt wants. I never had to send out high pressure salesmen. I could never meet the deihand.*,' . I OF SEASON GRIPS WESTERN STATES as 25 Persons Are Trapped ^0/1 Prairies. I )tM (\iT. Dec. C. (.Vi'l The first memibei of the county, Ispverf? Ifjizzard of' the" season ••'\Iy. Trip to Chicago." j ro-u -eii ;»fier which'annual reports were REMUS STARTLES CeURTROOMAND, JUDGE^TS MAD Shook Threatens Accused Man With Charge of Court Contempt Committee for House ; Action Washhiiitijii. Dec. ifi. irxiM—.New ' .Htoru) cloud.s Ralhcred .fiver Capitol Hill today as the liew congres.s, in llic second-day iif its session, us- l.-^enildcil t<] Jiear the reading of ! .President '('(lolidse's annual mes ; Xol only did the presidential mes- ^•ilgl• disclt)nc a : chief executive standing put on those .-ontroversial sutijci-ts \vhi.-Ii liiive lieen- .the .."our.-f of Ijhi greatest opposition in senate unij liuu^e. but the Kenate itself iiticoVeied a iie«v clement of High Lights in the Presidents f R€C(mmen4^timstoCmg * —^—— Farm Relief---Creation of a federal fiarm board to administer revolving' nhid to help co-operatives. ." ! Flood Control—Construction of ^dykeK. emergency -spill-ways and aides to navigation on the lower Mississippi. Taxation—Moderate rednctioq as recommended-by the Treasury and retention of certain excise taxes. Army—Large,enough for naTiouul defien'se.with a generous supply of officers. . / '. ' \ N'avy-siaiore' cruisers, submarines and alrplane'tcarriers but no par- tlcrpatlon in a naval bnildingrdce. 2 Prohibition—Strict enforcement. Coal—Legislation permitting the President to act during strikes. Foreign Relations—tlnderstandiug with other nations to.ward outlawing war apd negotiation.^ of covenants not out of harmony with the Constitution. ' Philippine.H—Congressional superviiiion of revenue expenditures and visit to the isl4nds every two years by a Congressional committle. Panama Canal—Construction of a $12,C^00,000 dam at Alhajuela for flood, protection. ' _ .Merchant Marine -Slop further building: turq ships over to private capital as second line of naval defense. Inland .Navigation—Prbjection of the Gulf lo the Atlantic waterway through the St. Lawrence. " V in till.- |{erni'li''i('an natiova- coni' mitlee ir;diiy t ^i V»vo major factoj-s .of ni-.M yeur*!^ pre-sidf ntial t uni- puijjn" the x».le«Hi>n ')f a conveii- , .... , , lion citv and -^heUier I'.esideut: "'"'•'^•f'" f W'l'll*'"! contro- Coolldge shouW still iM- considered,'•'•','^>,,"' l'/* ranks. ;M. e..,me„l to'be reckonci with. ' „ -'"^-^^^{^ LT .'iT .""'!'.'. Th.i memWr. of th^ .on.mi.tec «"«jecelvtd at the ( apitoMjy ines- !rej.relentJnB ..-...t .T„ stat... .lui.K «"-"«ri^''--I'*' ^'ad lo each- house I • be more clearly inalte'- known liis po- l -lfl 'in thi«" ('•••y l""l !•<• did it: his i Black Hills "iln not choose" •^(iile- menl 1 hev liUewise favored Kansas C 'ily 'loi the ciinvHntlon while Cincinnati. O.. Dec. IG. George Remus startled \ the court room and aroused thit ire of Judge Chester R. Shook, presiding in Ills giveii by Roy Gwiii, county asent.i , and Mrs. Florente Syverud,'coun^Vi^wore than home demonstration agent'. A suni.marj.'^'of the -accprntdish- roent* of the Fairm Bureau fuf the - year by Mr. dwin. (ihows suiue .re. uiurkEi^le achie\''em^tats. ' Cwin {jfoiightjout the fa«t that ;' vVllen rountr.-won first in the Kan~,. t>as alfalfa contest and second in .day to cripple traffic and leave ! murder trial, today by an outhurst the state ,-better furming contest. "Kieven 'Allen county calves won 46 "prizes at estate fairs, the report 5^ows. wllle a dairy, Judging team from the county won second and : third w^lth ;,John • AVilson winning the state dairy club cliarapionshlp.- Remarkable development is •al:soi Bhown in other features of Fam Bureau •work. DR. HUGHES a, score of jiersuns trapped on the prairiei; in central ^lontana. ' . With thernioniet?rs standing at sn'b-aero, marks, the .storm •struck in Alberta yester'daj. snow soon filled cuts to paralyze railroads and traffic in ;.citie8 as well as Speciafist . iii Nutrition Gives Current Topics Great Address • A record; crowd, filling Ihe grill room of the PorllntiO Hoiel to ca- puttt^', fcHpundcd to liic niinoiincM- iitont that \\w ypcuhiv' iit the mcct- |riK of the Ciirreni Trtpics Club Wmi «V.UfllMg HOIlfd 'ilV.\)V: .\. .S. illlRhlH, ol* .llj« HtaU- AgiiculHiiiil Cidlcne. Anil llmf nnbody /IIHH', poliiled •)iw# Hllhoiii xii.ViiiK. i''(>r an iiour iind'a half l)i'. 'Iliigh'-r^ Ix-ld his audichue.. )iiW Jiv' matoriial t'Wurl -Or Jokes or stories. Inn by a id 'aln. <j.<.hool-,tcacll «'r-li'ic statenn-nt of facts that are to •.-.••ly huinaii bejng,, nuiny of .Whidi bail been worked jout hv ilic .^ii ai;or hini.-^elf lhroUg ^'«ti >'f ?rlniciils a( .lu- tMllcge. The-generar sii.ije. t of ttie ail- i dress was 'S'uiril.on," an answer "to Uio qliesiioii: \Uiai slioiild, :r rural, districts. TTj^- storm -was the worst experienced in several years.' Driven across the Montana Border 1)y a strong wind, the snow whirled ov^^r the prairies last night to maroon a,conKiructlon crew pf 25 men seven miles south of Shelby. .Slont. The men were building an oil pipe line from Shelby to Great Falls, ^nd: although 'rescuers attempted (o follow the line south they met with little success. The rescue party rejiorted shifting Winds drove heavy snow Jnib their faces* with such force they could; see -'but a fcwfeett 'feni- peiatuTes iiropi>ed iJi a iihort JLime from TiO . degrees iiljove . to h^Iow the zero murk. '- ' AB fmore volunteers left Shelby to iiiti the. pipe line crow, reports came from Kraily, Kii nilleH north of Crcut KUIIK, lhat slxlceii school children were miirooneir in u hiiH. f|rippted comniiinlciiilini lines made verification iif IhU report Impos- blhl.;. „ KnilroudH in northern Caiiuda were operating behind schedule ami power serylcl! WUM-Interrupted'. Snow Is On Its Way that required the combined efforts of tiiree ineji,and his daughter jRo- mola to subside. Remus's roaring voice was heard over the turmoil 'Of rnshiiig feet toward the man who bellowed: ."'My life's at stake, my life's ai-.sialie. and 1 knowiny legal rights.". / Judgo Shook hud threatened Kemus with contempt of court proceedings to which Remus 'replied la admonishing terms:, "•your Honor. I have tried criminal cases throughout this country, and I know;how to conch and phrase o&Jecdons "cdrrectlj-.". .Remus had been .overruled in an ohjectlon and instructed not to give evidence in an objection. "Don't arraign the court," thun- dpred Judjje Shook with unerpectr ed severity, aiid Jie .was shout to proceed w,h^)ir Remiis cut in: "Bill your "honor— " i "Sit dow^ and kee^ quiet. Don't make me warn you again, or I'/l cite you for contempt of court Jtidge. Shook cried in 4» voice that brbuglfttSherlff William A. Ander- «<)h and another <leputy running to cnmtl ubobt HenuiK. Iteniuii'sown baillffH aHHlgucd to giiard ngaluHt any outbreak crowd ed about him* urgluK him to MII down. Judge Shook ruffled tlifu Jiooks angrily UH though about (o law against Ihh belligerent Uemus. To Sheriff Anilcrson, who wah repeating the Judge's orders that he sit down, UemuN'. cried: "It's the court's privilege but my life's at stake and I kno^ War legal rlghu." the iMilli iif the woMicrn iiii -mhers wished to see the coiMi -ntii'n ta)<«"n To Sau FrancisKi a ^.d l)ciev.' :li ;t the lime'has come lo look toward otlifr men Hum .\'r. (•ooiid^c as available for the While House. }ians:is rUy Mi>ri.lns. Forlififil b> MIC auaoiiiK eiiicut of Chairman Biitler that he favors Kansas City for ihe\ convention, supporters «>f that city redoubled their efforts in fonnal presentation of the .Missouri city's advantages before the committee while advo- .vth<. vlc<c ihul the presldviil mnsf f"'"';"''''>'^''> •'V"*"- "7'"''' ^l"" .e count, d (.1 ,h.. r.i'!! nnill l'>'hll<;ans .all but threw down th'i Bauntlel lo Hie group of. five western independents who arc demand- iwii «crtarn Icki-'ilative assurances on farm relief and <dhel .«uhject3 I 'l -fore they su ,i |iort the Republican rlati- '>r senate idl'ic .Ts. 'I'lic conTcreiU".'. after ."imie plain talk about: teilin.:; tne indfli|jendents to Bu a!» far as tliey liketl^VtQji ^y ilid authorize a continuation of nepolia.Iiuits: ' / . . o( Trouble' This deSelfilMii'.'Ut. adited to the Smilli-Vare row., gave promise of plenty of jronble before the senate jactmilly gets down to legislative ! biisttiesK. : . . ' The hpuse. however, was in a more/ser«i^e and industrious'mood, cates of San Francisco, with checks j A few minutes before arrival of totaling In their pockets-to I the presidential message, in which defray expenses, laid claim To fhi. :Hie i>resiiK-nt stood four square be- convention on the .ground that the hind Secw«tory Mellon's tax reduc- ! Uepublicjiis n.'ver had cone to the tion iiro.i;tam. the ways and means Pacific ii,a -t iii i;:.rtv 'N I)i>:toiy. <i)ill:!illt-e I'lirmally submitted its Detroit, which in caWy discus- ta.v ^lill (jir cr.rly house cons.derar ."ions seemed tu !)<'-S:<n ••'ran; i^co'^ iion. only r^val. nilv.nwhile uttemfited to • .N'oar'^ all of the. sei^retary's rvc- Hrenutlicn its waning iufl.ipnce and «mni »ijd.'i {ions wnle 8:rap|ied.. by C:«velaild. Chicasjo and IhUndel- the comiiiitt'.'" in, preparing, a bill phia ho.ereii in »h- 1kgroniul. that wonhl, accomplish a reductioti waifini; in the Mt -nt d.-.. ,in<.iii.s of ^*":!i>.t "Mi ooo. ir'ill .ono.uon more .should favor ;. f'dark JHTSI-." . than, the president and the treasuo' ' That »tlie >i>^i(»siiit; vii -Ms -d' '.li'" <-oiI.siiI>M- •'aiP Tlio fishl over that Kast and AWst on ili.- ('"nd!'l-.-.> issue probjthly will l)t>Kin in the question will he anulioi aied !•. fore . open hi-fprc th"-^end . of the week, the committor meeting' adjourn-!' lor tl 'e le^der.-i plan to clear away »-'eemeil a iiue.stionp'Ule. t'"ssriiillt>-. I the legislative under 4>rnsh us i'he co'mmittw niember> ftmiid quickly jjs passible and, piv.e tax themselves with liltle time today to legislatioii the risht of way. talk it over as they had leforn i ; Farm j -ellt>f also .is certain to them licarlv a whole. da>''if li .'-icn-'li.u.-iln be; a .••tiJrin c>»nlir. for the WEATHER and ROADS Kan.sus Clly, Dec. fi. (APj-^-An- otber cold wavC: brinRing leiiiijera- tures of from V) .to i'O degrees, above zero and probably snow, is on Its way here, P. Connoi. local goverur ment weather for^aster said lo- jday. It should arrive late today. luaireal arid drink in order to keep ja^d" will be sigimled by a change liLs "body and mind inuctiouing atj^n ,„e ^vind from south to northwest, he said. The wintrv blast will come from Montana and North Dakota where snow and 6 below -zero weather was reported today, the weather man said. n.s Sody and miiid fuuctiouing at iheif liighest caiiacny/ TIIL- >poalv- er noton^y answereil ihal question ;.6peclfically. but r»>' told •wh:y' cei- -'tain._thingH should «je eaten and ivlwt happened if they fwere not -eaten, and that \vas what gave spe- .cial ita'tercBt ^to. the address. Passing over hither^ lightly the tuore well known facts juf nutrition, .sucb^ as the need of 'the body for pxygen, vrater, pruteiiis. carbohydrates. lats and minerals,-Doctor 1 T.«„„t.. r. 7., ^ - . -- - - ' . lu- .,_.„! Topeka. Dec. •>. (API—Snow and Cold Wave Coming to State • Hughes.bccnpiwl most of the time -•srith a ^discussion, of the vitamins, ^he dlst^v'ery of which Js. of very ^recent origin'and about which th 'e '•medlcdl aia.d tlictetic wor d i«i only ;»0W .ieglnning txi have some Prac-r^pgrees in the we.stern part ^ of the ).Krarknowledge. These »-itamins— mysterious-elements which are so .fi^usive tney cannot be detected and -: .'(CenUiiited on Paiire .T. JOi-:J)- :<:^::-i^ —s——^-^ Mfter Ldng Illness, Cii&s. £. Marsh Dies, —• V- • . - Charles £. Marsh,- aged 45 years, home, 3U-I West Street, 'lat ^:30o.'c1ock this morning. The .luaeral iterrlce will' be held at the ^JPir»t .Fjfealiyterlan f cfiurch at 3 -.o*JUock 'jon TJiui^sday afternoon trtth Or.ilHaryey G.. Mathls offic- . iJatlnir.'^ Th9lBlka burial service IwiU J>e read at the grave in the - lola cemetery.. .The body will lie ' f In.- btate. - fifbm 1: 30 ; o'clock to :i o'clock at the' church.' * - iMr..;Marafa^liaa been critically HI for ]k long time - and wblle .hie =;frl <«idB,- Jip to' the laMt, had - cher: iahed hope that he .miglit reeorer. . : tber"'**^ realized Ithati chances : were" agalnat him. The sympatb^K^ the entire commnnity will go !;tOnt']tp the bereaved family,' - ' ' -f ' • -•• ! a cold wave, coining out of the north ancl west, are scJiedu'led to [.strike Kansas tbniglft. the wtather bureau predict»d this morning Temperatures will fall to about IC vtate and 15 in the eastern section. Meterologist S. D. Flora predicted Skies ovfr the fstate this morning were clear and temperatures FOKKCAS-i* FOR KA.\SAS- .SiKtw tuniirlit with ctHd-ware: yfeA' neyday Kenprally fiilr; much «uld- er in enut and NOUUI portionM; stronir'northerly MlbdN. Fur lola and Vicinity—<'«»'d-waTe with snow tnnifrht; M'ednesdHy fair and iniirh colder. . Temperature—Highest yesterday 47 at :; p. m.; lowest-last night 36 at 11 p. m.; normal', for today .16; excess yesterday 6; excess since January 1st 336 degrees; this, date last year—highest 35; lowest 27. Precipitation for the 24' hours ending at 7 a. m. today 0; total for this year to date i>l..?5: excess since Jiinuary 1st, {14.97 inches. Relative humidity at 12 noon yesterday 5" per cent; 7 a. m. today 69 per pent; barometer redriced to sea level 29.67 inches. Sun rises 7:24 a. m'.; sets 5:02 p. m. ' Koad CitndHlons. All clear except-Wichita, partly cloudy. All roads good. Poll Tax Arrest Is Made by lola Police about normal'- for the season. No i One arrest^ rain OKJ^UOW WS reported In Kan-jure (o pay jioll tax was made late on a warrant lor fail- sas in the last 24:|liounr. The low mark last night .was 24 at Good- yesterday by city police. The defendant was released on; ?100 bond land; Confcordia ' reported 28; [pending trial later this week.-Other Dodge city j ,10; Topeka and Kan- warrants are being Issued. Chief of sas.City 36; and Wichita 42.-. f Police Ira A. Anderson announced. Death iff Electric Ch^ir Looms As Possibility for Mrs. Rogers lr.a Grange. Tex., Dec.'6. (Ai*>— Possible death in the electric chair faced Mrs., Rebecca Bradley I^bgerH, 22, former ' University l of Texas co-ed on the second'daV of her trial here on, charges of, rolbblng the Farmers'National iBank of Buda of about II.OOQ a yedr ago. : "With sUte'a attorney"' itidicating they would offer no nogg^ation of leniency, probability loomed that the'death penaltVi^ permitted under Texas- statutes Jor rofW)ery with firearms, would be asked. . Three Jurors were .accepted yesterday after a motion'to quash the-] Indictment on grounds that District Attorney Fred Dlundell "was-financially intereated" in the prosecution oir the'case was orerruled. presideti!; rcyffiriiii rl in Ms mes- sagi;'ih;il fic rinild not accepi the e'tn.i|l',!!iliou fee of Die" .Mc.N'ary- M.-ni^tin iiill. which a majority of IMIII) .-yi,.- .-iiid" lioi)h«' apjiroved la.'l ifsAnu. only In eticoiinti-r a IH'cKlili'iilial '.elo. l!ri.'e'< Ftirnt liourd. .Mr. CoAlldge proposed inslead of the .Mc.Viiry-Huugen jilan a financing arrangemenf by which a farm board Wiiuld use ii revolving fun^ lo promote coopcralive associations and lie<'p: handle sunilus crops. Kimrimf nn AtirnM i ""''?' »"'»J«'c<'« as niulder can- nFFrNSF IIIV K N'''*'" <»>d-foreign relations, both of 1/ill'tilliJJLl Ul f'l4l1 |which bitterly controverted last -es^tim. the president stood, by illg to delejiatiops pleading im jhi- convention, u ;on« S;)<MTII in -'hiiir- nian nmlcr Ninr a i all :it tin- Wlilti' House l)ite in tM>- utif -iri'iou to near tin address by . I'rcslileni riM.|ld;;e. The «ij|)cn'lnc sprecl.i of Hie i .liiilr- man f'in* deyolcd <':itircly lo ;iii eulogy Of the Hepubilcaii pa t) and tin eiipiVasinn of .'gratini/t- im- Hie service'of .Mr. Coolldgc. Claim Is Made That Law Has Been Violated No Washington, Dec. 6. lAP) — Motions- by ilarry K. Sinclair. W. .1. P.Urns and their fonr as- sociyjcsj to dismiss charges of criminal contempt growing ont of the jmistrial of the Fall- Sinclair oil conspiracy case. : were deni'ed today by .lustice Siddons in the supreme' court of the District of Columbial Washington,. Dec. 6. (API—The defense in the oil Jury ponlenipt case took a new tack today when the District Attorney's office was-asked why Edward J. Kidwell. the juror accused of boasting, of expected gains from the Fall-Sin-. Clair trial was not brought into the casp ] Counsel for Sheldon Clark, of Chicago, an associate of Harry F Sinclair, told Justice Frederick Siddons in District of Columbia .•iuprenic court that Don K. King, a newspaper man. and J. Ray .-Vkers a street car conductor, wre. the bnly men who had ajipi'on::hed a Juror in the case. Akers and,King swore that Kidwell had talked tor much. ' E. C. Brandeberg spoke for Cl-irk after Charles A« Douglas. counsW for William,J. Ifurns hud pokjd fuiv at the government's charges of contempt against. Haro' K. Sin claIr, Burns end their associate's a:: the result of the jury shadowing in the Fali-Shiciair trial. Douglas sought to drive, homr the argument that there co'iid be no contempt of court In atts of which court and Jury we-.<( unaware. 'He joked about th; iise of adjectiyes in ' the chargos. and asked Whather Dist'lrt Attorney Gordon or Neil Burkinshaw., bis assistant, had prepnred it. adding that it was an old saying.that if, a man did not know, how' to write his laiigiiage he fell back on .the use of; adjectives. his guns/ He recommended a pro- cnitii of floiHl r"lief without gcfing Inid details. ' . A The noiildtr Canyon issue was tiirown ifniK '^diately into the lap of till' house ai ;ahi t .^day by Repre- • seiitative. Swing of California, who j reintroduced his bill for a Colorado i river ilajii. He sa 'd the measure jwas sulistantiaKy the same as that which failed in the senate last seSr slcn after a history-making fili- bbfitcr. I Alon;: iwiih his annual message PresidenJ Coolidge sent to the senate, a <bi^ b^tch of nominations, to public office, most of those' for which lie asked senatorial approval already lare serving under tresl- deiitlai apiwintments made'during the congressional recess. i The Tn^essiiee was attacked immediately in a statement by Senator Robtniop of Arkaiisas, the senate Democratic eaderJ He said- , the presidential words'were a.''disap­ pointment'' as to flood relief pro- posais; \ • "There is .real danger,"' Senator Robinsob said, "that half way measnrels will be adopted now^ as *hey hare been in the past. '"The references to nieasures tor farm relief arc so general In their eharaeter that the>' do not form a basis fo^ substantial .^legislaijon; Modern Woodmen Hold Annual Election Here Wallace H. Anderson, local attorney., will guide the destlpyof lola Lodge No. 961, Modem Woodmen bf'America, as a result of the annual; etectioii of officers last night. :Mr. Anderson .was chosen Venerable ConsnU forjthe ensuing year, succeeding '.&hner A. Vewie. Other officers cbbseii are: A. C. Northcqtt, worthy advisor; A, "W. young!" banker;, Elmer Slack, c^erk; |Hait>Id C. Webber, escort, and Le«lle- Wolf, sentry. Charles B. IMay; «;as elected to tbe board OF The camp physicians. Christian tfnd Shadwick, OKLAHOHAOPENS SPECIAL SESSION OF LEG^LATURE Extraordinlary Session -Attracts Eighty - Legislators Oklahoinu City. Dec. 6. (.\P»— Eighty menrtiers answered t^ foil call in the Okl.ahotiia bouse of representatives today, thus convening •the eleventh legislature in - purported, extraordinifry session. • Emplo.ves. journal [ clerks, the reading clerk and pages were the same, as at the regular session. T. B. McContbs, Sequoyah county, cauc :i8 ch^'irman. opened^'bc meeting. The Rev. H. A. Snodgrass of Oklahoma City was selected as chaplain; opening the session with prayer. , ; . The clerk read the special, call, is.sued more than a month ago by the "Big 'Four" session leaders. •.Mr. McCombs declared the legislature in session. Representative Reeves of Oklahoma countjr, object-: ed to. calling the roll until the petition was read. His cAJection was^ ruled out on a point of order and the roll.-n'^as called.^ Among those who answered wa.s T. H. Relly of Shawnee, who fled the legal fight against the session. ' Officers electe<l at a caucus last night were formally installed. 'After formal induction into office, E..P. iliil. McAlester, speaker, announced the session . res'pected the courts, which have declared the meeting illegal, but tliat the question hud not been properly presented before the bur. "We arc here inquiring into conduct of departments^ incompetency, malfeasance and corruption on the part of state bfricerM have been charged," Hill declared. After lustily singing America the house herird a resolution, intended to determine the desire of members relative to the session. Under the resolution 30 membera would be appointed by the >peakcr to inquire, investigate and sub- poenae witnesses. ' DEFENSE CLOSES IN MUN)ER CASE Mrs. Lilliendahl and Her i Co-Defendant Await I Jury's Verdict -Court Rotrm. Mays LrfrndlngTiN. J., Dec. 6. -(API—The defense^ in the LilUefid^l murder trial rested Its case today,, having" called three score witnesses to testify od behalf of Mrs. Margaret Lilliendahl and Willis aBeacb, charged jointly with the murder of her agfed husband. Or. A. William Lilliendahl, last September 15. EIGHT PERSONS DEAT|IN|1RE Boarding House Bl^ze in West Virginia Town Traps Many ; Williamson, AV. Va.. Dec. "6. (AP) Eight :persons met death in a fire which! destroyed a boardiiig house here tbday. Six tof the victims were residents of the Dingess section of Mingo county, who had come to M'llWam- son to testify in- the murder trial of Elijah 'Wellman and his three 'sons. ' 'X -. ' The fire originated in af nail way between two sections of the rooming house about six a. m. and spread so rapidly that the eight were trapped when flames' cut off the stairway at the front of the building. .Another stairway at jhe rear, intended as exit, was blocked and prevented escape in that direcdon, it was said-after tfie fire. HART'SMURDER TRIALSTARTED Bank Clerk Accused -of Slaying Wife, Fotmer lola Girl Miss Gladys. Marm'ont. ;Cler .k of the district court, and Miss Blanche .Marmont, employe of the Allen County Journal, are in "Eureka: to testify for the; prosecutiop, In the trial of Ivan Hart, accused of slaying their sister. .Mrs. Ma*el'Mar- Hioiit Hart. Club Boys to Speak to Chamber of Commerce Harry Greathbus^. 4-H club boy of iAllen county, -who attended the iiational 4-H club congress at^ Chicago, and John 'tVJlson. winner' of- the state dairy . championship, which brought him a trip to the national dair.v show' at Memphis will be the speakers at: the Chamber of Commerce luncheon at the Keliey hotel at noon tomorrow. Eureka, Kans., Dec. 6. (AP)— People from all parts of Greenwood county' Jammed the courtroom today a» Jhe trial?of Ivan H&rt. ^urekarliank clerW who is charged with killing hitp bride of a few weeks, Mabel Marmont rHart, early in July, opened at district court> today befi^re Judi^e jA. T. Ayres. i i The day has been entirely 'occupied with the: selecttoi^ of. Jurors, only two haying >beeai teiUa- tively accepted at noon, leith prospects strong that a complete Jury would not be seated befctre 'Wednesday night. Hart^ who m^de a statement shortly after his •wife's death to the effect that he had,_^'<utl.- her throat because she had begged him to^ kill her, may be exainined agaiii to determine wbetlier [he is mcjitally responsible, it y^as indicated today by'his attorneys. Prosr pective Jurors Were questioned iri regard to their attitude on a plea of insanity. Fred S. Jackson of Toi/ifka. former attorney; general of' Kansas, and former c0n ;gre8sman the fourth district, is in charge of the defence, his lo&al partners in the firm cf Ja^rk«on, Forbes atid Smith of Eureka and: Topeka. The prosecution i.<? 4eing .^conducted'^by Coutity Attorney Cay O Canper, assisted, by L. C. Lunde- blade of the attorney genfsral'g office in-Topelia.' ' PREMT 'iSELF-DENttti I^oderate Program fprr Expulsion',Placed.f 1 Up to Congress^ . f- ALL ISSUESTOUOi^ Oifposition of Farm ^ Is Not Changed, -Sayai' Coofidge - Washington, Dec. 6. CalUnsf upon the pj contintie a; "stern self in liati't^nal 'expen Presid'ent Coolidge laii Congress today .a progrjim <if expansion defensiss and natu source^. Xin a me^g^ which toncfaedtltp^' on^itfrtrialij^ an ,• of THe j legOlaia^ji i8snefs^^i«H-faave 'arduiTed'iate ^ and spectMajionithe P/csfdent 'i itir- sented yiewihdJHerlng only In nif.^ nor details from^ose he-has ] >re>^ viously outliined 62 ^^-4^ mi Jot^ problems of farm reltefTHaxiUlm;- flood control, foreign relationa the stailb pf-the army and naVir.J Informing^^Congress that he not changed in^ his oppdsition the McNary^Haugen farm n bill with its equalization fee, recommended instead ^-?^f< farm loaii hoard with ar revl fuiid to buil.a ftp co-operative keting and :aid in the dispbsil of crop surpluses. .On tax r( he stood by the Treasury's^gram. -. >\ ^'•':"t^-xS: Navy .i^punsloni Urged, j j- The Xavyi he said, 8hould^,i>eSet--' panded by the addition of cfuii submarines,; airplanes .and as well, as the development .pCJ merchant marine as a 86cQhd. of defense. He~ recommended that .flood trol be confined this year ti>|tifoi; lower Mississippi River, with-', vision for -ad'eqiiate dikes, emj-.-.;.^.- ency'^spUwaiys and aids to navSkif^;. tion; cautioned that this prblgep' should be liiet by Tiewitig.'it separate, national questldh out atteiiiptk to link it with proposals fofr river control' af pansion; aiid suggested'^thi people enjoying^ the benefii land reclaii|ied. by ,g( built dikes share partial, perhaps lighter, burden of, pense. r , • - :'.tj'a Constructfon of a /lam at iBonider^^ Canyon in the Colorado River ^in^lil favoi-ed by ? the President, jwai^ cautioned, however, -'that- ereiTi otfier pos.sibriity', should l>e:^=e(iiH; hausted before the federal goruji^i ment becomes engaged^ "iir ttSiR* power biisiiiess. Muscle Shbah^f jJie sajd. ifhOuld be sold, to pritl^ Interests pitovlding. the reveinwi^ are dedicated to agricnltitiifi^- through research for methods r^o^ more econcmiical productltmr^.:^.. centralized fertilizer. : -v.^'-.^ SpeakK of PnM»p^tj>. Contending that the country hid attained a prosperity neVpr • W»: j ceeded and therefore was in a-p^^^ sltion lo eiijoy some of :>the'-beiib-rJj fits which .xestilt from eooBpi^^.X Mr. f:oolidRe pt-esentcd the apec-^it tee. iipverthelesm of a large '71 UK€:T t^nal debt ;and^ warned- that'-niitn^ the revenues now^directed towiiard:': its redii'ctioh coiildAbe dlrertedilCD/ internal iihprovements and >*ni»T;-' tipnal development, the -vpteptoj must icontinue'^ to sacrifice anc ||.a »f- government': mu^t- continue':,v'4f<»H' economize, .i^ The Secretarj- of the Ti ury," the President said. "haji.iTe^-; otnmended' a measure which Wbii|d: gift? us a iauch better system of'taxatioi^ "and 'wf &ratr Junior IJigh School i Paper Is Out^Today The. first copy of the junior high school paper. The Orator^ was is- suetl today. It .Is put; out on a mimeograph' aiid is a fotir-page, three column paj>er. In addition to school new.s. it carries an editorial page, a joke page and 'a. sport page, - The ataff hopes to i8 .«'ue the paper frequently. Called, Morrow and Will Rogers Ark Forced Back byBadWedther 'Mexico City, ^ec. (API.—Dispatches from Camaron say that foggy and rainy weather in the State of Tamauliras has forced President Galles to concliide his tour of northern Mexico and re- j.arn to the capital without inaugurating the Xicbtencati railway-. The presidential train, on which thfright •W, Morrow, United Stales ambassador, and Wilt Rogers are guests, will arrive at Mexico City tonight. i After leaving j Camaron^ State of Nuevo Lrf>on, shortly after iidbn yesterday, the party was fbrced to ris.^ turn there because of tbetdense tog which settled fover. the .ralley. Calles then decided to cui short the toflr. i • oppres .Hion produce sufficieitt tCTfc|| nue. It has my t complete .jsttp^lj port." .• \ " . The President reiterated hla^-hfe-r lief in, a high protective taj^-* ' daring that any reduction levies I would work a hard industrj' and agriculture Although ; biit one 'para his message was devoted bitionj the iPresIdent em; need for hrith the people, and^ lic^ officials: to "observe th^Ci, t 'ions lof this constltutionaltpiniir^ ion aid its', resultng laws.'V. 4|-He^- calllng that Congress andi^- fSefr states! "with one or two aouAIe^: excepjion.s" have passed adeftnattf':; laws for eoFforcement of the:e^(fl^-^r eenthi ameiidnient. Kr. CooViil^glBKi declared that, "The federal /iaidhi$ orltie^ proposed to discharge obllgatioii tor enforcement tiPj full extent ^f their abllity.''v^ffi^=^f Rallrbad Lawx Asked.' Railroad :consolidation is ^. .•tary to the wejfafe of both b| culture and industry, the said in recommending that legislation to facilitate.' thb the superv ^idoR of the- i Commerce ^C^mmission be without fuHber delay. He" restated hfa desire for which woujd permit Ijim during coa} strikes. ; Although the .message ifB^^ voted almdst-exclusively to;„_ tic affairs; the President form Congress, again '• thar^i can - intervention in foreign' was mere|^ for? the pt^^; protecting;th« llTep and of this fc^ntry's nation^a. i-: >H «L diefended. the - administration's^ ijirf-^: 4cy-ln-Chlha and Nicaragua' expressed Sie beUefitbat the£ciii|A troversy witb.Htideo over

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