Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 14, 1955 · Page 18
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 18

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, October 14, 1955
Page 18
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—^EIGHTEEN EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MU., FRIDAY, OCTOBEIl 14, 1955 l)!al"l>A'-2-4600 WANT Taker Of Title ... HOLLYWOOD — "The Lawle fce'H" has been chosen as tl final release lille for the Rafidolr gc0U', technicolor film which h< been, known as "My Gun Con nia'rids." rv^ Come and Sec! r s ~. Come and Hear! 1956 Motorola -with !h« world'i «o*iest tuning ~ SHAFER'S ' Television Sales and Service 131 Frtdirick SI. PA-2-4I81 Indimt Popcorn was Introduced to t American colonists nt their fit Thanksgiving feast, when an 1 dinn broughl-a deerskin bag co taming several bushels of popp corn. \ U// SYLVANIA Factory Authorized Service ENTERPRISE 170 N. Canln 51. Phon. PA 2-0050 CABLE TV EXPANSION REPORT .... by Abel Cable • Wiley Ford: Installations are being made. Further extensions will be made . in any section upon receipt of sufficient applications. • Ridgclcy: We will bring our cable thru the new bridge to Ridgeley during the week of Oct. 17th. • Bowling Green & Crcsaptnwn:. All clearances have been made and most of the material is on hand to extend our Cumberland 5-channel, 4 network system into these-areas and work on this project will start within 2 weeks, and should be nearly completed early in December. • La Vale: (The area we are serving): Our plans to. extend our cable system in LaVale have been cancelled. We understand another cable company plans on covering the balance of the LaVale area. • All normal installations in all our above described areas will be. the same as in Cumberland, namely S100, plus tax. Maintenance fees and transfers will also be the same as in Cumberland. • Application should be made in our office by .those that '_ are interested just as soon as possible so that we can . plan which area or streets to develope first. Potomac Valley Television Co. 100 S. Liberty St. PA 2-6540 Cumberland, Maryland : Get Your New 1956 i PHILCO TELEVISION featuring the Greatest Advances in TV History I No Down Payment! NO BANK OR FINANCE COMPANY Pay-as-You-Play Free Home Demonstration 21-inch Swivel Console This beautiful Mahogany Veneer swivel base cabinet is'just one of the many great 1956 Philcos available under our unique Pay-As-You-Play Plan. Come in for 'full details, NOW. STEINLA 218 S. Mechanic SI. MOT0R COMPANY PA 4-2600 Television Highlights i'hcifl tderiilort Ilitlnxi rh* Timer li not rciponslb STATION K1IKA (1'iltibunh, Channel 2) TODAY 5:00 News 5:05 Iluzz And 1)111 5:30 News 5:45 Pitt Parade 5:55 Spurts Keillor 6:30 Time Out' 0:45 Ram-h Call 7:00 Mama 7:30 Life Ot Rllcy 8:00 Mayor of Town 8:30 Slim Bry»nl 9:00 Uoxing 9;45 Hed Barber Show 10:00 World Tonight 10:15 Start line Thoalrc 11:30 Sports Final 11:33 Swing Shift TOMORROW 7:00 Bronco Busters 8:00 Captain Midnight 8:30 Texas Rangers 3:00 Andy's Gang 3:30 Cisco Kid 10:00 Fury 10:30 Buffalo Bill Jr. 11:00 BlK Top 12:00 Lone Ranger 12:30 Nickelodeon 1:15 Leahy Forecasts 1:45 NCAA Football STATION WSVA (Harrlionhurc, Channel 3) • TODAY 5:00 Wcftlcrn Tralti 6:00 Documentary 6:15 News, Sports' 6:25 Markets, Weather 6:30 Rtn Tin Tin 7:00 Rig Town 7:30 Life, of Riley 8:00 Theatre Time B:30 Badge 714 9:00 Boxing 10:00 Lawrence We!ft 11:00 News, Sports TO-MORROW 1:20 News, Weather 1:45 NCAA Football 4:30 Watch Mr. Wizard •re compiled from program* turolfttmt by th» ititlotu U for jat* chuncet. 10:25 Rum And Friend 10^30 Tonight TOMORROW 8:45 Teens Take Over 9:00 Pinky Leo Show 9:30 Paul Winchcll 30:00 Fury 10:30 Buffalo Bill Jr. 11:00 Cartoon Circus 11:30 Andy's Gang 12:00 Encore Theatre 1:45 NCAA Football 4:30 Trading Post 3:30 NCWB, Weather 5:43 Jim Gibbons Show 6:15 John Daly Newi 6:30 Bin Tin Tin • 7:00 Orzlo And Harriet 7:30 Crossroads 8:00 Dollar A Second 8:3ff The Vise 9:00 Etliel And Albert 9:30 Follow That Man 10:00 News, Weather 10:15 Sports 10:25 Billion Dollar Movie STATION WHO (Washington. Channel •() (Cumberland, Cable 4) TODAY 5:00 Footllfiht Theatre 5:45 Weather, News 5:55 Sports . 6:00 Badge 714 6:30 Eddie Fisher 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Truth, Con sequences 7:30 Life Of Riley 8:00 BiR Story . 8:30 Star Stage 9:00 Boxing . 9:-15 Red Barber Show 10:00 News 10:15 Weather. Sports STATION WTTfi (Washington, Chinnrl .1) (Cumberland, Cable S) TODAY 5:00 Iwtmb Session G:00 ilopplly Sklpplty 6:45 Barker Bill Cartoons 7:00 News, Weather 7:15 Newsrcol 7:30 Kay's Theatre 8:00 Million Dollar Movie 9:30 Guy Lombardo 10:00 The Unexpected 10:30 Arnold Showcase 11:00 Matthew Warren 11:10 Featurama TOMORROW 2:30 Saturday Show 3:30 Adventure Film 4:15 Roto Chef 4:30 Saturday Show STATION WJAC (Johnstown, Channel 6) TODAY 5:00 Sports Page 5:15 World News 5:30 Camera 4 6:00 Father Knows Best 6:30 Eddie "Fisher 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Truth or Consequence 7:30 Life Of. Riley 8:00 Big Story 8:30 Highway Patrol 9:00 Boxing fl:50 Sports Spotlight 10:05 Perm Playhouse 11:30 News TOMORROW 8:25 News Summary 8:30 Cartoon Capers 9:00 Pinky Lee Show 9:30 Paul Winchell 10:00 Fury 10:30 Mr. Wizard 11:00 Big Top 12:00 Buffalo Bill Jr. 12:30 Uncle Johnny Coons 1:30 Press Box Preview 1:45 NCAA Football STATION* WMAL (Washington. Channel 7) (Cumberland. Cable 3) TODAY 5:00 Town And Country STATION WTOP (Washington, Channel 0) (Cumberland, Cable 3) TODAY 5:00 Range Rlrior 5:30 The Spotlight 5:45 News G:00 Annie Oakley 6:30 Adventures of Chami 7:00 Mama 7:30 Our Miss Brooks 8:00 Crusaders .8:30 Playhouse of Stars 9:00 The Lineup 9:30 Person To Person 10:00 Orient Express 10:30 Stories Of Century 11:00 The 11 Report 11:15 Double-A Theatre , TOMORROW 7:25 Morning Meditation 7:30 Stop, Ixiok, Listen 8:00 JoHnson'5 Corner 9:00 Space Funnies 9:30 Ask It Basket 10:00 Captain Midnight 10:30 Texas Rangers 11:00 Big Top 12:00 Lone Ranger 12:30 Uncle Johnny Coons 1:00 Saturday Matlne* 3:00 Pick Temple Ranch 4:30 Jungle Hunters STATION WFBG (Altooiu, Channel 10) 5:00 News 5:15 FCddte Fisher 5:30 Music Of Masters. 5:45 Leahy Forecasts 6:00 Sports 6:15 John Daly Newi 6:30 Kin Tin Tin 7:00 Ozzie And Harriet 7:30 T-Men In Action 8:00 Dollar A Second 8:30 The. Vise • 9:00 The Lineup 9:30 Person To Person 10:00 News, Weather 10:20 The Whistler 10:50 The Late Show TOMORROW 11:15 Air Force Digest . 12:00 Mr. Wizard 12:30 Johnny Jupiter 1:00 Candfd Camera 1:45 NCAA Football WISHING Registered U. S. Patent Omce. 5 2 T B 5 p 8 N 2 5 D, I 6 E 5 R 8 .Y . 7 D H ERE is a pleasant little game lhat will give you a.message every day. It is a numerical puzzle designed to spell out your.fortune. Count the letters in your first name. If the number of letters is 6 or more, subtract 4. If the number is less than 6, add 3. The result is your key number. Start at the upper left-hand corner W the rectangle and check every one of your key numbers, left to right, then read the message the letters under the checked figures give you. Copyright 1155. b» Williim 3. MHltr. Dlitributri t» K!n» Futurtl, lne.|0-H "I SPEEDY TEEVY youR . OO'ITS, YOU'LL. AYE MONEY- PLENTY af "J Eddie Lingers Edward Colmans, who recently completed a Warner Bros.' "Cheyenne" videofilm, is staying on the Burbank lot to play the Padre in iVarners' movie version of "The .one Ranger." Heraldry now is known as the 'science of armorial bearings." SUPREME AMUSEMENT CO. 134 N. CENTRE STREET CUMBERLAND. MD. Phone: PArkview 2-3160 * no * FREDERICK ST. THE BEST PLACE TO BUY MOTOROLA RADIO & TELEVISION POLING'S ELECTRONIC SERVICE DIAL PA 4-2162 Authorized Serice .. THATHAMMOS ALAflAMMOSJ BACK TO DOGFATCH, I'LL j BE RUINED.7 , BOT-EF AH DONT, SHK'U. .BE RUIKlED.7- IT TOOK A.LLO SAUOMES'S SAVIN'S^-, . GIT HOME? WE HAIMT GOT NO MONE.V LEFT- WE'LL EARN OUR WAV-SAME AS SHK DID.'/ SEE,TMOSe,AEETH6 MEN WHO AEE SOING TO SET ME IN THE AtOVIES.' I SHOULD HAVE TOLD HIM...BUT I OULDN'T BRINS WYSELF TO SPOll THE SURPRISE OP COUKS THAT'S NOT NUNZIO SNOWS OW35ITE MOU...ANP I'A^ MOT THURSTEM B06BE5 COAAmsW flNP VOUKi MOT SLOBIA- MB- R06ER5, I'M . THAT MAM 15 AM IAAPO51OR.' WHAT HAPPENS) IT'S A TEAIZ JEEKER, uBB-r. .«^" •• A I IN THE THlRpT/MOCk EXECUTIOW POB HER LCVBR. bu I T ACT^VIC? r^T POUBLE-CSQS6EK \VHEM THE FiaMS SCgJP 6 h ,^±_-<2iU CAVAKAP055I DOESM'T S5T UP. UET 5 SEE NUMZIO PLAVS IT. • TM1E.' TWES'RE Ct\\X\N& THE BAMCU COULD KfStO fax MOUMTAIW AGAINST ASJARWV, BUT TUETHRI6 OF US WEPE: IN A FO3ITICH TO MAKE" .s£\ YEP, TOO BAD THE 'MELPSKS' YOU ED HAD TO BE 1VORV PATBOUMfN, TUIS 15 A TEEZIgLE SHOCK TO ) LET'S HCPZ. A\E, ,U?. KIRBV^ TO THIN< TMATy IT ISN'T TCUE. ONE OF T-E PEOPLE OM N« / AWVAY, WUY OV/M TV QOH V#ULP i—[ DON'T >CU GO TO PLAN TO Z03 ^^^ y \ KV win I WAIT OPEN I A. M. until 9 f. M, Wiikdayi I A..M. until S f, M. Sulurclcjyr, MORE FOR YOUR MONEY AT EVERY PRICE LEVEL WITH R.C.A. VICTOR RCA Victor 21-inch Headliner. Lowest priced RCA Victor TV with new "4-plus" picture quality, an RCA Victor exclusive at this price level. Modern ebony finish. Stand with brass finished legs, extra. NEW STORE HOURS Mon. thru Friday 9 A.M. to 8 P.M—Sot to 6 P.M Free Customer Parking Just Above Our Virginia Are. Store Cumberland Electric Co. Phone PA 2-6191 Phon. PA 2-6862 Virginia Are. af Second 11 South Liberty St. , WHT ARf YOU CARRYING TMAf TROMBONE? DAP'S BARBECUE FORK COMES IN HANDY WHEN L CAM'T GET A DATE FORA TWIKF SEASON SNACK/ THE TPICkf 19 To FIND A TWOSOME ,. n ~ WONT MISS A CRUMB HERE /IMP THERE ' YEH...WA5 IT THAT/ TO TELL MXI DIZZY LOOK1N' ( TH 1 TRUTH, • I'D LIKE X STRANGER OR V I K3NT A '• TO KNOW IS WHICH \ TH' OLD TIGER \ KNOW.- I--- 1 " OF YOUR ATTACKEESk HIMSELF? .. . SOT AWAY WITH ^^-^iMMaf^W* THE TAILP ...TH 1 5TRANSER JUMPEP ME FIRST, THEN, NEXT THINS / r KNEW, in 1 TIGER ' WAS IN IT T 60 WHEN JIM EOf MEISTtR OIUA FOE «l)MM£EL TKEKE 1$ A TAXICAR. •PAKKED A 5HOCT WAV COWN THfi 5TE6CT, IN THEIR EXCITEMENT THCV PO NOTNOTICB THE CAB...

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