The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on April 13, 1894 · Page 1
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, April 13, 1894
Page 1
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Clip your Couponi And bring them to Tns SBtrrlKtl, office and sccnro a copy of the splendid portfolio i tiff mm m votu. PART 1, A TRIP AROUND THE WORLD One of 'these coupons nml Ten cents '11 cntiUo you to Flirt 1 of t charming series of views. VOL. XVII. NO. 51. CABKOLL, IOWA, FRIDAY, APKIL 13, 1894. WHOLE NO. 8«9. I beg to make my bow to the people of Carroll and surrounding district and wish to call their attention to the fact that I haveopeneda FIRST CLASS stock of DRY GOODS f\ND NOTIONS LflDIBS' flND GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHINGS * All to be sold at prices that WILL DEFY COMPETITION. I make these prices to introduce myself to the people of Carroll and as my principle is QUICK Sf\LES f\N'D-SMf\LL PROFITS YOU WILL GET THE BENEFIT ,1 cordially invite you to call and examine my stock and compare prices whether you wish to purchase not. You will always be welcome and receive courteous treatment. KEEP YOUR EYE ON GUILD'S ADVERTISEMENT IN THE FUTURE, AS HIS Your patronage is respectfully solicited and I will warrant you satisfaction. Dry Goods, Notions and Furnishing Goods, next door west of postofflce. CARROLL, IOWA. OHTJBOH DIBBPTOBT PUMBniBUH. xMtNO «ervlce», 11 a. n.; evening *enlee« 7p. m.; Y. P. 8. C. E. Mrvloe, 8 p. m.; 8un- MbpolJiaiUS p. m.; Prayer Keeling, Tttuwda ' BKV. GKO. FOLSOM, Pastor. UAMI8T. MOBMINO eenrlee, 11 a. m.; evening lenlt* Hi fi. m.; Y. P. a. C. E, serviced p. m.; 8uu •V Mkool, \t-.V, p. m,; Prayer Meetlui, Tburcdai MMIM, laW p. in. Bar. J, C. HKNDHICKSON, Pat tor ,, W, B. Otnmi, Superintendent, , mraomiT. ^•wpaJroterrloe,!! a, m,; evening Mrrloe l»Tf. B.; Junior Bpmurth League. I p. m. ••wwUi Leacue, « p. By Sundajr Behoof 1J:1 pTieTjTram Meerinf. tnurtdar tvening, t» •.5. lUv. W B. TaoMrsoN, Paitw. P.-*,iPr. *&W* tUHt w f»* t M*\rmravnt r HbMPanMI. DuperlnMudtat. . •t tbe office olote M fokm»; - MUt: 2M Mid 7:80 o'clock p. ra, ,weit! 1:30 p. in. and 7:80 o'clock p. n. . open on Muuday/ron * to 10*. •>. and to 4 p. 01. STAB ROUTES. Mt, CarmH *:nl Kent nor, dally except Bundut .. _> » r ,| VM at 0 aj - — IMPUti 12 in.', arrive* at«iVJ p. in. ' »B»»)I», TueiMJM, THur»d»/,B»turdw. Depart ,;•».». arrive* lain. _plWl Baplds, CarrolllOD. Wllle;.-Ta»»dv '1Cwtd»i,B»tutdM,arrive* 12m. depart* 1 p. m U. A N. W. Ttu» uwra. rAMuoau THAIVI wwrr. Overland limited low a. n, "—baKipre** 4 10 a. w, (arrlvetO C6 a. m. .wv.^.i Kxprei* 160 p! ml Carroll Kivretu 9 10 v. m, YveUiut.., f , 8 20 p» ia, riaaawtttw taAiMi auat. i Overland limited..... 0 to p. m Mt......... u. ... ^Jj JJ^ _^ |jj^ Stetnuif I'ueaantur — C JO a.' ui WgUl, We»t8ld«to Boone., V 16 a. m. MW'i cm AMU no* ju.a MU»OIUM Arrive* l.n,v>. iOltf iiprem* ....7 6B p. n t 20*. w MPajMinctfr, 816|>. m a 16 p. w iaVreUlii e^p.u 700» tu AOUOUOB NHAKOH. itioii l aop BI »oop. m llOU 7UOp m 7 It"' in J. K. ClltCAUKH, AKuut. HTu, t>Aja»iiu«a T»AJM» AT MAMiae itssssstt r wppir"^^*^^^^ ... ..... , ................... , ;llt ................ . ......... U.«) (I, in ! ' drunken Helots. Hit poetry ia all aa sweet and pare M wild-flower*, while. his life WM one wild debauch." This a fair specimen of the world's opinion of the author of "Tbe Raven." For more than twenty yean after hia death the time of bii birth was unknown, acd the place of bia birth was uncertain. Tbe present writer knew Mrs. Olenim, tbe poet's aunt and "more than mother," in her last yeara; she eaid potittvely that "Eddie was born on the 19th of January, 1809, at Boston." Thus Foe woe one of that illustrious group WUOM genius baa beao tbe glory of the nineteenth otntury: Tennyson, Gladstone, Holmaa and Mrs. Browning, tbe greateat of all poeteaaea.—Eugene L. Didier in April Qodey'e. U, r ......... .... ......... :a7p.u. ........................ 7,JO». IB. il)«la, in 10:50 p. Ml. . M lnforui»tloo uidnw, W, W. EUUAM PON, . *<Wb«t» 8tr*ug» oouirasi between the I|WM tftd hU poetry t" "Iu Uia uoetrv ke I,.— J i|o U»e»ky(in uta life lie grov. W tlie earth. With • love o( tbe I lh«t l«ke« us took to tbe most fJUidttJaol fltwoe, bia 4»8fade4 Ui book to I be day a of the FIIIB Since tbe panic occurred in tbe Humboldt aabool in Obiongo which, reaalted in the death of two children apd the injuring of a large number more the discussion of tbeiiecwMty of "fire drill" u aobuola baa been qm>n t/enpr>i! through tbe preea. Tbe oaUKt. <jt HIM imiio in Ibe 3umboldt school WRB dua to (ho blowing out of a valve in tuft atram btmtiug ap. purutua aud tbe pupila became frighteu- ed iu that room. Boon tbe alarm of fire waa eouudeii and tbe children of tbe other rooms riirued iuto tbe ball aud iu Mr effort to eBoapn from tbe building ramped upou those wbo were unable to (nod the (ireasure of tbe orowd. Snuli n ttooittnut as tufa coald not have bap. >uud Itntl Iba pupila and tbe teachera an truiued in tbe "Ore drill" even bnd )ni tire bueu real and tuoduogerimoiicteul; ut with uuilrJlled t«aobera eud aobolars 'ID pauia WHB but natural. NKW Uiir Qooua HTOIIH. Mr. Jobu Guild, of Otualm, opened hid new «toak of dry g«oda Tburaduy, -Vi'fil 12, aud ourdittlly uivitoa all the loilleH of Gnrroll and vioioity ID onll uml taaiviue bis atook • >f KOIH!B. Mr. Guild oowea to our oily highly reooumeuded by tbe beat and uiout reapoueible bualueea ueu of Otuubu, «rb«re be has beeu in bntiueaa for tbe jjuut 21 years, purt of tto timo ttu bn^er for tbe lurguat dry goods bonne iu the west. If tue old sayiug tUt "Qooda well bought are half eold," iu a true oue, Mr. Guild oertttiuly ought to buve a great advautage over others, M bia pu«t shoulil make him au adept iu this particular branch of tlie buaiuesa. He intends to make Oarroll hie future home and will move his family here'juet as eoon as be can secure a bouse to move into. Carrol) has bad enough of fake iuetitutiona that come here simply to work off a lot of worthless trash onto tbe people, but we are glad to welcome reliable business men, snob aa Mr. Quild. The new store ia located first door west of tbe poatofGoe and it will be to tbe advautnge of tbe ladies to call, ae tbe person purchasing tbe largest bill of gooda during Ibe first three days will be given her choice of one of tbe beat drees patterns in the store free. when the news soon spread through tbe city. The few rernniniuR old bachelors looked looeeome and refused to be comforted. The new wedded couple are moving into tbe home of tbe groom just north of Unger & Oo.'a store where they will be at home to ttitsir friends iu a tew days. The beet wishes of tha entire com- rnunity are with them and wish them all tbe happiness in store for so worthy and deserving n couple. A NBW ODUKOB. Tbe congregation of the Church of God has decided to build a new church aud with this object iu view tbe old one ou north Main street Los been torn down aud arrangerneuta made for erecting a new edifice oo tbe old site. The new building will be peculiarly constructed, being 40i40 feet with tbe pulpit iu tbe northeast corner and tbe entrance in the southwest,with the aisle running diagonally through the room aud tbe seats iu earnioirolea in front of tbe altar. Work will be crowded ulong as ropid- ly H possible, ua the congregation is desirous of having u plaoe iu which to hold tboir meetings, T. K. Alimony, Kx-i'o»tiimtler of I'riUiilne City, lowu su>»: "l buimlil ono bolllu at "Jlyatlu Cure." lor KlivuiuutUm iiml two UUBUH of It Old mo muru uouil Iliu/i uiiy iiiuiiloltii) J vvor look" Sola uy J. w. IIMIUU dnwiiki Ciirroll. MAUUIUU. Htnuige things happen aud amoug them the strangest of ull is the news tuut Tow Htiriiuy IIHS deserted the rauka of bis bachelor friends aud has fallen a willing victim to tbe cunning and ouptivaliug wiles of little Cupid, Hia beatt, which WHS aupposad to buve beeu bnrctened agaiuat all of tbe wiu- ulug iuflueuoe of tbe ladies, waa sorely euiitteu auil Wednesday bo stole quietly tojtho olofk'a utllua imd utoured a mar- riuge liceuae for biiuaelf aud Mr«, Mary Uullok. Later iu the evening Jlov. Tlioiupsou of the M. 12. oburob appears) at tbu boiue of tbe Vuger family where the bride aud groom were iu waiting aud performed the oareuiouy. Ouly u fow of the moat iutimnte friends of the contracting puflies were preaeut. 80 quietly bod tbe whole nffair beoa pluuued that uo oue iu tbe city new of what WUH iu tbe wlud uutil uornlug Y. M. 0. A. The meeting to complete an organization of the Y. M. 0. A. in our city was held at the Presbyterian church Monday evening at 7:30 p.m. A constitution was adopted and a board of directors and ofUoera were elected na follows: 3. O. Letlo, President. J. E. Griffith, Vice President. A. M. Uenton, Secretary. . W. H. Ourry, Treasurer. PI11KOTOKS. J. E. Griffith, one rear. J. 0. Lfttia, three years. , W. H. Ourry, one year. Wm. Lynch, three years, H. F. NVeelftill, oue year. Byron Obounbro, three .veiirs, A. M. Buiiton, two years. Dart Dutupby, two jears. Dr. \Vm. llumphrey, two years. The rooms over the old postoltloe, formerly need by tbe Enterprise club will be lUted up for the use of the association. Uushior }}','"•,¥• I'urifln, of Ilia lioiioii i.oHn Co. S7S "iWlilwuluwSlrocl.iiiyBi 1 rtfi'iniuuiiUSulutiur Kltiur*. us ihu very bunt iiiotlloluu l luivu ever untiil. Tliorv U uutliluv llku Uioui iilvo an au uuiuo.totliu tyiitrm, kuit do «w»y wllU iliii fvullngwliluli U eo froiiuout ttinoiig I lion o con- tlueil linloorn. Nonce, My laud office i« now over the Uret ilour hoiith of the poetolllw. V, M. Qurnum. A NeURO PLAYS SPOOK. M4d>4>o)>»lut ItvutiluiiU iMy tlittdliiwt Wlilvli Iliu Itlnlurboil I'ltttui, It turns out that thu KjKKik that has boou tutiklng Ufo u bvmlim foi- tljo citi- zouaof MiiUlloHoiut, O., mul tho Pittsburg, Fort Waynu iu«l Chicago riiilhtud men in H luuauu buittg, aud a uuiurod poi-sou at flint Thooltiisoutf uf that yluco vs-uro determined to Bolvo tho mystery, aud a rowiu'd of |00 wuu oft'orud to txuy ouo who would Biumd u night at the water Btutlwn and unpturo tho ^ontly BpooJer. Fniliiitf to llnd auy ouo who would undertake the task, rhoy appointed a committee to iuvestJRato. Thursday night the committee, which was composed of three men, two shotguns, ouo revolver aud a braoo of bulldogs, started for tho water station anil secreted themselves iu the pumphonse. They watched in sileuco until about 11 o'clock, when a man was eecii rn&king his way across a field to tho station. Ho ensconsed himself boliiud tho water tank and prepared for his work by placing n sheet over his head and a football that bu.d beeu pivintcd white iii his left hand. Ho had not long to wait for n victim. A young man was returning from a spoiling match with hia best girl, and whon they were within 50 feet of Uio station tho spook noiselessly made its way to the railroad and stationed itsolf between tho rails. The sight of tho specter was too much for tho yonug man's nerves, and ho made n break iicrass tho field, leaving the young lady to look ont for herself. At this iwint the commit too swooped down upon tho spook and captured it ftftor » chaise of half u mile, Tho shoot wiw removod, aud tho Bjwok was rooog- uizod us Georgu Bart ley. u colored man. Tho coinmittt<o sturtotl buck to town with their prisoner, two of thorn carrying tho arsenal and tho third lending the captured sjiouk. Itafuro touching town Hartley Kucci'odod in breaking away from hia oajitont and atm-ttxl for.tlto woods. Sov- oral shots were llivii tvftor him. It is not known whothor thoy took effect, tw after reaching tho wootU ho gave his purauont tho sli[). Thu cuiiimitUio roturnwl to town and ivjiorti;il tla-ir e»]>tnn\ Sojno of tho oitiauiw uni in doubt about the capture, but tlm BMry is gonorally bo- lim-cd, an (ho coniiuittoo have iuthoir p^issossion a sliiMit imd awhitofoutbttllnd ovldenei-.~Lima Sjxx<iul. Jr., Mui'tu'iU NJiiirKfuu, Hr, by Tho olootiou of Thomas t>i)urg»H)ti a triumphant ninjority to tlm iwstu of the fumoiiH Mutrojwlitjiu t«bornm-lt> in imwsulon to hia futhi-v w»a duo to careful organisation aud pomied-nt can- iisinjf. It WM ftttux'd that tho iiarti- eanti of Dr. Horson would oudunvur to pruvi-ut a decisive voto being tukuii, but ttt thu lust mouwut thoy wiwly yielded to the iiiwitttblo, and tho oloction WUH carried out with bt-Httiin; deoorum. Tho widow of tho Into uastur, nwUteit by the Rov. J. Ifon'oKI, hor private toorotury, and who aoti-il in tho tuime cuiuivity for her hiiBlmnd, ilitwteil tho campaign iu bflutlf of Thuinas Spurjji«oii, who, by tho way, WHS fiMui tho tlrst tho fuvorlto of tho lady iiioiuourn of tho coiigrugatiou.— London Lottor. ___ Utt l|i U\« »UUy Ero ulumbtfr 't »l»utu luttli bouiul uu-, Mmrn ptiiiin Uutt tbrauiih my hvad, Aud flU l» oouw vrveiiiiik! 'i-uumi mo. I <«el no «lok, Uuronlmllillni 411 uu|>ii uf euro miHut broKt'ii, Uni tliufu'* a "1'ollei" all uny try. A AUCO, uuftttltUK tukuu. V««. it lokwtior ruwivvryiuuvorrfuso.a* of(••'"( V«. U»U HltUODt »» UKglOal IU UlU UUIOU* "lalfiuau" of fairy, oro. *n r . I'lurcu'n l'l«»« aiitl'itiluuuniaiiotUtvaeurotor alt dorauito- umut.or (tin liver, ,iiouiu«ti uua bowQi*. B The Superiority Of Hood's Strsaparllls Is due to tha troiucnnt- oua amount of brain work and constant cure used In Its preimrattou. Try one bottle and you will bo convinced, of Its snperorltr. it purities tho blood wutoli Is tho eourco of Health, ourcs dytjiopaltt, overcomes sick hoadactuu and bllllou8neS8. It Is just tlie aiodlclne for you. Hood's pills are the best after .llnner . ttsslat illBodlon, cute boadacbo. Try a box -- ^ • — 'Beorbohm Troo will not como to America until next season, as ho lost the boat. Mr, .Abbey may do his accounting. Don't Tobacco 3plt or Smoke yoiu- Lift A way !? '?°.' l iW tt1 ' '^rtHoB " Uo »' » Huie book Inul tolls all about Mo-to-bnotlib wonderful. tiurmlaaa Kuaraulecd tobauco h«bltov\ro. Tho costls trifling and the man wliowauU to ault ando8u'ttuu«no physical oyflnauclal risk lu «ttng"Mi>.To.Bao, n icMby j. W. Hstton wi,!? 0 if. *?, 8|0 . ro Of b y ml1 Iprta •"ind" Heu>wly Co '' - m Children Cry for PJtoherVCattorla. — ^ — . It WoulU Not 1<« Fair. Men cannot consistently deride women for wasting so much cloth in making their slutwos, so long as they themselves wo wearing thu long tniled coats that ON In fashion now. — Somervillo Journal. Only the Sears Remain, " Among tho tunny testimonials wliicii t too iu regurU to oortalii nicJlclues ptrform. hit! curej, clciiiislug tho blood, etc.," writes HUDSON, of (bo Jutuci Smith Woolen Mncliliiery Co.. riiUiul«li>l>ia, I'n., "uouo lni|>rvsj uio wore than uiy oiru ciuo. Yivouty yean ngo, nt tlio ago uf 18 year*, 3 Imil awcllliigs como on my legs, wlilcli tiroko utij bueuiuo ruuiiliitf turn*. Our family i>jiy siclau couia do mo no good, nuil It wiu Scared Dial Uio Ut>iie» would bo uffoclcil. At loot, my good old ui» l her uretnl me (a try Aycr'n 8um;iimrlll;i. I luok tlneo bouios, llio sort'i lit'uleU, and I Imvd not lifm Iroulilml MiK'O. ouly Die •car* remain, HUtl tho wvuiiiry u( I lie iiml, |u rvmliul >»» of lhi> Kuoti Ayer'g 8ar«u|ii«rlllu IIKH ilnnu in*. 1 iiuw woltti two Uumtrpit ami txvtMiiy lunimU, niifl till) In Uio lu'it of ||i>{mh. | li.ui> lii>eii on ttiv rvmd lur tlio (wist twolvu ycavs, II.IYO uotlvvd Ayvr'n S;usu|>uiill.i aiUvrtUeil In till (U (lie I inii'd titjik'i, uml ,iliv;t)i tiikc Uio in lellini; wliul KOIII! u ilul (or »U'." For HID cure ot all ill leases o ui>i>uio blood, llio be si remedy ACER'S Sarsaparillo Pi«(«t«d by Oi. J. 0. Ay«( k Co., Lowell, MM*. Cur«a othert, will ourt you m

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