The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 4, 1933 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 4, 1933
Page 6
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mmmmMiammB^m&^m^mm^i^i^ VJ*\i/^TV' "• '- >J ' -A** ^ -.;-;,,._. ,..; * 0 , •';*«- ^'^_^.; ^^ ^ THE BAKERSF1ELD CALIFORNIAN, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 4, 1933 cuicin^" SILVER DOLLAR OPENS AI NILE New Drama Unfolds Exciting Scenes of Mining Days in Colorado ROBINSON AS SILVER KING "Silver Dollar," which opens .tonight at the Nile, starring; Edward O." Robinson, Bcbc nml Aline MacMahon, Is something dramatically new In the line of talking pictutVH. It's the kind of distinctly American story that held tho undivided-intercut of a large preview audience. • It is a combination of epoch-making historical events and the part that unrealizing men and women played In those fascinating incidents. It Is expertly directed, superbly acted, with Bdward O. Robinson giving what Is undoubtedly the best performance in his career, and with Aline MacMahon and Belie Daniels contributing touches of human interest and glamour that wins the favor of every one. It is both highly dramatic and whimsically comli- and through It all runs a thread of exciting suspense. Taking the days when the country was looking for gold, In the Rockies, when Denver was St. Charles, and before the great silver strike was made at I.eadville, It pictures the spectacular rrention of sudden fortunes, when poor miners became millionaires almost over night. Against it all is the character of Robinson, first a prospector, always searching for the wlll-o'-the-whlsp, always falling, but never becoming discouraged. There is plenty of en- .tertalnment of all kinds In this chapter of one of the most Important periods of American history-, the thrilling story of western development. The story of (Haw) Tabor, a man of ani- bftlons, Is packed with romance, drama and whimsical comedy. • « e» Vidor, Wife Settle Property Quarrel tUnited Press Leased Wire) NOTED STAR APPEARING ON NILE SCREEN TONIGHT MARY ASTOR STARRED ON RIALTO U1FORL Mary Astor, who recently became the mother of a girl, returns to the screen in a featured role in "Those We Love," a production based on the stage play by S. K. Lauren and George Abbott. It opens today at the Rlalto theater. In addition to Miss Astor, the roster Boardman, screen actress, and King Vidor, director, are amicably settling a property controversy growing out of their divorce, counsel reported In court today. Miss Boardman sued Vidor two months ago on grounds of infidelity, naming Betty Hill, script girl. Vidor and Miss Hill filed denials. A separate maintenance suit followed. LOS AXGELTSS. Jan. 4.—Eleanor \ of Payers includes such popular fa- vorltes as Kenneth MacKenna, Lll- yan/Tashman, Hale Hamilton, Tommy Conlon, Virginia Sale, Forrester Harvey and many others. The story, an unusual angle on tho triangular theme, Is a, domestic drama. Its central situation concerns the near-tragedy that results when a husband tells a white lie—a totally unnecessary one—to cover an Innocent situation. (Associated Preii Leased Wire) NEW YORK, Jan. 4. — John Maae- fleld, poet laureate of England, and Mrs. Masefleld arrived todny on the liner Mauretania and for several days will be .guests of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Lament. Later they plan to go to Arizona, stopping at Chandler. This Is the fifth visit Masefleld has made to America. The first was 40 years ngo'when he was a lad of 16 and came to America to seek his fortune He remained two years on that visit, worked on a farm. Inter was employee In a New York saloon and after that In a carpet factory In Yonkers, where he began his first Important writing. tOX I HIM If I *- uuaj' a.uu M. uitiui a "'TRACY A MILLION LAUGHS . . ROMANCE Continuous f 2:30 to 11:00 Today and Tomorrow—Two Big Features AS THE SMART- CRACKER WHO COULD SELL A TWO- PANTS SUIT TO GANDHI! AN ASSOCIATE FEATURE— LADIES— COMfLETE YOUR SET OF CREAMS WITH A JAR OF TURTLE OIL CREAM—F.REE TOMORROW NIGHT! GREECE WILL PAY 30 PCT. ATHENS, Jan. 4. (A. P.)—The government today ordered payment of 30 per cent of the Interest on the American loan of 1929 through Speyer Company and the National City Bank o: New York. GREEK SHIP IN DISTRESS MARSEILLES, Jan. 4. (U. P.)—An SOS signal was picked up by the loca radio station today from the Greol- steamer Alma, In distress near Tone dos, at the southwestern entrance t the, Dardanelles. ' 'Blonde Captive" Presents Amazing Discovery of Tropical Life Do you believe that a while woman could go native among the primitive avages of tropical Australia and pre- er her cave existence to a llfo in a modern steam-heated flat? Do you elleve she could accept the queer trial customs—could learn to" look at hem, perhaps, as no more peculiar han the habits of civilization? In "The Blonde Captive," showing oday at the Rex (heater, there ' U hown the surprising discovery of a white girl, still young, who Is 1'lvlng primitive, bnck-to-nnture life among Ivlng descendants of tho oldest Hying ace—of the lowest form of human Ife—tho Neanderthal man of 50,000 fears ago! Dr. Paul C, Withlngton of Harvard and the University of Hawaii found he white cnptive as a climax, to his 0,000-mllo expedition In search of a Ivlng replica of the bust of the Nean- lerthal man that stands'in the Mu- eum of Natural History In New York City.' He-also learned much of the ways of the primitive men—and women—of the wild Australian waste- ands. George Arllss' starring picture, "A Successful Calamity," from the stage May by Clare, Kummer, Is also on the >I11. Grant Mitchell nndi Mary Astor icad the supporting cast. Pickford'sBodylsto Be Sent to America (Associated Press Leased Wire) PARIS, Jan. x 4.—The body of Jack Plckford, motion picture actor and arother of the famous Mary, who died lore yesterday, will be returned to the United States aboard the steamship Europa, which sails Saturday. Funeral plans were not announced here. It was presumed the body was being sent to California. Pickford died In the American hospital after an Illness of several months which physicians described as "a multiple neuritis affecting the brain center." AT CALIFORNIA MAE CLARKE H OW tho human equation, as repre sented by the warm love of a beautiful, young girl and a young physician, broke up a skilfully plotted perfect murder, Is the exciting theme of Columbia's dramatic film, "As the Devil Commands," featuring Alan Dlnehart, Mae Clarke and Nell Hamilton and showing today and tomorrow at the California theater. On the same program is another first run feature, "The Gambling Sex," starring Ruth Hall with 1 Grant Withers, John Salnpolls and a great cast. Merced Merchants Discontinue Scrip f United Press Leased Wire) MERCED, Calif., Jan. 4.—Scrip Issued by Merced merchants and designed to Increase trade was called in today and will be retired, the Merced Chamber of Commerce announced. The scrip will he discontinued; it was stated, because of a court ruling that employes may not be paid with anything but money. EVENINGS BALCONY 25c Their Love Was a National SCANDAL -but a PRESIDENT Came to their Wedding'. MATINEE TO 6 P. M. AiiiorxiA EVENINGS, BALCONY 15c . CONTINUOUS, 1:30 TO 11:00 • TODAY and TOMORROW—Two Big First-Run Features! f^f THE MAKCLA * KC NIIL HAMILTON DEVIL ALAN DINIH ART A CRIME THAT DEFIED DETECTION ... A CRIMINAL WHO DECEIVED ALL BUT THE WOMAN HE DESIRED! RUTH HALL GRANT WITHERS in "The Gambling Sex" OPEN 12.11 P. M. REX MttlUMS t> 9 p. ID. 15c 300 Seats, Any Time.. .15c Today and Tomorrow TWO BIG FEATURES The Most Sensational Photoplay of the Year CAPTURED BY A CAVE Blonde Also George Arliss in "A Successful Calamity" VIRGINIA * Continuous 12 M. to 11 p. m. 300SEATS-—Any Time, 15e Today and Thursday Selh Parker .Idol of the Radio, and the Joneiport Neighbors In "WAY BACK HOME" A Heart Drama With a Punch Comedy and Cartoon G RANAD 618 Kentucky Street Tilklm Plclurei Every Diy A ANY SEAT, ANY TIME, 15c Children Always 10c 'Today and Thursday Tallulah Bankhead and Gary Cooper In "DEVIL AND THE DEEP" Twenty Men Sent to the Bottom of thp Sea for Ont Woman's Slnt News, Comedy, Novelty RIALTO 5 l«6». m., I5e; After 6, I6», 29e Today and Thursday MARY ASTOR Lilyan Tashman, and Kenneth MacKenna in . "THOSE WE LOVE" A Drama of Modern Morals Comedy,- News, Cartoon CHINA NIGHT THURSDAY EDW. C History's most amazing rcal-Ufc romance become* the screen sensation of the hour! 4-Starred by Liberty Magazine— hailed by kollywood Herald at the picture which "ha* everything"! Towering spectacle *cene»— Mighty cast with BEBE DANIELS ALINE ftiUcMAHON Starts Tonight 7 and 9 LA GRANADA BALLROOM Dance Tonight La Granada Orchestra Witli Always Something Different 8:30 to 12 Wednesday and Saturday Ladies Free Until 9 After 9, 15c REDUCED PRICES on PLATES Quick Service Office Over Klmball A Stone Nineteenth and Chester DR. GOODNIGHT PHILLIPS MUSIC COMPANY Now Carries SHEET MUSIC Hotel El Tejon A DELIGHTFUL PLACE IN WHICH TO EAT TRY OUR DELICIOUS T.BONE STEAK DINNER CLUB OP., BREAKFASTS -4H«JC to Noon Luncheon . . . 50c Evening Dinner 50c, 75c ALSO A LA CARTE KERN—1200 K. 6—Blng Crosby, "Music that Satisfies." 6:15—Tnrzan of the -Apes. 6:30—Jimmy Bittick's orchestra. 7—The Boswells. 7:15—The Buccaneers. 7:30—Columbia Revue. 7:45—Myrt and Marge 8—Globe Headlines. 8:15—Cream of Wheat. 8:30—Isham Jones' orchestra. 9—Don Redman orchestra. 9:30—Isle of Golden Dreams. 10—Carnation Albers Cross Cuts. 10:05^-Ali-request hour.. 10:10—Ted Florlto's orchestra. 11—Dancing with the Stars, i IPER STARS M "Half-Naked Trutji* , Versatility of Lee Traty 'Devil and the Deep," first Him co- itarrlngr Tnllulah Bankhoad and Gary 3oopor, opens at tlm Granada theater :oday. The notion is sot In n small port on :ho north conqt of Africa, whoro Miss 3ankhead's husband, played by Charles jtuighton, Is stationed as commander of a submarine. ' Though Laughton is affable in social Ifo, at home he Is horribly jealous of ils wife. i ' Into this situation steps Cooper, in a strange and compromising manner. He and Miss Bankhend fall in love, and when Lnughton discovers the fact, ;ots the pair 'on his craft,' heads It 'or another vessel, and when the submarine lies sunken and,crippled on tho ocean floor ho sees vengeanc.e within his grasp. SE1H lilRAMA JI Combining u wistful, rural simplicity with a stern drama as rugged as the Maine, coast, Seth Parker, of broadcast fame, conies to the 'Virginia theater todny In RKO-Radlo Pictures' "Way Back Homo." The film Is a pleasing diversion reminiscent of the vigor, the spontaneous humor and homey rustic atmosphere of the Immortal "Way Down East." In It the popular radio star brings to the screen for the first time the simple philosophies, the nobility and uncompromising valor of country people in times of stress. Real people activate the film story, but above all rises the striking personality of Parker playing a majestic, modernized Moses who is forever getting his fellow villagers out of trouble. FOX STAB LUPE VELEZ •*• 468.5 M.—KFI— 640 K, 6—Wesley Tourtellotte, organist. 6:30—NBC-KGO programs to 7;30. 7:30—Orchestra. S—NBC-KGO program. 8:15—Orchestra. 8:30—NBC-KGO programs to 9:45. 9:45—Singing Service Men. 10—NBC-KGO program. 10:15—Phil Harris' orchestra. 10:45—Jay Whldden's orchestra. 11—Phil Harris' orchestra. 11:30 to 12 midnight—Jay Whidden's orchestra. Famous Mansion Is Bought by Syndicate (Af»octatcd Press Leased Wire) CHICAGO, Jan. 4.—The Potter Palmer residence In Lake Shore Drive known as "The Castle" has changed bonds again. It was "sold yesterday to a small syndicate of Chlcagoans, who purchased It for speculative purposes from Vincent Bendlx, wealthy head of an aviation company bearing his name. Tho price was not announced. Mr. Bendlx bought the world- known residence In 1918 from Potter Palmer, Jr., for 53,000,000. AVERS HIS CHAIN NOT AFFECB I Associated Press Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES, Jan. '4.— Charles P Skouras. executive vice-president "o the Fox West Coast theaters, said today that this group and Its subsidiaries will not he affected by the receivership announced in Seattle Saturday for the Pacific Northwes theaters, Inc., operators of more than thirty theaters in Washington am Oregon. Skouras said thafthe Pacific North west organization was under dlrec control of .Fox West Coast and tha receivership was considered only afte $1,500,000 has Veen advanced U mec the operating losses. "All controllable expenses of the Pa clfie Northwest theaters were reduce to a minimum a year ago," said Skou ras, "but high rentals under lease signed In boom times and Inability t obtain netideC wage reductions fron crafts led to {lie financial predlcamen of the concern." JAMES KIRKWOOD IS DAD HOT./LYWOOEi, Jan. 4. (U. P.)— James Klrkwood, veteran screen actor, and his wife, the former Beatrice Blsenlus Powers, Follies and film | player, are parents of a 7-pound baby i girl. The child will be named Joan ; Mary Klrkwood. Mother and daughter were reported dolrig nicely. 285.5 M.—KNX—1050 K. 6—News. 6:15—Bill, Mac and Jimmy. 6:30—Si and Elmer. 6:46—Currier's Serenaders. 7—Frank Watanabe and the Hon. Archie. 7:15—"Pieces of Eight." 7:30—Happy Chappies. 8—KNX ensemble. 8:30—RoBlcruclans. 8:45—Singing Strings and Marion Mansfield. . 9—News. 9:15—Cello recital, Philip Musgrave. 9:30—"Patches." 10—KNX ensemble. 10:30—Organ and Marlon Mansfield. Madame Lupescu Is Living in Buchares EE TRACY, who amazed Ja,dod Broadway three years ago with his ynnmic performance In ,the stage p>6- uctlon of "The Front Page,'! has Inyetl more widely varied character!^ ntlohH In tile past few months therfji ny other star In Hollywood. . • In "Washington Merry-Go-Round," racy -is a crusading young' senator. Night .Court" presents him as the anclng, 1 witty mayor of New York, tm Blessed EyenV' he enacts a wise racking Broadway columnist.. "The lalf-Naked Truth" features hlnfas a olorful press agent. . • Lupe Vclez .appears opposite Trney; i "The Half-Naked Truth," ,whlch Is ow showing at the Fox thea'ter. v ,Others cast In , "The HnU-Nltked 'ruth" are Eugene Pallettei "JFratik lorgan, Shirley Chambers .and Robert \IcKenzle. Gregory La Cnva directed. No rest for Carole Lombard thdBe days! , •;,'.••> After finishing "Virtue" at Coipm- bln Studios, this alluring blonde- ac- ress took only four days' rest before. >eglnnlng one of the greatest roles ..of her career In "No More Orchids," opening todny at the Fox theater. The featured players -supporting the star include Walter Connolly, for whom this will be his fourth Columbia >lcture in four, months, Louise Closser Sale- and Lyle Talbot. * • "The Half-Naked Truth," and "No More Orchids" are current attraction's at the Fox. ' (United Press Leased Wire) •• SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 4.—Walter Levenberry, negro chauffeur fo,r : Arthur Howard, was hunted today • on a warrant charging him with kidnaping Mrs. Howard, who has • been missing since December 29. Howard said his wife has not been seen since she left In the family-automobile with $100 with which she Intended to pay several bills. The negro was driving the car. Howard told police the negro had been In his employ two years. Recently, he expressed a desire to return to Chicago, Howard said. It was feared he may have drugged Mrs. Howard,, who has.been In;111 health, and fled. (United Prfsa Leased Wire) I PARIS, Jim. 4.—Friends of Madame j Mngda Lupescu, with whom King, Carol of Roumanin once lived in exile, Insisted today that Madame Lupescu is living quietly in Bucharest. Reports from AVaraaw that sheJiad been murdered In the king's presence by a young army officer were ridiculed. Stimson to Return to Legal Practice (Associated Press Lcased.Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 4.—Secretary Stimson said today that he would return to New York after March 4 and resume law practice with his old firm of Wirtthrop, Stimson, Putnam & Roberts. . . • • . 333.1 M.—KHJ—900 K. 6—Jimmy Blttlck's orchestra. 6:16—Juanita Tennyson. 6:30—To be announced. 7—Music That Satisfies. 7:16—To be announced. 7:30—"Chandu, tho Magician." 7:40—"Myrt and Marge." 8—"Headlines." 8:15—CBS programs to 9. 9—"The Voice of Homance." 9:15—To bo announced. 9:30—Isle of Golden Dreams. 10—World-wide- news. 10:10—Blsnulck band. 10:15—Ted Flo-Rlto's orchestra. 10:40—Stanley Smith's orchestra. 11:20—Dancing With the Slurs. 12 to 1 a. m.—Marshall Grant, i organ. i •-** : Man Nominee for "Tall-Story" Club OSHKOSI-I, Wis., Jan. 4.—It Is con- | :rary to law to catch sturgeon, but i Ferdo Lehnlglc, Oshkosh resident, hud about 60 pounds of sturgeon steak and convinced conservation wardens he wasn't tranxgressing. Quentloned about having a sturgeon in his possession, Lehnlgk explained the fish leaped out of the water, "fell on the ice and broke Its neck." It is contrary to the. letter of the law, he added, to throw dead fish Into the water. The argument prevailed. THE LINDBERGH LINE ROUTE COAST TO COAST liOUKS PARK i 2 1/3 San Francisco $ 14.45] 1 Los Angeles 6.85 1 Fresno '. 5.95 New York 160.00 10% Off on Round Trips Call! Travel Bureiui, Hotel Porlert, PotUlt Weitern Union, Penn. R. R. or TRANSCONTINENTAL . . AMP WESTERN AIM, Inc. i Phone Kern County Municipal Airport, j 3488, or Any Hotel or Travel Bureau I Be Prepared/ —to maintain adequate moisture in your- soil when the rainy season ends. (Wise farmers, even now are giving their soil a good soaking by irrigation.) And wise farmers are having their pumping plants overhauled. An efficient plant will mean more water (or less money. ' After all, you are paying for water. See to it that your plant delivers a maximum of water at the lowest cost. Do noi delay.— Consult your dealer or contractor regarding overhauling your plant. Give him time to do a thor- ^ ough job. Rush work later in the season is very likely t* prove unsatisfactory—and costly. // you so desire, we gladly qive you the benefit of our engineering 'service JOAQUJN Light "and Power Corporation

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